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00:22 tuxayo mtj / mason around? How do you feel about advertising ES 7 support? News from last time: I tried to find real world usage and Lund University are using it since many months, even before Koha support they submitted the ES 7 patches.
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01:28 mtj hi #koha
01:29 mtj looks like VDF has fixed the internets
01:30 mtj tcohen or Joubu, could you push a new 22.11 git branch please
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01:38 mtj tuxayo: i think its ok to say 21.11 supports ES7
01:38 mtj we have ES7 tests passing on master for last 3-ish months
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03:06 tuxayo mtj: 21.11 ? All branches have the test passing since the last 3-ish months
03:06 tuxayo *tests
03:08 mtj hi tuxayo, i think thats probably correct :)
03:08 mtj
03:09 mtj ES7 tests are passing for last 2 deb and ubuntu-lts releases, for 21.11
03:10 tuxayo I meant, why only 21.11?
03:12 mtj aah, sorry was a typo
03:13 mtj tuxayo: i think its ok to say 22.11 supports ES7
03:13 tuxayo aaah lol
03:14 tuxayo mtj: what's missing for the others? Or maybe after one or two months we can also advertise support for the others.
03:14 mtj i was worried that we pushed ES7 stuff to 22.05 mid cycle, that broke ES6  :/
03:15 mtj ..or forced users to upgrade from ES6 to ES7 mid cycle
03:15 tuxayo > ..or forced users to upgrade from ES6 to ES7 mid cycle
03:15 tuxayo No way, thankfully that was never the plan
03:16 tuxayo > i was worried that we pushed ES7 stuff to 22.05 mid cycle, that broke ES6  :/
03:16 tuxayo Indeed, that's the risk with adding support for a new version. ES6 being EOL kinda makes the tradeoff necessary.
03:16 tuxayo > that broke ES6  :/
03:16 tuxayo Wait, really?
03:16 tuxayo Was there something else besides requiring 6.8 instead of of 6.X ?
03:18 mtj hmm, no... i was just *worried* that we might break ES6
03:20 mtj you said, we did force ES6 users to v6.8
03:21 mtj i think we should recommend ES7 for new 21.11 installs
03:21 tuxayo > hmm, no... i was just *worried* that we might break ES6
03:21 tuxayo Ah good, no known trouble ^o^
03:21 tuxayo *22.11
03:21 mtj aah, oops
03:22 mtj i might need for covfefe
03:23 tuxayo > i think we should recommend ES7 for new 21.11 installs
03:23 tuxayo Ok, so advertise and recommend ES7 for 22.11. And after some time advertise support for the other branches? (meanwhile write that as experimental support?)
03:25 tuxayo > i might need for covfefe
03:25 tuxayo mtj if you meant coffee then yes the last word makes the phrase very true :P
03:25 tuxayo Or maybe it's that?
03:27 mtj hmm, i guess we can now recommed ES7 for all new installs, on all supported branches
03:27 mtj we now have ES7 tests passing on stable/oldstable/o-o-stable
03:27 tuxayo ok let's do that then :)
03:27 tuxayo Thanks for your time
03:29 mtj ...and we recommend thats existing installs should upgrade to ES7, on the latest version of supported branches
03:31 mtj all supported koha versions now require minimum of ES 6.8 - we recommend latest version of ES 7
03:33 tuxayo ok
03:35 mtj ..its just my opinion, but seems like the best approach?
03:37 tuxayo Wait, recommending ES 7 while it's the non libre version? Can we write that ES 6 is end of life and that ES 7 isn't libre and then sysadmins will deal with that crappy choice to make? ^^"
03:40 tuxayo Sorry gotta go, you can answer here and I will follow up by email.
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05:30 mtj hi tuxayo, hmm... i had forgotten about the ES7 license change :/
05:33 mtj so, technically.. koha supports ES6, ES7 and OS1 (opensearch 1.x)
05:35 mtj i personally think OS1 is the best choice of the 3, based on its license
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05:37 mtj perhaps we provide license/support info for all ES versions/variants - and let users decide
05:37 mtj ..but recommend OS1 :p
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07:06 reiveune hello
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07:27 ashimema morning
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07:28 cait good morning #koha
07:29 fridolin good mor.eve.ning
07:30 cait hello fridolin
07:32 fridolin releasssssssssssssse
07:32 fridolin ^^
07:32 fridolin I'm jumping on building a demo
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07:51 marcelr o/
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07:52 alex_ Bonjour
07:52 marcelr hi alex_
08:28 magnuse \o/
08:31 magnuse wow, so many cool New features
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09:28 Joubu cait: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ces?veaction=edit
09:28 Joubu cait: can you delete this page? It contains incorrect info
09:34 cait I think we cannot delete pag
09:34 cait let me hae a look later
09:35 cait just on break from our user meeting
09:36 cait actually hat doe work, although it shoudln#t
09:36 cait and it won't now since we check email format on prefs, but we use that (using SQL)
09:36 cait not in KohaAdminEmailAddress, but in ReplyTo for us... but it does technically work
09:37 Joubu IIRC it explodes in Koha::Email when we send the email, but I haven't tried
09:37 ashimema Interesting.. I'd never thought about adding it that way
09:37 cait not anymore I think
09:37 cait well we are on 20.11 but already with Koha::Email
09:37 Joubu related to bug 9815
09:37 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9815 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , <<branches.branchemail>> can't contain  "The Library" <>
09:37 ashimema might be a nice feature to have a display name option.. never really looked into it myself
09:37 cait and we have alays added to branchemail and kohaadminaddress I think
09:38 cait (was wrong about the reply to)
09:38 cait yah, but the problem now is you can't enter, not that it won't do it
09:38 Joubu ha
09:40 Joubu should I restore the wiki page then?
