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00:07 tcohen night everyone
00:07 tcohen well, i'll try to be around anyway :-P
00:07 tcohen hi kiwis :-D
00:12 * wizzyrea takes that in the generalisation of "people who are currently in New Zealand" and says
00:12 wizzyrea hi
00:12 wahanui niihau, wizzyrea
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00:30 tcohen wizzyrea: yeah, i'd include everyone in oceania actually
00:30 tcohen not just people collecting berries in new zealand
00:31 wizzyrea also I don't think these[…]/12/Kiwi-Bird.jpg regularly frequent IRC.
00:32 wizzyrea they are adorable though.
00:33 tcohen they seem so, i'd like to meet them at least once in my lifetime
00:33 wizzyrea[…]d/d3/Kiwi_aka.jpg these, are kiwi*fruit*, contrary to what everyone claims just about everywhere else.
00:33 * tcohen eats kiwi (the fruit)
00:33 wizzyrea (of course everyone else is wrong.)
00:33 tcohen vitamin c
00:34 wizzyrea kiwifruit are good for you. Good for wee babes with, shall we say, backed up tummies.
00:35 eythian[…]1266343361-28.jpg <-- wizzyrea
00:35 wizzyrea loool that's terriawesome
00:35 wizzyrea aweibble?
00:36 wizzyrea awesibble
00:36 tcohen possimpoble
00:37 wizzyrea step 5 totally makes that.
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00:39 tcohen so, kiwi = eythian, kiwi = fruit, kiwi = bird
00:39 wizzyrea kiwifruit is kiwifruit.
00:39 eythian ^
00:39 * dcook waves
00:39 dcook Well, we say kiwi instead of kiwifruit in Canada
00:39 wizzyrea you are wrong. >.>
00:39 dcook I just don't talk about kiwifruit here in Australia, but my wife calls them kiwifruit
00:40 dcook I think we have some on the table at home
00:40 dcook Saskatoon berries can be called Saskatoons... :p
00:40 wizzyrea[…]1266343361-28.jpg
00:40 dcook How to prepare a kiwi?
00:40 dcook Is the answer beer and/or rugby?
00:40 dcook O_O
00:40 wizzyrea you should click it.
00:40 * dcook just clicked the link
00:41 wizzyrea this is why you have to be careful ;)
00:41 wizzyrea people might get confused.
00:41 dcook French is totally like that though
00:41 dcook Heaps of words that change meaning just with context
00:42 * dcook tries to think if English has taken any of them on..
00:42 dcook Gendering of nouns also makes problems when you're not familiar with a language
00:42 dcook Like asking for "de la coke" versus "du coke"
00:42 wizzyrea well this just got esoteric.
00:42 dcook One being cocaine and the other coca-cola...
00:42 dcook I think it's practical :)
00:43 dcook Hmm, du coke appears to also refer to carbon..
00:43 * dcook goes back to grumbling about tables in word documents which run off the page..
00:46 dcook Actually, on a side note, has anyone ever had a problem where Wheezy freezes when trying to logout via the desktop gui?
00:47 eythian Haven't heard of it, but I don't use it on the desktop
00:48 dcook Fair enough
00:48 dcook My Wheezy box at home works fine
00:48 dcook And I have 2 identical boxes here... it works fine on one of them but doesn't on the other
00:48 dcook :S
00:48 dcook The interwebs suggests using the kernel image from wheezy-backports, but seeing that it works on one box but not the other..
00:48 dcook And I swore it was working earlier this week..
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00:52 wizzyrea disk space?
00:52 wizzyrea maybe it's trying to write something and the disk is full.
00:52 eythian if I had to speculate, most likely graphics hardware related.
00:53 eythian something failing during the modeswitch on logout
00:53 wizzyrea syslog might tell you though.
00:57 dcook eythian: Yeah, the boss is thinking it's graphics hardware related
00:57 dcook wizzyrea: Yeah, I was scanning the logs but nothing popped out at me :(
00:58 eythian if it crashes before it can write to disk, it's crashed before it can write to disk
00:58 dcook hmm?
00:59 dcook Ah, right
00:59 dcook Yeah, so nothing in the logs in that situation..
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00:59 dcook The software should be almost exactly the same on both and they're both using the same hardware
00:59 eythian hmm
00:59 eythian could just be weird corruption somewhere.
00:59 dcook I figure that's the only thing that makes sense
00:59 wizzyrea updates on one but not the other?
