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00:43 mtompset @later tell tcohen Do you think I should put the ShouldHideMARC into the filter? See bug 11592 review splinter, see code in, see call in
00:43 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
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01:30 BobB @wunder sydney, new south wales
01:30 huginn BobB: The current temperature in Sydney Airport, New South Wales is 24.0°C (12:00 PM AEDT on March 10, 2016). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 21.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Rising).
01:30 BobB pretty nice out there
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02:14 geek_cl Hi guys, to edit the Wiki, which is the procedure? (i already create an account )
02:16 rangi if you have an account, then just start editing :)
02:16 wizzyrea log in and edit it :)
02:16 wizzyrea JINX
02:17 wizzyrea but seriously, log in and click the edit link at the top of the page you want to edit
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07:13 cait hi #koha
07:19 Joubu hi
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07:56 alex_a bonjour
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07:59 reiveune hello
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08:11 gaetan_B hello
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08:14 marcelr hi #koha
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10:22 Joubu @later tell drojf What is the real status of bug 15263?
10:22 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
10:22 Joubu @later tell drojf Are you working on bug 15264?
10:22 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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12:33 tcohen morning
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12:39 oleonard Hi #koha
12:46 tcohen hi oleonard
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12:52 geek_cl Hi Koha , David Nind is here?
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12:55 oleonard @seen davidnind
12:55 huginn oleonard: davidnind was last seen in #koha 7 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <davidnind> it's  like looking for a needle in a haystack (not that I've ever tried though)
12:56 cait ithink wrong time too
12:56 cait nz?
12:56 cait geek_cl: can we help?
12:57 geek_cl Hi cait, i need edit this link, https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]sers/SouthAmerica ,
12:57 geek_cl david create my account on wiki
12:57 geek_cl but i can't editñ
12:57 geek_cl edit
12:57 cait hm but you can login?
12:58 cait what is your username?
12:59 geek_cl oh gosh, now i can
12:59 geek_cl :'(
12:59 cait why crying, that's good news :)
13:00 geek_cl is a good news , crying beacuse my stupidness xD
13:00 * geek_cl LOL
13:00 cait in german i'd say "vorführeffekt" - it always works once someone else watches
13:01 * geek_cl continue the music
13:02 oleonard Yet another word the Germans have which we don't, but which we need.
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13:13 cait oleonard: not sure if there is not an english equivalent :)
13:13 oleonard The English equivalent is "it always works once someone else watches"
13:13 cait oh
13:14 cait so for once german has a shorter way of saying something!
13:16 jcamins cait: depends how fast you say it. :P
13:17 cait :P
13:19 geek_cl :'(:'(:'(
13:20 cait oh no.... not the crying smiley again
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13:23 geek_cl after update to plack the koha opac/staff is too slow
13:23 geek_cl anyone receive some comments about it?
13:24 cait that seems odd
13:35 oleonard chris_n around?
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14:50 mtompset @seen tcohen
14:50 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 4 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <tcohen> hi oleonard
14:53 tcohen hi mtompset
14:53 mtompset I don't recall if I asked you about ShouldHideMarc for bug 11592.
14:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11592 major, P3, ---, mtompset, In Discussion , opac detail scripts do not respect MARC tag visibility
15:01 mtompset And now my long day begins.
15:01 mtompset Have a great day, #koha tcohen
15:08 Joubu oleonard: could you have a look at bug 15119 please? This bug drives me crazy
15:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15119 trivial, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Hide search header text boxes on render
15:09 oleonard Yes. Sorry I haven't gotten to it yet.
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15:22 oleonard I've added my signoff Joubu
15:22 Joubu oleonard: great, thanks!
15:24 oleonard Joubu: That issue was a design decision from a time when we considered non-JS users.
15:25 Joubu Did we ever consider non-JS users in the staff interface?
15:26 oleonard Only somewhat.
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15:34 cait i think js is not such a big problem anymore in terms of accessibility
15:47 bag oh oh cait I am going to copy that down and repeat it back to you
15:47 bag hehe
15:47 cait hm?
