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11:01 cait hi #koha :)
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14:33 eythian hi cait
14:33 eythian go back to bed
14:33 wahanui[…]9rdlo1_r2_400.gif
14:33 eythian no wait
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15:36 drojf hi #koha
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15:56 drojf hi cait1
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16:48 eythian Hi drojf
16:48 drojf hi eythian
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19:40 rangi morning
19:41 eythian hi
19:41 wahanui hey, eythian
19:41 rangi got rid of the cold eythian ?
19:41 * eythian is on hold to vodafone nz...
19:41 liw rangi, eythian, good morning and good night
19:41 eythian mostly yeah
19:42 rangi ahh good old vodafone
19:42 rangi hiya liw :) been writing your "backups, you should do them" talk for kohacon16 in greece?
19:43 liw rangi, I could do a talked where I just read out loud a list of things in which your data might get lost
19:43 eythian I think they failed to close my account when I told them
19:43 liw rangi, when is kohacon16?
19:43 rangi not sure exact dates but may/june
19:43 rangi eythian: ahh that sadly does not suprise me
19:44 eythian yeah, neither
19:44 liw should possibly be updated, it lists kohacon15 as upcoming
19:44 rangi ahh true, thanks
19:44 rangi wizzyrea: ^^
19:44 drojf i sent an email to greece about it, no reply yet
19:44 eythian also, hi liw
19:44 drojf and hello everyone
19:44 liw eythian, you northern person you (I'm south of you now)
19:45 eythian where are you?
19:45 liw spending this month in Torrevieja, Spain
19:46 eythian ah
19:46 eythian probably a good idea :)
19:46 liw rangi, if kohacon16 is in greece, about that time, then I should try my best to go there, at least for a visit to see old friends; I don't mind giving a talk on backups, either
19:46 eythian I'm hoping to make it too. I have a friend to visit who lives there
19:47 rangi liw: excellent :)
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19:47 * cait waves
19:47 rangi hi cait
19:48 cait hi rangi :)
19:50 eythian so, I got "don't pay the bill, and we'll send you a new one in a week with your credit."
19:51 eythian what are the odds I get an overdue notice in the next few days?
19:51 cait ?
19:51 rangi greater than 80%
19:51 eythian cait: my NZ ISP failed to close my account
19:51 eythian they were apparently waiting on a technician to come to pick up my equipment, despite a) not organising one, and b) me having already returned my equipment myself.
19:52 gmcharlt my mother-in-law moved out of her house, and we closed her cable internet service for her
19:52 gmcharlt got informed we had to return her modem
19:52 gmcharlt ... the one we had purchased for her two years previously ... and those, not actually the property of the cable company
19:52 eythian heh
19:53 eythian vodafone would do that sort of thing too, I'm sure (except I think no one buys their own cable modem in NZ)
19:53 cait ... i just today have switched to a new router and have to send in the old one
19:53 cait could you all stop the horror stories please?
19:54 cait I have to go back to work tomorrow - that's bad enough :)
19:56 cait gmcharlt: could you maybe take a look at bug 8352 sometime? i adds 3 new dependencies and is in the qa queue currently
19:56 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8352 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Add automatic printing of 'hold to pull' notices
19:57 gmcharlt cait: sure!
19:59 eythian gmcharlt: did you get a copy of the original signing key? A number of people have it and can send it to you. It'd mean that other people wouldn't need to do anything to keep updates going.
19:59 gmcharlt eythian: not yet; I've made inquiries to get a copy
19:59 eythian rangi should be able to send you one. Foolishly I didn't keep a copy.
20:00 rangi hmm if i can find it
20:01 eythian I emailed it ages back, so you should be able to dig through your email.
20:01 rangi *nod*
20:01 eythian by ages I mean probably around the time the key was created
20:01 eythian the passphrase for it is in the usual place for such things
20:01 rangi got it
20:01 rangi feb 2013
20:01 eythian cool
20:04 eythian[…]rik-hendrikstraat <-- on a scale of 1 to expensive, places here are ridiculous
20:04 gmcharlt rang++
20:04 gmcharlt er, who is this rang fellow?
20:04 gmcharlt rangi++
20:05 rangi eythian: yikes!
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20:05 kathryn rangi: do you get the cloud update emails from Bruno?
20:05 eythian the cheapest I've seen is only €100 less
20:05 eythian kathryn: w/w
20:05 eythian also, hi
20:05 kathryn ww hi eythian :)
20:06 kathryn knew you'd beat me to that :)
20:06 gmcharlt eythian: I didn't think what I'm about to say would be possible... but it is: move to Seattle! It'll be cheaper!
20:06 eythian gmcharlt: heh
20:08 eythian prices are known to be extremely terrible here.
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20:08 eythian I wasn't quite prepared for how terrible though
20:08 eythian I'm thinking I'll suck that cost up for 6 months while I get my bearings and find a cheaper place and get together the furnishings for it.
20:14 cait1 t
20:14 wizzyrea Thhat is impressively expensive
20:14 wizzyrea also hi
20:14 eythian it surely is
20:14 eythian g'day
20:14 wizzyrea liw: I usually update the website for kohacon once I have the new information from the current hosts.
