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00:02 dcook Good ol' Javascript caching...
00:02 dcook Could not figure out why the patch wasn't working...
00:02 dcook Shift + F5 ftw
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01:17 rangi[…]n-slice-of-heaven
01:21 wizzyrea <commence internal dancing>
01:28 wizzyrea[…]e-love-rudimental < this is the next one that it gave me
01:28 wizzyrea which I quite like.
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02:05 wizzyrea the related/recommendeds from that song are quite good.
02:06 wizzyrea
02:23 dcook Interwebs question for whoever...
02:23 dcook So you register a domain name with a registrar
02:23 dcook Do you then set up cnames and anames with the register to point to your external IP address?
02:24 dcook The cname and aname records would be for a DNS server...
02:24 * dcook really needs to just register a domain one of these days
02:24 eythian you point the registrar to a name server of your choosing
02:25 eythian and that name server turns names into addresses, whether A or CNAME
02:25 dcook Mmm, that makes sense
02:25 dcook And that's how people run their own name servers, yeah?
02:25 eythian yep
02:25 dcook Ahhhhhh
02:25 eythian though I probably wouldn't run my own server
02:26 dcook I wouldn't by choice, but I think this person might be... will have to ask
02:26 dcook And companies like GoDaddy run name servers as well?
02:26 dcook As sort of a one stop shop?
02:26 eythian yep
02:27 eythian (although godaddy in general seems to be a terrible company, I wouldn't recommend them.)
02:27 eythian also, they have the UI of ... well, something with a horrifically bad UI
02:27 dcook Yeah, I hear truly awful things about them
02:27 eythian last I used them, some years ago.
02:27 dcook I think I heard something good about crazydomains recently, but I have no idea really :/
02:27 dcook Other than to avoid godaddy :p
02:27 rangi yeah it took literally days to get my domains off
02:28 dcook :(
02:29 eythian I've been meaning to move my stuff to, mostly because a) my current one has moved their DNS to which is probably a step for the worse, and b) I know the people who work for/own iwmn.
02:30 dcook Always handy knowing people
02:32 ibeardslee my personal stuff (and things for a couple of others) is with iwmn
02:36 dcook Hmm, so an A record points to an ip address...
02:36 dcook But what about subdomains?
02:36 eythian ipv4. AAAA points to ipv6
02:36 dcook Couldn't you use subdomains to point a few different subdomains to different IP addresses?
02:36 eythian yes
02:37 dcook Hmm, I think I'm reading some crappy docs online
02:38 * dcook really should read some Lovecraft one of these days..
02:39 eythian It'll help with most software stuff
02:39 eythian <-- look how much more accurate the puppet docs are, for example
02:41 mtj hey #koha,  is anyone using https OPAC. out there?
02:42 mtj ..i think i might have hit a bug with the opac shelf-browser, and https
02:42 eythian mtj: we have some I think
02:42 mtj just curious to confirm with someone else...
02:43 eythian <-- here's a public one
02:43 * eythian wishes they'd get some design work, black and grey is so dour
02:43 mtj thanx again eythian :0)
02:44 mtj hmm, no bug on https://ashs
02:45 mtj ok, thats good :)
02:46 wizzyrea what's the bug?
02:46 wahanui rumour has it the bug is it stores biblionumber not itemnumber
02:47 wizzyrea also, mtj, are you in prog or bootstrap?
02:47 wizzyrea eythian: you remember when ashs was pea green eh
02:48 eythian yeah
02:48 wizzyrea I daresay it's a bit of an improvement >.>
02:48 eythian <-- that's not bad though
02:48 wizzyrea nope, that's pretty.
02:48 wizzyrea our designers could make a gorgeous koha with that.
02:49 wizzyrea now I am extra sad.
