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07:22 Joubu hi
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07:55 alex_a bonjour
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07:56 reiveune hello
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09:19 * cait waves
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11:45 cait Joubu: around?
11:45 Joubu cait: yep
11:45 cait i had started on 15434 on my train trip last week
11:45 cait i have a follow up adding more phrases
11:46 cait for the indexes when you click on the facets
11:46 cait or have collection/location in advanced search
11:46 cait i can try and post it tonight if that would help?
11:46 cait i was also to suggest a wording for the rtrn etc.
11:47 Joubu cait: yep ok
11:47 cait one thing i didn't figure out was a missing space in the limits
11:47 cait for the search terms it has Title: keyowrd but the limits are limit:limit
11:47 cait and staring at the js i failed
11:48 cait wanted to try again before posting the patch - so was still sitting on it
11:48 Joubu ha, I did not notice that
11:48 Joubu ha no, in your patch :)
11:48 cait it shoudl be like that now too
11:48 cait but i tried to fix it and couldn't find the right spot
11:48 cait so that's why I didn't finish my patch :)
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11:53 mtompset @seen Joubu
11:53 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 4 minutes and 46 seconds ago: <Joubu> ha no, in your patch :)
11:53 Joubu mtompset: !
11:53 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
11:53 Joubu hi
11:53 mtompset Greetings, Joubu
11:53 mtompset Thanks for the feedback on the bug. What would a sample UNIMARC record look like?
11:57 Joubu mtompset: you should not care about that :)
11:57 Joubu try:
11:57 Joubu my ($title_tag, $title_subfield) = GetMarcFromKohaField('biblio.title');
11:58 Joubu There is an example in t/db_dependent/Circulation/GetTopIssues.t
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12:01 mtompset AH! Okay, that would be better.
12:01 mtompset I'll have that ready in a few hours.
12:01 mtompset Thanks, Joubu.
12:01 * mtompset waves.
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12:39 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:42 tcohen morning
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12:53 oleonard Joubu++
12:55 tcohen Joubu++ # always
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13:16 drojf hi #koha
13:17 tcohen hi drojf
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13:18 tcohen hi cait1
13:18 Joubu oleonard: about nowrap, could you have a look at bug 16036?
13:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16036 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleishaamohia, Signed Off , Making basket actions buttons
13:19 drojf Joubu: i am not working on performance things at the moment due to lack of time. ( you asked about 15264). i want to update the letcencrypt stuff next
13:19 oleonard Joubu: Yes.
13:19 Joubu oleonard: thanks
13:19 Joubu drojf: I did and do, but need feedbacks
13:20 Joubu drojf: If you agree with my followup on bug 15263, please sign it off
13:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15263 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Needs Signoff , XSLT display fetches sysprefs for every result processed
13:22 drojf Joubu: i will try to do that tonight
13:22 drojf thanks for the followup
13:22 Joubu no, tonight it's Friday
13:23 Joubu tcohen: did you have the time to look at the L2 cache patch?
13:23 tcohen no, only the L1 for now
13:23 tcohen right on it
13:23 drojf oh damn its weekend again? how did that happen
13:23 tcohen looks good :-D
13:30 oleonard It is near, drojf, but you don't get to leave yet
13:30 drojf Joubu: i'll do it now
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13:32 drojf Joubu: you did not sign off on the first, but only rebased? i can't sign off on my own patch
13:33 Joubu drojf: I did not ask you to change the status of the bug report
13:33 Joubu I wanted to be sure it's what you had in mind
13:33 Joubu (the status was "New" when I attach the patches)
13:34 Joubu so it was not obvious what you wanted to do with this patch :)
13:34 drojf oh, i see :D
13:35 drojf i guess i forgot to change the status
13:36 drojf i can signoff on your followup anyway, or is that confusing before the first is signed off?
