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00:59 wizzyrea I wonder when setting the subject on was broken.
01:00 wizzyrea also that doesn't take multiple addresses. grumpymaking.
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01:12 dcook Break all the things!
01:12 * dcook is actually working on fixing all the things and recovering data...
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01:29 eythian <-- a classic
01:36 Francesca[…]dmortar-bookstore
01:38 wizzyrea oh my
01:39 Francesca paper books are not yet dead
01:46 wizzyrea nah, I think people are actually giving up on ebooks. I see a lot more paper books on the bus than kindles.
01:46 wizzyrea or other ereaders.
01:46 wizzyrea which is actually different from a couple of years ago
01:47 Francesca i have a sony e-reader
01:47 Francesca useful for international travel
01:47 Francesca or travel which has limits on how many books I can bring
01:52 eythian wizzyrea: many people are probably just using phones though
01:52 wizzyrea a lot definitely are doing things online
01:52 wizzyrea online reading
01:52 wizzyrea I can't say for sure how many are reading ebooks though
01:52 wizzyrea (I mean obviously)
01:52 dcook I think print sales are rising as ebook sales are falling though
01:53 wizzyrea ^ I read this recently
01:53 wizzyrea as well as observing bus habits of people
01:53 dcook This is old now:[…]50118-12qmf4.html
01:53 dcook Looks like it wasn't a huge increase for print
01:54 dcook Anyone have networking tips?
01:54 dcook I can ssh from one machine to another, but I can't do the same going backwards
01:54 dcook So I ssh into Machine A, then ssh into Machine B
01:54 dcook But Machine B can't ssh into Machine A
01:54 dcook "ssh: connect to host XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX port 22: No route to host"
01:55 dcook I figure it's either Machine A's firewall or the router?
01:56 dcook I know I've heard of this before where Machine A and Machine B can both Network Segment B, but only Machine A can access Network Segment A... unless you add a route, I think
01:56 dcook I suppose that is rather outside the scope of koha... :p
01:58 eythian what is between the machines?
01:58 dcook I'm not sure :/
01:58 eythian most likely, there's a NATting gateway or something that only allows one-way traffic.
01:58 dcook That's what I'm thinking
01:59 eythian or possibly a firewall, but I wouldn't expect the no route error in that case.
01:59 dcook Yeah, I would think you'd get at least a refused if it were the firewall, although maybe not for dropped packets..
02:00 eythian that's timeout
02:00 dcook Right, that would be it
02:00 eythian no route is a router somewhere saying "I don't know how to get packets there"
02:00 dcook I think there are a few NATs out there
02:00 dcook Yeah, that's what I was thinking
02:00 dcook Hmm, so I can ping Machine A but the packets get filtered
02:01 dcook Not sure what that means though
02:02 dcook I suppose it's my gateway saying they're filtered though, so i'm guessing my gateway is blocking it?
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02:02 cdickinson I heard someone needs networking help
02:02 dcook haha
02:02 dcook Indeed!
02:03 dcook I think I'm doomed, but I figure I'd better exhaust my possibilities
02:03 * cdickinson looks at the logs
02:04 cdickinson okay
02:04 eythian dcook: trace(route|path) or mtr may be more helpful
02:04 cdickinson eythian has the right idea
02:05 cdickinson it'll tell you what hop the traffic is having problems at
02:05 dcook Yeah, I've been trying traceroute on both ends
02:05 dcook Although not always sure what to look for
02:07 dcook I try to traceroute Machine A
02:07 cdickinson yep
02:07 dcook But it says it's unable to lookup my gateway and Temporary failure in name resolution
02:08 cdickinson DNS problem?
02:08 wahanui I can't find that machine name
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02:08 cdickinson wow, I just killed wahanui
02:08 dcook That's what Google is saying, but I'm just using ip addresses
02:08 cdickinson is it doing a reverse lookup?
02:09 cdickinson depending on the implementation, traceroute tries a reverse lookup, I think
02:09 cdickinson usually you can turn that off
02:09 dcook I can use traceroute for other machines and it works though
02:09 eythian dns
02:09 wahanui is
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02:10 dcook Ahh..
02:10 Francesca woah wahanui just did a vanishing act
02:10 Francesca and came back again but still
02:10 cdickinson wahanui is crashing
02:10 dcook It does seem to be doing a DNS lookup for the other machines..
02:10 dcook Which are on the same <insert networking term I can't remember>
02:10 dcook Same network segment?
02:10 eythian subnet?
02:10 dcook Oh wait...
02:10 dcook That lookup isn't on my gateway
02:11 dcook my gateeway is XX.XX.XXX.1
02:11 dcook It's failing on XX.XX.XXX.2
02:11 dcook No idea what XX.XX.XXX.2 is..
02:11 cdickinson dcook: traceroute -n to disable reverse lookups
02:11 dcook Mmm thought I'd seen that somewhere
02:11 dcook Thanks cdickinson
02:12 dcook So my first hop is XX.XX.XXX.2 and it stops there
02:12 dcook N!
02:12 eythian is .2 your local machine?
02:12 dcook Nopes
02:12 dcook It's no machine I know about
02:13 dcook When I traceroute from Machine A to Machine B, it doesn't come up either
02:13 eythian ‽
02:13 dcook ^
02:13 eythian you may have a broken routing table then
02:13 eythian 'route -n' tells you your routing table
02:13 dcook Yeah, it's not there :/
02:14 dcook According to route -n, my gateway is .1
02:14 eythian this doesn't fit with how things should be working. There must be missing information somewhere.
02:15 dcook That's my thought, and I don't think I know anyone who knows that missing information
02:15 eythian as in, there's something in your system that you haven't mentioned here that makes it make sense.
02:15 dcook There's probably also that, yes
02:16 eythian are you in RFC1918 space?
02:16 dcook For Machine B, yes
02:16 dcook Wait..
02:16 dcook Maybe that means something different than I think it means
02:16 eythian well you can't go from the internet into RFC1918 space
02:17 eythian but you usually can go the other way
02:17 dcook Machine B is in RFC1918 space
02:17 dcook Machine A can get into it
02:17 Francesca what is RFC1918 space
02:17 dcook Machine A... I don't know what  space it's in.
02:17 eythian you need to know that
02:17 eythian Francesca: private adressing that isn't routable on the internet
02:18 Francesca ah
02:18 dcook Machine A doesn't look like RFC1918 space
02:18 dcook Fwiw, I think there are at least 2 different NATs somewhere
02:19 eythian yeah, that's not going to be fun
02:19 dcook There's a HTTP proxy at some point as well
02:23 dcook I'm guessing that it's a NAT somewhere, as you said
02:23 dcook I think I'll have to abandon my hope for now
02:27 cdickinson get to know more about how the layout works, then it should be easier to debug
02:31 dcook Yeah, that's my thought
02:31 dcook I was hoping there might be some tips and tricks for doing it without needing to visit the real world
02:31 dcook I think I might have a network diagram at home..
02:31 dcook Which may or may not be accurate
02:39 wizzyrea can you use a different port than 22 for escaping? something they might always let out like 80?
02:40 wizzyrea that's probably a completely daft suggestion.
02:44 dcook It can't even get to that other machine :/
02:44 dcook I can do things in reverse though, so maybe that will be good enough
02:44 dcook Or maybe I can track down who is in charge of the network...
02:47 cdickinson if routes aren't being broadcast properly, some router on the path isn't connected properly... or something may just be confused, that happens sometimes, especially if configuration changes
02:47 cdickinson may not be configured properly*
02:47 cdickinson it's been a long day
02:59 dcook looooong day
03:00 cdickinson I got a $65 parking ticket today
03:01 cdickinson running late for a presentation today, grabbed a 180 minute park at the university and was still in there more than 180 minutes later
03:01 cdickinson despite the rain, the parking wardens are ruthless
03:01 cdickinson so yeah, kind of over today
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03:06 wizzyrea :(
03:08 dcook :(
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06:21 * magnuse waves
06:25 * dcook waves to magnuse
06:25 dcook you're late :p
06:26 magnuse i am? nah, pretty normal i think
06:27 magnuse well, there isn't too much normal around here
06:27 magnuse anyway, dcook you can go home now ;-)
06:28 dcook I really need to go home ;)
06:28 dcook I think I might even have some time to play today...
06:28 dcook Well, maybe I should finish the chores...
06:29 dcook But really tempted to keep plodding away on my fledgling Android app
06:29 dcook Or fix up my Ansible playbooks
06:29 dcook Or...
06:29 dcook :p
06:39 magnuse :-)
06:40 magnuse ooh, team bywater for rm, interesting :-)
06:40 dcook ?
06:42 dcook Ahh interesting
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06:43 dcook I wish I could do QA... half tempted to do it
06:43 dcook Even if I rarely ever have time for it
06:43 * dcook really really needs to go home
06:43 ashimema dcook.. anyone can 'Fail QA' ;)
06:44 dcook That's true...hehe
06:44 ashimema but you'd be more than welcome on the team to pass them too ;)
06:44 dcook Considering I haven't been testing either... I suppose that's a sign
06:44 ashimema I'd back you.. even if you could just done a couple a month that would be better than i've managed recently
06:46 magnuse bag says " We really need a strong QA group - ideally it should be 6~7 people - so we need more of you to volunteer here - no matter what - even if you only QA one thing a week - it helps us all) "
06:46 dcook Yeah, I was just reading that
06:48 ashimema is this on the wiki somewhere magnuse?
06:48 magnuse yup
06:48 magnuse
06:49 magnuse i am tempted to move that to a slightly more meaningful page name...
06:50 dcook Ok, actually going now
06:50 dcook Ciao!
06:50 magnuse "Brendan Gallagher 3.24 RM proposal" sound ok?
06:50 magnuse have fun dcook
06:50 ashimema sounds sensible to me ;)
06:50 ashimema I was thinking similar
06:53 ashimema sounds like a pretty good proposal
06:54 ashimema but he's right.. really needs a good QA team to back it up..
06:54 ashimema all good having a solid release team but he bugs need to get to them ;)
06:54 ashimema bag++
06:55 ashimema I hope I'll have more time for Koha again soon.. but soon is still likely another 2 months away :(
06:55 magnuse there[…]_3.24_RM_proposal
06:56 magnuse we need more people to sign off too, though...
