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00:39 dcook Kudos to all the translator folk...
00:39 dcook I still don't understand it all, and I don't know if I want to...
00:40 eythian yeah, it's still mostly mysterious for me at the moment too. I thin I'm OK with that.
00:40 * eythian starts building 3.16.09
00:41 dcook Agreed. So long as it just works...
00:43 dcook I had some text translated which I did not expect to be translated...
00:43 dcook Which makes me think that problems could arise in weird situations
00:44 dcook Although maybe those situations wouldn't happen
00:45 dcook For instance... "Read" could be translated in a lot of ways... but if it's just on its own... it would probably be translated as being in the past tense...
00:45 dcook And most msgid strings have more context than that anyway
00:45 eythian yes
00:45 eythian translations are hard like that
00:46 eythian also, languages that have singular, plural, and ternary.
00:46 dcook That would be tough
00:47 dcook It seems like it works well overall... at least in the OPAC
00:47 dcook Oh yeah.. I was going to see if I could break the staff client..
00:48 dcook I always think that we've made lots of template customizations, but we must not really..
00:49 dcook Or I'm just using an unhelpful database..
00:56 dcook Hmm, the stuff that really gets me are the "%s" in the msgid and msgstr
00:56 dcook I think they're bits of TT code?
00:57 eythian no, they're printf-alike
00:57 dcook Ahh, right
00:57 dcook But what are they printing in there? :S
00:57 eythian they're substitutes for some value
00:57 dcook Hmm
00:57 dcook I want to say that the values are TT code though
00:57 eythian I think sometimes that might be TT, but I don't think it's always the case.
00:58 dcook I was fixing up a PO file the other day and it was mostly TT I think
00:58 dcook Ahhh
00:58 dcook Yeah, that makes sense
00:58 eythian I think it's so you can do "there are [% number %] widgets" sort of things
00:58 dcook Yeah, that's how I've seen it
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00:58 dcook Although I've also seen it for [% IF (blah) %] and [% END %] blocks
00:59 eythian sure, same deal
00:59 dcook Which I suppose makes sense as it's all in some tag after all
00:59 dcook But then if you haven't updated your custom english template...
01:00 dcook I would think that the PO file could potentially be off and everything could explode
01:00 dcook Well, maybe not everything
01:00 dcook Just whatever is wrong
01:00 eythian it doesn't seem to happen
01:00 dcook I know, right?
01:00 eythian it feels fragile but doesn't seem to be
01:00 dcook Exactly!
01:00 * dcook is so lost
01:00 dcook haha
01:01 dcook Maybe it's also that the PO files are misleading
01:01 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "first example" (6 lines) at
01:02 dcook So #. is an "extracted comment", but I don't see what it means..
01:03 eythian it puts it into %s I think.
01:03 eythian though, I'm not totally sure why it extracts it at all
01:03 dcook But that wouldn't make sense in this case :S
01:03 dcook Well, maybe it makes sense in context
01:03 eythian it would perhaps make sense in the context of where it goes
01:03 dcook Yeah, I don't get why it extracts it either
01:04 dcook Yep, it indeed makes sense in context
01:04 eythian it might just be programmed to extract all the TT code
01:04 dcook Sort of
01:05 dcook I was thinking that, but I'm not sure
01:05 dcook I think it might just get bits and pieces of TT code
01:06 dcook I suppose if a person messed up the template...
01:06 dcook Rather than breaking, it probably just wouldn't translate that msgid
01:08 dcook I suppose I had a bad experience with a horribly broken Arabic template once, so I'm always wary of PO files...
01:08 dcook Well, horribly broken Arabic PO file... not a template
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03:19 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
04:02 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
04:27 dcook corelist?
04:27 dcook core?
04:27 wahanui core is simple. Plug in a URL and a metadataPrefix, and harvest all the records.
04:27 dcook core?
04:27 wahanui rumour has it core is simple. Plug in a URL and a metadataPrefix, and harvest all the records
04:27 dcook core is also corelist Carp
04:27 wahanui okay, dcook.
04:27 dcook core?
04:27 wahanui core is probably simple. Plug in a URL and a metadataPrefix, and harvest all the records.
