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00:04 mtompset If I refactor a parameter do I really have to provide test coverage for EVERYTHING that calls it?
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01:16 mtompset Greetings, eythian ex-parrot
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01:29 wizzyrea mtompset: would you make someone else do that?
01:30 mtompset wizzyrea: The people that wrote it initial are. :P
01:30 mtompset initially...
01:31 mtompset Because in order to do so nicely, this turns into a recursive descent into refactor hell.
01:32 wizzyrea if you think you'd make someone else do it as part of QA then yeah, you probably need to do it.
01:33 wizzyrea (much as that sucks)
01:33 mtj ping rangi, could i ask you a couple of quick Qs re: my mellon/plack email?
01:34 mtompset Here's the problem: then bug 14385 will never get into Koha code, because the necessary initial change in bug 19040 is 89+ files changed, and it eyeballs faster than actually triggering code. Not to mention, I can't seem to get Elastic Search to work.
01:35 mtompset Unless we push 14385 knowing that there is ONE bug, and never fix it.
01:37 wizzyrea you'd probably better ask joubu about that, it's possible he'd be comfortable with it.
01:37 mtompset I'll be doing that.
01:37 wizzyrea but he might not be. Who knows.
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01:45 mtompset Added a comment to bug 14385 with options. We'll see if people reply.
01:45 mtompset Where is our bot?
01:45 wahanui our bot is "nuts"
01:45 mtompset Not you, wahanui. The other one.
01:46 mtompset Or did someone stop you from telling us about bugs?
01:48 wizzyrea huginn seems to be awol
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02:06 mtompset huginn... that's the one.
02:07 mtompset No more @later tell wizzyrea Thanks for being active on the channel. :)
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02:55 wizzyrea :)
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03:41 lyle q
03:41 AmitGupta heya lyle
03:41 lyle Hi Amit
03:42 lyle I didn't actually mean to type in this buffer, still geting used to WeeChat =/
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05:03 mtompset @seen huggins
05:03 mtompset Hope huggins comes back.
05:04 mtompset Have a great day, #koha wizzyrea lyle Ammit
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05:55 AmitGupta hi indradg
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06:00 indradg Hi AmitGupta
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06:53 alex_a bonjour
06:53 wahanui hola, alex_a
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07:25 marcelr hi #koha
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07:51 eythian Hi marcelr
07:52 marcelr o/
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07:58 jaicy hai,
08:00 jaicy am new to koha
08:00 jaicy please help me
08:01 jaicy i want to remove the books fully from what can i do..??\
08:02 jaicy i want to know how to remove whole books from my koha
08:03 jaicy please help me..!!!
08:11 magnuse jaicy: remove one book, or a lot?
08:12 eythian magnuse: hippo birdies!
08:12 magnuse eythian: takk!
08:17 jaicy i need to remove 9262 books
08:17 magnuse is that all the books, or are there some you want to keep?
08:17 jaicy no
08:18 magnuse is that all the books?
08:18 jaicy yes
08:19 magnuse ok
08:20 magnuse but there is other data you want to keep? so starting from scratch is not an option?
08:20 jaicy i dont want to keep any data
08:21 magnuse ah, if you want to start from scratch with an empty database, you can delete the database and then create a new one
08:21 jaicy ok...just tell me how to modify using item modification item file..
08:22 magnuse that way you will be able to delete all records and items, but not start from scratch
08:22 magnuse it should be in the manual
08:22 magnuse one sec
08:22 jaicy what will be the content inside the itemfile
08:23 magnuse[…]batchrecorddelete
08:23 magnuse or[…]#batchdeleteitems
08:24 magnuse if you choose to delete items the file should contain barcodes
08:24 magnuse ...or itemids
08:25 magnuse you can get all your barcodes by creating a report like "SELECT barcode FROM items" and then exporting as csv
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08:26 magnuse kia ora cait
08:27 magnuse jaicy: if some of your items lack barcodes it will be better to use itemnumbers: "SELECT itemnumber FROM items"
08:39 marcelr cait: not breaking anything, just asking questions; when we dont fully understand concepts, we are more likely to break things :)
08:40 cait i guess i am just so glad it works now - can't remember how often this broke already
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09:06 jaicy hii
09:09 cait hi jaicy
09:20 cait @later tell kidclamp - sorry i broke 15685 :(
09:41 magnuse bug 15685
09:45 cait AcqCreateItem setting per-basket
09:45 cait much desirable
10:24 indradg bug 19084
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11:54 endmar sending email message to patron: Admin at  /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 937
11:55 endmar is coming up while I was runing koha-foreach --enabled --email /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/ -v
12:09 cait endmar: why don't you write to the mailing list?