00:59 dcook But trying to find it..
00:59 eythian or, the hardware isn't exactly the same
01:00 dcook wizzyrea: I thought about that too, but they've had the same updates :S
01:00 dcook eythian: I suppose. Hmm... I'm pretty sure it worked with a different monitor. Maybe I'll just check that quickly..
01:01 eythian start by comparing the output of lspci
01:01 eythian add -v to be more sure
01:02 eythian actually, lshw might be better
01:08 dcook Hmm lshw is pretty much identical
01:08 dcook Only differences are things like uuid and serial numbers
01:10 dcook Same with lspci :/
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02:00 nwrl can someone steer in the right direction on how to make my koha setup a z39 target?
02:00 eythian wahanui: z3950
02:00 wahanui eythian: sorry...
02:00 nwrl rather make my koha install a z39 target?
02:00 wizzyrea yes, probably
02:00 nwrl[…]s_a_Z39.50_server
02:01 wizzyrea[…]ember/021752.html
02:01 wizzyrea it should be in the manual as well
02:01 eythian the netstat line in that wiki page totally doesn't do what it says.
02:01 eythian Also, '--udp'?
02:02 wizzyrea http://manual.koha-community.o[…]tml#publicztarget
02:02 wizzyrea ^ this should be the canonical source imo.
02:03 wizzyrea z39.50 target is <reply> http://manual.koha-community.o[…]tml#publicztarget
02:03 wizzyrea nwrl ^
02:03 nwrl my issue is where the conf file is?
02:03 wizzyrea how did you install koha?
02:03 nwrl extremely green
02:03 nwrl live install disk
02:04 wizzyrea probably /etc/koha/sites/<sitename>/koha-conf.xml
02:04 wizzyrea but I honestly have no idea, that's not a thing we advocate doing for production use.
02:04 wizzyrea thus I don't know much about how it works.
02:08 nwrl our existing ils has poor z39 support, so looking at alternatives
02:10 wizzyrea Ah. Which one?
02:10 nwrl canadian company
02:10 nwrl L4U
02:10 wizzyrea not familiar with that one ^.^
02:11 nwrl you're better off ;)
02:11 wizzyrea testing with a live disk is fine, come back again if you decide on Koha, we'll help you do it properly :)
02:11 dcook L4U... hmm doesn't sound familiar at all
02:11 wizzyrea ^ canadian
02:12 dcook Is it an East coast thing?
02:12 * dcook is a western Canadian
02:12 wizzyrea kekeke
02:12 dcook I thought I knew all the library options at this point :p
02:12 nwrl
02:13 nwrl kelowna bc
02:13 dcook Huh... that's interesting
02:13 dcook Are you out in BC?
02:13 * dcook used to live in Vancouver
02:13 wizzyrea OPAC (internet Public Access Catalog) uhhh
02:13 wizzyrea lol.
02:13 eythian haha
02:13 wizzyrea sorry sorry, I shouldn't joke I'm sure it's a lovely catalogue.
02:14 dcook "A strong customer focus since the very beginning has led to L4U Library Management Software delivering many industry firsts and winning numerous awards over the years."
02:14 wizzyrea ooh, here's a selling feature "There are no confusing libraries or CGI scripts that must be loaded."
02:14 dcook I've worked in libraries in Canada since 2006, and I've never heard of this... I've also spent my entire life in libraries...
02:15 dcook nwrl: Can you tell us more about your organization? Are you running Koha yourselves?
02:15 wizzyrea "Integrate with existing eBook subscriptions through MARC records" NO WAI!
02:15 wizzyrea sorry the snark keeps slipping out.
02:15 dcook wizzyrea: It's part of why we know and love you ;)
02:15 wizzyrea probably my least endearing quality ;)
02:16 wizzyrea just behind my stubbornness.
02:16 dcook Hmm, seems like it focuses on schools a lot..
02:16 * dcook isn't so familiar with library software in schools
02:16 nwrl no manitoba
02:16 wizzyrea there are some special snowflake systems for schools
02:16 dcook nwrl: Oh yeah? I'm originally from Saskatchewan :)
02:16 nwrl really
02:17 nwrl where you current reside?
02:17 dcook Sydney, Australia
02:17 nwrl currently*
02:17 nwrl o wow
02:17 dcook Long way from a small village in rural Saskatchewan, haha.
02:17 dcook nwrl: What sort of library is it?
