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05:24 paxed oh, our cataloguers just love it when the xslt decides in which order subfields are shown
05:25 paxed instead of showing in the order the subfields are in the record.
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06:24 magnuse \o/
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06:45 * ashimema can't work out whether that was sarcasm or not paxed
06:46 * ashimema needs more input on bug 19919
06:46 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19919 major, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , Writing off a Lost Item Fee marks as "Paid for by patron"
06:46 ashimema I wasn't suggesting removing the feature, rather refining it to work with modern practices
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06:48 paxed ashimema: cataloguers always want the data to be shown exactly as they've entered it.
06:49 paxed in this case, 264ababc is shown in koha as 264aabbc
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08:03 ashimema @later tell rangi I've also struggled to catch the other rmaints.. I've grabbed the tags from the security repo though and pushed them up to main for them
08:03 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
08:08 rangi thanks ashimema
08:09 * cait waves
08:09 ashimema oh, your online :)
08:10 ashimema good evening :)
08:10 ashimema and no worries
08:11 ashimema do you know how Horowhenua use the paidfor stuff.. do they report on it (i.e do they need it literally within the items table) or it just simply for display in certain places (in which case I could drop the field but keep the display by grabbing the details from accountlines) ?
08:11 ashimema bug 19919 that's in relation to rangi ^
08:11 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19919 major, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , Writing off a Lost Item Fee marks as "Paid for by patron"
08:11 ashimema no hurry to answer
08:13 rangi its just to display
08:14 ashimema ta, that's helpful to know :)
08:15 * ashimema really wouldn't want to break people existing uses
08:25 rangi did you know, back in the day we used to maintain a Changelog
08:26 ashimema I suppose in way that's the idea of the release notes isn't it?
08:26 ashimema though I think our release notes are rather hard to comprehend if you're trying to work through them
08:26 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "paidfor" (8 lines) at
08:27 rangi yeah it was a bit more like a git log, for humans
08:27 ashimema jumping major version is easy to get confused by our notes as they contain overlapping bugs between maint release notes
08:28 rangi git log wasnt a thing then of course :)
08:28 rangi but theres the entry when paidfor was added, and why, and how it worked :)
08:30 ashimema I like changlogs
08:30 rangi you can generate them from git pretty easily
08:31 ashimema indeed you can
08:31 rangi misc/info/Changelog
08:31 rangi if you check out a pre 2003 koha, you'll see it :)
08:32 ashimema interesting, ta
08:33 rangi if we wanted we could a hook, and it would update the changelog for us ;)
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08:34 ashimema I find our commit messages vary widely.. I kind of like the way we use bugzilla for the release notes details.. it's easier to go back and fix those in BZ than it is to embelish commits
08:34 ashimema embelishing commits once pushed would obviously be crazy bad too with the whole history re-writing pain
08:34 rangi yep
08:35 rangi the hook can fetch details from bugzilla tho
08:35 rangi just like the do for the release notes now
08:35 ashimema indeed
08:36 rangi i just find chronologically easier to read, when i want to see what changed when
08:37 rangi it would be easier than looking at a pile of release notes :)
08:37 ashimema me too
08:37 rangi also if it was in the repo, then could pull from there too
08:38 rangi like we do with the history
08:38 rangi but for librarians to see what changed
08:39 rangi my plan for ages
08:39 rangi has been to have a page that just lists all the new sysprefs, since last upgrade
08:40 rangi so ppl can go try new features
08:40 rangi but i've never got round to doing anything about it
08:41 magnuse that would be super nice
08:42 ashimema I love the idea
08:42 * ashimema goes to meeting
08:44 * rangi wanders off for a bit
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08:47 * Oak waves
08:48 magnuse Oak
08:55 Oak magnuse
08:56 magnuse \o/
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09:48 Archie^ is there a way to restrict search so it searches only in homebranch of patron?
10:02 paxed hm. so, uh, misc/cronjobs/ also updates the record 005 field. this is very much counterintuitive and feels wrong
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10:23 ashimema that does feel a little odd
10:23 ashimema cait around?
10:24 * ashimema goes for :tea:
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10:44 ashimema anyone here us the paidfor field?
10:44 ashimema I can only see that it's ever display on the moredetails page.. is that right?
10:44 ashimema or have I missed some occurence somewhere
10:45 ashimema also.. the lost status of the item
10:47 ashimema I note we have LOST auth values in the optional sql loads.. of which one is 'Lost and Paid for'.. should we not automatically be setting that (it if exists I suppose as it's optional) when the item is paid for?
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11:27 Archie^ Hey, is there a way to restrict search so it shows only homebranch items in intra / opac?
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11:30 oleonard Hi all
11:48 magnuse Archie^: there is a syspref called SeparateHoldings, but that will only split items into two tabs. i don't think it's possible to hide completely records that are not connected to the user's library
11:59 cait around now for a bit, phone call soon
12:00 ashimema I wondered if you could varfiy that paidfor is only displayed by cait
12:03 cait i don't think we have used it
12:04 cait we havemostly special libraries and academics and are not evenusing the longoverdue cronjob right now
12:04 cait maybe better to ask wizzyrea or khall
12:05 ashimema okies
12:05 ashimema I've done an alternative for bug 19919 now
12:05 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19919 major, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Writing off a Lost Item Fee marks as "Paid for by patron"
12:05 ashimema think I prefer it but it makes the bug depend on the new status stuff
12:06 ashimema another good reason for someone to SO and QA bug 22563
12:06 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22563 enhancement, P4, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Convert lost handling to use 'status' instead of multiple accounttypes
12:18 Archie^ magnuse:  what about books that have no items? Right now i have multiple books presented in search that have no Items, any way to hide it?
12:49 magnuse Archie^: there are settings to hide based on all sorts of atributes of the items, but i don't think there is a way to hide records without items
12:54 Archie^ magnuse:  i wonder if it is possible to make these changes by developing some sort of plugin?
13:02 oleonard Ugh, why are all the prefs covered by Bug 22844 pipe-delimited but  UniqueItemFields is space-delimited??
