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00:15 wizzyrea eythian: go to bed.
00:15 wahanui[…]12/04/penguin.gif
00:17 wizzyrea I just wanted to see the penguin, tbh.
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00:34 kathryn eythian is ww monitor today...night :) nice to see you
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04:03 jcamins rangi: how do you install gitdm?
04:04 jcamins I remember installing it on several other servers, but I can't remember where I got it in the past and there are apparently a gazillion forks, one per FOSS project that uses git.
04:05 rangi is my remote
04:05 jcamins Thanks.
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04:13 jcamins Huh. I don't remember gitdm being this slow.
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06:01 dcook Never thought about this until now... but I suppose MARC bibliographic 005 is supposed to be in local time?
06:01 dcook
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07:11 * magnuse waves
07:21 * Francesca waves back
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07:45 reiveune hello
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07:45 mveron Good morning #koha
07:47 mveron Oh, current Koha version seems to be 3.20 (at least on : "Introducing Koha 3.20"  :-)
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08:00 alex_a bonjour
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08:37 gaetan_B hello
08:39 cait hi #koha
08:47 dojobo 'morning
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08:49 marcelr hi #koha
08:52 cait hi marcelr :)
08:52 marcelr :)
08:56 Joubu Good morning #koha
08:56 marcelr hi Joubu
08:56 Joubu hi marcelr, cait
08:57 * cait waves
08:57 * cait is stuck in a big pile of after vacation emails this morning
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09:11 * mveron-away waves
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09:37 drojf hi #koha
09:38 cait hi drojf :)
09:38 drojf hi cait :)
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09:44 ashimema yup :(
09:47 * cait puts a plate of christmas cookies in the middle of #koha to cheer people up
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10:22 drojf \o/ cookies
10:22 drojf cait++
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11:45 ashimema cookies++
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12:26 * cait waves
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12:45 magnuse hm, when returning something that was not on loan, the title does not show up in the table of returned items. did it ever do that?
12:48 cait yes it did, but i think we fixed it
12:48 drojf magnuse: it was not technically returned if it was not on loan. i would not expect it to show up there
12:49 cait that was the reasoning :)
12:49 drojf :)
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12:54 oleonard Hi #koha
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13:05 cait hi oleonard
13:05 cait drojf: check your email in a minute or so
13:09 magnuse thanks cait and drojf
13:09 cait huh?
13:09 cait oh
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13:19 tcohen hi there
13:19 wahanui hello, tcohen
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13:24 magnuse hiya tcohen
13:24 tcohen holiday here
13:24 cait hi tcohen
13:24 tcohen hi cait
13:24 oleonard Hi tcohen. What holiday?
13:25 tcohen it is a religious holiday tomorrow
13:25 tcohen and the government adds another "bridge holiday" so people can go somewhere (promoting turism)
13:26 tcohen feast of the Immaculate Conception
13:26 oleonard Ha. In the U.S. the government never does anything to promote *more* vacation :P
13:27 tcohen maybe they went too far here :-D but it is great for places that rely on turism for living
13:27 tcohen and people are happier too
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13:45 magnuse tcohen: sounds like a great idea!
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14:01 cait magnuse: :)
14:01 oleonard Americans may not get a lot of vacation, but at least we can own a lot of guns to make up for it.
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14:04 cait ...
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14:12 magnuse oleonard: yeah, that is something
14:13 nengard morning all
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14:18 magnuse kia ora nengard
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16:07 * mveron See you later #koha
16:10 reiveune bye
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17:04 gaetan_B bye
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18:27 geek_cl Hi guys, where are documented the options of koha-rebuild-zebra command ?
18:27 geek_cl i mean -q and --full options
18:31 eythian oleonard: if it's any consolation, you can have the same number of guns in NZ too. Also more holidays.
18:31 eythian geek_cl: in the man pages
18:31 eythian Also, hi.
18:32 geek_cl im clear with -q (quiet) option, but how many options are used when we use --full options  ?
18:34 eythian What do you mean?