02:50 mtj ah yes, good point wizzyrea - the bug is on a prog opac
02:51 mtj i'll test on a BS opac too
02:51 wizzyrea you just did :)
02:52 mtj ha s/bs/prog/
02:52 wizzyrea might work, dunno if they have the shelf browser on
02:53 wizzyrea omg.
03:05 dcook Who wha?
03:05 dcook Got distracted
03:07 * dcook likes black and gray :p
03:07 dcook O_O
03:11 dcook Dang, AWS sure has a lot of services...
03:15 eythian stock dev install from master doesn't work with apache 2.4
03:15 eythian (it gets a 403 error due to permission changes)
03:16 eythian http://keyshop.pimpmykeyboard.[…]s/beer-break-keys
03:27 dcook I was wondering if you were having any more luck with the dev install, eythian
03:27 dcook Haven't had a look lately myself
03:27 dcook Mmm beer
03:27 eythian Oh, I know how to figure out how to fix it, I just haven't yet
03:46 eythian I still haven't got stupid zebra to work again though
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03:47 eythian oh, the stock dev install also asks if you want to download a .pl file because it doesn't know how to handle it
03:48 wizzyrea @later tell tcohen the wee babe is fantastically beautiful, congratulations
03:48 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
03:51 dcook eythian: download a .pl? :S
03:52 eythian yeah, instead of executing it
03:52 eythian I was sure I'd fixed this in the packages, but you think I can find the line that does it now...
03:53 eythian AddHandler cgi-script .pl
03:53 eythian that's what I need
03:58 eythian hmm well that failed to work
03:59 eythian ah, a2enmod cgid may also be necessary
03:59 eythian it is
03:59 eythian I'm going to have to do some proper testing on jessie to make sure that all works
04:00 eythian this may accelerate my deprecation of squeeze
04:02 eythian damnit, why is my pocket full of crumbs
04:05 dcook O_o
04:06 eythian some time in the recent past I'd put a cupcake wrapper in there, and then forgot to move it to a rubbish bin like the plan was.
04:06 eythian it finally reached critical crumminess
04:06 kathryn phew, we can all sleep tonight with that mystery solved
04:06 kathryn oh hi dcook and all :)
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04:14 dcook hey kathryn :)
04:15 dcook hehe critical crumminess
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06:50 * cait waves to #koha
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06:51 eythian hi cait
06:51 cait hi eythian
06:51 cait quite late for you?
06:51 eythian yeah, got stuck into a thing that I'm doing, didn't want to stop while it's moving along.
06:52 cait :)
06:52 cait something interseting?
06:53 eythian adding a user provisioning API, so that another system can automatically add/update users in Koha.
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07:15 cait eythian: ah
07:15 cait eythian: i have heard several people talking about somehting like that lately
07:15 akafred Greetings, kohalians :-) I see there is a thread on the mailing list mentioning MariaDB and mysql. Does the koha-community explicitly plan for Koha to support both in the event that they introduce (significant) incompatibilities? (see[…]ql-compatibility/ )
07:16 cait we are working towards using dbix - so i think the goal is to support more than just those 2
07:17 cait and one of the things jenkins does is running the tests on a server with mariadb
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07:21 cait which doesn't answre your question I guess :)
07:21 cait i think there is no official plan but if some of us are already using it, I think the chances would be that problems would get fixed
07:21 cait morning drojf
07:22 cait will be gone again most of today... project management course
07:22 cait bye
07:22 cait left #koha
07:23 drojf hi cait. bye cait
07:24 magnuse akafred: we can't force anyone to do anything, so i think database support depends on people wanting it enough to work on it
07:24 * magnuse waves at #koha in general
07:25 drojf hei magnuse
07:31 rangi most likely we'd stick with the non oracle one, if it had to be a choice
07:34 magnuse moin drojf
07:35 magnuse yeah, that was at the back of my mind too, rangi
07:35 magnuse maybe i'll find the time to switch to maria in 2015
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07:35 magnuse hm, maybe ot could be an option in kohadevbox...
