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05:26 Joubu @later tell tcohen "Current branch erm is up to date." - it was rebased already, did you forget to fetch?
05:26 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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05:54 reiveune hello
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06:26 dcook bug 31378 is certainly coming along
06:26 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31378 new feature, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, Failed QA , Add a generic OAuth2/OIDC client implementation
06:27 dcook Just a few more fixes I think then the first level of testing should be good. A bit concerned that people are marking it Signed Off when they're not testing all the features but..
06:35 Joubu ...but?
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08:16 Lee Good day, I am writing to you  from an Edtech company called Snapplify and I am looking for the person at Koha that is responsible for partnerships
08:23 Joubu Lee: Hi, nobody, what's your request exactly?
08:27 Lee We are looking at ways to intergrate with our library system
08:28 ashimema What are you looking for Lee,, Koha is open source and community 'owned'.. there are support companies in various countries that distribute and support Koha
08:28 Lee Which company in South Africa handles this so i can contact them
08:30 ashimema[…]ountry/char/R/#sa
08:30 ashimema I don't see any listed
08:33 Lee Anyone in the UK then?
08:34 Lee or EMEA
08:35 ashimema PTFS-Europe are UK
08:35 ashimema Not sure about emea
08:38 Lee Thanks
08:38 ashimema There are also individual developers that may be able to help of course, Joubu who answered above being one.  All really depends on what you are looking to achieve really. Hope that's helped
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08:56 paulderscheid[m] Morning #koha
09:39 paulderscheid[m] Does anyone know an easy solution for stricter type checking in perl?
09:40 Joubu why would you that?
09:42 paulderscheid[m] Want to catch type mismatch at compile time rather than ending up with weirdness on runtime.
09:43 paulderscheid[m] For me personally it'd help working with dbi
09:50 paulderscheid[m] e.g. like TypeScript
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10:22 ashimema erm docs submitted:[…]erge_requests/598
10:22 ashimema needs some reviewing and markup may need some correcting as I used pandoc to convert from google doc to docx to rst and then only did a littel manual intervention to make it fit our repo a bit better.
10:32 ashimema caroline around
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11:05 schnyd tuxayo: root@ubuntu-s-2vcpu-4gb-sgp1-01:~# docker-compose version
11:05 schnyd docker-compose version 1.25.0, build unknown
11:05 schnyd docker-py version: 4.1.0
11:05 schnyd CPython version: 3.8.10
11:05 schnyd OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.1.1f  31 Mar 2020
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11:10 tcohen hola #koha
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11:22 PedroAmorim[m] hi
11:22 ashimema Hi Pedro
11:31 ashimema So, Pedro is joining PTFS-E full time from January and has been doing a few contracts including helping on erm..  so great to have you joining the team Pedro
11:32 paulderscheid[m] Gongrats 🎉
11:32 paulderscheid[m] * Congrats 🎉
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11:45 oleonard Hi PedroAmorim[m], welcome!
11:48 PedroAmorim[m] ashimema: Yes that is correct! Happy to be able to contribute and be part of this. It's truly a privilege. Thank you!
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12:26 magnuse PedroAmorim[m]: welcome from norway
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13:14 ashimema caroline or davidnind around yet?
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13:15 tcohen welcome, PedroAmorim[m]
13:15 tcohen :-D
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13:45 marcelr o/
13:45 marcelr kidclamp: new patch on bug 31908, please test
13:45 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31908 major, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Context accessed but not always set on
13:48 marcelr the bug title could still improve btw
13:56 marcelr title changed bug 31908
13:56 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31908 major, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , New login fails while having cookie from previous session
13:57 caroline ashimema, I just came in, what's up?
13:57 ashimema I was going to ask about merging in the erm docs we've written
13:58 ashimema Lucy is keen to help refine them but to do so following the standard process she needs the automated stuff I created merged.. would it be ok for me to merge that and then she can clean up on top?
13:58 caroline sure no problem
13:59 ashimema 🙂
14:05 ashimema I also wanted to ask you about images..
14:05 ashimema is there a reason we do it the way we do ?
14:06 ashimema i.e. rather than referencing them directly we add them to another file that lists a tonne of images and then reference that?
14:06 ashimema with an alias.. I don't really understand it..
