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00:44 lukeg cait: I just noticed I can only make the console error appear in Firefox
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06:38 Joubu @later tell tcohen dbic returns diff on IdentityProvider about default_value on config and mapping
06:38 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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07:06 reiveune hello
07:19 Joubu tcohen, PedroAmorim[m]: With 32154 32161 32162 32163 TestBuilder.t is green now!
07:23 Joubu tcohen, ashimema: see[…]c4dev/-/issues/56 and[…]ocker/-/issues/75
07:34 Joubu tcohen, ashimema:[…]requests/53/diffs - I think this is simply what we need
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07:51 alex_ Bonjour
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08:00 ashimema Thanks for working through that Joubu.. it was top of my list to look in to this morning 🙂
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08:02 Joubu ashimema: I don't think I will have time for koha-sandboxes-docker, but that's no high priority for now (won't be able to test *new* patches, but if we build in misc4dev we are good for testing existing master in sandboxes)
08:02 Joubu we need to discuss the workflow first anyway
08:02 ashimema what puts you off running yarn install?
08:02 ashimema agreed.. we certainly do
08:03 ashimema the final push kinda crept up on me I must admit.. it's great to see it in and the code is sound.. but these "little" workflow things need ironing out..
08:04 ashimema my feeling is it's right that we pushed it for string freeze.. now between us we need to get it solid for testing/dev/workflows 🙂
08:04 ashimema I was going to write a little page like https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]d_staff_interface for the vue stuff today
08:04 ashimema so we have somewhere to point people other than the mailing list thread
08:04 ashimema breakfast now.. bbiab
08:05 Joubu ashimema: it's not clear to me how/when yarn install should be run
08:05 Joubu it's slow, and we may get regression because of package update. We want to have hand on how the dist file is generated
08:06 Joubu if a package is updated during the night, your vue app may be broken, just because something changed somewhere
08:08 Joubu yarn install will generate the node_modules dir, and pull the packages. At a given point the versions will be ok to generate the dist file. We would like to "freeze" that, for further builds. Until we decide to upgrade to new versions
08:08 Joubu maybe I am misunderstand how nodejs apps are supposed to be published in dev mode, that's possible.
08:10 Joubu I got things broken some random mornings and it's really upsetting when "it was working last night" and you didn't change anything, but some other people decided to break it.
08:14 ashimema I assumed there would be a flag to use with install that pulled pinned versions listed in the lock file
08:14 ashimema I need to re-read up on things..
08:14 Joubu ashimema: about the wiki page, don't forget that there is the taiga wiki as well. I am not against using the community wiki but then we should link each other and prevent info to be scattered across different sources
08:15 ashimema --frozen-lockfile
08:16 Joubu ashimema: yes, we need to provide a "frozen" yarn.lock, but otoh we want to keep going and go with new versions
08:16 ashimema Agreed
08:16 Joubu we need to 2 modes, one for testing, another one for dev
08:17 ashimema My suggestion is we use that flag in automated runs . And encourage a process of running without it at regular intervals to get updates. Check they're solid and then commit the updated lockfile
08:17 ashimema Exactly
08:17 Joubu yarn install --modules-folder <path>
08:17 Joubu isn't it what we need for ktd actually?
08:18 Joubu we could embed our 'frozen' node_modules folder in ktd
08:18 ashimema Thats an idea.. would save the overhead of pull at each startup
08:19 Joubu I was trying to find resources about best practices in the node ecosystem, but didn't find anything relevant. RTFM and read the yarn doc is much more useful
08:20 Joubu ashimema: no need to pull if it's part of the image!
08:24 ashimema Yeah, the manual isn't bad
08:24 ashimema Indeed
08:25 ashimema That's what I meant by the above.. if we stick it in the image we don't need to pull
08:25 ashimema Anywho.. school run and things now. Will be back
08:25 Joubu ha! I misread and miss the 'save'
08:34 ashimema Hmm, I should check what package.json looks like in our repo.. I have a suspicion we've got some unspecified versions in there.. which is why yarn is pulling in new versions all the time.