09:41 ashimema Well.. the wiki page is wrong at the moment as you can't enter the info.. so I think it's safer deleted for now..
09:41 ashimema but I wouldn't be against adding a display name option to our email prefs as a feature.. which should get properly documented in the manual and not a work around on the wiki.
09:42 Joubu if it's working internally we should simply adjust the JS check
09:50 cait back in meeting, read later
10:36 mtj hie #koha, the new packages are pushed
10:37 mtj 21.11/stable KTD looks happy 🍰
10:37 mtj s/21/22/
10:39 ashimema mtj++
10:39 ashimema and thanks for helping my colleague over the weekend mtj 🙂
10:39 mtj hiya np :)
10:39 perplexedtheta Real top work folks, and a big thanks getting that sorted. Aptly is now mirroring happily! <3
10:40 mtj perplexedtheta: i think the broken dbgsym is now removed
10:40 * ashimema is tempted to add perplexedtheta to the packaging team retrospectively to learn from you and lend a hand ;P
10:40 perplexedtheta Yep - awesome, thanks <3
10:41 mtj ashimema, i think the more the merrier, there is bunch of stuff to do
10:43 mtj ive made a start at upstreaming some of our pkgs to debian-perl team
10:43 ashimema awesome
10:44 mtj thats a worthwhile project for 'the team' :)
10:46 mtj perhaps our new LTS releases could eventually be upstreamed to debian?
10:46 magnuse mtj++
10:47 mtj thanks magnuse 🍻
10:47 ashimema that would be cool
10:48 perplexedtheta mtj: that would be quite the exciting prospect!
10:49 mtj hmm, that could be a 5 year commitment, to support until debian o-o-stable..
10:50 mtj might be a bit too ambitious
10:55 mtj i think the general plan is to use gitlab runners to build pkgs
10:55 ashimema excellent
10:55 mtj build docker images
10:56 Joubu 5 years is a lot, we have been happy lately to drop support for old versions..
10:56 mtj ..poss. start moving from jenkins to gitlab for test suite stuff?
10:57 mtj Joubu: yeah, 5 years is a lot
10:57 ashimema I think our LTS cycle seems to want to support for 3.5 years if I remember correctly
10:57 ashimema https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ning#LTS_Releases
10:58 ashimema so 5 years is a big commitment beyond what we're already doing
10:58 perplexedtheta Gitlab is something I think we've discussed as being keen to use more of recently internally, too. Happy to learn a new suite
10:58 * ashimema also thinks we're already rather stretched for rmaints + qa volunteers
10:58 Joubu mtj: opinion on bug 32352?
10:59 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32352 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, In Discussion , xt/check_makefile.t failing on node_modules
11:08 mtj Joubu: i think your fix for 32352 look good
11:09 mtj i cant think of a problem with it :)
11:09 mtj i do have a jenkins build to test a tar install somewhere..
11:11 mtj could be useful to test that the tar install, still works as expected
11:20 Joubu mtj: if we are using this method for other xt tests it means that they will fail if run outside of a git repo. Did you get that?
11:20 Joubu Aren't you running some of them sometimes outside of the git repo?
11:26 Joubu tcohen: "22.11.00: Update history.txt" - it modifies the timestamp for old versions :-(
11:30 Joubu tcohen: "22.11.00: Update kohastructure.sql" - weird all the changes there
11:32 mtj Joubu: oops, i missed the git dependency on 32352
11:33 mtj ..i dont think i run the tests in a non-git situation
11:36 mtj i think its probably still ok - its unlikely that it would cause a problem
11:51 mtj Joubu: re: "22.11.00: Update kohastructure.sql", the changes seem to make sense
11:52 mtj[…]ons/#column-level
11:53 mtj "Character sets and collations can also be specified for columns ... If neither collation nor character set is provided, the table default is used."
