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00:11 dcook Margaret++
00:14 dcook hehe "<oleonard> I'm not an expert, just a fan, but go ahead"
00:16 dcook @later tell oleonard Living in a world of trains is pretty cool. Except when there is trackwork. And there always seems to be trackwork at the most inopportune times...
00:16 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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02:05 dcook @karma dcook
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02:05 dcook @karma
02:05 huginn dcook: Highest karma: "Joubu" (688), "cait" (618), and "tcohen" (372).  Lowest karma: "failed" (-37), "ie" (-37), and "-" (-36).  You (dcook) are ranked 22 out of 865.
02:05 dcook Wow... 22? I don't think I deserve that >_>
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02:30 tuxayo Hi, can someone confirm that an item must have a valid itype? Then in a subcription the item type <select> should never be left empty right?
02:30 tuxayo But it's not a requiered field
02:34 tuxayo But a Koha instance, I find a lot of empty strings itypes. And i checked one and the subcription has an empty string value for itemtype
02:37 dcook Goood question
02:37 dcook I don't know for sure but I don't think I have any items that don't have valid itypes
02:38 dcook But I don't think I have many subscriptions that create items either
02:48 tuxayo dcook: « I don't think I have any items that don't have valid itypes» Great :D if you need to check, try
02:48 tuxayo SELECT itype, count(*) FROM items WHERE biblionumber IN       (SELECT biblionumber        FROM subscription) group by itype;
02:48 tuxayo Because of bug 20461
02:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20461 normal, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, Pushed to Stable , New subscription form: "Item type" and "item type for older issues" fields are ignored
02:49 dcook Oh I have a lot of Koha instances I'd need to check O_O
02:49 dcook That's very interesting though
02:53 tuxayo dcook About subcriptions, you always fill the item type field right?
02:53 tuxayo «I have a lot of Koha instances I'd need to check O_O»
02:53 tuxayo at BibLibre we have a script that we run on each upgrade to catch such issues.
02:54 tuxayo[…]/
02:54 tuxayo And I'm adding checks for this subscription issue.
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05:26 marcelr hi #koha
05:27 josef_moravec1 hi marcelr
05:27 marcelr hi josef_moravec1
05:48 paxed shouldn't [% FILTER remove('\t') %] ... [% END %] strip away all tab chars from that block?
05:53 dcook Looks like that would just remove the first one?
05:53 dcook As it should be a regex
05:53 dcook Ah wait nevermind
05:53 dcook I have no idea
05:53 dcook[…]on_remove_string_
05:53 josef_moravec1 i wold try remove ('\t+')paxed:
05:53 dcook Yeah it's probably looking for a literal string of \t
05:54 dcook Oh my it's much later than I thought it was...
05:54 josef_moravec1 hi dcook ;)
05:54 dcook heya :)
05:54 * dcook needs to jet off in about 6 minutes
05:54 * dcook wonders how many support requests he can fit into 6 minutes
05:54 paxed interestingly, browsers on windows throw a fit if there's a tab char in json, but linux is happy with it
05:55 * paxed grumbles something about tab chars in database text fields
05:55 dcook Innnteresting!
05:55 dcook I'm surprised by that
05:57 paxed i guess the browsers offload the json parsing or validation to OS lib
05:58 paxed i think i tried the '\t+', but it still wasn't working
05:58 paxed ended up removing the tab chars in the db fields, but need to figure out a TT solution, or input field validation
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06:07 dcook good luck paxed
06:07 * dcook is off for the weekend
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06:17 fridolin hi there
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06:39 alex_a bonjour
06:42 josef_moravec1 hi alex_a
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06:45 alex_a hello josef_moravec1
06:45 reiveune hello
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07:49 * ashimema tries to apease the Jenkins gods
07:55 * cait sighs
07:55 cait no more checkin notice from offline circ
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07:57 cait AndrewIsh: around? :)
07:58 AndrewIsh cait:  I am!
07:58 cait :)
07:58 cait just resetting my db to have a clean start
07:59 AndrewIsh OK, can we give it an hour or so? I've got a company meeting in 30 mins and am just catching up on Bugzilla at the moment
07:59 cait ah ok
08:00 * ashimema is also on the manic catch up after being out for 2 days
08:00 ashimema Morning cait
08:03 cait reminds me
08:03 cait does someone have an overview of waht information we send out via sip2?
08:03 cait or an idea... on how to figure that out? (patron information that is)
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08:05 * andreashm waves
08:06 ashimema it should be in the SIP2 specs I would think
08:06 ashimema let me query colin.. the sip2 god here
08:06 cait i need what we send from Koha specifically
08:06 cait the specs is not clear enough there
08:07 cait i might en dup trying to read the code if none of you has somehting done already (little scared)
08:18 ashimema jenkins.. you're not telling the world you're happy again yet...
08:18 ashimema but I know you are..
08:18 ashimema D8 just turned green
08:18 ashimema where are you jenkins?