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08:50 Joubu ashimema: most of the time, when you "yarn add", it will generate a "*from* this version" line: "^1.2.3"
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08:51 tundunf hi everyone
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09:12 * cait waves hello
09:16 ashimema morning tundunf
09:16 cait morning tundunf :)
09:26 tundunf idk if by any chance anyone else has reported any issues searching the Koha catalogue in the staff interface?
09:26 tundunf we keep getting this error: Error: Unable to perform your search. Please try again.
09:27 cait are you using Elasticsearch?
09:27 cait can you perform the same search in OPAC ok?
09:27 cait I haven't seen issues reported, but I have seen this general error a few times
09:30 tundunf yes it's Elasticsearch, the search is working fine in our OPAC
09:31 tundunf no worries, I just thought I'd ask if it was a more general issue before raising it with support :)
09:34 ashimema hmm, sounds a little odd.. especially if search is generally working in the OPAC
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11:14 tcohen morning
11:14 ashimema morning
11:17 oleonard morning
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12:21 oleonard Second day in a row Docker has just died randomly...
12:28 oleonard I wonder if Elasticsearch is to blame... I usually skip it
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12:32 marcelr o/
12:49 tuxayo hi #koha :)
12:49 tuxayo oleonard: Do you still have your logs? I case there is something interesting.
12:50 oleonard Not my Koha logs, no
12:51 oleonard I don't know what Docker keeps
12:55 tuxayo oleonard: the terminal output of starting ktd
13:06 tuxayo > Joke's on tuxayo, we all forgot XD
13:06 tuxayo LOL
13:06 tuxayo ok good, meeting was moved to next week.
13:34 tcohen ashimema, Joubu saw some discussion about nodejs workflow
13:34 tcohen any consensus? things that need to be done or have already bene?
13:34 tcohen is anyone working on putting node v14 on KTD?
13:47 ashimema oop
13:47 ashimema sorry
13:47 ashimema was contemplating lunch
13:47 ashimema I got distracted away
13:47 ashimema so no movement from me yet
13:48 ashimema need some food, then can come back to it.
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13:55 Joubu I suggested somthing on[…]u-koha-erm/us/127
13:55 Joubu --modules-folder*
13:55 Joubu but paulderscheid[m] told me it wasn"t a good idea
13:57 tcohen paulderscheid[m]: ?
14:01 paulderscheid[m] In my humble opinion the image should be shipped with the distribution without dev and optional deps (and clean yarn cache) and if devs want to work on any vue projects there could be a flag on the wrapper that installs all deps when starting the container.
14:02 paulderscheid[m] Shipping node_modules is node bad practice 101
14:03 tcohen can't we have a cache on the image?
14:04 paulderscheid[m] Depending on how you look at it it's additional bloat
14:04 tcohen but not on the project but on the tools we use
14:04 tcohen isn't it like shipping yarn or even nodejs on the image?
14:04 tcohen heh
14:05 ashimema indeed
14:05 ashimema the point of the image is to allow getting up and running for development quickly..
14:05 ashimema and we require those dependencies for tests to run..
14:06 ashimema not sure what the difference is between running 'yarn install --frozen-lockfile' and not yarn install but having the locked dependancies in a module dir already
14:06 ashimema my gut said use `--frozen-lockfile` at first but Joubu's idea didn't seem back.. it would save round trips
14:07 ashimema instead of every single time someone does a `ktd up` having to pull the whole stack you'd have it there waiting
14:07 paulderscheid[m] This may be one of the cases where one could break the "rules"
14:08 ashimema I think the rules are more around having deps shipped inside the codebase.. which this isn't
14:08 ashimema that I am firmly against
14:08 paulderscheid[m] You're right
14:08 ashimema and is why we don't commit the build dir
14:09 paulderscheid[m] The only thing that could be a problem is with packages that have native bindings like node-sass
14:09 * ashimema needs to go have a swim before he loses his chance to today
14:09 ashimema hmm.. that one I didn't think about..
