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00:59 oleonard Hi night shift
01:38 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: new Debian package maintainer <[…]aa49d792fdbe9df10>
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05:49 * Francesca waves
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06:16 gmcharlt packages for 3.22.0 and 3.20.6 are now available
06:17 gmcharlt please note that there's now a new package signing key in use, so before you do an apt-get update, you'll need to update the list of keys
06:17 gmcharlt e.g.
06:17 gmcharlt wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
06:26 rangi gmcharlt++
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06:53 fredericd rangi: Do you have an opinion about adding a releasenotes field to Bugzilla?
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10:44 eythian gmcharlt: you should use the original key
10:44 eythian rangi and tcohen can give you a copy.
10:45 eythian @later tell gmcharlt you should use the original key. Rangi and tcohen can give you a copy.
10:45 huginn` eythian: The operation succeeded.
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16:28 cait gmcharlt++
16:44 gmcharlt cait: I'd appreciate your comments on my note on bug 14759; since it was one of your patches that added Text::Unaccent, I want to make sure that the alternative I'm proposing will meet your needs
16:44 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14759 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ketan, Needs Signoff , Replacement for Text::Unaccent
16:46 cait oh?
16:47 cait i don't even remember :) i will check, but I am really open to an alternative solution :)
16:47 cait possible, that I only did a follow-up - i will try to find the initial bug
16:48 cait bug 7411
16:48 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7411 normal, P3, ---, katrin.fischer, CLOSED FIXED, remove diacritics when automatically generating userid
16:49 cait gmcharlt: I think that was a marseille hackfest patch because we had problems with umlauts etc in user names
16:50 gmcharlt cait: in Germany, do other online systems allow diacritics in user names?
16:51 cait I am not sure - it's nothing i try usually
16:51 gmcharlt I'm wondering if the root problem isn't the diacritics per se, but mismatches when comparing different Unicode normalization forms
16:52 cait it could be
16:52 cait also it might be that they are hard to enter in some places
16:52 cait like when you are at a online station where the language support isn't installed
16:53 cait i wonder how it currently deals with non-latin scripts
16:53 gmcharlt good question
16:53 gmcharlt let's see...
16:58 cait quickly doing the dishes, brb
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17:02 gmcharlt cait: the answer to your question - it currently does terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things to non-Latin scripts
17:04 cait ouch
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18:22 * cait thinks that requestOnOPAC is terribly named - I can never remember it's not reserve or hold but request
18:30 bigbrovar Hi guys. trying to setup koha 3.20.5 but it seems the patron batch creator and batch export is broken?  first am unable to add multiple items to a batch (the select/select all button is missing) also when I try to export a single item. I get this after I click the export button  I get this  I don't know the issue I am having is related to this bug
18:30 bigbrovar _bug.cgi?id=14739
18:32 cait hm i think ther eis another bug
18:34 cait ... and of course i can't find it
18:35 cait bigbrovar: did you define your temlates and layouts?
18:35 bigbrovar cait: Yes I did
18:35 cait you can install samle templates and layouts with the installation process, but it's part of the optional data
18:36 bigbrovar cait: I created a templates based on what worked in my current installation
18:36 bigbrovar I have been able to get the batch export to work.. and to add more than one item to the batch, but I had to go and edit batch and add items.
18:37 bigbrovar still I had to add the items one by one. No option for select all as with previous installation
18:37 cait hm testing this on master, you are right about that you can only add one patron at a time - please report a bug for that if you can't find one
18:38 bigbrovar cait: Thanks, I will do that.
18:38 cait using the add button from the patron window adds them nicely to the batch for me - so not sure about that on
18:38 cait e
18:39 bigbrovar cait: it does but when u add another item, the new item replaces the previous one. the way round this is to create the batch and go to edit and add more items.
18:39 bigbrovar and then you have to add them one by one.
18:40 cait hm not sure if the bug you ofund is in 3.20
18:41 bigbrovar koha version is
18:41 cait i think it might only be fixed in 3.22
18:41 cait i'd leave a comment on the bug
18:44 bigbrovar cait:[…]_bug.cgi?id=14739
18:44 huginn` Bug 14739: major, P3, ---, nick, Pushed to Master , Add several patrons to a new batch will create a new batch per patron added
18:44 bigbrovar seems the issue has been reported before
18:45 cait yeah, but i think only fixed in 3.22
18:45 bigbrovar ok
18:45 cait it was pushed to master in october, before the 3.22 release
18:45 bigbrovar hmmm
18:45 cait but i think not backported maybe
18:45 cait i'd note that you see the problem on 3.20.5
18:45 bigbrovar yes I do
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