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00:00 dcook cait: I'm thinking you might want to re-install your dev koha
00:00 cait itis there
00:00 cait yeah
00:00 dcook Or "upgrade"
00:00 cait but that does not explain why cindy's installation si broken
00:00 dcook No, that's true
00:00 cait i will do that tomorrow night
00:00 dcook But that might be totally different
00:00 cait too late here
00:00 Francesca joined #koha
00:00 dcook Yeah, I hope I helped a bit in any case :)
00:01 cait thx for taking the time
00:01 dcook As for cindy, I don't know enough about the Koha code
00:01 dcook I know Zebra reasonably well I think though
00:01 dcook Anything for you, cait ;)
00:02 cait hi Francesca - night all :)
00:02 cait dcook++
00:02 cait left #koha
00:02 * Francesca waves
00:03 Francesca hello!
00:03 dcook yo Francesca
00:04 rangi hi Francesca
00:05 Francesca I got github set up yesterday, and have uploaded my ssh key, so will just clone in
00:05 rangi sweet
00:06 Francesca and I'm going to try running it off xammp on my usb to check changes are working
00:06 rangi cool :) worth a try :)
00:07 Francesca I clone off my branch right? not the one I forked from orignally
00:12 rangi exactly
00:14 Francesca sweet
00:14 Francesca cloning now
00:17 Francesca hey rangi you don't know what file I'd be looking for do you?
00:20 rangi hmm? for?
00:22 Francesca the webpage I'm gonna do some styling on? the hea-app one?
00:22 rangi ahh probably need to see if you can get it up and running first
00:23 rangi but they will all be in the views dir
00:23 Francesca ok
00:23 Francesca I'll copy it to my usb now
00:28 Francesca I don't know if it'll work since I actually have no idea how to set it up
00:30 rangi its an app not a set of pages, so hmm yeah might be tricky to run under XAMPP
00:33 Francesca yeah... just found that out
00:33 rangi maybe you could try
00:34 rangi which i think you cloned already?
00:34 Francesca yeah I've got that
00:34 rangi maybe add some links across the top
00:34 rangi to the main koha site, and the dashboard etc
00:35 Francesca shame about the hea=app page. I was going to update the colour scheme to match the other pages, and add the favicon
00:35 Francesca yup I can do that
00:35 rangi yeah, would need it running, maybe later when we have a virtual machine or something
00:37 Francesca I'll come back to it when I get set up with a vm again
00:38 rangi sweet
00:40 Francesca I can run the scoreboard via xammp so I can test before you make any changes
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00:42 rangi cool
00:43 dcook Good catch Colin Campbell...[…]ugust/002576.html
00:58 Francesca hmmm xampp doesn't seem to acknowledge my changes...
00:58 rangi once you edit the .tt file
00:58 rangi you need to run
00:58 rangi
00:58 Francesca ah
00:58 rangi to regenerate the index.html
00:58 Francesca ok
00:58 rangi then it will show up
00:58 Francesca do I run in the browser?
00:59 rangi hmm you can't
00:59 Francesca so how do I run it?
01:00 rangi not sure how you can on windows
01:00 rangi however
01:00 rangi you can make the changes to index.html
01:00 rangi to check how it looks
01:00 rangi then make them to and commit that
01:00 rangi if that makes sense?
01:01 Francesca I think so... I'll try it and see shall I?
01:01 rangi yep
01:02 Francesca ok that works
01:03 rangi awesome
01:18 Francesca Soo the css is doing some pretty wacky things, but I should hopefully be able to fix it
01:19 Francesca anyways I have to go now, but I will most likely push some changes up tomorrow or the day after, when I've had a chance to try and fix all the weird things that are happening right now
01:23 rangi sweet
01:24 rangi i get an email when you do a merge request so ill spot it
01:25 Francesca see you later!
01:26 rangi cya
01:33 eythian @wunder nzwn
01:33 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 25.0°C (2:00 PM NZDT on February 03, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
01:33 eythian crikey
01:40 dcook @syd
01:40 huginn dcook: I've exhausted my database of quotes
01:40 dcook @wunder syd
01:40 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney Airport, New South Wales is 22.0°C (12:00 PM AEDT on February 03, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Falling).
