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03:07 mtompset Have a great day, 24 hour period, #koha.
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03:09 wizzyrea @later tell eythian you are one clever guy. Thanks for being so clever.
03:09 huginn` wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
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06:23 * magnuse WAVES
06:24 magnuse @wunder boo
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06:24 magnuse double digits!
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06:28 * LibraryClaire waves
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06:48 mveron Good morning / daytime #koha
06:50 mveron @wunder Allschwil
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06:53 reiveune hello
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06:55 alex_a bonjour
06:58 fridolin bonjour
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07:47 bag .
07:47 magnuse ,
07:47 drojf ..
07:47 bag :D
07:47 magnuse \m/
07:47 drojf :P
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08:47 marcelr hi #koha
08:56 bag heya marcelr
08:56 wahanui marcelr is talking with tcohen about it
08:56 bag heh
08:57 marcelr hi bag early heh
08:57 bag I think it’s more really late
08:57 marcelr ok you are right
08:57 bag I’m never right - I just am tired ;)
08:57 marcelr :)
08:59 magnuse bag: go get some sleep!
09:00 bag nah I am really happy being awake right now - I am studying and learning things that I don’t normally have the time for
09:12 magnuse yay for that!
09:12 magnuse learning++
09:15 bag Plus I get to hangout with my main man magnuse
09:16 magnuse lol
09:25 bag ok magnuse I think I found the end of the internet…  nothing left to learn, so I best go to sleep
09:25 bag have THE awesome day magnuse and marcelr
09:25 marcelr same bag
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11:08 francharb morning
11:24 druthb @wunder 77098
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11:30 druthb o/
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11:37 oleonard Hi #koha
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11:41 arnold Hello #koha!
11:42 oleonard Hi arnold
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11:43 arnold I need to make sure that the status of each book can only be unique. It should not be both Withdrawn and Lost, for example.
11:43 arnold Is there any way to enforce this, oleonard ?
11:45 oleonard Not that I know of arnold. Koha isn't designed to work that way.
11:46 arnold So if I generate a report of damaged books, it will include books that are withdrawn too?
11:47 arnold (ie withdrawn and damaged)
11:47 oleonard arnold: If you're talking about reports you can select whatever you want. damaged but not withdrawn, damaged and withdrawn, etc.
11:47 arnold I see.
11:47 oleonard That's just a matter of composing the right SQL
11:48 oleonard But it doesn't prevent your staff from changing the statuses
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11:49 arnold Can I just make it invalid to set a status of Damaged and Withdrawn for the staff using jQuery?
11:51 oleonard I'm sure that's possible
11:53 arnold I don't know jQuery. First I tried to reset all other statuses if one status is changed. But it did not work. Can you help me with it? I'll post the code...
11:54 arnold This is what I tried:
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12:04 marcelr khall: please check my comment on bug 15006; thx
12:04 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15006 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Signed Off , Need to distinguish client timeout from login timeout
12:05 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "arnold try this" (7 lines) at
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12:13 arnold oleonard: Did you test it, it does not work for me!
12:14 oleonard arnold: Are you adding it as part of a $(document).ready() block in the intranetuserjs preference? I shouldn't have assumed that.
12:15 arnold Yes I am.
12:16 arnold There is no Authorized Value "0" for any of the fields. oleonard could that be the reason?
12:17 oleonard Maybe so. I thought 0 was the default, but perhaps it is blank in your system and not mine
12:18 arnold Let me try "". If it is very difficult, can I at least alert the staff that it is not permitted and not submit it? (validate)
12:21 arnold oleonard: Nope, the blank did not work either.
12:21 oleonard You're working from catalogue/ right?
12:22 arnold yes, http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]temnumber=1#item1
12:22 oleonard Please paste the contents of your intranetuserjs preference
12:23 arnold oleonard
12:25 oleonard What exactly isn't working arnold?
12:26 arnold I am still able to set the status as both "Lost" and "Damaged".