02:17 nwrl were public
02:17 nwrl but local school division uses l4u as well
02:18 nwrl more and more L4U is not suiting Public lib's needs
02:18 wizzyrea yeah I reckon not.
02:18 dcook Yeah, I think I have a friend at the Ministry of Education in Manitoba
02:18 dcook They recently switched to Koha
02:19 nwrl lot of pl's moving to evergreen
02:19 dcook Also a good option
02:19 dcook Manitoba Education Library. That's the one I'm thinking.
02:19 nwrl hmmm
02:19 dcook So are you in Winnipeg?
02:19 nwrl nope 5 hrs north
02:19 nwrl Swan River
02:19 dcook Ah, right
02:19 dcook I know people who know people from there
02:20 dcook Do you have an IT team?
02:20 nwrl nope just i
02:20 dcook As in, you're the IT team or you double as IT and library?
02:21 * dcook apparently can't use commas correctly today
02:21 dcook Hmm, is Swan River an independent public library?
02:22 dcook I would think you'd be part of a consortium
02:22 dcook In Saskatchewan, all 306 public libraries are part of one large group
02:22 dcook I'm mostly asking because this is probably the best way to install Koha:[…]lk:Koha_on_Debian
02:23 nwrl ya MB in my opinion is way behind the times in that matter
02:23 dcook It sounds like it :S
02:23 nwrl we do have an internal ILS system that is based off of z39
02:24 dcook I'm not really sure what that means ;)
02:24 dcook Someone wrote something back in the day?
02:24 nwrl we have a Interlibrary system based on z39
02:24 dcook Actually, going back to your original question, why do you want your Koha to be a z39.50 target?
02:24 dcook Ahhh
02:24 dcook That'd do it
02:24 nwrl but our current provider doesn't return any more than 20 hits a time
02:24 dcook Well, if I recall correctly, it should be as easy as changing some settings in koha-conf.xml
02:25 dcook And making sure your firewall allows traffic through on port 210
02:25 nwrl yep looking into right now
02:25 nwrl i work in IT elsewhere
02:25 dcook Ahh
02:25 dcook I suppose that was the original intent behind a lot of my questions ;)
02:25 nwrl lol
02:25 dcook I actually got my MLIS from UBC, but have worked in IT for a few years now
02:26 dcook While I really like the excitement librarians have for Koha, I want to make sure it's tempered with knowing that technology requires work
02:26 dcook Maintenance if nothing else.
02:26 nwrl ya
02:26 dcook Even if it is just someone to monitor upgrades, logs, etc.
02:27 dcook Anyway, I think that path that wizzyrea gave you is probably the right one
02:27 nwrl ya
02:27 nwrl currently running vm
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02:31 * eythian hates init scripts that silently fail
02:32 * dcook hates pretty much anything that silently fails
02:32 eythian huh, it wasn't the init script
02:32 eythian apparently the 'service' command does something different in jessie.
02:32 dcook O_o
02:32 dcook Really?
02:32 dcook That doesn't sound good
02:32 eythian well, it claims to do the same thing
02:32 eythian but it didn't work
02:32 dcook :(
02:32 dcook Hmm... what happened?
02:32 eythian nothing
02:33 eythian silent failure
02:33 dcook And it's not that particular service?
02:33 eythian if I launch it manually it works
02:34 dcook Is it missing from the right "rc" dir?
02:34 * dcook says having barely ever setup any services ever
02:34 eythian I don't think that should matter
02:35 dcook I thought /etc/init.d make it a service, but that you had to symlink it into the relevant "rc" to get it to run at boot
02:35 eythian I wasn't trying to run it at boot
02:36 dcook Ah, right, I gotcha now
02:36 dcook You meant manual as in manual
02:36 dcook Bizarre
02:36 eythian well no, if I /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start it works, if I service koha-zebra-daemon start it doesn't.
02:37 dcook Yeah, I eventually figured that's what you meant
02:37 dcook :)
02:38 dcook Hence bizarre :(
02:38 dcook Ah, but is this the only service where that happens?
02:38 eythian dunno
02:38 dcook Can you start and stop other ones?
02:38 eythian probably, I haven't tried
02:38 dcook It makes me wonder if something inside the koha-zebra-daemon just needs updating
02:39 eythian I just wanted zebra working so I can test something against it
02:39 dcook Hmm, what is the koha-zebra-daemon?