01:40 dcook Hmm, getting closer
02:21 dcook Man ICU is a pain..
02:21 dcook It really does look like hyphens truncate the rest of the search string
02:22 dcook Except when preceded by a number as per words-icu.xml
02:23 dcook which turns it into ""
02:23 dcook well, nothing
02:23 dcook So "99-22" will return "9922"
02:27 eythian erk
02:28 dcook And GRS1 is a pain in the butt...
02:29 eythian there's been talk of deprecating it
02:29 eythian err
02:29 eythian removing
02:29 eythian it
02:29 dcook yeah, it's an old install that can't be upgraded due to language issues :(
02:29 eythian ah
02:29 dcook Arabic support isn't so great these days...
02:29 dcook At least not last time I looked
02:29 dcook I knew I should've studied Arabic back in uni... :p
02:31 dcook On the plus side, I've definitely determined that GRS1 (at least in 3.8) uses koha-conf.xml and not retrieval-info-bib-grs1.xml for its configuration..
02:31 dcook Let's see how crafty I can get..
02:36 dcook Bleargh..
02:36 dcook Huzzah
02:36 dcook Finally...
02:41 dcook Hmm, zebra::index is actually not that useful of an element set really..
02:50 dcook Oh... "zebra::snippet" is kind of cool
02:50 dcook It returns the fields where your search marches
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02:54 dcook Hmm, so it looks like ICU uses a hyphen as a truncation marker of some kind..
03:16 dcook Hmm...
03:16 dcook Looks like Colin might have been wrong
03:18 dcook Mmm, the hyphen just splits the terms
03:18 dcook I've been told that Solr does the same thing
03:21 eythian in what way?
03:21 dcook Z> find @attr 1=1016 @attr 4=6 "traumatologie-UPA"
03:21 dcook Sent searchRequest.
03:21 dcook Received SearchResponse.
03:21 dcook Search was a success.
03:21 dcook Number of hits: 12, setno 22
03:21 dcook SearchResult-1: term=traumatologie cnt=13, term=UPA cnt=12265
03:21 dcook records returned: 0
03:22 eythian ah
03:22 eythian do you have to quote it maybe?
03:23 dcook Quote which?
03:23 dcook the weird thing is that is doing a word list search
03:23 dcook Which means it should be ANDing the terms...
03:23 eythian oh
03:23 eythian it is quoted
03:23 * eythian is having a blind day
03:23 dcook But it's not. It's just returning the records that match "traumatologie"
03:24 dcook Ahh or does it... maybe I'm silly..
03:24 dcook No wait, it is doing an AND
03:25 dcook So traumatologie-UPA is just a search string
03:25 dcook UPA-12345 is a barcode
03:25 dcook But apparently it's stored as "UPA 12345"
03:25 dcook Or rather..
03:25 eythian does @attr 5=100 make a difference?
03:25 dcook "<s>UPA</s>12345"
03:26 dcook Not when I tried it in Koha
03:26 dcook But it's not actually doing truncation really
03:26 eythian yeah, I guess it's tokenising
03:26 dcook Mmm, righ
03:26 dcook t
03:26 eythian if it tokenises the data the same way, then it's probably sensible
03:27 dcook Hmm
03:28 dcook Well, a non-ICU install seems to tokenise as well
03:28 dcook At least when searching
03:28 dcook I don't know about storing/indexing
03:28 dcook I suppose I can test that..
03:39 dcook Interesting...
03:39 wahanui somebody said interesting was sometimes good and sometimes bad
03:39 dcook Z> f @attr 1=1016 @attr 4=1 "self-confidence"
03:39 dcook Sent searchRequest.
03:39 dcook Received SearchResponse.
03:39 dcook Search was a success.
03:39 dcook Number of hits: 3, setno 9
03:39 dcook SearchResult-1: term=self cnt=578, term=confidence cnt=41
03:40 dcook So it tokenises... runs two separate sub-queries..
03:40 dcook then uses 4=1 when merging the results to know only to return "self-confidence" results
03:40 dcook which include the hyphen
03:45 dcook Dunno. Too many variables...
03:45 dcook I suppose it could be a GRS1+ICU thing or just an ICU thing..
03:47 dcook The <s></s> thing seems to be unrelated..
03:47 dcook Or does it..