07:36 magnuse Oak
07:36 Oak magnuse
07:36 * Oak waves
07:36 magnuse \o/
07:36 Oak \o//
07:36 Oak oh
07:37 magnuse bug 13359 looks like a step in the right direction
07:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13359 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Stable , provide virtual-mysql-server Depends On to facilitate alternate mysql implementations
07:38 magnuse bug 5366 might need some attention
07:38 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5366 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Failed QA , Koha does not work right with MariaDB
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07:39 reiveune hello
07:40 rangi im not sure anything more is needed, we are running about 11 production sites on mariadb
07:40 rangi a couple for more than a year now
07:41 magnuse ah, cool
07:41 magnuse i thought i knew you were running *something* on mariadb, but i didn't know it was that much
07:42 magnuse rangi: is 5366 still relevant?
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07:45 marcelr hi #koha
07:45 Oak hi marcelr
07:45 marcelr :)
07:45 drojf i made a small patch for the dom/grs-thingy in (bug 13404) and i think we should have another one changing the piece that says to use dom you have to (only) set <zebra_*_index_mode> to dom. it would make sense to have that in 3.18 to prevent misconfiguration. what do you think?
07:45 Oak :]
07:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13404 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Needs Signoff , More »System information« about GRS1 vs DOM settings
07:46 drojf hi marcelr, Oak and rangi
07:46 marcelr hi drojf
07:46 Oak hi drojf
07:51 akafred I ran gource on the koha git repo yesterday - pretty cool - what would be even awesomer(!) is a narrated screencast of the gource-video on the history of Koha:
07:52 magnuse akafred: have you seen ? not quite what you are asking for, though
07:54 akafred Haha, I would consider that pretty close!
07:55 magnuse yay
07:55 magnuse 4 years old now, though, an update would have been awesome
07:56 rangi its pretty easy to do
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07:57 rangi i work with the author of gource
07:57 akafred Kewl :-)
07:57 magnuse small world ;-)
07:59 akafred I was sort of thinking a narration and dialogue between 2-3 of the people who have followed the project the closest. I am sure there are both architectural lessons and other historical tidbits that would be useful for many of us.
08:00 rangi
08:00 drojf director's commentary :)
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08:01 alex_a bonjour
08:02 Oak Bonjour Monsieur alex_a
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08:03 magnuse cool, rangi, i don't think i had seen that one before
08:03 saa i am struggling to get answer of one query
08:03 magnuse we could have an option to "export circ stats to gource" :-)
08:04 saa one of the record when searched it throws error "Can't call method "as_string" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1685."
08:04 saa i tried to delete all items attached to this record and then edited and added items to it
08:04 magnuse there must be 2 or 3 videos where rangi and paul_p present the history of koha at conferences
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08:04 gaetan_B hello
08:04 saa but the eror is still there
08:04 saa can someone help
08:06 drojf saa: if that is the same record you were talking about a few days ago, i would probably delete it and manually add it
08:06 saa i did that
08:06 saa several times
08:06 saa right
08:06 drojf oh. ok
08:07 rangi and you have rebuilt the index?
08:07 saa i dont knw what is the reason
08:07 saa yes
08:08 rangi no idea then
08:08 saa but this error is refering to what as_string
08:09 akafred rangi: Would be cool if one at any time could run a gource-command on koha and get a result like - it is basically the git repo + a file with historical events, right?
08:09 rangi the file is in git
08:09 rangi docs/history.txt
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08:26 akafred Cool, although the later events are a bit less interesting.
08:27 akafred Is this something gource supports out of the box?
08:27 akafred I mean - to put the history text into the gource video?
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08:31 nicolas hiya #koha
08:41 ashimema_ anyone happen to know if there's a current branch of bug 6427 lurking anywhere?
08:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6427 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , Rewrite of the accounts system
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08:50 Joubu hello #koha
08:51 marcelr hi Joubu
09:03 magnuse http://librecatproject.wordpre[…]on-into-catmandu/
09:06 ashimema Morning \koha
09:08 magnuse kia ora ashimema
09:08 saa hw can i delete biblio number
09:09 saa when i try to delete it using batch record deletion it says "Bibliographic record 1119 was not deleted. An error occurred. (The error was: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry '1119' for key 'PRIMARY' at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 3325. , see the Koha log file for more information). "
09:16 Joubu saa: I would say that you have a biblionumber=1119 in your deletedbiblio table
09:17 saa something is wrong with my database
09:18 saa if i search in catalogue it shows this record
09:18 saa when i go to batch record deletion and search for this record it throws abv error
09:19 saa i dont knw what has gone wrong with the database but "an't call method "as_string" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1685."
09:19 saa this error comes even if i add delete same record
09:19 saa reindex zebra
09:20 saa is there any way i can remove completely all occurances of this record
09:21 Joubu saa: select count(*) from deletedbiblio where biblionumber=1119
09:21 Joubu this returns 0 or 1?
09:22 saa it says 1
09:23 Joubu saa: and select max(biblionumber) from deletedbiblio; ?
09:23 saa 1122
09:25 saa it was 1119 i added new record with same details and it threw as_string error for same title, author and i added one more new record but it didnot threw any error
09:25 saa which means that 1119 is there somewhere
09:26 Joubu saa: the batch record deletion tools cannot remove 1119 because it tries to backup the record into the deletedbiblio table. But the primary key (biblionumber) already exists
09:26 Joubu you can try to remove the row in deletedbiblio where biblionumber=1119, but check before if you need it or not
09:26 Joubu saa: is it a production server?
09:26 saa i did this also
09:26 saa but still no luck
09:26 saa yes
09:27 Joubu sorry then, I am not wake up enough to provide support for a production server :)
09:27 Joubu but remove the records should permit you to remove it cleanly
09:28 Joubu remove the records in deletedbiblio
09:31 saa and how do i clean zebra data for that record
09:34 Joubu the batch tools should do it for you
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11:02 paxed arrrgh. resulted in "Out of memory!" after a while.
11:06 paxed ahwell, at least i can continue it with --bib-limit
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15:58 * chris_n bangs a pan
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16:03 * Oak waves
16:03 Oak @seen cait
16:03 huginn Oak: cait was last seen in #koha 8 hours, 41 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <cait> bye
16:40 gaetan_B bye
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18:57 reiveune bye
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19:39 * cait waves
19:41 chris_n some sort of holiday?
19:41 chris_n mighty quiet in here today
19:46 rangi yeah it is quiet
19:47 * cait nods
19:47 cait i had training today, didn't read back
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20:11 eythian hi
20:11 wahanui hi, eythian
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20:28 cait hi eythian
20:29 drojf hi cait and eythian
20:29 cait hi drojf
20:50 rangi @later tell dcook in your hunt for encrypted backups done right, you should look at obnam
20:50 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
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21:52 dcook rangi: I've been pondering obnam a bit. Haven't gotten there yet though.
21:52 dcook Actually, I did install it to this VM I have right here...
21:52 dcook I don't imagine it's solved the whole storing your passphrase in the clear though :/
21:52 dcook The only way around that I can see is using full disk encryption, which isn't necessarily that feasible on a system used by multiple people :/
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21:57 rangi gpg-agent and a passphrase, dont store anything in the clear
22:10 dcook rangi: I was thinking a bit about gpg-agent
22:10 dcook But then it's not totally automated either
22:11 dcook You'd still need to provide the agent with the key, enter the passphrase to unlock it, and then let things go on their merry way
22:11 rangi id probably trade fully automated for not being owned
22:11 dcook hehe
22:11 dcook I admit that this is my conclusion as well :)
22:11 dcook How do you use gpg-agent?
