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00:28 milktoast I just installed my first koha on a physical PC... I got through all steps and now I'm at the web log in page... and I can't log in ... I tried the port 80 and port 8099
00:29 milktoast have I missed something
00:29 tuxayo milktoast: What do you mean "I can't log in" ?
00:29 tuxayo Do you see the form?
00:29 tuxayo Is it staff or OPAC?
00:29 milktoast it says this "Error: Invalid username or password"
00:29 milktoast staff
00:30 tuxayo Have you went through the onboarding process?
00:30 milktoast Patron category: staff
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00:32 tuxayo milktoast:  So you went through the onboarding process, created a staff user and the credentials that you set for it don't work?
00:33 milktoast correct
00:34 milktoast I made a copy of all my settings... user, password Card number Patron category Username: koha_library Password
00:35 milktoast now it just says "Error: Invalid username or password"
00:36 milktoast library branch was set to "All"
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00:38 milktoast_ anything I can look into to see what is causing this?
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00:42 tuxayo milktoast_: That's weird. No idea about the cause. You can drop and recreate the DB and do the onboarding process again. Or check another instance of yours DB, where login works, copy the password field from the borrowers table to your physical Koha and see if it still doesn't work.
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00:42 tuxayo milktoast: That's weird. No idea about the cause. You can drop and recreate the DB and do the onboarding process again. Or check another instance of yours DB, where login works, copy the password field from the borrowers table to your physical Koha and see if it still doesn't work.
00:43 tuxayo IIRC you already have other Kohas working, so it's would be to crack the access via the DB to copy the password hash from another of your Kohas
00:43 milktoast and I'm on the PC using address
00:44 tuxayo If you see the staff login form on the same URL you did the onboarding then it's okay on that side.
00:44 tuxayo There is not much that can go wrong if you do the onboarding, create the user and immediately try to log in.
00:45 milktoast yea... thats why I'm hitting my head on a wall
00:46 milktoast I'll look at the DB to see the and  copy the password
00:47 tuxayo You can't use the same Koha
00:47 tuxayo The password is hashed (thankfully)
00:47 tuxayo That's why you need another Koha where you can log in. And copy the password hash of the user that works.
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01:21 milktoast I'm looking at the DB and the Admin has "null" for user ID and Password
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01:27 milktoast I got in by looking at the DB and seeing my user name as MORE than I typed... I thought it was "koha_library" and it ended up being "academymaintenance.maintenance"
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01:39 milktoast OK, I'm in... thanks for the help
01:40 tuxayo > and it ended up being "academymaintenance.maintenance"
01:40 tuxayo userid collumn, right?
01:40 tuxayo > I'm in
01:40 tuxayo Great :D
01:41 tuxayo That's still a mystery about what went wrong with the onboarding that messed the superlibrarian creation
01:46 milktoast agreed
01:47 milktoast only getting in the DB was I able to see my account's ID...
01:48 milktoast probably just human error
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06:50 alex_ Bonjour
06:54 magnuse \o/
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06:56 reiveune hello
06:56 wahanui niihau, reiveune
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08:42 tundunf hi everyone
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08:45 tuxayo Hi all :)
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08:49 tundunf might be a silly question, but does anyone know if koha is able to differentiate between standard holds and on-shelf holds?
09:06 cait joined #koha
09:12 * cait waves
09:13 cait tundunf: it's all a 'hold' in Koha but there are different workflows
09:13 cait if you look at administration > circulation rules, youc an set up if something can be requested while it's on shelf or not if not
09:14 cait on-shelf requests will show up in the 2 hold reports holds queue and holds to pull on the circulation start page - so you can go get them off the shelf for the patrons if your library offers that service
09:34 tundunf Ah I see, sorry I should have been more specific - I was wondering if, in terms of reporting, Koha would distinguish between an onshelf request and a regular hold
09:34 tundunf We've enabled on-shelf requests in the circulation rules but my colleagues are wondering if they would be able to separate them from standard holds when reporting
09:35 cait in reporting probably not, unless you can use something like the itemtype
09:35 cait like if you have closed stacks...
09:35 cait but in the requests table you don't have an indicator
09:38 tundunf ok, thanks so much!
09:45 cait jajm: around?
09:46 jajm cait: yes
09:47 cait some trouble with resetting the sandbox - maybe a conflict
09:48 jajm ah ok thanks for telling me, rebasing right now :)
09:48 cait heh, didn't need to tell the bug, sorry, in between things
09:48 cait was trying to see if I coudl test your latest follow-ups
09:49 cait and having a sandbox we can share around for opinions easier
09:49 ashimema tundunf, you might be able to get at that data if you have circulation action logs enabled.. you'd need to compare dates the hold was placed and checkout/checkin dates for the same item..
