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02:32 * dcook thinks tcohen must never sleep...
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07:49 reiveune hello
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07:51 alex_ Bonjour
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08:31 Joubu @later tell tcohen There are several follow-up on 32030 to fix failing tests. However one fix is missing and I am not sure I will have time today to have a look (see last comment).
08:31 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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11:08 vfernandes[m] hi
11:10 cait hello
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11:15 vfernandes[m] can we check the Koha 22.11 (pre) release notes anywhere?
11:15 cait yes
11:15 cait sec
11:16 cait[…]
11:16 cait it looks like it's missing the most recent additions (says last change 3 weeks ago)
11:16 cait ashimema: was this supposed to update automatically?
11:17 cait vfernandes[m]: we've had some bigger additions after the script was last run, are you looking for something specific?
11:19 vfernandes[m] I want to do a presentation with the most important new features of the Koha last versions (21.11, 22.05 and 22.11)
11:20 cait for 22.11 the important ones missing are probably ERM module, OIDC authentication and provisioning, item groups and item group holds
11:21 ashimema yes
11:21 ashimema it was
11:21 ashimema seems there's something odd going on
11:21 ashimema I'll run it in a few minutes
11:22 ashimema running now
11:22 ashimema and watching for errors
11:22 cait ashimema++
11:24 vfernandes[m] thanks cait  and ashimema
11:31 tcohen hola #koha
11:32 oleonard o/
11:32 ashimema done
11:33 cait It includes 11 new features, 323 enhancements, 458 bugfixes.
11:33 ashimema huge release
11:34 cait It includes 6 new features, 260 enhancements, 363 bugfixes.
11:34 cait this is 3 weeks of work now
11:35 cait 5 new, 63 enh and 95 bug fixes
11:36 * ashimema is getting confused about whitespace in notices.. very confused.
11:36 cait hmmmm why is NSO almot 40?!
11:36 cait NQA I mean
11:38 cait ashimema: can we help?
11:39 ashimema what.. with whitespace issues?
11:39 ashimema I'm just confused
11:40 ashimema it's my new notices for catalog concerns
11:40 ashimema they all hit the database with a crap load of whitespace
11:40 ashimema but the templates look simple and small
11:40 ashimema >Dear [%- INCLUDE '' patron => ticket.reporter -%],<br>... (full message at <[…]LoYTCmKxDmsDLoaBq>)
11:41 cait Not sure then
11:42 pastebot "ashimema" at pasted "Dear [%- INCLUDE 'patron-title" (62 lines) at
11:42 ashimema paste shows it more clearly
11:42 ashimema template above the --------
11:42 ashimema results between the next two -----------
11:43 cait really odd
11:43 ashimema i.e a tonne of blank lines at the tope, a huge whitespace between 'Dear' and the name, 'more blank linkes..
11:43 ashimema it's really weird..
11:43 ashimema and it happens to all the new templates i've put it..
11:43 cait it's probably the inlcudes
11:43 ashimema I have absolutely no idea why
11:43 cait at least the second one
11:43 ashimema Joubu ^ any ideas
11:43 cait it would not be visible on an HTML page, but it's visible in notice templates
11:43 cait did you check HTML?
11:44 ashimema yes
11:44 cait ah you copied the source?
11:44 ashimema yup
11:44 cait i bet it's us not using [%- -%] consistently in the template building
11:44 cait at lest for biblio-title
11:44 ashimema mm, perhaps
11:45 ashimema but that still doesn't really explain why we get a load of up front space
11:45 ashimema another little annoyance I just spotted.. our helpers give relative URLs.. which are fine.. but not great in an email context
11:50 cait but easy to fix by adding the opacbaseurl
11:52 ashimema not really
11:52 ashimema as the links are constructed inside the include it means adding an option to the include
11:52 ashimema you can't just add it in the template easily
11:54 ashimema OK.. fixing up [%- in the includes does help a lot
11:54 ashimema still a few issues though.