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06:58 ashimema indeed
06:58 ashimema at the moment the community as a whole is a bit 'man hour starved'
06:59 ashimema in all levels.. signoff -> qa -> mm -> rm are all lacking time :(
07:02 magnuse yup
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07:04 Aizawl hello, anybody
07:06 Aizawl hello, i need some help
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07:09 Aizawl joined #koha
07:10 magnuse Aizawl: just state your problem and if anyone can help they will reply
07:12 Aizawl my problem is : I can print the barcode using the Label Creator, but my problem is I want to put some text above the barcode
07:22 Aizawl my problem is : I can print the barcode using the Label Creator, but my problem is I want to put some text above the barcode
07:22 wahanui i already had it that way, Aizawl.
07:22 magnuse Aizawl: sorry, i don't know anything about the barcodes. hopefully someone else does. if you do not get a reply here, you might consider sending your question to the email list, you will reach more people that way
07:24 Aizawl thanks, magnuse but let me wait here.
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07:40 alex_a bonjour
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07:40 Aizawl let me rephrase my problem again.
07:40 Aizawl my problem is : I can print the barcode using the Label Creator, but my problem is I want to put some text above the barcode
07:40 wahanui i already had it that way, Aizawl.
07:41 reiveune hello
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07:46 ClintD could someone please put in my apology for tonights (late) irc meeting pls
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07:55 drojf morning #koha
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08:20 Francesca heya
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08:25 * Francesca waves at cait
08:25 * cait waves back at Francesca :)
08:25 Francesca sup
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08:26 jajm hello
08:26 Francesca hi jajm
08:27 cait hi jajm :)
08:27 wahanui hi jajm :) are you in charge of the biblibre sandboxes now?
08:28 jajm hi Francesca and cait :) (and wahanui too of course)
08:28 Francesca lol
08:28 Francesca we mustn't forget wahanui
08:30 Francesca @wunder wlg
08:30 huginn Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 9.0°C (9:00 PM NZDT on November 04, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
08:30 Francesca ugggh so cold
08:31 Francesca its meant to be spring here
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08:52 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
08:52 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 0.0°C (9:20 AM CET on November 04, 2015). Conditions: Light Freezing Fog. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -2.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
08:52 drojf eeek
08:52 Francesca ugh cold
08:52 Francesca really cold
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08:53 Francesca don't envy you right now drojf
08:56 magnuse @wunder boo
08:56 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 6.0°C (9:50 AM CET on November 04, 2015). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
08:56 magnuse nice!
08:58 drojf you're a fanof light rain, magnuse? :)
08:58 drojf *fan of
08:58 drojf oh, it does not even say light :D
08:59 Francesca you're a fan of rain, magnuse?
08:59 magnuse nah, was mostly thinking about the temp
08:59 cait we still need volunteers testing things for the release
08:59 magnuse not raining right now, though
08:59 * cait tries to recruit
09:00 magnuse cait++
09:00 drojf cait: sorry, busy talking about the weather
09:00 * drojf hides
09:00 cait oh come on.... dates patches
09:00 * magnuse tries to bully himeself into completing the last bit of testing of the ncip code, for now
09:00 cait bug 15112 is also nice
09:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15112 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Needs Signoff , Make greybox consistent size across label and patron card creator
09:01 cait bug 14954
09:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14954 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Remove C4::Dates from holiday related files in folder tools
09:01 * Francesca wishes there were more webpages to style
09:01 cait bug 14954
09:01 magnuse you just said that :-)
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09:02 cait well, it's till there and needs testing!
09:02 Francesca at least bugzilla looks like koha now
09:02 cait Francesca: yep - nice :)
09:02 cait you could make christmas themes maybe - for the dashboard
09:02 cait i loved the halloween one
09:02 Francesca not yet
09:03 Francesca but i shall do mulitple christmas themes come december
09:03 Francesca just gotta wait for december
09:03 cait :)
09:03 cait Viktor: looking for testing volunteers...
09:03 magnuse ooh, Viktor looks like he might be ready for a signoff or two
09:03 cait he is so nice... he just can't say no, right?
09:04 Viktor Which one are we talking about?
09:04 cait bug 15112
09:04 wahanui bug 15112 is nice
09:05 cait or one of the C4:::Dates patches would be awesome
09:05 Francesca where is huginn
09:05 wahanui i think huginn is a weather forecaster
09:05 cait the numbers for those are 14998 14985 14969 14965 14960 14954 14946
09:05 cait dependency tree with them all is here, if you mouse over you can see which still need sign-off
09:06 cait[…]0&hide_resolved=1
09:06 Viktor I'll ask if bumby can have a look while waiting for input on the prio1 we're doing right now.
09:06 cait oh the prio1
09:06 cait what's the prio1? :) *curious*
09:08 cait and remember all... today is election meeting!
09:08 cait in an hour
09:08 cait drojf: can i recruit you to send a reminder to the mailing list?
09:09 Viktor Connection to central people registration in sweden, payments online through opac, different categories for the same patron (in some use cases), connecting ILL to Libris, expose e-books borrowing in the "My loans" on Opac. And not least getting the items and not only the records into Koha when ordering from our vendors.
09:10 Viktor (Though he's not working on all of those at once and they're not even briefed. But we'll want to make them happen if possible)
09:11 Francesca probably time I was sleeping, night #koha
09:12 Viktor Xarragon is working on finishing up the CMS system and is then going to add listing of "extended patron attributes" to ILS-DI and customize getStatus to make it work with Libris who wants to match on the 001-data
09:14 Viktor Myself I'm frustrated about our overdues patches. I though it was a general improvement that broke nothing and added flexibility but it's one that we burned lots of time and money on.
09:15 Viktor (Also I'm having a bad day - sorry if it sounded unnecessary cranky)
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09:21 magnuse Oak
09:23 drojf cait: oh, meeting? 10 utc?
09:23 drojf i'm very good at missing meetings lately :(
09:23 drojf that is a skill, right?
09:24 cait Viktor: i understand cranky, feeling a bit off myself today. lots of those sound really interesting
09:24 cait Viktor: have you seen kyle's patch for order marc records?
09:24 cait it could go in the directin fo your vendor/items dev
09:24 cait drojf: i think so, but please double check[…]g_4_November_2015
09:26 drojf okwill send an email and run to the office ;)
09:26 cait great thx
09:27 drojf got a junk mail from "office office". that must be a sign
09:28 magnuse looks like the meeting is ~0.5 hours away
09:28 Viktor cait Thanks no I missed that. Will have to have a look.
09:28 saiful joined #koha
09:29 cait Viktor: i have to admit that i had problems testing it - because i didn't quite undertand the use case. but maybe we can clear that up a bit :)
09:30 cait bug 10877
09:30 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10877 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add "Order Record" processing
09:32 drojf email sent
09:32 cait drojf++
09:33 drojf gotta run, hope to be there in time. later #koha
09:36 magnuse drojf++
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09:39 * andreashm waves
09:40 * magnuse waves back
09:40 cait andreashm: what did i read? you are moving?
09:40 * Viktor waves at andreashm
09:41 magnuse cait: closer to you, i think :-)
09:41 bag alright I was trying to stay awake for the meeting
09:41 bag but I am pooped
09:41 bag sorry all - catch you in channel tomorrow - night night
09:41 bag magnuse: knuckles dood
09:42 bag I gave a copy of my notes to cait for the koha fund news - we’ve got some great news :)
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09:43 magnuse bag: HI
09:43 indradg aloha #koha
09:43 * magnuse sends bag some instant coffee
09:46 magnuse hiya indradg
09:46 Amit_Gupta joined #koha
09:46 * indradg waves at magnuse
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09:48 cait morning tcohen :)
09:48 tcohen *yawn*
09:48 tcohen hi cait
09:49 cait how early is it for you?
09:49 Amit_Gupta hi cait
09:49 Amit_Gupta hi tcohen
09:50 tcohen 6:50
09:52 wnickc joined #koha
09:55 cait get ready everyone... 5 mins
09:56 * tcohen seeks for the biggest mug to prepare coffee
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09:57 tajoli joined #koha
09:57 cait getting full on #koha :)
09:58 tcohen hi tajoli bgkriegel_p
09:58 bgkriegel_p Hi all, by phone :)
09:59 cait morning bgkriegel_p :)
09:59 cait ok, let's get this started
09:59 tajoli Hi all
10:00 cait #startmeeting General IRC meeting 4 November 2015
10:00 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov  4 10:00:10 2015 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
10:00 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
10:00 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
10:00 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_4_november_2015'
10:00 cait #topic Introductions
10:00 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
10:00 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
10:00 eythian #info Robin Sheat, Catalyst IT, Wellington
10:00 cait please introduce yourself with #info, following wahanui's example
10:00 cait today's agenda is
10:00 cait #link[…]g_4_November_2015
10:00 tcohen #info Tomás Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
10:01 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:01 bgkriegel_p #info Bernardo González Kriegel
10:01 wnickc #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
10:01 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
10:01 indradg #info Indranil Das Gupta, L2C2 Tech, India
10:02 tajoli Zeno Tajoli, CINECA, Italy
10:02 fredericd #info Frédéric Demians, Tamil, France
10:02 tajoli #info Zeno Tajoli, CINECA, Italy
10:03 drojf joined #koha
10:03 cait drojf: intro please :)
10:03 drojf sorry, late :)
10:03 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
10:03 cait moving on to the next topic, see agenda above
10:03 xarragon Hm, is OPACBaseURL supposed to point to
10:03 cait #topic Announcements
10:03 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
10:04 xarragon Or how do i form a link to an OPAC page from the staff itnerface?
10:04 cait xarragon: it should be http(s):// and then the base url or your opac
10:04 cait of your opac... but in a meeting now, maybe ask a little later
10:04 cait Any announcements? tcohen?
10:04 tcohen Koha.Preference('OPACBaseUrl')
10:05 tcohen ah yes
10:05 xarragon tcohen: Ok, I was using the variable exposed by the get_template_and_foobar() call..