03:48 dcook Nope. The <s></s> thing is just weird..
03:56 wizzyrea tl;dr
03:56 wizzyrea tl;dr?
03:56 wahanui
03:57 dcook wizzyrea: pretty much :p
03:57 dcook wth...
03:57 dcook All the problems I was describing...
03:57 dcook Magically not happening now
03:58 dcook That's... different
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03:59 dcook I think the only difference is that I went to the loo
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04:32 dcook Maybe I'm crazy... and I was testing on the bad site the whole time... but I would've sworn that I wasn't
04:34 dcook I'm wondering if this is a Zebra bug..
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05:34 AmitG hi
05:34 wahanui what's up, AmitG
05:34 AmitG all
05:34 AmitG chris around?
06:02 dcook Interesting that cait was using Zebra 2.0.59 and wizzyrea was using 2.0.4...
06:02 dcook 2.0.44*
06:02 dcook It looks like 2.0.44 is the newest the Debian packages get...
06:03 dcook Although 2.0.44 is from about 2010, I think
06:03 dcook At least 2.0.44 is the newest in Debian 7 and Ubuntu 14.04...
06:03 dcook @later tell cait how did you install Zebra? It looks like the Debian/Ubuntu packages are stuck bacck at 2.0.44, but you're using 2.0.59... which is the newest version, I tihnk
06:03 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
06:04 dcook Yep, definitely the newest version...
06:11 dcook Aha!
06:11 dcook The bad server was using the Squeeze package from Indexdata...
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07:16 cait eythian++
07:27 * magnuse waves
07:27 * cait waves back
07:27 magnuse :-)
07:28 magnuse one month and we are hackfesting like mad!
07:31 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:31 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Saint Victoret, France is 2.1°C (8:31 AM CET on February 03, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 29.49 in 999 hPa (Falling).
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07:44 reiveune hello
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07:58 alex_a bonjour
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08:05 Viktor joined #koha
08:08 magnuse bonjour france et Viktor
08:08 magnuse Viktor: ready to sign up for the hackfest yet?
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08:11 Viktor Bonjour Magnuse! Not quite got everything sorted. But still looking promising.
08:11 magnuse woohoo :-)
08:12 Viktor And I know Sthlm university is going.
08:13 Viktor Would be nice to meet you, Oslo, Vara and Sthlm at the same time.
08:13 magnuse vara?
08:14 magnuse we could have a nordic mini-meetup :-)
08:14 magnuse ah vara = kivilahtio
08:20 kivilahtio magnuse: you mean in Marseilles?
08:20 kivilahtio magnuse: I need to go buy some spare parts for my bike. The pedaling crank broke :(
08:21 kivilahtio magnuse: We have been planning to visit Oslo last month :) but apparently there hasn't been that much momentum to make it happen on a national level (as it was supposed to happen)
08:21 kivilahtio magnuse: my gut feeling is that we cannot make the trip to Oslo with the representatives of the national library and central library.
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08:22 kivilahtio magnuse: but I can represent Finland to the best of my abilities in the hacfest pre/post-conference
08:22 kivilahtio magnuse: I'll be back in an hour or so
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08:39 gaetan_B hello
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08:54 magnuse kivilahtio: i was just thinking we could all go sit in a corner at some time during the hackfest and talk amongst ourselves in langauges the others won't understand ;-)
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09:13 magnuse moin drojf
09:14 drojf hei magnuse
09:14 drojf and hi #koha
09:15 magnuse ashimema: just curious: how far have you gotten with pianohacker's rest api code?
09:24 kivilahtio magnuse: I can't understand your languages. I can just sit happily
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09:56 tsp_ how to get authority records for publishers
09:56 tsp_ is it possible to get publishers authority data
09:56 tsp_ so that one can avoid typing it repeatadly
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10:02 cait hi #koha
11:16 cait Joubu++
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11:22 reiveune1 !ping
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12:47 Joubu stupid timezone
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12:50 cait Joubu: true
12:52 oleonard Hi #koha
12:53 Joubu hi oleonard!
12:54 oleonard Is there any reason for Bug 13651 to be "verified wishlist" instead of "new?"
12:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13651 enhancement, P3, ---, koha-bugs, VERIFIED WISHLIST, Provision for monthly library fee
12:54 cait hi oleonard
12:55 cait i think a misunderstnding on how we use bugzilla maybe
12:55 cait if you look at the help in bugzilla verified probably has some meaing of 'it's a real thing'
12:55 cait is my guess
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13:29 tcohen morning
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13:34 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
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13:55 tcohen Joubu: i've been reading Jaceck's idea of caching the db connection
13:56 tcohen we need to make a decision on what handler to use
13:57 Joubu tcohen: on bug 13645?
13:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13645 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , DBIx connection needs to be cached
13:57 tcohen yes
13:58 tcohen the recent problems you found, are related to a bug that made DBIx:Class use the C4::Context->dbh handler
13:58 tcohen specifically, because older DBIx::Class does close the connexion without being asked
13:58 tcohen i think this caching could make things even worse
13:59 Joubu tcohen: because the connexion wasn't cached
13:59 Joubu it's what my patch does
13:59 Joubu ha
13:59 tcohen we need to discuss this on the dev meeting
13:59 tcohen for broader opinions
14:00 Joubu what could we do?
14:01 tcohen on that bug, a decision was made, to reuse C4::Context->dbh in DBIx::Class
14:01 tcohen it avoided the task to do it the other way around
14:02 tcohen (i.e. have DBIC set the connection, with its probable own caching tools)
14:02 tcohen i have no clear ideas on the best way to do it
14:02 tcohen but am convinced we need to find a sound way of doing this
14:03 Joubu why do you think the patch will make things worse?
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14:06 lds hello
14:06 lds paul_p: hello
14:06 paul_p tcohen => lds is here
14:07 lds tcohen: hello
14:07 tcohen heh
14:07 tcohen thanks paul_p
14:07 tcohen lds: hi
14:07 tcohen we need to make a DNS change
14:08 tcohen pointing ->
14:08 lds tcohen: ok
14:08 tcohen thanks!
14:09 tcohen bgkriegel is trying to put the pieces together to have the PDF manual built
14:12 lds tcohen: but biblibre do not manage DNS ZONE
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14:13 Joubu tcohen: I think it's Chris
14:13 lds tcohen: may be chris
14:16 codavid joined #koha
14:19 tcohen hmpf
14:19 tcohen I thought you did!
14:20 tcohen @later tell rangi please do this DNS change ->
14:20 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
14:21 tcohen lds, paul_p thanks anyway!
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14:48 Joubu khall: Is there a reason circ/ needs the perm circulate_remaining_permissions but tools/ needs tools => * ?
14:49 Joubu it means that a librarian cannot upload the .koc files generated offline
14:49 khall Joubu: sounds like a bug to me
14:51 Joubu khall: actually the upload script could be used for something else, but it's not
14:51 Joubu should we move it into the circ dir?
14:51 cait left #koha
14:52 Joubu I am not sure how to fix that correctly
14:52 khall Joubu: not sure. Maybe we should just change the permissions, and document why. That way if another use for it comes along it can be checked for other permissiosn
14:53 Joubu khall: yep it makes sense, thanks
14:53 khall np!
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15:10 Joubu khall: do you have ByWater's customers on Koha 3.18 with use_zebra_facets enabled?
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15:49 bag Joubu: no partners on 3.18 currently
15:49 reiveune joined #koha
15:50 Joubu bag: ok thanks!
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16:06 tcohen khall: was my answer tl;dr?
16:06 khall tcohen: nope, you just beat me to the send button ; )
16:07 tcohen heh
16:07 tcohen Joubu: reminded me of a "TODO" I put on hte zebra facets code :/
16:07 tcohen that might be an important one regarding speed
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16:18 fridolin bye
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16:46 ashimema_ anyone here using crosref for anything?
16:46 ashimema_ crossref.. even
16:47 ashimema_ hmm.. seems it's pretty uk.. broadening the question.. anyone got any recommendations on OAI harvesting
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17:18 cait tcohen: still around?
17:23 tcohen cait: apt-cache policy idzebra-2.0 ?