13:02 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22844 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Simplify the process of selecting database columns for system preferences
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13:11 oleonard Hi caroline_catlady
13:11 caroline_catlady hello!
13:11 caroline_catlady oh I forgot
13:11 caroline_catlady hi oleonard
13:11 wahanui hi oleopard
13:11 * caroline_catlady giggles
13:12 oleonard :D
13:18 magnuse hi oleonard
13:18 wahanui hi oleopard
13:35 vfernandes hi #koha
13:36 ashimema caroline_catlady: I'm not seeing you in any roles for 19.11 ?
13:36 vfernandes it's possible to checkout a book directly from the reserves without entering on patron page when a reserve is confirmed?
13:37 caroline_catlady yeah... I feel like I failed for 19.05, I was too busy with new migrations
13:38 ashimema :(
13:39 ashimema grr.. why is todays meeting not on the calendar
13:39 ashimema I was sure I added it
13:39 caroline_catlady what is the meeting today? general?
13:42 ashimema yup
13:42 ashimema documentation tomorrow
13:43 ashimema and dev on 15th
13:48 tcohen morning
13:50 caroline_catlady who takes care of I'm having trouble with the ssl I think?
13:50 caroline_catlady I'm trying to reject a spam email, but I always get a security message
13:50 tcohen caroline_catlady: biblibre
13:50 wahanui biblibre is 17.11
13:50 ashimema biblibre I think
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13:59 wizzyrea hi
13:59 wahanui privet, wizzyrea
14:00 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
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14:10 wizzyrea how we doin
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14:15 * oleonard is trying to be a busy bee
14:17 oleonard ashimema++ # Release maintaining
14:17 wizzyrea oleonard, some days that is really hard
14:18 oleonard True. The worst for me is when the will is there but any kind of focus eludes me.
14:27 ashimema Bzzzzzx
14:31 oleonard ashimema: It looks like that buzz turned into a snore at the end
14:43 wizzyrea 100% yes that's what happened i reckon
14:44 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #80: UNSTABLE in 25 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D9/80/
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14:53 vero help please, some way to unify the Koha login with other software thanks
14:53 oleonard vero: This sounds like a complicated question. What other software are you wanting to integrate with?
14:57 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #74: UNSTABLE in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_U18/74/
14:58 vero Unify with your own software developed in php that does authentication by token
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14:59 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #78: UNSTABLE in 39 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/78/
15:03 wizzyrea[…]25846655574605825 THIS IS A THING and I am very excited and amazed and amused by it
15:03 wizzyrea vero, if you're thinking like drupal
15:03 wizzyrea somewhere out there is a plugin that uses SIP to connect to it
15:04 wizzyrea Catalyst IT in NZ have done an implementation to tie drupal and Koha together
15:04 wizzyrea it uses SIP
15:09 wizzyrea oleonard, you want a silly little thing?
15:10 oleonard Like a real-life Pokemon or something?
15:10 oleonard A porg?
15:10 wizzyrea hailey's done a patch for bug 22724 to remove the writeoff button if the permissions aren't there, but it leaves a weird gap in the table. if you want a probably simple thing, a follow up to make it purty might be nice?
15:10 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22724 major, P5 - low, ---, hayleymapley, Needs Signoff , Staff without writeoff permissions have access to 'Write off selected' button on Pay Fines tab
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15:11 wizzyrea the function looks good
15:11 wizzyrea i wish I had a porg for you
15:12 oleonard Yeah thems are good eatin'
15:12 wizzyrea no no youre not supposed to eat them
15:12 wizzyrea only for pats
15:15 Scott_ I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask questions or if there is somewhere better. But, I was thrown into upgrading and partly managing our Koha instance which included upgrading Debian 6 to 9 and upgrading Koha from 3.18 to 18.11. After the upgrade I only have access to the OPAC screen and it's the system maintenance screen. I'm not sure how to get the staff page up, everything in the /koha-sites.conf looks correct AFAIK.
15:17 wizzyrea oh, welcome to our party
15:17 wizzyrea this is a great place to ask that
15:17 wizzyrea also that is a heroic effort
15:17 wizzyrea Scott_, ^
15:18 wizzyrea so in your /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/$koha-instance.conf
15:18 wizzyrea you should see 2 virtualhosts
15:18 wizzyrea the 2nd is the staff interface
15:19 Scott_ I see that.
15:19 wizzyrea if you go to the named host specified there
15:19 wizzyrea do you get the upgrade screen?
15:19 wizzyrea or the ip/port combination that will be indicated there
15:20 Scott_ When I try to go to the named host, the computer can't find it. which may be a problem with the hosts/dns settings? The server name is
15:21 Scott_ I have changed it in koha-sites.config but it doesn't reflect the change in apache sites, do I have to manually update it there instead of restarting apache?
15:23 wizzyrea right if you change the name for the host, you hve to change it in apache
15:23 wizzyrea and restart apache
15:23 wizzyrea koha-sites really only manages what happens when a new instance is created
15:25 wizzyrea oleonard, sorry I think I was looking at the wrong thing, though there is still a weird gap in the table when permissions for writeoff arent there
15:26 oleonard Where's the gap?
15:26 wizzyrea in the actions column
15:26 wizzyrea next to pay
15:26 wizzyrea it's wider than it needs to be
15:26 wizzyrea on accounting
15:27 oleonard I think that's just because of the width of the header
15:27 wizzyrea or it's not centered or idk
15:27 wizzyrea maybe it's dumb to worry about
15:27 wizzyrea i accept that as an answer
15:30 Scott_ @wizzyrea, I believe I had changed it correctly, but I can't browse to it still. I would think I should be able to browse to it using localhost:8081 on the machine.
15:30 huginn` Scott_: I've exhausted my database of quotes
15:32 wizzyrea hmm
15:33 wizzyrea what do you have in there for your named host? ?