10:06 tcohen Only that by the end of the week we need to have a beta release, so feature freeze is approaching
10:06 tcohen it will depend on how involved people are on fixing bugs
10:06 tcohen the more people, the less time i need to spend on fixing bugs
10:06 tcohen so more time to push things
10:07 tcohen that's why we set the trello board
10:07 tcohen so people notice things that need attention
10:07 cait #link
10:07 xarragon tcohen: Ah, I have not set that preference
10:07 xarragon tcohen: Thanks for the help
10:07 tcohen right now, there aren't big issues (in general)
10:07 tcohen but there are a couple problems in Plack
10:08 cait bug 15032
10:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15032 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Plack testing -- Stage MARC records for import -- Internal Server Error/Stalled Staged Import
10:08 tcohen that require people to spend hours debugging them
10:08 cait bug 14743
10:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14743 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , redirect problems under plack behind apache 2.4.10
10:08 tajoli thomas, trello is private
10:08 indradg + 1 tajoli
10:08 eythian also proprietary
10:08 tcohen yeah, specially 15032, which is a bit tricky, and looks like an integration issue, somehow
10:08 tcohen tajoli: not anymore
10:08 cait there are also some plack problems in the 'needs QA' queue - i am nto there yet with plack, so help appreciated
10:09 tcohen eythian: next time we'll use taiga
10:09 eythian :)
10:09 indradg thanks tcohen
10:09 tcohen so I'll be focusing on the plack issues
10:10 tcohen and pushing enhancements until friday/saturday
10:10 tcohen that's all the announcements
10:10 cait there are also some patches releated to removing the old outdated C4::Dates package, that need testing still[…]0&hide_resolved=1 for an overview (mouse over to see status)
10:11 bgkriegel_p1 joined #koha
10:11 cait #info Koha Beta to be relesased by end of week, so features will only be pushed until then
10:11 cait #info Please help fix/text open bugs as noted on the (now public) trello board
10:11 cait questions for further announcements?
10:11 tajoli About SQL setup (non MARC) translation
10:12 tcohen there might be missing bugs on that propietary board, though, please add them or speak up
10:12 tajoli This week or later ?
10:12 tcohen ?
10:12 cait #info please let us know if something is missing on the Trello board - so it can be added (or add yourself if you have an account)
10:12 cait tajoli: i think a part of those have already been pushed
10:12 tajoli All SQL files that have stings to transalte (no MARC)
10:13 cait or do you mean the web installer files?
10:13 tajoli Yes web installer files
10:13 wahanui web installer files are sql files
10:13 tcohen tajoli: what about them?
10:13 tcohen ah
10:13 cait translating the new notices and all that
10:13 tcohen don't worry about that tajoli
10:13 tajoli do we prefer to transalte them this week  or later
10:14 tajoli ?
10:14 tcohen it can happen after the beta
10:14 mveron #info Marc Véron, Allschwil, Koha Support Schweiz
10:14 xarragon tcohen: AHA, that's whatw as wrong actually.. It is not set as a template variable by the get_template_and_auth, so it was empty, and browser just defaulted to the same document.
10:14 cait might make sense too - in case you push more changes :)
10:14 cait moving on?
10:14 tcohen sure
10:14 xarragon tcohen: So I found a bug of mine there thanks to you!
10:14 cait #topic KohaCon15
10:14 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon15 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
10:14 * magnuse hopes to do an update of the nb-NO web installer files
10:14 cait It happened! :)
10:15 magnuse yay!
10:15 cait rangi has some summaries and information about it on his blogs - feedback seemed quite positive
10:15 cait nigeria_kohacon_organizers++
10:15 magnuse
10:15 tcohen nigeria_kohacon_organizers++
10:15 cait #link
10:16 magnuse nigeria_kohacon_organizers++
10:16 cait something to add here?
10:16 cait Moving on then
10:17 tcohen yeap
10:17 cait #topic Elections of the release team for Koha 3.24
10:17 Topic for #koha is now Elections of the release team for Koha 3.24 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
10:17 cait ok, before we start with voting
10:18 cait are there questions about the proposals, roles or procedure?
10:18 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater Solutions
10:18 bag waves from his sleep
10:18 cait sleep walking RM-candidate...
10:18 drojf sleepwalking release manager, awesome
10:18 cait jinx
10:19 drojf :D
10:19 magnuse or sleepvoting
10:19 * bag no vote ;)
10:19 cait don't sleep and push...
10:19 ArveS joined #koha
10:19 cait ok, so we got no questions?
10:19 bag friends don’t let friends sleep and push
10:19 cait i'd like to do a group vote for the roles with multiple names people under one of the bold headings
10:19 cait does that work for everyone?
10:19 cait #link[…]ki/Roles_for_3.24
10:19 drojf +1
10:20 mveron +1
10:20 tcohen +1
10:20 cait otherwise, we will work top to bottom
10:20 tajoli +1
10:20 cait now i need to figure out the vote bot again, give me a little moment
10:20 cait #startvote help
10:20 huginn Unable to parse vote topic and options.
10:20 cait hm
10:21 cait and if someone knows how to see the help page ... :)
10:21 eythian @help startvote
10:21 huginn eythian: Error: There is no command "startvote".
10:21 eythian #help startvote
10:21 cait @help startvote
10:21 huginn cait: Error: There is no command "startvote".
10:21 * eythian fails to help
10:21 drojf @help start vote
10:21 huginn drojf: Error: There is no command "start vote".
10:21 drojf worth a try
10:21 drojf eythian: no more package management for you?
10:21 magnuse @help startvote
10:21 huginn magnuse: Error: There is no command "startvote".
10:22 cait #startvote Do you agree with Brendan Gallagher (bag) to be our next RM? (yes,no)
10:22 huginn Begin voting on: Do you agree with Brendan Gallagher (bag) to be our next RM? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:22 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:22 Hugo__ joined #koha
10:22 eythian drojf: nope, passing the torch, found a willing victim :)
10:22 schnydszch joined #koha
10:22 cait phrasing it as a question is kind of hard
10:22 magnuse #vote yes
10:22 tcohen do you support…
10:22 cait Brendan's proposal can be found here btw
10:22 jajm #vote yes
10:22 tajoli #vote yes
10:22 cait #link
10:22 tcohen #vote yes
10:22 mveron #vote yes
10:22 cait #vote yes
10:22 drojf #vote yes
10:23 cait tcohen: that's good, will use it next time
10:23 drojf good proposal, bad link (if that is the correct link)
10:23 cait hm works for me
10:23 tcohen cait: so you are signing to chair in six months?
10:23 drojf (just calling the page proposal i mean)
10:23 magnuse i moved it
10:23 drojf magnuse++
10:23 eythian #vote yes
10:23 schnydszch #info Eugene Espinoza Philippines. Sorry it's the monthly meeting. :)
10:24 cait tcohen: ?
10:24 magnuse #link[…]_3.24_RM_proposal
10:24 Hugo__ left #koha
10:24 cait ending the vote in a moment...
10:24 fredericd #vote yes
10:24 cait #endvote
10:24 huginn Voted on "Do you agree with Brendan Gallagher (bag) to be our next RM?" Results are
10:24 huginn yes (9): magnuse, cait, eythian, jajm, fredericd, tajoli, tcohen, drojf, mveron
10:24 cait ah nice, it works this time
10:24 schnydszch #vote yes
10:25 cait #agreed RM: Brendan Gallagher yes (9): magnuse, cait, eythian, jajm, fredericd, tajoli, tcohen, drojf, mveron (+1 yes after ending the vote)
10:25 magnuse congrats bag!
10:25 eythian poor bag ;)
10:25 tcohen congratulations Brendan!
10:25 tcohen bag++
10:25 drojf bag++
10:25 mveron bag++
10:25 cait #startvote Do you support Julian Maurice (3.22), Fréderic Demians (3.20), Liz Rea (3.18) as Release Maintainers? (yes,no)
10:25 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support Julian Maurice (3.22), Fréderic Demians (3.20), Liz Rea (3.18) as Release Maintainers? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:25 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:26 cait #vote yes
10:26 eythian #vote yes
10:26 schnydszch #vote yes
10:26 tajoli #vote yes
10:26 wnickc #vote yes
10:26 mveron #vote yes
10:26 drojf #vote yes
10:26 magnuse #vote yes
10:26 fredericd #vote yes
10:26 jajm #vote yes
10:26 tcohen #vote yes
10:27 cait ending the vote in a moment
10:27 cait oh and congrats bag of course :)
10:27 cait #endvote
10:27 huginn Voted on "Do you support Julian Maurice (3.22), Fréderic Demians (3.20), Liz Rea (3.18) as Release Maintainers?" Results are
10:27 huginn yes (11): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, fredericd, cait, mveron, tcohen, drojf, schnydszch
10:28 HAgud joined #koha
10:28 cait #agreed Release maintainers:  Julian Maurice (3.22), Fréderic Demians (3.20), Liz Rea (3.18). yes (11): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, fredericd, cait, mveron, tcohen, drojf, schnydszch
10:28 cait #startvote Do you support as Module Maintainers: Jesse Weaver for Administration, Fréderic Demians for OAI-Server, Kyle Hall for Circulation and SIP? (yes,no)
10:28 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support as Module Maintainers: Jesse Weaver for Administration, Fréderic Demians for OAI-Server, Kyle Hall for Circulation and SIP? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:28 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:28 magnuse #vote yes
10:28 eythian #vote yes
10:28 tcohen #vote yes
10:28 mveron #vote yes
10:28 tajoli #vote yes
10:28 drojf #vote yes
10:28 wnickc #vote yes
10:28 jajm #vote yes
10:29 fredericd #vote yes
10:29 bgkriegel joined #koha
10:29 cait #vote yes
10:29 cait closing vote in a moment
10:29 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:30 cait #endvote
10:30 huginn Voted on "Do you support as Module Maintainers: Jesse Weaver for Administration, Fréderic Demians for OAI-Server, Kyle Hall for Circulation and SIP?" Results are
10:30 huginn yes (11): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, fredericd, mveron, cait, drojf, bgkriegel, tcohen
10:30 schnydszch #vote yes
10:30 cait #agreed  Module Maintainers: Jesse Weaver for Administration, Fréderic Demians for OAI-Server, Kyle Hall for Circulation and SIP. yes (11): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, fredericd, mveron, cait, drojf, bgkriegel, tcohen
10:30 cait #startvote Do you support Bernardo González Kriegel as Translation manager? (yes,no)
10:30 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support Bernardo González Kriegel as Translation manager? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:30 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:30 schnydszch #vote yes
10:30 * cait just hopes she typed all the names right
10:31 cait #vote yes
10:31 drojf #vote yes
10:31 mveron #vote yes
10:31 tcohen #vote yes
10:31 tajoli #vote yes
10:31 eythian #vote yes
10:31 jajm #vote yes
10:31 tcohen thanks bgkriegel!