18:38 geek_cl eythian,  i run koha-rebuild-zebra -v -b -a , but is not the same with --full
18:38 geek_cl some items appears only with --full option
18:39 eythian That's correct. --full effectively deletes everything and starts over.
18:40 geek_cl eythian,  --full options include the -x option ?
18:40 eythian From memory, I think so.
18:41 geek_cl OK thanks
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18:47 rangi morning
18:47 geek_cl eythian, cause the default cronjob: is not working as expected
18:47 eythian Hi rangi
18:48 geek_cl "root test -x /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra && koha-rebuild-zebra -q $(koha-list --enabled)"
18:50 eythian That is correct.
18:51 geek_cl eythian, yes, but when we insert a new item, the rebuild not work after the cronjob is executed
18:52 geek_cl (the cronjob run, but the new item, not appear at the opac)
18:52 tcohen hi
18:52 wahanui hey, tcohen
18:53 eythian Check the queue in the database, also make sure you didn't break permissions trying to fix something.
18:53 drojf slides?
18:53 wahanui get back to writing them, cait!
18:54 drojf i wish that would work for my slides
18:54 drojf and hello
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18:54 eythian Hi drojf
18:54 eythian I'm having some beers, I have no slides to write.
18:55 drojf are you offering to switch?
18:55 drojf because if no, that is not helping :P
18:58 eythian I am not.
18:58 eythian I still feel that I'm helping.
19:00 rangi drojf:[…]72935154105610240   <-- conference starting here on thursday
19:00 drojf rangi: ha, it's everywhere :D
19:06 drojf eythian: i'm trying to feel helped. thanks!
19:07 eythian rangi: did you end up speaking?
19:07 rangi nope, the austrians got too busy
19:08 eythian I need to get an address so Joh can send me swag.
19:12 rangi oh true
19:25 * drojf heads home
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19:54 nengard I do believe i am done with the 3.22 manual
19:55 eythian Looking at a place tomorrow and two more the day after.
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19:55 eythian But, slightly hindered by not yet having access to my bank account here.
19:56 eythian Hopefully that'll be sorted in a day or two.
19:56 eythian (waiting for one more letter to arrive.)
19:57 rangi ahh, that does make it tricky
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20:14 cait hi #koha :)
20:20 wizzyrea hi
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20:37 eythian <-- i had tasty wafels wizzyrea
20:38 wizzyrea Eat *all* the wafels!
20:38 wizzyrea were they appropriately delicious?
20:38 wizzyrea :D
20:39 cait oh a christmas market :)
20:43 wizzyrea what did you have on your wafel?
20:44 wizzyrea also have you had any fresh stroopies? I've heard they're the best thing ever. I've only ever had the ones in the packet.
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20:57 eythian Cherry and whipped cream (aka slagroom, best word ever.)
20:58 eythian I haven't. I need to find some.
21:00 wizzyrea slagroom sounds... like somewhere I would not like to be.
21:03 wizzyrea cherry and whipped cream, however, sounds YUM.
21:03 cait ooh
21:03 cait whipped cream...
21:03 cait schlagrahm
21:04 * cait was wondering what slagroom is :)
21:04 ibeardslee heh
21:04 cait but there actually is a similar german word
21:06 drojf the word is schlagsahne. rahm is austrian :P
21:06 cait yes... yes...
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21:08 cait drojf: make your slides :P
21:10 * wizzyrea is amused by this conversation
21:10 wizzyrea I love it.
21:11 cait heh
21:14 geek_cl guys, this is normal ?  with " -b -a -z"
21:15 rangi seems fine to me, im guessing you have -v on too
21:19 drojf -vv probably, or -vvv if that exists
21:19 drojf cait: no more slides today
21:20 drojf tomorrow is another slidy day ;)
21:20 pianohacker verbosississimo
21:22 wizzyrea there isn't enough italian in computing.
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21:25 geek_cl yes, was -v -v
21:25 geek_cl but, i can't reindex :(
21:25 geek_cl also, i follow this[…]-a-r-whats-wrong/, but i can't make this works properly
21:26 drojf what exactly is the problem?
21:27 geek_cl I have added -b -a -z in crontab, however, new entries are not indexed and cannot be found.