04:27 dcook core?
04:27 wahanui core is simple. Plug in a URL and a metadataPrefix, and harvest all the records.
04:27 dcook core?
04:27 wahanui hmmm... core is corelist Carp
04:28 dcook Meh, close enough
04:28 eythian no wahanui, core is corelist Carp
04:28 wahanui okay, eythian.
04:28 eythian (though, what is corelist Carp?)
04:28 dcook Just an example
04:29 eythian oh hey, useful
04:29 dcook I know, right?
04:29 dcook I found that a few months ago but totally forgot about it until now
04:35 eythian @later tell cait I think I fixed your issue with authority biblio counts differing from the number of results.
04:35 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
04:35 eythian @later tell cait it seems that the link was doing the wrong thing, but zebra was OK with that. So I made my code see the wrong thing and turn it into the right thing :)
04:35 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
04:39 eythian (for the record, it was doing an=123 when I think it should have been an:123)
04:42 dcook Hmm, an=123 is CCL
04:42 dcook So if that's getting to Zebra, that should be OK
04:42 dcook an:123 gets translated to an=123 before it hits Zebra
04:42 dcook Otherwise kaboom :/
04:43 eythian ah right
04:43 eythian well I need things with : so I just s/=/:/
04:43 dcook Ahh
04:44 dcook Got to love syntatical differences :D
04:44 eythian (at the moment I'm using a mildly hacky way to do regular searches where it munges things into a lucene style search string. In the long run I want to properly parse them into an elasticsearch query tree.)
04:44 eythian but this way is much easier to get good results.
04:46 dcook If someone got the QueryParser working, the elasticsearch query tree could probably be added as a plugin
04:46 eythian it'll also deal with free-form queries that users might type in.
04:46 dcook That's true
04:46 eythian yeah, something like that would work.
04:46 dcook That would be one advantage against the QueryParser..
04:47 dcook Best of luck with ES :)
04:47 eythian well, if koha had its own query language, that could be parsed and turned into a zebra query, or an ES query, etc.
04:47 dcook That would be nice
04:47 dcook I want to work on that, but there's no support :/
04:47 eythian at the moment we're pretty close to zebra's various languages, so I'm munging that into ES.
04:47 dcook Can only do what you can do atm, me thinks
04:48 eythian where things are more constrained (like authority searching), I'm generating ES searches directly.
04:48 dcook Yeah, I've been thinking a bit about that
04:49 dcook Of having "structured" searches unparsed
04:49 dcook And just parsing free-form searches
04:49 eythian yeah, it wouldn't be too bad.
04:50 eythian I expect that a simple ((field1:value1 or field2:value2) and field3:value3) type search in the search box wouldn't be too hard to define and parse.
04:50 eythian I think I handle this at the moment mostly by ignoring it :)
04:50 eythian though I do do some field name conversion.
04:51 eythian ...and a lot of tidying as there are some things that'll cause ES to explode, like having {..} in search terms.
04:51 dcook Never a dull moment
04:52 eythian quite :) I think my next step is to get staff client searching working.
04:53 eythian this would mean you could theoretically run a koha without zebra totally.
04:53 dcook :o
04:53 dcook That would be neat!
04:53 eythian yeah, it would
04:54 eythian I haven't tested it properly, but also switching the syspref should mean that zebra still works.
04:55 eythian I've bolted on a compatibility layer to C4::Search and C4::AuthoritiesMarc, or at least the searching and query building parts of them.
04:55 dcook I think I might have seen that part
04:55 dcook I also like the metaphor
04:55 dcook Well, more so the imagery
04:56 eythian heh
04:56 eythian it's very simple as the API is quite close to what the existing code does so I could avoid too many changes to how the existing stuff worked.
04:57 eythian then I have a bunch of _compat functions that go-between that and ES.
04:59 eythian ok, time to go.