10:31 fredericd #vote yes
10:31 wnickc #vote yes
10:31 magnuse #vote yes
10:31 cait bgkriegel++ :)
10:31 bgkriegel :)
10:31 HAgud #vote yes
10:32 cait ending vote in a moment
10:32 bag back ha thanks for the support all
10:32 * bag will still stay out of it for now
10:32 cait #endvote
10:32 huginn Voted on "Do you support Bernardo González Kriegel as Translation manager?" Results are
10:32 huginn yes (12): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, fredericd, cait, mveron, schnydszch, drojf, tcohen
10:32 cait more and more people waking up :)
10:32 cait #agreed Translation Manager: Bernardo González Kriegel.  yes (12): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, fredericd, cait, mveron, schnydszch, drojf, tcohen
10:32 eythian but it's bedtime
10:33 bgkriegel thanks to all :)
10:33 cait I will combine the next too if noone vetoes :)
10:33 cait thx to you! :)
10:33 magnuse go cait go :-)
10:33 cait #startvote Do you support Nicole Engard as Documentation Manager and Database Documentation Manager? (yes,no)
10:33 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support Nicole Engard as Documentation Manager and Database Documentation Manager? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:33 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:33 eythian #vote yes
10:33 cait #vote yes
10:33 tcohen #vote yes
10:33 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:33 mveron #vote yes
10:33 tajoli #vote yes
10:33 wnickc #vote yes
10:33 HAgud #vote yes
10:33 jajm #vote yes
10:33 magnuse #vote yes
10:34 fredericd #vote yes
10:34 cait closing vote in a moment
10:34 cait #endvote
10:34 huginn Voted on "Do you support Nicole Engard as Documentation Manager and Database Documentation Manager?" Results are
10:34 huginn yes (11): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, fredericd, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, cait, mveron, tcohen, bgkriegel
10:34 cait #agreed Documentation Manager and Database Documentation Manager: Nicole Engard. yes (11): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, fredericd, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, cait, mveron, tcohen, bgkriegel
10:34 cait #chair drojf
10:34 huginn Current chairs: cait drojf
10:34 drojf ok, taking over for cait briefly so she can concentrate on being elected :)
10:34 cait handing over to drojf
10:34 schnydszch #vote yes
10:34 drojf #startvote Do you support Katrin Fischer to continue her work as QA Manager? (yes,no)
10:34 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support Katrin Fischer to continue her work as QA Manager? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:34 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:35 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:35 jajm #vote yes
10:35 wnickc #vote yes
10:35 fredericd #vote yes
10:35 mveron #vote yes
10:35 tcohen #vote yes
10:35 eythian #vote yes
10:35 magnuse #vote yes
10:35 HAgud #vote yes
10:35 drojf closing vote in a minute
10:35 schnydszch #vote yes
10:36 drojf #endvote
10:36 huginn Voted on "Do you support Katrin Fischer to continue her work as QA Manager?" Results are
10:36 huginn yes (10): magnuse, fredericd, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, mveron, tcohen, schnydszch, bgkriegel
10:36 drojf #agreed: QA Manager: Katrin Fischer yes (10): magnuse, fredericd, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, mveron, tcohen, schnydszch, bgkriegel
10:36 magnuse cait++
10:36 tcohen cait++
10:36 drojf oh damn i forgot to vote myself
10:37 eythian haha
10:37 drojf sorry :) for the record #vote yes
10:37 tcohen so ou don't support her
10:37 drojf handing back to cait
10:37 cait *sobs*
10:37 cait ;)
10:37 mveron cait ++
10:37 drojf i can only do one thing at a time :'(
10:37 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:38 tajoli sorry, dealy. for the record #vote yes
10:38 thd #vote yes
10:38 drojf ok i'll do qa team too, just a sec
10:39 drojf #startvote Do you support Marcel de Rooy, Jesse Weaver, Paul Poulain, Kyle M Hall, Tomas Cohen Arazi and Jonathan Druart to be the new Quality Assurance (QA) Team? (yes,no)
10:39 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support Marcel de Rooy, Jesse Weaver, Paul Poulain, Kyle M Hall, Tomas Cohen Arazi and Jonathan Druart to be the new Quality Assurance (QA) Team? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:39 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:39 mveron #vote yes
10:39 jajm #vote yes
10:39 eythian #vote yes
10:39 tcohen #vote yes
10:39 drojf #vote yes
10:39 wnickc #vote yes
10:39 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:39 HAgud #vote yes
10:39 schnydszch #vote yes
10:40 wnickc zaphod
10:40 fredericd #vote yes
10:40 wnickc oops
10:40 eythian tcohen: voting for yourself eh? ;)
10:40 thd #vote yes
10:40 magnuse #vote yes
10:40 tajoli #vote yes
10:40 tcohen eythian: at this point i'm shameless
10:40 eythian heh
10:40 * cait is very happy about the QA team :)
10:40 drojf closing vote in a moment
10:40 cait #vote yes
10:41 tcohen all your sheeps
10:41 drojf #endvote
10:41 huginn Voted on "Do you support Marcel de Rooy, Jesse Weaver, Paul Poulain, Kyle M Hall, Tomas Cohen Arazi and Jonathan Druart to be the new Quality Assurance (QA) Team?" Results are
10:41 huginn yes (14): magnuse, fredericd, eythian, wnickc, jajm, cait, HAgud, tajoli, mveron, thd, schnydszch, drojf, bgkriegel, tcohen
10:42 drojf #agreed: Quality Assurance (QA) Team: Marcel de Rooy, Jesse Weaver, Paul Poulain, Kyle M Hall, Tomas Cohen Arazi and Jonathan Druart: yes (14): magnuse, fredericd, eythian, wnickc, jajm, cait, HAgud, tajoli, mveron, thd, schnydszch, drojf, bgkriegel, tcohen
10:42 cait :)
10:42 cait I will continue now :)
10:42 drojf handing back to the old and new qa manager/chair person
10:42 cait #startvote Do you support Galen Charlton as Packaging Manager? (yes,no)
10:42 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support Galen Charlton as Packaging Manager? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:42 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:42 eythian #vote yes
10:42 tcohen #vote yes
10:42 fredericd #vote yes
10:42 thd #vote yes
10:42 eythian #vote yes
10:42 mveron #vote yes
10:42 drojf #vote yes
10:42 magnuse #vote yes
10:42 tajoli #vote yes
10:42 eythian #vote yes
10:43 cait and eythian++ for all the hard work done
10:43 HAgud #vote yes
10:43 eythian #vote no
10:43 cait #vote yes
10:43 eythian just kidding
10:43 eythian #vote yes
10:43 magnuse eythian++
10:43 wnickc #vote yes
10:43 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:43 tcohen eythian++
10:43 schnydszch #vote yes
10:43 eythian :)
10:43 jajm #vote yes
10:43 tcohen gmcharlt++
10:43 eythian #vote yes
10:43 indradg #vote yes
10:43 cait closing vote in a moment
10:43 eythian #vote yes
10:44 cait #endvote
10:44 huginn Voted on "Do you support Galen Charlton as Packaging Manager?" Results are
10:44 huginn yes (15): magnuse, fredericd, eythian, schnydszch, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, tajoli, indradg, mveron, cait, thd, drojf, bgkriegel, tcohen
10:44 eythian #vote yes
10:44 magnuse question about the "Continous integration infrastructure maintainer" role: bag mentioned something about CI in his proposal - will tcohen in this role (potentially) conflict with bag's plans?
10:44 cait #agreed Packaging Manager: Galen Charlton. yes (15): magnuse, fredericd, eythian, schnydszch, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, tajoli, indradg, mveron, cait, thd, drojf, bgkriegel, tcohen
10:44 tcohen i'm not sure we'll conflict
10:44 magnuse gmcharlt++
10:45 tcohen my idea is taking care of the continous integration infrastructure tp
10:45 tcohen to
10:45 tcohen 1) make it more useful
10:45 drojf every time i am highlighted after a vote ends i am in fear i volunteered for something being half asleep
10:45 tcohen 2) go beyond testing: packaging automation and doc generation
10:46 eythian drojf: secretly you are being voted for every role
10:46 magnuse bag said in his proposal: "Jesse Weaver (Pianohacker) and Kyle Hall - help me with the tech and will be on the QA team. [...] One of them will be responsible as the Jenkins manager since I will need help there."
10:46 drojf tcohen: i think bag had someone appointed to do jenkins stuff in his proposal, that is probably what magnuse is talking about
10:46 drojf ah he can explain it better himself :)
10:46 cait bag? :)
10:46 cait might have fallen asleep now
10:46 magnuse yup
10:46 cait my feeling is, that it won't conflict -t here is lots to do
10:47 tcohen bag
10:47 magnuse yeah, same for me, i just wanted to point it out
10:47 drojf i suppose the more people volunteer on doing stuff, the better
10:47 tcohen magnuse: it makes sense
10:47 drojf otherwise you will challenge each other to a duel and sort it out
10:47 cait hehe
10:47 magnuse "chief jenkins assistant to the rm"
10:47 cait bug squash duel!
10:48 magnuse yeah!
10:48 magnuse now we're talking
10:48 indradg heh
10:48 eythian vservers at dawn
10:48 magnuse well, if bag is asleep let's just vote and leave the duelling for later
10:48 cait ok
10:48 cait #startvote Continous integration infrastructure maintainer (a.k.a. Jenkins): Tomas Cohen Arazi
10:48 huginn Unable to parse vote topic and options.
10:48 indradg magnuse+
10:48 tcohen hm
10:48 cait oh sec
10:48 drojf needs answer options
10:48 cait #startvote Do you support as Continous integration infrastructure maintainer (a.k.a. Jenkins): Tomas Cohen Arazi? (yes,no)
10:48 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support as Continous integration infrastructure maintainer (a.k.a. Jenkins): Tomas Cohen Arazi? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:48 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:48 magnuse #vote yes
10:49 eythian #vote yes
10:49 mveron #vote yes
10:49 cait #vote yes
10:49 HAgud #vote yes
10:49 indradg #vote yes
10:49 jajm #vote yes
10:49 wnickc #vote yes
10:49 thd #vote yes
10:49 fredericd #vote yes
10:49 drojf #vote yes
10:49 drojf i'm so tired, did i vote twice now?