08:23 ashimema D9 happy
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08:26 marcelr ashimema:
08:26 marcelr ashimema: could you test a follow-up for me on shibboleth a bit later ?
08:27 marcelr bug 17776
08:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17776 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, BLOCKED , Shibboleth Authentication is broken in plack
08:27 ashimema sure
08:27 marcelr minor details..
08:27 ashimema I'm currently fighting a bit of a backlog.. builds up quick doesn't it
08:27 ashimema but will certainly make time for shibboleth
08:27 marcelr empty your todo list
08:28 marcelr if it is important it comes back :)
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08:29 ashimema lol.. I have 79 commits on master to asses for rmaint.. an Ill walkthrough to do for cait (with andrewish),.. an Ill backend to fix so testing can proceed on ill migrate functionality again..
08:29 ashimema and that all before I start the real day job.. haha
08:29 ashimema all fun.. i'll get there
08:30 ashimema shout when you want me to take a look anyways :)
08:30 marcelr will do
08:30 marcelr it will be just to verify we dont break things
08:31 * andreashm is looking at bug 11512.
08:31 ashimema excellent
08:31 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
08:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11512 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , Only allow to override maximum number of holds from staff as other overrides would never be filled
08:32 andreashm So before this was added to master basicaly hold overrides by staff never worked (never filled)?
08:32 cait correct
08:32 cait unless it was a 'too many' override
08:32 cait it it was an itemtype not allowed for holds or so it never worked
08:32 andreashm explains some weirdness with holds that we've seen
08:33 cait but you wouldn#t see that which led to problems
08:33 andreashm (=never filled)
08:33 cait yeah that was not well done, i am happy to see the fix
08:33 cait now at least behaviour shoudl be better
08:34 andreashm yes, but it's also making a mess for quite a few Swedish libraries (see the last comment on the bug)
08:34 cait woudl be nice to have a way of trapping the others too
08:34 andreashm apparently it's common to add holds for lost
08:34 cait yeah... but they woudl not trap
08:34 andreashm in Sweden
08:34 cait i think
08:34 andreashm nope, they did
08:34 cait ah, then it's an oversight we shoudl fix
08:35 andreashm we don't do that though (put holds on lost books), so never had a problem with it
08:35 cait it's when you disallow holds on lost from opac but want to still do it in staff?
08:35 andreashm I think so
08:35 andreashm want to make it possible for staff to override
08:36 cait i've commented on the bug
08:36 andreashm great!
08:39 cait hm just realized it hasn'tbee pushed yet
08:39 cait doh.
08:39 cait so we could still fix it
08:39 cait marcelr: what do you think?
08:39 cait oh it is pushed... i am confusing myself today. *me goes to sort things out*
08:39 marcelr hi cait
08:39 cait ignore me (this time)
08:39 cait i confused bugs
08:39 marcelr nooo
08:40 marcelr bugs confuse me too
08:40 * andreashm is always confused, more or less
08:40 cait you people are nice :)
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08:52 cait morning jzairo :)
08:56 andreashm It seems we missed the introduction of the MarkLostItemsAsReturned syspref and the change of the default behaviour of the the script when we upgraded to 17.11. Lots of lost books now returned. Ouch.
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09:21 marcelr ok ashimema have a try
09:21 marcelr dont be scared for the last follow-up :)
09:22 marcelr restart Plack !
09:23 ashimema ta
09:24 ashimema just reading bug 18947 at the minute, but you'll be next once I have ;)
09:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18947 major, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Unexpected Active Directory LDAP authentication failure mode
09:25 marcelr ashimema: note that i amended your second patch too; but that is just text
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09:36 RudyW Testin Koha 18.05 on Ubuntu 18.04 - Getting Ldap error
09:36 RudyW LDAP search failed to return object : 000004DC: LdapErr: DSID-0C0907C2, comment: In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection.
09:37 RudyW (same configuration working on Koha 16.04 / Ubuntu 16.04) Any ideas?
09:37 ashimema that's the same issue that's just been reported on the above bug.. last couple of comments
09:37 ashimema I'm investifating
09:39 RudyW Would any logfiles from our system be helpful?
09:40 ashimema marcelr that's a nice followup.. good bit of code cleaning..
09:40 marcelr tested it ?
09:40 ashimema I can't see any issue with it.. just going to load it into my test rig to check for real now
09:40 marcelr right
09:41 ashimema I have a habbit of reading first, then testing second ;)
09:42 marcelr dont stop good habits
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09:49 magnuse \o/
09:50 marcelr hi magnuse
09:50 josef_moravec1 hi magnuse
09:52 magnuse moin marcelr and josef_moravec1
09:53 magnuse hm... i turned on RESTOAuth2ClientCredentials, and "about koha" complains about Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer missing. but "sudo apt-cache policy libnet-oauth2-authorizationserver-perl" says  0.17-1~koha+1 is installed
09:54 magnuse "sudo apt-get install libnet-oauth2-authorizationserver-perl" says libnet-oauth2-authorizationserver-perl is already the newest version (0.17-1~koha+1).