14:09 ashimema the native bindings arguament
14:10 paulderscheid[m] But that's not a problem for the vast majority of devs
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14:11 paulderscheid[m] I think your discussed approach is the way to go. When joubu asked me I had an allergic overreaction to shipped node_modules ^^
14:14 paulderscheid[m] Koha, as always, has special needs for everything :D
14:27 tuxayo > This may be one of the cases where one could break the "rules"
14:27 tuxayo Is this at all a bad practice when using premade containers for development and CI? That's the point of them.
14:28 tuxayo I though it was only about code repo.
14:44 tcohen paulderscheid[m], ashimema, Joubu[…]e_modules_folders
14:45 tcohen it seems that it is all about having /kohadevbox/node-modules
14:45 tcohen we don't need to pass any extra parameters, even
14:45 tcohen if it doesn't find /kohadevbox/koha/node_modules, it will try on the parent dir
14:49 paulderscheid[m] Seems logical tcohen
14:54 tcohen it means we don't need to tweak our yarn commands so things are picked from a separate dir
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15:18 * cait waves
15:27 paulderscheid[m] Hi cait
15:27 cait hello
15:31 caroline Does anyone else find that bulkmarcimport is slower?
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15:32 caroline I imported 108000 biblio records last night and it took 14 hours! I compared with another client I did in 2021 and it took 7 hours for 137000 records
15:35 cait did you do any matching?
15:35 ashimema yes
15:35 ashimema bulkmarcimport has been getting slower and slower for some time
15:35 caroline no just straight up importing in an empty
15:35 caroline database
15:35 ashimema our data team has complained a few times.. but I've not managed to get to the bottom of it
15:36 cait there are some patches arund for fixing some things I think
15:36 cait if you look for bulkmarcimport
15:36 caroline I just did a comparison of all the clients I did in 2021 and 2022 so far and it went from 0.1sec/record to 0.5sec/record
15:39 caroline It reassures me that it's not just me... 14 hours is not reasonable for migrations
15:39 cait it depends
15:39 ashimema indeed
15:39 cait if you want to load 1.7 million...
15:39 ashimema 0.1 -> 0.5 per records is not a reasonable increase
15:39 cait ah, not reasonable
15:39 cait i overread the not
15:40 caroline ever the optimist cait :)
15:40 cait or just a little blind... despite new glasses?
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15:40 cait i can see the 22.11 translatoin files on pootle
15:41 cait 7.500
15:41 cait I think it was similar last time... but that's going to take a bit
15:42 tcohen bgkriegel didn't announce it for a reason, there's one more thing I'll push
15:42 tcohen well, two
15:42 tcohen :-D
15:42 cait ERM?
15:42 tcohen he said incremental update will run super fast
15:43 cait tcohen: so yould i sneak in a capitalization fix into the bug i am testing right now?
15:43 cait <input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" value="Cancel and Transfer all" />
15:43 cait i was about to file it separately :)
15:43 tcohen there are two things in PQA, one of them waiting for a comment from cait
15:43 cait yes, working through what happened while i wa sgone earlier right now
15:43 tcohen ok
15:43 tcohen yeah, fix those strings
15:43 tcohen you have like 4 hours
15:44 tcohen until I push and request the 'last string extraction'
15:47 cait tcohen: done
15:47 cait 32073
15:47 oleonard cait: Did you see my idea for Bug 32046?
15:47 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32046 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , When adding a new records from a staged files, there are style issues
15:48 cait not yet!
15:48 cait was going to look at 31819 next
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15:53 cait oleonard: do you see by chance what the fix for the statistic fields on new order form would be to make them align?