02:39 wahanui somebody said the koha-zebra-daemon was in init.d, linked to in oleonard's koha bin directory
02:40 eythian it starts the koha zebra daemon
02:40 dcook But that's not part of the packages
02:40 dcook It's for a dev install, I guess?
02:40 eythian no, this is a dev setup
02:41 dcook Is that the "" one?
02:41 eythian maybe? I dunno
02:41 dcook I think so..
02:41 eythian probably
02:41 dcook You've symlinked it?
02:41 eythian yes, turns out I have
02:42 dcook According to "./misc/bin/", it's name is "koha-zebra-ctl.$DBNAME"
02:42 dcook I figure it would just use the filename, but maybe it's different in Jessie?
02:42 eythian I dunno
02:42 * dcook wonders how much that file is really maintained
02:43 eythian You don't need to diagnose it for me, I'm doing something else anyway as something else is broken and I don't care enough about it to fix it right now :)
02:43 dcook Hehe
02:43 dcook Fair enough
02:43 dcook I never use it myself. I just Zebra manually when I need to test it
02:44 tcohen dcook: isn't it the name for the process?
02:44 dcook Could be
02:44 dcook I made a Zebra service a while back for Ubuntu and that sounds familiar
02:44 dcook Anyway, I should grab food
02:45 tcohen bye
02:45 tcohen daemon --name=$NAME ..
02:54 eythian so far as I can tell, there's a lot of weirdness in searching authorities
02:57 wizzyrea you said searching in that sentence, I assumed there'd be weirdness.
03:06 bag yes eythian I quite agree with that statement
03:06 bag oh an wizzyrea ’s too
03:06 bag s/an/and
03:06 eythian I was just trying to understand something where it had access to a bit of data, decides not to use it and run a heuristic over it all instead.
03:07 bag ha
03:07 eythian I think I'm going to have a go making something more sensible there.
03:07 bag that feels like my brain sometimes
03:07 eythian ...tempted to put all the info in at index time to make lookups faster.
03:07 wizzyrea I suggest that you should do what you think is best.
03:08 wizzyrea because... god help us if you put in all of the shenanigans that we've put in over the years.
03:08 eythian heh
03:08 wizzyrea now's your chance! Make it tidy!
03:08 wizzyrea make it sensible!
03:08 bag TIDY +1
03:09 bag @seen trea
03:09 huginn bag: trea was last seen in #koha 15 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <trea> indeed
03:09 bag oh
03:09 bag @later tell trea - happy birthday man
03:09 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
03:09 wizzyrea trea has much too much to do to hang out with the kohackers anymore :(
03:09 bag sniff sniff
03:09 wizzyrea ikr :/
03:09 bag but also at the same time :D
03:09 wizzyrea :)
03:10 bag I’m happy for the man who has the best radio voice
03:10 * bag has a soft spot for trea
03:10 eythian funny accent though
03:10 bag HA
03:10 wizzyrea hehehehe
03:10 bag but excellent bass
03:10 wizzyrea he does have the best radio voice.
03:10 bag bass != fish
03:10 wizzyrea I think one of his former jobs still uses his recording for the voicemail system.
03:11 wizzyrea at any rate they used it for a long while after he was gone.
03:11 bag yeah wizzyrea if we ever get that complicated here - I’m calling up trea for that
03:11 wizzyrea hahahahaha
03:11 wizzyrea he'd probably do it too.
03:11 bag I’d hope he would
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03:46 dcook hehe
03:46 * dcook really needs a trip to Wellington if only to hear this man's voice... and get some music recommendations
03:47 * dcook seems to recall wizzyrea saying trea was a music lover's music lover.
03:47 dcook ...
03:47 dcook That sounded less weird in my head.
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04:50 dcook Hmm, has anyone had any issues downloading CSV results of SQL reports in the Report module?
04:52 dcook Hmm, no problem with 9999 rows, but 13,000 is failing..
04:53 dcook 10000 is ok..
04:56 bag hmm is there a hardcoded limit?
04:56 dcook Sort of
04:56 dcook But the limit should stop anything weird happening I would think :S
04:56 dcook Unless the file is getting corrupted I guess...
04:56 bag I thought maybe there was - or a syspref?
04:56 dcook Well, it's also a local version of the code, which makes it extra special ;)
04:56 bag take the limit off your report :P
04:57 bag heh - just kidding
04:57 dcook I think the harcoded limit is... 99,999
04:57 dcook But we might have a cap on 10,000?