11:57 cait maybe do the fixup on a separate bug
11:59 ashimema I should probably put this include fix stuff in another bug ☹️
12:00 ashimema lol
12:03 cait ;)
12:08 ashimema why do my bugs always end up so huge
12:09 ashimema this was meant to be a fairly simple dev for a customer.. a couple of days worth..
12:09 cait perfectionist? :)
12:09 ashimema 322 comments later and it's still going
12:10 ashimema mind you.. bugzilla really doesn't help by adding in a comment for every attachement.. that grows awefully fast for larger patchsets with lots of rebases.
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12:19 marcelr o/
12:22 cait h marcelr :)
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12:41 * cait waves at oleonard
12:42 oleonard Back after a restart... hopefully ktd will work now...
12:43 cait the normal up hasn't been working for me, but it worked with ktd --es6 up
12:45 tcohen ktd pull
12:45 tcohen because of the new deps
12:45 tcohen sorry I didn't announce yesterday
12:45 cait i did the ktd pull - was broken before the big pushes for me already
12:45 tcohen ??
12:45 cait I'll get you the error next time I get it
12:46 tcohen I missed some of the conversation
12:46 cait nope :) it's me, don't worry
12:46 ashimema dman
12:46 ashimema we're clashing on bug 32028 cait
12:46 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32028 minor, P5 - low, ---, lucas, Passed QA , Add page-section to various administration pages (part 2)
12:47 cait i put myself as qa contact...
12:47 ashimema I was just writing a follow-up
12:47 cait ah
12:47 cait which page for?
12:47 ashimema smart rules
12:47 cait hah :)
12:47 cait did you see my last comment there?
12:47 ashimema just about to read it
12:48 ashimema I went to comment and saw you had
12:49 cait I can test your follow-up
12:49 ashimema Just writing a quick test plan to say what I changed
12:52 ashimema attaching now
12:53 ashimema ooh..
12:53 ashimema I want to make another change..
12:54 cait go ahead
12:54 cait I'll stare at buttons meanwhile
12:55 oleonard That was my plan... pending ktd up...
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12:58 ashimema uploading again now cait
12:58 marcelr is the new erm module workable without ebsco api keys or cant you do anything then ?
12:59 cait yes, you can use local holdings
12:59 marcelr how can you add one?
12:59 cait there should be a button to do htat
12:59 marcelr i can only search, and that gives 404s only
13:00 cait but I haven't looked in a bit
13:00 cait are you on the sandbox or on your installation?
13:00 ashimema have you updated your dependancies marcelr.. it came with a bunch of new ones
13:00 marcelr own installation
13:00 ashimema that made me stumble this mornign as the API's were all silently failing
13:01 cait on the left, you should have e-holdings - ebsco and local
13:01 cait when you are at local - packages
13:01 marcelr ok ill check did not see warnings in plack-error though
13:01 cait btw... not sure i like the design htere being so different to all our other navs *hides*
13:01 cait then you go new package
13:01 marcelr i cant even see local packages
13:01 cait hm
13:01 marcelr i have agreement search
13:02 marcelr can search packages and titles
13:02 marcelr i will check missing stuff then
13:02 cait go to your system preferences
13:02 cait ERMProviders
13:02 cait and we probably might adapt ddefaults if that is the issue
13:02 marcelr File not found : js/vue/dist/main.js at /usr/share/koha/Koha/Template/Plugin/ line 84.
13:02 cait make sure you check local
13:03 marcelr yes it says local
13:03 marcelr i am missing js scripts apparently
13:05 cait maybe for comparison: (k.../k...)
13:05 ashimema I thought we'd fixed lots of heading levels
13:05 ashimema I'm seeing issues littered around a lot again today
13:06 marcelr cait: the whole container i do not see it
13:06 marcelr i suspect trouble on dev installs with this erm module
13:07 marcelr wrong paths etc
13:09 cait i commented today we should check in packages too
13:09 cait i remembe we had missing something when adding other modules that made it not show up in packages (the files were missing)
13:11 marcelr yes should be  checked (or have been)
13:12 cait oleonard: E-Ressource management - the capitalization kinda upsets me
13:12 cait is that correct?