15:54 cait
15:55 cait it appears it's the div with the hint breaking display
15:55 oleonard Yes, the div needs to be after the input
15:55 cait hm here it makes no sense
15:55 cait because it says: the 2 following fields
15:56 * cait ponders
15:56 cait suggestions welcome
15:56 oleonard Oh right, I wasn't even reading
15:57 oleonard Put it on its own line <li><span class="label"></span><div class="hint...
15:57 cait I'll try that, thx!
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16:02 cait ashimema: are you on something or could you glance over 31819 for me? just so
16:04 ashimema sure
16:05 ashimema oh cool.. it's been reworked since I looked this morning 🙂
16:05 ashimema hmm.. my system is crashing here..
16:05 ashimema think I need to close some tabs..
16:06 oleonard :D
16:07 cait ashimema: another follow-up incoming - page sectioning the item list on this page
16:07 ashimema 🙂
16:09 cait ok done :)
16:10 cait tcohen: looking at 8948 now - which is the other you need?
16:14 cait you can't see it, but we got a pretty sunset colored sky here right now
16:25 ashimema hmm
16:25 ashimema my brain is burnt..
16:27 cait hm I got burnt by the items tab now too
16:27 cait oleonard: help?!
16:27 ashimema so we're only fixing the item form here
16:28 cait 32042 is.... confusing
16:28 cait ashimema: we are fixing 3 things
16:28 cait the statistics misalignment, the form and the items list (you need to add some to see)
16:28 oleonard What's up
16:28 ashimema we're OK with the 'interesting' alignment of 'catalog details' ?
16:28 cait 32042 is mean
16:28 ashimema man I find this page a bit hugly in general now
16:29 cait they look ok for me?
16:29 cait are you looking full screen?
16:29 cait there are some things happening when you squish... i chose to ignore them riht now
16:29 * ashimema used to like that the inputs aligned before the style refresh
16:29 oleonard I don't understand what you're talking about
16:30 cait me neither
16:30 cait screenshot?
16:30 * ashimema uploaded an image: (46KiB) <[…]1.10-16_30_13.png >
16:31 oleonard On what page?
16:31 ashimema new order empty
16:31 ashimema before the refresh is looked like https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ent.cgi?id=143641
16:32 cait aah
16:32 cait you are using the ACQ framework for catalog details
16:32 cait I have the stnadard one
16:32 cait that could be another issue
16:32 ashimema in summary.. I like the way the account details looks.. other forms on that page seem all over the place
16:33 ashimema pass.
16:33 ashimema I'm using the ptfs-e demo data
16:33 cait there is too much white space above your item form - I don't see that, because I don't have hidden any fields
16:33 cait i'd see that as a separate issue
16:34 * ashimema uploaded an image: (78KiB) <[…]1.10-16_33_34.png >
16:34 cait the alignments are ok i'd say - but look at it full creen
16:34 cait hm it doesn't do that for me (the new screenshot)
16:34 ashimema ok.. ignore that whitespace.. that's the old UI and is perhaps a data thing on that other server
16:34 ashimema i am full screen 😜
16:35 cait ok right
16:35 cait I think the patch fixes what it was supposed to fix (look at the item form without it...)
16:35 oleonard I'm so confused.
16:36 cait but there might be an additional issue with UseACQFrameworkForBiblioRecords
16:36 cait oleonard: this one or the items tab?
16:36 * ashimema uploaded an image: (52KiB) <[…]1.10-16_35_56.png >
16:36 cait ashimema: the catalog with UseACQFrameworkForBiblioRecords didn't look super great before too
16:36 ashimema so that's master without patch
16:36 cait yes
16:36 cait and that's broken
16:37 cait it should look like the normal item form
16:37 cait not the input fields snuggling to the labels
16:37 ashimema how is that more broken than the whole form randomly going half way accross the screen
16:37 cait it doesn't do that for me...