15:34 wizzyrea in apache, not koha-sites
15:34 wizzyrea you can do things like
15:34 wizzyrea add
15:34 wizzyrea
15:34 wizzyrea to your /etc/hosts on the machine
15:34 wizzyrea and then you can use the name
15:35 wizzyrea we have a paste bin, if you want to paste what's in your apache config
15:35 Scott_ It was and I had changed it to the correct domain name reflecting in koha-sites.config
15:35 Scott_ I'll paste it
15:36 wizzyrea that'll help :)
15:44 Scott_ I believe I shared that
15:44 wizzyrea hm you got the link?
15:45 Scott_ http://paste.koha-community.or[…]bmit=Format+it%21
15:46 wizzyrea and if you go to that doesn't work?
15:46 wizzyrea does it work if you get rid of the 8081, and replace it with 80 (and restart apache)
15:47 wizzyrea I mean, that is assuming that you've got that name pointed to the IP of this box
15:47 Scott_ I can get the ip to work on port 80 and that takes me to the system maintenace screen
15:48 wizzyrea right ok
15:48 Scott_ But if I use port 8081 I just get site can't be reached
15:48 wizzyrea so i'd change the 8081 to 80 and restart apache
15:48 wizzyrea and use the name
15:48 wizzyrea either by adding it to your local /etc/hosts
15:48 wizzyrea or updating the dns
15:49 wizzyrea (you'll need to update the name for the opac as well, that's the top vhost)
15:49 Scott_ I flipped the ports of the OPAC and Staff and it took me to the login screen
15:50 Scott_ using the ip and port 80 takes me to the login screen
15:50 wizzyrea yep so yeah
15:51 wizzyrea you just need to sort out your ports and your names and it all should work
15:51 wizzyrea you can use 80 for both
15:51 wizzyrea koha uses named vhosts
15:51 Scott_ Okay, I can try that.
15:52 wizzyrea so when you go to the intranet, you'd use the name
15:52 wizzyrea and for the opac
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15:53 wizzyrea
15:53 wizzyrea if you *had* to use IP
15:53 wizzyrea you'd want to use the ports
15:54 wizzyrea it could be that you just don't have 8081 enabled
15:54 wizzyrea in /etc/apache2/ports.conf
15:54 wizzyrea i hope I'm making sense you seem like a fellow who mostly knows what you're doing
15:54 wizzyrea person
15:54 Scott_ Yeah you're making sense
15:54 wizzyrea great :D
15:54 Scott_ 8081 isn't in ports.conf so I'll add it there
15:55 cait wizzyrea: i had a blank screen instead of the installer - missing rewrite rules for js/css (18.05 change i think)
15:55 cait could that be related to your problem?
15:55 cait they are not automatically added
15:55 wizzyrea it *could* be but they're getting the login screen
15:56 wizzyrea and it's more of a "not connected"
15:56 wizzyrea than a "blank"
15:56 wizzyrea it seems to be working when he flips the ports around
15:56 cait i had the login screen come up in between (plack/memcached restart)
15:56 cait just a thought o rmight be the next problem to run into
15:56 wizzyrea that may be the next problem hehe yeah exactly
15:57 Scott_ I added the port and guess what it fixed my problem.
15:57 Scott_ Who could've ever guessed /s
15:57 wizzyrea :D
15:57 wizzyrea confetti
15:57 wahanui o/`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
15:59 wizzyrea let us know if you get stuck again
15:59 Scott_ will do!
15:59 Scott_ I appreciate your help
15:59 wizzyrea np at all
16:01 wizzyrea ashimema, about?
16:02 wizzyrea for bug 22610 did you have some sip emulator commands you were using to test?
16:02 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22610 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , SIP Payment Types should be moved out of accountype
16:03 wizzyrea not required obv I can build one up but if you have one handy that'd be nice
16:15 wizzyrea it's a good sign when they leave after you help
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16:17 caroline_catlady wizzyrea++
16:19 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #81: STILL UNSTABLE in 25 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D9/81/
16:22 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #79: STILL UNSTABLE in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/79/
16:40 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D9 build #266: STILL UNSTABLE in 21 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D9/266/
16:42 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #75: STILL UNSTABLE in 51 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_U18/75/
16:43 caroline_catlady oh my god... There are more than 6000 loans on one card (in their old system, this client had a card for weeded items, probably because there was no such thing as a weeded status) and Koha won't delete them because they are loaned
16:43 caroline_catlady is there a way to batch return?
16:43 caroline_catlady or force deletion?
16:44 oleonard Delete the corresponding entries from the issues table maybe?
16:44 caroline_catlady I still want to keep a trace in deleteditems and old_issues just in case they need statistics
16:45 caroline_catlady Yeah I thought about deleting them right out of the table, but I'm afraid to forget something
16:46 oleonard Too bad talljoy isn't arround, seems like something she'd know
16:46 caroline_catlady At least it's only this much in the test database... in the live db, they only have around 1000
16:47 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #274: STILL UNSTABLE in 24 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D8/274/
16:48 caroline_catlady I'll go have lunch... maybe I will find inspiration in my salad...
16:48 caroline_catlady meeting is in a hour right?
16:53 cait oh right
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17:04 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_U18 build #263: STILL UNSTABLE in 23 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_18.05_U18/263/
17:23 caroline_catlady back!
17:23 caroline_catlady unfortunately, no inspo in salads...
17:24 * oleonard prints that on a t-shirt
17:26 oleonard[…]QTR8QHm/giphy.gif
17:26 caroline_catlady XD
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17:32 philor what's the right resolution for a bug that was fixed in passing by another bug, duplicate or worksforme?
17:36 caroline_catlady good question
17:38 caroline_catlady maybe ashimema would know
17:39 cait i have to run - but i will try to be on time for th emeeting, maybe 5 mins late
17:40 cait it's raining... eek.
17:50 tcohen philor: I'd say duplicate
17:50 philor thanks, will do
17:50 thd joined #koha
17:55 tcohen philor: you can actually add your explanation of why you think is a duplicate, for later reference
17:56 philor tcohen: yeah, I did, before I realized I had editbugs and could mark it myself :)
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17:59 cait back
18:00 davidnind cait: your timing is excellent!