09:54 magnuse perl -e "use Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer" says "Can't locate Crypt/ in @INC (you may need to install the Crypt::PRNG module)"
09:54 magnuse anyone got a clue how to get out of this conundrum?
09:55 magnuse i could'nt apt-get install libcrypt-prng-perl. should i try cpan'ing it?
09:56 matts magnuse, I had to cpan it, yes. And it did the trick.
10:00 ashimema @later tell kidclamp ca you catch me when you come online.. want to discus ldap quickly after a couple of people reporting issues this morning resulting from bug 18947
10:00 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
10:01 kidclamp been reading it ashimema
10:01 kidclamp also, hi!
10:01 davidnind https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20826
10:01 huginn Bug 20826: major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , libnet-oauth2-authorizationserver-perl not installable on 32bit systems
10:01 marcelr hi kidclamp
10:02 kidclamp should a user, once buond as themself, be able to lookup themself?
10:02 ashimema oh.. thought it was too early for you
10:02 kidclamp we upgraded a site to 18.05, they had ldap issues but we added anonymous_bind=0 and it started working
10:02 kidclamp I try to get up this early, have just been failing lately :-)
10:02 kidclamp hi marcelr
10:03 ashimema hehe
10:03 ashimema well I 'think' you can disable all 'search' for users in an ldap directory as a blanket security policy
10:03 ashimema so although they should be able to see themselves they cant 'find' themselves via search
10:03 magnuse matts: thanks!
10:03 cait kidclamp: before i ofrget - will you send roles page to the mailing lists? we also need to add to next general meeting agenda
10:04 ashimema must admit though.. it's been a while since I dug deep into ldap :(
10:04 ashimema our ldap code is a mess.. I've been meaning to clarify it for years
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10:07 RudyW kidclamp, where exactly did you add anonymous_bind=0  ?
10:07 ashimema in the config RudyW
10:07 kidclamp I also commented out the user/pass defined in the config (but ours was bogus)
10:08 ashimema are you doing replicate or create kidclamp?
10:08 RudyW ok, let me try that
10:08 ashimema i've narrowed it down to those being enabled
10:09 kidclamp replicate, not create
10:09 ashimema seems in LDAP there is no way to 'get me' without doing a search upon yourself
10:09 ashimema that's annoying
10:09 ashimema it's this line that's fireing and causing the error I think:[…]
10:10 ashimema RudyW.. could you try something for me in a minute?
10:11 RudyW Sure, let me know
10:11 ashimema in your koha.conf try disabling auth_by_bind (i.e. set it to 0)
10:12 kidclamp we didn't change that line though :-) not in 18947 anyways
10:12 ashimema that way it'll go back to a search before bind patturn
10:12 RudyW ok, that I tried already. It did not make difference
10:12 ashimema no.. but we changed the anonymous setting so it was handled more accurately
10:12 ashimema :(
10:12 ashimema ok
10:13 kidclamp though in the case reported on the bug - if you hd user/pass defined, then anonymous was not enabled
10:14 ashimema it makes no sense to have anon_bind set to 0 and also have a username and password defined
10:14 ashimema that's silly
10:15 ashimema they're mutually exclusive
10:15 ashimema aren't they?
10:15 ashimema certainly in the auth_by_bind approach
10:15 kidclamp sorry, it was previous to 18947 - if you had no user pass then anon_bind was assumed enabled
10:15 kidclamp even if you said nop
10:16 ashimema and we don't really do non auth_by_bind anymore.. it used to mean auth_by_password_comparisson if auth_by_bind was off
10:16 kidclamp so auth_by_bind wouldn't work without a user pass, though you shouldn't need them, as you should bind as the user
10:17 ashimema right now.. if you enable anon then you are explicitly throwing away user + password in effect
10:17 ashimema it was the oposite way around before
10:17 ashimema if you had user + password then you explicitly threw away anon_bind as a setting
10:17 ashimema I think we need to throw warning about incompatible configurations
10:18 ashimema for a create or replicate senario we always need a user that can search the ldap directory.. whether that's an anon user, a service user or the user searching for themself
10:19 ashimema does that make sense?
10:20 kidclamp I think it does - what I don't really see is what changed in the code that would cause new errors to pop up
10:20 kidclamp at least with the config example in the report
10:20 kidclamp but I just woke up too, so take me with a grain of salt
10:21 davidnind left #koha
10:21 ashimema I'll do a quick before and after.. on sec
10:25 marcelr ashimema: did you finish the shibboleth thing btw ?
10:25 ashimema not yet.. sorry.. I got pulled into this ldap thing
10:26 marcelr no problem. just add a comment on bz
10:26 marcelr thx
10:26 marcelr have to go now
10:26 marcelr bye #koah
10:26 marcelr koha
10:33 RudyW for that ldap thing - should I just wait for the next release? - I'm only testing so no rush for me
10:33 ashimema deffo wair for 18.05.05 at least
10:34 ashimema even if I fix it today, it wont be out there until we've gone through so, qa and release
10:34 ashimema ;)
10:36 eythian Oh just missed marcelr. I'm biking to his city in an hour or so.