04:59 eythian later
04:59 * eythian &
05:00 dcook laters
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05:21 cait @wunder konstanz
05:22 huginn cait: The current temperature in Bodensee Konstanz City, Konstanz, Germany is 13.5°C (7:21 AM CEST on March 31, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
05:26 dcook hey cait :)
05:27 cait hi eythian
05:27 cait argh
05:27 cait hi dcook
05:27 dcook hehe
05:27 dcook I'm sure eythian says hey too
05:27 cait eythian left me a note, got me confused :)
05:57 dcook "Devel::GlobalDestruction::XS"
05:57 dcook hehe
06:04 cait very stormy outside
06:04 cait not looking forward walking to work
06:05 dcook :(
06:05 dcook Hopefully it's not due to Devel::GlobalDestruction::XS
06:05 cait quite sure we can't blame you for the storm :)
06:05 dcook Climate change!
06:05 wahanui climate change is already way out of control, but I take my point wizzyrea
06:06 dcook I'm sure we're not helping with that :p
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06:21 drojf morning #koha
06:21 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
06:21 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 1.0°C (7:50 AM CEST on March 31, 2015). Conditions: Snow. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -5.0°C. Pressure: 29.18 in 988 hPa (Falling).
06:21 * dcook waves
06:21 dcook I think that's my cue to head home!
06:21 drojf snow. yay. :(
06:21 dcook Almost summer!
06:22 dcook Autumn is starting here :(
06:22 drojf so you should take that snow :D
06:24 dcook Hehe. I'm sure a lot of the people in Sydney would love the snow!
06:24 dcook They're fools of course. You can keep it ;)
06:24 drojf lol
06:24 dcook I haven't seen snow since... November 2013.
06:24 dcook Maybe I'll get a trip back to Canada in 2016 or 2017...
06:24 drojf i could live with that
06:24 cait you probably saw enough snow for a lifetime
06:24 dcook hehe
06:25 dcook I have seen a lot of snow O_O
06:25 dcook drojf: It's not bad
06:25 drojf no i like snow too, actually. just not now
06:25 drojf ;)
06:25 dcook hehe
06:25 dcook Yeah, I like snow. I just don't want it when it's inconvenient.
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06:29 dcook All right. Better head home.
06:29 dcook Night all
06:29 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
06:40 * magnuse waves
06:40 drojf hei magnuse
06:41 magnuse moin drojf
06:42 matts hi!
06:42 * magnuse looks quizzically at bug 7187
06:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7187 enhancement, P4, ---, kmkale, ASSIGNED , Prioritize cover image sources such as Amazon, Google and add fail over i.e. if first source fails, go to next
06:42 * magnuse reboots
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06:44 magnuse ssd++
06:47 magnuse @later tell rangi any news on "Bug 7187 - Prioritize cover image sources such as Amazon, Google and add fail over"?
06:47 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
06:47 magnuse @later tell eythian any news on "Bug 7187 - Prioritize cover image sources such as Amazon, Google and add fail over"?
06:47 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
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07:01 alex_a bonjour
07:01 wahanui hey, alex_a
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07:44 t4nk177 hola
07:45 t4nk177 al
07:45 t4nk177 alguien puede ayudarme con la configuracion del sip2?
07:46 t4nk177 h
07:46 t4nk177 hi, i need help with sip2
07:52 magnuse t4nk177: have you seen[…]SIP2_server_setup ?
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07:55 atheia Morning kohatians!
07:57 nlegrand Hey #koah
08:01 Joubu Hi
08:01 Joubu bug 13933 (blocker) has a patch to test :)
08:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13933 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , t/DateUtils.t causes the build to break (from bug 13601)
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08:04 fridolin good morning
08:08 nlegrand Joubu: ok for me
08:15 mtj hey #koha...
08:15 wahanui #koha is all kinds of good drugs today
08:15 mtj this is a nice read.. ->[…]boring-technology
08:19 mtj oops, i should have pasted the actual article
08:19 mtj
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11:10 magnuse it's oh so quiet...
11:12 drojf indeed
11:14 ashimema_ yup
11:21 Joubu Is it a feature not to have constraint on auth_subfield_structure.authtypecode?
11:22 Joubu There is no FK referencing auth_types.authtypecode
11:22 Joubu same for marc_subfield_structure...
11:36 khall mornin all!
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11:40 kivilahtio morning khall
11:40 kivilahtio no news is good news?
11:40 khall mornin kivilahtio!