17:24 cait sec - but i think the same as cindy's we checked last night
17:24 tcohen i just want to know where are you picking it from
17:24 cait 2.0.59-1.indexdata
17:24 cait indexdata
17:24 cait i think a leftover from when i was testing pazpar2 with pianohacker
17:24 cait it required newer versions, so we added the repo
17:25 tcohen so, you don't use Ubuntu's/Debian's but indexdata's
17:26 cait looks like it
17:26 wahanui Can we get some hard data on that?
17:26 cait we just did wahanui!
17:28 tcohen can u copy your repo configuration?
17:28 rsz joined #koha
17:28 cait sources thing?
17:29 cait tcohen: where?
17:30 tcohen yes, the source
17:30 wahanui i think the source is good.
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17:32 gaetan_B bye
17:34 nengard joined #koha
17:38 tcohen cait: I cannot install the newest idzebra from the repo
17:39 tcohen did you run into any dependency issues fr that?
17:39 cait not that i remember
17:39 cait it's probably been set up like that formnths now
17:39 cait but on other bad news... since we tried fixing things last night my search now is totall ybrooken in opac :(
17:40 cait i just reran Makefile.PL from scratch and deleted koha-dev before i did... but still broken
17:40 tcohen cait: just rm -rf ~/koha-dev ; perl Makefile.PL
17:40 cait *sigh*
17:40 cait oh and reindexed
17:40 cait of course
17:40 cait yep i did that
17:40 cait no luck
17:43 tcohen cait, i cannot even install that zebra version on 14.04
17:43 tcohen (dependency issues)
17:44 cait werid
17:44 tcohen we should warn people so they use the distro-provided zebra package
17:44 cait but cindy got it too
17:44 cait can i try to switch back?
17:44 tcohen cindy, somehow, has the same idzebra version
17:45 tcohen her logs say "...[log] zebra_start 2.0.59..."
17:45 cait she probably added the indexdata repo too
17:45 cait at some point
17:46 cait trying to fix mine now
17:47 cait hm i still get ... trying to install 2.0.59
17:47 cait and i deactivated the indexdata repositories
17:48 tcohen grep -R indexdata /etc/apt/*
17:48 tcohen s/(.*)/sudo $1/
17:49 cait hmmm still there
17:49 cait but i removed them using the gui
17:49 cait strange
17:49 cait can i just delete them?
17:49 tcohen you could comment it
17:49 tcohen can you paste the line?
17:49 tcohen so I try myself?
17:55 cait sorry, got distracted
17:55 cait it's several lines
17:56 tcohen i'm missing something
17:56 tcohen I have
17:56 tcohen deb wheezy main
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18:04 tcohen cait?
18:04 wahanui cait is from germany. Ask me about germany.
18:04 cait sorry paste coming up
18:05 tcohen @later tell Joubu I think I found the speed problem in the facets
18:05 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:07 collum joined #koha
18:07 cait
18:09 tcohen cait: that looks like you have it commented our
18:09 tcohen out
18:10 cait yeah but I did sudo apt-get remove idzebra-2.0
18:10 cait and now sudo apt-get install idzebra-2.0
18:10 cait and i complains about wanting to install the new version and missing dependencies
18:11 tcohen so it doesn't install right now for you, just as with my setup
18:11 rsz joined #koha
18:11 tcohen I'm not alone :-P
18:11 rsz my vanilla koha installation is _very_ slow, when accessed over the web, where can I start tuning?
18:11 mtj cait, you did apt-get update too?
18:12 cait yes
18:12 mtj ok, just checking
18:12 tcohen rsz: how slow? doing what task?
18:13 rsz tcohen: any link clicked, takes atleast 15 seconds to respond...
18:13 mtj rsz: yr koha is much faster on the LAN?
18:14 rsz for example I was setting up the first library via db admin login, every page takes atleast 15-20 seconds to show up...
18:14 rsz the setup is done on cloud as of now for evaluation..
18:15 rsz one web server machine and db server seperate machine..
18:16 rsz I had done the setup of the db on the same machine, I thought that was the cause of slowness, but even after moving the db to a seperate machine, the page loads are still the same!! so most probably some tuning needs to be done that I am not aware of...
18:16 mtj rsz, i would use top and apache logs myself
18:17 rsz ok.. I will start there thanks :-)
18:18 tcohen rsz: also try iotop
18:18 tcohen there might be too much iowait there
18:18 rsz ok..