15:48 bag js not a big problem for you :)
15:48 cait I was thinking of our library witht he blind staff member
15:49 bag yeah
15:49 bag oh well - Good morning cait
15:49 cait hi bag
15:49 bag maybe I need coffee so I make THE sense
15:50 cait maybe
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16:03 EricGAC I am trying to set up automatic backups and have set it to a absolute path to a google drive sync location. However it has yet to put anything in the directory. It is continuing to place all the backups in the /var/spool/koha directory
16:03 Joubu @later tell tcohen follow-up on bug 16044
16:03 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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16:09 Joubu oleonard: Are you a bug report maniac? :D
16:10 oleonard Joubu: I'm chasing down every image in the staff client which isn't in use anymore or which can be replaced with a Font Awesome icon.
16:12 Joubu oleonard: I wouldn't mind if you fix everything in one go, especially if it's just a string replacement
16:12 Joubu it makes sense to say: we change "icon-foo" with "fa fa-foo" everywhere
16:12 Joubu if it works for 1, it will work for all of them
16:14 oleonard Okay thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
16:19 bag :)
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16:29 pianohacker hi Joubu :)
16:29 pianohacker and oleonard
16:30 pianohacker do the glyphicons names map that well to the fontawesome ones?
16:30 Joubu pianohacker: o/
16:31 Joubu pianohacker: yes : https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]ment.cgi?id=48946
16:32 pianohacker ah, so not straightforward find-replace, but they map
16:34 pianohacker Joubu: bug 11998, after a slight change to initialize the Koha::Cache earlier, has been a major performance boon for one of our Plack-using sites. You cool with me QA'ing/adding that followup?
16:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Syspref caching issues
16:35 pianohacker (the change is necessary to make memcached actually be used under some circumstances, Plack is weird)
16:35 oleonard The people in the betting pool for "most signoffs" have bribed me to submit many small patches, and I'm not going to kill that golden goose.
16:35 Joubu 11998 is not ready yet actually, I have worked on it today
16:35 Joubu pianohacker: have you seen the last patches?
16:36 Joubu pianohacker: but please, attach your patch to the bug report if it helps and goes in the same direction
16:36 Joubu (or open a new one, it may be easier to include it than wait for 11998)
16:38 Joubu pianohacker: I really (really) need feedback on last patches of 11998 and bug 16044
16:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16044 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Define a L2 cache for all objects set in cache
16:38 pianohacker Joubu: woah woah woah, L1 and L2 caches?
16:40 Joubu Jacek did some measure on 11998 and the access to memcache is not negligible. Using a L1 (hashref) would be the solution
16:40 pastebot "pianohacker" at pasted "Joubu: this is the change, not too complicated" (20 lines) at
16:40 pianohacker hmm, okay.
16:41 pianohacker I have been thinking that we need some kind of L1 for Koha::Cache in general, the Storable overhead on retrieving the MARC frameworks is awful for search speeds, especially with XSLT enabled
16:41 Joubu pianohacker: I don't understand why it will be faster :)
16:41 Joubu There is one more call per call to ->pref
16:42 pianohacker Joubu: not a speed improvement there... for certain plack setups, if you initialize the Koha::Cache on module load, it doesn't see MEMCACHED_SERVERS and uses Cache::Memory instead
16:42 pianohacker and it should only load it once due to the unless(...)
16:42 Joubu erk ok. Certainly better to move it on its own report
16:43 pianohacker looking at 16044
16:43 Joubu pianohacker: I have to go, feel free to let your comments on the different reports :)
16:44 pianohacker Joubu: will do
16:44 cait oleonard: lol
17:02 reiveune bye
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17:06 bag man Mt Hood has gotten 370+ inches of snow this year - I haven’t been out skiing once
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18:27 gaetan_B bye
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21:17 francesca Morning
21:21 wizzyrea hi francesca
21:21 francesca I'm on my way in
21:21 francesca See you soon!
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21:50 wizzyrea see you!