09:50 ashimema in short.. it wouldn't be at all trivial 😜
09:54 tundunf I'll look into it! thank you :)
09:55 cait yeah... you could try to track if it was checked in without being checkout out... (picked off the shelf) for triggering the hold, but not easy to write that one
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10:16 jajm cait: rebase done
10:24 ashimema jajm++
10:24 ashimema hopefully our feedback is coming across positive.. I'm really liking this and want to get it through 🙂
10:24 ashimema you're doing a great job being responsive jajm
10:26 jajm thanks, and yes feedback is really great and positive, so thanks for that too :)
10:41 oleonard Hi #koha
10:49 cait I'd really like to get the font issue resolved to a good solution and maybe font size - the most first feedback I heard was it's harder to read/smaller (which is easy to resolve actually I guess, but we need to figure out the how)
10:50 cait ashimema++ thx for the diff view patch
10:50 ashimema thought I'd work through a few 😜
10:50 ashimema boost my numbers
10:51 cait :)
10:51 ashimema I looked at the quick add patron one too.. baffled by that code
10:51 ashimema it's weird and confusing to work out what it's doing
10:51 ashimema all seems to be at template level
10:51 cait yeah, ther are other open issues, but this one is specially bad I think
10:51 cait because you might not realize you lost the data
10:51 cait and have empty cardnumbers and such.. no good
10:52 ashimema indeed
10:52 ashimema I couldn't wrap my head around it though.. may revisit later
10:52 ashimema right now I need to dig back into a sandbox again
10:53 cait tickets for me... but hope to get another look at the sandbox later
10:58 tcohen hola #koha
10:59 * tcohen got worried about dcook's email, didn't know there was a problem in master
11:01 cait jajm: patchs applied now
11:02 cait the 880 one?
11:02 tcohen yes
11:02 tcohen hola :-D
11:02 cait it's affecting display in the result list IIUC
11:03 cait for original script, it won't display or display not as it should, since the fields are no longer 880 but the 'normal' ones
11:03 cait not so easy to test maybe, I can help with records if needed (we have several libraries with original script)
11:03 cait jajm: latst sandbox attempt has worked :)
11:04 cait if someone want sto have a look
11:05 * ashimema likes
11:05 ashimema walk time.. bbiab
11:11 tcohen is the font size... big?
11:11 tcohen things look at bit packed
11:16 cait tcohen: we'd say too small, but it doesn't work well for bold I think
11:16 cait the font picked
11:16 cait so if you are looking at results for example
11:16 cait Discussion is here:[…]edesign/issues/20
11:16 cait has screenshot too
11:20 oleonard cait I don't think I followed up with you about it, but I saw the numbers problem too when I looked on Windows
11:20 oleonard I have no idea what's going on there
11:21 cait oleonard: yeah, the coworkers here have it all too - at least that makes it somewhat... consistent
11:21 cait I like the idea of using a system font - that might resolve those issues for good?
11:27 oleonard The idea of using a web font is consistency... We know more or less what people are going to get regardless of the platform. Using a common font like Arial offers *some* consistency, but it's not universal.
11:28 cait true....
11:28 oleonard Going with a system font would guarantee that all platforms looked different.
11:28 cait thinking of screenshots and manuals a systemfont might create inconsistency tehre
11:28 oleonard ...and none of that is said with any judgement. I don't know what the right choice is.
11:28 cait so maybe we need to pick another font or play witht he font weight?
11:28 marcelr joined #koha
11:28 marcelr o/
11:29 cait i am open too, but I think the concerns raised are valid and we should address
11:30 oleonard Another option is to use the custom font for larger elements, perhaps header elements and headings, and a common or system font for "content"
11:31 tcohen it looks really nice with line-height: 20px
11:31 cait i like it with Arial
11:31 cait :P
11:32 marcelr sounds like a In Discussion :)
11:32 marcelr Calibri++
11:32 tcohen ROboto++
11:33 cait heh
11:33 cait everyone can still chnge...b ut we need to find a nice default
11:33 tcohen it needs to be a serif font for text blocks... sorry...
11:34 tcohen :-P
11:34 marcelr I like nice defaults
11:35 oleonard I think there is something to be said for using a custom font for *some* elements at least, to help it look new
11:36 tcohen I think buttons and maybe menues could use a nice default font that looks fresh
11:40 cait oleonard: i like the idea, i think i had suggested it somewhere too
11:41 cait using a different font for headings seems to be done a lot
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11:44 marcelr tcohen: the following crash I have seen since a few days in master (not investigated yet, just observing)
11:44 marcelr DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::​mysql::_exec_svp_release(): DBI Exception: DBD::mysql::db do failed: SAVEPOINT savepoint_0 does not exist at /usr/share/koha/Koha/ line 170  at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/ line 77
11:47 tcohen marcelr: interesting, any hints on how to reproduce it?