18:19 mtj 'apachectl status' is good too
18:20 rsz_ joined #koha
18:20 mtj hey rsz, what koha version?
18:21 tcohen cait: it is sad that i cannot reproduce to aid debugging
18:21 cait yeah and also that i don't know more about how this all works *sigh*
18:33 cait hmpf
18:33 cait i have removed utils too
18:33 cait i can't even install koha-common rightnow :(
18:33 cait i have held back defect packages?
18:33 cait anyone?
18:33 wahanui Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
18:34 tcohen you need to comment the indexdata's repo out
18:37 rangi yeah
18:37 reiveune joined #koha
18:39 tcohen hi rangi!
18:39 cait tcohen: thought it was?
18:40 rangi did you do an apt-get update?
18:40 tcohen it seemed
18:40 rangi tcohen: dns change made, not sure how long it will take to propogate
18:41 tcohen no worries
18:41 tcohen thanks
18:41 nengard joined #koha
18:41 cait rangi: yes, but i will do it again
18:42 tcohen cait: sudo apt-get remove koha-deps ; sudo apt-get autoremove
18:42 tcohen just in case
18:42 cait i will do once the update is done, not seeing indexdata listed so far
18:43 cait removing things now
18:43 cait ah -doc and -common
18:44 tcohen hmpf, the amount of time needed to calculate the facets is linear with respect to the amount of facets to retrieve
18:45 tcohen so elem zebra::facet::au:0:100 takes 1.3s and elem zebra::facet::au:0:10 around 0.13s
18:45 * tcohen is trying to find the bottleneck
18:45 tcohen our default (20) is not a bad one
18:47 cait tcohen: looks like this is working
18:50 wnickc joined #koha
18:50 tcohen @later tell Joubu try FacetMaxCount = 10 with use_zebra_facets
18:50 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
19:02 tcohen later #koha
19:39 cait @later tell tcohen facets are working now again
19:39 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
19:40 Viktor joined #koha
19:43 tcohen joined #koha
19:43 tcohen hi there
19:44 cait tcohen: back to a working search :D
19:44 * tcohen read
19:44 tcohen exzcellent
19:45 tcohen now, we need to try setting the newest zebra, and finding what changed
19:45 tcohen heh
20:01 NateC joined #koha
20:22 rangi back
20:23 cait wb rangi
20:26 Dyrcona joined #koha
20:32 tcohen hi rangi
20:33 Viktor joined #koha
20:50 wizzyrea tcohen++ for heroic tackling of zebras.
20:51 tcohen heh
20:51 tcohen you mean, unsuccessfully? :-P
20:51 tcohen we'll find out
20:51 wizzyrea wrestling, wrangling, lassoing, your choice.
20:51 tcohen domesticating?
20:51 wizzyrea whichever verb you choose, it will probably end up with a subdued zebra.
20:51 tcohen *does that exist?
20:52 wizzyrea more like, compliant.
20:52 wizzyrea maybe not domesticated
20:52 wizzyrea trained?
20:52 wizzyrea there we go.
20:52 tcohen it is the second time in my life that I read/listen to that word: subdued
20:52 tcohen :-D
20:52 wizzyrea hehe
20:53 tcohen the first one was in "The unforgiven"
20:53 tcohen "... and quickly he's subdued..."
20:54 wizzyrea I wonder which instructions people are following that they get their zebras from indexdata, instead of debian/ubuntu
20:54 wizzyrea it seems clear that the debian packages *don't* track indexdata closely.
21:01 tcohen we need to tackle problems with newer zebras before they hit Debian
21:04 Dyrcona joined #koha
21:12 eythian hi
21:12 cait hi eythian
21:13 eythian hello cait
21:16 cait hi eythian
21:18 pianohacker joined #koha
21:19 magnuse tcohen: ooh, metallica!
21:20 tcohen \o/
21:21 eythian cait: you just said that
21:21 cait right
21:21 eythian cait: are you a bot? You have to tell us if you are.
21:21 cait my head hurts tonight, side effects
21:21 magnuse \m/
21:22 wizzyrea I meant people who were installing production servers
21:23 eythian wizzyrea: the debian packages are reasonably current for when they're released, but they won't get updated beyond that. Jessie has 2.0.59.