12:27 oleonard arnold: The jQuery is working correctly, but it must be more complicated than simply blanking the hidden inputs. I don't know offhand what is going on in the script so I'm not sure what to suggest.
12:28 arnold oleonard: Since you know jQuery, can you be kind enough to write a script that will simply alert the user that it is in violation and not submit the unwanted change.
12:28 oleonard arnold: Sorry I don't have time to do that
12:29 arnold ie, force him to unset "Damaged" and then set "Lost" manually?
12:30 arnold oleonard: is it very complicated, or do you think someone who has no Javascript experience like me can get it done?
12:31 oleonard arnold: It doesn't hurt to try. If you get stuck then you can seek help then.
12:34 drojf every person i have to call today is unavailable. why do telephones exist at all?
12:35 drojf "lets have a phone call, its much easier than sending an email and waiting for half an hour"
12:35 drojf yeah right, only that i wait half an hour to have that phone call :P
12:35 oleonard drojf: When I have to call someone and it turns out they're not available I feel like the universe has given me a precious gift.
12:35 drojf hahaha
12:35 drojf yes i know that feeling
12:37 liw oleonard+++
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12:43 oleonard Here's a W3C constraint and/or admonition I hadn't heard before:
12:43 oleonard "The first child option element of a select element with a required attribute and without a multiple attribute, and whose size is “1”, must have either an empty value attribute, or must have no text content"
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13:05 mveron Hi again #koha
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13:07 mveron It would be great if somebody would have time fo a Sign-off:  Bug 16747 - Fix regression in patron card creator (patron image)
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13:07 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16747 critical, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Fix regression in patron card creator (patron image)
13:07 mveron The Bug makes the patron card creator unusable (software error)
13:07 oleonard I can take a look mveron
13:08 mveron Thanks, oleonard
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13:15 matts Hey #koha, my pics of the KohaCon are there :[…]
13:24 LibraryClaire matts nice :)
13:24 matts :)
13:34 mveron oleonard++ for Bug 16747
13:34 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16747 critical, P5 - low, ---, veron, Signed Off , Fix regression in patron card creator (patron image)
13:36 drojf matts: thanks for sharing!
13:36 drojf i could go back right now…
13:37 matts It sure was nice !
13:37 drojf yep
13:37 drojf how is the weather in marseille in october?
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13:39 drojf october 9,9--17,8° says the internet
13:39 drojf warmer than march actually
13:42 matts I don't live there so I don't really know
13:42 * ashimema dances around the room at getting another shibboleth up and running
13:42 matts But in my experience, it really depends on the wind
13:45 LibraryClaire yay ashimema
13:47 drojf openldap and koha on one machine, yay or nay?
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13:53 eythian drojf: should be OK if you only have the one.
13:54 eythian @later tell wizzyrea what'd I do now?
13:54 huginn` eythian: The operation succeeded.
13:55 drojf eythian: crazily expensive server constraints. unless it would be a very bad idea for some reason, a second server is not an option. (i guess it would mean no for the whole project)
14:08 ashimema man I have a love hate relationship with UKFederation..
14:08 ashimema makes settig up new customers who are already part of the federation a doddle
14:09 ashimema but also means restarting the shibd service (which is required any time you make a config change, or add a new customer) take around 8 minutes (when your lucky) and a very well spec'd server
14:09 ashimema parsing hundreds of lines of xml and validating thousands of certificates is time consuming it would seem ;)
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14:29 oleonard Oh hey look I introduced a bug in 2011 and just found it today :(
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14:35 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16502: Replace a few other ok-calls by is-calls <[…]70d10398131aab953> / Bug 16502: Adjust test for GetPlugins <[…]ec9080645fc25772e> / Bug 16502: Add additional test to Plugins.t <[…]tdiff;h=959d69fa0
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14:38 magnuse oleonard++ for finding it
14:44 * cait waves
14:45 LibraryClaire hi cait
14:45 cait hi LibraryClaire :)
14:45 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16607: Remove CPL/MPL from two unit tests <[…]f3c20f18e6998530a> / Bug 16500: [QA Follow-up] Catch warning if branch MPL already exists <[…]fe54d5a069c129373> / Bug 16500: Catch two warns in TestBuilder.t with warning_like <
14:45 LibraryClaire :)
14:46 drojf hi cait
14:46 cait hi drojf
14:48 druthb cait!
