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03:07 dcook Hey rangi, it looks like koha-stats is having some issues. Looks like it's running but that it hasn't picked up anything since June:[…]master/index.html
03:07 dcook Rather[…]ter/activity.html
03:08 dcook @later tell wizzyrea Just get your message from 3 months ago. Thanks! It did work out!
03:08 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
03:08 dcook @later tell eythian I'm late collecting my messages but thanks for the birthday wishes. I recall it being a nice time ^_^
03:08 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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03:18 rangi dcook: ill take a look thanks for heads up
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03:21 Amit hi Gm all
03:31 dcook rangi: np :)
03:40 Guest1940 hi dcook
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03:53 Ami hi  all
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06:55 alex_a bonjour
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06:58 john hii all
06:58 john am new to koha
06:59 john i have a small error on chckout
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06:59 john when i am trying to check out it shows  "No branchcode argument passed to Koha::Calendar->new at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 3425."
07:00 john please help me....!!!
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07:03 john when i am trying to check out it shows  "No branchcode argument passed to Koha::Calendar->new at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 3425."
07:03 john help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:03 wahanui help is at if no-one here can help.
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07:09 * magnuse waves
07:10 john when i am trying to check out it shows  "No branchcode argument passed to Koha::Calendar->new at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 3425."
07:10 magnuse john: does the item have a value in the fields for homebranch and holdingbranch, and does that value correspond to libraries you have defined in koha?
07:19 john @magnuse> there is no field like home branch and holding branch
07:20 magnuse there should be, on the edit item screen
07:21 john @magnuse there should be, on the edit item screen
07:21 john ok just a sec i will check
07:26 john @magnuse> on edit item screen there is (permanent location and current location)
07:26 john no homebranch
07:28 magnuse ah, sorry i mean the same thing
07:29 magnuse is permanent location and current location set to valid libraries?
07:29 john yes it is set us main library..
07:29 magnuse there should be dropdown menus for both fields
07:30 magnuse hm, then i'm out of ideas i'm afraid
07:30 john ok magnuse thank u so muuch..!!
07:31 magnuse this is bug 16824, but it does not have any more info, i'm afraid
07:31 magnuse https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=16824
07:33 magnuse john: which version are you using?
07:34 john magnuse...bug fixed
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07:34 marcelr hi #koha
07:34 magnuse john: how?
07:34 magnuse hiya marcelr
07:35 marcelr o/
07:35 john i changed the location (main library to my organization library)
07:35 john work fine
07:36 john but the problem is..i need to change the location for every item...!!
07:37 john thank u magnuse for your great support...!!!
07:37 LibraryClaire john you can use the batch item modification tool to edit multiple items at once
07:37 magnuse i didn't do much :-)
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07:39 john ok
07:39 magnuse kia ora cait!
07:39 magnuse and hiya BüchereiKlara
07:40 LibraryClaire hi magnuse
07:40 wahanui kamelåså
07:40 * cait waves
07:40 cait :)
07:40 ashimema mornin' #koha
07:40 magnuse hm, how far are we from the next hackfest in marseille?
07:40 magnuse too long...
07:40 magnuse hiya ashimema
07:40 magnuse rumour says there will be a hackfest in sweden this fall...
07:40 * ashimema thinks it's unlikely he'll be making hackfest this year
07:41 magnuse marseille is probably not until next year?
07:42 magnuse only one proposal on https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]haCon18_Proposals
07:42 ashimema[…]95241370008526848 means I'm tied up for the next 6 months on non-koha stuff unfortunately
07:43 ashimema we should really put on that page what continents are forbidden from bidding
07:44 magnuse yeah, i saw that and was afraid it would have that effect...
07:44 magnuse please let atheia write those tests before he too becomes unavailable for 6 months? :-)
07:45 atheia I am still scheduled to continue work as normal — I am by and large marginal to the enormous work that Andrew and Martin have put in for Rebus List
07:46 atheia So I should be relatively unaffected by this change :-)
07:46 cait good we get to keep you at least :)
07:46 cait atheia: I saw you marked stock rotation signed off, so don't need me :)
07:47 atheia Well, now we need QA :-D
07:47 magnuse woohoo! :-)
07:47 cait can't do that :)
07:47 atheia ah, well fair play — I'll need to badger others…
07:47 cait no longer on the QA team
07:48 cait not just refusing
07:48 ashimema lol.. I'm sure no-one would bat an eye lid at cait doing a qa ;)
07:48 ashimema think she's deserves an honorary place on the qa team forever ;)
07:49 magnuse except i don't think she would do that as long as she is rmaint, reduce the number of eyeballs...
07:49 cait I think I find enough to do with documentation team and release manager, thx :)
07:49 magnuse cait++
07:49 cait arg
07:49 cait release maintainer
07:49 magnuse one day...
