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07:30 cait good morning #koha
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07:33 reiveune hello
07:42 magnuse \o/
07:42 magnuse "zebrasrv(7) [fatal] Node node_zebra missing" anyone familiar with that message in the xebra output log?
07:42 magnuse "koha-zebra --status" says zebra is running
07:44 magnuse ah "koha-zebra --stop" does not change the status, so --status is probably lying
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08:01 alex_ Bonjour
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08:33 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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09:08 Joubu @later tell tcohen you forgot to clear the po files (the junitmsgfmt command on the "release day" card)
09:08 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:19 Joubu clean*
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09:35 AnkeB Hi everybody! I just found the webinstaller not showing German Umlauts correctly; is this something known for 22.05? Not that it's too important, as long as the staff client and OPAC have the correct characters - and they seem to at first sight.
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09:56 Joubu AnkeB: looks ok on master at least: "Web-Installer › Sprache auswählen"
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10:16 Furkan_ Hello
10:17 Furkan_ When i want to borrow a book the failure type 500 appears
10:17 Furkan_ what does that mean?
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11:35 AnkeB Thanks, @Joubu - maybe it was a local thing, I'll see when I create a new instance next time.
11:38 AnkeB @Furkan, when exactly in the checkout process does the http 500 occur? Is this repeatable and does it occur on a different PC or webbrowser as well?
11:38 huginn AnkeB: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
11:43 magnuse gah! after upgrading a gitified koha to 22.05 about 2 weeks ago, and a full reindex last night, zebra is complaining about "[fatal] Node node_zebra missing" and "[warn] Cannot obtain EXPLAIN information"
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11:51 oleonard o/
11:51 AnkeB Can anybody tell me what's the difference between authorized values CCODE and LOC regarding Koha functionality, or point me to a relevant documentation?
11:51 ashimema silly question.. I've not tried in years...
11:52 ashimema does the 'Schedule' option work in the reports module?
11:52 oleonard AnkeB: There's no firm definition of either, so it's flexible. Both can be ways to limit catalog searches
11:53 oleonard AnkeB: LOC is used in fewer places, so less useful as a means of filtering data or reporting
11:54 oleonard AnkeB: My library uses CCODE to define genres and formats, and then LOC to set special shelving locations for smaller subsets
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12:00 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] Hello everyone!
12:00 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] I'm having trouble updating my oha setup
12:01 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] I am upgrading from Koha to
12:01 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] and in the database update step
12:01 AnkeB Thanks oleonard - that's very helpful! How can one figure out in what places and for what LOC resp. CCODE is "used" by Koha? Is there any doc about this?
12:02 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] And I receive "You can't specify target table 'systempreferences' for update" error message in installer line 739
12:03 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] I dont't really know if I should ask this way, sorry if not.
12:04 oleonard AnkeB: I don't know if there is documentation about that
12:07 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] I couldn't find it.
12:07 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] Will I have to reinstall from scratch?
12:08 oleonard JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m]: Did you back up your database before starting the upgrade?
12:09 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] I believe I did.
12:10 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] I can also backup it now using the console
12:12 tcohen hola #koha o/
12:12 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
12:13 tcohen \o
12:13 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] hola
12:14 tcohen Joubu: there were 7 failures in one language, and Bernardo said it was not a big deal
12:14 tcohen hola JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m]
12:14 tcohen where are you from?
12:14 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] Soy de Argentina.
12:14 tcohen eh
12:14 tcohen acá de Córdoba
12:15 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] 🇦🇷
12:15 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] ¿Cómo andás?
12:15 tcohen estamos pensando en un evento de Koha en abril, en CABA
12:16 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] ¡Qué bueno! ¡Me encantaría asistir!
12:16 tcohen por qué estas usando
12:16 tcohen eso es en producción?
12:16 tcohen o es de 22.05 a 22.11 y falló en ese paso?
12:17 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] Falló en el cambio de 22.06 a 22.11
12:17 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] Trabajo bibliotecas escolares de nivel secundario y tengo el koha de una de ellas en mi notebook.
12:18 tcohen hablemos por privado
12:18 JuanPabloSalvaneschi[m] ok
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12:47 Joubu tcohen: there is a failure on de-DE and that breaks the UI
12:50 tcohen that command didn't raise any issue with de-DE
12:50 tcohen can you help me understand what I did wrong please?
12:51 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Joubu: this" (16 lines) at
12:52 Joubu junitmsgfmt misc/translator/po/de-DE*
12:52 Joubu the command is 'junitmsgfmt', not 'msgfmt'
12:53 * oleonard thought a cat was walking on Joubu's keyboard
12:54 * tcohen too
12:54 tcohen Joubu: I'll add translate-toolkit to the KTD images...