21:27 rangi geek_cl: and the entries are in the zebraqueue table in the db? and you havent mucked up the permissions?
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21:28 geek_cl how can check that db thing ?
21:28 rangi 07:53 < eythian> Check the queue in the database, also make sure you didn't break permissions trying to fix something.
21:28 rangi connect to the db, and then query the zebraqueue table
21:28 geek_cl i check the permissions in /var/lib/koha/...
21:29 geek_cl in zebraqueue i have zero
21:30 geek_cl SELECT COUNT(*) FROM zebraqueue WHERE done=0 ;
21:33 geek_cl rangi, eythian , any other clue?
21:34 rangi nope
21:35 rangi if there's nothing in the queue, then there's nothing to be indexed
21:35 rangi check it before the cronjob runs, and after you edit a biblio
21:35 geek_cl but is a fact, we added on item
21:35 geek_cl one
21:35 eythian You're filtering the query that will obscure your results.
21:36 eythian That's not a good idea.
21:36 geek_cl the biblionumber appears but in a search the opac
21:36 geek_cl in this moment, i have the cronjob disabled
21:36 wizzyrea have we gone through the usual "what version, and how did you install" dance?
21:37 wizzyrea (it's totally possible I missed it)
21:37 eythian You're assuming, stop that, you have a wrong assumption somewhere by definition.
21:37 eythian Look in your queue without filtering.
21:37 eythian Maybe something has marked it as indexed it.
21:37 eythian -it
21:40 geek_cl eythian, i have this:
21:41 eythian So what does that tell you?
21:42 geek_cl eythian, all is indexed
21:42 eythian Is the one you changed indexed?
21:43 eythian You're going to have to help us out here ☺
21:43 geek_cl i will re-catalog other item, and see the zebraqueue again, brb
21:45 eythian You can make a change to a record. That's usually easier.
21:47 geek_cl eythian, | 359170 |             114293 | specialUpdate | biblioserver    |    0 | 2015-12-07 18:46:09 |
21:47 geek_cl so, now i have a done=0 record
21:47 eythian Right, his you can use that record to test without --full
21:47 eythian *now
21:48 geek_cl i still using -b -a -z , right?
21:48 eythian You can also reset it
21:48 geek_cl i not want full
21:48 eythian Ik
21:48 eythian Err
21:48 eythian No
21:48 geek_cl always thinking in the /etc/cron.d/koha-common...
21:48 geek_cl eythian,  or what?
21:49 eythian I don't think the cron has -z
21:49 geek_cl nop,
21:50 eythian Iirc that does a full reindex
21:50 eythian That isn't a useful test
21:50 geek_cl but when the cronjob run every 5-10' minutes, will perform a full reinidex?
21:50 eythian No
21:51 geek_cl anyone can share, the koha-common (rebuild line) please?
21:51 eythian Look in the file
21:51 eythian My metro stop is approaching, I'm going offline.
21:51 wizzyrea later eythian :D
21:52 geek_cl thanks eythian
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21:52 cait wizzyrea++
21:53 wizzyrea cait++
21:53 geek_cl in the /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/crontab.example file, appears -b -a -z
21:54 drojf example does not sound like it is your actual file
21:54 wizzyrea yeah the one you want is in /etc/cron.d/koha-common
21:55 rangi im pretty sure it runs -z too
21:55 rangi you dont need the -a to test tho, unles you are testing authorities
21:55 wizzyrea -z is the incremental update
21:56 rangi yes
21:56 rangi thats what we want to test
21:56 rangi i think eythian was confused, cos he had beer :)
21:56 wizzyrea hehe
21:56 rangi id just let the cronjob run
21:56 * wizzyrea was just pointing out a fact
21:56 rangi not do anything
21:56 rangi and check the zebraqueue afterwards
21:58 geek_cl
21:59 rangi so something else must have marked it indexed before you ran that
21:59 rangi otherwise you would have had at least one record exported
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22:00 geek_cl crontab are disabled
22:01 geek_cl I do not care that there are no records.
