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00:34 kidclamp :-)
00:58 bag :)
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02:56 mahmud hello
02:56 wahanui niihau, mahmud
02:57 mahmud i am new in KOHA domain
02:57 mahmud would anyone please help regarding this
02:57 mahmud i can not open my staff account on koha 16.05 version
02:57 mahmud can any one help me please
02:58 mahmud wahanui do u listen me
02:58 wahanui mahmud: i'm not following you...
02:58 mahmud oh
03:00 mahmud how can i get help from here
03:00 mahmud someone told me that to take help from here
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03:06 mahmud hello
03:06 wahanui bidet, mahmud
03:07 mahmud can any body help me
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03:34 mahmud At the first time when i was logged in following warning message shows and that is  "You are logged in as the database administrative user. This is not recommended because some parts of Koha will not function as expected when using this account.  Please log in instead with a regular staff account. To create a staff account, create a library, a patron category 'Staff' and add a new patron. Then give this patron permissions from 'More' in the toolbar."   A
03:34 talljoy Hi mahmud did you create a staff account?
03:34 mahmud no
03:34 mahmud i wat to create that one
03:35 talljoy you can work as the 'database administrator' at first.
03:35 mahmud but i have failed
03:35 mahmud yes
03:35 talljoy okay.  first you create a library branch.
03:35 mahmud but when ever i want to create that one
03:35 talljoy then create a patron category type
03:35 mahmud i did
03:35 talljoy then you can create an individual user 'patron' account
03:35 talljoy be sure to set a good userid and password on the staff account.
03:36 mahmud ok would you please wait more sometimes that i can have check this again
03:36 talljoy and set user permissions for that user to be able to work in Koha.  (upper right button MORE)  click on set permissions
03:36 mahmud and thanks in advance
03:36 talljoy i'll be here for a few.
03:36 mahmud ok
03:36 mahmud thank u
03:37 talljoy also, this time of day normally noone is here.  for me it is very late on Friday evening.  This channel normally is busy Monday -Friday day time hours (european/us)
03:38 mahmud ok thank you
03:38 mahmud there some problem in my side now
03:38 mahmud my server getting down
03:38 mahmud now i have to wait more
03:38 mahmud because
03:38 mahmud i am in remote position
03:38 mahmud i have to chek this again
03:38 talljoy okay good luck to you mahmud  and feel free to check back in here later.  like i said.  there are usually many people here.
03:39 mahmud thank you very much for help
03:39 talljoy your welcome!
03:39 mahmud your co operation is highly appreciated
03:39 talljoy :-D
03:39 mahmud i will check this on the next day
03:39 mahmud have a good day talljoy
03:39 talljoy you too!
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05:22 zzz howto import bound volumes with items in single bib record can someone help
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06:05 mveron Good morning / daytime #koha
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06:36 archer121 hello #koha
06:36 archer121 I would like to know in which marc field koha saved the ecord number
06:37 archer121 The reason in that I want to add 952$p for each of my records in batch and I don't ming it being the same as Record number for each record.
06:38 archer121 (Currently all the records that I imported have no items)
06:44 rocio hello archer121, the biblionumber is stored in the 999$c
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06:54 archer121 I have a lot of records without any 952p fields. (no items). I want to create a item for every such records in batch. how?
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08:17 eythian @later tell tcohen happy oldening
08:17 huginn` eythian: The operation succeeded.
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15:33 mveron Hi again #koha
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