12:55 tcohen mtj:
12:55 tcohen around?
12:56 tcohen we might need you to delay the packages
12:56 mtj hi tcohen, i am about..ish
12:57 cait tcohen: re translation errors: they are a big deal
12:57 mtj ...should we remove 22.05 from apt repo, for now?
12:57 mtj ...should we remove 22.11 from apt repo, for now?
12:58 cait tcohen: it breaks the translation script so only some files are copied for the language and whole pages are missing/remain English
12:58 mtj s/22.05/22.11/
12:58 tcohen yes
12:58 tcohen I'll fix the translations and let you know
12:58 mtj hi cait :)
12:58 tcohen thank you, mtj
12:58 cait i fixed for German, but only pootle for now of course - got reports the start page remained English :(
13:00 tcohen it is ok
13:00 cait it't not great, but probably not warrants a new package
13:00 tcohen but this workflow won't work
13:00 tcohen we should provide some way to test translations in advance
13:00 cait I used to download and test with poedit, but I missed it this time (more annoyed at myself)
13:01 cait lilliputech was working on a script
13:01 cait that woudl automatically set the offending strings to fuzzy
13:01 cait that would be helpful
13:01 cait it would avoid bigger breakages
13:02 tcohen right now I don't know what to do
13:02 tcohen I can fix de-DE, done it
13:02 tcohen but what about the rest of the languageS?
13:03 mtj okay, 22.11 pkgs are removed
13:03 mtj we can do a bit more testing, and add them back
13:04 mtj tcohen: anything i can do re: testing langs?
13:04 tcohen mtj: we should do it before releasing, maybe we should just have tests for that?
13:05 mtj agreed
13:05 cait i think the translations are pushed rather late usually
13:05 cait the easiest fix is to set fuzzy, then the scripts ignore the faulty ones
13:05 mtj silly question, do we have a way to detect pootle/.po file errors?
13:05 cait but the translators don't learn about the mistakes... so that's something that's not ideal
13:06 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]translation_files
13:06 cait mtj: that script found the fatal ones - but pootle didn't alert me
13:07 cait pootle catches some errors, but apparently some fatal ones ot
13:07 cait not
13:07 tcohen ok, I wasn't following that page
13:08 mtj would be good to get jenkins running a test using 'junitmsgfmt', before releases
13:09 tcohen yeah
13:09 tcohen it is a workflow problem
13:09 tcohen because we would need the translators
13:09 tcohen to be aware they need to address things on the release dates
13:09 tcohen so I think cait's idea of just marking them fuzzy would do it
13:11 mtj hmm yeah - but the workaround of marking them fuzzy means they might never be fixed 'upstream'
13:12 mtj upstream meaning .. in pootle
13:12 tcohen yeah, that's my fear
13:12 mtj but hey... fuzzy is the best option, at the moment :)
13:13 tcohen we need a task that retrieves the po files and runs junitmsgfmt
13:13 tcohen and (maybe) notifies koha-translate@...
13:13 tcohen what do you think?
13:15 cait that could work, some kind of report
13:15 perplexedtheta Hello! Just a quick one - when building packages for 21.11, I'm getting:... (full message at <[…]vMlGvWgyVmSrrHMIe>)
13:15 perplexedtheta Best to raise a bug, or leave it here?
13:16 mtj tcohen: its a good idea
13:17 tcohen mtj: do you have some spare time to try ?
13:18 ashimema raise a bug perplexedtheta , my gut says it's no longer needed.
13:22 mtj hi perplexedtheta, make sure to run ./debian/update-control script before building
13:24 mtj as the ./debian/control file can sometimes be a bit 'out-or-date'
13:25 mtj
13:26 mtj oops
13:26 mtj
13:26 mtj[…]21.11.x/build.log
13:27 mtj you can see the 'updated' deb/control file...
13:27 mtj
13:28 mtj and the diff/patch...
13:28 mtj[…]1.x/control.patch
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13:32 Joubu tcohen: When I released 18.05 I've emailed koha-translate about the different problems found in pos, but they didn't get fixed
13:32 Joubu same problem appears over and over again
13:32 Joubu I am talking about the "format" problem, in "messages"
13:33 Joubu the other critical problems are "fixed" by removing the translation, or marking as fuzzy (what cait said)
13:34 tcohen we need to think about this
13:34 Joubu see also the "Fix translations" commits on the stable branches
13:34 tcohen do we have some sort of 'language maintainer'?