11:40 magnuse hiya khall and kivilahtio
11:40 khall I'd say so : )
11:41 magnuse Joubu: sounds like a bug to me
11:41 khall mornin magnuse!
11:41 magnuse but i don't know if there might be reasons for it
11:42 Joubu magnuse: ok thanks, patch is on bug 8480
11:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8480 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , auth_subfield_structure is not cleared when deleting an authority type
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12:01 magnuse hiya tcohen and meliss
12:01 tcohen hola magnuse
12:01 meliss good afternoon magnuse
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13:09 magnuse have fun #koha!
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14:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13869: Wrong capitalization of 'Save Report' in guided reports <[…]9f8b4c2857583217f> / Bug 13531 - Follow up <[…]b211048056e11f090> / Bug 13531: QA follow up <[…]dc162a5f59b988e8e
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14:08 talljoy morning koha!
14:09 talljoy i’m looking for a link to the video for the Kohacon2014 video “What is Koha?”  anyone have it handy?
14:09 tcohen "Koha, a community" on youtube
14:09 talljoy Thanks Tomas!  that was easy.
14:10 tcohen u r welcome
14:10 talljoy it is bookmarked on my other computer and i forgot to grab it before I left
14:12 tcohen =D
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14:37 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13841 - Returns via backdating or SIP2 can create new fines with an amount outsta... <[…]ef9226e134ce4b35b> / Bug 13841 - Unit Test <[…]3d4ca809468f57ffe> / Bug 7391: Return to cart after adding items to a list <
14:40 tcohen can anyone take a look at 13909 please?
14:40 tcohen we need it
14:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13859: Item search improvements - publication date and title formatting <[…]73d2cae9d51eb08c5> / Bug 13898: Remove CANDELETEUSER code <[…]800056ced2fcc8418> / Bug 13686: Change wording <[…]ommitdiff;h=d7c56
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15:25 Krixvar Hey all, still unable to figure out how to get koha-run-backups to output anywehere but /var/spool - no matter what I put for --output it still goes there :/
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16:45 hkh Hallo, after reading in the koha manual the chapter on tool patroncard creator I thought it might be nice to have some more explanation on batches (
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16:46 hkh I am stuck now trying to prepare some text in a suitable format.
16:47 hkh I tried XMLnotepad on a downloaded koha-3.18-en-manual.xml. I tried to open same file with LibreOffice writer
16:49 hkh As of now I have no better idea than copying some text from a html-view of the manual and paste it into the writer.
16:50 hkh ------ any advice? Newbie is in need of some guidance!
16:59 drojf hkh: what is your question, what are you trying to do? do you want to edit the manual?
17:04 hkh i want to suggest some text additions in the manual
17:08 drojf the manual is on git, like the koha source code.[…]ocs.git;a=summary
17:09 drojf there is more info on the process here[…]g_the_Koha_Manual
17:09 drojf have you worked with git before?
17:10 hkh this where I found the text for the manual (koha-3.18-) en-manual.xml. I can view the xml text with XMLnotepad but I have no tool to see e. g. a html transform...
17:11 hkh I have not worked with git, I have no local git installation, I have some previous experience with vc
17:13 hkh also proprietary pretty expensive oXygen is not available for me nor do I have working experience with such atool. If the manual was a TeX docoment I would be pleased to work on it.
17:21 drojf you don't need oxygen to edit an xml file. i'm not sure why that nonfree software product is featured there so prominently. and as you can edit a tex file in any editor, you should be able to do it with the xml file. i don't know how the html and pdf versions are generated though. nengard_lunch should know
17:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13549: Add cardnumber to overdue circulation report <[…]0d71488ee2a43e3fe> / Bug 13852 - Manage C4::VirtualShelves in C4::Auth for performance <[…]600c65401288b6f2f> / Bug 4277: Display the correct budget planning after saving <http://git.koha-
17:23 hkh That page is not really helping me. I have no access to oXygen. The XMLnotepad is clearly showing the .xml text but is not able to make a transform unless I specify a suitable schema. But I have no idea where to find it. oxygen may have that information buildt in.