11:54 mtj it seems that the 'COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci' defs for columns are not required
11:55 mtj ...if they are defined for the table
11:58 tcohen hola #koha
11:58 tcohen Joubu: the collations at the column level always looked incorrect
12:06 * ashimema see's that as a nice cleanup actually 🙂
12:06 mtj hi tcohen, congrats on the release
12:07 ashimema hmm.. as for history.. I'm not sure how we do that these days.. I got lost in the process at the last set of refinements
12:07 ashimema indeed.. congrats tcohen 🙂
12:16 ashimema any idea how we go about updating the history on the website too?
12:17 tcohen The process for history.txt is described in Taiga
12:17 tcohen I'm not sure why/how those timestamps got changed
12:20 ashimema mm.. little strange
12:23 tcohen maybe a timezone thing?
12:23 ashimema mm.. I was wondering that..
12:23 ashimema but it's meant to all be in unix time utc I believe
12:24 ashimema perhaps git changed how it interprets timestamps in locales or something?
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12:26 tcohen I've checked no one is missing, just some timestamp changes
12:27 tcohen can anyone help me with the tarball?
12:27 tcohen no rmaint was available on friday and all I tried failed :-D
12:30 tcohen oh I see
12:30 tcohen :-D
12:30 tcohen I was clearly tired on friday
12:30 Joubu tcohen, ashimema: yes, I was referring to 1504 insertions(+), 1418 deletions(-)
12:31 Joubu but it's coming from the SET comment lines, didn't notice at first glance
12:33 ashimema ?
12:34 tcohen Joubu: right
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13:08 Joubu rangi[m]: certs on needs to be renewed
13:15 cait just for info: i tried and failed to change the website start page witht he new templates, I emailed wizzyrea for help
13:15 cait things seem to have moved around using a new template and I couldn't find the page/post/block again
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14:38 Tylathos Hey, I got a problem after the upgrade on 22.11 . My mainpage of the staff interface is not translate into german. The language is installed, confirmed with koha-translate -l . Also other pages are translated. Any suggestions?
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16:14 cait Tylathos: willt ry to check it out tomorrow :( annoying!
16:14 cait could you check if another langauge works ok?
16:16 Tylathos en-GB seems to work
16:18 cait maybe a good thing... but means I probably made a mistake somewhere
16:18 cait any js error by chance? (if you can look in the browser console)
16:18 ashimema we're all human cait
16:18 ashimema 🙂
16:19 cait ashimema: but we don't need to like it, right? ;)
16:19 ashimema flesh is good.. mistakes not so much 😜
16:19 cait especially since I am presenting the new features on Thursday for user meeting and this probably won't be fixed properly until .01 - but first to find the offending string
16:20 ashimema talk of .01 already.. I've not even started to look at bugs pushed to master yet for backport
16:20 cait i meant becaus translation updates ae only pushed for releases
16:21 cait breath :)
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17:01 PedroAmorim[m] hey everyone, if anyone has a couple moments to spare, I'm currently fighting bugzilla trying to do sign-off on multiple patches (5 patches)
17:01 PedroAmorim[m] after following the docs https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ion#Signing_off_2
17:02 PedroAmorim[m] i run git so 5 and git bz attach -e xxxxx HEAD~5 but it's always "jumping" into the 6th commit and showing signed-off by Tomas (which is said "wrong" commit)
17:02 PedroAmorim[m] for reference, this is the bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=30719#c15
17:02 huginn` Bug 30719: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pedro.amorim, ASSIGNED , ILL should provide the ability to create batch requests
17:26 cait hm also got a report of an error 500 on the about page - if someone coudl check for a package installation 22.11?
17:27 cait PedroAmorim[m]: try HEAD~5..
17:28 cait oh and when you run git so 5 - does that work or is there an error in the endß it won't work if you have untracked changes, you need to stash them first
17:28 cait and with that, I am out :) bye all
17:28 cait left #koha
17:43 PedroAmorim[m] cait: wow that was it, I was missing the double dot, no way! I completely missed that! thank you so much
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17:53 cait[m] :)
18:10 reiveune bye
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20:22 cait[m] oleonard: around?
20:24 cait[m] Following problem: I have installed additional languages de-DE and fr-FR on current master branch with the just updated po files and the layout (header search) is broken
20:27 cait[m] hmm it looks to be working if the language hadn't been installed before
20:42 cait[m] I've filed bug 32356
20:42 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32356 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , fr-FR installer dir /kohadevbox/koha/installer/data/mysql/fr-FR already exists.
20:42 cait[m] something is up with the translations, but could need some help there
20:49 cait[m] < I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling but still stuck
20:56 cait[m] hm, reinstalling the language kinda worked (removing it first)
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