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22:56 MohamedOmar[m] Hi guys, is this the place to ask questions about issues Im having with installation?
22:57 MohamedOmar[m] Previously had successful deployments but now trying to automate it using ansible on an ec2 instance and still getting error page when I try to access it onling :/
22:59 MohamedOmar[m] Would appreciate any and all suggestions
23:03 davidnind Mohamed Omar: it is, but there are generally not a lot of people active here in the weekend
23:05 davidnind some community members read back through the IRC the log, so you might get a reply later
23:06 davidnind setting out the errors and relevant things (versions, errors, etc) to help with troubleshooting will help
23:06 davidnind the alternative is to post to the general mailing list
23:32 MohamedOmar[m] <davidnind> "setting out the errors and..." <- Oh my apologies, but thank you for the tip David :)
23:37 davidnind You can also use for longer error messages/log things

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