22:01 geek_cl I care about is that being indexed
22:02 rangi it cant be indexed
22:02 rangi if it's not exported
22:02 drojf1 your no records are indexed accordingly
22:02 rangi check the zebraqueue table now, is it marked done? if so
22:02 rangi something else is doing that, before you ran your rebuild
22:03 rangi how the reindex works is
22:03 rangi it exports the records (as xml with -x) and then indexes them
22:03 rangi if it exports none, it indexes none
22:03 rangi so the problem is that 0 records exported bit
22:03 Kchris joined #koha
22:03 drojf1 good night #koha
22:05 geek_cl rangi, table is empty
22:05 rangi empty
22:05 rangi or just nothing with done=0 ?
22:05 rangi because if it's empty, youve got some cronjob running deleting rows in that table
22:06 geek_cl rangi, all is marked as 1
22:06 rangi right
22:06 rangi so something is marking it indexed
22:06 rangi you need to find out what that is
22:06 rangi try this
22:06 geek_cl o_O
22:06 rangi update zebraqueue set done=0;
22:06 rangi then run your rebuild again
22:06 rangi it should export a bunch of records
22:07 rangi and index them
22:07 geek_cl rangi, doing it
22:07 geek_cl waiting now...
22:08 geek_cl is production :D
22:09 magnuse joined #koha
22:21 geek_cl rangi, , rebuild is still running ...
22:21 geek_cl 35000 ---130000
22:22 rangi and it's exporting records?
22:22 geek_cl in fact, exporting biblio : 37000...
22:22 geek_cl yes, is running
22:23 rangi right, so it works fine as long as things are in the queue marked 0
22:23 geek_cl ok, still waiting... ;)
22:23 rangi you just have to find what is marking stuff as 1 without indexing it
22:24 rangi you didnt do a full rebuild eh? just -z ?
22:24 geek_cl the question is: in case this work, what options will be at the cronjob
22:24 rangi the exact same options
22:25 rangi there should only be 137 records being indexed
22:25 rangi if you ran with -z
22:25 geek_cl i am using : -b -a -x
22:25 rangi but no -z ?
22:25 rangi right
22:25 geek_cl no -z
22:25 rangi so we arent actually testing anything
22:25 rangi this is a full reindex
22:25 geek_cl yeap
22:25 rangi you wanted to run it with -z
22:25 geek_cl at cronjob?
22:26 rangi for this test
22:26 geek_cl oh, waiting
22:26 rangi theres no point testing a full reindex
22:26 rangi you know that works
22:26 geek_cl yeap
22:37 geek_cl 90000 ---> 136000
22:37 rangi im going to lunch soon
22:37 rangi but dont do any more full reindexes :)
22:37 geek_cl ok
22:38 geek_cl in resume,
22:38 geek_cl to cronjob
22:38 geek_cl */5 * * * * -b -a -x
22:39 cait no
22:39 cait that's a full reindex
22:39 geek_cl 100000 ---> 136000
22:39 wizzyrea yeah it needs a -z to do incremental
22:39 wizzyrea that means you're doing a full reindex every 5 minutes
22:39 cait and you don't want to do that
22:39 geek_cl cait,  i not want full reindex to the */5 cronjob
22:39 wizzyrea no no
22:39 wizzyrea you do not want to do that
22:40 geek_cl */5 * * * * -b -a -z
22:40 geek_cl 5 3 * * * -b -a -x
22:40 geek_cl right ?
22:40 geek_cl -x is full, -z is incremental , right ?
22:41 cait we don't cronjob full reindexes at all for our libraries
22:41 wizzyrea -x is xml
22:41 cait -x just means in xml
22:41 cait nothing to do with full
22:41 geek_cl oh ok
22:41 cait you always want -x
22:41 wizzyrea -b -a -z is incremental
22:41 geek_cl wizzyrea, and full?
22:41 wizzyrea -b -a -x is full rebuild
22:41 wizzyrea (in xml)
22:41 wizzyrea did you install with a tarball?
22:41 cait there is no option for full
22:42 cait full is when there is no -z
22:42 wizzyrea why are you not using the koha-rebuild-zebra commands?