20:15 wizzyrea but yeah, it shouldn't be listed as upcoming
20:16 * wizzyrea keeps getting emails from
20:16 wizzyrea >.>
20:20 eythian That's what the unsub link is for :-)
20:20 wizzyrea nah, I like them they remind me of people I like
20:23 * cait1 resists to ask who else wizzyrea knows at
20:23 cait1 well.. not quite :)
20:24 wizzyrea ok A person
20:25 eythian Heh
20:26 wizzyrea ^.^
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21:07 gmcharlt OK, the APT repo and new packages have been updated to use the previous signing key
21:07 cait1 gmcharlt++
21:20 wizzyrea \o/ gmcharlt++
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21:30 * cait1 waves at BobB
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21:32 cait1 hm bug 15305 worries me
21:32 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15305 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , KOHA SIP2 checkout doesn't update of the item holding status
21:32 wizzyrea hm  yes that is concerning
21:33 cait1 the screenshot is ineresting, i have no idea how this can happen
21:33 rangi looks like a display issue
21:33 cait1 hm not sure
21:33 rangi ie, it is actually checked out
21:33 wizzyrea yeah it definitely looks checked out
21:33 cait1 the first one is checked out with sip, the second with gui
21:33 rangi its just not updated the items
21:33 rangi both have a row in issues
21:33 cait1 yeah
21:34 cait1 but it's still a bug then
21:34 rangi which is what koha actually cares about
21:34 rangi yep
21:34 cait1 will also show wrongin the result lists etc.
21:34 rangi just not a horrible one
21:34 cait1 hopefully
21:34 rangi it is
21:34 rangi i just checked
21:34 cait1 hm?
21:34 rangi you can simulate it
21:34 cait1 checked out you mean?
21:34 rangi add a row to issues
21:34 rangi without updating the items table
21:34 cait1 ah, and set onloan in items to null?
21:34 rangi thats how it looks
21:34 rangi yep
21:34 cait1 wonde when we broke that
21:34 wizzyrea I know it used to work
21:35 wizzyrea hm we have a 3.20 library using sip
21:35 rangi it'll be something more complex than just because of SIP
21:35 cait1 wonder if it has to do with the date handling patches
21:35 wizzyrea you used to see that kind of thing in relation to reserves sometimes
21:35 cait1 like inserting a datetime into items when it only wants a date
21:36 rangi but they should both be using the same code
21:36 rangi an checkout in sip, should be using the exact same code as a checkout in the gui
21:37 cait1 agreed... but it might not be the case. it's weird
21:37 rangi that would definitely be new, if it wasnt
21:37 rangi you could also get this with indexing problems
21:38 cait1 I can't confirm the problemright now, maybe a first thing to test
21:38 wizzyrea ^ that was my first thought
21:38 cait1 not sure
21:38 cait1 this is detail view
21:38 cait1 it pulls directly from the database
21:38 rangi thats what you think :)
21:38 cait1 yeah i do :)
21:39 rangi people change that stuff all the time, id check its not using the marcrecord
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21:39 cait1 best would be to just check something out with sip
21:39 rangi my $issue = AddIssue( $borrower, $barcode, $overridden_duedate, 0 );
21:39 rangi its using the exact same code
21:40 cait1 but i still have to make time and re-learn how to do that
21:40 cait1 maybe it's passing a wrong parameter? as overridden_duedate?
21:40 rangi yeah, SIP and both use AddIssue
21:41 rangi could be
21:41 cait1 if it was a datetime mysql might just refuse to save it
21:41 rangi id expect it not to issue it then
21:41 cait1 onloan is type date in the database
21:41 rangi if its that
21:41 rangi then AddIssue is the problem
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21:41 rangi it shouldnt half arse it
21:42 cait1 heh
21:42 rangi that'd mean it'd be broken for the REST API etc too
21:42 cait1 we really need more sip testers/devs... those are really always getting stuck
21:42 cait1 the bugs and patches
21:43 rangi if ($datedue && ref $datedue ne 'DateTime') {
21:43 rangi $datedue = dt_from_string($datedue);
21:43 rangi }
21:43 rangi should be ok
21:43 rangi thats doing the right thing
21:44 rangi cait1: what we need is a SIP server running
21:44 rangi that people can telnet against to test
21:44 rangi like the sandboxes
21:44 rangi but for SIP
21:44 cait1 hm but also need to be able to accesst he installation then
21:45 cait1 for configuration - so sandbox with configured sip
21:45 rangi yep
21:45 rangi then libraries could even test actual machines against it
21:46 wizzyrea yeah tat'd be neat
21:46 cait1 love the idea
21:47 wizzyrea what sucks though, is that most libraries don't know/remember how to update the configs to look at a test server
21:48 cait1 brb
21:52 wizzyrea and they have to call 3M to remind them
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21:59 rangi yeah
21:59 rangi and then 3m lie
22:00 rangi altho, not for much longer
22:00 rangi now bibliotheca will lie
22:00 wizzyrea hrmph
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22:00 wizzyrea "no no, it's Koha" <furious typing> "try it now"
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22:38 BobB hi wizzyrea, do you know if Kathryn Tyree is about?
22:38 wizzyrea she's not in this channel atm, but she could be
22:38 BobB i guess i could phone her :)
22:39 rangi kathryn: BobB wants you :)
22:40 kathryn hi bobb I'm on the phone :)
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22:41 BobB kathryn pls buzz me when you are free
22:41 BobB hi rangi :)
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23:06 irma hi james s
23:06 irma I am opening our shared Gdocs
23:08 irma To start of with can you please copy from sheet two the q7a into the correct row in sheet one? CSOWW
23:08 irma Q&A
23:09 * eythian wants to encourage irma to post more secrets, but must go to bed instead
23:09 * Francesca waves
23:10 irma thanks eytian ;-)
23:10 irma *eythian
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