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07:31 reiveune hello
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08:00 alex_ Bonjour
09:03 ashimema Morning
10:03 cait1 hola #koha
10:51 ashimema I forget..
10:51 ashimema whats our procedure for marking a bug as spam
10:51 ashimema bug 31295
10:51 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31295 is not accessible.
10:51 ashimema oh.. it's in security anyways.. lol
10:51 cait1 bug description = SPAM, Closed INVALIED and mark the comments urls and attachements as non-public
10:52 cait1 i just did it
10:52 cait1 I marked the other earlier, but that one had escaped
10:53 Joubu I also mark the user as spammer
10:53 Joubu Admin > user > search > View > Edit > Disable text: "spammer"
10:53 ashimema nice one
10:54 ashimema ah.. not a user i can find..
10:55 ashimema aha.. already disabled.
10:55 Joubu I disabled it already
10:55 ashimema cool
10:55 ashimema thanks 🙂
10:55 Joubu 31295, I don't know which one is the other one
10:56 ashimema ?
10:59 Joubu cait1 was refering to an "other earlier"
11:05 perplexedtheta Another packaging question. This time, about getting tests to pass; do we tend to use the unstable Debian suite, even when building stable releases? Because using 21.11 doesn't seem to be working well.
11:06 perplexedtheta Also, is there a script or dockerfile somewhere that we use to build the community packages that I could inspect and compare against my own workings? Thanks!
11:06 Joubu perplexedtheta:
11:06 Joubu search for "build statuses"
11:12 perplexedtheta Brill - I should be able to go fish with that info. Thanks!
11:19 cait[m] there are instructions on the wiki for building packages - I have used that in the past
11:19 cait[m] https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]es_-_The_Easy_Way
11:20 cait[m] I believe my coworker might work with them as well, but I usually don't build them, onyl did for QA a longer while ago
11:20 perplexedtheta Thanks, yeah the packages build fine but the tests keep failing! I'm beginning to think a better workflow might be to do the tests separate from the package building, using the KTD.
11:21 * perplexedtheta will need to think long and hard...
11:21 cait[m] some tests might assume the sample data
11:21 cait[m] that could explain why they fail
11:22 ashimema mason will likely be around a bit again later..
11:22 ashimema I'd be interested to know if he passes the no-test switch to pbuilder
11:22 ashimema as you suggested cait, it might be as simple as the test data not being present..
11:24 ashimema What we're aiming to do at ptfs-e is start building packages from our own branch much more regularly and use that in production instead of the myriad of different install types and customisation we currently have.. but I added the caveat that we must make sure our custom branch has all the tests passing before we autobuild a package and roll it out 😜
11:24 ashimema to catch my mistakes in backports 😜
11:24 cait[m] I usually stay away form changes that could break tests :)
11:25 cait[m] but we built our own and have for years, quite happy with it
11:25 perplexedtheta Definitely interested to see how Mason does it. If he uses the nocheck flag, what am I doing wrong 😅
11:25 cait[m] one package for all too
11:25 perplexedtheta doesn't*
11:25 perplexedtheta cait: that would be nice.
11:25 * perplexedtheta dreams of a standardised world
11:27 cait[m] we stay very close to master in general, mostly the change are about things we cannot share back (custom MARC fields, indexes, XSLT, internal API)
11:38 oleonard-away o/
11:40 cait[m] hi oleonard ):
11:40 cait[m] :)
11:48 ashimema I have a cataloguing question..
11:49 ashimema it looks like with bug 30718 the dataaccessioned value builder plugin went from saving an iso date in the marc records to saving a localised one..
11:49 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30718 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Needs documenting , Use flatpickr's altInput option everywhere
11:49 ashimema was that a) intended.. and b) is that correct?
11:50 cait[m] it should save an iso still  -the field in the db won't store anything else
11:50 cait[m] but you should now be able to enter a localised format
11:51 cait[m] 952$d?
11:53 ashimema brill..