10:40 cait email? :)
10:42 eythian Well, I'm basically biking to the train station and taking that to Amsterdam, so doesn't warrant an email.
10:43 cait ah
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11:24 josef_moravec1 cait++ for trying to pass through ILL patches jungle ;)
11:24 ashimema watch out for the snakes
11:24 cait working with Andrew on it - send him cookies
11:25 cait AndrewIsh++
11:25 josef_moravec1 cookies for all!
11:25 ashimema Janet loaded him up with Ginger cookies yesterday..
11:25 cait ok... hten maybe send me cookies!
11:26 * ashimema presumes AndrewIsh actually had some?
11:26 AndrewIsh They were nommy
11:26 * andreashm wants cookies now
11:26 andreashm ha! found some.
11:27 andreashm perks of working from home
11:28 cait marcelr++ # pqa on bug 17776
11:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17776 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Passed QA , Shibboleth Authentication is broken in plack
11:28 cait confetti!
11:28 wahanui o/`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
11:29 cait does someone have a moment to take a look at bug 21496?
11:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21496 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes. at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/ line 273.
11:31 ashimema I can add it to my list cait.. but it's a long list at the moment so hopefully someone will get to it before me.
11:31 * ashimema sends cait virtual cookies
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11:34 oleonard Hi #koha
11:34 josef_moravec1 hi oleonrad
11:39 cait the no calories cookies... virtual :)
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12:38 AndrewIsh Anyone know how to get "git bz apply" to apply bugs lower in the dependency tree first?
12:39 oleonard AndrewIsh: It should do that automatically
12:39 oleonard Are you sure you're using the latest version?
12:39 AndrewIsh Highly unlikely ;-) I'll update it! Thanks oleonard
12:40 cait you might need to switch the branch
12:40 cait my devbox says it's using apply_on_cascade
12:40 AndrewIsh Oooh, interesting
12:40 cait oleonard: you are working with kohadevbox too, right?
12:40 AndrewIsh I'm on fishsoup branch, whatever that is
12:41 AndrewIsh I'll switch, thanks cait
12:41 cait is there a apply_on_cascade in yorus?
12:41 cait the kohadevbox seems to only have that branch, which is a little odd
12:41 AndrewIsh Seemingly not, weird
12:41 cait but it works well
12:41 AndrewIsh https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_bz_configuration mentions the apply_on_cascade branch
12:42 cait yep that matches with what i see
12:42 AndrewIsh Aha, I re-cloned and I now have that branch
12:42 ashimema lol
12:42 cait this is good
12:42 cait we already updated/clarified some docs today
12:43 AndrewIsh Yay, it now works :-D
12:43 magnuse have fun #koha!
12:56 cait severine++ # sign off on bug 15774
12:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15774 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Additional fields for baskets
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13:01 caroline joined #koha
13:01 caroline good morning!
13:03 oleonard Hi caroline
13:04 * oleonard accepts caroline's good morning and applies it effortlessly to his time of day
13:04 cait heh
13:04 cait oleonard: love your sketches :)
13:04 cait good morning caroline :)
13:07 oleonard Thanks cait!
13:19 Margaret joined #koha
13:34 tcohen morning
13:34 Margaret good morning #koha
13:35 caroline Hi tcohen, Margaret!
13:35 Margaret hi caroline
13:36 caroline We just got a call about (they mistook libro and inlibro)
13:38 oleonard Did you successfully sell them Koha?
13:38 caroline no :(
13:38 caroline Maybe libki if they were an "internet cafe" (do these even exist anymore?)
13:44 oleonard I'm going to start an internet cafe which only provides access to the internet of 1998.
13:44 oleonard Bye guys, I'm super-rich now.
13:44 caroline XD
13:45 caroline The cafe will be filled with sounds of modems connecting
13:45 caroline And no one will be able to use the telephone at the same time
13:46 caroline ah. the good old days! no multitasking ;)
13:46 andreashm =)
13:47 ashimema oleonard around?
13:47 oleonard No I'm counting my riches following my billion-dollar internet cafe business idea
13:47 ashimema lol
13:48 ashimema JS12: I'm stuck tryig to rebase something to conform to it :(
13:48 ashimema is there anything obviously wrong here to you:[…]2bffb47452b1be80c
13:48 ashimema ?
13:48 ashimema pretty please
13:50 oleonard I can't see anything just by eyeballing it. What problem are you seeing?
13:50 LeeJ joined #koha
13:51 * LeeJ waves
13:51 LeeJ hi #koha
13:51 ashimema `[% Asset.js("js/pages/stockrotation.js") | $raw %]` isn't loading whatsoever
13:51 caroline Hi LeeJ!
13:51 ashimema the rest seems to be
13:51 LeeJ caroline: hello! :D
13:51 caroline Good to see you!
13:51 LeeJ caroline++ # for running the meeting in my absence
13:51 LeeJ caroline: glad to have a working connection! :D
13:55 LeeJ caroline: so to catch up, are all the current release notes reflected in taiga?