07:49 cait nah
07:50 marcelr cait for RM !
07:50 * magnuse would totally vote for cait as rm
07:50 cait btw still waiting for manual submissions from all of you! ;)
07:51 * magnuse scrambles
07:52 ashimema hehe
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08:13 john hiiii
08:13 john am back
08:14 john can anybody help me--how to take daily report from koha
08:14 john pls
08:14 MichaelKuhn Hi - I want to install a kohadevbox to possibly be able to make signoffs in the future. Howerv, after waiting for about two hours, the following message appeared: "TASK [kohadevbox : Install Koha | Install older JSON::Validator (jessie)] ****** fatal: [jessie]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "Unable to install package: E:Could not open file http://debian.koha-community.o[…]rl/libjson-valida
08:15 MichaelKuhn The process stopped with this message: "PLAY RECAP ***********************************​********************************** jessie                     : ok=30   changed=18   unreachable=0    failed=1     Ansible failed to complete successfully. Any error output should be visible above. Please fix these errors and try again."
08:15 MichaelKuhn How can I fix this error?
08:15 MichaelKuhn Hi John, what daily report you want to take exactly?
08:16 john i need daily issue and return report
08:17 john how much books issued and returned
08:18 magnuse john: have you looked at https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ports_Circulation
08:18 MichaelKuhn You could go to Koha menu "Reports" and create such a report, then go to Koha menu "Tools > Task scheduler" - there you have the possibility to run a report at a given time (though I have never used that myself)
08:19 cait hi MichaelKuhn - there is an issue for that on the kohadevbox tracker, one sec
08:19 cait i thought it had been fixed, guess it's back
08:20 cait what you can do - do vagrant ssh, download the package, install it, and then provision, worked for me
08:21 cait
08:21 MichaelKuhn I had the same problem some months ago, but noone could help, so I gave up at this moment
08:21 ashimema does the task scheduler work these days for recurring tasks then?
08:21 cait hm not to my knowledge
08:21 MichaelKuhn @ashimema: Yes, the menu looks as if it is able to do that
08:21 cait i think most are using
08:22 ashimema mmm.. the menu always has.. but the feature was broken for a very long time last I looked
08:22 cait you coudl make it work
08:22 ashimema hehe
08:22 cait but i think some deemed it unsafe on server side
08:22 MichaelKuhn I may be wrong of course (I never really used it myself)
08:22 ashimema but we use with cron cait ;)
08:23 cait john: i suggest finding a report first that works for you on the sql reports page and then take a look at scheduling it as cron with, that will email you every day
08:25 MichaelKuhn @cait: Tomas wrote: "Browse the repo and look for the .deb files you need, install them manually" - what repo does he mean and how to install the deb files manually inside the unfinished kohadvebox?
08:26 cait what happens when you do vagrant ssh?
08:26 john @cait i took report for today but it shows empty
08:27 cait then you can wget http://debian.koha-community.o[…]~kohadev1_all.deb
08:27 cait and install that
08:27 MichaelKuhn @cait: "vagrant ssh" brings me to the prompt saying "vagrant@kohadevbox:~$ "
08:27 cait yep
08:27 cait now you are inside the devbox
08:27 cait use the wget to get the package
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08:29 cait and then i think it's.... sudo dpkg -i file ?
08:29 cait someone might correct me if i am wrong :)
08:29 ashimema :)
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08:31 MichaelKuhn @cait: Yes, exactly: "sudo dpkg -i libjson-validator-perl_0.97-1~kohadev1_all.deb" - I did that and it worked. It doesn't ask for a password.
08:31 cait good
08:31 cait now you exit
08:31 cait exit
08:32 cait and then vagrant up --provision - if you have used SYNC_REPO or something before add that too of course
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08:32 cait iam not sure if you shoudl do a vagrant halt to shut it down first before you up it again, but it will probably tell you
08:34 MichaelKuhn @cait: Thank you very much! According to Tomas I now just executed "vagrant provision" and the process is running again now.
08:34 ashimema :)
08:34 ashimema cait++
08:36 MichaelKuhn @cait: No... :-( it shows exactly the same error again...
08:36 cait hm can you share it again?
08:36 cait i tihnk it might be my fault, I just noticed there is a package for another version there too
08:36 cait http://debian.koha-community.o[…]g-1~koha1_all.deb
08:36 cait it might be that we got the wrong one
08:38 MichaelKuhn @cait: Instead of "vagrant provison" (as Tomas wrote) I now wrote "vagrant up --provision" (as you wrote) - same error again...:
08:38 MichaelKuhn TASK [kohadevbox : Install Koha | Install older JSON::Validator (jessie)] ****** fatal: [jessie]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "Unable to install package: E:Could not open file http://debian.koha-community.o[…]g-1~koha1_all.deb - open (2: No such file or directory), E:Unable to determine file size for fd -1 - fstat (9: Bad file descriptor), E:Read error -
08:38 MichaelKuhn PLAY RECAP ***********************************​********************************** jessie                     : ok=30   changed=2    unreachable=0    failed=1     Ansible failed to complete successfully. Any error output should be visible above. Please fix these errors and try again.