22:42 geek_cl ok i undestand ;)
22:42 wizzyrea i'm sorry if you've been over that part before, I obviously missed it
22:42 geek_cl wizzyrea, no problem ;)
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22:43 geek_cl wizzyrea, is a rebuild/ cronjob issue
22:48 cait geek_cl: in the cronjob file, for an installation from packages, it should all be already set up to work corectly, using the package commands
22:49 geek_cl that is the issue, the default conf, being to not work properly
22:51 cait you really have to be careful with which user you run the zebra commands
22:52 geek_cl it was: #*/5 * * * * root test -x /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra && koha-rebuild-zebra -q $(koha-list --enabled)
22:52 cait yes
22:52 geek_cl that is the issue, the default conf, being to not work properly
22:52 cait it really should
22:53 geek_cl yes
22:53 geek_cl but...
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22:53 cait i think better than rewriting it
22:53 cait is to figure out why it's not working
22:58 geek_cl so the default, not have -z, so every 5 minutes is full reindex ?
22:58 cait no
22:58 cait this is a different command
22:58 cait before we were talking about
22:58 geek_cl yes
22:58 geek_cl you are right
22:58 cait koha-rebuild-zebra has different command line options :)
22:58 geek_cl which one use?
22:59 geek_cl i have koha-rebuild-zebra
22:59 cait[…]oha-rebuild-zebra
22:59 cait yes, that shoudl be used with packages
22:59 geek_cl yes, i have that
22:59 cait without -f it's incremental
22:59 cait with -f it woudl be full
22:59 geek_cl i see
22:59 geek_cl -h :)
23:00 cait sorry, i have to leave
23:00 cait it's late here
23:00 geek_cl so, i will use /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra  in the crontab
23:01 cait left #koha
23:17 wizzyrea ok so you've installed with packages?
23:17 wizzyrea this is actually relevant
23:17 wizzyrea I promise.
23:17 geek_cl yes, with debian packages
23:18 wizzyrea ok so you don't actually want to be running anything with koha-rebuild-zebra
23:18 wizzyrea er no
23:19 wizzyrea bleh.
23:19 wizzyrea ok, I mean
23:19 wizzyrea you don't want to run anything zebra with -b -a -z
23:19 geek_cl root test -x /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra && koha-rebuild-zebra -b -a -q $(koha-list --enabled)
23:19 geek_cl that is on my crontab file: root test -x /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra && koha-rebuild-zebra -b -a -q $(koha-list --enabled)
23:21 wizzyrea Yep, that should be right
23:21 geek_cl but!
23:21 wizzyrea it is entirely possible that you have messed up the permissions on your indexes.
23:21 wizzyrea by doing all of your rebuilds not this way
23:21 geek_cl at the cronjob not work, only when it is running manually
23:22 geek_cl manually i run as kohauser
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23:22 geek_cl at the cronjob: root test -x /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra && koha-rebuild-zebra -b -a -q $(koha-list --enabled)
23:22 wizzyrea yeah, koha-rebuild-zebra manages the permissions for you
23:23 geek_cl wizzyrea, but when cron run koha-common, the new items not appears.
23:26 wizzyrea probably because you've messed up the permissions on your indexes by running it manually
23:26 wizzyrea and running it without koha-rebuild-zebra
23:27 geek_cl
23:27 geek_cl all perms looks good
23:30 geek_cl i rare, manually works, by cronjob NO
23:30 geek_cl its*
23:31 wizzyrea dunno then
23:33 geek_cl wizzyrea, can your paste/confirm your /etc/cron.d/koha-common , rebuild line please?
23:34 wizzyrea you can confirm the default settings on our git repo[…]20f958b5a17423625
23:36 wizzyrea though you never said which version. Not that it should matter, these haven't changed in ages.
23:36 geek_cl Koha 3.2004000
23:37 geek_cl wizzyrea, yes, is the same... but not work :(
23:37 geek_cl the perms are right
23:37 geek_cl i don't know where look now
23:38 geek_cl I'm flying blind
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