12:10 cait I think people here don't know or don't have the time currenctly to take a look
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12:16 endmar I was writing  but my I was looking such message This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet.
12:17 cait did you subscribe to the mailing list first?
12:18 endmar should I?
12:20 cait yes
12:20 cait the mailing list only accepts emails from subscribed email addresses
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13:34 magnuse ooh, lots of variants of "You have reached your limit of suggestions you can place at this time." in the translation...
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13:46 tcohen morning!
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13:50 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:50 mtompset @seen huggins
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13:54 MichaelKuhn Hi Tomas - I've got a problem with the current kohadevbox. After two hours of processing it tells me the following:
13:54 MichaelKuhn TASK [kohadevbox : Install Koha | Install older JSON::Validator] *************** fatal: [jessie]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "Unable to install package: E:Could not open file http://debian.koha-community.o[…]g-1~koha1_all.deb - open (2: No such file or directory), E:Unable to determine file size for fd -1 - fstat (9: Bad file descriptor), E:Read error -
13:54 MichaelKuhn cait has already told me about but the problem persists...
13:55 tcohen MichaelKuhn: please upgrade your ansible
13:56 tcohen what's the output from ansible --version?
13:57 tcohen are you on ubuntu? debian?
13:58 MichaelKuhn I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.3 and ansible
13:58 tcohen hm
13:58 MichaelKuhn Ubuntu tells me this is already the newest version
13:59 tcohen can you give this a try? (shouldn't cause you trouble)
13:59 tcohen sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ansible/ansible
13:59 tcohen sudo apt update
13:59 tcohen sudo apt upgrade
14:04 MichaelKuhn OK, I did that and it seemed to work. I guess I will now have to chnge into "kohadevbox" and execute "vagrant up --provision", right?
14:05 tcohen usually, vagrant provision
14:05 tcohen SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant provision
14:12 MichaelKuhn I executed the following (vagrant wasn't up):
14:12 MichaelKuhn vagrant up
14:12 MichaelKuhn SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant provision
14:13 tcohen no
14:13 MichaelKuhn All right, this time the process doesn't show the stiff about JSON::Validator anymore
14:13 MichaelKuhn No?
14:13 wahanui[…]33/collapsing.gif
14:13 tcohen if it is not up
14:14 tcohen you just do
14:14 tcohen SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up
14:14 tcohen if it is up, but provisioning aborted
14:14 tcohen you "resume" the provisioning
14:14 tcohen SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant provision
14:15 tcohen it is a minor thing
14:15 MichaelKuhn Hm ok... but it's too late now... also the process now ended and shows me no error. Should I maybe restart?
14:15 tcohen but the way we create the admin user, or populate the DB with sample data
14:15 tcohen is not checking if those things are already done
14:15 tcohen it is ok
14:15 tcohen no need to restart
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14:17 MichaelKuhn OK. Now since this process takes some time (around two hours...) and I intend to learn some stuff about signing off etc. - is there a way how I can save my kohavedbox, like just copying directory "kohadevbox"? And then, when I ruined everything, just copy it back?
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14:17 tcohen MichaelKuhn: you don't need to recreate the devbox
14:18 tcohen you can just vagrant suspend/resume
14:18 tcohen or vagrant halt/up
14:19 tcohen MichaelKuhn: ok?
14:20 MichaelKuhn I mean because the Koha software is inside the directory "kohadevbox" - since I don't know much about git and stuff I think I will ruin it while trying to learn...