04:57 dcook I guess the thing to try is 10,001
04:58 dcook I think I got a partially downloaded result of 12,000 rows though..
04:59 dcook Ah, we have a limit of 500,000...
05:09 dcook Weird...
05:09 wahanui well, weird is normal after a while :)
05:09 dcook So true
05:09 dcook 11,000 rows download fine... 11,500 hangs after 7,000-some rows
05:10 dcook Hmm...
05:10 dcook At least the first 2-3 times
05:10 dcook The fourth try downloaded fine
05:10 dcook ...
05:10 dcook Yep... fired off 3 download requests in a row... the first two are hanging but the third completed
05:10 dcook :S
05:29 dcook Well that's supremely frustrating.
05:32 dcook Well... that's interesting...
05:33 dcook When I use "warn" to log every line, it downloads perfectly every time.
05:37 bag ha
05:38 bag “warn” that seems …
05:38 dcook Like it would explode your logs really quickly? :)
05:40 dcook Hmm... ever more Perl dependencies..
05:44 dcook Hmm, looks like there have been improvements made...
05:45 dcook Mmm, and I bet it works in master now because the Export looks like it's done way nicer..
05:54 dcook Damn it...
06:21 dcook bag: Looks like it was the reverse proxy making things time out :p
06:22 bag :)
06:26 dcook Or not :(
06:27 dcook Very strange that it works sporadically
06:29 dcook No, it's totes the reverse proxy
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07:09 sis after upgrading to koha 3.18.03 the search results are nt there and we receive an error as Can't call method "raw" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 800.
07:10 sis how to sort out the error
07:14 * magnuse waves
07:17 sis can someone help
07:19 magnuse sis: what did you upgrade from? which version?
07:22 sis 3.18 to 3.18.3
07:25 sis from 16 to 18 3.16.4 to 3.18
07:27 magnuse my first gut feeling is that it might have to do with grs1 and dom
07:27 magnuse do you know how you are indexing?
07:27 sis right
07:27 sis i used dom
07:27 sis and changed in koha-conf.xml
07:27 sis those 4 lines were nt there
07:27 sis i added them manually
07:27 magnuse ok
07:27 magnuse and did you restart zebra and then reindex everything?
07:28 sis used[…]/switiching_to_do..
07:28 sis yes
07:28 sis do i need to change this anywhere else than koha-conf.xml
07:31 magnuse no, that should not be necessary
07:31 magnuse do you get any errors when you reindex?
07:31 sis no error
07:31 sis only warn Class::XSAccessor is old
07:32 sis i manually installed new one
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07:54 magnuse sis: do you get the error for all searches or just some?
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07:57 mveron Good daytime #koha
07:57 mveron @wunder allschwil
07:57 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Grenchen, Switzerland is -2.0°C (8:50 AM CET on February 20, 2015). Conditions: Light Freezing Fog. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
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07:58 alex_a bonjour
07:58 wahanui kia ora, alex_a
07:59 Joubu Good morning #koha
07:59 mveron hi cait :-)
08:00 cait hi mveron
08:00 mveron Included ordered: = "Einschliesslich Bestellungen" ? on /cgi-bin/koha/circ/
08:00 mveron It is the filter "Refine results"
08:03 cait hm maybe... einschließlich bestellexemplaren?
08:03 cait i think that's what it does... icluding or not including the on order items
08:03 mveron Better, inclusiver szett...
08:04 cait we found some more things in training th elast days
08:04 cait have to work through lots of little notes on my materials today
08:04 cait and decipher
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08:06 mveron Ok, will wait until late afternoon to take de-DE as a base for de-CH
08:06 mveron Hi drojf :-)
08:07 * magnuse winket
08:07 * mveron winkt zurück
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08:08 drojf hi mveron, magnuse and #koha
08:11 magnuse moin drojf
08:17 drojf i think vormerkrate is weird. it is actually something like a vormerk(ungs)verhältnis (verhältnis zwischen vormerkungen und vorhandenen exemplaren) as oleonard explained to me. but i found it a few times like this, so i used it too for consistency
08:21 cait hm hold ratio i think in english
08:22 cait no better idea from me i am afraid
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08:27 cait ok, bbl :)
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08:49 kivilahtio eythian: Sorry, maybe next year.