13:37 drojf brb
13:37 Joubu drojf: actually I just wanted your agreement
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13:42 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:42 mtompset @seen Joubu
13:42 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 5 minutes and 10 seconds ago: <Joubu> drojf: actually I just wanted your agreement
13:42 mtompset I made the recommended tweaks, Joubu. :)
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13:58 drojf Joubu: (14:20:39) Joubu: drojf: If you agree with my followup on bug 15263, please sign it off
13:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15263 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Needs Signoff , XSLT display fetches sysprefs for every result processed
13:59 drojf so do you want a signoff or not? :D
13:59 drojf sorry, maybe i am too confused today
13:59 Joubu I am confused every day
13:59 drojf :)
14:00 Joubu drojf: if it is what you wanted to do originally with your patch, you have tested it and that it works as you expect, yes please, sign it off
14:00 Joubu (but without changing the status :))
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14:24 mtompset BTW, A little confusion is good. :)
14:26 Joubu I suppose it's fun for the readers
14:31 mtompset So, Joubu, were you looking at bug 15870 for QA'ing when you replied?
14:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15870 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Add Filter for MARC to respect visibility settings
14:32 bag morning
14:32 mtompset Greetings, bag
14:33 mtompset Greetings, drojf
14:33 Joubu mtompset: I had a quick look
14:33 mtompset Ah, okay. So, me switching back to needs sign off is okay then, right?
14:35 mtompset Because if the filter gets in 16.05.x, then 11592 can get fixed in 16.05.x :)
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14:36 bag hiya mtompset and Joubu
14:36 Joubu hi bag!
14:38 mtompset Because I really, really want this filter in 16.05.x
14:38 Joubu mtompset: no you can send it back to the QA queue
14:38 mtompset you didnt mark yourself as the QA contact. :)
14:38 mtompset That's why I went back to needs sign off.
14:42 Joubu I do not really use that. If I am in, nobody else will have a look
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14:58 pastebot Someone at pasted "Consultation sur rendez-vous" (1 line) at
14:58 mtompset Joubu: I can't mark 15870 Passed QA. :)
14:59 Joubu queue qa == signed off
15:05 tcohen mtompset, you uglyfied my tests, but can QA it soon
15:06 mtompset uglyfied?!
15:06 mtompset How so, tcohen?
15:08 tcohen -        my $sth = $dbh->prepare("
15:08 tcohen -            UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET hidden=?
15:08 tcohen -            WHERE tagfield='020' OR
15:08 tcohen -                  tagfield='008';
15:08 tcohen -        ");
15:08 tcohen +        my $update_sql =
15:08 tcohen +            q{UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET hidden=? }
15:08 tcohen +          . q{WHERE tagfield='020' OR }
15:08 tcohen +          . q{      tagfield='008';};
15:08 tcohen +        my $sth = $dbh->prepare($update_sql);
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15:09 mtompset perlcritic -1 issue. :P
15:09 tcohen exactly
15:09 tcohen i'm pretty sure perlcritic -1 was a sarcasm
15:09 tcohen when the guy/gal wrote it
15:10 mtompset Also, SQL9. :P
15:11 EricGAC I am still having difficulties with the koha-run-backups command. I have it set to output to a specific directory and to keep 5 days worth of backups before deleting the oldest one. It is not doing either of those things.
15:11 mtompset https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ines#SQL9:_SELECT
15:12 mtompset EricGAC: Did you check the cronjob? Perhaps it is still 2 there.
15:12 mtompset -- I'm just thinking out loud, may not be relevant or right. :)
15:18 EricGAC yea, still showing up as default settings in the cron job. now i just hope when i manually edit it, it will set it up to a point where i can sync it out to google drive without having to edit the read permissions on it daily.
15:20 cait1 hm sign off from sandboxes doesn't seem to be working
15:20 cait1 i was teaching a coworker :)
15:25 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16009: fix GetMember() search on NULL/undef values <[…]aeebb8a981524b329>
15:27 EricGAC ok well it looks like it is running just fine now in cron.daily when i run-parts. it isnt erroring out so I guess I will just need to wait around and see what happens.
15:29 EricGAC It won't be too much of a loss if the computer that is running koha crashes and burns over the weekend. Only got 80 books out of 1000+ into it for our library.
15:35 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16031: (followup) Fix documentation <[…]ae725a809f8bd67a8> / Bug 16031: shouldn't append protocol to OPACBaseURL <[…]482084c7104aa34cb> / Bug 16033 - Quotes upload preview broken for 973 days <[…]eb/?p=koha.git;a=
15:52 sophie_m hi #koha
15:53 sophie_m 3.18 version does not seem to follow monthly release calendar. Do you know when next one will be ?
15:53 mtompset 16.05
15:53 mtompset It's the first monthly calendar release version.