13:55 caroline let me check
13:55 LeeJ caroline: okay :)
13:56 tcohen ashimema: found it :-D
13:56 tcohen [% USE Asset %]
13:56 tcohen :-P
13:56 caroline LeeJ: I didn't do the one from 2 days ago[…]es/commits/master
13:57 LeeJ caroline: so it's updated except for the latest updates from 2 days ago?
13:57 oleonard Oh dang I thought I checked that tcohen!
13:57 ashimema ahh.. thanks!
13:57 caroline yup
13:58 caroline And I only checked the new features and enhancements, I didn't go through the bug fixes
13:59 LeeJ caroline: okay...thank you for picking up the slack for me! <3 I'll resume control if it's okay with you now that I have time :)
13:59 LeeJ caroline: per Joubu in the past, bug fixes don't get documented anyway :)
13:59 caroline yup! no problem!
13:59 caroline That's what I figured
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14:00 andreashm bye #koha
14:02 * LeeJ flexes manual muscles
14:03 cait jajm++
14:03 oleonard LeeJ:[…]rmlessGartersnake
14:03 LeeJ oleonard: exactly!
14:06 LeeJ caroline: this is the commit you didn't do, correct?[…]912df09444f68de2e
14:06 caroline LeeJ: that is correct
14:07 LeeJ caroline: okay :)
14:07 LeeJ feels great to be back
14:07 LeeJ my job has been stressing me out so much lately with so much stuff out of my hands :(
14:11 cait oleonard: we just wondered if you could take a look at ILL at some point :)
14:11 cait saying.. it needs owen
14:12 alex_a_ Anyone knows who's in charge of community domain name here?
14:12 alex_a_ I need a new one for Mana server
14:12 cait alex_a_: rangi can do it i think - but all names should be listed on the wiki
14:12 cait who hosts what page
14:12 caroline https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]te_Administration
14:12 caroline (incidentally, the page was already open in my browser)
14:13 alex_a_ no name for
14:13 alex_a_ So rangi ?
14:14 oleonard You'll have to @later him alex_a_, he may not be in until after the weekend
14:15 caroline I've seen him around on friday evenings (for us, so saturday morning for him)
14:15 alex_a_ I'll use an old technology: email
14:16 kmlussier joined #koha
14:16 * LeeJ looks up from release notes to kidclamp and blinks...27 enhancements added from 2 days ago? Really?! haha
14:17 kidclamp push all the things?
14:17 kidclamp no LeeJ?
14:17 LeeJ haha
14:17 LeeJ kidclamp: you've been busy :)
14:17 cait there will be more
14:18 * LeeJ is terrified to run a git pull on his devbox because it hasn't been updated since early August
14:22 oleonard Oh I think that's the best
14:22 oleonard Love to see all those commits go by
14:22 * ashimema ducks
14:24 caroline kidclamp for you
14:24 caroline even has the mini blond mohawk like you
14:24 kidclamp yas!
14:24 caroline I should have added the mustache...
14:24 cait kidclamp: 3 or 4 ILL patches in your queue now... pleas push soon
14:24 cait this tree is growing
14:26 CrispyBran joined #koha
14:27 ashimema hehe
14:27 * ashimema is very hopeful SR is very close to PQA too now
14:27 * CrispyBran waves
14:27 ashimema tcohen++ has been awesome with it
14:28 * cait loves all the action and progress :)
14:29 caroline what is SR? (just curious)
14:29 caroline looking through and it's not much help
14:29 kidclamp Stock Rotation
14:30 CrispyBran Can anyone here help me break down the GetDescriptionByKohaField subroutine in  I need a little help understanding how it works.
14:31 CrispyBran Line by line, preferably.
14:34 ashimema ta kidclamp for clarifying SR = Stock Rotation
14:34 ashimema which in turn should not be confused for RC = Rotating Collections ;)
14:34 ashimema they're rather different features
14:35 caroline what is the difference?
14:37 * oleonard stage-whispers NOBODY KNOWS
14:42 kmlussier joined #koha
14:49 Margaret_ joined #koha
14:50 kidclamp as I understand the basics: rotating collections defines a group of items, then you can move that group around - stock rotation defines a 'rota' or set of conditions for moving items - you attach an item to that rota and then it travels on it's own
14:50 kidclamp but I could be wrong
14:53 caroline thx for the explanation kidclamp
14:54 caroline what's the use case? is it like the item modification by age on steroids?
14:59 Freddy_Enrique joined #koha
14:59 corilynn trying to checkout sandbox 6 with no joy :(
15:00 ashimema perfect kidclamp
15:00 ashimema really well summarised
15:00 ashimema sorta yes caroline
15:00 ashimema public libraries in the UK are cash poor ;)..
15:01 ashimema So.. when a popular book comes out they don't buy one copy for each branch, but one copy for all branches to share..