08:38 cait could you try to install againw ith that other link? it seems it asks for 0.67
08:38 cait and we had 0.97 earlier
08:38 cait it might be not so clever to recognize that as a newer version
08:38 MichaelKuhn @cait: You're probably right. I could have noted that also!
08:39 cait looking here, the older one was at the bottom http://debian.koha-community.o[…]n-validator-perl/
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08:40 john please give me the koha report referance page
08:40 john i mean link
08:40 cait koha reports?
08:40 cait hm sec
08:40 john yes cait
08:40 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ports_Circulation
08:40 cait i was hoping the bot had saved the link
08:41 john ya
08:43 john @cait i  installed pakege u have given..and checked with today report..but shows empty again..!!
08:43 MichaelKuhn @cait: Still the same error. But when calling "vagrant up --provision" ist says there is a new newer version of the box 'debian/jessie64', so I'm now just running "vagrant box update".
08:43 ashimema I think the package was for MichaelKuhn not your john
08:44 john ohhh..!!!
08:44 ashimema what report are you running john
08:45 MichaelKuhn @john: Yes, the package was to solve my problem with the kohadevbox
08:45 cait hm
08:45 john i need how much of books check out today....i used these sql codes (SELECT DATE_FORMAT(c.issuedate, "%d %b %Y %h:%i %p") AS Issue_Date, DATE_FORMAT(c.date_due, "%d %b %Y") AS Due_Date,  i.barcode AS Barcode, b.title AS Title, AS Author,  p.cardnumber AS Card_No, p.firstname AS First_Name,  p.surname AS Last_Name  FROM issues c  LEFT JOIN items i ON (c.itemnumber=i.itemnumber)  LEFT JOIN borrowers p ON (c.borrowernumber=p.borrowernumber)  LEFT JOIN bi
08:46 john but no result
08:46 wahanui no result is shown
08:46 john ya
08:46 cait MichaelKuhn: it' sreally odd about the error, i had thorught it would have gone away now, it worked for me
08:46 john but i have checked out 5 books today
08:48 cait hm let my try that for a second
08:48 john ok
08:48 cait hm it's cut off at the end
08:48 ashimema can you use the paste above to paste the whole sql in john.. the last bit of it got missed ;)
08:48 cait can you use to share please?
08:48 ashimema :)
08:49 ashimema what she said
08:49 KotH wizzyrea: it's more just following the instructions. i run half a dozen webservices of different kind for myself. koha is one of the most complex pieces of software that i use. yet it just works and doesn't require more than maybe 2h per year in maintenance. stuff like gitlab cost me 2-3h per month
08:49 MichaelKuhn @cait: After the update it was libjson-validator-perl 0.97, so I had again to install 0.67, but the error is STILL the same.
08:50 KotH wizzyrea: getting my label printer working was the most time i've spend with koha since i first installed it
08:51 KotH wizzyrea: oh.. and koha doesn't require its on VM like all that modern python/ruby/node.js crap out there
08:51 KotH own*
08:53 cait MichaelKuhn: sorry, i am out of  my league here, maybe tcohen will be able to help you a little later
08:53 john this is the code i have use- SELECT DATE_FORMAT(c.issuedate, "%d %b %Y %h:%i %p") AS Issue_Date, DATE_FORMAT(c.date_due, "%d %b %Y") AS Due_Date,  i.barcode AS Barcode, b.title AS Title, AS Author,  p.cardnumber AS Card_No, p.firstname AS First_Name,  p.surname AS Last_Name  FROM issues c  LEFT JOIN items i ON (c.itemnumber=i.itemnumber)  LEFT JOIN borrowers p ON (c.borrowernumber=p.borrowernumber)  LEFT JOIN biblio b ON (i.biblionumber=b.biblionumbe
08:54 john WHERE c.issuedate  BETWEEN <<Between Date (yyyy-mm-dd)|date>> AND <<and (yyyy-mm-dd)|date>>  ORDER BY c.issuedate DESC
08:54 john then i give start date and end date same day(today)
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08:56 cait it's still cut off abit, if you go an dpaste the whole thing to
08:56 cait it's easier to see the problem
08:56 MichaelKuhn @cait: Thanks anyway! In fact I'm stuck at the exact same point as some months ago when I gave up... This time I will try a little harder.