14:20 tcohen MichaelKuhn: are you using SYNC_REPO?
14:21 tcohen not using it is the reason for the 2 hour process
14:21 tcohen because it is fetching the 2.xGB repo every time
14:21 tcohen pm
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14:23 MichaelKuhn Hm, OK. Until now I didn't use SYNCREPO. In this case - is it possible to remove "kohadevbox" and restart again, using SYNC_REPO?
14:23 MichaelKuhn I'm willing to wait for another 2 hours to have a clean kohadevbox in the end...
14:25 tcohen do you have a clone of the koha repo on your host machine?
14:28 MichaelKuhn No, I guess not. I just followed the instruction at and I don't know where the Koha software was copied during the 2 hours... (at least I always IMAGINED the software was copied during those 2 hours...)
14:29 tcohen ok
14:29 tcohen do this
14:29 tcohen mkdir ~/git
14:29 tcohen cd ~/git
14:30 tcohen git clone koha
14:30 tcohen <WAIT>
14:30 tcohen then do
14:30 tcohen echo "export SYNC_REPO=~/git/koha"
14:30 tcohen sorry
14:30 tcohen echo "export SYNC_REPO=~/git/koha" >> ~/.bashrc
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14:32 MichaelKuhn OK, it's cloning now, I will then halt vagrant and start it with
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14:32 MichaelKuhn SYNC_REPO="~/git/koha" vagrant up
14:33 tcohen not halt
14:33 tcohen destroy
14:33 tcohen if you have SYNC_REPO on your .bashrc file
14:33 tcohen you don't need to type it
14:33 tcohen each time
14:33 MichaelKuhn Yes, I understand
14:33 tcohen ok
14:33 mtompset Just to point out tcohen it's over 3GB now.
14:34 MichaelKuhn (of course only after sourcing it)
14:34 tcohen ok
14:34 mtompset Sorry about the lack of reply yesterday, tcohen. :)
14:34 MichaelKuhn This will take some time. I'm sure I'll be back ;-)
14:34 MichaelKuhn Thank you for now!
14:35 mtompset If you have 3 hours for not sync repo...
14:35 mtompset probably 1 hour with.
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14:36 tcohen nah
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14:36 tcohen probably 15 mins with the repo already fetched
14:37 mtompset tcohen: Depends on your internet connection.
14:37 tcohen mtompset: of course, but I don't think the rest of the things to download take 1 hour if the total is 3
14:37 mtompset Takes me about 3 hours without sync_repo and about 1 hour with. -- oh, and your CPU gruntiness.
14:38 mtompset I don't have all theSYNC's set.
14:38 mtompset LeeJ was mentioning there were others, but I haven't looked into them.
14:39 mtompset The kohadocs is one that I know of, because LeeJ was working on that and said you, tcohen, added something similar to sYNC_REPO for it.
14:39 mtompset Haven't looked though.
14:39 tcohen mtompset: kohadocs and, if that's what you're up to, a plugin repo for plugin development
14:40 mtompset yes, but a vagrant up pulls it all, so you should sync repo it all to make it faster.
14:40 tcohen nope
14:40 mtompset And yes, it does take about 1 hour for the other stuff.
14:40 tcohen you need enable_kohadocs: true
14:41 mtompset okay... I'll look into that later.
14:41 mtompset I'm trying to work my way out of a recursive refactor descent into hell.
14:41 tcohen the vagrant-cachier plugin should save you time
14:42 tcohen (.deb downloads)
14:42 mtompset What think you of bug 19040, tcohen?
14:42 tcohen a 72.89kb patch refactoring such a core lib?
14:43 mtompset lots of tiny changes.
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14:43 tcohen mtompset: looks ok to me
14:43 mtompset GetMarcBiblio( $biblionumber ) mapped to GetMarcBiblio( { biblionumber => $biblionumber })
14:43 mtompset and the other parameters too, of course.
14:44 tcohen yes, read it, it looks good
14:44 tcohen mtompset: I'm working on dockerizing the jenkins test environment
14:45 mtompset I have a preliminary dockerization attempt done.