13:13 tcohen marcelr: have you yarn build_js?
13:13 cait ashimema: on your follow-ups now
13:13 oleonard cait: I would say the R should not be capitalized
13:13 cait tcohen: is that documented somewhere yet? build_js ?
13:13 cait oleonard: my feeling too
13:13 cait but i think I was told it was correct another time
13:14 marcelr tcohen: where do i need it for? hasnt it been built ?
13:17 oleonard ashimema: Do you remember a discussion a long time about about using display:table to make it so that tables don't overflow their containers?
13:25 ashimema yes
13:25 ashimema I remember
13:26 ashimema from memory I tried to do a global fix and we found it was too big a change and broke display of a bunch of other things so I think it got reverted..
13:26 ashimema I'd love to have it revisisted
13:26 ashimema it annoyed me no end
13:27 oleonard Yeah... I didn't remember there was a bug, I'll try to hunt it down because I don't remember what the global fix was
13:33 Joubu tcohen: you must have pushed the dist file!
13:36 ashimema ha, me either..
13:36 ashimema let me know if you can't find it.. I likely have it in my history somewhere
13:49 ashimema bug 25242
13:49 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25242 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, CLOSED FIXED, Accessibility: The 'Holdings' table partially obscures navigation links at 200% zoom
13:49 ashimema oleonard ^
13:49 oleonard Oh, thank you ashimema
13:50 ashimema it was table-layout: fixed
13:50 cait bug 32147 is ready for testing
13:50 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32147 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Capitalization: E-Resource management should be E-resource management
13:50 ashimema or something along those lines.. rather than display:table
13:51 oleonard I added a little follow-up to Bug 32004
13:51 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32004 trivial, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Passed QA , Increase font size in top navigation pull downs
13:54 ashimema bug 12580 is still open for the overflowing issues oloenard
13:54 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=12580 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , DataTables overflow their container elements
13:54 ashimema linked from the above one
13:54 ashimema 🙂
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14:34 SupportLibrary[m] Hello. I am writing with the following question. When creating a new template from Authority types, I render the field I assign number 113 for Auth field copied. In the template in field 113 b i am writing the name of the publisher (This template is for publisher Authority record). When i created the template i added it to the bibliographic framework of of my choice. In the framework i created a filed 9 (RLIN), so when i select an
14:35 SupportLibrary[m] already created publisher, its number is automatically filled. Why only the filed from which i select the publisher is locked but not the filed with 9 (RLIN) like it is with Personal name (100)?
14:37 SupportLibrary[m] The option  BiblioAddsAuthorities is set to don't allow!
14:45 caroline SupportLibrary[m], can you share a screenshot? I'm not sure I understand what is going on
14:45 SupportLibrary[m] ok
14:45 caroline I've also never been able to make publisher authorities work because of the $b. It's like it has to have an $a (it was the case a while back, I haven't tried in a while)
14:49 SupportLibrary[m] This is what happens: For tag 260 i made subtag b to be a authority for publisher. In subtag 9(RLIN) the number of the specific authority publisher is shown. When option  BiblioAddsAuthorities is set to don't allow, only the subtag b is locked but not subtag 9(RLIN)
14:52 caroline Ok I think it was the same problem I had back then... Let me try again...
14:55 SupportLibrary[m] The problem is solved. I make subfield 260a the authority and now the subfield 9 (RLIN) is locked
14:55 Joubu oleonard: I've used display:table for the DTs in the ERM module and it worked great
14:56 cait caroline, oleonard: bug 32147
14:57 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32147 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Capitalization: E-Resource management should be E-resource management
14:57 caroline SupportLibrary[m], ok! Does it solve your problem though? Can you choose an authority and it is copied in 260$b?
14:58 SupportLibrary[m] no now it is copied in 260$a
15:00 caroline :( Yeah... I think that's the extent of Koha capabilities...