18:01 * cait catches breath
18:01 cait kidclamp: ?
18:01 * kidclamp waves
18:01 kidclamp hereish but can't chair
18:02 cait i can do it, but can i get some helpers?
18:02 kidclamp have to get kid in a bit
18:02 caroline_catlady I can co-chair
18:02 cait thx :)
18:02 cait give me a sec, just pulling up the agenda
18:02 cait hm, does the wiki work for everyone?
18:03 caroline_catlady not working for me
18:03 cait bad bad timing
18:03 cait gmcharlt?
18:03 wahanui gmcharlt is usually lurking much earlier.. hense ashimema's pointing him out
18:03 caroline_catlady ah it appeared
18:04 cait same
18:04 cait ok
18:04 cait let's start :)
18:04 cait #startmeeting General IRC meeting 8 May 2019
18:04 huginn` Meeting started Wed May  8 18:04:47 2019 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
18:04 huginn` Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
18:04 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 8 May 2019)
18:04 huginn` The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_8_may_2019'
18:04 cait #topic Introductions
18:04 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 8 May 2019)
18:04 cait please introduce yourself using #info
18:05 cait #chair caroline_catlady
18:05 huginn` Current chairs: cait caroline_catlady
18:05 cait #chair kidclamp
18:05 huginn` Current chairs: cait caroline_catlady kidclamp
18:05 Charles_Quain #info Charles Quain Interleaf Technology
18:05 caroline_catlady #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro
18:05 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
18:05 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
18:05 georgew #info George Williams - Northeast Kansas Library System
18:05 lisettelatah #info Lisette Scheer, Latah County Library District, Moscow, Idaho
18:05 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]eeting_8_May_2019 Today's agenda
18:05 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
18:05 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
18:06 davidnind #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
18:06 cait i will give it alittle more time
18:07 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
18:07 cait ping people that are lurking :)
18:07 cait khall: lukeG ?
18:08 cait ok, moving on in a second
18:08 cait #topic Announcements
18:08 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 8 May 2019)
18:08 cait anyone? :)
18:09 georgew koha-US is accepting proposals for our conference in September
18:09 cait #info koha-US is accepting proposals for its conference in September
18:09 cait thx!
18:09 caroline_catlady argh you out-info'd me ;)
18:09 georgew And I'm trying to post the link but I can't find it AAAA
18:10 lisettelatah #link[…]wform?usp=sf_link
18:10 cait :)
18:10 georgew Thanks lisettelatah
18:10 cait moving on!
18:10 cait #topic Updates on releases
18:10 Topic for #koha is now Updates on releases (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 8 May 2019)
18:10 cait Rmaints?
18:10 wahanui Rmaints is ashimema and fridolin are the rmaints
18:10 cait RM?
18:10 cait kidclamp?
18:10 wahanui it has been said that kidclamp is reply i guess kidclamp is the first RM not to be bribed
18:11 cait #info We have reached feature freeze and are approaching feature slush on 10 May
18:12 cait i hope things are on track ;)
18:12 cait moving on?
18:12 cait ah
18:12 cait sec
18:13 cait #link[…] pre-release notes for 19.05
18:13 cait #info Help needed to add more info to the release notes using the notes field in bugzilla for release notes
18:13 cait hope that makes sense
18:14 cait moving on!
18:14 cait #topic KohaCon19
18:14 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon19 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 8 May 2019)
18:14 cait Charles_Quain?
18:14 Charles_Quain All going well
18:14 Charles_Quain #info 187 delegates signed up
18:15 Charles_Quain #info all speaking slots and workshops filled
18:15 Charles_Quain #info Huge thanks to our donors
18:15 cait nice :)
18:15 Charles_Quain finalising the Culture Day outings this week
18:16 Charles_Quain looking forward to seeing everyone in Dublin in 2 weeks
18:16 kidclamp ah yes, things are cool, fix the bugs, be execellent to eac hother
18:16 cait heh
18:17 Charles_Quain if anyone has questions around the wider Dublin stuff, feel free to email me directly.
18:17 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Kohacon19/Social Info about people arriving/leaving and pubs
18:17 cait also add yourself if you want to :)
18:17 ashimema_ joined #koha
18:18 Charles_Quain I put a few names on the pub list, but didnt want to do too many in case I gave a bad impression of my social life!
18:18 cait of living in Dublin? :)
18:18 ashimema_ grr, seems my irc connection is dead again..!
18:18 Charles_Quain some great pubs to be sampled.
18:19 ashimema_ sorry I missed most of the meeting.. was sitting waiting for it to begin!
18:19 cait ashimemaanything to add to Kohacon?
18:19 ashimema_ no idea what's been said
18:19 ashimema_ literally just joined
18:19 ashimema_ :(
18:19 cait anything about the workshops maybe?
18:20 cait we heard all slots are filled
18:20 Charles_Quain There is a google form for those who want to sign up - sent out via eventbrite. Give me a sec and I'll send the link
18:20 ashimema_ Nothing really to add to that
18:21 ashimema_ Workshops attendance looks like a nice spread.
18:21 caroline_catlady what if we can't decide?
18:21 Charles_Quain
18:21 caroline_catlady will we be refused at the door?
18:21 Charles_Quain Not at all.
18:21 cait :)
18:21 Charles_Quain The doorman can be bribed!
18:22 cait i might switch if the technical ones are too hard... :)
18:22 * cait will bring extra chocolate
18:22 cait did you plan for a sweets table?
18:22 caroline_catlady bringing maple candies for bribes
18:22 Charles_Quain Well, Interleaf is famous for giving away small jars of jelly beans at conferences...
18:22 ashimema_ It's just so we can guestimate the numbers and allocate rooms suitably.. change welcome on the day.. I may even shift the program around a little if I get the overwhelming feeling that two really popular one's overlap ;)
18:23 cait cool
18:23 cait ok, moving on?