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23:40 oleonard aleisha around?
23:40 aleisha yes hello
23:40 oleonard Hi there. Thanks for all your patches
23:41 aleisha no worries!
23:41 oleonard I wanted to ask your opinion about the action buttons
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23:41 aleisha yes?
23:41 DooRooK Hello everyone
23:41 oleonard In testing Bug 16048, the edit and delete buttons wrap, ending up stacked one on top of the other
23:41 aleisha for the dropdown menus or the buttons themselves?
23:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16048 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleishaamohia, Needs Signoff , Making notices actions buttons
23:42 aleisha oh that's weird
23:42 aleisha that didn't happen on my screen
23:42 oleonard I think that looks awkward. I'm thinking the two choices are to either separate the buttons into separate cells or add a class which has whitespace: nowrap
23:43 oleonard I have a library defined with a very long name in order to catch things like this :)
23:43 aleisha haha i see!
23:43 aleisha i'll try adding the whitespace class
23:43 oleonard ("Gloucester Memorial Free Public Library Incorporated" isn't a real library except in my test system!)
23:44 aleisha ohh clever
23:45 oleonard Putting aside the issue of which example is more frequent, do you think it's important to label that column with an "action" header?
23:45 oleonard Do you think it's conveying information which is important to the user?
23:46 oleonard I'm sure I've gone back and forth in practice.
23:47 DooRooK I have a problem that I can't solve since a few days. I'm trying to install my first KOHA on a Debian and everything was working fine until I finally got the OPAC and Staff client working. There I tried to import some notices, but when I went to this section of the Staff client,  this error code has kept coming whenever I tried to save book information or change the Marc Framework :        "Tag "0" is not a valid tag. at /usr/s
23:47 DooRooK Is anyone willing to help me make my configuration work ?
23:48 DooRooK (I apologise for my English skills ;) )
23:48 aleisha I think it makes sense to have it there because it summarises what's in that column. However I've been calling the column "&nbsp;" for when I put the actions into drop down menus because each menu says Actions already
23:48 aleisha have attached a new patch for you oleonard
23:51 rangi DooRooK: it sounds like you might have messed up your framework, not sure of the easiest way to fix that though
23:51 DooRooK hmmm, it's a fresh install
23:51 DooRooK and it has been like that since the very start
23:51 DooRooK I'm trying to import them with the BNF ZN3950 which is a french norm
23:51 rangi what version of koha?
23:52 rangi and did you choose UNIMARC when you did the install?
23:52 DooRooK Yes I did
23:52 DooRooK what's the command for knowing the version ?
23:52 rangi look at the about page
23:53 rangi in the staff client
23:53 DooRooK 3.22
23:53 rangi thats the rest ?
23:53 rangi is it 3.22.04 ?
23:53 DooRooK yup
23:54 rangi right, so thats not a known problem with that version
23:54 DooRooK Would you advice me to upgrade the version ?
23:54 rangi the records from BNF are in unimarc format? not marc21 eh?
23:54 rangi nope thats the latest version
23:55 DooRooK I think so, i'm not a librarian myself, i'm doing that for a little library within a student assosiation
23:55 DooRooK tried to get the maximum informations though
23:55 rangi if you go to cataloguing, and try to add a record (without importing it) just fill in the fields it tells you to when you try to save it
23:56 rangi does that work?
23:56 DooRooK No
23:56 rangi right, I think what might work best for you
23:57 DooRooK This is where the problem is, either if I try to save or change the marc framework, i've got the message quoted up there
23:57 rangi
23:57 rangi there is a list for french speakers
23:57 rangi they will be a lot more familar with UNIMARC than me also
23:58 rangi I suspect there is something mixed up with your frameworks, but they might know how to solve it
23:58 DooRooK Ok
23:59 DooRooK thank you for your time, i'll surf a bit on this website and try to contact them if I can't manage to fix the problem.
23:59 rangi cool
23:59 rangi otheriwse they are usually active on here in 8 hours or so time (their day time)

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