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06:11 reiveune hello
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06:41 cait1 good morning #koha
06:42 matts_ hi #koha !
06:42 alex_ Bonjour
06:42 wahanui bonjour, alex_
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07:31 magnuse \o/
07:41 paulderscheid[m] morning #koha
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08:27 ashimema mornin'
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09:20 marcelr o/
09:21 marcelr ashimema yet another 2fa patch set ready for qa (30588)
09:24 cait1 morning all, quite a crowd today :)
09:24 ashimema hi
09:24 wahanui hey, ashimema
09:29 marcelr hi cait
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10:42 oleonard Hi #koha
10:47 marcelr o/
11:01 * cait1 waves
11:09 tcohen hola #koha
11:16 cait1 hola tcohen :) back home?
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11:21 tcohen yes!
11:21 tcohen @later tell marcelr please check my follow-up bug for background jobs
11:21 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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12:07 marcelr hola tcohen
12:09 marcelr tcohen which follow-up bug did you mean ?
12:09 marcelr for background jovbs
12:09 marcelr jpbs
12:09 marcelr jobs
12:09 marcelr :)
12:10 marcelr driemaal is scheeprecht
12:10 marcelr scheepsrecht
12:11 cait1 dreimal ist...
12:11 cait1 aaaah alter guten Dinge sind drei
12:13 marcelr right
12:13 cait1 all good things come in threes
12:13 cait1 sorry, I got curious :)
12:26 ashimema I'll swap bug 30588 for bug 31373 marcelr.. 😜
12:26 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30588 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Signed Off , Add the option to require 2FA setup on first staff login
12:26 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31373 normal, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Notice template validation is missing INCLUDE_PATH
12:26 ashimema think that's a pretty good deal for you 😜
12:26 marcelr i like good deals
12:27 marcelr will have a look
12:27 ashimema basically a refactor in the end rather than the base bugfix.. Joubu got grumpy so I refactored it for the better.
12:27 * ashimema does understand the grump.. it's much nicer now
12:27 marcelr cool
12:28 ashimema funny.. I thought I'd already QA'd bug 30588
12:28 ashimema doh!
12:28 marcelr i added a few follow-ups to make your work easier :)
12:29 ashimema nice one
12:29 marcelr the last one is the most vital
12:31 ashimema hmm `# FIXME Raise an exception if the syspref is disabled`
12:31 ashimema smells a little
12:33 marcelr i dont think that is really in the scope of this bug?
12:33 ashimema agreed.. not sure why the FIXME was introduced here though.
12:33 marcelr does the controller take cahre of it ?
12:33 marcelr care
12:34 ashimema pass.. still code reading at the minute.. not got that far yet 😜
12:34 marcelr :q
12:34 marcelr :)
12:34 marcelr vim
12:43 cait1 jajm++
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12:57 lds hi
12:57 lds Joubu is on vacation?
12:57 marcelr ashimema: yes, i liked the follow-up too on 31373
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12:58 cait1 ashimema: could we delete oneof the sandboxes? I'd like to try and spin up a new one with jajm's recent fixes
12:58 cait1 (maximum number reached)
13:01 marcelr patron-title is a horrible include btw
13:10 ashimema yup
13:11 ashimema I'm no longer useing any of them cait1
13:11 ashimema feel free to nuke
13:11 ashimema yes.. is scary marcelr
13:11 ashimema that's one that's been on my list to refactor for a while..
13:11 ashimema well.. to move to a pref really..
13:11 ashimema and perhaps use a TT to get formatting
13:11 marcelr yeah it was the exmple in the test plan; but it is easy to crash koha with it
13:12 marcelr missing objects tec
13:12 marcelr etc
13:12 marcelr man
13:12 marcelr need to type all things 3x
13:12 marcelr dump this keyboard !
13:12 ashimema lol
13:13 ashimema I can highly recommend the logitech mx keys if your into wireless keyboards with scissor switches 😜
13:13 ashimema tomas and I both use one
13:13 marcelr cool
13:13 ashimema easy on the fingers, long battery life
13:13 marcelr this is a dell one
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13:16 cait1 ashimema: it might be nice if it had as hort and a long form as options (if it hasn't yet)
13:16 cait1 patron-title-- thing
13:16 ashimema it does
13:16 ashimema it has too many options
13:16 ashimema that's half the issue
13:17 ashimema you can pass all sorts to it to get short, long, linked, forwards, backwards, inside out, with cardnumber, with userid.. etc etc
13:18 ashimema there's a whole bunch of bugs about it.