16:37 ashimema wide screen
16:37 ashimema it all depends on screen size
16:38 cait
16:38 cait can you check if hte normla item form has the same issue?
16:38 cait then we could make it a separate bug for sure
16:40 ashimema normal item form?
16:41 ashimema I almost never look at acq 😜
16:41 cait the item form in cataloguing
16:42 oleonard So anyway... ashimema did you try the patch I put on Bug 31759?
16:42 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31759 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Tabs vs Pills
16:42 ashimema oop.. not yet
16:42 cait i got to leave for a bit (dinner)
16:43 ashimema cait has been stealing all my time 😜
16:43 cait oh go away and pqa that
16:43 cait :P
16:43 ashimema lol
16:49 ashimema anyone else starting to feel rather fatigued by all this UI rush around.
16:50 oleonard Yes, it's the sense that there are little problems hiding everywhere
16:50 ashimema I love the new tabs oleonard!
16:51 ashimema fantastic work
16:51 ashimema thankyou so much for bearing with me being an ass on that one.
16:51 oleonard I think you and I were both equally opinionated :)
16:51 ashimema in the end we get a good result though right 🙂
17:07 kidclamp cait++
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17:31 * cait sends cookies to all
17:32 cait the last metres, we can do it! :)
17:33 cait ashimema++
17:33 ashimema Add your line to the tabs bug Cait.. you know you want to
17:33 ashimema I'd love to see that pushed tonight 😜
17:34 cait just got back from dinner, give me a minute
17:34 cait I still got that ERM patch... ;)
17:35 cait should we change the bug description now?
17:35 cait it's tabs vs. pills
17:35 cait improve styling of bootstrap tabs ?
17:38 caroline It would be better for release notes... most ppl (including myself) won't know what tabs vs pills mean... are we a drug distribution ring now? hehe
17:38 cait with Koha, you never know what features a library might come up with...
17:38 cait @quote get 123
17:38 huginn` cait: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
17:39 cait ;)
17:39 caroline hehe!
17:42 tuxayo And custom JS allows to create whole new features ^^"
17:45 cait was the grey background what we were going for?
17:45 cait oleonard: ashimema
17:45 oleonard That is my suggestion
17:46 cait ok
17:46 cait it's better
17:46 ashimema Yup
17:46 cait I take improvements everyday :)
18:04 ashimema Ooh, it landed already.. awesome
18:04 tuxayo This time, zero attendance at the french speaking patch testing session T_T
18:04 tuxayo I guess I'll keep only the session via poll and not the fixed session of the 2nd Thursday of the every month.
18:06 cait what time was it? work hours?
18:07 tuxayo 14 to 19 in france and 8 to 13 in Québec
18:08 ashimema Did you send a reminder mail out
18:09 ashimema People are terrible at remembering these things
18:09 tuxayo thuesday morning.
18:09 ashimema Dang
18:10 tuxayo 2 or 3 in advance should be best for reminder, right?
18:10 tuxayo *days
18:13 tuxayo About the English speaking sessions, I could do one the week of the 21th of November and the 12th of December (latter might be tough with the upcoming vacations). That would be a 3 weeks spacing from the session last week.
18:14 tuxayo > latter might be tough with the upcoming vacations
18:14 tuxayo I assume people should be busier the week before part of them take one or two weeks of vacation. Does that look right?
18:16 oleonard tuxayo: For Americans the week of 21 November is Thanksgiving week
18:16 tuxayo I wonder if just one session at the beginning of December is enough. Instead of trying to fit 2 before the end of the year.
18:17 oleonard I would think the week of 12 December is early enough in the month to be okay
18:17 tuxayo But the 19th would be too late
18:18 tuxayo If I avoid the week of the 21 Nov, I will have only two week of the spacing between two of the sessions.
18:19 tuxayo Maybe it doesn't matter since I don't have regulars who can't come if the session are too close
18:19 tuxayo But it matters with the frequency of me spamming various communications channels.