18:24 cait might on longer torture the ones not being able to attend
18:24 cait not longer...
18:24 cait #topic Elections!
18:24 Topic for #koha is now Elections! (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 8 May 2019)
18:24 cait no veto, so moving on :)
18:24 cait main part of today's meeting
18:25 cait I see we had some last minute additions, very happy :)
18:25 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_19.11 Proposals for 19.11 release team
18:25 tcohen \o/
18:25 wizzyrea #Liz Rea, doer of things
18:25 cait main event
18:25 tcohen can I veto the absense of rangi on the QA team?
18:25 cait please review the page and ask any questions you have
18:26 cait tcohen: shame on me for not noticing until now he had escaped!
18:26 cait i think we can still fix that a little later
18:26 tcohen we can volunteer him of course ;-)
18:26 ashimema_ rangi on qa++
18:27 Joubu Previous RMs are part of the QA team de facto, iirc :)
18:27 ashimema_ confident we can bend his arm
18:27 cait also, if you want to sign up and haven't yet, please do now :)
18:27 cait and give us a little heads up so we can hit refresh
18:27 tcohen hola Yonatán
18:27 ashimema_ oh really Joubu, I wasn't aware of that one
18:27 cait not sure if it's documented
18:27 cait i htink they are part of security group
18:27 cait not sure about qa
18:28 wizzyrea well if it isn't a rule it should be :P
18:28 wizzyrea #info Liz Rea, doer of things
18:28 cait any questions? :)
18:28 cait someone still not sure who needs a little encouragement?
18:28 wizzyrea this all seems fine to me?
18:28 cait ashimema: shibboleth? ;)
18:28 ashimema_ happy to be cait
18:29 cait ok, my plan is to vote for the whole team in one big vote
18:29 cait if that receives no veto
18:29 wizzyrea fine by me
18:29 caroline_catlady +1
18:29 ashimema_ I mostly went for RM and didn't think it hugely appropriate to do other things at the same time that may conflict..
18:29 thd ++
18:29 ashimema_ +1 on whole team vote
18:29 davidnind +1
18:29 cait #startvote Shall we vote on the whole release team 19.11 in one big vote as listed on the wiki page? (yes,no,abstain)
18:29 huginn` Begin voting on: Shall we vote on the whole release team 19.11 in one big vote as listed on the wiki page? Valid vote options are , yes, no, abstain, .
18:29 huginn` Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
18:30 thd #vote ye
18:30 cait ashimema: i kind of forgot :)
18:30 huginn` thd: ye is not a valid option. Valid options are , yes, no, abstain, .
18:30 wizzyrea #vote yes
18:30 thd #vote yes
18:30 caroline_catlady this is a vote on the vote?
18:30 cait #vote yes
18:30 cait yep
18:30 lisettelatah #vote yes
18:30 caroline_catlady #vote yes
18:30 georgew #vote yes
18:30 cait vote on the method... vote vote next :)
18:30 davidnind #vote yes
18:30 tcohen #vote yes
18:31 cait 5
18:31 cait 4
18:31 cait 3
18:31 cait 2
18:31 cait 1
18:31 ashimema_ #vote yes
18:31 cait ...
18:31 Joubu #vote yes
18:31 cait #endvote
18:31 huginn` Voted on "Shall we vote on the whole release team 19.11 in one big vote as listed on the wiki page?" Results are
18:31 huginn` yes (10): Joubu, georgew, caroline_catlady, cait, lisettelatah, davidnind, wizzyrea, tcohen, thd, ashimema_
18:31 cait ok, preparing the vote vote sec
18:31 cait hm, i might need help to phrase a question
18:32 Joubu questions about the proposal, maybe? :)
18:32 wizzyrea Accept the whole team documented as at whatever the time is now UTC at https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_19.11
18:32 cait i#ve asked for questions before :)
18:32 cait wizzyrea: that's not a question :)
18:32 cait the voting thing wants something that ends with ?
18:32 wizzyrea oh I thought you were asking for the question for the vote
18:33 Joubu sorry, did not see it, I have a question then
18:33 wizzyrea well put a ? on the end
18:33 wizzyrea lol
18:33 wizzyrea but it might mess up the url
18:33 cait Joubu first
18:33 Joubu I'd like to know how Martin plans to "introduce more collaboration between parties"
18:33 ashimema_ I had hoped to already mail a few company directors but time got away from me
18:34 ashimema_ my hope is to grab a chat with support company purse string holders and get an idea of where they're wanting to focus efforts the next couple of cycles.. spot overlaps and try to get them to agree to time them nicely to collaborate rather than us all being out of sync
18:34 ashimema_ that's an initial plan anyway..
18:35 Joubu Also, no more "refactoring" or "improve unit tests" bullets on the list. Which means you think we reached a goal already?
18:36 ashimema_ No, I hope to continue to encourage that.. I just forgot to mention it.. the 'improve unit tests' I feel is a given at all times now
18:36 Joubu ashimema_: ok good plan, just remember it is what I tried :) I hope you will have more chance than me ;)
18:36 ashimema_ we're in better habbits as a community (though we need to keep striving for improvements)
18:36 wizzyrea well continuous improvement is an excellent goal to have
18:36 caroline_catlady what a great community we have :)
18:36 cait also please... no big big patches
18:37 cait small steps
18:37 Joubu well, it depends on several things, but most of the time yes, no big patches :)
18:37 ashimema_ those are all general things I think we as a team are looking for.. I am happy to mention them specifically though
18:37 Joubu thanks ashimema_  :)
18:38 tcohen ashimema++
18:38 ashimema_ I'd say "If you're looking to do a big patch, get a team behind you before submitting it"
18:38 ashimema_ meaning, get a SO and QA person on side first and work with them whilst writing it rather than having it all land as a surprise
18:38 cait that's a good approach
18:38 wizzyrea and be ready for your inevitable followups
18:38 wizzyrea and your bug fixing
18:38 wizzyrea don't drop it and disappear
18:39 cait and write some helpful docs on how to use X :)
18:39 cait we got our wish list, now just have to work towards it
18:39 Joubu or... wait for it pushed and disappear
18:39 wizzyrea yeah that's frustrating
18:39 * ashimema_ suggests wizzyrea for a tame SO person.. and I'm sure almost anyone QA wise would be keen to be involved in such bugs early
18:39 wizzyrea haha you called me tame.
