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12:31 drojf is this page still valid?[…]g_to_dom_indexing
12:32 drojf i wasn't sure so i did not pass it around on the mailing list
12:33 drojf we should have up to date information on that somewhere, there will be more people with the wrong zebra_*_index_mode
12:33 drojf and since gprs is deprecated and all…
12:38 drojf @later tell cait you mean like[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9248 ? ;)
12:38 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
12:38 huginn Bug 9248: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Failed QA , Add a German Zebra language definition file
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14:11 drojf the message for zebra_bib_grs_warn on suggests that setting zebra_bib_index_mode to 'dom' is enough to switch to dom indexing. is that true these days? (given the mail on the list, i assume it is not, but it sounds like it is supposed to?)
14:34 jcamins drojf: not at all true, no.
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18:48 cait hi #koha
18:49 cait @later tell drojf then we should fix it :)
18:49 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
18:49 drojf @later tell cait ok :)
18:49 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
18:49 cait oh hey :)
18:49 drojf hi
18:49 drojf that was fun :)
18:49 cait sorry, just got back from a weekend trip
18:50 drojf oh nice
18:51 cait we were at a chocolate christmas market...
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18:59 rangi  sweet aleisha fixed the scaling issue
19:00 rangi morning
19:01 drojf hi rangi
19:01 drojf cait: oh chocolate. what did you bring for us? :)
19:01 cait morning rangi
19:01 cait 2kg ritter sport surprise bag? :)
19:01 cait and one roses and one with rapsberry... i think
19:02 drojf sounds great :D
19:08 drojf i accidentally added >2mb translation stuff to a patch. that would have had a nice impact on my contributed lines ;)
19:09 cait heh
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20:26 * wizzyrea gives a monday wave
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20:45 wizzyrea ibeardslee:[…]out-the-internet/
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20:59 ibeardslee wizzyrea: ohhh
21:00 ibeardslee Good to see things like that happen
21:00 wizzyrea amazing eh
21:01 wizzyrea some libraries in kansas doing it too, I'm told.
21:02 wizzyrea It is also testing its model with state library systems in Kansas and Maine. < NEKLS, to be exact.
21:02 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
21:02 wizzyrea forget it
21:02 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot it
21:02 ibeardslee NZ should be able to do something like that in all libraries
21:03 ibeardslee we have a UFB network going through the country, we should be able to have a solid backbone that have ISPs peered
21:03 wizzyrea exactly
21:03 wizzyrea rural areas are a bit hard
21:03 wizzyrea some places that still have line of sight phone
21:04 wizzyrea though getting better maybe.
21:04 ibeardslee not that hard, .. although depends how you do it.  if you can get network to a community centre and encourage people to use that, it is a start
21:04 wizzyrea *nod*
21:05 ibeardslee sigh .. for a big lotto win
21:05 wizzyrea yeah, or less douchey politicians
21:06 ibeardslee yep .. paying for carbon credits so we can increase emmisions seems to be more important
21:06 wizzyrea so dumb, I know we can do better at carbon emissions.
21:08 ibeardslee unfortunately a big lotto win is more likely than less douchey politicians
21:09 * ibeardslee is too young to be so cynical
21:10 wizzyrea it's part of the plan to make good people feel hopeless.
21:10 wizzyrea so they won't object.
21:15 ibeardslee that and subsidising reality TV
21:24 eythian hi
21:24 wahanui niihau, eythian
21:34 jcamins wizzyrea: unfortunately, the libraries still aren't at times when people might want to go in to check out the access points.
21:34 wizzyrea aren't what? open?
21:34 eythian yeah, that sentence no verb.
21:35 jcamins Heh.
21:35 jcamins Yeah, open.
21:35 wizzyrea :( that sucks
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22:13 * magnuse waves at all the cool people then promptly falls asleep
22:18 ibeardslee still need to find a way to bootstrap things like that .. do you still need to go irl to join a library?
22:19 dcook ibeardslee, depends on the library, I suppose?
22:19 dcook If it's a public library, you almost always need to show some proof of residence
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22:20 ibeardslee yeah true.  But I suppose once that has happened then, online checkout/delivery of books/access points are possible although, I imagine, costly.