10:49 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:49 tcohen drojf: no
10:50 tajoli #vote yes
10:50 magnuse drojf: even if you did, the bot would keep track of it :-)
10:50 cait ending vote in a moment
10:50 drojf i know :)
10:50 cait #endvote
10:50 huginn Voted on "Do you support as Continous integration infrastructure maintainer (a.k.a. Jenkins): Tomas Cohen Arazi?" Results are
10:50 huginn yes (13): magnuse, cait, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, fredericd, indradg, mveron, thd, drojf, tajoli, bgkriegel
10:51 tcohen #info tcohen will duel brendan's guys if there is a conflict
10:51 magnuse yay!
10:51 cait #agreed Continous integration infrastructure maintainer (a.k.a. Jenkins): Tomas Cohen Arazi. yes (13): magnuse, cait, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, fredericd, indradg, mveron, thd, drojf, tajoli, bgkriegel
10:51 mveron Question: Can I still join the Bug Wranglers?
10:51 cait hehe
10:51 drojf lol
10:51 drojf mveron: yes
10:51 magnuse mveron: if you hurry :-)
10:51 drojf do it now!
10:51 tcohen mveron: you ARE a bug wrangler
10:51 mveron Ok
10:51 drojf mveron++
10:51 tcohen mveron++
10:51 thd mveron++
10:51 cait please add yourself to the wiki
10:51 cait i will add you to my voting thing :)
10:52 * mveron can not login to the wiki at the moment
10:53 * magnuse can do it
10:53 cait #startvote Do you support as Bug Wranglers: Magnus Enger, Mirko Tietgen, Indranil Das Gupta, Zeno Tajoli, Marc Véron? (yes,no)
10:53 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support as Bug Wranglers: Magnus Enger, Mirko Tietgen, Indranil Das Gupta, Zeno Tajoli, Marc Véron? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:53 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:53 cait #vote yes
10:53 jajm #vote yes
10:53 drojf oh tajoli sneaked in last minute too :)
10:53 drojf swesome
10:53 cait yep :)
10:53 wnickc #vote yes
10:53 thd #vote yes
10:53 tcohen #vote yes
10:53 eythian mveron: I added you
10:53 HAgud #vote yes
10:53 schnydszch #vote yes
10:53 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:53 cait looks like we are going to have a great 3.24 release team :)
10:53 eythian #vote yes
10:53 tajoli in fact in the last hour
10:53 drojf #vote yes
10:53 drojf (for the others)
10:53 indradg #vote yes
10:54 magnuse #vote yes
10:54 magnuse (for the others)
10:54 cait ending vote in a moment
10:54 cait #endvote
10:54 huginn Voted on "Do you support as Bug Wranglers: Magnus Enger, Mirko Tietgen, Indranil Das Gupta, Zeno Tajoli, Marc Véron?" Results are
10:54 huginn yes (12): magnuse, cait, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, indradg, tcohen, thd, drojf, bgkriegel, schnydszch
10:54 cait #agreed Bug Wranglers: Magnus Enger, Mirko Tietgen, Indranil Das Gupta, Zeno Tajoli, Marc Véron. yes (12): magnuse, cait, eythian, wnickc, jajm, HAgud, indradg, tcohen, thd, drojf, bgkriegel, schnydszch
10:54 magnuse w00t!
10:55 cait last one everyone :)
10:55 cait #startvote Do you support Thomas Dukleth as Wiki Curator? (yes,no)
10:55 huginn Begin voting on: Do you support Thomas Dukleth as Wiki Curator? Valid vote options are , yes, no, .
10:55 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:55 tcohen #vote yes
10:55 magnuse #vote yes
10:55 cait #vote yes
10:55 eythian #vote yes
10:55 jajm #vote yes
10:55 tajoli #vote yes
10:55 fredericd #vote yes
10:55 indradg #vote yes
10:55 wnickc #vote yes
10:55 schnydszch #vote yes
10:55 mveron #vote yes
10:55 thd #vote yes
10:55 drojf #vote yes
10:55 bgkriegel #vote yes
10:55 HAgud #vote yes
10:56 cait closing vote in a moment
10:56 cait #endvote
10:56 huginn Voted on "Do you support Thomas Dukleth as Wiki Curator?" Results are
10:56 huginn yes (15): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, mveron, HAgud, cait, indradg, tcohen, thd, schnydszch, drojf, bgkriegel, fredericd
10:56 cait #agreed Wiki Curator: Thomas Dukleth. yes (15): magnuse, tajoli, eythian, wnickc, jajm, mveron, HAgud, cait, indradg, tcohen, thd, schnydszch, drojf, bgkriegel, fredericd
10:56 cait done :)
10:56 cait thx everyone!
10:56 tcohen good night everyone
10:56 tcohen ah, no
10:56 cait hehe
10:57 tcohen time to head to the office
10:57 mveron thx cait and thx everybody
10:57 cait #topic KohaCon16 + KohaCon17
10:57 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon16 + KohaCon17 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
10:57 * eythian skips off yelling "I'm free! I'm free!"
10:57 drojf lol
10:57 cait meeting is not over yet...
10:57 tcohen eythian++
10:57 cait only the elections
10:57 eythian that's what I meant :)
10:57 cait is osmeone here from KohaCon16?
10:57 drojf the way ex-managers of releases and other stuff celebrate once they are done is very encouraging to others :D
10:57 bgkriegel_p joined #koha
10:57 tcohen dh-make-free
10:58 eythian tcohen++
10:58 drojf eythian++
10:58 schnydszch KohaCon16 Greece?
10:58 cait drojf: he took care to find the next victim... so i htink we have to let him go :)
10:58 cait yes
10:58 cait I think one of the questions is from drojf
10:58 drojf oh
10:58 cait that we shoudl decide on a voting mechanism early on next time
10:58 drojf ah yes
10:58 schnydszch because I'm representing Phils.
10:58 cait woudl you be ok pushing this to the next meeting? maybe with a little note about the options?
10:58 tcohen oops, is late
10:58 tcohen later everyone
10:59 * mveron has to go...
10:59 drojf yes that would be alright. we just should think about it "now", not when we have the next vote. because then there is no time again
10:59 magnuse true
10:59 cait agreed
10:59 cait but it hink easier to vote with some optiosn spelled out
10:59 drojf background being we had no fixed rules and made them up on the spot
11:00 magnuse if someone could describe some alternatives before the next meeting we could have a vote
11:00 cait #info Deciding on the voting mechanism for next KohaCon will be pushed to the next meeting - ideas and notes about mechanisms to vote on shoudl be added to the wiki before the next meeting
11:00 cait for KohaCon17 the question is about when to open the bids
11:00 drojf i have an event here right before that so i will maybe not be done in time, but i could try
11:01 thd Alternatives become significant with more than two options to consider.
11:01 drojf yes
11:01 magnuse i see no harm in opening up for kohacon17 bids now
11:02 schnydszch second the motion you magnuse
11:02 magnuse where "opening up for bids" = having a page on the wiki where bidders can add themselves
11:02 cait no problem there for me either
11:02 cait but we shoud remember to communicate early about when it will close
11:02 drojf mtompset copied the proposal of the philippines the second the last vote was over. while i am not against that at all, i would prefer asking "officially" for proposals before they come in
11:02 cait and decide that with some time left :)
11:02 magnuse we should just remember to send out a reminder about bidding in march or thereabouts
11:03 thd I would be happy to create the page and advertise it next week.
11:03 drojf so the question was if we just do it now/just do it immediately after a vote is over. which would be fine for me
11:03 cait drojf: agreed
11:03 schnydszch yeah apologies from the Philippines part if that's the case
11:03 cait it's ok schnydszch - just trying to refine the workflow i think :)
11:03 cait woudl someone volunteer to send a note about the new page to the mailing lists?
11:03 magnuse[…]haCon17_Proposals
11:04 schnydszch :) cait
11:04 drojf i also moves the page because it looked like the official page but said itw as only for the philippines proposal ;)
11:04 drojf *moved
11:04 magnuse that page could be restored and slightly edited i thnk
11:04 magnuse looks like thd volunteered to advertise it :-)
11:04 eythian good thing theres a ...
11:04 eythian yeah, what magnuse said :)
11:04 cait ah sorry, missed that - thx thd
11:05 thd The page also needs an empty form.
11:05 cait #action thd to create a new page for Koha bids 2017 and advertise on the mailing list
11:05 thd Next week is after my current programming task :)
11:06 cait anything else we shold looking into for kohacons?
11:06 tajoli Sorry, about ElastichSearch.
11:06 tajoli Do we release it in 3.22 ?
11:06 cait #action all to add ideas about 'how to vote and how to count results' for KohaCon bids to the wiki to be voted on
11:06 magnuse should we decide on when the bidding stops and when the voting happens
11:06 thd Voting methods for counting votes with more than two options?
11:06 cait tajoli: it doesn't look like it at the moment
11:07 cait ok, moving on
11:07 cait #topic Update from the International Koha Fund committee
11:07 Topic for #koha is now Update from the International Koha Fund committee (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
11:07 eythian tajoli: I'm still afraid of it causing breakage to regular workflows right at the moment. It's one of the things I'm looking into finding and fixing at the moment.
11:07 cait bag has send me some notes to share with you all
11:08 cait #info The koha fund committee met recently - notes are found here on the wiki[…]g_15_October_2015
11:08 drojf magnuse: i think we could leave that open for now, but indicate we are going to do it at some point and announce it early
11:08 cait #info  In summary - committee for collecting the money and creating fundraising opportunities seems to have a great start to it.
11:08 cait #info   The part of the committee that makes recommendations to THT on how to spend money that is raised is being worked on.    gmcharlt and BobB are in the process of writing the bylaws (rules) on how that committee portion should work.  Of course anything that would need to pass etc, will be brought to the community for a vote.  The next committee meeting date has not been set yet.
11:08 cait #info   Update that was passed along to me from Joann at THT on the account standing for the fund.   So far 5 people have made donations to the fund using the donate now button on the home page  The total amount in the fund is $181.28  (USD)
11:08 drojf magnuse: or we set a date we will always use. if that is an option. have not checked how that was done the last times
11:08 cait anonymous_donators++
11:09 cait argh, sorry, i saw now there were more topics to kohacon...