14:45 mtompset But it doesn't really handle the whole upgrade process well, I think.
14:46 mtompset And it doesn't work without a series of patches which aren't in the code set yet.
14:46 tcohen mtompset: should be easy to implement
14:46 mtompset because I put the DB in its own container.
14:46 tcohen I'm about to PQA one of those
14:47 tcohen my case is simpler, because it is for jenkins
14:47 tcohen but I will try to move kohadevbox in that direction ASAP
14:48 mtompset is it bug 16690?
14:48 * tcohen hates Dockerfiles
14:48 mtompset bug 14335?
14:48 * mtompset nods.
14:48 tcohen 14533
14:48 tcohen I gave ansible-container a whirl
14:48 tcohen but the stable release was unusable
14:49 tcohen the development branch works
14:49 tcohen will resume that track once they release
14:49 tcohen it basically commits to the FS image on each ansible action
14:49 tcohen and is pretty sexy to  use :-P
14:50 tcohen (compared to Dockerfile... anything is sexy)
14:50 mtompset Yes, but if you stick with Dockerfile, it would make my life easier.
14:50 tcohen why is that?
14:50 mtompset That's what we use for our Dockerizing.
14:51 mtompset And it would make transplanting into our corporate environment easier.
14:51 tcohen if you have it dockered, you don't need what I'm working on
14:52 mtompset BTW, did you use MySQL or MariaDB?
14:52 mtompset because MariaDB doesn't have a debian.cnf -- see bug 18564
14:52 tcohen i'm not there yet
14:53 tcohen anything I need I will hardcode
14:53 mtompset Ewwwww!
14:53 tcohen this will be a gitified setup, so eww to start with
14:56 mtompset tcohen: okay, I'll concede that point. :)
14:57 tcohen mtompset: with 14533 we still need koha-common.cnf
14:57 tcohen why is that?
14:58 mtompset gitfied setup is ewww...
14:58 mtompset when you need to test a library change, you need to copy it into place.
14:59 tcohen no, you work on the git clone
14:59 tcohen no need to copy anything
15:00 mtompset the kohadevbox points opac/ (for example) at the packaged version, not the git version.
15:01 mtompset (or it was something similar)
15:01 mtompset I had to copy it to test it.
15:01 tcohen that's incorrect, or there's something wrong with your kohadevbox
15:02 tcohen because I even added a remote debugger in there, and am pretty sure what file I'm editing
15:02 mtompset Is your host machine a windows box?
15:02 tcohen nope
15:02 mtompset Mine is.
15:02 tcohen ubuntu and macos
15:03 tcohen but what's ran inside virtualbox is not related
15:03 mtompset oh it was a /usr/sbin script.
15:03 tcohen ah
15:03 tcohen for testing koha-* scripts
15:04 tcohen you need  to run them from kohaclone/debian/scripts
15:04 tcohen or better run
15:04 tcohen misc4dev/
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15:05 mtompset Is there documentation on the misc4dev directory somewhere? Because I haven't had time to make sense of it.
15:05 mtompset Greetings, oleonard
15:07 MichaelKuhn tcohen: While waiting for the Koha cloning to complete... Is it possible to run "vagrant destroy" in the meantime and remove all "kohadevbox_jessie_*" in ~/Virtualbox_VMs ?
15:07 tcohen MichaelKuhn: of course
15:08 tcohen is completely unrelated to the cloning
15:08 MichaelKuhn I hoped so but I'm really new at this, thanks!
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15:18 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "docker-compose.yml" (47 lines) at
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15:21 rsantellan good afternoon #koha
15:30 MichaelKuhn tcohen: Cloning took about 40 minutes, "vagrant up" took about 10 minutes, the process ended without errors this time. Now is there a way how to backup my kohadevbox in case I will ruin my git/Koha/devbox or is it easier to destroy and rebuild again?
15:34 mtompset MichaelKuhn: Because you are sync repo'd if you ruin your git, you don't need to destroy your vagrant, you need to fix you host's git, becauase that is the one that is ruined.