18:20 cait maybe you just need to make it a christmas event :)
18:20 cait give it a fancy name and the spamming won't matter :P
18:21 oleonard Holiday Bugstravaganza
18:22 cait good one
18:24 tuxayo XD
18:30 tuxayo ok so if we are optimistic, we could one the week of the 28th Nov and another one two week later (12th Dec week)
18:33 tuxayo I could condition the 2nd one to the attendance & poll popularity for the 1st one. So let's go with polling for the week of 28th Nov and see later for the other one ^^
18:35 tuxayo I just checked and attendance history for English speaking sessions is 3 and 1.5 ^^"
18:36 cait tempted to come, just to up the statistics :)
18:37 tuxayo That's faking the stats!
18:37 tuxayo By huge percentages!
18:37 cait okok...
18:38 tuxayo cait: btw, how much libraries does BSZ help?
18:38 cait about 130-140
18:39 tuxayo oh nice, do you know some of them who would be keen on testing patches? To know if I add you to the list of support provider that I ask to relay to some of their libraries.
18:39 cait 90+ of those Goethe institute libraries
18:41 tuxayo 66% of the total attendance has been from the German speaking world. So there might be a good vein there ^^
18:41 cait heh
18:42 cait I am on vacation currently, maybe send an email to my work mail or remind me week after next?
18:44 tuxayo > maybe send an email to my work mail
18:44 tuxayo So you do have some cues about some librarians that might attend? Otherwise no need to bother you, the koha-de list is enough.
18:44 tuxayo > week after next
18:44 tuxayo So the week of the 21th?
19:32 tuxayo Oh no, now with seasonal date changes, to
19:33 tuxayo be able to have the full morning for US west coast is even harder
19:33 cait ah yeah, daylight savings
19:33 tuxayo Does anyone know the usual work hours for the morning in the US?
19:35 oleonard Do we want buttons?
19:36 oleonard tuxayo: I would assume that 9AM is the start of the work day for most people. Is that what you're asking?
19:37 tuxayo oleonard: yes, and for the lunch time it might be blurrier I guess
19:39 tuxayo oleonard: you mean do we want the buttons to have a visible outline? As opposed to now where is transparent.
19:39 oleonard Yes, I was under the impression that some folks were still unhappy with the visibility of the toolbar
19:42 tuxayo I wonder how it does with people seeing the UI for the 1st time. Having visible buttons might help.
19:43 tuxayo Best would be to have guinea pigs  to be sure it's a real issue.
19:43 oleonard The longer they're logged in, the more transparent the background color becomes :D
19:43 tuxayo XD
19:44 cait tuxayo: i don't hate the buttons :)
19:44 cait just wondering if the contrast is enough ther e
19:44 cait possibly is
19:44 oleonard According to Firefox it is
19:45 cait nice :)
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19:45 cait can we push the buttons a bit to the rihgt? so align with page section?
19:47 oleonard I assume so
19:47 oleonard Quitting time for me though :)
19:47 cait have a nice evening :)
19:48 oleonard See y'all later
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20:14 caroline_catlady davidnind[m], did you get my later message? I might have missed your answer, my computer is being finnicky since yesterday
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20:39 ashimema @later tell oleonard we have a customer day at ptfs-e next week.  I'm showcasing the new UI and will ask for feedback.
20:39 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
21:28 davidnind[m] caroline_catlady: apologies, I have received it but haven't had a good look at it yet - will do shortly (just trying to get my email under control...)
21:29 caroline_catlady davidnind[m], ok no problem! Like I said my computer has been acting weird so I thought I may have missed it
21:30 caroline_catlady Also, I added my name as docs manager for 23.05, did you still want the position?
21:30 caroline_catlady I don't mind sharing or letting you take it again if you want it
21:30 davidnind[m] I'm still getting used to using Element for IRC - I often don't notice the direct messages.