14:16 caroline No idea. It was like this when I started and it never was explained... I thought it was to be able to reuse the same image in various places, but the way it was done the same image had different aliases (I've been trying to consolidate those and also the one that are *almost* the same)
14:18 ashimema interesting
14:18 ashimema I don't really see any cases where we use the same image twice.. but I've probably just not been looking very hard
14:18 ashimema feels a little odd to need to reference an image twice.. I'd imagine it would be better to crosslink to the definitive description of whatever it was the image is showing
14:19 caroline I've seen some cases but there aren't that many.
14:19 ashimema well.. the erm merge I just did does it a little differently.. and that's something we're working to get more community like..
14:19 ashimema at the moment it just direct links to the images and skips the images.rst file bit entirely
14:20 ashimema that's how the automated google doc to rst conversion spat it out.
14:21 ashimema ooh.. thanks for taking on the tools > cataloging manual change..
14:21 ashimema I had entirely not thought about that
14:22 caroline I was doing that while in a conference last week (#sorrynotsorry but not all talks were interesting lol)
14:23 ashimema hehe
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14:27 caroline For the images thing, maybe ask ppl who were there at the beginning? I know nicole is the one who did most of the manual at first, maybe someone who worked with her would know
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14:35 ashimema Nicole I think isn't likely to know.. I think it's a relic from migrating from another software tool she used..
14:35 ashimema I'll ask around
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14:36 ashimema I just added another mockup to bug 31759 if people are interested.. not sure how to achieve it but I like the look
14:36 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31759 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Tabs vs Pills
15:18 oleonard I like that one ashimema
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15:25 ashimema 🙂
15:25 ashimema do you think it's achievable?
15:25 oleonard ashimema: However...
15:25 ashimema my brain stalled when I tried..
15:26 oleonard Not good on a white background...
15:26 ashimema jhaha.. there's always a but
15:26 ashimema ah.. yes
15:26 ashimema damn
15:26 ashimema so needs thinking about for the nesting case
15:26 ashimema grr
15:27 ashimema this feels like another case of perhaps we should be rethinking support for nesting such an element
15:27 * ashimema contemplates for a moment
15:28 oleonard Another example of tabs within a container:
15:30 ashimema perhaps leave them as is when inside a container... come back to it later.. but do the case where there not inside a container here?
15:30 cait could we mabe break that up into several sections?
15:30 cait we do that on hte advanced search
15:30 ashimema yeah.. for that one I reckon we can
15:31 ashimema not so sure about the first one oleonard highlights
15:32 oleonard The holds page probably doesn't need the <fieldset> wrapper at all
15:33 cait sorry, still catching up
15:33 cait hm hte holds one a little more difficult ok...
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15:47 oleonard Now I'm having second thoughts about the lack of contrast between the white of the tab and the page background
15:55 * ashimema just wondered if nesting should invert the background..
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15:55 ashimema so it uses card but if it's nested we switch from white to the grey background...
15:55 ashimema I kinda hate that idea now I've written it down.. lol
15:56 lukeg hi
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15:59 oleonard
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16:00 marcelr cu later
16:08 reiveune bye
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18:13 tcohen oleonard around?
18:13 oleonard Yes
19:33 mtj hi caroline, we used a tool oxygenxml for the older versions of the manual
19:33 mtj
19:33 caroline mtj is that what made it necessary to have images in one seperate file?
19:36 mtj caroline: hmm.. i think its probable
19:37 caroline interesting, so it's an historical thing that we're bringing forward. It might not be necessary anymore...
19:37 caroline We'd have to talk with davidnind see what he thinks
19:38 caroline I'll try to catch him later
19:38 caroline ashimema, your proposal was just to have them directly in the text?
19:38 mtj caroline: can you show me an example in the git repo?
19:39 caroline mtj sure!
19:39 caroline Here is the file with all the images[…]mages.rst?plain=1
19:40 caroline and if you go in any other file, you'll see the include at the top and the aliases in the text example[…]ation.rst?plain=1
19:40 caroline line 1 of circulation.rst for the include and line 46 for the alias
19:41 ashimema[…]source/images.rst
19:41 ashimema Lol, caroline beat me
19:42 ashimema So we link to a link in a file that links to a ln image in a file
19:42 ashimema I'm not close enough to sphinx to really understand why we're doing what we're doing .