15:35 mtompset and because you are sync repo'd... if you vagrant up jessie or stretch or xenial, they will all have access to the same git you may have been working on in the other kohadevbox.
15:36 MichaelKuhn OK, does that mean I can just backup my git directory with clone? (in my case "~/git/koha") So wI wouldn't have to download the stuff in it again... I'm quite sure I will ruin the content since I'm only starting to learn about git... or I will just not know where I am, so I will want to restart "clean"...
15:37 mtompset You could make a backup directory, and if you ruin your git, then delete the bad git directory, and copy your backup back into place.
15:38 MichaelKuhn OK, I will do that, thanks! (and I guess I should do that while Vagrant is halted)
15:38 mtompset Safest, yes.
15:42 mtompset tcohen: Two other nice bugs to consider 18907 and 18908 :)
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16:24 MichaelKuhn tcohen: I thought "SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up" would give me running Koha instance, but I always end at the webinstaller. I tried this with and without entries in file "user.yml" (koha_admin_user: koha_kohadev / koha_admin_pass: password). Am I maybe misunderstanding something?
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16:50 LeeJ hi #koha
16:51 LeeJ Joubu: around?
16:51 kidclamp he is usually out fridays LeeJ
16:51 LeeJ ahh ok
16:51 LeeJ good to know :P
16:51 kidclamp though he has been known to appar when summoned on occasion :-)
16:51 LeeJ well he told me to file a bug report on a plack issue with the Koha::Plugins
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16:52 LeeJ and I just found out more information on it..was trying to figure out if I should add it to the existing bug or file a new one
16:54 LeeJ I'll just add it to the existing bug since it's related
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16:57 MKuhn tcohen: Another thing: I tried to install another language "("de-DE") using the following commands:
16:57 MKuhn sudo su -
16:57 MKuhn mkdir /usr/share/koha/intranet/htd​ocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/de-DE
16:57 MKuhn exit
16:57 MKuhn sudo koha-translate --install de-DE
16:58 MKuhn Bit still after calling http://localhost:8081/ the only available language is "en"
16:58 LeeJ kidclamp: does sudo koha-plack --enable and --disable work? The plack wiki shows they are WIP as of last year.
16:58 MKuhn In an earlier version of the kohadevbox this worked (as far as I remember)
16:59 LeeJ need to disable plack to test something
16:59 kidclamp they work afaik
16:59 LeeJ let's find out right now! ;d
16:59 LeeJ ;D
16:59 kidclamp you need to restart apache aftert the comand
16:59 kidclamp or reload at the least
16:59 LeeJ okay
17:00 LeeJ looks like it works!
17:20 LeeJ have a good weekend #koha
17:21 tcohen MKuhn: I bet you need to do this instead
17:21 tcohen sudo koha-shell kohadev
17:21 tcohen cd kohaclone
17:21 tcohen cd misc/translator
17:22 tcohen perl translate install de-DE
17:29 MKuhn tcohen: Yes, that worked, thanks! Still another thing: I thought "SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up" would give me running Koha instance, but I always ended up with the webinstaller. I tried this with and without entries in file "user.yml" (koha_admin_user: koha_kohadev / koha_admin_pass: password). Am I maybe misunderstanding something?
17:30 tcohen[…]aults.yml#L65-L66
17:30 tcohen those are the defaults
17:31 tcohen koha_kohadev and password are the DB user credentials
17:32 MKuhn Yes, I chaned this because in the instruction I read: "Until issue #2 has been fixed, you need to log in to the Web UI with the database user. It defaults to login: koha_kohadev and password: password"
17:32 tcohen oh, file an issue to fix that!
17:33 MKuhn So, is the instruction wrong or am I wrong?
17:33 tcohen the instructions
17:33 wahanui the instructions are coming right now to the wiki near you or at
17:34 tcohen Issue #2 was closed a lot of time ago
17:34 MKuhn So it will work with admin / admin ?