15:00 caroline Can you add the place name in 113$a and publisher name in 113$b?
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15:02 liliputech hi koha (long time no see)
15:05 oleonard Hi liliputech
15:05 caroline cait are you looking for a signoff or comments?
15:05 SupportLibrary[m] <caroline> "Can you add the place name in 11..." <- May be it is possiible. If 113$a is authority and 113$b is authority which number will be shown in 113$9(RLIN)?
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15:06 tuxayo-webchat hi, sorry, can't attend the meeting
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15:08 cait both
15:08 SupportLibrary[m] In my case take the number of the last  selected
15:09 oleonard Joke's on tuxayo, we all forgot XD
15:09 caroline SupportLibrary[m], I meant in the same authority put place name in $a and publisher name in $b... but I don't think it would work either
15:09 liliputech 'kay, meeting postponed?
15:09 ashimema lol
15:10 * ashimema runs out the door on the school run.
15:10 SupportLibrary[m] caroline: I will try tomorrow
15:11 * liliputech forgot his schoolbag, going back home @lightspeed
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15:24 caroline regarding e-, I found this, which is not the best reference as they don't use any capital letters in their entry headings, but in "Cite this entry", they have it written like E-book
15:28 cait i think this is right
15:28 cait no capital letters.. only for names like months, days, countries
15:28 caroline I also found the same in wikipedia, but wanted a more reputable source...
15:29 marcelr E-mail or e-mail is fine
15:29 marcelr E-Mail is not
15:29 cait
15:29 cait they do use capitals when appropriat
15:29 cait e
15:29 caroline ok! Good to know, I was looking at only common words, like "cat"
15:30 cait oc :)
15:31 caroline :D
15:31 caroline I will sign off and we can debate the long form vs abbreviation later?
15:36 cait sure :)
15:37 caroline ok maybe I can't sign off... Is it normal that after I enable the syspref, there is nothing in the module? There is no add button, no title
15:37 caroline please ignore the quantity of tabs lol, I'm doing too many things at once
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15:39 caroline ERMModule is enabled and ERMProviders is set to Local, I should be able to add local agreements no? Do I have to rebuild something before?
15:41 marcelr caroline: there is still a problem in master
15:41 marcelr i had the same
15:42 marcelr tomas should push some files still
15:42 caroline ah ok, phew I thought it was only me again... thx marcelr :)
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16:23 cait caroline: just fixed the space
16:23 caroline +1 ok will check again
16:25 cait thx!
16:27 ashimema See the message on devel lists Caroline
16:27 ashimema To play with eRM you need to build the js
16:29 ashimema https://lists.koha-community.o[…]ember/047385.html
16:29 ashimema We're discussing how to ease this..
16:29 ashimema And my opinion is no, Tomas shouldn't push more files
16:30 cait hm but we need them built in the packages, don't we?
16:30 ashimema It would end up with a rapidly increasing repository size and conflict resolution fun regularly
16:30 ashimema We do need a clearly documented process though
16:31 ashimema He was keen to get it pushed for string freeze etc . But we are still working on those little things
16:41 caroline both commands don't work on my environment, unfortunately
16:45 ashimema perhaps a `yarn install` first?
16:47 caroline It gives me the same error 00h00m00s 0/0: : ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'install'
16:47 caroline am I supposed to be in a particular directory?
16:49 ashimema hmm
16:49 ashimema pass I'm afraid
16:50 caroline ERM is not in the sandboxes either
16:51 caroline Sorry cait
16:51 oleonard
16:52 caroline can I add a patch to that sandbox?
16:52 cait not your fault
16:53 cait i think this one is locked and probably a bit outdated
16:53 caroline The option is there but I don't want to break it for everyone
16:53 cait have you run the new jsbuild thing?
16:53 cait or do we have a general problem?