08:57 pastebot "john" at pasted "SELECT DATE_FORMAT(c.issuedate" (13 lines) at
08:57 cait It would be good to figure this out so we can fix either the repo or the kohadevbox
08:57 * ashimema is in a call now.. if cait's not spotted the issue by the time I come back I'll take a quick look too
08:59 cait in the last line
08:59 cait after where
08:59 wahanui after is what PBP reccomends
08:59 Guest1943 heya cait
08:59 cait try to change c.issuedate to  date(c.issuedate)
08:59 MichaelKuhn @cait: Yes, I want to figure it out, otherweise it's just a waste of time... Do you know if I'll meet Tomas here some time?
09:00 cait he is in Argentina
09:00 cait so in the afternoon changes are getting better
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09:01 MichaelKuhn @cait: Thanks! And have a good day!
09:01 john ok..guyzz...see u after some time....
09:01 cait you too
09:01 cait john: did it work?
09:01 john no..i
09:01 cait ... WHERE  date(c.issuedate)  BETWEEN ..
09:01 cait makes it work for me
09:02 cait just adding the date (   ... )
09:02 john ahaaa!!
09:02 cait issue_date is not actually a date, it's a timestamp witht he hours too
09:02 john ok..
09:02 cait so by adding this, you tell it to compare to the date part only
09:02 john let me check...i will join u after some time...
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09:15 magnuse reserves.priority - should it be counting from 0 or 1?
09:17 magnuse the gui seems to make 1 the lowest number, but i see plenty of zeros in production dbs
09:18 liw 0 and 1 are such boring, mundane, bourgeois numbers to start counting from. I suggest a range of 12765...kumquat
09:19 ashimema lol
09:22 cait +1
09:22 magnuse +1
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09:36 magnuse kumquat it is
09:43 cait @wunder Konstanz
09:43 cait i miss that
09:44 LibraryClaire[…]l0HlPwMAzh13pcZ20
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09:46 cait thx LibraryClaire :)
09:47 * cait should be cleaning the apartment .. but it's too grey
09:54 cait hm ok question
09:54 wahanui somebody said question was "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?"
09:55 cait is batch patron modidfication broken for someone else?
09:55 cait I am trying to test a single branch library bug and wanted to shift them all to one brnach
09:55 cait it doesn't do it
09:59 cait bug 19073
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10:33 atheia cait: interesting
10:33 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
10:33 cait i have a tendency to run into odd bugs testing something entirely else
10:33 atheia I just did a test for batch patron modification: changing first name & clearing city worked, but changing library did not.
10:34 atheia It seems to just be ignored…
10:37 cait yep
10:37 cait that's what i see too, tested also with patron category and opac onte
10:37 cait both seem to work ok
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10:37 cait hi kidclamp!
10:38 cait atheia: the second test led me to filing bug 19074
10:38 cait bug numbers are never going down that way...
10:38 marcelr cait: 19049 might be a dev setup issue ?
10:39 cait marcelr: dunno
10:39 marcelr you do not find the plugin
10:39 cait hm no plugins installed by default?
10:39 marcelr no the test adds a dir to pluginsdir
10:39 kidclamp hi cait
10:39 marcelr where it should find a module for a plugin
10:40 cait it's hard to tell for me
10:40 marcelr it is not found, but is it looking in the right dir ?
10:40 cait I will continue testing, just installed Kyle's csv to marc plugin
10:40 marcelr i saw some of these things before with devbox
10:40 cait <pluginsdir>/var/lib/koha/k​ohadev/plugins</pluginsdir>
10:41 cait is my plugin directory
10:41 marcelr yeah but for the test that does not matter
10:41 marcelr it is looking in the t subdir
10:42 marcelr t::lib::Mocks::mock_config( 'pluginsdir', dirname(__FILE__) . '/..' );
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10:43 marcelr ah cait: i can reproduce, fix coming
10:44 cait ok
10:44 cait does it make sense to continue testing?
10:44 cait while you are on it
10:44 marcelr yes it is only the unit test
10:44 cait can you change the pull down?
10:44 marcelr you mean?
10:44 cait Other formats, handled by plugin CSV2MARC plugin
10:44 cait plugin is a bit doubled up :)
10:44 marcelr any suggestion?
10:44 wahanui well, any suggestion is great
10:45 cait hm sec
10:45 cait ah i see
10:45 cait plugin is part of the name
10:45 cait maybe just scratch plugin
10:46 marcelr i could remove it conditionally?
10:46 cait checking the name of the plugin? seems a bit overcomplicated for cosmetics
10:46 cait anyway, will try to load m file now
10:46 marcelr yeah
10:46 cait keep fingers crossed
10:46 marcelr it works
10:46 wahanui However, now everything else is broken.
10:47 marcelr haha
10:47 cait yep it does
10:47 cait it handles unmapped columns a bit oddly
10:47 cait but htat's out of scope :)
10:47 marcelr luckily
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10:48 endmar Cron <swebshet@swebshet> my_library_koha/usr/share/koha/bin​/cronjobs/
10:48 cait i think a side effect of this is tht you could have mulitple plugins installed?