11:48 marcelr no hints whatsoever just suffering :)
11:49 Kush joined #koha
11:49 marcelr might be interesting to see if this triggers other people
11:49 marcelr or if i should just reinstall
11:49 marcelr dump_your_db++
11:49 Kush Hello Everyone
11:49 marcelr o/
11:50 Kush I am new to KOHA and have a little query, hope any of you will help me out.
11:51 cait just ask, if someone knows, thery will answer
11:52 Kush I just want to know that is it possiblle in KOHA to check deposit money of a patron against the cost of the book which is about to be issued. And if the deposited amount is less than the book cost then check-out must be stopped
11:52 cait there is no automatism for htis
11:53 cait the price of a book is shown in circulation, but only after it's checked out and there is no system for deposits
11:53 marcelr Nice: The item has not been checked in due to a configuration issue in your system. You must ask an administrator to take a look at the about page and correct all errors shown on the "System information" tab
11:53 marcelr when i go there, there is nothing
11:53 Kush by deposit i mean Caution money deposited by the patron
11:54 cait I understood
11:54 cait but that#s not possible
11:54 cait i think it's not a very common workflow in most libraries
11:54 Kush :( sad to hear that. its required in my library.
11:55 Kush in public libraries it is common,
11:55 tcohen Maybe you can develop a plugin that intercepts check-outs
11:55 cait maybe depends on the coutnry
11:55 cait yes, that might be an idea
11:56 tcohen the deposit could be a credit
11:56 Kush I am not into development, so developing aplugin is not an option for me.
11:56 tcohen and the plugin would add a hook to compare the book price and the available credit
11:57 cait you could do it manually I guess
11:57 tcohen and Koha has a payout option, for recording the transaction of giving out money
11:57 Kush cant we check membership fee against book cost?
11:57 cait at the circulation desk, because you see the total worth of the books checked out and the credit on the account on the same screen
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12:20 ashimema oleonard, did I imagine a plan to replace jQuery UI tabs with Bootstrap nav stuff?
12:20 oleonard In the header search?
12:21 * ashimema is contemplating something along the lines of[…]/card/#navigation
12:21 ashimema nope
12:21 ashimema for where we use a tabbed section on a page.. like the stuff at the bottom of borrower details pages
12:21 cait ashimema: images on that page are broken for me
12:21 ashimema with Checkouts, Holds, Claims etc
12:22 ashimema huh.. images on what page cait?
12:22 cait the link you posted
12:22 cait oook, they just took a long while
12:22 ashimema that's just the reference bootstrap docs
12:22 oleonard ashimema: I haven't looked at what things are going to look like in Bootstrap 5. we'll skip 4.x
12:23 ashimema ah yes
12:23 * cait goes back to her inbox
12:23 ashimema well.. these happen to look the same in 4 and 5
12:23 ashimema I always forget what version of bootstrap we're actually using
12:25 ashimema ah, OK.. that's why we're not using bootstrap cards and instead adding our own card like css
12:25 ashimema because cards were introduced in 4
12:26 oleonard Replacing tabs?
12:26 * ashimema is still basically debating the proposal vs reality for this mock up:[…]Vy0/edit#slide=id.g1155f3a071f_0_161
12:26 ashimema Pills vs Tabs.. I think you raised it
12:27 ashimema maybe it was me
12:27 ashimema[…]edesign/issues/17
12:27 oleonard I mentioned it on the bug report
12:27 ashimema aha.. so we both spotted it..
12:27 ashimema the tabs, as they stand, feel out of place to me now with the rest of the UI reworking..
12:28 ashimema but I'm not sure if Pills are right either
12:29 oleonard I prefer the pills for the redesign, but what's most important to me is that we get some consensus before making the decision
12:29 ashimema agreed
12:29 ashimema the consensus here was that the tabs do look out of place right now... but there wasn't a clear opinion on what to replace them with
12:30 milktoast joined #koha
12:30 cait I think the dark green border is 'too hard' somehow, too dominant
12:30 ashimema agreed
12:31 cait the tabs on top are a known element, I also like the look of the 'pills' but not sure yet how I'd describe them writing instructions yet
12:31 cait click on...
12:31 ashimema fair
12:32 cait kidclamp++ providing patch for the second bad bug from QA mail :)
12:32 ashimema nice
12:32 cait he took on the quick add
12:32 ashimema excellent.. that's the one that scared me.. hehe
12:34 cait understandably
12:34 cait we ought to check well for side effects I guess
12:42 ashimema yup
12:47 tcohen should we hide the top bar/options? and use a menu icon to display them vertically?