15:02 ashimema to make sure each branch gets a turn the book is added to a 'rotation plan' and it then sits at a branch untill it's alloted time is up, then gets automatically moved to the next branch in the chain where it again sits untill it's time is up again
15:02 cait corilynn: what#s the problem? bywater sandbox?
15:03 ashimema our understanding on 'Rotating Collections' was that it was much more about the collecting of a group of books in the same place at the same time.. so for say a book club or display
15:03 corilynn the biblibre sandbox from the wiki/video I just watched. I want to poke around bug # 18823
15:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Advanced editor - Rancor - add ability to edit records in import batches
15:03 corilynn that one
15:03 ashimema they could be specialised cases of each other.. tcohen and I are discussing how we migh achieve that
15:04 reiveune bye
15:04 reiveune left #koha
15:06 corilynn cait, are there bywater sandboxes as well?
15:07 tuxayo josef_moravec1: around?
15:07 josef_moravec1 tuxayo: yes
15:09 caroline ugh. I wrote a big response to you ashimema but accidentally press the down arrow and my text disappeared... oh well... thanks for the explanation :)
15:09 ashimema oops
15:09 ashimema no worries
15:10 tuxayo caroline: does ctrl-z on the field helps? Which irc client are you using?
15:10 caroline Smuxi
15:11 oleonard Gesundheit
15:11 caroline I wish they made a nice looking irc client. They are all so ugly
15:12 Freddy_Enrique Smuxi...
15:13 Freddy_Enrique uhm... try pidgin :3
15:13 Freddy_Enrique Greetings everyone
15:13 caroline Hi Freddy_Enrique!
15:13 tuxayo josef_moravec1: I though you where going to start a major work on bug 18723 as I saw you assigned. But I missed you patch which is quite simple.
15:13 tuxayo Anyway, bug 12310 will be rebooter with simpler specs after discussions during KohaCon. So I feared that we would have conflicting works.
15:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18723 critical, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, Failed QA , Dot not recognized as decimal separator on receive
15:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12310 major, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, Failed QA , Decimal separators issues in patrons payments/fines
15:13 tuxayo *rebooted
15:14 caroline Pidgin says "We do not provide pre-built packages for Linux and Unix distributions." ugh...
15:14 tcohen caroline: sudo apt install pidgin?
15:15 caroline thx tcohen! They could at least put that on the page
15:17 CrispyBran Question: in the opac, if an opac description doesn't exist for an authorised value, should the opac default to the regular description or code?
15:18 caroline I thought it was the regular description
15:18 josef_moravec1 tuxayo: on 18723, I tried just to cover the basic error which make a problem for us at production (although I belive there is workaround), but my patch is not working very well and it needed more attention, i just haven't had time yet ;)
15:19 fridolin left #koha
15:19 josef_moravec1 tuxayo: there is definitaly much more problems in the way Koha is working with prices...
15:20 tuxayo josef_moravec1: I have to hurry so I can also adapt it to bz 18823 so you could test if it's okay for you.
15:20 josef_moravec1 tuxayo: Just an idea: what if we have a parse/create function for making price object from string - similar like dt_from_string makes datetime object... it could help... just an idea
15:20 josef_moravec1 tuxayo: no problem, i would like to test it
15:21 CrispyBran caroline, it might currently, but I'm wondering if it should, or if it should fail to the code.  I could see arguments for both.
15:21 caroline CrispyBran: what would be the arguments for code?
15:22 CrispyBran If the regular description has content for staff eyes only.
15:22 CrispyBran Although, I guess if someone is going to do that, then they should create an Opac Description
15:23 caroline That's what I was going to say
15:23 CrispyBran Thanks for helping me walk that out
15:25 josef_moravec1 have to go, bye koha
15:25 caroline Freddy_Enrique: what did you put in the "User" box when you configured your pidgin?
15:31 caroline1 joined #koha
15:32 corilynn cait (or someone?), now I see the bywater sandboxes, and I've clicked on "create" but what do I put for Git remote & branch for 18823
15:33 bag I am asking khall to come to into channel so he can answer your questions
15:33 cait thx bag
15:33 * oleonard waves to bag
15:33 cait corilynn: sorry, was distracted, but khall knows all the things about sandboxes
15:34 corilynn kewl
15:34 corilynn thx bag, cait :)
15:34 bag :D
15:36 khall joined #koha
15:36 khall_ joined #koha
15:36 corilynn khall_, I hear you are the person to talk to about sandboxes
15:37 khall corilynn: if you are talking about you are correct!
15:37 corilynn I can be talking about those ones...
15:37 corilynn my current question is:  I've clicked on "create" but what do I put for Git remote & branch for 18823
15:38 khall corilynn: you can leave those empty in this case, because that bug ( as most bugs do ) has the patches attached to the report itself.
15:39 corilynn kewl
15:39 khall instead you should just puddt the bug number in the box where it says "Enter Koha community bug number"
15:39 corilynn did do that...