18:40 wizzyrea ok you're right
18:40 ashimema_ tame as in friendly ;(
18:40 wizzyrea fine.
18:40 ashimema_ ;)
18:40 wizzyrea :)
18:40 ashimema_ even
18:40 wizzyrea but yes I am friendly and also opinionated.
18:40 wizzyrea >.>
18:40 wizzyrea <.<
18:40 cait opinions are good, base for discussion
18:41 wizzyrea but anyway vote nao?
18:41 cait Joubu: are you satisfied with the answers?
18:41 Joubu I will ask more later, do not worry ;)
18:41 Joubu yes, let's vote!
18:41 cait #startvote  Do you elect the release team for 19.11 as listed on the wiki at this time? (yes,no,abstain)
18:41 huginn` Begin voting on: Do you elect the release team for 19.11 as listed on the wiki at this time? Valid vote options are , yes, no, abstain, .
18:41 huginn` Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
18:42 cait #vote yes
18:42 caroline_catlady #vote yes
18:42 davidnind #vote yes
18:42 lisettelatah #vote yes
18:42 Joubu #vote yes
18:42 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
18:42 wahanui Congratulations!
18:42 wizzyrea #vote yes
18:42 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #76: FIXED in 26 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_U18/76/
18:42 thd #vote yes
18:42 cait I am especially happy about the new names on this list!
18:42 georgew #vote yes
18:43 ashimema_ #vote yes
18:43 tcohen #vote yes
18:44 cait giving it another moment :)
18:44 Joubu koha-jenkins and wahanui take part in the vote!
18:44 wizzyrea i love that they have a wee bot conversation
18:44 wizzyrea whenever the build is fixed.
18:44 cait #endvote
18:44 huginn` Voted on "Do you elect the release team for 19.11 as listed on the wiki at this time?" Results are
18:44 huginn` yes (10): Joubu, georgew, caroline_catlady, cait, lisettelatah, davidnind, wizzyrea, ashimema_, thd, tcohen
18:44 ashimema_ oh.. I missed that there are no wiki curators this time around.. interesting
18:44 cait congratulations everyone! we got a new release team!
18:45 ashimema_ :)
18:45 wizzyrea \o/
18:45 Joubu congrats ashimema! And good luck! ;)
18:45 ashimema_ Thanks mate :)
18:45 tcohen this will be great, ashimema
18:46 cait ashimema_++ :)
18:46 tcohen ashimema++
18:46 wizzyrea I think it's gonna be fun :D
18:46 cait it's named team for a reason :)
18:46 wizzyrea away just a minute
18:47 cait moving on :)
18:47 * ashimema_ is looking forward to it all now.. I feel we've got a a great team there
18:47 cait #topic Time for next meeting
18:47 Topic for #koha is now Time for next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 8 May 2019)
18:48 cait i think we always do first wednesday of the month
18:48 cait June 5
18:48 cait which time?
18:48 thd almost always
18:48 cait may 1 was a holida yin a lot of places
18:49 thd Yes, holidays and other major events should be avoided.
18:49 cait can someone help with the next time slot?
18:49 davidnind joined #koha
18:49 ashimema_ works for me
18:49 cait it looks like april had 14 utc
18:49 caroline_catlady is there a rotation for times?
18:50 * ashimema_ quickly converts that to bst
18:50 thd Yes, 14 UTC has been used recently.
18:50 cait 4 pm here
18:50 cait shoudl be 3pm uk?
18:51 ashimema_ yup, 3pm
18:51 cait good?
18:51 thd I am uncertain whether we have had drift from preferences as summer time winter time clocks have changed.
18:51 ashimema_ that's OK for me.. though I'll be coming from the mobile phone for some of it (school pickup time)
18:51 cait i think one hour earlier might be slightly better for catching people at work
18:52 cait hm it will be your first RM general :)
18:52 ashimema_ indeed
18:52 ashimema_ could be fun
18:52 cait would be one hour earlier work better?
18:52 ashimema_ it would for me
18:52 cait everyon ok with 13 UTC?
18:52 caroline_catlady +1
18:53 ashimema_ :)
18:53 cait #info Next meeting: 5 June 2019, 13 UTC
18:53 cait #endmeeting
18:53 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
18:53 huginn` Meeting ended Wed May  8 18:53:08 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
18:53 huginn` Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-05-08-18.04.html
18:53 huginn` Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]9-05-08-18.04.txt
18:53 huginn` Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]08-18.04.log.html
18:53 cait thx for attending everyone!
18:53 davidnind cait++
18:53 ashimema_ cait++
18:53 khall joined #koha
18:53 lisettelatah cait++
18:53 ashimema_ apologies for the really late arrival there guys.. silly IRC client faliure
18:53 * ashimema_ goes back to read the minutes and see what he missed
18:53 cait it happens :)
18:54 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
18:54 wahanui Congratulations!
18:54 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #80: FIXED in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/80/
18:54 ashimema_ awesome thing to finish the day on there koha-jenkins :)
18:54 valterbarreira[m] joined #koha
18:55 tcohen cait++
18:56 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
18:56 wahanui Congratulations!
18:56 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #82: FIXED in 37 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D9/82/
18:57 cait koha-jenkins: is celebrating
18:57 koha-jenkins cait did you mean me? Unknown command 'is'
18:57 koha-jenkins Use '!koha-jenkins help' to get help!
19:03 wizzyrea ashimema_, about
19:03 ashimema_ was about to step away..
