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00:03 tuxayo @later tell tcohen , sorry was afk. Back now. Feel free to leave message here or email
00:03 huginn` tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
02:23 tuxayo ptfs++ great to see we have a complete RMaint team!
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10:13 perplexedtheta o/
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10:14 perplexedtheta !nick perplexedtheta
10:16 cait[m] hi
10:19 perplexedtheta Nice! Hello, nice to finally be properly on this IRC channel in a place I can keep a track of the history. Thanks ashimema for pointing me at Element ;-)
10:19 cait[m] :)
10:21 perplexedtheta I have a quick question - it can keep until Monday but its been on my mind. I noticed a duff package in the repo!
10:21 cait[m] duff?
10:25 perplexedtheta /dists/21.11/main/binary-amd64/Packages - in here, libintl-perl-dbgsym references a 404. Looks like the filename is wrong!
10:26 perplexedtheta Packages file references pool/main/libi/libintl-perl/libint​l-perl-dbgsym_1.32~koha1_amd64.deb - but the actual file is named slightly differently
10:26 cait[m] hm that would be a question for mtj I tihnk
10:26 cait[m] he is our packaging manager
10:27 perplexedtheta Do they check IRC regularly or would it be best to contact them directly?
10:30 mtj hi perplexedtheta, cait[m]
10:31 perplexedtheta o/
10:31 mtj i have a problem with my internet, for last 2 days - very slow uploads :/
10:32 mtj the apt repo is in the middle of an rsync update, so it might be a bit er... wonky
10:33 cait[m] hi mtj :)
10:33 cait[m] mtj++
10:33 perplexedtheta Is this since last night? That’s when I tried. If it is that then I will try again tomorrow.
10:34 mtj how many vodafone staff does it take to change a light-bulb... :/
10:34 perplexedtheta We are experimenting with the idea of having a local mirror of the Koha repo with a tool called Aptly to speed up installs and so we can begin building our own packages.
10:35 perplexedtheta The Aptly mirror was failing due to a 404 - thought I’d let you folks know :-) if it happens again tomorrow I’ll inform you!
10:36 mtj hi perplexedtheta, ok thanks
10:37 perplexedtheta No problem. Keep up the good work everyone!
10:38 mtj i managed to get a ticket logged for my internet, after 5 attempts
10:40 mtj imagine a 3 minute rsync job now taking 2 hours :(
10:41 perplexedtheta -_- what country are you in?
10:43 cait[m] mtj: ouch
10:44 mtj perplexedtheta: nu zulund
10:45 perplexedtheta Aha, I must admit I don’t know much about average broadband speeds outside of Europe! Is it usually fairly good?
11:01 cait[m] perplexedtheta: Austria?
11:02 mtj perplexedtheta: hmm, good question
11:02 mtj https://www.broadbandcompare.c[…]-broadband-speeds
11:03 mtj i think i have 300/100 Mbps - currently at 300/2 Mbps
11:04 * cait[m] is currently struggling through nextcloud upgrades
11:14 mtj hmm, i actually have 11 kBps upload
11:14 mtj which is 0.1 Mbps
11:24 perplexedtheta 11 kBps reminds me of the bad old days :/
11:24 perplexedtheta Good luck getting it sorted!

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