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13:08 LeeJ @later tell caroline sorry! I was afk for most of yesterday and forgot to leave IRC LOL..but I would say yes we should use the gitlab URL since the summary really doesn't help curious contributors other than people who like statistics :)
13:08 huginn LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
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14:51 aplusphilic Hi
14:51 wahanui bidet, aplusphilic
14:52 aplusphilic Hello @wahanui
14:52 aplusphilic Help needed
14:53 aplusphilic I have both koha and Keycloak
14:53 aplusphilic and I'm looking into how I can integrate the two
14:54 aplusphilic Anyone can assist on this integration? I', looking into providing SSO for my koha setup
14:54 aplusphilic Prefarably using Oauth2 protocol
14:56 aplusphilic Anyone here?
15:07 aplusphilic Hello
15:07 wahanui hola, aplusphilic
15:15 cait wahanui is a bot
15:15 cait sorry for that
15:16 cait aplusphilic: most people enjoy there weekend - so it's quiet here
15:17 cait Koha supports oauth (with google?) I think, but i am nto sure how it works
15:17 cait i don't know what Keycloak is, so probably not able to help much
15:34 aplusphilic Keycloak is Open Source Identity and Access Management which provides Oauth2 and SAML protocol
15:56 ashimema Saml2 is supported via a shibboleth service provider middleware
15:57 ashimema Openid connect (i.e. oauth) is also supported though off the top of my head not sure if it's hard coded to Google or not.
15:57 * ashimema goes back to his weekend
15:57 ashimema aplusphilic ^
16:04 cait ashimema++
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