14:48 druthb drojf!
14:48 cait druthb: !
14:48 drojf druthb!
14:55 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16594: Fix obvious QA issues from bug 11371 <[…]41321355eeb39fb48> / Bug 16594: Orders by fund report has wrong link to css and other issues <[…]ec3e6faed853b202b> / Bug 16717: Improve variable naming <[…]b/?p=koha.git;a=c
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15:21 reiveune bye
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15:25 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16127 - Add discharge menu item to patron toolbar <[…]71c47db2345ef5286>
15:39 khall oleonard: can you take a look at the followup I posted on bug 16148 and let me know what you think?
15:39 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16148 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Revised layout and behavior of marc modification template management
15:39 oleonard Sure
15:40 khall thanks!
15:42 oleonard Record matching rules -> Admin, MARC modification templates -> Tools. Confusing.
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15:45 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16543 - Make edit and delete links styled buttons in patron attribute types admin... <[…]0cfc43c60de328f38> / Bug 16541 - Make edit and delete links styled buttons in cities administration <[…]9d1af38a344d01725> / Bug 16456: Reintroduce wording "Delete t
15:46 oleonard khall: I'm fine with it. I did something similar in my patch for Bug 16421
15:46 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16421 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Move hold edit actions into dropdown menu
15:47 khall excellent! if you would countersign that I can push it! I really like your improvements!
15:47 khall I'll see if I can s/o that other patch for you as well
15:49 oleonard khall: That'd be great. I'm looking for more opinions about whether it's even a good  idea.
15:49 oleonard khall: One question: Why the 'aria-hidden="true"'?
15:50 khall oleonard: that shouldn't be there, I started with a copypasta from the FA website, I forgot to remove that
15:51 khall oleonard: yeah, I'm looking at it now. It does make moving a hold a number of places up or down a bit more cumbersome, but it's also more self-explanitory. I'm torn
15:51 khall I'll fix that patch oleonard
15:52 oleonard I think pianohacker mentioned in IRC the idea of using a JS drag and drop reordering thing instead, but I don't think he was volunteering :P
15:52 khall yeah, I was thinking ajax would be the real solution
15:53 khall ping him about it, if he's not volunteering I may take a crack at it.
15:53 khall I wasn't thinking the full drag and drop, but that really sounds like the way to go
15:54 khall assuming it's not too messy to code
15:54 khall oleonard: my followup should be fixed now!
15:55 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16672: Fix typo unqiue vs unique <[…]a6cf54efecc883b84> / Bug 16672 [QA Followup] - Convert negative days to positive days <[…]d25ab03fa57f9d85f> / Bug 16672 - Add ability to remove expired holidays from special_holidays <
15:59 oleonard Oh hey khall look what we include by default in our build of  jQueryUI: :)
15:59 khall oohh, I like ; )
16:00 khall oleonard: file a bug with a link to that so I don't forget, then send it my way ; )
16:02 mveron Have a nice weekend #koha
16:05 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16693: Remove reserve/ <[…]a429961e5f3e5574c>
16:16 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16148 [Follow-up] - Use Font Awesome for arrows instead of images <[…]93ba033b13b8b8b80> / Bug 16148: Fix submit button text <[…]37d27c93c299033ee> / Bug 16148 [Follow-up] Revised layout and behavior of marc modification template manag... <http://git.koh
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16:16 mahmud hello
16:16 mahmud is there anyone here
16:17 mahmud i am new to the koha i have installed this one and found some problem that i can not open a patron
16:20 mahmud any one listening my voice please response
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16:24 mah hello
16:24 mah any one here watching my text
16:33 oleonard Whoops, missed mahmud after suggesting coming to #koha :|
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17:02 oleonard[…]43851124692779008
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18:36 tcohen hi
18:37 oleonard Sorry tcohen there is no one here
18:38 tcohen hi oleonard, why is that?