15:54 mtompset At least that's my understanding.
15:54 oleonard mtompset:  sophie_m is talking about maintenance releases of 3.18.x I think
15:54 sophie_m yes oleonard
15:54 mtompset Oh, in which case usually a couple days after the 22nd of each month.
15:54 mtompset But 3.18.x isn't oldstable anymore.
15:55 mtompset 3.18.11 was the last release before not being oldstable.
15:55 mtompset I think 3.18.13 or so is the current one.
15:56 oleonard I don't think the concept of "oldstable" is relevant as long as there is a release maintainer for an older version. Is it?
15:56 drojf none of that answers the question
15:56 sophie_m 3.18.13 was in decembre and since nothing more
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15:57 oleonard True drojf. I think it's a question for wizzyrea. I don't know that there has been a decision to /not/ have another release.
15:58 sophie_m may I ask the question directly to wizzyrea ?
15:58 Guest7487 hello
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16:00 JesseDhammu hello
16:01 reiveune bye
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16:03 oleonard Hi JesseDhammu
16:04 JesseDhammu fHI oleonard
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16:05 mtompset "Do you know when next one will be ?" -- true, if no patches are deemed fitting 3.18.x, then there is no new release of it. But checking monthly a couple days after the 22nd of the month is a reasonable thing to do, if you are going to stay on 3.18.
16:06 drojf sophie_m: wizzyrea is in NZ time, i don't think she's here before ~22UTC. and it's weekend over there already or soon
16:07 sophie_m thanks drojf, I sent her an email, and it's ok for me if I got no answer just now
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16:08 sophie_m mtompset: we are doing regular upgrades and I have to plan them with our client, so I need to know in advance if there will be a new release or not
16:17 drojf later #koha
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16:18 mtompset oleonard: "<i class="fa fa-print"></i> Print"?
16:18 mtompset That looks like bad HTML, that is how it is done?
16:18 mtompset (i.e. newbie will think that close tag should be after Print)
16:18 oleonard It's valid HTML. It's a dummy element to act as a hook for the icon.
16:19 oleonard[…]Awesome/examples/
16:20 mtompset Okay, that's just a really confusing syntax for newbies to read.
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16:38 JesseDhammu i just installed fresh instance of koha on my ubuntu server, and since i am doing some testing with some marc records. i staged and imported them onto my koha server, but now i need to completely remove the imported records from the server and database, so that i can upload the same MARC records after making the desired modifications.
16:38 JesseDhammu i tried cleaning the staged records and flushing the data from Biblio table
16:39 JesseDhammu but when i search for any previous title, it shows in the search result, but as soon i click on it, it gives an error.
16:39 cait1 celaning is the wrong button :(
16:39 cait1 it removes the info about your import
16:39 cait1 and then it can't be undone anymore
16:39 JesseDhammu i have build the zebra indexes as well
16:39 oleonard JesseDhammu: Bibliographic data is stored in biblio, biblioitems, and items. After deleting your data from all of them you'll have to reindex.
16:40 JesseDhammu Oleonard: i removed data from those tables as well
16:40 cait1 JesseDhammu: in order to revert an import, you need to go to the detail information of the import and then there is a button labelled 'undo'
16:40 JesseDhammu the problem is, it shows data in the search result,
16:40 cait1 you didn't delete it
16:40 cait1 you just cleaned some other tables
16:41 cait1 ah, maybe i misread
16:41 cait1 but anyway, look for the undo button next time :)
16:41 cait1 i thnk you need to reindex again - as oleonard said
16:42 JesseDhammu how do i remove the search index data, if it is cached
16:42 JesseDhammu running zebra reindex command didnt help
16:42 cait1 how did you run it?
16:42 cait1 what was the output?
16:42 cait1 how did you install?
16:43 JesseDhammu i refered to koha wiki site for installation .. it is simple installation of sudo apt-get install koha-common .. on ubuntu 14.10
16:46 oleonard JesseDhammu: Are you doing a full reindex according to the instructions here? https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ges#Zebra-related
16:47 JesseDhammu I have removed table data from Biblio, items, biblioitems, Import_batches, Import_biblios and Import_items as well
16:47 JesseDhammu but nothign workied
16:47 JesseDhammu oleonard: yes, i used the same command "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v  instancename"
16:48 JesseDhammu it ran sucessfully, but on search result page it still shows the old books,
16:48 cait1 hm did you give the correct instancename?