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09:35 fridolin hie all
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09:49 magnuse bonjour fridolin
09:50 fridolin bonjour monsieur magnuse
09:53 magnuse @wunder marseille
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09:53 magnuse @wunder boo
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11:35 gerundio rolando.isidoroyahoo.comNm6kiBsVlOgx
11:36 gerundio bad copy + paste
11:37 gerundio password change on the way :|
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13:11 drojf anyone using fulfILLment in production?
13:12 tcohen joined #koha
13:13 tcohen morning
13:25 oleonard drojf: I tried to volunteer my library for fulfILLment + Koha testing and got nowhere.
13:27 drojf oleonard: i see. i tried to read the docuentation wiki and found that there have been daily spam bot changes for at least 2 months now :/
13:27 drojf *documentation
13:28 oleonard drojf: Same with their developers' mailing list
13:29 drojf there are people on irc but it is probably the wrong time of day. or they are spa bots too :D
13:29 drojf *spam
13:29 drojf ok but that is not really promising
13:30 oleonard yeah I don't like that whatever is going on with the project is going on behind closed doors.
13:31 jcamins drojf: spa bots? This is a great idea!
13:31 drojf exactly!
13:32 jcamins "Would you like another peeled grape with your Interlibrary Loan?"
13:32 drojf heh
13:32 * oleonard programs a spa bot to follow him around and give back rubs
13:36 oleonard @wunder 45701
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13:36 drojf i never used evergreen (which fulfILLment is based on), so maybe setting it all up is self explaining or the evergreen documentation is enough to set up fulfILLment. but maybe not. don't feel like spending a lot of time on that now if that is unclear
13:36 oleonard I guess I should program the spa bot to follow me around with a portable heater
13:36 drojf goodness
13:36 jcamins @wunder 11375
13:36 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in Meadow Lake, New York, New York is -15.7°C (8:15 AM EST on February 20, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: -25.0°C. Windchill: -24.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Rising). Wind Chill Advisory in effect until 10 am EST this morning...
13:36 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
13:36 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 9.0°C (2:20 PM CET on February 20, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Falling).
13:36 drojf spring \o/
13:37 drojf kind of
13:37 carmen joined #koha
13:39 khall First try at a true REST service. Looking for any input:[…]_bug.cgi?id=13738
13:39 huginn Bug 13738: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, NEW , Add RESTful Borrower service
13:42 edveal joined #koha
13:48 paul_p joined #koha
13:53 Dyrcona joined #koha
14:00 JoshB joined #koha
14:05 tcohen khall++
14:06 khall still a very rough work in progress, but we need something to throw stones at. Comment and criticize as much as possible!
14:11 NateC joined #koha
14:15 cma joined #koha
14:16 nengard joined #koha
14:17 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13593: (follow-up) 'stock number' should be 'inventory number' <[…]a955b4dd9d4ff38fa> / Bug 13593: 'stock number' should be 'inventory number' <[…]e1c361ddd434a595b> / Bug 12858 [QA Followup] - Don't call webservice if we have no data <http://git.koha-com
14:37 magnuse khall: is that coordinated with ashimema's efforts to submit pianohacker's restful code?
14:38 khall magnuse: indeed!
14:38 magnuse very cool!
14:39 magnuse @later tell ashimema any chance of getting a look at your latest and greatest ill code before marseille?
14:39 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
14:39 khall What'd I like to to create one service that is feature complete to use as a template and guideline for future services
14:39 magnuse sounds like A Very Good Idea!
14:42 * magnuse wanders off to make pizza
14:45 cait drojf: do you have time for translating?
14:48 drojf cait: not in this second (cooking) but today, yes
14:48 drojf is there more?
14:48 drojf i still see 4 words left ;)
14:48 cait only a bit butnot sure when i can get to it
14:48 cait still trying to sort things out here :)
14:48 cait oh
14:49 cait so somene did already!
14:49 drojf yes. i did. yesterday. where did you think my translation questions came from? D
14:49 drojf :D
14:52 cait drofj++ # translation hero
14:52 drojf heh. there were like 150 words :P
14:52 drojf and i had not even contributed anything to the 3.18 translation
14:53 drojf the translation server was much shinier and faster than i remembered it :)
14:53 cait that's good - search was giving problems for a while
14:54 cait yep
14:54 cait awesome now!