11:09 cait not sure what's with my eyes
11:09 thd ;)
11:09 cait was not intentional
11:10 cait thd: yes, but also for 2 options
11:10 cait some people would have preferred ranked voting for 2 as wel
11:10 cait so 1+ :)
11:10 magnuse drojf: yeah, just leave it open i guess
11:10 thd Oh yes.
11:10 cait and it hink i'd leave the end date open for now - but we should put a reminder in... maybe to be anounced later
11:10 drojf we should talk about the kohacon voting stuff next meeting
11:11 cait do we vote after the next kohacon? or before it?
11:11 schnydszch_ joined #koha
11:11 drojf its early, i'd say after
11:11 cait #action all - reminder: need to talk about dates for KohaCon bidding (end date for addings bids, when to vote, etc.)
11:12 cait anything for the fund committee?
11:12 drojf ok lets skip to the topic we are actually in :)
11:13 cait I think it's awesome to see it moving - also that we got soem money already :)
11:13 cait hoping for more news soon
11:14 * eythian wonders if something like patreon is a good idea, though that's not really a discussion for now.
11:14 magnuse could be!
11:14 cait do you want me to add an.. info? is there idea too?
11:14 eythian if you like
11:15 drojf what is patreon?
11:15 magnuse you can donate a monthly amount
11:15 eythian drojf: it allows setting up recurring donations to a thing, basically
11:15 magnuse rangi has a thing there for covering the cost of some server
11:16 eythian I use it with a couple of podcasts I like, that sort of thing
11:16 cait #idea something like patreon could be looked into
11:16 drojf ok. does it keep as much of your money as flattr?
11:16 eythian dunno
11:17 cait oki to move on?
11:18 cait #topic Actions from General IRC Meeting 9 September 2015
11:18 Topic for #koha is now Actions from General IRC Meeting 9 September 2015 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
11:18 drojf if it is an option that brings more than we get without, we shoudl consider it
11:18 cait #info all done
11:18 drojf if its not evil in general ;)
11:18 cait #topic Next Meeting
11:18 Topic for #koha is now Next Meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 4 November 2015)
11:19 cait 2 December 20 UTC?
11:19 cait *coughs*
11:20 cait hm
11:20 drojf works for me
11:20 drojf and better than 9
11:20 wnickc sounds good
11:20 cait #agreed Next meeting will be 2 December 2015, 20 UTC
11:21 cait #endmeeting
11:21 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
11:21 huginn Meeting ended Wed Nov  4 11:21:08 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
11:21 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-11-04-10.00.html
11:21 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]5-11-04-10.00.txt
11:21 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]04-10.00.log.html
11:21 cait thx all for attending!
11:21 drojf cait++
11:21 wnickc cait++
11:21 magnuse cait++ community++
11:21 wnickc now off to grab that toddler I hear waking up
11:21 cait community++
11:21 wnickc bye all
11:21 wnickc community++
11:21 cait gonna be another exciting 6 monhts... but first we need to get out a really solid 3.22 - so please take a look at the trello and test test test
11:22 * cait is off for lunch then soon :)
11:22 * thd returns to sleeping and not in his chair this time ;)
11:23 * magnuse takes the dog for a walk
11:24 tajoli bye
11:24 tajoli left #koha
11:35 eythian bedtime, later all
11:35 drojf good night eythian
11:35 * drojf feels like bed time too
11:38 andreashm Funny. I was here, logged into irc, and still managed to miss the meeting. :/
11:38 andreashm Reading back now
11:44 khall joined #koha
11:49 gmcharlt sleep in, and I find myself packaging manager! ;)
11:56 schnydszch_ joined #koha
11:59 xarragon Did you guys see that debian is EOL:ing ElasticSearch in Jessie?
12:09 magnuse gmcharlt: you're welcome ;-)
12:10 indradg joined #koha
12:11 gmcharlt xarragon: yes - I'll be curious to see if that just ends up being a shot across the bow with the end result of ES providing the details on security patches that Debian-security wants
12:13 magnuse wow, sounds complicated
12:18 schnydszch hi! i would like to know what's :p and :w at some end of indexes in records.abs and also :w I see Subject:p
12:22 jcamins understanding zebra indexing?
12:22 wahanui it has been said that understanding zebra indexing is[…]ng_Zebra_indexing
12:23 xarragon gmcharlt: Yeah, that might be intent I guess. It seemed a bit drastic.
12:24 schnydszch so it's just a placeholder?
12:25 schnydszch it does not have meaning? like it's subfield p? or some of those?
12:25 jcamins No, not at all. It determines what kind of index you're creating.
12:25 jcamins That page doesn't explain it. Huh.
12:25 jcamins :w means "word index" and :p means "phrase index"
12:26 schnydszch okay now i get it
12:26 schnydszch yeah the page does not explain
12:26 schnydszch thanks!
12:40 tcohen joined #koha
12:41 tcohen hi
12:42 bgkriegel hi tcohen
12:42 tcohen hi bgkriegel
12:43 bgkriegel added a patch for Bug 15098, trello updated
12:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15098 normal, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Needs Signoff , Itemtype description missing from facets for itypes in a search group
12:51 saiful2 joined #koha
12:51 meliss joined #koha
12:54 khall joined #koha
12:56 xarragon By the way, is there a reason the old library is called "C4"?
12:56 magnuse how hard can it be?
12:57 magnuse xarragon: you'll find the answer here:
12:57 magnuse how hard can it be is
12:57 magnuse how hard can it be?
12:58 magnuse oops, no you don't
12:58 magnuse i was sure it was there
12:58 jcamins c4?
12:58 wahanui c4 is probably a high explosive :-) or "Cheap & Cheerful Copy of (the ILS program HLT used to use)"
12:58 magnuse koha was modelled after an older ils called c2. c4 was going to be twice as good
12:59 drojf and the old ILS started with C, thats the 4.
13:00 xarragon Well it is good to have mysery legends in any project.
13:00 xarragon mystery*
13:00 drojf there is a kohacon video somewhere with joann ransom of HLT explaining it, i think. but i can't find it
13:01 cait hm i think rangi might have explained it too
13:01 paul_p joined #koha
13:01 cait somewhere deep in the irc logs
13:07 cait bgkriegel++
13:07 drojf oh it wasn't jo, thats why i did not find it. got that link but the site is broken for me[…]lie-blake-4367524
13:10 drojf ha!
13:14 xarragon We'd all be lost without
13:14 drojf indeed
13:17 cait bgkriegel++ mveron++
13:17 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:17 mveron Playing cards... :-)
13:17 cait yeah :)
13:18 cait not it would be good if we found someone who can do plack magic hm.
13:24 nengard joined #koha
13:34 saiful joined #koha
13:44 tcohen who's working on the C4::Dates removal patches?
13:44 tcohen mtompset?
13:44 wahanui hmmm... mtompset is catching up on his other coding projects.
13:45 nengard is the log for this morning's meeting posted yet?
13:47 tcohen fridolin: are you around?
13:47 cait nengard: not yet on the wiki, but the link is in the logs
13:47 nengard k - will puruse
13:47 cait puruse?
13:51 fridolin tcohen: yep
13:52 tcohen can u check if the dependency for bug 15059 is real? :-D
13:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15059 minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Passed QA , Line break in html attribute
13:53 tcohen @later tell Joubu please tell me (more or less) when you'll be around
13:53 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
13:54 ashimema joined #koha
13:56 fridolin tcohen: indeed,since rebase I have said : In this case, this bug can be tested without bug 14955.
13:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14955 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , "Show more" link contains double encoded characters
13:56 fridolin so i drop the dependancy
13:56 * tcohen suspected that
14:05 talljoy joined #koha
14:08 NateC joined #koha
14:09 JoshB joined #koha
14:09 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15059: Line break in html attribute in <[…]a4c381750f8d3bec8> / Bug 15035: Anti-spam for opac-suggestions - FOLLOW-UP <[…]440ba79895c270749> / Bug 15061: Can't add item to rotating collection <
14:14 saiful joined #koha
14:14 mario joined #koha
14:24 tcohen cait: disable encryption
14:25 tcohen cait
14:25 cait yes
14:25 cait i see
14:29 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14805: Replace generic 'items' with the specific ones <[…]06f1e5a9f226d9487> / Bug 14805: (follow-up) fix a bug in previous code and change msg string <[…]d0194fd0eaf2cc958> / Bug 14805: QA follow-up <[…]?p=koha.git;a=com
14:38 cma joined #koha
14:57 putti joined #koha
15:03 amyk joined #koha
15:05 xarragon is there an easy way to dump the variables from a C4::template?
15:05 xarragon Soi I can determine what is wrong at a glance?
15:14 * ashimema is now co-maintainer of the Swagger2 lib
15:15 cait are congratulations in order?
15:15 cait you can dump them... sec
15:15 cait bug 13948
15:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13948 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Add ability to dump template toolkit variables to html comment
15:16 cait you can also do something like:
15:16 cait [% USE Dumper %] <!--ITEM [% Dumper.dump(item) %] -->
15:16 cait which is what i did in the past - haven't tested the new feature yet
15:16 cbrannon joined #koha
15:17 cbrannon Has anyone ever noticed, when you manually enter a date in Koha, you have to enter it year first, but when you use a date picker, the date is last?
15:17 wnickc joined #koha
15:23 * andreashm is back again
15:25 Traumatan joined #koha
15:27 putti How did you solve this problem when installing the UUID perl package: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -luuid ?
15:29 cait xarragon: ^
15:30 cait cbrannon: hm that sound sstrange
15:30 cait if you enter a date manually it should be entered in your selected date format
15:30 * mveron-away is back in about 4-5 hours
15:31 cbrannon cait: we have ALWAYS been told to enter the date as yyyy-mm-dd.
15:31 cbrannon I should clarify, this is in reports.
15:31 cait ah
15:31 cait yes, the format in sql is yyyy-mm-dd
15:31 cait and the |date option is broken in some versions
15:32 cait they are a bit special currently
15:32 cbrannon but when you choose a date from the date picker, it shows in the format of dd/mm/yyyy
15:32 cait reports
15:32 cbrannon it still works though
15:32 cait yeah
15:32 cait because it reformats
15:32 cait when building the sql - if yu look at the sql after running it, you will see it's also 2010...
15:32 cbrannon why can't manual entry be that nice?