13:19 marcelr yeah the problem especially is use it with or without an Koha object
13:19 cait1 right, maybe also need a guideline then
13:19 ashimema yup
13:20 ashimema there are other horror .inc's too
13:27 cait1 jajm: around?
13:29 jajm cait1: yes
13:32 cait1 jajm: i wanted to try the sandbox but something is wrong witht he CSS on it
13:33 ashimema did you rebuild the css cait1
13:33 ashimema I found you had to
13:36 jajm cait1: what ashimema just said: on the sandboxes main page : Actions > Build CSS
13:40 cait1 i did that
13:40 cait1 sorry
13:40 cait1 i wrote it ont he bug
13:41 cait1 it claimes to have finished
13:41 cait1 but it doesn't look like it
13:41 cait1 jajm: ^
13:41 ashimema did you also flush your cache
13:41 cait1 orrr... ok, i thought i did that
13:41 cait1 it looks much better now, sorry for the noise
13:46 ashimema 🙂
13:47 tcohen marcelr: for background jobs
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17:02 reiveune bye
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18:43 fridolin yellow
18:44 cait i don't know what the right reply is... blue?
18:57 tcohen The answer is
18:57 tcohen 'hallo'
18:58 bag Colors are overrated
18:58 tcohen LOL
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19:37 cait :)
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19:55 caroline Hi all! Where does Koha take the "credit.description" in the ACCOUNT_CREDIT slip?   [% PROCESS account_type_description account=credit %] [%- IF credit.description %], [% credit.description | html %][% END %]
19:55 cait what do you mean with where?
19:55 caroline is it in the db? in
19:55 caroline "Payment" turns up in English, but I don't know where the string is...
19:55 cait aaah yes
19:56 cait it's in the db
19:56 cait
19:56 caroline and can we translate it or it will break Koha?
19:56 cait i did translate it and nothing broke so far
19:56 cait but there is a way to display those nicely in the templates
19:56 cait which i thought this woudl do, so that's what surprises me
19:56 cait I think it shoudl only give you the english if it doesn't find a proper one
19:57 cait ashimema: ?
19:57 cait caroline: but you need to do it with SQL, the gui doesn't permit for it
19:57 caroline did you translate account_offset_types?
19:58 cait i tihnk i translated the debit types and credit types
19:58 caroline it seems risky
19:58 cait not the offsets
19:58 caroline The credit/debit types are translated in my installation
19:58 caroline but Payment is still in english
19:58 cait hmm
19:58 cait what if it thinks it has to use English?
19:59 cait default language of the patron or something like that?
19:59 caroline The rest of the letter is in French, only Payment is in English
19:59 cait yeah, but that woudl use an include
19:59 cait we'd really need ashimema i gues
19:59 caroline let me check if the user has a preferred language
20:00 caroline probably late for ashimema... isn't it the evening in your parts?
20:00 cait it is
20:00 cait wonder where the time has gone today
20:01 ashimema Er...
20:01 ashimema If it's a core type, it's translated in the templates
20:01 cait Payment? :)
20:01 caroline i'd say payment is pretty core :)
20:01 ashimema If it's a local type your stuck with the description in the table..
20:02 ashimema Waiting for AV translations code to finally get finished then we can use that
20:02 cait the table is translated
20:02 cait so... that can not be it
20:02 ashimema Payment is indeed core.. it should be in your template to register
20:02 ashimema Translate.. even
20:02 cait could it use a wrong include?
20:02 ashimema Sorry, on phone from scouts
20:02 ashimema Pass
20:03 ashimema Are you in a notice?
20:03 caroline it's not urgent ashimema, take care of your cubs :)
20:03 ashimema If it's in a notice it's up to what include you've included
20:04 ashimema Scouts tonight ;).. climbing group tomorrow is cubs though I think
20:04 cait caroline: what does your line in the notice read completley?
20:05 cait could credit_description be from accountlines?
20:05 ashimema And yes.. notices 'should' take the patrons language
20:05 pastebot "caroline" at pasted "ACCOUNT_CREDIT notice content" (50 lines) at
20:05 ashimema If it's using the include you'll see a PROCESS somewhere near the top of your template
20:06 caroline yep the process include thing is there
20:06 cait ashimema: i thin I was wrong, you should see the description translated from the process bit, right?
20:06 cait but what is this? % credit.description | html %]
20:06 cait it's right after the process
20:06 ashimema [% PROCESS account_type_description account=credit %]
20:06 caroline Also, I don't have TranslateNotices syspref turned on
20:06 ashimema That bit
20:06 ashimema Oh
20:07 ashimema Pass
20:07 cait caroline: could you check if "Payment" is in the description field for this entry in accountlines?
