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00:17 pianohacker hallo
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01:07 beto hello everyone!!!
01:07 beto i need some help
01:08 pianohacker beto: we might be able to assist. What's your question?
01:09 beto something is wrong with koha
01:09 beto im trying to add some new books
01:10 beto but my opac can't find them
01:10 beto just those new books
01:11 beto the old ones are good
01:11 pianohacker beto: have you reindexed Zebra since you added the new books?
01:11 beto no
01:11 beto i have a idea of that
01:12 pianohacker beto: give that a shot first
01:12 beto but i did it once and damage all my records
01:12 pianohacker damaged how?
01:12 beto opac didn't find anything after that
01:14 beto as if there were no records
01:14 beto i ran this command in terminal
01:14 beto "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library"
01:15 beto but all my records were"deleted"
01:16 pianohacker that's odd. It shouldn't in theory have deleted all the records, just made them impossible to find via search
01:16 pianohacker beto: try running that command without the -f
01:16 beto so... should i run it?
01:16 pianohacker so sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v library
01:18 beto ok
01:18 beto let me get this
01:19 beto im going to run this command
01:19 beto then what?
01:19 pianohacker beto: then the new books should show up in the opac
01:19 pianohacker beto: how long has it been since you added them
01:19 beto all my records will be available?
01:20 pianohacker beto: in theory yes
01:20 beto like 3 hours
01:20 beto ok
01:26 beto ok... i did it
01:26 beto but nothing happens
01:27 beto I added 1 book
01:27 beto just one
01:27 beto opac can't find it
01:28 beto neither on staff client search
01:28 beto but I can find it doing a check out
01:28 pianohacker does running the above command produce any errors?
01:28 beto no
01:28 beto let me paste it
01:29 beto im using another PC
01:29 beto be right back
01:30 beto2 joined #koha
01:30 beto2 hello
01:30 beto2 Zebra configuration information ================================ Zebra biblio directory      = /var/lib/koha/library/biblios Zebra authorities directory = /var/lib/koha/library/authorities Koha directory              = /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin Lockfile                    = /var/lock/zebra_koha_library/rebuild/rebuild..LCK BIBLIONUMBER in :     999$c BIBLIOITEMNUMBER in : 999$d ================================ skipping authorities ====================
01:31 beto2 wait... im going to paste it again
01:31 beto2 Zebra biblio directory      = /var/lib/koha/library/biblios
01:32 beto2 Zebra authorities directory = /var/lib/koha/library/authorities
01:32 beto2 Zebra authorities directory = /var/lib/koha/library/authorities
01:32 beto2 Lockfile                    = /var/lock/zebra_koha_library/rebuild/rebuild..LCK
01:32 beto2 BIBLIONUMBER in :     999$c
01:33 beto2 BIBLIOITEMNUMBER in : 999$d
01:33 beto2 ================================
01:33 beto2 skipping authorities
01:33 beto2 exporting biblio
01:33 beto2 ====================
01:34 beto2 Records exported: 0
01:34 beto2 Records exported: 0
01:34 beto2 REINDEXING zebra
01:35 pianohacker beto2: hmm... based on the fact that it said records exported: 0, I'd say it didn't see the book you added
01:35 pianohacker I have to head out, but there should be someone in channel monday at the earliest, or you can ask on the mailing list
01:35 pianohacker bye!
01:36 beto ok
01:36 beto ty
01:36 beto so sad
01:38 beto2 leaving
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08:09 rsz hi, I am unable to see a "place hold" link against any of my added books via the opac search.
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10:53 drojf what was the secret of the hidden dom facets about?
10:56 cait ?
10:56 cait morning
10:57 cait you mean when the facets don't display
10:57 cait ?
10:57 drojf yes
10:57 cait bad yaz version
11:01 cait info should beon the list - not sure aboutthe version numbers
11:01 cait OS one was ok, indexdata repository was bad
11:05 drojf looks like i had to do a full reindex after setting zebra facets to 1
11:29 cait ah!
11:41 cait that would do it
11:42 drojf yes it did. thanks anyway :)
11:46 kivilahtio_ Koha::Cache ++
12:08 drojf hmm. is the z39.50 server supposed to work simultaneously with the sru server? or is it either/or? i get an answer via sru but yaz-client gives me an error when i try to connect to localhost:9998/biblios. (same port as sru)
12:21 cait i think both should work
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18:42 jcamins @later tell drojf SRU and Z39.50 can work in parallel, but they're on different ports.
18:42 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
19:15 drojf joined #koha
21:38 cait hi drojf
22:07 drojf hi cait, not really here ;)
22:07 cait it talks.
22:07 cait :)
22:24 drojf @later tell jcamins ah, ok. thanks, will have to try again
22:24 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
22:24 drojf it goes to bed ;)
22:25 drojf good night cait and #koha
22:25 cait night drojf :)
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22:53 cait hm i know there is a bug report for the 'not nice to read' bread crumbs and search history ... but can't find it :(
23:43 indradg joined #koha
23:44 indradg cait: I was wondering if bug 3006 can also benefit by also taking collection codes into account as well as specific item?
23:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3006 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED FIXED, ability to hide a collection / location from OPAC users
23:44 cait sorry indradg - I don't understand
23:45 cait what you can do is hide items based on a lot of criteria
23:45 cait you can hide all items of a collection for example
23:45 cait and if you do that, the collection will also not appear on the advanced search
23:45 cait same goes for locations
23:46 indradg hmmm... i prolly need to re-read docs/opac/OpacHiddenItems.txt more closely
23:47 cait it works with more than the examples there :)
23:47 cait it will hide the item, and if there are only hidden items on a record, the record is hidden in opac as well
23:50 indradg aah!
23:51 indradg :)
23:52 cait i have used it with itemtypes and not for loan values so far... I think some more, but can't remember

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