15:40 corilynn I'm super excited to test this bug :)
15:40 cait bug 18823
15:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Advanced editor - Rancor - add ability to edit records in import batches
15:41 corilynn that's the one
15:42 oleonard cait: With so many pending ILL patches I feel like I need to wait before I can take a look
15:43 tuxayo josef_moravec1: what came out is this:[…]eGL5g9sCd70ki2j1/
15:43 tuxayo paul_p discussed about bug 12310 with kidclamp at the KohaCon and they would push for simpler requirements than the ones that I got at the 2018 march hackfest
15:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12310 major, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, Failed QA , Decimal separators issues in patrons payments/fines
15:44 cait oleonard: np, you are right about that
15:44 oleonard poor tuxayo and his white whale the decimal separator
15:44 cait it's quite a work in progress right now
15:44 cait tuxayo: i am still for match the input to the display ;)
15:45 cait so if we display with comma, allow that, and if wedisplay . do that
15:45 cait i saw that josef wrote a patch for the problem with the mix-up on receive
15:45 tuxayo oleonard: thanks for you compassion.
15:45 tuxayo i'm quite happy if we can get away with such simple specs.
15:45 cait we might want to have that anyway for backporting
15:47 caroline tuxayo: so if I understand the new specs correctly, only the dot will be allowed and it will block if we use a comma?
15:55 caroline cait, LeeJ I was not sure about this[…]ocs-1805/task/699 should we put the gitlab url? right now its this[…]ocs.git;a=summary
15:56 corilynn khall, maybe I did something wrong? The advanced editor is hanging on "Loading, please wait..." (chrome & ff)
15:56 caroline The section is called "Contributing to the manual", I figured pointing to gitlab would be better?
15:58 cait good question
15:58 cait one is the official... but the other is our working repo
15:58 cait do you have a link to th epage?
15:58 caroline the page of the manual?
15:58 cait yes
15:59 caroline last line[…]ing-to-the-manual
15:59 caroline I'm also adding a link to the wiki page on editing the manual
16:02 ashimema it's party time
16:02 tuxayo why?
16:03 tuxayo caroline: No, either both could be accepted. Or we could follow CurrencyFormat to allow only one separator on the same Koha instance
16:03 tuxayo cait if that can help the future patch to make it to master then so be it. Only allow the one in CurrencyFormat. And the librarians that needed that during the march hackfest could still push for a second patch allowing both comma and dot.
16:05 cait sounds good to me
16:05 cait but super tired right now, just leaving for the weekend
16:07 cait 306 changes on bugzilla - not bad for a friday :)
16:07 tuxayo cait: thanks for your help making the specs converge.
16:07 corilynn what's the status I should put if signoff isn't okay?
16:08 cait failed qa
16:09 cait with a comment of what didn't work
16:09 cait if it doesn' tapply 'patch doesn't apply'
16:09 cait ok, really leaving now :) have a nice weekend all!
16:09 cait left #koha
16:22 ashimema have a good weekend cait
16:22 ashimema missed her
16:22 ashimema time for me to clock out too.. I'm shattered
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: DBRev <[…]65f9a415d485ceea0>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21481: (QA follow-up) Remove last reference to text-extract2 <[…]6f7c4b5a2e5e4e2f2>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Make DB update idempotent <[…]67c435dac01fc7c06>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21481: Remove reference of *-staff-help.po from koha-translate <[…]c643cb7e3d5da5942>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21481: Remove obsolete files from translation toolkit <[…]2146041d3715fc584>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21481: Remove *-staf-help.po files <[…]ec6dc230f96770170>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21481: Remove references to help from LangInstaller <[…]df371c6cd8b5d36b2>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: (QA follow-up) Remove last occurences of old max_holds <[…]02ea76ae9d4a90e2d>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Add tests <[…]3e23125101338f84b>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Replace croak with exceptions <[…]93a71c9b8d1ddd5d8>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Fix POD c/p issues <[…]400a31dce3b0edb1e>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Add foreign keys <[…]c7dc4f9ff28f12966>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Add 2 missing html filters <[…]b9873c388f41e6692>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Use get_effective_rule instead of search <[…]914b76847ba51a49e>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Insert undef instead of '*' <[…]19b7af39f99025ef0>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Fix DB structure issues <[…]0849fcbee9c17ee67>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Fix issues caused by rebase <[…]6c568e73ec932874f>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: (follow-up) Fix null/empty behavior <[…]db80576e72e050d2a>
16:25 ashimema :'(
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: (follow-up) Fix behavior for default branch/category <[…]3e03b8702166bb41c>
16:25 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 18887: Port max_holds rules to new CirculationRules system <[…]592aa9a772d27f253>
16:25 ashimema why do the queues always grow
16:26 kidclamp we
16:26 kidclamp we'd be more sad if they didn't ashimema
16:26 ashimema indeed.. very true
16:27 ashimema it's friday.. I'm tired ;)
16:27 ashimema catching up is gonna have to wait for monday for me I tihnk
16:28 * kidclamp sends ashimema a pint
16:28 * oleonard is happy to see the patch for Bug 21418 pushed
16:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21418 critical, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Incorrectly filtered markup in staff client lists
16:28 ashimema :)
16:28 ashimema hope you'll be in Dublin next year kidclamp.. i owe you guys some pints ;)
16:29 kidclamp I'll do my best, I really got my eyes set on making NZ
16:30 ashimema lol
16:30 ashimema this morning my queue started at 79.. I just got myself to 12 and now I'm back to 79!