10:48 endmar is coming through my gmail account
10:49 marcelr you can have miltiple to_marc and you have to choose
10:49 marcelr you could write one for excel and another for ...
10:49 marcelr the bug in the test is a relative path problem
10:49 endmar How can I do that?
10:50 cait endmar: that was for me
10:50 endmar Okay
10:51 cait marcelr: let me know when the patch is up
10:51 cait almost ready to sign off
10:51 marcelr working on it now
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10:54 atheia cait: got a fix for 19074.  Will upload a patch to the bug
10:54 cait cool!
10:54 cait thx atheia
10:54 atheia Problem was that branchcode values in the select weren't set.
10:54 cait i wondered if it was something like that
10:55 cait parameters not passed on
10:58 atheia Yeah looks like a Feb 2016 refactor introduced the bug… so it's been there for a year and a half… not bad :-)
10:58 cait wow
10:58 cait scary
11:06 marcelr cait: the follow-up should handle the unit test
11:06 cait thx
11:06 atheia Argh… I misunderstood! You hadn't filed 19074 for the branchcode issue?
11:07 cait will finish with the one i am working on and then go back there
11:07 cait bug 19073
11:07 cait i filed 2 bugs
11:07 cait let me check
11:07 atheia hah, OK will fix :-)
11:08 cait yes, 19073 is the important one
11:08 cait 74 is just cosmetics
11:10 atheia OK 19073 is now ready for sign off.
11:10 cait thx!
11:10 marcelr cait: the pod coverage warning is false; will add a note about that one
11:11 cait marcelr: no worries, wouldn't have stopped me :)
11:11 marcelr we need it for qa too
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11:28 endmar Hi All, Here is the settings on the
11:28 endmar relayhost = smtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes smtp_sasl_password_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd smtp_sasl_security_options = noanonymous smtp_tls_CAfile = /etc/postfix/cacert.pem smtp_use_tls = yes myorigin = /etc/mailname mydestination = mailbox_size_limit = 0 recipient_delimiter = + inet_interfaces = all inet_protocols = ipv4 default_transport = smtp relay_transport = smtp mynetworks =
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11:38 rsantellan good morning #koha
11:39 atheia cait — cosmetics (19074): have pushed a patch there too.
11:40 cait atheia: you are on a roll today :)
11:40 cait hi rsantellan
11:40 cait endmar: maybe best to try th emailing list
11:40 cait i have on idea about your prolbem
11:40 ashimema atheia++
11:43 endmar fine
11:45 cait atheia: i got some more bugs filed...
11:47 cait ;)
11:47 atheia cait would love to, but should probably stop procrastinating and do climb this mountain right here…
11:48 cait real mountain or just the ILL tests?
11:50 cait marcelr: signing off
11:50 wahanui signing off is probably a great idea! or at[…]gn_off_on_patches
11:50 marcelr cait++
11:50 marcelr so the test worked now?
11:50 cait like a charm
11:53 cait thx for fixing the regression - marcelr++
11:53 marcelr hope we can backport them soon
11:54 marcelr khall_dnd around?
11:54 khall_dnd what's up?
11:54 kellym joined #koha
11:54 cait marcelr: yep, hoping the same
11:54 marcelr hey khall_dnd could you qa bug 19049 (to_marc plugins)
11:54 cait having them in before 15th would be ideal
11:55 khall_dnd sure!
11:55 cait khall_dnd: it sould apply to your interests :)
11:55 marcelr would be great
11:55 nengard joined #koha
11:55 * cait still has the urge to set pqa instead of signed off...
11:55 cait wonder when that will go away
11:55 marcelr you could always come back, cait
11:55 cait atheia: 17073 done
11:56 cait :)
11:56 atheia wheee :-)
11:58 cait atheia: i think you could probably have used t TT plugin too
11:58 cait but it works :)
11:58 cait it seems like 19000 was just a few days ago... already 1907x now, we go up fast
11:59 kellym_ joined #koha
12:01 indradg joined #koha
12:08 magnuse 20000 before you know it, cait
12:09 tcohen joined #koha
12:11 tcohen morning
12:12 marcelr hola tcohen
12:13 marcelr 146 in SO
12:14 marcelr koha records are broken
12:17 magnuse kia ora tcohen
12:17 tcohen marcelr: records broken?
12:17 marcelr too much in SO
12:18 * tcohen was worried of data
12:18 marcelr no biblio records tcohen
12:18 marcelr not yet at least
12:18 marcelr wait for my latest patches
12:22 cait tcohen: MichaelKuhn ran into the problem with the json library too, we couldn't fix it together
12:22 tcohen I haven't reached the office to try myself
12:22 cait was here earlier, might reach out to you
12:23 tcohen ok
12:25 cait tcohen: and good morning :)
12:25 * cait sends mate
12:28 LibraryClaire joined #koha
12:28 edveal joined #koha
12:45 cait trying to test bug 18331 but losing focus
12:45 cait maybe it's time for late lunch
12:55 NateC joined #koha
12:56 JoshB joined #koha
12:59 khall_dnd marcelr: looks good! pqa!