19:03 ashimema_ but fire away
19:04 wizzyrea I wanted to test bug 22610 wondering if you had a sip string
19:04 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22610 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , SIP Payment Types should be moved out of accountype
19:04 wizzyrea and how do you get Pay01 entries in your DB
19:04 wizzyrea I promise I won't bother after this lol
19:04 ashimema_ ohh.. fun
19:04 ashimema_ erm
19:05 ashimema_ left #koha
19:05 indradg joined #koha
19:05 ashimema joined #koha
19:05 ashimema yeah.. testing SIP sucks
19:05 ashimema I'm afraid I don't really have anything to hand :(
19:05 wizzyrea well a sip string or a sipemulator thing
19:06 wizzyrea it's ok I can make one up
19:06 wizzyrea i just thought if you had one from when you were developing that it would be handy
19:07 ashimema basically.. SIP transactions contain a type string somewhere which is 01, 02 or 03 in 99% of cases (or missing or another numeric in others).. it's that string and it used to just get concatenated onto 'Pay'
19:07 ashimema this is one of those where I mostly coded it by reading the logic.. I did get colin_c to give it a quick once over and he seemed confident (and Kyle has also taken a quick look too)
19:08 ashimema but yeah.. I'm afraid I haven't got an emulator to hand at all :(
19:08 ashimema Kyle might be a good bet?
19:08 wizzyrea right, oki so they get in there via SIP
19:08 wizzyrea I see
19:08 wizzyrea that's alright I think maybe I can work something out. We really ought to have a library of these things.
19:09 ashimema thanks for looking at it.. it'll be another nice little step to having clearer codes and translatability and things
19:09 ashimema yeah.. I agree
19:10 wizzyrea the emulator in misc/ does work well for testing
19:10 wizzyrea it's just fiddly. :)
19:10 * ashimema now realises he didn't hit those patches with the test suit.. wonder if we test that area properly already.. I'll need to write a test
19:10 wizzyrea oh
19:10 * ashimema just failed qa on his own patch.. grr.. curse my haist
19:11 wizzyrea lulz
19:11 wizzyrea well if it makes you feel better
19:11 wizzyrea they currently pass :P
19:11 ashimema it would be great to have some feedback/user testing.. but I will certainly write a test for it now I've spotted that it's not tested
19:11 ashimema oops :S
19:12 * wizzyrea gets out the wet spaghetti noodle for your flogging
19:12 wizzyrea j/k
19:12 ashimema right.. best dissapear for a bit now I'm afraid.. other half would like to see me again this evening.. ;)
19:12 wizzyrea no flogging
19:12 wizzyrea yes
19:12 cait wizzyrea: maybe you could continue testing? tests could be added later
19:12 wizzyrea I'd be happy to
19:12 wizzyrea unit tests are great but I feel my role is more to be concerned by the function ^.^
19:13 wizzyrea unless the unit tests aren't passing then I'd kick it out before even tryin git
19:13 wizzyrea there are bigger brains up the chain from me to say "hey that code is dumb"
19:13 cait that' sok :)
19:14 cait i'll actually try to encourage librarians in that way at kohacon
19:14 cait to care about functionality and tell us what concerns them, let others worry about code
19:14 cait (testing workshop)
19:14 wizzyrea well it feels, i think, more approachable that way
19:15 indradg cait++
19:19 ashimema Testing workshop is the second most popular workshop btw Cait.. after elastic search
19:19 ashimema Your gonna have loads of eager volunteers. 😊
19:23 khall joined #koha
19:31 caroline_catlady ashimema, I seem to remember you wrote a wiki page about the development process? Or was it the development cycle?
19:32 caroline_catlady I'm looking for an explanation on how a request goes from a new bugzilla to being pushed to master
19:33 caroline_catlady ah found it https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]elopment_workflow
19:33 ashimema That rings a bell
19:34 ashimema Oh, nice page.
19:35 ashimema Not mine,. Though I vaguely render writing something similar.. that one looks great though.
19:36 ashimema I don't think I've seen a QA branch pushed in years though so that syrup can probably go
19:36 wizzyrea yeah no
19:36 wizzyrea that was an experiment that kinda went by the wayside
19:36 wizzyrea it was supposed to be a way to get bigger patches in
19:37 davidnind caroline_catlady: cait and rangi
19:37 wizzyrea it kinda morphed into the topic experts thing
19:37 caroline_catlady hello!
19:38 caroline_catlady ashimema, wizzyrea ok so I'll edit that
19:38 caroline_catlady it's juste step 3 that's got to go?
19:39 wizzyrea sure, the branches thing can go away
19:39 wizzyrea :)
19:39 caroline_catlady sending this over to a writer for an article so it has to be correct :)
19:39 davidnind caroline_catlady: cait's presentation from KohaCon18 is great as well[…]/view?usp=sharing
19:40 caroline_catlady thx davidnind!
19:43 ashimema wizzyrea ++ thanks for the feedback.. certainly looks like I've got something wrong.. will hit it first thing tomorrow
19:44 wizzyrea i don't know if it's *wrong*
19:45 wizzyrea but libraries will definitely want to know if a payment was cash or card or whatever
19:45 wizzyrea also sip cli emulator :)
19:45 wizzyrea that's the kind of thing i was hoping for ^.^
19:45 cait sorry, long phone call
19:45 cait reading back later
19:46 cait ashimema: that's a little scarry :) i hope to recruit some more helpers
19:47 cait uh any question for me left? :)
19:47 wizzyrea do you have enough chocolate
19:48 caroline_catlady never enough chocolate, what kind of question is that?
19:48 wizzyrea correctprocedure
19:48 caroline_catlady and never enough ice cream!
19:49 wizzyrea I am spoiled on chocolate, nz has the best chocolate
19:49 wizzyrea sorry germany, it's true.
19:49 caroline_catlady I thought it was belgium
19:49 wizzyrea or belgium
19:49 wizzyrea whatever, nz chocolate = best.
19:49 wizzyrea >.>
19:49 caroline_catlady I remember having the worst tummy ache after going to a chocolate factory in belgium
19:50 caroline_catlady They had FREE samples of EVERYTHING!!
19:50 rangi davidnind: what did i do now?