14:54 cait bgkriegel++ tcohen++
14:55 oleonard I wonder if Bug 8753 includes some mechanism for "expiring" password reset links
14:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8753 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, philippe.blouin, Patch doesn't apply , Add forgot password link to OPAC
14:55 * oleonard hasn't wondered hard enough to look at the code yet
14:58 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12948: Use word indexing for language (MARC21) <[…]bc7dda1bf282be8f0> / Bug 12948: Use word indexing for language (NORMARC) <[…]9436ad5e854ea4f34> / Bug 13690: use Koha::Schema only when it's needed <[…]p=koha.git;a=comm
15:39 edveal joined #koha
15:42 fridolin left #koha
15:43 tcohen joined #koha
15:55 talljoy joined #koha
16:02 oleonard I disagree that dates should be shown with times by default (Bug 13739)
16:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13739 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , KohaDates should display hours if they exists by default unless specified
16:03 oleonard Oh wait, I'm speaking too soon.
16:03 oleonard It excludes hours if the time is 23:59.
16:03 oleonard Never mind.
16:03 wahanui Good, I'm glad you figured it out. I didn't understand, and probably never will, being a bot.
16:03 * cait waves at oleonard
16:03 oleonard wahanui: How come you never give me back rubs?
16:03 wahanui oleonard: bugger all, i dunno
16:04 nengard_phone LOL
16:05 rocio joined #koha
16:06 drojf spahanui
16:07 BigRig_ joined #koha
16:14 AmitG joined #koha
16:14 AmitG chris around
16:15 mveron hi cait and drojf, I downloaded de-DE-i-staff-t-prog-v-3006000.po, open it in Poedit and save, gets one error: 'msgstr' is not a valid C format string...
16:15 mveron %sAdd%sDuplicate%s Modify%s patron (%s%s%s%sOrganization%s%sAdult%s%sC​hild%s%sProfessional%s%sStaff%s%s)
16:16 mveron ^ that's the source text
16:16 BigRig joined #koha
16:16 drojf mveron: it's because of nested brackets
16:16 drojf in the german version
16:16 mveron drojf: I did a new translation in my cd-CH file, and it saves OK...
16:17 mveron de-CH  ..
16:17 drojf it saved ok for me too, but it complained at one point
16:17 drojf i think the german version of professional has parentheses
16:17 mveron copied down original and filled in the words. Text / brackets are the same.
16:18 mveron and it saved without complaints
16:24 denials joined #koha
16:33 Joubu have a good weekend #koha
16:45 talljoy1 joined #koha
16:53 BigRig joined #koha
17:03 Viktor joined #koha
17:22 * tcohen is in fear of his FWtoXSLT beast
17:22 tcohen =D
17:25 gmcharlt joined #koha
17:30 geek_cl joined #koha
17:30 geek_cl Hi guys,  i need info about the access from koha to a other DB server, but not the GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES access...
17:30 geek_cl i mean a secure access to PROD Koha server
17:30 geek_cl Hi guys,  i need info about the access from koha to a other DB server, but not the GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES access...
17:30 geek_cl i mean a secure access to PROD Koha server
17:32 tcohen geek_cl: de vuelta
17:32 geek_cl hey!
17:32 geek_cl i just find this:[…]rate_MySQL_server, but is not most secure conf, right ?
17:34 geek_cl tcohen, queda claro ?
17:38 tcohen what you mean "not secure"?
17:38 tcohen it depends on your infrastructure actually
17:39 tcohen you usually put a firewall in front of it
17:39 tcohen allowing only a specific IP access to mysql's port
17:39 tcohen our institution (for example) has an internal database server that is only reachable internally
17:40 cait left #koha
17:41 tcohen doubts?
17:41 geek_cl we have two Koha enviroments, DEV and PROD, the security guy is fine with GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES with DEV server, but he not like the same access to the PROD servers
17:42 geek_cl the DB server is a remote only DB dediated server
17:42 geek_cl dedicated"
17:45 geek_cl they can granulate the privileges, but user@koha-{dev,prod}-server, but the problem is "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES"
17:47 tcohen you need most of the privileges (i.e. on install/upgrade you might need to drop/create tables)
17:48 geek_cl tcohen, not for install, in fact it is a prod server, just running a "static" koha.
17:48 tcohen yes, but think of any upgrade
17:49 geek_cl yeah.
17:49 tcohen you should ask for all table manipulation permissions
17:49 tcohen and avoid asking for db users management
17:49 tcohen that's what you can tell the sysop guy
17:54 geek_cl tcohen, i mean , actually the user koha_mylibrary have this permissions, ,,  they want less (or more secure) privileges.
17:55 tcohen so what is the question?