11:53 ashimema that makes sense
11:53 cait[m] I haven't tested, but that would be expected behaviour
11:53 ashimema I'm getting my data person to double check what the customer is saying.. I have a feeling they're confused
11:54 cait[m] we also fixed the display in the table above i tihnk...
11:54 cait[m] or maybe that was already in an earlier version - so it should always show localised everywhere
12:08 oleonard UNIMARC has sooo many plugins
12:13 Joubu ...and always iso in db
12:31 Joubu @later tell mtj do you agree with 32349?
12:31 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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12:45 ashimema is it just me or is bz struggling today
12:45 ashimema everything feels slow
13:03 ashimema looks like we don't install Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer  by default still... should we just have that as a dependency and install with the rest of our deps at this point?
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13:33 Tylathos Hey all :) My Koha installation is running since 2016. Which means it still runs with zebra. Are there instructions how to change to elasticsearch?
13:38 Tylathos I always updated my installation, so it is on version 2022.11
14:02 cait1 Tylathos: maybe this helps: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ian#Elasticsearch
14:02 cait1 I think it has all the bits and pieces I would expect
14:03 cait1 also has a note for 22.11 - so that looks good
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14:21 ashimema is bugzilla down for anyone else?
14:21 caroline yes, it's very slow
14:22 ashimema wonder if it's time to consider sharing the load of that server a bit more.. I think it still sits of a personal server of rangi's.. not 100% sure.. amazing he's been donating this critical infra for so many years....
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14:57 ashimema next meeting?
14:59 cait1 next irc meeting?
14:59 cait1 next meetings?
14:59 cait1 we are missing wahanui
15:00 ashimema it's in a few minutes isn't it 😜
15:00 cait1 liek right now
15:00 cait1 tuxayo: ?
15:00 * cait1 still has to finish her slides for tomorrow's user meeting
15:03 ashimema well.. if everyone has forgotten.. we should probably just reschedule
15:09 thd Next week is a general meeting.  Two meetings in one day tend to have poor attendance at one of them.
15:11 thd Today might be a slightly difficult day for US attendance with too close a proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday.
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15:21 cait1 ok, so maybe we have general next week and then reschedule the dev after? woudl work for me today
15:21 ashimema works for me
15:41 oleonard Anyone around who works with UNIMARC plugins? I'm confused about some of the scripts
15:41 oleonard For instance: value_builder/ opens
15:43 oleonard I would think 123g should be 123d.... copy-paste error? Or intentional? It means the link in the editor for 123d, 123e, and 123f all trigger the same plugin as 123g
15:43 oleonard If it's intentional, why do the templates for 123d, 123e, and 123f exist?
15:43 cait1 hm it could be a typo
15:44 cait1 it's likely one was used as the base for the others - could you make a note on the bug maybe?
15:45 oleonard We need something like the bat signal but for UNIMARC
15:45 cait1 tcohen++ mtj++ btw
15:46 cait1 got a report about fixed German package installation today - thank you
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16:05 Joubu tcohen: you shouldn't have pushed 32350
16:05 Joubu it wasn't supposed to be pushed without the follow-up bug
16:09 reiveune bye
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16:12 cait1 bz really has an issue and i need to look up stufff
16:15 cait1 I am getting gateway timeouts now
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16:57 emlam Is Bugzilla down? I keep getting a 504 time-out error
16:57 Joubu yes
16:57 Joubu Did someone email rangi[m]?
17:02 Joubu @later tell tcohen 32370 - set_encoded_data need to be removed then
17:02 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
17:03 Joubu @later tell tcohen 32370 - JSONField.t has a copyright 2019
17:03 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
17:11 cait1 I can try to catch rangi via messenger
17:17 caroline I'm a bit stumped... A library is asking me if its possible to permit onshelf holds from another branch only if the patron's branch doesn't have an item or the item is out
17:17 caroline I feel like it's probably branch-specific rules? But I'm not sure
17:17 oleonard Hi caroline
17:18 caroline my brain is broken on that point
17:18 oleonard Man it is hard to function without Bugzilla isn't it? So instinctual to go there for info
17:18 caroline hi oleonard!