19:50 wizzyrea be awesome. per usual.
19:51 wizzyrea caroline_catlady, that would certainly cause me to get a chocolate tummy ache
19:51 wizzyrea but i might be thinking/saying "I regret nothing!!!!"
19:52 wizzyrea[…]5FwPpFC/giphy.gif
19:52 caroline_catlady lol same!!
19:53 caroline_catlady[…]0/257/271/a8d.jpg
19:53 wizzyrea bahaha
19:53 davidnind rangi: ? (might have accidentally done something  when posting link to presentation)
19:53 wizzyrea oh
19:53 wizzyrea you aren't on the qa team list anymore
19:53 wizzyrea and they were wanting to twist your arm to be on it
19:54 caroline_catlady davidnind: you pinged me cait and rangi earlier
19:55 cait well they do sell german chocolate in nz.... so
19:56 cait naw... not twist his arm
19:56 cait just auto-put him on qa as formar RM
19:56 davidnind oops!  not sure how I did that (plus y computer froze up earlier as well):-D
19:56 davidnind y = my
19:59 caroline_catlady no prob :)
19:59 ashimema Mine too.. right as the meeting started
20:00 ashimema Yes... rangi we want you for QA team.. 😉
20:00 caroline_catlady I saw that a bunch of ppl got kicked out during the meeting too
20:01 * cait has to go out into the rain to bring hte garbage out *grumbes*
20:01 cait brb
20:01 ashimema For me it was having more problems.. their oftc IRC bridge went down.. seems I found a whole in their active monitoring too
20:01 ashimema Shame.  Matrix used to be soo reliable for me
20:02 wizzyrea ok kiddo pickup time
20:02 wizzyrea afk
20:02 rangi ashimema: i thought i might sit this cycle out, first one in years (ever?) that i havent had a role
20:02 davidnind caroline_catlady cait: has chocolate
20:03 * cait pouts because he fled her team
20:03 rangi hehe
20:03 cait ooooh dark salted caramel....
20:03 cait the jelly tip thing looks interesting
20:04 cait i have made a stash too.... special requests still possible :)
20:04 caroline_catlady same here!
20:04 caroline_catlady I was thinking maple butter candies (if I can find any) or maple sugar cones, and ketchup chips
20:04 rangi ohhh now davidnind has all that, im gonna have to think up something different!
20:05 caroline_catlady davidnind: you're leaving soon right?
20:05 ashimema No worries rangi, we were just all surprised..
20:05 rangi :)
20:06 rangi ill probably just try to write some code and do some signoffs :)
20:06 * ashimema now contemplates whether that's a vote of confidence or a hands up in the air despair.. hehe
20:06 ashimema Cool, 😊. Sometimes it's really nice to be able to concentrate on that stuff again.
20:07 rangi also id like to do some stuff with the manual to get translations being pulled nightly etc
20:08 cait cool :)
20:08 ashimema I hugely enjoyed my hiatus whist on rebus:list and came back so much happier and appreciative of Koha as a whole.. though also occasionally driven to moments of despair still too.. but things certainly seem to be improving rapidly now
20:08 cait reminds me.. i forwarded you an email from bernardo
20:08 cait i am a little lost there, can you take the ball?
20:08 rangi yep ill read it tonight
20:08 ashimema Awesome.
20:08 cait sent to work email i think, because from work
20:09 ashimema I never replied to your thread cait, wasn't ignoring it.  Was just still contemplating it.
20:09 davidnind caroline_catlady:  leaving this Sunday evening, doing this tour before kohacon[…]o-west-5-day-tour
20:10 davidnind rangi: there is never enough chocolate...
20:10 ashimema Very cool davidnind. Sure it'll be lovely
20:10 rangi davidnind: true :)
20:11 caroline_catlady nice!
20:12 caroline_catlady Ireland and UK have been on my bucket list forever. One week in Dublin is a start
20:12 cait ashimema: he was asking if sending the patches as emaisl would help i think
20:12 cait to automate
20:12 lukeG joined #koha
20:13 rangi davidnind: that tour looks great! I'll be looking forward to seeing the photos
20:16 khall joined #koha
20:17 davidnind rangi: will see what I  can do, loving Alex's photos from his trip.
20:17 rangi yeah :)
20:18 cait i was in dublin in tenth grade... 16 or so?
20:18 cait we weren't allowed in any pubs :)
20:20 cait was still fun
20:26 rangi heh
20:34 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
20:34 wahanui Congratulations!
20:34 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #275: FIXED in 18 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D8/275/
20:36 Joubu Yippee, build fixed!
20:36 wahanui Congratulations!
20:36 Joubu ha! I knew it!
20:40 rangi heh
20:43 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D9 build #267: STILL UNSTABLE in 29 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D9/267/
20:47 lukeG1 joined #koha
20:49 davidnind left #koha
21:01 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
21:01 wahanui Congratulations!
21:01 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_U18 build #264: FIXED in 44 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_18.05_U18/264/
21:20 lukeG joined #koha
21:30 caroline_catlady I'll be off the grid until (and during) kohacon send me an email if you need me
21:43 cait oh missed caroline
21:44 cait Joubu++ thx for bug 11853
21:44 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11853 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Cannot clear date of birth via OPAC patron update
21:46 Joubu it was tricky!
22:02 cait I believe you, I looked it and didn#t come with an idea
22:02 cait it's clear what goes wrong... but was not sure how to fix
22:27 wizzyrea and that's signed off
22:27 wizzyrea :)
22:28 wizzyrea https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=22724 hm how are we feeling about her followup here
22:28 huginn` Bug 22724: major, P5 - low, ---, hayleymapley, Needs Signoff , Staff without writeoff permissions have access to 'Write off selected' button on Pay Fines tab
22:28 wizzyrea i'm not sure
22:30 wizzyrea kidclamp ^ is that what you had in mind (it's not exactly what I had in mind but might suffice...)
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23:10 tuxayo joined #koha
23:10 SlackIntegration[m] joined #koha
23:19 papa joined #koha

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