20:08 cait maybe it's not translated because it's the actual text in there
20:10 caroline borrowers.lang is set to default (TranslateNotices is off, so no way to change it anyway)
20:14 caroline The transaction type in boraccount is in french "Paiement"
20:16 caroline When I click "Print" from
20:16 cait what's in administration > credit types?
20:16 caroline I'll try changing the borrowers.lang manually in the db, just to see if it changes anything
20:17 caroline Paiement (french)
20:17 cait truely mysterious
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20:18 milktoast maybe a repeat.... has anyone exported from "Primasoft Handy Library Manager" and then imported into Koha?
20:18 cait sorry, haven't heard of that software so far
20:18 milktoast that is what I'd like to do
20:18 caroline fr-CA in borrowers.lang doesn't change anything
20:18 cait maybe try the mailing list if you haven't yet - lots more people reading there
20:19 cait caroline: which interface language are you using?
20:19 milktoast ok, thanks
20:19 cait when triggering the print?
20:19 cait (I assume it's the one from boraccount?)
20:19 caroline fr-CA interface
20:19 cait gah.
20:19 caroline yes I,m in boraccount, the little print button on the right of the transaction line
20:19 cait maybe some code digging needed :(
20:20 caroline is yours translated cait?
20:20 cait can only reach a 20.11 right now
20:20 cait but i can have a look there
20:20 milktoast where can I find the mailing list?
20:20 wahanui well, the mailing list is a good idea. Thanks.
20:20 caroline mine is 21.05
20:21 milktoast found it
20:22 cait caroline: my emplate is totally broken, will try to fix
20:23 cait it's payment for me too
20:24 caroline I will try changing the account_offset_types in my dev db, just to check
20:24 cait sorry, I was looking at English tempates, looking at Germans it's Zahung
20:24 cait so it goes with the GUI the staff member uses -
20:24 caroline Ok, so it's translatable *somewhere*
20:25 cait do yo uhave any other language installed?
20:25 caroline only english, but I can install more to try
20:25 cait maybe try german? it should be complete, just to rule out a translation issue
20:26 cait before you change the offsets...
20:27 cait select * from account_credit_types; ?
20:27 cait I wonder if Koha displays what is in the db or if it also uses the include
20:27 caroline I tried the offsets and it didn't change it
20:27 cait in the table in administration...
20:27 caroline ah, facepalm, I jts realized I was trying in anoth db... ugh, let me try again
20:29 pastebot "caroline" at pasted "account_offset_types" (16 lines) at
20:29 cait oh no :(
20:29 cait I feel you
20:30 caroline changing account_offset_types *in the correct db* didn't work either :)
20:30 caroline I'll try installing German
20:35 caroline "Payment" is still in english! The part at the top of the print says Beleg drucken fur 2206, the notice is in french (because TranslateNotices is off) and Payment is in English
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20:36 cait ugh
20:36 cait sorry; I've run out of ideas now :(
20:36 cait hope you figure it out, heading to bed
20:36 cait good night #koha
20:36 caroline Its not the end of the world, I mean unless you have really good eyes or are looking for it, Payment and Paiement are pretty similar, but I'm taking it personally now XD
20:42 tuxayo tcohen, davidnind around? To have Wednesday's meeting page created. Who else knows how to do that right?
20:43 tuxayo caroline: hi :) Any clues about who can create the meeting wikipages?
20:44 caroline tuxayo, not sure... ashimema and Joubu are my go-to for meeting scripts
20:44 caroline I don't think they are around right now, it's pretty late
20:45 tuxayo Great, that doubles the list of people who can :D
20:46 caroline Were the minutes created from the last meeting? I though the same script did all that
20:46 caroline *thought
20:53 davidnind[m] tuxayo: will look now, I haven't run the meeting script for a while....
20:54 tuxayo Thanks davidnind :)
20:56 tuxayo caroline: The minutes are always created and link is left in the chat log. But I think the script adds them to the wikipage and create the page for the next meeting. Part of the last meeting agenda was postponed and I have to put it for the next meeting.
20:56 caroline you're right, I forgot!
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21:30 davidnind[m] tuxayo: the script partly worked for me - I'll manually update the calendar, the agenda is here https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]14_September_2022
21:35 davidnind[m] tuxayo: meeting now added to the Koha Community calendar
21:44 tuxayo davidnind++
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