15:33 cait if you use <<date|date>> you can enter according to system preference, if you do something like  where date like "2010%" you woud use something like <<date (enter YYYY-MM-TT truncate with %)>>
15:34 cait so it depends a bit on how your report works how you have to enter it
15:35 cait not surei am making sense
15:36 cbrannon If you use the date picker, you can't manually enter dates.  And if you don't use date picker, you HAVE to enter as yyyy-mm-dd (excluding truncating).  It just seems if the date picker can get around the formating, we should be able to when we manually enter as well.
15:36 cait i think hte problem is that the date picker shoudl also allow you to enter manually
15:37 cait bug 14060
15:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14060 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Patch doesn't apply , Remove readonly on date inputs
15:37 cait so even when the datepicker is shown, ideally you shoudl be able to edit the date manually in the input field
15:37 cait without the |date koha doesn't know your free input field IS a date... so it won't do the reformatting
15:38 cbrannon someone needs to fix that.
15:38 cait you can open a bug report... but it's tricky
15:39 cait we usually just put an input help in the description, like (Start Date, enter YYY-MM-TT truncate with %)
15:39 cait so people see that and know what to do when running the report
15:40 cait hm, maybe you meant 14060
15:40 cait this day feels like monday
15:40 dac joined #koha
15:40 cbrannon :)
15:46 putti cait, I added koha::object for issuing rules: bug 15129 :) Does that look alright?
15:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15129 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Koha::object for issuing rules
15:47 putti And I'll maybe do some more refactoring but I thought to put just that one first, so the patches would be small!
15:50 rocio joined #koha
15:50 Kchris joined #koha
15:53 cait putti: sorry, can't check now, and kyle or Joubu might be better to ask
15:53 putti cait, alright. maybe :)
15:57 wnickc joined #koha
15:57 Kchris does anyone know if the "install and setup koha to use Git on a development Server" instructions are up to date?
15:59 Kchris after editing the configuration files, I get "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" message
15:59 putti Kchirs I'm running my system with those instructions
15:59 putti Kchris, which conf files?
15:59 Kchris putti: that's encouraging.
16:00 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12933: DBRev <[…]63ad82e7aa9f22864> / Bug 12933: (QA followup) Add missing notice templates and other small fixes <[…]4a027b4d034dd77b7> / Bug 12933: (QA followup) Rename GetOverdues to GetOverduesForPatron <
16:00 dcook__ joined #koha
16:01 putti Kchris, after running what program you get "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS"?
16:02 dcook__ joined #koha
16:02 putti Kchris, this might help you also, but maybe to different problems:[…]it_clone_installs :)
16:03 Kchris Putti: I edited the apache-shared-opac.conf, apache-shared-intranet.conf, and the koha-conf.xml files to point to the appropriate git directories and files.
16:04 putti Kchris, and where the error came?
16:05 Kchris putti: the error came after I restarted Apache, and tried to load localhost:8080
16:06 putti hmm, I think you should not edit apache-shared-opac.conf and apache-shared-intranet.conf but instead apache2/sites-available/koha.conf
16:06 putti The two files are somehow autogenerated, if I recall correctly.
16:08 putti Kchris, did you take a look in the wiki page at "Configure and Start Apache" ?
16:08 Kchris Putti: No, i haven't looked at that.
16:09 putti Kchris, hopefully you will get it running with the instructions provided there :)
16:13 Kchris putti: thanks. is "Configure and Start apache" a page on the Koha wiki?
16:13 putti Kchris,[…]a_on_ubuntu_-_git
16:13 putti it's under that article
16:14 Kchris thanks!
16:14 putti Kchris, was this the article you looked in the first place or something else ? O.o
16:15 putti no problem, glad to help you :)
16:15 Kchris No, I was looking at[…]evelopment_Server
16:16 putti I see
16:16 Kchris the article I was looking at didn't mention apache2/sites-available/koha.conf
16:18 tcohen @later tell eythian there is a new dependency on 11622: URL::Encode, is it possible to build it?
16:18 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
16:18 tcohen @later tell gmcharlt there is a new dependency on 11622: URL::Encode, is it possible to build it?
16:18 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
16:20 indradg joined #koha
16:22 fridolin left #koha
16:30 drojf tcohen: looking at[…]g.cgi?id=13665#c3 i wonder how i would "ask for a setSpec containing all facets" as you described in the comment? any hints?
16:30 huginn Bug 13665: major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Retrieve facets from zebra is slow
16:31 tcohen drojf: yes
16:32 tcohen zebra::facet::<facet_1>:0,​<facet_2>:0...<facet_n>:0
16:34 drojf and right now we do that one at the time, but if you get all at once and one is empty, it explodes?
16:35 jcamins Kabloom!
16:35 drojf hi jcamins :D
16:36 tcohen hehe
16:36 tcohen jcamins: it works
16:36 wahanui However, now everything else is broken.
16:37 tcohen if you have facet_1, .., facet_n populated, of course
16:37 tcohen heh
16:37 drojf ah yes i found it. so basically one would not do the loop and get_facet_from_result_set for each one
16:37 tcohen yeah
16:38 tcohen i played with zebra's code so it skips unpopulated setpecs
16:38 tcohen but didn't have feedback from indexdata about the best way to do it
16:38 drojf but ID did not like the idea? why does it break? is it zebras fault or ours?
16:38 tcohen they basically consider the whole string as a setspec
16:38 tcohen the whole string is a setspec
16:38 tcohen and it needs to be filled so there are results
16:39 tcohen the answer i got was "yes, there needs to be data on all of them"
16:39 tcohen if you have a personal contact with one of them, comment this
16:39 drojf so it is on us to check beforehand and only use those that are not empty
16:39 drojf i will
16:40 tcohen we could do that, we could patch index.c, or we could populate all of them with phantom data, but i didn't find a way to do it
16:41 drojf too complicated or lack of time?
16:42 francharb joined #koha
16:42 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15014: Returns 0 if everything went fine <[…]53707fd0c673987be>
16:42 tcohen lack of time and/or lack of imagination
16:42 tcohen i mean, thought about it, but didn't try to implement due to lack of time
16:43 tcohen something like adding a negative id or smth like that
16:43 tcohen i think jcamins had some ideas
16:44 jcamins I had suggested having a magic record, I think.
16:44 tcohen ah
16:44 tcohen a record with all defined facets
16:44 jcamins Yeah.
16:45 tcohen i recall
16:45 tcohen i tried to avoid that workaroudn
16:45 tcohen and failed
16:45 tcohen due to poor communication
16:45 drojf internally in koha somewhere, or an actual record?
16:46 tcohen drojf: a generated record
16:46 tcohen passed to zebraidx when doing a full reindex i guess
16:46 tcohen worth exploring
16:47 * tcohen now remembers how he misses jcamins around
16:47 drojf ok. but for testing purposes, an actual record should do
16:47 drojf yes there should be more jcamins around
16:48 drojf way too little food talk, too
16:49 tcohen heh
16:49 jcamins drojf: yesterday I made Jamaican oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
16:49 jcamins (coffee + rum + nutmeg + cayenne pepper)
16:49 tcohen \o/
16:49 * tcohen wants
16:50 tcohen btw, how about having the first brick for building a REST api pushed?
16:50 jcamins Did you bribe people with cookies?
16:52 tcohen jcamins: of course
16:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13799: Add types for patron's fields in Swagger spec <[…]2c7c68864e395fca4> / Bug 13799: Rename t/.../v1/borrowers.t to t/.../v1/patrons.t <[…]92b5857cca5de2bdf> / Bug 13799: Reword 'borrower' to 'patron' <;
16:52 tcohen \o/
16:52 tcohen confetti
16:52 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
16:53 ashimema ?
16:53 ashimema :)
16:53 ashimema even
16:56 pianohacker joined #koha
17:04 tcohen bug 13799
17:04 wahanui bug 13799 is, like, ready to go in master, if nobody complains about it
17:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13799 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Master , Add base for building RESTful API
17:11 laurence left #koha
17:23 Stompro joined #koha
17:38 pianohacker tcohen++
17:38 davidnind joined #koha
17:41 davidnind left #koha
17:43 tcohen ?
17:47 cait left #koha
17:48 pianohacker tcohen: bug 13799
17:48 wahanui i think bug 13799 is ready to go in master, if nobody complains about it
17:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13799 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Master , Add base for building RESTful API
17:51 bok joined #koha
17:51 bok where would i be able to get help troubleshooting a report i'm trying to write
18:03 laurence1 joined #koha
18:04 laurence1 left #koha
18:34 magnuse two misconceptions i have heard about the upcoming release: 1. the new rest api will replace all other apis, including z39.50, ils-di etc. 2. everything is now working perfectly under plack
18:36 pianohacker not that any of us would be terribly sad to see Z39.50 die, but...
18:47 rangi morning
18:47 rangi koha was C4, then it was kumara, before it was Koha (all pre release)
18:48 pianohacker kumara?
18:48 wahanui kumara is older than oldkoha
18:48 magnuse a kind of sweet potato
18:49 pianohacker okay, I would have deeply approved of Koha being named after a potato
18:49 magnuse if i recall correctly
18:49 pianohacker google agrees
18:50 magnuse not sure if it indigenous to nz?
18:52 pianohacker I think it's just a sweet potato: rangi?
18:53 magnuse i seem to remember someone calling it "our sweet potato", but that might not be significant
18:53 rangi yep, a strain you can only find here
18:54 magnuse ah, cool
18:54 rangi but it's related to the ones you can find in south america
18:54 magnuse that would have been at the "nz evening" we had in rotorua - happy times!
18:55 rangi :)
18:56 pianohacker taste much different, out of curiosity?
18:56 * pianohacker is reminded of boniato
18:56 rangi not much different
19:00 bag my dog is named after a potato pianohacker
19:01 pianohacker bag: aloo?
19:01 bag yes that’s hindi for potato
19:02 pianohacker ha! That's wonderful
19:02 * pianohacker loves potatos
19:03 magnuse bag: get another dog and call it kumara!
19:04 bag :)
19:08 rangi magnuse:  how does the cert there look to you?
19:12 magnuse rangi: i get a grey lock
19:12 magnuse when i click on it it says "secure connection"
19:12 rangi sweet, its a letsencrypt one
19:12 magnuse so i see
19:13 magnuse i got into the closed beta this morning too, not had time to test it yet
19:13 rangi works well
19:13 magnuse planning on using it for all my kohas
19:13 magnuse encrypt all the things!