16:30 ashimema nicely done ;)
16:47 oleonard Anyone else getting an error in master when checking out?
16:47 oleonard Undefined subroutine &C4::Circulation::getnextacctno called at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/C4/ line 3194.
17:05 tuxayo As said in the previous messages (18:03), If there is no strong need to support both dot and comma as decimal separators, I'll go with only one (from CurrencyFormat) for the patch.
17:05 tuxayo cc caroline_lunch kidclamp ashimema oleonard  . Is there someone else having an opinion on this?
17:06 kidclamp librarians probably, but is easier to get attention once we do it wring and they upgrade :-)
17:07 dpk_ joined #koha
17:08 cait joined #koha
17:28 tuxayo kidclamp: thanks, let's do this, I'm sure they will prefer having to push for an enhacement patch if that's the price for not getting decimal truncation or x100 in the value ^^
17:29 Margaret_ joined #koha
17:33 tuxayo «As said in the previous messages (18:03)»
17:33 tuxayo Hue hue hue I forgot that due to the roundness of earth, time isn't the same everywhere :D
17:47 tcohen @later tell mtompset I've added support for 'bionic' to kohadevbox
17:47 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
17:49 * cait waves
17:49 cait tcohen: can we talk koha-docker/kohadevbox sometime next week?
17:50 caroline tuxayo: Following CurrencyFormat but just for the decimal, right? No thousands separator
17:52 tuxayo caroline: Yes that's right.
17:52 caroline tuxayo: I'm cool with that
17:53 tuxayo caroline: thanks :D
18:00 tcohen cait: whenever you want
18:01 HomerunDiva joined #koha
18:25 cori_lynn joined #koha
18:38 * CrispyBran waves
18:39 caroline Hi CrispyBran!
18:39 CrispyBran hello!
18:42 tcohen hi CrispyBran
18:43 CrispyBran hello
18:43 wahanui salut, CrispyBran
19:05 sophie_m joined #koha
19:10 CrispyBran_ joined #koha
19:13 Blink joined #koha
19:18 AndrewIsh joined #koha
19:29 kidclamp have a good weekend koha
19:48 paul_p joined #koha
19:58 gveranis joined #koha
19:59 Freddy_Enrique see ya all :)
19:59 Freddy_Enrique left #koha
20:01 gveranis hi all I would like to ask something for apply patch on sandbox
20:01 gveranis can anyone ?
20:01 gveranis I receive a message like that
20:01 gveranis Apply? [(y)es, (n)o, (i)nteractive] Patch left in /tmp/Bug-19687-Undefined-subrouti​ne-in-bulkmarcimport-N8pRY1.patch
20:02 gveranis that mean that the patch has not been applied ?
20:02 bag not yet - you need to say - yes
20:02 bag y
20:03 gveranis how ?
20:03 gveranis I receive it on a html page on sandbox
20:03 gveranis here :
20:03 bag oh
20:03 bag hmmm khall you still here?
20:03 gveranis I don't think that I have access on code there ;)
20:04 bag yeah you don’t
20:04 bag I think it maybe a bug in the sandboxes - khall would know for sure
20:04 bag hey may have left for the day
20:06 gveranis ok thanks I will wait if not I try something else to sign-off this bug
20:06 khall gveranis: that means the bug you tried to apply no longer applies, you'll need to set the bug status to "Patch doesn't apply" and wait for the developer to fix it
20:06 * khall runs away ;)
20:06 gveranis ok thanks
20:06 khall gveranis: I would just delete that sandbox for the time being
20:07 khall test each bug on a fresh one :)
20:07 khall np!
20:07 gveranis yes I will do it
20:07 khall have a great weekend all!
20:09 CrispyBran_ joined #koha
20:12 jzairo joined #koha
20:14 sameee joined #koha
20:20 paul_p joined #koha
20:24 Dyrcona joined #koha
20:33 kmlussier joined #koha
21:59 Margaret_ Have a great weekend!
22:22 caroline bye all! I'll see you on Tuesday (Monday is canadian thanksgiving)
22:42 CrispyBran joubu: bug 21503
22:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21503 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cbrannon, Needs Signoff , Update to fall back to code if description doesn't exist
22:48 barton ah, missed caroline by minutes (well, 10s of minutes...)
22:48 barton @caroline++
22:48 huginn barton: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
22:48 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
22:48 barton ^^ for her work on bug 20565
22:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20565 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED MOVED, Clearer documentation of date, branches, itemtypes and categorycode parameters in 'Create report from SQL' help page.
23:14 CrispyBran joubu: bug 18355
23:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18355 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cbrannon, Needs Signoff , Permanent location should show with cart location

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