17:23 tcohen1 @seen cait
17:23 huginn tcohen1: cait was last seen in #koha 10 hours, 58 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <cait> you probably saw enough snow for a lifetime
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17:33 drojf hkh: to edit the xml file (and send a patch with enhancements) you do not need to transform anything. if you're trying to do something else then i think i misunderstood. maybe wait until nengard_lunch is back from lunch, she's the documentation manager
17:35 hkh drojf: you ar right ther is no need for a transform. Beeing not familiar with the system i have to find the adequate annotations and I need a tool that shows me the result for try and error...
17:41 drojf hkh: i see. if there is needed more than the dtd linked within the xml file, nengard_lunch should know
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17:52 wnickc anyone else getting an error if they check in a non-existent barcode on master?
17:52 wnickc or even some other barcodes
17:56 tcohen1 wnickc: current master?
17:56 wnickc Yup
17:56 wnickc clears on 3.18
17:56 wnickc got it on my VM and a devbox
17:56 tcohen1 you mean on checkout?
17:57 tcohen1 ah, check in
17:57 tcohen1 I read wrong
17:57 tcohen1 sorry
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17:58 wnickc Can't bless non-reference value at .../ line 64
17:58 tcohen1 yup, saw it
17:59 tcohen1 we need to find someone to blame wnickc
18:00 wnickc wasn't me :-)
18:01 tcohen1 you were the first to spot it :-P
18:01 tcohen1 first suspect
18:01 ashimema_ ;)
18:02 wnickc to be fair, nengard spotted it testing bug 13885
18:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13885 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Failed QA , Cataloging search header should include more options
18:03 wnickc and she's at lunch, always makes for a good scapegoat
18:04 tcohen1 is Joubu's fault
18:04 tcohen1 well, all of us that are suposed to have tested his patch
18:05 tcohen Joubu: 7431f8cfe29e330e2232b0df591afc4d923b0a52
18:05 * tcohen loves git bisect
18:06 tcohen wnickc: could you or nengard fill a bug please? and refer to that^^^^ hash?
18:06 wnickc I will
18:06 nengard what's up
18:07 tcohen its your fault nengard
18:07 nengard what'sd I do?? heheh
18:07 tcohen heh
18:07 tcohen you spotted a bug
18:07 nengard oh - i do that a lot
18:07 nengard i'm a magnet for them
18:07 nengard hehe
18:07 tcohen that's why we like you
18:08 tcohen well, one of the many reasons
18:08 nengard hkh you were looking to contribute to the manual?
18:08 nengard[…]g_the_Koha_Manual
18:08 nengard thanks tcohen
18:09 wnickc bug 13934
18:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13934 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Check in fails on master "Can't bless non-reference at .../ Line 64"
18:11 wnickc nengard++ thanks for testing
18:12 hkh nengard: yes but as a newbie i am running in problems how to do it right - see previous conversation mostly with deojf
18:12 cait joined #koha
18:12 tcohen hi cait!
18:13 cait hi tcohen :)
18:22 ashimema_ busy tonight tcohen..
18:23 tcohen hi ashimema
18:23 nengard hkh the html transformation of the manual happens overnight on the server - you wont' be able to see that in an editor
18:23 * cait waves at ashimema and nengard
18:23 nengard so all you need is to edit the XML and send a patch or email me your suggestions and I'll make them in your name
18:23 * nengard waves back
18:26 tcohen ashimema: fair enough
18:26 tcohen that's the attitude!
18:27 hkh nengard: I could work editing the .xml but beeing not familiar with the annotations I need a tool that show the effect of my efforts (try and error). AN alternative might be that I start my work by copying the relevant part of the manual from the http transform into my LibrOffice writer and send you the revised part in .odt (changes marked). Is that viable?
18:28 nengard That works for me - the problem is that open source XML tools haven't been able to handle the manual size that's why I had to get a non profit license for oxygen in the end
18:28 nengard I tried a bunch of them and none worked for the size of the manual
18:30 tcohen is there a patch to make DSpace deployment prettier?
18:31 hkh nengard: thanks. I'll proceed along that line. I was very uncertain, I might have missed the right way to do it.
18:31 nengard nope
18:31 nengard you're on the right track! :)
18:31 nengard thanks in advance
18:46 bag morning peeps
18:46 tcohen hi bag!