17:18 cait1 yes and no
17:18 cait1 look for available in the system preferences
17:19 caroline git it OPACHoldsIfAvailableAtPickup
17:19 cait1 hm ok, that might be about pickup location only
17:19 cait1 yeah
17:19 cait1 you can't place a hold for pikcup at your own library if they have it on shelf
17:19 cait1 but maybe still something youcould suggest?
17:19 caroline would never have thought of sysprefs... I was turning the circ rules inside out in my head to make sense of their question
17:20 cait1 oleonard: yeah, i keep clicking links too :( doesn't help I am preparing a "new features in 22.11" presentation
17:20 tuxayo > next meetings?... (full message at <[…]csQvLapWipYlVMgPc>)
17:20 caroline cait1, which version are you coming from?
17:20 cait1 this i for a user meeting tomorrow - 22.11 only, but there is enough there
17:21 caroline I have the list of features from 21.11 and 22.05 in a spreadsheet
17:21 caroline ok nvm then
17:21 cait1 tuxayo: i had scheduled it when you ran out -f or the earlier timeslot
17:21 cait1 was added t the calendar like that too
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17:21 cait1 caroline: thx for offering :) actually have those too, problem is I am also translting and sometimes I am not sure what something does...
17:22 tuxayo Oops, I assumed it would continue to alternate and didn't look the calendar.
17:24 caroline cait1, yeah the bug title isn't always descriptive of what it actually does...
17:24 caroline maybe the release notes?
17:26 cait1 sandboxe are broken too
17:26 cait1 i feel sabotaged
17:26 cait1 [30880] Expand OPACResultsUnavailableGroupingBy to have a &lsquo;branch only&rsquo; option
17:26 caroline I'm sure your users will understand...
17:26 cait1 [30195]  Suggestion form in OPAC should use ISBN to FindDuplicate
17:27 cait1 yeah, those are missing notes (of course)
17:27 cait1 is the second that we also check iof the isbn exists already when suggesting a suggestion si a duplicate?
17:27 tuxayo > i feel sabotaged
17:27 tuxayo me too, bugzilla throws "504 Gateway Time-out"
17:28 caroline cait1, that's what I understand from the 2nd
17:28 cait1 30880 is really hard
17:29 caroline yeah... there is already branch, so I'm not sure what branch only would do
17:29 tuxayo bug 30880
17:29 cait1 no wahanui
17:30 cait1 Expand OPACResultsUnavailableGroupingBy to have a &lsquo;branch only&rsquo; option
17:30 tuxayo it's supposed to be huginn / huginn`
17:30 cait1 well tehy look it up on bugzilla...
17:30 tuxayo @test
17:30 caroline I'm not sure of the previous behaviour either. Is it that it groups by branch then status, but the new option will only group by branch?
17:30 cait1 not sure
17:30 huginn tuxayo: I suck
17:30 caroline aw :(
17:30 cait1 tuxayo: bugzilla is down, it can't work
17:31 tuxayo ok, it's known, that's what I wanted to confirm.
17:31 tuxayo thanks!
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17:33 Lazaro_Arcos Hi, I need price for support for instalation, configuration y migration of data at koha
17:33 Lazaro_Arcos some can help me?
17:34 caroline Lazaro_Arcos, check the paid support list
17:34 caroline (at the bottom, you can check by country or continent)
17:34 caroline You have to contact the providers directly
17:38 tuxayo Having bugzilla down reminds of this XKCD comic:
17:38 caroline lol!
17:44 cait1 oleonard: maybe youknow that... bug 22276 - we now remember if someone changed their column settings
17:44 cait1 how long is that kept?
17:44 cait1 session?
17:46 oleonard I can't remember off the top of my head but I think there isn't a mechanism to delete it. It stays in LocalStorage until someone changes it
17:47 cait1 so localstorage would even be more long term i guess?