12:47 ashimema ?
12:48 tcohen I've always felt our UI provides too many options
12:48 oleonard :(
12:49 tcohen it would mean one more click, though
12:49 tcohen having a ||| <- 90º flip on the top left, and display Circulation, Patrons, etc vertically on the left
12:50 cait ?
12:50 oleonard Strongly disagree. Librarians are already obsessed with saving clicks.
12:50 ashimema I think that's for another day..
12:50 tcohen haha, I supposed
12:51 ashimema I've actually considered an iconbar on the left mysql
12:51 ashimema we already have nice 'clear' icons for each module on the mainpage.. we could use those in a collapsible left side column
12:51 tcohen :-D
12:51 ashimema kinda like Ubuntu
12:52 ashimema or gmail's more recent UI changes
12:52 ashimema I was considering working on that.. may have even opened a bug about it already.. can't remember
12:52 ashimema but I didn't want to do it whilst this UI style change was still in the air a bit
12:53 cait I still don't get it... but collapsable sidebars woudl be nice :)
12:53 cait (i just heard collapsable)
12:54 ashimema a narrow, icons only (with hint text on hover of course) bar on the left side of the UI.. with a link to each enabled module
12:54 cait I am not a fan of icon only
12:54 ashimema I wouldn't do it with text.. it would be too wide
12:55 oleonard Consider also that GMail has three icons in the sidebar, we would have 14
12:55 tcohen you could have the option to expand them
12:55 cait i think maybe more radical change are better in another iteration of our design
12:55 ashimema indeed..
12:55 cait it also might look a little similar to some other software
12:55 ashimema it would need a bit of iterating to get right.. I'm sure
12:55 ashimema yes
12:55 ashimema totally agree.. it's another bug
12:56 tcohen I like the progress that's been made on the staff interface style revamp
12:56 ashimema +1
12:57 cait +1
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13:18 ashimema oleonard still around?
13:20 tcohen ashimema: oleonard-away
13:20 wahanui oleonard-away is away
13:20 ashimema ah, okies
13:21 ashimema :tea: time
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13:36 cait jajm: safe to reset the sandbox or are you about to drop more patches any moment? :)
13:38 jajm cait: i just submitted a new one, and i will look at the fieldset legend issue now, so maybe wait a little :)
13:39 cait orr... just started a new one, but will hold off testing a bit longer and update
13:40 cait can you post here when you are done with those?
13:40 khall joined #koha
13:41 jajm ok
13:59 tcohen bug 30982
13:59 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30982 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Signed Off , Use the REST API for background job list view
13:59 tcohen anyone?
13:59 wahanui somebody said anyone was free to give it a shot :-)
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14:07 lukeg hi
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14:21 ashimema @later tell oleonard any chance of some magic on my follow-up for bug 31162.. I've realised I really need to go back to CSS or rather SCSS school 😜
14:21 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
14:42 jajm cait: i think i'm done for today, you can reset the sandbox if you want
14:44 cait thx!
14:46 ashimema koha++
14:46 ashimema @karma koha
14:46 huginn` ashimema: Karma for "koha" has been increased 81 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 80.
14:47 oleonard Bug 31162
14:47 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31162 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , Add a clear cataloguing module home page
14:48 oleonard ashimema: I actually started some follow-up work, I'll see where I was at.
14:49 ashimema oh, cool
14:50 ashimema I'd love to see that area progress with the new UI stuff.. I think general consistency improvements like this will add to the whole thing
14:56 oleonard Why am I getting "koha-db-1 exited with code 1" over and over?
14:58 * oleonard updates koha-testing-docker
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15:11 oleonard There's no KohaCon22 arrivals & departures page is there?
15:13 cait haven't seen one
15:18 lukeg joined #koha
15:26 oleonard I have created one. https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/KohaCon22_Social
15:26 oleonard Right now I'm the only one going XD
15:28 oleonard I wonder if the latest version of Docker Desktop broke something for me.
15:43 cait left #koha
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16:00 caroline oleonard++ for the wiki page!
16:00 oleonard Thanks caroline, I will be very happy to not be the only one on there :D
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16:26 Putti ashimema, I was catching up with the IRC logs, saw the discussion about There's been some work on that in this bug: bug 29768
16:26 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29768 normal, P5 - low, ---, emmi.takkinen, Failed QA , hidepatronname hides guarantor name on borrower edit screen
16:36 oleonard Took me like 10 tries but KTD is working again... Such a prima donna...
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