21:23 tcohen ohhhhhh
21:24 wizzyrea eythian++ for knowing all the things
21:24 rangi right, so we definitely need to find out the issue before jessie becomes the new stable
21:24 magnuse or switch to ES ;-)
21:24 eythian magnuse: getting there :)
21:26 magnuse excellent!
21:26 magnuse well, have fun #koha!
21:26 eythian bye magnuse
21:26 cait eythian: what if i was?
21:27 eythian *were
21:27 eythian and, then you'd have to tell us
21:27 cait why?
21:27 eythian it's the rules
21:28 cait which rules?
21:28 eythian all of them.
21:29 rangi[…]l-the-necromouser
21:30 wizzyrea lol that's adorable
21:30 * cait dislikes facets strongly right now
21:30 eythian you don't anna fix the display of facets in the ES code, do you?
21:30 rangi so do most users
21:31 rangi so you aren't alone
21:31 * jcamins likes facets. Anyone who uses the word non-ironically is immediately identified as a librarian.
21:31 jcamins Too many people can pronounce "shibboleth" in this day and age.
21:32 eythian jcamins: though, you can tell where they're from by how they pronounce it.
21:34 cait trying to figureout why a search returning 22 results would not show both itemtypes in the result set as facets
21:35 eythian is it only showing one?
21:35 eythian or showing zero?
21:36 cait oh it depends on the sorting option you choose :(
21:36 cait poor tcohen already got me complaining about it
21:36 cait or had to listen to me complaining about it...
21:36 cait tcohen++
21:37 * tcohen hides
21:39 wnickc wizzyrea++ highfives, virtual or otherwise, are the best
21:40 wizzyrea highfive!
21:40 wahanui o/* HIGHFIVE *o
21:40 wizzyrea aw.
21:40 wizzyrea well close enough
21:40 wizzyrea :)
21:40 tcohen DisplayLibraryFacets
21:41 cait hm?
21:41 tcohen nothing, I didn't remember that syspref, sorry
21:55 eythian
21:56 eythian <-- also funny
21:58 * wizzyrea blinks at some of those
21:58 wizzyrea that's funny in an "oh god, seriously, humanity?" kind of way.
21:59 JoeLib001 joined #koha
21:59 wizzyrea however, the erowid ones are quite funny
21:59 wizzyrea reminds me of kim kirkekardashian.
21:59 eythian <-- similar
22:01 JoeLib001 I am trying to get Catalog Search to work. I have a package install of koha and tried to reindex zebra and that didn't help any.
22:01 JoeLib001 Anyone have any ideas? It started doing this when I upgraded to Koha 3.18.3. XD
22:01 eythian what happens when you try?
22:02 wizzyrea
22:02 wizzyrea what version of zebra are you using?
22:03 wizzyrea zebraidx -V
22:05 JoeLib001 Hmm..., it seems like it re-indexes just fine, but the new item I entered doesn't show up.
22:05 JoeLib001 Zebra 2.0.44
22:06 JoeLib001 I just re-installed everything to see, if that would help too.... XD
22:06 ngourlay joined #koha
22:06 JoeLib001 Has something changed in how records are hidden?
22:08 eythian What do you mean? Since when? Are you using hidden things?
22:08 JoeLib001 I can search for my Acquisitions Orders, but the OPAC and Z39.50 don't work.
22:08 eythian how are you running your reindex?
22:08 JoeLib001 sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v koha
22:09 eythian that should be pretty correct
22:09 eythian you are getting search results at all?
22:09 cait aas you asked about hidden - does it work when turning opacsuppression off?
22:09 cait and with that... i am going to bed :) night all!
22:10 JoeLib001 Nope, I'm getting no search results.
22:10 cait left #koha
22:10 JoeLib001 I can pull the records up by their biblionumber though.
22:11 eythian right
22:11 eythian so "but the new item I entered doesn't show up" is not the whole truth? nothing at all shows up?
22:11 JoeLib001 It's actually setup as don't hide.
22:12 JoeLib001 I was able to search for old stuff until I re-installed everything.
22:12 JoeLib001 I can't search for any titles.
22:12 eythian OK, I think two things are being conflated here making it confusing.