21:31 caroline_catlady did you get my message twice? I wasn't sure if I needed to ping you with the [m
21:33 davidnind[m] Happy for you to - I haven't done a very good job the last couple of releases, or worked on things I wanted to improve. I'd like to continue working on those and actually do some documenting!
21:37 davidnind[m] I'm not seeing any recent messages - I think I have to sort out my IRC user - since using Riot it adds the [m], will try and figure it out!
21:39 davidnind[m] I'll look back through the log for the "@later" ones from the otehr day. Just replied to a direct message from August!
21:40 caroline_catlady I can find it in the log
21:41 davidnind[m] weird...
21:41 caroline_catlady davidnind[m],[…]2-11-08#i_2460668
21:42 caroline_catlady It's about the way the images are done in the manual...
21:43 caroline_catlady ashimema started it[…]2-11-08#i_2460603
21:43 davidnind[m] just reading through now...
21:46 davidnind[m] I don't know the reason for doing it the way we do - I'm assuming it is for reuse
21:47 davidnind[m] but as you discussed, we don't reuse images very often (if at all)
21:50 davidnind[m] I think we should change to just doing directly, without the interim images index
21:51 davidnind[m] I'll send a message to the mailing list to get some feedback - including some naming conventions
21:51 davidnind[m] I'll revive from my notes a while ago
21:54 davidnind[m] @later tell caroline_catlady testing sending later messages from element
21:54 huginn` davidnind[m]: The operation succeeded.
21:54 caroline_catlady hello
21:54 caroline_catlady yup got it
21:54 davidnind[m] @later tell tuxayo Also testing sending later messages
21:54 huginn` davidnind[m]: The operation succeeded.
21:55 davidnind[m] if you could try back - it should be just davidnind now.... (hopefully)
21:55 caroline_catlady @later tell davidnind testing later message
21:55 huginn` caroline_catlady: The operation succeeded.
21:58 davidnind joined #koha
22:02 ashimema It should be first time you speak after a later is sent that you get it from huggin
22:02 ashimema At least that's how I understand it
22:02 caroline it's the same for me
22:02 davidnind[m] hmm..
22:03 ashimema @later tell davidnind testing 1. 2. 3...
22:03 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
22:07 davidnind[m] In my settings I had messages sent by bots turned off... hopefully that fixes it
22:08 ashimema Ha, didn't know that was a setting.  Haha
22:09 davidnind[m] We'll see if it works 🙂
22:10 caroline @later tell davidnind test message again
22:10 huginn` caroline: The operation succeeded.
22:10 ashimema And on that note, I'm heading to bed.. nighty night
22:10 davidnind left #koha
22:10 caroline good night!
22:11 davidnind[m] ashimema++
22:22 davidnind joined #koha
22:25 cait hmm seeing something odd
22:25 cait I get thrown into the web installer all the time
22:28 cait tcohen: please check the last database updates, something's odd there. I changed -1 to get out of the loop now.
22:30 davidnind left #koha
22:42 davidnind[m] joined #koha
22:44 cait tcohen: and a yarn build for the new tabs design
22:45 testdavid joined #koha
22:46 cait tcohen: ok... probably not the yarn build... adding a comment to 37159
22:48 tuxayo @later tell davidnind changing nick worked:[…]2-11-10#i_2461544 but @later still doesn't?
22:48 huginn` tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
22:49 tuxayo Do you get PMs from oftc at all? At the time of freenode I had to register my nick to be able to get PMs via the Matrix bridge
22:50 davidnind[m] joined #koha
22:51 tuxayo-webchat joined #koha
22:52 davidnind[m] I do...
23:05 testdavid /msg ChanServ HELP
23:08 tuxayo ↑↑↑[…]2014/04/Halp2.jpg
23:09 davidnind[m] 🙂
23:37 davidnind joined #koha
23:48 davidnind left #koha
23:58 davidnz joined #koha

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