16:49 JesseDhammu but when i click on any record, it gives an error 404, no data found
16:49 JesseDhammu yes the instancename is "library" and i gave that name in command
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16:51 cait1 hm
16:51 cait1 try to freshly catalog one item
16:52 cait1 maybe it's a problem with resetting the index
16:54 JesseDhammu i did, the fresh cataloged item is showing perfectly fine
16:54 cait1 are the other items/records still showing?
16:54 cait1 if yes.. please try to reindex again
16:54 JesseDhammu yes, the old ones, and the newly entered also
16:54 cait1 are you sure that your biblio, biblioitems and items table are empty?
16:55 JesseDhammu i ran the reindex command several times, and also tried restarting the mysql server and apache server
16:55 JesseDhammu removed the data from sessions table also
16:55 JesseDhammu nothing worked
16:56 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16014: Display a warning on deleting OAI sets <[…]fadb23d2872c3f19f>
17:03 cait1 JesseDhammu: out of ideas, sorry
17:03 JesseDhammu shit,
17:03 JesseDhammu i tried restoring the database now,
17:04 JesseDhammu i removed the old database and restored copy of a blank database,
17:04 JesseDhammu still getting these results
17:05 oleonard JesseDhammu: Do you have more than one Koha site installed?
17:11 oleonard Anyone else finding that they cannot delete basket groups?
17:13 JesseDhammu no
17:14 JesseDhammu only one
17:14 cait1 JesseDhammu: the index is stored outside the database - so that won't help
17:15 JesseDhammu ohh
17:16 JesseDhammu where do i find that to delete it..??
17:18 oleonard Oh... You can't delete a basketgroup if it has baskets in it?
17:20 cait1 probably need to empty it out first
17:22 oleonard I think we can do better than a silent failure there.
17:24 oleonard JesseDhammu: From what you've told us the only conclusion may be that the Zebra reindex isn't completing correctly. I don't know how to help you troubleshoot that.
17:26 JesseDhammu ok. that hint would be helpful though..
17:26 JesseDhammu ill focus on that
17:27 JesseDhammu thanks anyway
17:36 cait1 have a nice weekend all
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17:43 JesseDhammu Oleonard: Ya there was problem with the zebra index only
17:44 JesseDhammu i restarted the server and ran the command
17:44 JesseDhammu now its showing the proper results
17:44 JesseDhammu ill now try to empty the database and try again
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18:35 tcohen bye #koha
18:42 oleonard Anyone else get an error every time they delete an authority record from the authority search results list?
18:45 cait hm let me try
18:47 cait hm turns out i need to add an authority first
18:47 oleonard Seems like it's related to the index being out of date
18:48 oleonard Yeah, the record is deleted, and if I manually reindex the error goes away.
18:48 cait ah
18:48 cait hm
18:48 cait i think it's a bug
18:48 cait i get the same
18:48 cait and i just updated my index
18:49 cait i think this is related to the new authority module
18:49 cait oleonard: can you file a bug?
18:49 oleonard Yes
18:49 cait Can't call method "authtypecode" on an undefined value at /home/katrin/kohaclone/C4/ line 305.
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19:25 oleonard it doesn't seem like you should be able to create a new library group with no code, no name, AND no description.
19:36 cait hm yeah
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19:55 oleonard Have a good weekend everyone
20:48 eythian I refuse!
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21:59 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15694: Add aliases for date/time last modified <[…]0711eb9dc9961be59> / Bug 15955: Tuning function 'New child record' for Unimarc 205$a -> 461$e <[…]91da0cc02a479e1f5> / Bug 16022 - Use Font Awesome icons on patron lists page <http://git.koha-community.or
22:55 pianohacker_DND @later tell oleonard idle question... do you have any idea why Rancor has a different favicon?
22:55 huginn pianohacker_DND: The operation succeeded.
23:00 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16026 - Use Font Awesome icons on cataloging home page <[…]b5107ce9f1d18a044>
23:10 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 16048 [Follow-up] Making notices actions buttons <[…]4048f185adfb4a6ac> / Bug 16048: Making notices actions buttons <[…]c3221078515502aab> / Bug 16024 - Use Font Awesome icons on item types administration page <
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