22:21 dcook Hmm, good question
22:21 ibeardslee .. feel free to tweak punctuation
22:21 dcook hehe
22:21 dcook I've heard stories about "libraries" that are essentially just post boxes
22:21 dcook But I suppose that's still shipping to a "central" location
22:21 dcook Not to the users
22:21 dcook online checkout would be rad
22:22 dcook Very rad in fact
22:22 dcook Damn it, why don't libraries do that...
22:22 dcook :p
22:22 ibeardslee yeah .. I had a discussion a while back with wizzyrea about how the library access is a tablet of some sort.
22:22 ibeardslee electronic delivery of books
22:23 ibeardslee and other research, information access
22:23 wizzyrea curated things
22:23 ibeardslee yes
22:23 dcook I'm not sure I understand?
22:23 dcook Wait..
22:23 dcook "I'm not sure I understand."*
22:24 * dcook is always confused when people put question marks instead of full stops.
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22:24 eythian dcook: hello!
22:24 ibeardslee instead of a library card, people get a tablet that gives access to the library's resources
22:25 eythian what is this, star trek?
22:25 dcook heya, eythian :)
22:25 dcook ibeardslee: I'm also thinking star trek
22:26 dcook Sounds interesting. I wish I were more connected with my local library
22:26 dcook In the past, it was too far to walk from my house
22:26 dcook Now it's close enough to walk to, but it's a bit past my house... so I never go that far after work :p
22:27 eythian <-- related story about checking out the internet
22:27 ibeardslee walk home a different way
22:28 eythian <-- here's a guide
22:31 wizzyrea yeah, libraries think they need complicated software to manage computers
22:32 wizzyrea but what they really need, and what I always advocated for, was exactly what he described there.
22:32 wizzyrea a barcode, associated with a computer, with hourly loans and fines.
22:33 ibeardslee scan your card to 'login' and that kicks you off after your time.
22:33 wizzyrea even that's too complicated.
22:35 eythian ibeardslee:
22:35 eythian <neale> ha, nice
22:35 eythian <neale> SpaceHobo, what you don't understand is that we must apply technology to everything.
22:35 eythian <SpaceHobo> haha yeah
22:35 eythian <neale> It is a moral imperative
22:35 eythian <neale> cf: voting
22:35 eythian (those are the bits immediately after the paste)
22:35 wizzyrea yeah, it's always been a peeve of mine when people try to solve people problems with an overuse of technology.
22:36 wizzyrea often you don't have a technical problem - you have a people problem that seems like you might have to be confrontational so you seek a technical solution to that.
22:36 wizzyrea "I can't do anything about it, the computer says your time is up"
22:36 ibeardslee if I don't have to deal with people that's a win ;)
22:37 wizzyrea haha.
22:37 ibeardslee .. or maybe if people don't have to deal with me ..
22:37 dcook hehe
22:38 * wizzyrea is torn on being nice or being snarktastic
22:38 eythian[…]41070697716412417
22:38 dcook It's a tough one. If you're only able to go to the library that day to print off your resume, and everyone else is hogging the computers (even if they are getting fines), that doesn't really help the person who needs to print off their resume :/
22:39 wizzyrea yeah, this is why libraries have staff. :P
22:39 rangi i should get to see those in person tomorrow :)
22:39 wizzyrea i want some of those beads for soren.
22:39 dcook Those are rad
22:39 dcook I need some of those beads :p
22:40 eythian I'll see if they have extras
22:40 eythian it's possible they're only giving them out to people from overseas though
22:40 wizzyrea if they don't, at least find out where they got them ;)
22:40 eythian locals should know that sun == death
22:40 wizzyrea please and thank you
22:41 wizzyrea besides "the internet" though that's a valid answer - I just want to know if they walked into a shop and bought them.
22:41 wizzyrea or ordered them online.
22:45 dcook Oh man... the sun in Greece was awesome
22:45 dcook You could be in the sun all the time and not burn
22:46 dcook It was weird
22:46 dcook But awesome
22:48 eythian yeah, I found that in Europe too.
22:48 eythian spend all day walking in the sun and might be a little red at the end of it
23:09 dcook Yep. It's pretty great. Now that summer is here/approaching, I need to remember that I can't go outside for 5 minutes without sunscreen.
23:30 dcook @later tell tcohen back! I missed you too :)
23:30 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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