17:34 tcohen it *should*
17:35 MKuhn Ok, I'll try and then file an issue to (hopefully) only correct the instructions
17:35 tcohen MKuhn: if it fails to create the admin user on provisioning (with CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1)
17:35 tcohen let me know
17:35 tcohen but you need to know
17:35 tcohen once the process is finished
17:35 tcohen you can always run
17:35 tcohen reset_all
17:35 tcohen after vagrant ssh
17:35 tcohen :-D
17:36 tcohen and DB will be destroyed and everything on the DB will be recreated
17:36 tcohen using your configured user/pass
17:36 tcohen ok?
17:36 tcohen reset_all++
17:36 MKuhn I was doing this just now... I have never seen this output before! :-D
17:37 tcohen reset_all is an alias for some tools in misc4dev
17:37 tcohen Joubu++
17:39 MKuhn Well, of course to really test I need an EMPTY database, so I will destroy Vagrant
17:39 tcohen nooooooo
17:39 MKuhn no?
17:39 wahanui[…]33/collapsing.gif
17:40 MKuhn It seems I'm not understanding what "SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up" really does
17:40 tcohen mysql -u koha_kohadev -ppassword -e"DROP DATABASE koha_kohadev"
17:40 MKuhn but I halt Vagrant and start it with this command...?
17:40 tcohen mysql -u koha_kohadev -ppassword -e"CREATE DATABASE koha_kohadev"
17:41 tcohen those two should make the instance empty
17:41 tcohen if you want the DB empty, just drop it and recreate
17:42 MKuhn OK, I executed them, instead of the login window now I get "Internal Server Error" when calling http://localhost:8081/
17:43 tcohen it makes sense
17:43 tcohen restart_all
17:43 tcohen Plack still expects the DB to be populated
17:44 MKuhn Aha, now the webinstaller is there again
17:44 MKuhn But now halt Vagrant and then "SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up" ?
17:44 tcohen to make it clear
17:44 tcohen SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 makes vagrant tell ansible to populate the DB with sample data
17:45 tcohen you might want it or not depending on what you try to do
17:45 tcohen CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 only makes sense if you use SKIP_WEBINSTALLER
17:45 tcohen in fact it is not used at all if SKIP_WEBINSTALLER!=1
17:45 MKuhn Yes, I read that, I want both - just have a running Koha instance without much hassle
17:46 tcohen if you git clone kohadevbox
17:46 tcohen set SYNC_REPO
17:46 tcohen and run just vagrant up
17:46 tcohen you have what you need
17:47 tcohen if you want it to pre-populate the DB
17:47 tcohen such is usually the case
17:47 tcohen unless you are actually testing the install steps
17:48 * tcohen doesn't want to go trhough the install process to test a behaviour change
17:50 MKuhn I understand, no problem... I will play around with the dev box a little more, however, maybe I'll understand it better after... I just expected to have arunning Koha instance when using "SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up" but there seems to be some problem when using user.yml
17:51 tcohen I'm sorry, but: what problem did you face with the vagrant up command?
17:53 MKuhn According to the instructions (Until issue #2 has been fixed, you need to log in to the Web UI with the database user. It defaults to login: koha_kohadev and password: password) I configured user.yml with koha_kohadev / password, the I ran "SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up" ... I thought this would give me a running Koha instance, but instead it gave me the Koha webinstaller
17:53 tcohen ahhhhhhhhh
17:54 tcohen you should retry with something different from the DB name
17:54 tcohen I wouldn't expect it to work correctly, it has to be reserved, somehow
17:55 MKuhn You mean instead of "koha_kohadev" I should use "koha_xy" or something?
17:57 tcohen admin / admin?
17:57 tcohen wait
17:58 tcohen have you git pull
17:58 tcohen recently on your kohadevbox clone?
17:58 MKuhn No
18:00 tcohen maybe you should vagrant destroy
18:00 tcohen git pull
18:00 wahanui somebody said git pull was really simple.