12:59 marcelr thx khall_dnd++
12:59 cait :)
13:00 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:01 magnuse khall++
13:01 tcohen joined #koha
13:04 tcohen joined #koha
13:04 tcohen joined #koha
13:10 LibraryClaire joined #koha
13:10 Joubu Hi #koha
13:12 edveal joined #koha
13:12 marcelr hi Joubu
13:15 * cait waves
13:20 kmlussier joined #koha
13:26 kholt joined #koha
13:29 indradg joined #koha
13:31 oleonard joined #koha
13:51 tcohen cait: it doesn't fail for me (JSON::Validator)
13:51 tcohen please tell michael to reprovision, maybe it was a temporary networking issue
13:51 cait wonder what it could be
13:51 cait i did
13:52 cait he said the same error
13:52 cait and we could download it... so not sure that's it
13:53 * tcohen neither
14:00 francharb joined #koha
14:01 cait Joubu: 18331 signed off!
14:02 LibraryClaire joined #koha
14:05 Joubu cait: by you? :)
14:05 * oleonard grumble grumble vagrant grumble
14:11 caboose joined #koha
14:37 oleonard joined #koha
14:38 oleonard Why is 'vagrant up' trying to install Virtualbox when it's already installed?
14:39 oleonard That's a rhetorical question because I'm on Windows and must suffer alone.
14:39 * cait sends cookies
14:42 oleonard ...and then of course this "install" process never completes.
14:44 * cait sends a big hammer
14:45 Amit joined #koha
14:50 kholt joined #koha
14:53 caboose joined #koha
14:54 fridolin joined #koha
14:54 fridolin left #koha
14:54 mtompset joined #koha
14:54 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:54 josef_moravec hi mtompset
14:55 mtompset Greetings, josef_moravec
14:55 LibraryClaire left #koha
15:03 cait josef_moravec++ :)
15:15 Joubu v3.0.6, really?
15:21 josef_moravec left #koha
15:30 jbeno joined #koha
15:32 caboose joined #koha
15:36 mtompset Joubu: People run the craziest things.
15:36 TGoat joined #koha
15:36 Guest1969 heya mtompset
15:36 wahanui it has been said that mtompset is back to working on Koha stuff for a bit.
15:37 rocio joined #koha
15:37 mtompset Hello.
15:46 lisettelatah joined #koha
15:52 jzairo joined #koha
15:56 kholt joined #koha
15:57 mtompset @seen aleisha
15:58 mtompset Have we lost a bot?
15:58 oleonard bot down!
16:05 oleonard Anyone know why I might get "proxy error" when trying to access a newly-upped devbox?
16:15 oleonard joined #koha
16:22 talljoy joined #koha
16:26 AmitGupta joined #koha
16:32 mtompset proxy error? That is a strange thing to get.
16:34 Joubu something very weird: /cgi-bin/koha/opac-shareshelf​.pl?op=invite&shelfnumber=16
16:34 Joubu with adblock enabled, the #share_list element is hidden
16:48 KotH is there a reason, why the label creator does not support code128 in the drop down box? (the underlying code would support it)
16:50 oleonard joined #koha
16:52 oleonard Anyone have any suggestions for diagnosing connection problems with kohadevbox? tcohen?
16:56 tcohen oleonard: Vbox 5.1.22?
16:57 oleonard Vbox 5.0.10, Vagrant 1.8.4.
16:57 tcohen Vbox 5.1.22 had internal networking issues
16:58 tcohen maybe 5.0.10 matches the Vbox generation?
16:58 oleonard ?
16:58 tcohen maybe it had the same bug
16:59 oleonard I installed that version because vagrant was not recognizing my installed virtualbox and was trying to install one itself.
16:59 oleonard Vagrant said 5.0.10 was a known compatible version
16:59 tcohen oleonard: try upgrading vagrant
17:00 tcohen 1.9.7 is the latest
17:00 * tcohen thinks
17:02 oleonard Is the fact that the error I'm getting is "Proxy Error" a clue?