19:43 caroline I thought maybe it was to "load" the images once, but when I build locally and there is an image error, it pops up for every chapter
19:43 caroline So it seems the images are loaded every time there is the include
19:43 caroline or maybe not loaded but checked at least
19:43 mtj aah, thats a rst/sphinx thing, not related to older oxygen
19:44 ashimema But when I use pandoc to convert a docx to rst (with the extract images options, it just links images from a directory directly.
19:44 ashimema I still think we need alt text and stuff.. but I get the distinct feeling it would all be a bit simpler to do inline in the file your working in rather than the big list file
19:45 ashimema See the eRM chapter that got merged today for that approach
19:45 ashimema[…]56c29bf96e2801e99
19:45 caroline the current method is a nightmare for merges and rebases
19:47 ashimema I wonder if rangi knows.. I have a feeling there was a reason at the time we migrated from doxygen to rst
19:50 mtj ashimema: it seems the images.rst file defines an 'alias' for each image
19:51 mtj ..if you plan on using the image many times in your document, you can use the image's alias instead
19:52 caroline the instances where an image is used many times are very rare afaik
19:53 mtj[…]age-substitutions
19:54 mtj oops, rst calls them 'Substitutions', not aliases
19:55 mtj caroline: ok, so images are not technically required to be added to the images.rst file
19:58 ashimema https://sublime-and-sphinx-gui[…]atest/images.html
19:58 ashimema I was just reading similar
19:58 ashimema I'd suggest we're making things overly complex up front
19:58 caroline mtj, I don't think so, but I thought there might have been a reason
19:58 caroline I honestly never questioned it, except when I get rebases with images and that's when I rage about it lol
19:59 ashimema We should just use images in the simple form and only transplant them into a substitution in perhaps a shared_images.rst later if we decide to use said image in multiple places
19:59 mtj ashimema: i think would be ok ^
20:00 caroline I don't think that would even be necessary for the couple of images that are used twice
20:00 caroline just copy paste the line where you want it and that's it
20:00 ashimema Well.. we've always added them this way.. as substitutions.. there are no real hard guidelines to our rst procedures.. we've just done what has been done before us
20:00 mtj perhaps a script that updated images.rst before a release
20:01 caroline There are some guidelines https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]-_Tips_and_Tricks
20:01 mtj ..or split the images.rst update into a temp file, to be manually merged
20:01 ashimema Yeah, but they were built from what we already had seen done.. rather than thought about independently
20:01 mtj (like how we handle koha database updates)
20:01 ashimema Why bother with an images.rst file at all?
20:02 caroline oh definitely, I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel all the time. If what has been done so far works, it works
20:03 ashimema Except it's a bit if a pain... Especially with merge conflicts or if trying to use pandoc to convert from other formats
20:03 ashimema Our team here seems to like drafting in Google docs (it's sooooo much easier to write simple docs in).. then they spend hours converting.. I'm using pandoc to turn Google docs to rst markup
20:04 ashimema But... This particular bit with images doesn't convert nicely.. it takes loads of manual intervention if I want to put them into our images.rst file and then use substitutions instead
20:04 ashimema Anywho...
20:09 mtj i think a good rule could be... if you refer to an image twice, use an alias in the image.rst
20:09 caroline I'm all for optimizing, but we definitely should include davidnind in the discussion as he is DM right now
20:10 caroline I feel bad talking about while he is (hopefully!) sleeping after having stayed up all night testing patches
20:11 caroline (jk, I don't know his schedule, but he seems around at all hours, except now lol)
20:12 ashimema We'd definitely run it past david
20:12 ashimema Hugs
20:12 mtj caroline: no probs, there are a few options here :0)
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20:24 caroline @later tell davidnind Hey David, can you read this discussion I had with ashimema and mtj and let us know your thoughts?[…]2-11-08#i_2460668
20:24 huginn` caroline: The operation succeeded.
20:25 caroline do I need to ping him with the [m] too or both work?
20:25 ashimema :D
20:27 caroline @later tell davidnind[m] Hey David, can you read this discussion I had with ashimema and mtj and let us know your thoughts?[…]2-11-08#i_2460668
20:27 huginn` caroline: The operation succeeded.
20:28 caroline just in case...
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