22:12 eythian First step: make sure zebra is running
22:12 eythian sudo service koha-common restart
22:13 JoeLib001 ok
22:14 JoeLib001 'heh, that worked. XD
22:15 JoeLib001 Thanks, eythian. :-) Apparently I hadn't done that after I re-installed everything. XD
22:15 * eythian wishes again that Koha would say "zebra isn't running" rather than "no results" when that happens.
22:15 eythian it should start automatically, but there's situations I've not really figured out where it doesn't seem to.
22:15 JoeLib001 That would be helpful. ;-)
22:15 JoeLib001 gotcha.
22:18 JoshB joined #koha
22:18 nengard left #koha
22:19 mtj eythian: erowid link is genuis
22:27 mtj its fun to think of various combinations
22:33 JoshB joined #koha
22:36 eythian I really need to write a guide for migrating data from an old Koha to a new package-installed one. The instructions that people tend to cite are not the best.
22:36 dcook ^
22:37 eythian[…]0installed%20Koha <-- this one, for example, tells you to drop your database and then create it. All that does is get rid of the grants on the original that are done to make sure it works.
22:48 JoeLib001 Thanks again eythinan. :-)
22:48 eythian np
22:53 wizzyrea I think eythian has the highest question -> happy user ratio here.
22:54 * eythian starts providing wrong answers
22:54 wizzyrea lol.
22:59 chrisvella joined #koha
23:11 jenkins_koha Starting build #67 for job Koha_3.16.x_U14 (previous build: STILL FAILING)
23:16 chrisvella joined #koha
23:17 BobB[…]d-a-user-s-guide/
23:17 BobB :)
23:23 BobB joined #koha
23:31 JoshB joined #koha
23:33 chrisvella joined #koha
23:38 tcohen @later tell cait seems to work here :-/
23:38 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
23:38 tcohen @later tell cait things look... consistent
23:38 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
23:40 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.16.x_U14 build #67: NOW UNSTABLE in 29 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_3.16.x_U14/67/
23:40 jenkins_koha Mason James: fix for 13331 [Bug 13331] Subfield does not show in cataloging editor - if subfield is disabled in OPAC/enabled in Staff, via frameworks
23:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13331 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , Subfield does not show in cataloging editor - if subfield is disabled in OPAC/enabled in Staff, via frameworks
23:51 NateC joined #koha
23:53 dcook Adventures in ICU + Zebra continue
23:53 tcohen dcook: Zebra 2.0.59?
23:53 dcook On the plus side, I'm learning all about Unicode Regular Expressions:
23:53 BobB_ joined #koha
23:53 dcook Because you know... who doesn't want to learn about that
23:53 Dyrcona joined #koha
23:53 dcook tcohen: Yeah, I found the problem surfaces in 2.0.59, but I think it can be avoided via the icu-words.xml thing
23:54 tcohen which problem specifically?
23:54 dcook The truncation of words that contain hyphens
23:55 dcook I've noticed that ICU tries to tokenize, but it just keeps the start of the word
23:55 dcook And discards the hyphen and anything after it
23:55 tcohen that's called... right truncation? :-P
23:55 dcook I've noticed in non-ICU that it'll break a hyphenated word into separate terms
23:56 dcook yeah, but it shouldn't be truncating :p
23:56 tcohen ah
23:56 dcook It should be tokenizing
23:56 dcook And it's not really
23:56 dcook Or it's getting halfway through and deciding "nah"
23:56 tcohen heh
23:56 dcook But this isn't a problem for numbers because of this line:
23:56 dcook <transliterate rule="[:Number:] { '-' > '' "/>
23:56 tcohen i was revisiting zebra's source code, again
23:56 dcook Poor tcohen
23:56 * tcohen agrees
23:57 * dcook figures if we turn a "-" into a " ", all will probably be well... or about the same as in non-ICU at least
23:57 tcohen i want it not to abort if an elementSet doesn't exist in a multi-elementSet context
23:58 dcook multi-elementSet, you say?
23:58 dcook How does that work?
23:58 tcohen that's why we cannot retrieve all facets at once
23:58 tcohen like in
23:58 tcohen elem zebra::facet::itype:0:20,se:0:20,au:0:20
23:58 tcohen ;)
23:59 tcohen i aborted the idea once i figured zebra would return an error code ("elem doesn't exit") if some facet doesn't have any member

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