18:38 oleonard It's already the weekend for most I think
18:41 nengard i'm here
18:41 drojf i'm not
18:46 oleonard If nengard were really here she would have commented on my Twitter link earlier, so clearly she is not!
18:46 tcohen well, it is here (holiday) but just wanted to say hi :_D
18:46 * nengard hardly looks at twitter ...
18:47 nengard what link ... I don't see it oleonard
18:47 oleonard[…]43851124692779008
18:47 nengard omg - i can't tell ... is that a puppy????
18:47 nengard oh i had to click
18:47 nengard it's a puppy!!!!!!
18:48 oleonard Our new Pomeranian puppy came to visit me at work today
18:48 nengard he's like the revers of my angel
18:48 nengard reverse
18:48 nengard in colors
18:48 nengard and poms and shelties are cousins
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18:56 oleonard In the picture he's working on Bug 16763
18:56 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16763 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Remove the use of "onclick" from record matching rules form
18:57 nengard awww
18:59 oleonard Okay now it's just you and tcohen, nengard. Have a good weekend.
18:59 nengard you too
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19:04 tcohen this is great
19:04 tcohen
19:05 tcohen awesome!
19:05 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, tcohen
19:07 druthb Awesome!
19:07 wahanui That'll be €1 for the awesome jar, druthb
19:07 druthb hey!
19:08 druthb where'm I gonna get a *euro*?
19:14 drojf druthb: try marseille
19:14 druthb Long commute, to get something for the jar.
19:15 druthb I think I still have a Jordianian dinar coin.
19:15 druthb *digs around, desposits the coin*
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21:07 nikki Hello people!
21:09 nikki I am trying to import patrons to my new library from a csv file. I tried importing the same data twice. This is what i get at the end of the first import:
21:10 nikki So I am guessing that the first attempt to import succeeded. But I don't see any patrons!
21:12 nikki never mind my previous question.
21:12 nikki I fixed it
21:13 nikki Now the problem is that I have imported the sample biblio data from a MARC file. I need to add barcodes to them to make them available.
21:14 nikki So after quick googling I decided to export the MARC data as a CSV file, insert the barcode, and then import it back.
21:14 nikki But the only problem is that the csv file is empty. I don't know how to select all the items.
21:15 nikki I just left all fields blank. What should I be actually be doing ?
21:18 kidclamp Hi nikki
21:18 nikki hey
21:18 kidclamp when you say the csv is empty, you mean nothing is exported?
21:18 nikki yes, 0 bytes
21:18 nikki so maybe I need to set a csv profile?
21:19 kidclamp and probably the eaisest is to edit the marc file you imported initially and add items record
21:19 kidclamp via marcedit
21:19 kidclamp that could be, importing csv is going to be tricker than importing marc afaik
21:20 nikki I see, so is there a way to assign barcodes to all my books?
21:20 drojf you can import biblio data as csv? what did i miss?
21:20 kidclamp you can convert csv to marc then import that
21:21 kidclamp I don't think you can import csv directly
21:21 kidclamp 'trickier than marc' was probably a generous statement :-)
21:21 drojf ok ;)
21:21 kidclamp and nikki - do your biblio records have items?
21:22 kidclamp i.e. are we talking records without items or items without barcodes?
21:23 nikki records without items. please don't shout at me for not being clear about this before, I just started using koha!