17:55 tcohen i think you can safely remove the administration permissions, as I said
17:57 BigRig_ joined #koha
17:57 bag morning
17:57 bag forgot to say hi when I got in :P
18:01 tcohen Joubu: do we still have fk issues with t/db_dependent/Ratings.t ?
18:01 geek_cl tcohen, Ok we going to talk about it...  i thinking in this:
18:01 tcohen bag: heh, good morning!
18:03 tcohen geek_cl: yes, he/she will say 'no' because of the 'all'
18:03 geek_cl tcohen,  right! but? we can disable the administration "column" of the image pasted?
18:03 tcohen talk to you DBA, will understand
18:03 tcohen and yes
18:03 geek_cl tcohen, thanks .
18:06 cait joined #koha
18:08 tcohen hi cait
18:08 cait hi tomas
18:08 cait :)
18:13 tcohen cait: can u do me a favor?
18:13 cait phone
18:13 tcohen prove t/db_dependent/Ratings.t
18:13 cait sec
18:45 cait hm now
18:47 edveal joined #koha
18:47 cait tcohen: tests pass for me
18:48 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13645 [QA Followup] - Add DBIx::Connector to the list of dependancies <[…]371e04be1501ca107> / Bug 13645: Use DBIx::Connector <[…]9adcd4c925f9244b4> / Bug 13645: Cache the DBIx connection <[…]a=commitdiff;h=35
18:51 tcohen Joubu++ # taking DBIx usage seriously
18:51 tcohen khall++ # taking DBIx usage seriously
18:54 tcohen @karma Joubu
18:54 huginn tcohen: Karma for "Joubu" has been increased 125 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 125.
18:54 tcohen Joubu++
18:54 tcohen khall++
18:54 tcohen happy friday!
18:54 tcohen :-D
18:55 cait :)
19:16 bag oh excellent
19:16 bag Joubu++
19:16 bag khall++
19:17 drojf zu müde für alles
19:17 drojf heh wrong window
19:17 cait even for english? :)
19:17 drojf yup :D
19:18 cait i can agree to tired
19:18 * jcamins too.
19:19 cait why are you tired? :)
19:19 jcamins cait: flu.
19:20 cait oh
19:20 * jcamins is trying to eat his first actual meal since Tuesday. It's not working so well.
19:22 cait good luck?
19:27 jcamins Thanks.
19:45 tcohen have a nice weekend everyone
19:45 cait you too!
19:46 irma joined #koha
21:38 jenkins_koha Starting build #639 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:38 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #639: SUCCESS in 3 min 21 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/639/
21:38 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: remove tip about iso because now it says marc
21:39 barton dcook [or any other zebra wizards] -- I have a quick question about -- I'm seeing the following entry: Summary 1=Summary
21:39 barton how does that work?
21:41 barton in bib1.att, we have this:  att 9902    Summary
21:42 * barton is purplexed.
21:47 drojf barton:[…]ng_Zebra_indexing
21:49 wnickc joined #koha
21:52 barton drojf: that covers the syntax <index-name> 1=<bib 1 attribute> -- e.g. Doc-id 1=1032 ... that I understand. but when it looks like this: <index-name> 1=<index-name>, e.g. 'Summary 1=Summary' it doesn't make sense -- it seems to point to itself.
21:54 nengard left #koha
22:09 wnickc barton: is bug 6499 supposed to inxed 035z as well as a?
22:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6499 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, barton, Needs Signoff , MARC21 035 -- Other-control-number --  Indexing & Matching
22:10 barton wnickc: yes.
22:11 wnickc it?
22:12 wnickc working for a, not z, unless it doesn't like my made up number
22:12 barton wnickc: last time I checked...
22:14 wnickc hm...will keep playing, thought maybe it was restarting zebra
22:15 wnickc js is missing closing );
22:15 barton *sigh*
22:19 wnickc barton:oh, maybe I should copy the thrid file over instead of just two ;)
22:21 barton wnickc: that's the story of my life, when it comes to zebra. Murphy's law has a tight grip on that beast.
22:28 wnickc barton:huzzah
22:33 barton wnickc: is that agreement, or success? ;-)
22:38 wnickc can't it be both?
22:38 wnickc but indeed success
22:59 barton wnickc: well, we *were* talking about murphy's law ... ;-) you're right, success and agreement aren't mutually exclusive. IN any case, I say HUZZAH!
23:33 BobB joined #koha

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