17:02 oleonard I guess that implies that there is some sort of connection
17:08 oleonard Always interesting to get a Google result from the #koha log when trying to solve problems
17:45 rocio_ joined #koha
18:08 LeeJ joined #koha
18:08 LeeJ hi #koha
18:11 LeeJ how would one go about disabling memcached? having trouble with a plugin I wrote not disappearing from the list when I click uninstall (unless I run restart_all) and it doesn't appear my inserted tables get dropped either
18:12 Joubu sudo service memcached stop
18:12 Joubu then restart plack
18:14 edveal joined #koha
18:14 TGoat joined #koha
18:15 LeeJ Joubu: thank you as always
18:15 LeeJ Joubu: is that documented on the wiki? couldn't find it during a search
18:22 Joubu why do you want to disable memcached? :)
18:23 LeeJ I'm working on a custom plugin for work and when I try to uninstall a plugin on master it remains on the plugins list until I run restart_all
18:23 LeeJ so my first thought was cache related
18:23 LeeJ however, now it appears it's actually plack causing a problem
18:24 LeeJ because just running sudo koha-plack --restart kohadev then checking the list cleared it away
18:28 LeeJ I don't understand how in the world that's causing a problem
18:29 pianohacker helloooooooo
18:29 * LeeJ waves to pianohacker
18:30 pianohacker hi LeeJ :)
18:30 Joubu lemme check
18:30 Joubu hi pianohacker !
18:30 pianohacker hi Joubu!
18:31 LeeJ thank you makes me want to pull my hair out because I'm on a deadline and it's causing more headaches :(
18:32 Joubu heh yes, you can open a bug report
18:32 * cait waves!
18:32 Joubu it's caused by:
18:32 Joubu 77         if ( can_load( modules => { $plugin_class => undef } ) ) {
18:33 Joubu I guess. At run time, they are loaded once, then stay loaded
18:33 Joubu we should check the existence of the directory as well
18:33 Joubu s/At run time, //
18:33 pianohacker oh, come to think of it, how has the Plack caching stuff we spent so much work on been behaving?
18:34 * LeeJ waves to cait
18:34 Joubu pianohacker: pretty good :)
18:34 Joubu no more (known) cache-related bugs :)
18:34 pianohacker sweet
18:34 pianohacker excellent!
18:35 LeeJ Joubu: which file is that in?
18:36 Joubu Koha/
18:37 LeeJ Joubu: okay..what would be a concise description of the problem? Not sure how it should be phrased
18:38 Joubu LeeJ: just describe the bugs and assign it to me
18:38 Joubu bug*
18:44 caboose joined #koha
18:44 LeeJ Joubu: will do..thank you very much as always!
18:51 LeeJ alrighty
18:52 LeeJ bug submitted! Now back to working on the project. Will be on tomorrow afternoon
18:52 LeeJ take care #koha
18:52 caboose joined #koha
18:53 fjcosta joined #koha
18:56 fjcosta test
19:00 Joubu fjcosta: it works!
19:00 wahanui For now...
19:00 MichaelKuhn joined #koha
19:01 jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
19:01 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
19:01 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #238: FIXED in 2 hr 3 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/238/
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19067: Map clubs/ into INTRANET_CGI_DIR in Makefile.PL
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19067: Test Makefile.PL mapping
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18857 - Add buttons to left hand side of circ rules table
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18980: Add remark next to "Anyone seeing this list" permission
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18980: Add js to dynamically show/hide the Anyone remark
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18980: Remove js function Check from opac-shelves
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18980: Show distinction between shared and private lists in staff
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 5471 - Quotes in tags fail
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 5471: Use uri_escape_utf8 to handle utf8 chars correctly
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18900: add UT to Number/Price.t
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18900: (QA followup) Make tests conditional to locale existence
19:01 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18900: wrong number format in receiving order
19:01 Joubu stupid jenkins
19:02 MichaelKuhn Hi Tomas, wehen trying to install the buld the kohadebox, the process ends with "TASK [kohadevbox : Install Koha | Install older JSON::Validator (jessie)] ****** fatal: [jessie]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "Unable to install package: E:Could not open file http://debian.koha-community.o[…]g-1~koha1_all.deb - open (2: No such file or directory), E:Unable
19:02 MichaelKuhn This is followed by "PLAY RECAP ***********************************​********************************** jessie                     : ok=30   changed=2    unreachable=0    failed=1     Ansible failed to complete successfully. Any error output should be visible above. Please fix these errors and try again."
19:02 MichaelKuhn cait already told me about but Installaing 0.67 doesn't help a thing...
19:03 fjcosta would anyone  Would someone kindly help me. What is the easiest way establishing 3 different types of patrons (readers): I, II e III, each with different permissions to acces/read material, defined as to type of material (books, pdf, audio, ...): patron type I can access only type I material; patron type II can access  type I and II material, and patron type III can access type I, II, and III materials. Thank you very much
19:03 MichaelKuhn (sorry for my writing mistakes, ups)
19:06 pianohacker MichaelKuhn: tcohen isn't here at the moment, unfortunately; it might be best to file an issue on kohadevbox or ask on the mailing list
19:07 MichaelKuhn Thank you very much! It's not that important, I'll try it here again at another time
19:28 kholt joined #koha
19:33 indradg joined #koha
19:36 caboose joined #koha
19:53 jzairo joined #koha
20:00 meliss joined #koha
20:00 fjcosta Would someone kindly help me. What is the easiest way establishing 3 different types of patrons (readers): I, II e III, each with different permissions to acces/read material, defined as to type of material (books, pdf, audio, ...): patron type I can access only type I material; patron type II can access  type I and II material, and patron type III can access type I, II, and III materials. Thank you very much
20:04 alexbuckley joined #koha
20:04 pianohacker fjcosta: are these materials checked out before being accessed, or available from the OPAC?