18:46 bag hi tcohen
18:47 cait morning bag
18:47 bag afternoon cait
18:49 cait Joubu++
18:50 cait #fixing tons of old bugs
18:57 nengard cat++
18:57 nengard or cait++
18:57 nengard hehe
18:57 nengard oops
18:58 ashimema hi again tcohen
18:59 ashimema nice work with all the pushing :)
19:09 magnuse yeah tcohen++
19:29 tcohen bye #koha
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20:18 rangi morning
20:18 rangi i added a section to the patches pushed on the dashboard
20:18 rangi
20:19 wahanui are the better stats to optimise
20:19 rangi time in hours and person days spent
20:24 cait hm?
20:24 cait not sure i can see it
20:25 nengard cool - i see it - how did you calculate that though?
20:25 nengard cait it's tha last two rows of the patches pushed section
20:26 carmen BONJOUR RANGI!!
20:26 rangi hey carmen :)
20:26 nengard shhh - no screaming in #koha
20:26 nengard :)
20:26 rangi nengard: 6 hours per patch written, 4 hours per signoff
20:26 carmen :D
20:26 carmen sorry
20:26 rangi its purely an average .. its probably a bunch higher
20:27 cait ah, thx for the pointer!
20:27 rangi cait: pushed the follow up
20:27 cait thx - noticed because it was one of mine... was not sure if it was by accident or on purpose
20:28 nengard cait have you met carmen?
20:28 cait hm I think i haven't yet
20:28 carmen hello cait :)
20:28 cait hi carmen
20:28 nengard carmen meet cait cait meet carmen :)
20:28 nengard carmen is the new trainer at bywater but also my long time friend
20:28 nengard she met rangi when he helped me move in to my house ages ago :)
20:29 nengard I think ... that was when right?
20:29 rangi yup
20:29 carmen correct
20:29 nengard Germany and does a ton of awesome work for Koha
20:29 nengard I think you two will get along
20:29 nengard well i love everyone in koha-land
20:30 nengard so maybe i'm just biased
20:30 carmen I have great things about cait
20:30 carmen :)
20:30 nengard missing a word there
20:30 cait nice to meet you carmen
20:31 carmen lol i see that now … i mean that I have heard great things
20:31 carmen nice to meet you as well cait . I think I may have embarrassed myself so i will stop typing now lol
20:32 cait i read typo, no problem :)
20:43 rangi @later tell magnuse still being tested/refined patches submitted soon
20:43 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:44 rangi @later tell tcohen i did a git commit --amend --author= but too late now i think for master
20:44 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:48 nengard left #koha
21:21 rangi hmm ghost tweet
21:21 wizzyrea you know I cant read your ghost tweets.
21:21 rangi oh its back
21:21 rangi[…]83015380077002752
21:22 wizzyrea that made me snerk :)
21:25 BobB joined #koha
21:34 carmen left #koha
21:40 tcohen joined #koha
21:45 BobB_ joined #koha
21:49 rangi @marc 866
21:49 huginn rangi: [Described in full under field 866 in the MARC 21 Concise Format for Holdings Data.] (Repeatable) []
22:04 dcook joined #koha
22:25 rocio left #koha
22:27 rangi[…]82900249179656192
22:27 dcook hehe
22:32 wizzyrea lol
22:54 dcook And somehow I've got my Debian VM stuck thinking that it's set to an Asian language rather than English
22:55 dcook Well, I guess I can learn the ideograms for things like "Keyboard" and "Bluetooth" now...
22:55 cait left #koha
22:56 dcook "Unspecified [ANSI_X3.4-1968]"
22:56 dcook No idea how it got to that from English...
22:58 dcook Apparently "ANSI_X3.4-1968" is the canonical name for ASCII. That's neat.
23:02 dcook Hmm, looks like it was Chinese. Bizarre.
23:12 wizzyrea TIL.
23:14 dcook I had resigned myself to having a Debian VM in Chinese, but... I guess it's OK having it in English again
23:14 dcook Even the Chinese for "Files" was a bit intimidating...
23:24 ngourlay joined #koha
23:59 papa joined #koha

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