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00:04 MohamedOmar[m] Ill try and be as comprehensive as possible. Thanks again!
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04:43 TriveniChandriki[m] Batch item modification is not working.any one help on this. Git repository
06:32 TriveniChandriki[m] davidnind:
06:33 * TriveniChandriki[m] uploaded an image: (131KiB) <[…]5395952940962.jpg >
06:34 TriveniChandriki[m] Please help on this. Unable to do any modifications in koha
07:06 davidnind Triveni Chandriki: batch item modification is working for me on master (using koha-testing-docker)
07:08 davidnind I've never set up Koha using git or a production environment - I use koha-testing-docker for testing, and it has all the services such as rabbitmnq-server and workers etc all configured
07:12 davidnind for others to help with troubleshooting 1) What version of Koha are you using? 2) How did you install 3) Are there any relevant messages in the log files 4) Are there any warning or other messages under About > System information (also check f there are any warnings about perl modules missing/version issues
07:14 davidnind An alternative is to send ma message to the general mailing list
07:18 TriveniChandriki[m] <davidnind> "I've never set up Koha using git..." <-
07:19 TriveniChandriki[m] This one using
07:19 TriveniChandriki[m] 21.11 and 22.5 and 22.11 all version facing problems
07:21 * TriveniChandriki[m] uploaded an image: (118KiB) <[…]7712940687938.jpg >
07:21 * TriveniChandriki[m] uploaded an image: (125KiB) <[…]5527535724003.jpg >
07:21 TriveniChandriki[m] Even i am facing sip2 issue
07:23 TriveniChandriki[m] I will try koha-testing-docker
07:34 TriveniChandriki[m] Log file no error is there
09:23 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]: you probably have a problem with your 'git installation'
09:24 mtj if you test again using a koha-testing-docker install, your problem will probably be fixed
09:25 mtj[…]ha-testing-docker
09:26 mtj "21.11 and 22.5 and 22.11 all version facing problems"
09:26 mtj ^^ if you are have problems with all 3 koha versions, then your 'git installation' is probably the problem
09:29 mtj so the good news is, Batch item modification is working OK :)
09:30 TriveniChandriki[m] Please check koha installation i am doing
09:30 TriveniChandriki[m] koha installation Steps:-... (full message at <[…]GJbjcqelcKnqbLFTo>)
09:31 TriveniChandriki[m] Use eprint;... (full message at <[…]AfkmVTeqooQyeKViW>)
09:32 TriveniChandriki[m] Please help me out on this problem
09:33 TriveniChandriki[m] Before we doing this steps everything working properly
09:35 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]:  https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]evelopment_Server
09:37 TriveniChandriki[m] I sent mail to u sir. My installation steps. Please check let me know where i am doing wrong
09:38 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]: your install steps are problematic
09:38 mtj https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]evelopment_Server
09:38 mtj use those steps instead ^
09:39 TriveniChandriki[m] Let me try this
09:39 mtj ^ also, that page has not been updated for 2 years
09:40 mtj so, those instructions may not be current
09:40 TriveniChandriki[m] Ya sir
09:41 TriveniChandriki[m] 21.05 version working properly. Not facing any problem
09:41 mtj have a look at the following script...
09:41 mtj
09:41 mtj but also, try to use KTD for development and testing
09:42 mtj KTD is[…]ha-testing-docker
09:43 TriveniChandriki[m] My problem one server we create multiple instances and multiple kohaclone
09:43 mtj you are probably experiencing problems with your 'customised' install, not koha itself
09:44 TriveniChandriki[m] We do development all clients different recruitment of client
09:45 TriveniChandriki[m] mtj: Last 6 years i am using same steps
09:47 mtj ok
09:49 TriveniChandriki[m] Please tell me any changes happen installation process
09:52 mtj if you have a strange problem - please test on a non-customised koha system
09:53 mtj may discover that your problem is gone :)
09:54 mtj including your SIP problems too? :)
09:55 TriveniChandriki[m] Last one month i am testing to install all version....
10:00 mtj and ... "21.11 and 22.5 and 22.11 all version facing problems" ?
10:01 TriveniChandriki[m] mtj: Yes
10:01 TriveniChandriki[m] Old version working sip2  and batch items modification
10:02 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]:  you should log 2 bugs here ...
10:03 TriveniChandriki[m] Ok
10:04 mtj the more information you give - the easier it will be for oether people to help youy
10:04 TriveniChandriki[m] mtj: I tried this sir
10:04 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]: you tried adding a bug?
10:05 TriveniChandriki[m] Yes
10:06 mtj and?
10:06 mtj you had some problem?
10:08 TriveniChandriki[m] Please check sent mail to u sir
10:13 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]: if you take a look at the koha-gitify script, you can see that many files are modified
10:13 mtj[…]aster/koha-gitify
10:15 TriveniChandriki[m] I will try
10:15 mtj your install steps only modify 1 file  - /etc/apache2/sites-available/kojanew.conf
10:15 TriveniChandriki[m] Yes
10:16 TriveniChandriki[m] Everything clearly done documentation
10:16 TriveniChandriki[m] After 21.11 version facing problems
10:17 mtj koha-gitify is modifing 8 files
10:17 TriveniChandriki[m] mtj: I am checking this
10:18 TriveniChandriki[m] GitHub git repository it's very easy to me
10:19 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]: try koha-gitify on your koha system - it may fix some problems
10:19 TriveniChandriki[m] Ok
10:24 TriveniChandriki[m] <mtj> "Triveni Chandriki: try koha-..." <- Last one year changes done this
10:27 mtj KTD is using koha-gitify... so we know that it works :)
10:28 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]: remember to send problems to koha mailing-list and bug tracker
10:29 mtj https://lists.koha-community.o[…]stinfo/koha-devel
10:32 TriveniChandriki[m] mtj: Ok
11:20 davidnind mtj++
11:26 TriveniChandriki[m] <TriveniChandriki[m]> "Ok" <- Need simple way of fixing bug
11:27 mtj hi davidnind++
11:27 mtj i think i killed the kc wiki, by attempting to edit a page :/
11:27 mtj oops
11:28 mtj ^ tcohen, has the wiki been recently upgraded?
11:29 mtj (i tried the wizzywig editor)
11:30 mtj ..was trying to clean-up the 'koha with git' page
11:30 TriveniChandriki[m] mtj: It's help to many people
11:32 TriveniChandriki[m] Last one month i am trying to fix. Always tried. Still facing issues
11:35 TriveniChandriki[m] Please help on this issue
11:39 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]: ill email you the link, when the wiki is back up
11:40 TriveniChandriki[m] Tqsm
12:42 TriveniChandriki[m] Urgently need koha Git installation steps
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