20:15 fjcosta actually i've just installed koha and create a library, the admin and the 3 types of patrons
20:16 fjcosta no material inside the library yet
20:16 fjcosta that my doubt
20:16 fjcosta thanks for replying
20:18 pianohacker fjcosta: if the materials are checked out in some way, you can use the circulation rules to limit, say, type I patrons to 0 total checkouts for type II and III material.
20:22 fjcosta i,d better read OPAC rules, thanks for the clue
20:26 rangi and now im done
20:26 rangi vendor_list--
20:30 kmlussier joined #koha
20:31 caboose joined #koha
20:37 caboose joined #koha
20:55 rocio_ joined #koha
21:05 JoshB left #koha
21:14 eythian @later tell cait those crazy Germans
21:15 Francesca joined #koha
21:15 cait wasn't mozart austrian?
21:25 caboose-santafe_call joined #koha
21:27 caboose-santafe_call joined #koha
21:41 jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #239: UNSTABLE in 1 hr 58 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/239/
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19042: Silence warnings t/db_dependent/Letters.t
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19042: Add mock IndependentBranches=0 for the other test
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19047: Fix AddBiblio call in Reserves.t
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19047: Fix AddBiblio call in ShelfBrowser.t
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18555: Create patron list from patron import
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18555: (QA-Followup) Remove duplicate code
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19074: Fix category display in Batch patron modification.
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19074: Do not crash if cardnumber does not exist
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19073: (bug 15758 follow-up) Dereference correct value from
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19070: Fix Circulation/Branch.t
21:41 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19071: Fix Circulation/issue.t
21:42 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19071: Fix Members/IssueSlip.t
21:42 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 13012 - suggestion.suggesteddate should be set to NOW if not defined
21:42 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 13012: Add more tests
21:42 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18941 - Unit tests
21:42 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18941 - C4::Budgets GetBudgetByCode should return active budgets
21:42 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 18985 - SQL reports 'Last edit' and 'Last run' columns sort
21:42 jenkins * Jonathan Druart: Bug 19027 - Circulation rules: Better wording for standard rules for all
21:52 Joubu jenkins: you are stable, stop lying
21:52 jenkins Joubu you may not issue bot commands in this chat!
21:52 Joubu just too slow...
21:52 wizzyrea hehe
22:02 mtompset Joubu: Then what is "not ok 5 - borrowers.updated_on should have been set to now on creating" for t_db_dependent_Patrons_t.borrowers.updated_on should have been set to now on creating (184)?
22:04 Joubu tests have been executed too slow, it compares now with now - 1s => They differ, the test fails
22:04 Joubu slowly
22:05 Joubu There is a env var SLOW_SERVER (set on jenkins) that can be checked, to skip these kind of tests. But it's sad
22:08 mtompset Ah, okay. Because my fall-back for blame is caching. It's all caching's fault. :)
22:11 Joubu bye #koha!
22:22 caboose joined #koha
22:24 TGoat joined #koha
22:51 jzairo joined #koha
22:55 jzairo left #koha
22:57 caboose joined #koha
23:00 cait1 joined #koha
23:00 papa joined #koha
23:02 caboose_ joined #koha
23:06 kidclamp_away cait++
23:06 kidclamp_away cait++
23:06 kidclamp_away cait++
23:07 kidclamp_away :-)
23:07 cait1 huh?
23:30 sameee joined #koha
23:36 cait1 kidclamp_away: maybe you will wan tto take that karma back - I am taking another look at bug 15685
23:36 cait1 should t/db_dependent/Koha/Acquisition/ not be Basket.t?
23:42 mtompset cait1: I believe you are correct.
23:53 kidclamp_away hah
23:54 cait1 and you reintroduced a typo ;)
23:54 cait1 recieved in a comment
23:54 kidclamp_away that's one of my words I always mess up
23:54 cait1 but that's all from code review, so still pretty good :)
23:54 cait1 i think we fixed it and it was merged back in
23:55 kidclamp_away lemme know when you are done and I will fix those
23:55 cait1 probably tomorrow, time to sleep
23:56 kidclamp_away go to bed cait!
23:56 kidclamp_away :-D
23:56 kidclamp_away have a good night
23:58 lyle joined #koha
23:59 cait1 thx :)

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