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07:17 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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10:34 ashimema I always thought nz was meant to have pretty decent internet these days.
11:03 mtj hi ashimema, internet speeds in nz are mostly pretty good, i think
11:04 mtj the problem seems to be confirmed as a nation-wide problem for vodafone
11:04 mtj[…]=302474&page_no=1
11:06 mtj (good to know its not just me)
11:06 cait[m] but also sounds like a biggre issue - hopefully to be resolved soon
11:12 mtj yeah, hopefully sorted on monday 🧯🔥
11:46 perplexedtheta Hi all, took another go at mirroring the Koha repo again but still no joy. The error is:
11:46 perplexedtheta HTTP code 404 while fetching http://debian.koha-community.o[…]2~koha1_amd64.deb
11:49 perplexedtheta It looks like the real file path is: https://debian.koha-community.[…]1~koha1_amd64.deb - there is a -1 after the 1.32?
11:51 perplexedtheta I believe the fix is to correct the Packages files under the /dists/21.11/main/binary-amd64 - could I offer a patch file?
11:51 cait[m] mtj ^
11:52 cait[m] not sure if this is git controlled
11:53 perplexedtheta I shall defer this to your capable hands! Thanks for taking a look at it :-)
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12:03 perplexedtheta Ah - it also appears to be wrong in /dists/20.11/main/binary-amd64 (I don't know how far back you'd want to go to fix this) -- but it looks to be A-OK in 22.05 & 22.11 is still pending :-)
12:03 cait[m] I think mtj is the one still - may he'll read later (not the best time now for nz)
12:05 perplexedtheta Of course - thought I'd just express my discoveries. Thanks for listening to me whittle on :sweat_smile: - I'm off to enjoy my Sunday walk now!
12:08 cait[m] yes of course
12:09 cait[m] there is also a packaging component in bugzilla that should hopefully get an email sent to our packaging maintainers
12:10 mtj hi perplexedtheta, the libintl-perl-dbgsym pkg is not used, so ill delete it :)
12:22 mtj perplexedtheta: are you using aptly to do the mirroring?, or something else
12:57 perplexedtheta I am using Aptly, yes
13:00 perplexedtheta I can send you the full list of commands & log output if it helps. Or if you recommend another tool I can use, I'll try that?
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16:55 ashimema Nice to see you in here perplexedtheta
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19:31 rangi[m] hello
19:32 * cait[m] waves

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