18:00 tcohen backup your user.yml file (just in case)
18:00 tcohen and cp vars/user.yml.sample vars/user.yml
18:00 MKuhn Yes, I suggested that above... but you said noooo :-)
18:01 tcohen what I mean is that you don't destroy the box to clean the DB
18:01 tcohen but if you have an outdated provisioning script
18:01 tcohen you better destroy, git pull your kohadevbox so it is up to date
18:01 MKuhn ah ok, and I have copeid your commands to keep them for later
18:01 tcohen and create it back
18:03 MKuhn I did "vagrantdestroy", now in user.yml I have koha_db_password: password / koha_admin_user: admin / koha_admin_pass: admin
18:03 MKuhn Now I will run "SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up"
18:04 tcohen is your kohadevbox code up to date?
18:04 MKuhn Your men the Koha repo? I just downloaded it this afternoon, maybe 3 hours ago
18:05 tcohen no, I mean kohadevbox code itself
18:07 MKuhn I had used some update command, but I can't finde it now in the instructions... I guess I saw it once when executing "vagrant up --provision" or something and it told me to execute that command
18:07 tcohen if you exit kohadevbox
18:07 tcohen you are left on a directory
18:07 tcohen where you can find vars/user.yml
18:07 tcohen right?
18:07 MKuhn yes
18:07 tcohen run git pull
18:07 tcohen in there
18:07 wahanui i think in there is a css dir
18:08 rocio joined #koha
18:08 MKuhn I did that
18:10 tcohen refreshed your user.yml?
18:10 MKuhn No, It didnt't change user.yml.sample or user.yml
18:11 tcohen can you diff user.yml.sample user.yml
18:11 tcohen and tell if there's any other difference besides your manual changes?
18:12 MKuhn No, only my manual changes are inside (koha_db_password: / koha_admin_user: / koha_admin_pass: / git_email: / git_full_name: / bz_user: / bz_password: )
18:12 tcohen cool
18:12 tcohen SKIP_WEBINSTALLER=1 CREATE_ADMIN_USER=1 vagrant up
18:12 tcohen should get you a fresh and populated kohadevbox
18:13 MKuhn that'd be cool
18:13 tcohen I've just ran it :-D
18:15 rsantellan joined #koha
18:20 rsantellan hi I just run https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]iki/Upgrading_2.2 and after updating I have populated biblioitems.marcxml but items.more_subfields_xml is not populated with the item xml
18:20 rsantellan how can I force the populate of that field?
18:24 MKuhn tcohen: Great, i ran it and got the Koha staff login, admin / admin logged me in. So I need to file an issue about the "Until issue #2 has been fixed, you need to log in to the Web UI with the database user. It defaults to login: koha_kohadev and password: password" now?
18:24 tcohen please
18:24 tcohen so I don't forget about it
18:25 tcohen and maybe someone writes a patch before I fo
18:25 tcohen *do*
18:27 MKuhn I'll do that - is the component "Developer documentation" correct?
18:27 tcohen nope
18:27 tcohen
18:27 tcohen there
18:27 tcohen "New issue"
18:30 MKuhn I will write: In it says: "Until issue #2 has been fixed, you need to log in to the Web UI with the database user. It defaults to login: koha_kohadev and password: password"  This is obsolete and should be deleted according to Tomas Cohen Arazi.
18:30 MKuhn Hope this is OK?
18:30 tcohen describe the problem in your own words
18:30 tcohen that'd be ok
18:31 MKuhn Ok, I filed
18:31 MKuhn I learned a lot this afternoon (I hope), thank you very much and have a nice weekend!
18:31 tcohen enjoy!
18:31 tcohen and teach others :-D
18:32 tcohen its your turn
18:32 MKuhn :-D
18:37 tcohen we should make SYNC_REPO the default way of using it, highlight it on the READM
18:39 MKuhn I have just destroyed Vagrant, removing directories git and kohadevbox. Now I'll rebuild everything according to my documentation to see if I'm able to do it again...
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21:05 tcohen hey
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21:26 lisettelatah Hello all, we are testing bug 18805 in the sandbox at Koha US 2017. The patch applied cleanly but we got an error. We are pretty sure we need to run and we were wondering if we can do that from the sandbox or if we need a dev box? Thanks
21:32 bag I just answered
21:33 bag bug 18805
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22:06 tcohen nice w-e #koh
22:06 tcohen #koha
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