16:53 caroline I tried but it says there is no such thing
16:53 caroline it's probably just me
16:54 cait ah ok, probably ont only you
17:07 * ashimema is looking into it now
17:07 ashimema for me.. i get
17:07 ashimema yarn build_js... (full message at <[…]ohDbshQdvcSAdxAhW>)
17:08 ashimema now I'm running `yarn install` which should grab webpack for me.
17:09 ashimema hmm
17:10 ashimema ok.. not happy here either
17:13 ashimema are you running in k-t-d caroline?
17:13 ashimema for me
17:13 ashimema kshell > kshell
17:13 ashimema yarn install
17:13 caroline no I have what is called a "vintage" installation
17:13 ashimema yarn build_js
17:13 ashimema that does the trick
17:13 ashimema dev type install?
17:13 ashimema I use that at times too
17:14 ashimema for that I get npm/node version issues
17:15 caroline git that I pull every time
17:15 ashimema ?
17:16 caroline I have a git installation on my computer that was done ages ago and I just pull when I need to update it
17:17 caroline I didn't install it myself, so I can't say for sure, but maybe by package? I have no idea
17:19 caroline I wouldn't spend time on this if it works for you
17:20 caroline I'll just not test ERM for now and wait until it is completely integrated
17:24 ashimema Will look more tomorrow
17:24 ashimema Runnin around after kids now
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17:45 tcohen hi all
17:45 tcohen gentle reminder: tomorrow is string freeze
17:45 tcohen please SO/QA all the things that touch strings
17:45 tcohen please special attention to those page-section patches, that will be a pain to rebase later
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18:19 ashimema This release is properly creeping up in me
18:19 ashimema Will spend some hours tonight trying to receive any last page-section bugs
18:20 ashimema I'm also kinda keen to get the tab Vs pills one done.. the majority case (where it's not embedded inside another page-section of filedset) seems agreed upon..
18:20 ashimema But not coded
18:21 ashimema The nested cases still need a little thought... I'll try to look at that too
18:21 oleonard I think I have the patch mostly ready
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18:28 cait[m] hello
19:03 ashimema nice
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22:52 cait we missed the election meeting.. and we only got 11 days left...
22:55 davidnind[m] oh no! I haven't read back through the yet today..
22:56 cait checked the logs, it looks like it was postponed, maybe missing the urgency
22:59 davidnind[m] should I recreate for next week at the same time, or leave to tcohen to do? (cutting it fine before the release....)
22:59 cait next week might be our best pick
23:00 cait meaning i have no better idea - and we are also still missing some of the more important roles
23:02 davidnind[m] Ok, I'll finish what I'm doing and 1) add for next week 2) send an email to the general and development mailing lists with a reminder about the roles. The release manager can change to suit if needed.
23:02 cait you are awesome :)
23:03 davidnind[m] sometimes... 😄
23:03 cait oftentimes
23:19 cait oleonard++ davidnind++ ashimema++
23:35 davidnind[m] #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 9 November 2022
23:35 huginn` Meeting started Wed Nov  9 23:35:00 2022 UTC.  The chair is davidnind[m]. Information about MeetBot at
23:35 huginn` Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
23:35 huginn` The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_9_november_2022'
23:35 davidnind[m] #info Agenda link: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_9_November_2022
23:35 davidnind[m] #info The meeting was not held, so is postponed for a week at the same time
23:35 davidnind[m] #info The meeting needs to be held before the 22.11 release so that voting can take place for 23.05 roles
23:35 davidnind[m] #topic Next meeting
23:36 davidnind[m] #info Next meeting: 16 November 2022, 15:00 UTC
23:36 davidnind[m] #endmeeting
23:36 huginn` Meeting ended Wed Nov  9 23:36:14 2022 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
23:36 huginn` Minutes:        https://meetings.koha-communit[…]-11-09-23.35.html
23:36 huginn` Minutes (text): https://meetings.koha-communit[…]2-11-09-23.35.txt
23:36 huginn` Log:            https://meetings.koha-communit[…]09-23.35.log.html
23:40 cait Am I stil the only person where the QA script kills patches? I end up with the files unstaged after running it

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