17:48 cait1 logner than logout?
17:48 oleonard We delete some LocalStorage items upon logout but not that
17:55 tuxayo bugzilla works!
17:56 tuxayo confetti!
17:56 rangi[m] its someones script again
17:56 rangi[m] its always someones badly written script
17:56 tuxayo rangi++
17:56 tuxayo So it's not an intentional DDOS?
17:56 ashimema rangi++
17:57 ashimema nice to see you around rangi[m] 🙂
17:57 tuxayo What are these script supposed to do? Crawl emails to spam/scam us?
17:58 rangi[m] sometimes they are script ppl in the community write themselves, this just looks like a crawler for patches
17:59 * ashimema wrote a script once, then when he realised it hit bz so hard he stopped..
17:59 tuxayo LOL
17:59 ashimema there are some genuine mistakes..
18:00 ashimema this was years ago.. when I was an rmaint or rm I think... we learn
18:00 ashimema hmm.. seems my adding of new builds to Jenkins either didn't work right, or exposed some stuff I need to fix in 22.11.x already
18:02 oleonard Thank you rangi[m] !
18:05 rangi[m]
18:06 rangi[m] most of the bots, then its just weird individual ones like today
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18:09 tuxayo > weird individual ones like today
18:09 tuxayo Which obviously don't look at robot.txt
18:09 tuxayo If someone wants to crawl patches, they will do regardless
18:12 tuxayo > most of the bots
18:12 tuxayo So search engines can't index our bugtracker. Hopefully that's doesn't prevent too much people from finding stuff.
18:27 cait1 rangi++
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18:54 caroline rangi++
18:54 tcohen bye all, good luck poland :-P
19:28 davidnz Just going to run a placeholder Development IRC meeting, since the meeting was deferred
19:28 davidnz #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 30 November 2022
19:28 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov 30 19:28:19 2022 UTC.  The chair is davidnz. Information about MeetBot at
19:28 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
19:28 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_30_november_2022'
19:28 davidnz #info Agenda https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_30_November_2022
19:28 davidnz #topic General development discussion
19:28 davidnz #info Meeting deferred for a fortnight (so as not to clash with the General IRC meeting next week)
19:28 davidnz #info IRC discussion:[…]2-11-30#i_2464721
19:28 davidnz #topic Set time of next meeting
19:29 davidnz #info Next meeting: 14 December 2022, 15:00 UTC
19:29 davidnz #endmeeting
19:29 huginn Meeting ended Wed Nov 30 19:29:04 2022 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
19:29 huginn Minutes:        https://meetings.koha-communit[…]-11-30-19.28.html
19:29 huginn Minutes (text): https://meetings.koha-communit[…]2-11-30-19.28.txt
19:29 huginn Log:            https://meetings.koha-communit[…]30-19.28.log.html
19:40 davidnz FYI for the next development IRC meeting: agenda page created (https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]14_December_2022) and meeting added to the calendar
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20:39 davidnind Please ignore - just testing what IRC username is recorded in the IRC log
20:47 tuxayo davidnind++
20:47 tuxayo Should we plan another meeting for Oceania-Americas?
20:49 davidnind the 28th is straight after Christmas (for countries that observe this)
20:50 davidnind so maybe for 11th January - although many people go on holiday in January in the southern hemisphere (particularly New Zealand and Australia)
20:51 davidnind I'll add to the agenda for discusion
20:57 tuxayo davidnind: thanks, you definitely know best about adequate dates for the region :)
20:58 ashimema Thanks davidnind
21:25 davidnind tuxayo: for NZ/Australia - not so much for USA
21:27 tuxayo Right, I forgot again that this meeting is necessary for US East & Mountain timezone. 15 UTC is too early.
21:42 cait[m] oleonard: hm the database column changes of my user don't appear to be stored - testing on the detail page making issues and renewals visible. Reloading the page they always reset to invisible. Same for making the home library invisible... but I recently tested on another table it was ok there. Could it be some config issue?

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