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05:31 aplusphilic Hellow
05:43 BobB hi aplusphilic
05:49 aplusphilic Hi BobB
05:49 aplusphilic I need help and I wonder if you can assist
05:51 aplusphilic I have SSO server which I'm using Keycloak server
05:51 aplusphilic I'm struggling integrating with Koha for SSO puprposes
05:52 aplusphilic Keycloak support both OpenId connect/Oauth2  and SAML
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06:17 aplusphilic Hi Highway
06:32 ashimema Have you looked at https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]eth_Configuration aplusphilic
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22:14 Bovinity Hello!
22:16 Bovinity Does anyone know of a way to get around CORS issues with public reports in JSON format? Would like to do some stuff with that data, but no easy way to grab the data from another domain's site.
23:07 dcook Bovinity: What do you mean by another domain's site?
23:07 dcook Do you have control of that server? If so, you could set up the web server to allow CORS
23:08 dcook Oops. Old timestamp.
23:36 Bovinity No, I don't have control of it. Just noticed that jsonp seems to work, though. So yay. :D
23:39 * dcook thumbs up

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