19:13 rangi yeah, we don't offer non https ones anymore
19:14 magnuse catalyst++
19:14 magnuse that is my plan too
19:14 magnuse i hope their config tools will work nicely with the packages...
19:14 rangi yeah, can't see why not
19:16 magnuse i was not thinking when i entered the beta, so i asked them to add e.g., not all the * domains i actually use...
19:16 magnuse *facepalm*
19:16 rangi yeah, ditto, but it's enough to test how it works anyway
19:17 magnuse looked like they might perhaps possibly support wildcard certs some time in the future...
19:17 rangi that would be ideal
19:17 rangi altho, its pretty easy to just make ones
19:18 rangi per domain
19:19 magnuse yeah, sounds like it
19:23 * drojf sighs
19:24 drojf nobody told me i would have to write a gazillion confirmation emails
19:24 rangi hmm?
19:24 magnuse drojf: confirmation of what?
19:25 drojf on the other hand, a lot of people want to attend my little seminar on koha
19:25 magnuse ah, awesome
19:25 rangi cool
19:25 * magnuse should do another "get to know koha" in oslo soon
19:26 drojf yes you should
19:27 jcamins magnuse: ooh, I want to get into the closed beta! How do I do that?
19:27 * jcamins just found the form.
19:27 magnuse jcamins: it's not exactly magic :-)
19:27 magnuse drojf: i think i will
19:28 magnuse it *is* more work than you think, though
19:28 jcamins magnuse: no, but it's also not on the site anywhere obvious.
19:28 jcamins magnuse: how so?
19:28 magnuse nothing happens before i am done with the current stage of the ncip project - which is hopefully tomorrow
19:29 magnuse jcamins: ah sorry, doing a seminar is more work...
19:29 jcamins I'd expect a bunch of domain validation and maybe generating a couple of certificate requests.
19:29 jcamins magnuse: ah. Yes, it certainly is.
19:29 drojf oh you got into the beta too :)
19:29 drojf rangi: did you use it on apache? if so, what version?
19:30 rangi nginx
19:30 drojf ok
19:30 rangi i just did --certonly
19:30 rangi and did the config myself
19:30 drojf did not work for me in apache. probably a 2.2 problem, others had it too
19:30 drojf alright. i did that too. but wanted to check the apache thing to see if that would work with koha out of the box somehow
19:30 jcamins drojf: I figured out the problem.
19:30 jcamins You used Apache. :P
19:30 drojf indeed
19:38 kathryn joined #koha
19:40 drojf so tired. must. confirm. stuff.
19:41 Traumatan joined #koha
19:41 drojf magnuse: it sounded to me like wildcard certificates won't be available any time soon. and i did the same thing, did not enter subdomains :/ but it is going to be live soon anyway
19:43 magnuse yup :-)
19:43 pianohacker a "koha-make-my-site-encrypted" thing would be just the most kumara thing ever
19:45 drojf i'd vote for encryption and redirect http to https out of the box
19:46 bag is that the peewee playhouse word of the day pianohacker?  kumara
19:46 drojf the letsencrypt cert did not really work for whatever old internet explorer version my office mate had to test. IE 8 or something
19:47 drojf not sure if there is something to be resolved until release or it won't ever work
19:47 drojf not sure if i care
19:48 magnuse drojf: i'd vote for that too
19:48 northcottc joined #koha
19:50 nengard_mtg left #koha
19:51 drojf goodness. the only thing more i confirm today is that it is really late
19:51 drojf and i should go home
19:55 magnuse drojf: yes you should ;-)
19:55 drojf heh
19:57 bag yes you should :)
19:59 cdickinson joined #koha
20:05 magnuse there, all customers upgraded to 3.20.5
20:05 magnuse have fun, #koha!
20:05 bag later THE awesome magnuse
20:08 drojf oh i'm still here
20:08 drojf heh
20:08 drojf later #koha
20:11 irma joined #koha
20:30 reiveune left #koha
20:31 tcohen joined #koha
20:31 tcohen hi
20:35 bag hi tcohen
20:35 bag how you holding up druthb
20:36 bag sorry about everything - wish I could have voted there
20:36 druthb eh, I'm managing.  wanna hide.
20:37 Traumatan Hey guys, can anybody point me to a more detailed explanation of the SIP-Server? I am stuck with it not working and not logging as a bonus
20:38 bag hmm what are you using now for documentation?
20:38 bag sip?
20:38 wahanui hmmm... sip is enough to make me drink stronger things than wizzyrea's usual beer. Like whiskey.
20:39 bag Traumatan:[…]&search=SIP&go=Go
20:40 Traumatan yeah I clicked the first 10 links
20:40 Traumatan its like "do this and it works" which it does not
20:40 Traumatan what do you mean with "documentation?"
20:40 Dyrcona joined #koha
20:47 bag I meant documentation - like anything you were reading to set it up
20:49 tcohen joined #koha
20:49 tcohen so the internet is back
20:50 bag welcome back internet
20:52 tcohen hi bag
20:52 tcohen hi rangi
21:09 cait joined #koha
21:10 andreashm joined #koha
21:15 * andreashm waves
21:17 * pianohacker waves
21:17 * cait waves
21:19 * kchris waves
21:21 indradgPH joined #koha
21:21 indradgPH hello
21:22 andreashm hi pianohacker, cait, kchris, indragPH!
21:23 * andreashm is writing notes from last weeks meetings. ugh.
21:23 andreashm making slides is more fun than this.
21:23 cait heh
21:23 * cait is done with making slides for now - but had to write 2 protocols today as well...
21:24 kchris hi andreashm
21:24 cait hm. maybe the better word is meeting notes :)
21:24 eythian hi
21:25 tcohen hi eythian
21:25 pianohacker tcohen: just to verify, is bug 15032 deterministic or no?
21:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15032 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Plack testing -- Stage MARC records for import -- Internal Server Error/Stalled Staged Import
21:25 cait ?
21:27 tcohen pianohacker: it is
21:27 tcohen completely reproducible
21:27 tcohen i can guide you
21:27 cait ah!
21:27 eythian tcohen: when you discover near merge time that something has a new dependency, can you send them this link:[…]ndency_Guidelines and tell them that they're going to have to wait because of point #5
21:27 eythian and #6
21:28 tcohen is this about URL::Encode?
21:28 eythian yeah
21:28 tcohen I haven't pushed it
21:28 eythian Oh, I know
21:29 eythian It's not your fault
21:29 eythian it's their fault
21:29 tcohen so you're saying i should send them there
21:29 tcohen instead of asking for the package
21:29 tcohen right?
21:30 tcohen maybe bag is the one to take notes, i won't probably have to deal with that for a while :-P
21:30 eythian When they realise that they're adding a new dependency, they need to bring it up then. Not when you're considering it for merge.
21:31 tcohen ack
21:31 rangi i was talking to magnuse about this
21:31 tcohen syn_rcvd
21:31 rangi 08:21 <rangi> i reckon, you want a dependency, yu should commit to help packaging it
21:31 tcohen yeah, but we need and explicit workflow for that to work
21:31 rangi (helping might just be sending chocolate, or apologising a lot)
21:31 tcohen *an*
21:32 rangi but the main thing is, do we really need this bleeding edge module
21:32 rangi should be the first thing
21:32 eythian It's not a big deal to package things (though it would be good to have more people knowing how), it's just that if it's at the last moment then it's become a "drop everything and do this for me so we can get it in!" type thing.
21:32 eythian which is not cool
21:35 tcohen in this case is a cool thing, that is not mandatory for the release
21:35 * cait takes notes
21:35 tcohen so feel free
21:35 tcohen not to package it
21:35 eythian cait: I sent a ranty email covering this a while ago :)
21:35 cait i know
21:36 cait but being reminded is good :)
21:45 pianohacker @eythian++
21:45 huginn pianohacker: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
21:45 pianohacker eythian++
21:46 eythian <-- she built a breakfast serving robot!
21:50 wnickc joined #koha
21:58 magnuse joined #koha
21:59 kathryn joined #koha
22:02 bag eythian, tcohen - adding new dependency stuff to my notes
22:02 bag thanks :)
22:02 mveron Hi again #koha
22:02 bag hey mveron
22:02 mveron hi bag :-)
22:03 * mveron counts: Wow, C4::Dates need sign-off wnet back from 8 to 4.  Gerat!
22:03 mveron Great
22:03 * mveron Should put his glasses
22:12 wnickc joined #koha
22:23 cait bag?
22:23 wahanui I LIKE BASEBALL
22:23 * dcook waves to cait
22:24 dcook Not that I'm bag
22:24 dcook Just... morning :)
22:24 * cait waves back
22:24 bag hi
22:24 cait hey
22:24 cait bug 14985
22:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14985 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Signed Off , Remove C4::Dates from 6 files in folder C4/*.pm
22:24 * dcook waves to bag too for good measure
22:24 cait did you mean to sign it off?
22:25 bag I meant to sign it off.  and right in the middle of me doing that - a person came to the door so I got up to help them
22:25 bag did it not finish?
22:25 bag silly me
22:26 cait missing the patch, was not sure if it was bug confusion, so asking :)
22:27 bag nah I just updated the bug - I will send patch in a little bit
22:29 bag should be up there now
22:30 bag cait ginny is watching clifford the tv show in the other room and she’s laughing so loud!  it’s making me giggle
22:30 bag silly girl
22:31 cait :)
22:32 cait thx!
22:33 mveron bag ++
22:33 bag mveron++
22:33 mveron :-)
22:35 wizzyrea mveron++ yay ty for the signoff
22:42 eythian[…]se-3.74/sense.pod
23:01 mveron wizzyrea: welcome :-)
23:08 * mveron amended two C4::Dates patches to make them apply. Almost falls asleep, hopes for overnight magic regarding C4::Dates sign-offs :-)
23:08 mveron Good night everybody, and Koha community ++
23:09 mveron ...or daytime...
23:11 jamesb joined #koha
23:23 cait left #koha
23:48 papa joined #koha
23:59 wizzyrea joined #koha
23:59 liw joined #koha
23:59 janPasi joined #koha
23:59 Sirenia joined #koha
23:59 jenkins_koha joined #koha
23:59 jajm joined #koha
23:59 fredericd joined #koha

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