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00:41 tuxayo caroline++
00:51 eythian Anyone done anything with OAI-PMH in Perl and can recommend what module I look at first?
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01:06 tuxayo davidnind++ thanks for letting testing notes in ticket, it help! :)
01:06 tuxayo *helps
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09:26 cait hello #koha
09:56 eythian @later tell marcelr[…]ijksmuseum-object for a toy project I'm working on
09:56 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
10:18 cait nothing to see here today?
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11:01 AnkeB Hi! We are trying to set up the membership expiry notice with a "where" condition in version 22.05. The goal ist to restrict the messages to patrons belonging a specific category. As recommended in a discussion here before ([…]2-10-14#i_2456049) we added a "me" before categorycode in the where statement. However, it still doesn't work. Has anybody here used this where condition successfully yet?
11:03 Joubu what are you trying exactly and which error do you get?
11:07 AnkeB We have set up the cronjob in koha-common, and as this didn't work, we tried it from the command line with the verbose setting. Without the where condition, the command does find borrowers within the time frame set up (28 days, no before or after specification, thus default 0). Weirdly enough, the command finds borrowers within the exact category which we specify in the where statement, but not when we use said statement.
11:09 AnkeB We also tried several different syntaxes with the where, such as with our without a "=" after the where and with double or single quotation marks around the where clause and the specified category (e.g. where="me.category = 'STUD'" and all possible variations we could think of).
11:10 AnkeB The complete command would be like this: `koha-foreach --chdir --enabled /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/ -c --where="me.categorycode = 'STUD'"` (with a -v when run on the command line).
11:11 AnkeB Ah, and Joubu: There is no error message, it just says that 0 borrowers with an expiring membership were found.
11:11 Joubu are you aware of DBIC_TRACE?
11:12 Joubu it is useful to debug such issues
11:12 Joubu for instance you can run the script like: DBIC_TRACE=1 perl misc/cronjobs/ -c --where="me.categorycode='STUD'"
11:12 Joubu and it will output the different SQL queries that are executed
11:12 Joubu in this example it generates the following output:
11:13 Joubu seems like STUD is part of the query
11:13 Joubu WHERE ( ( me.categorycode='STUD' AND ( `dateexpiry` <= ? AND `dateexpiry` >= ? ) ) ): '2023-03-04', '2023-03-04'
11:15 Joubu however it is only returning entries with dateexpiry=today
11:16 Joubu it's not even today, it's in 2 days
11:16 Joubu I have  MembershipExpiryDaysNotice = 2
11:16 AnkeB OK, I just tried this and got no output at all on the screen - would this be in the MySQL log?
11:19 Joubu you need to run it in a koha-shell
11:23 AnkeB I'm not familiar with koha-shell and can't find the correct syntax yet, but I'll try. Thanks for the helpful advice!
11:24 Joubu as root you need to run `koha-shell $INSTANCE`
11:25 Joubu then you are inside a shell with all the variables correctly configured for the given instance (pointing to koha-conf, etc.)
11:28 AnkeB I seem to have issues with permissions here. I can't set `$INSTANCE` as my instance name is "not a valid identifier", and in koha-shell with the instance name provided directly without the variable, I get "/var/log/mysql: Permission denied". Probably have to ask our sysadmins.
11:30 Joubu yes $INSTANCE needs to be replaced with your koha instance name
11:33 AnkeB Yes, but it throws a MySQL permission error. The instance itself works well, however, so I don't know what's the matter. Hopefully my colleagues can help me - unless you have an idea? I don't really know if this is typical in our installation or a general Koha issue.
11:37 Joubu are you getting the permission denied error when entering koha-shell?
11:42 AnkeB When entering `koha-shell <myinstancename>`
11:43 AnkeB as root, like you said.
11:45 AnkeB it changes the user to <myinstancename>-koha, though.
11:48 oleonard o/
11:49 AnkeB Thanks, joubu, for this extended support, anyway! I'll see with my admin colleagues what we can make out of it. The info is really helpful!
11:51 AnkeB extensive
11:52 Joubu np!
12:10 tcohen happy birthday cait!!!
12:10 cait thank you :)
12:10 AnkeB O, cait, didn't know - from me too :-D - thanks tcohen for leaking!
12:11 TriveniChandriki[m] cait: Happy Birthday sir
12:14 AnkeB And Joubu: My bad, I forgot to set `$KOHA_CONF`to the correct instance, now DBIC_TRACE works just fine! (Wanting to hide in a mouse hole ;-) )
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12:26 cait thanks .)
12:26 cait feeding the coworkers with cookies and cake today, wish it was easy to get some to you all too
12:27 tcohen :-D
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14:34 paulderscheid[m] next meeting?
14:44 Joubu next meeting was yesterday, paulderscheid[m], you are late
14:44 paulderscheid[m] Damn
14:44 Joubu (it's next week)
14:45 Joubu next_meeting?
14:45 Joubu botS?
14:51 oleonard-away No wahanui
15:28 caroline when a message is message_queue is "failed", can I change it back to "pending" and process_message_queue will try it again? We're having smtp problems it seems (among the other 100000 problems we're having this week *sigh*)
15:30 Joubu yes
15:30 Joubu It's what does the "resend" option on the UI
15:31 caroline oh that's good to know! thanks Joubu!
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16:37 caroline Do we have a rule for 'canceled' vs 'cancelled'?
16:39 caroline I see both are used in Koha, and in the manual
17:52 oleonard caroline: I feel like we went through and fixed those at one time :D
17:53 caroline oleonard, you fixed them for which one?
17:53 oleonard I don't know that it was me... Maybe I'm misremembering. I don't see it on the Terminology wiki page
17:54 caroline I thought about it and I think the "correct" one is canceled, canceling since it is the US spelling (I think it looks weird with just one l, lol!)
17:57 oleonard I agree that it's probably correct *and* that it looks weird
17:58 oleonard Same for labeled and labelled
20:16 davidnind caroline: I will have a look at the manual pipeline failing very shortly (have been away for nearly the last week, and didn't even turn my computer on!)
20:17 caroline davidnind, wow impressive! :D vacation?
20:22 davidnind a holiday to the Marlborough Sounds to stay at a friend's place only accessible by boat - was quite busy relaxing 8-) (also spent a lot of time driving to get there and return)
20:23 davidnind I should post some more pictures on the Koha Social channel... it is very scenic
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20:25 caroline davidnind, please do! I would love to see!
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23:27 davidnind caroline: looks like the manual is building now (well, it has gotten past the previous build error) - I'll check back later to make sure it has worked correctly

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