21:23 kidclamp hehe, no shouting at all
21:23 kidclamp just trying to make sure I am not confused and saying the wrong thing
21:24 nikki alright, so say the right thing ;-)
21:24 kidclamp you can either catalog items through koha
21:25 kidclamp or add items to the file you used for import and then redo the import
21:25 kidclamp adding items = adding a 952 marc field
21:25 kidclamp with at least $a and $p
21:26 kidclamp more info on koha holdings field here: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]data_fields_(9xx)
21:26 nikki so how do I add bc to the field in linux? can I use libreoffice?
21:27 kidclamp marcedit is the only way I know of off hand to edit marc and add items
21:27 kidclamp you 'can' install via mono on linux
21:27 nikki Let me install it, wait a moment
21:27 kidclamp or you can run it in a windows vm
21:28 kidclamp it doesn't work perfectly
21:28 kidclamp adding the items via mysql trickery is your other option
21:28 kidclamp but after that I am out of ideas
21:28 kidclamp[…]tion-instructions
21:29 Karl_H there are programmatic ways to edit marc as well
21:29 kidclamp good point
21:30 Karl_H pymarc is a python library, I think perl has a library too
21:31 Karl_H marcedit is probably most user friendly though
21:32 drojf you can manipulate marc data with catmandu
21:33 drojf
21:33 nikki I am almost done installing marcedit. If it fails, I will get it done with pymarc.
21:34 Karl_H this is kind of a tangent, but isn't catmandu being used for elasticsearch somehow?
21:38 drojf in koha, yes
21:38 Karl_H neat, I thought I heard that name somewhere
21:38 drojf if you check the link you may find rangi and eythian in the list of contributors ;)
21:39 nikki Can you guyz help me use marcedit? Firstly it is asking me to set default programs.
21:40 nikki which one should I use for assigning values to 952 $a and $p in bulk?
21:45 nikki Jow do I use mareditor to det it done, kidclamp_away ?
21:48 Karl_H do you have some way of matching up the barcodes with the marc files?
21:48 nikki I dont mind starin from 1 and incrementing
21:48 Karl_H delimited text translator should allow you to convert from csv if that's what you've got
21:49 Joubu joined #koha
21:49 nikki I have a mrc file, and I need to add items.
21:49 nikki basically how do I assign values to 952 $a and $p in bulk
21:50 Karl_H well first things first, you can use marctools to break the marc file into something that you can more easily edit
21:50 nikki okey, so to csv?
21:51 Karl_H yeah, convert to csv
21:51 * eythian almost wants to write a free software marcedit type thing. Except I'd have to care for it forever.
21:52 Karl_H create a new column in like, excel or whatever. Set the header row to 952a if that's the field you want to insert
21:52 Karl_H create the barcode values for each of your records
21:52 Karl_H save and then convert back to marc
21:52 Karl_H that's how I'd probably do it
21:53 nikki That;s what I am thinking too, but which tool to use? delimited text translator
21:54 Karl_H yeah, delimited text translator
21:55 Karl_H either that or marc tools would probably have a MARC>CSV option in there somewhere
21:56 eythian It's extremely hard to make a proper CSV<->MARC converter thing with full fidelity. The formats are too different.
21:57 eythian Not impossible, mind. Maybe I should try it.
21:58 drojf its easy to do csv to marc in catmandu
21:58 drojf well, depends on your csv :P
21:59 nikki Karl_H: So what is the output file? The file to which i want to add 952p?
22:00 Karl_H output file is the file you're going to save the csv data to
22:00 Karl_H nikki, I wish you luck, but I gotta go
22:00 Karl_H have a great weekend everybody
22:00 nikki thanks for everything!
22:02 eythian drojf: you can do one way conversions fine, but going back to MARC is hard.
22:02 drojf you want to go from marc to csv to marc?
22:02 drojf why?
22:02 eythian Eg determining what tags should be grouped and which shouldn't
22:03 eythian So you can export, add barcodes, import
22:03 drojf dont import before you add the barcodes. problem solved :P
22:04 drojf or import ite data to merge. but in this case, there is marc data available
22:04 drojf *item
22:18 nikki I tried something, and it did not seem to work
22:18 nikki have worked*
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