13:34 Joubu that's something rmaints are used to it
13:35 cait fuzzying is a good first step
13:35 cait tcohen: we have a translation manager
13:35 tcohen that's not enough
13:35 cait I don't there is anything someone coudl do
13:35 Joubu > I am talking about the "format" problem, in "messages" - I meant "count"
13:35 cait aprt from sending a mail to the koha-translate mailing list at tops
13:35 Joubu msgid "There is one archived suggestion."
13:35 Joubu msgid_plural "There are {count} archived suggestions."
13:35 Joubu those ones
13:35 tcohen most of the things I'm fuzzing are related to languages missing plural forms
13:36 cait ok, i might placeholder bugs
13:36 tcohen so it is really up to the translators, not the manager
13:36 Joubu tcohen: cherry-pick might work
13:36 cait I made placeholder mistakes (what I wanted to say)
13:36 tcohen yeah, I'm going through all the errors now
13:36 cait but those don#t come out as fatal do they?
13:36 cait the fatal ones are the issue
13:36 tcohen and fixed those that are placeholder errors
13:36 tcohen everything is fatal for this junitmsgfmt command
13:36 tcohen heh
13:37 cait hmmm maybe because i didn#t have those, I only tested de-DE yesterday
13:37 cait < these were my errors and the fixes
13:41 mtj tcohen: i have some spare time, but will wait until the morning (too sleepy now)
13:44 perplexedtheta mtj: didn't know about ./debian/update-control! I'll add that to our CI scripts
13:45 tcohen hehe
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14:17 caroline I tried reading back, but I don't really understand the translation problem... Is it that errors in translation break the staff interface main page?
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14:58 Joubu caroline: if there is an error the translated templates are not installed
14:59 Joubu well actually the process stops in the middle, so only some templates are installed/updated
14:59 caroline yeesh, it's worse than I thought
15:00 ashimema my head hurts.. I was hoping to get back up to speed and stuff before any quick release stuff needed to happen 😜
15:00 ashimema no such luck
15:01 * ashimema goes to read the release maintance page again to see what he's forgotten in the years since he was last an rmain
15:01 * ashimema * goes to read the release maintance page again to see what he's forgotten in the years since he was last an rmaint
15:11 tcohen @later tell mtj the translations fix is already on the 22.11.x branch
15:11 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
15:11 tcohen ashimema: I recommend the taiga page as well
15:12 tcohen we should move the taiga stuff into the wiki
15:14 ashimema Yes
15:14 ashimema I'll read both
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15:29 ashimema And try to combine.. I like single sources of truth
15:30 ashimema Such a shame it took so many years to update the wiki.. many just gave up on it so things ended up more spread out instead
15:31 tcohen we are almost there
15:32 tcohen the maintenance page is only missing a couple bits
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15:37 lukeg hi
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16:22 reiveune bye
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16:29 tcohen hi lukeg
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17:23 oleonard I wonder if anyone has tried loading the UNIMARC test data recently. I get an error when searching the catalog
17:23 oleonard Unsupported UNIMARC character encoding [] for XML output for UNIMARC; 100$a -> Blundell, Judy. at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/File/ line 570
17:27 tcohen bug 30943
17:27 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30943 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Make background job classes use helpers
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19:33 ShaneS[m] Can I modify the length allowed for a barcode?
19:34 cait[m] you probably could, but why so long barcodes?
19:35 ShaneS[m] I like to use the Serial Numbers of devices that come in, but many are too long. IE we put chromebooks in as we assigned them to students and they are like 22-24 characters long
19:35 ShaneS[m] Just helps to duplicate the barcode they have and also have a quick reference on the "Checkouts" to the device serial
19:36 ShaneS[m] without having to edit or anything
19:37 cait[m] you can probably extend the column - it's the only place it's referenced in the db
19:37 cait[m] but you might want to consider using labels after all , that can be scanned
19:41 ShaneS[m] Thank you, I just wanted to check before I blew it up :)
19:43 cait[m] well, i'd test thorougly, but it has been done in the past I think
19:44 ShaneS[m] I feel like I did it with an older version at a different job
19:45 ShaneS[m] For the same exact reason
19:45 ShaneS[m] When we are doing support chat/calls, just helps to be able to pull up a student, expand checkouts, and have their device serial number right there :)
19:46 ShaneS[m] Using a shorter number not, and we have to click Edit Items, or go to the Items list to see the individual series in one the fields
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20:16 fridolin Bug 29392
20:16 fridolin bugzilla does not respond
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