22:12 dcook I've thought about using a Yubikey or maybe a card (although then I'd need a reader, so the Yubikey is just a better bet)
22:12 eythian there's nothing particularly wrong with storing a passphrase on the device doing the backups. If they can get to the passphrase, they don't need the backups anyway.
22:12 dcook eythian: not necessarily
22:12 dcook On my system, my home directories are encrypted, so they could restart the device but my directories would still be encrypted even if they had root
22:13 rangi i have it in my .bash_profile
22:13 dcook (of course they could set something up to steal data from me later, but it would stop an immediate attack)
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22:13 rangi
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22:14 dcook rangi: So that's for a non-graphical environment?
22:15 rangi is there any other kind?
22:15 dcook :p
22:15 cait heh
22:15 dcook hey cait :)
22:16 dcook rangi: So once the agent is running, does it ask for your passphrase once or for each request?
22:16 dcook And if the former, is it when you connect?
22:17 rangi it asks you the first time the key is used
22:18 rangi then not again unless you reboot the machine, or kill the agent
22:19 dcook Right. Cool beans.
22:19 dcook Although now that I think about it... that would just be for your user
22:19 dcook Would would you do if you wanted to do automated encrypted backups as root?
22:19 dcook So that you can spin off your /etc and maybe /var from time to time?
22:20 dcook I'm actually fairly content with some of the user-level options I've been pondering
22:20 eythian hmm, usually(?) the agent forgets the passphrase after 5 or 10 minutes for me
22:20 eythian I'm not sure if this is something I configured or not though
22:21 dcook Hmm, sounds configurable. Don't see anything on the manpage.
22:21 dcook eythian: Oh, I noticed that Debian automounted a ext4 volume using the label as well last night
22:21 eythian ah cool
22:21 dcook I'll probably suggest using the label to the Deja Dup maintainer then
22:22 cait hi and good night :)
22:22 dcook night cait :)
22:22 dcook eythian: Any thoughts on auto encrypted backups as root? :/
22:22 cait left #koha
22:22 eythian bye cait
22:22 eythian dcook: there's a few options depending on what your use cases are.
22:23 dcook eythian: I'd love to hear them :)
22:23 eythian You could store a passphraseless gpg key on the machine that's only used for this, and is safely stored elsewhere.
22:23 eythian You could have the passphrase in a file.
22:23 eythian Things like that.
22:24 eythian if your threat model is that someone is going to break into your machine and use what they find there to access your physically separate backups, I think you're already screwed and need to reevaluate your security overall.
22:25 dcook Well, only the offsite backup is physically separate really
22:25 dcook The onsite one is attached as it's still being backed up.
22:25 dcook So a person could just sit there, get the passphrase and/or key, then take the backup or just access the backup on the spot
22:26 dcook Mind you... I suppose that's not that different to having a locked box in your house
22:26 dcook As someone could just break into it with a drill or a hammer
22:26 dcook There will almost always be a tool that someone could use if they have that tool and the will to use it
22:27 dcook eythian/rangi: So with obnam... does it store the public key for encrypting, and request the private key when doing diffs?
22:28 dcook (the request being handled by gpg and gpg-agent of course)
22:28 eythian well
22:28 eythian it's not really that simple
22:28 eythian (aiui)
22:28 eythian you'd be best off asking liw
22:28 dcook @seen liw
22:28 huginn dcook: liw was last seen in #koha 5 days, 2 hours, 55 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: <liw> I don't know if this is a feeling librarians ever have: I've just moved back to Finland, and have today gotten my bookcase and books back. Sorting through my books is a weird mix of "oh no more books" and "oh look, I'd forgotten this gem, I really liked reading it"
22:28 dcook I suppose I should just email him, as I doubt I'll catch him on here
22:29 eythian but you need to look into a) what purpose your backups are to serve, and b) what bad things could happen to them that you want to guard against
22:29 eythian and what level of security you're willing to trade for automated backups.
22:31 dcook Yeah, those are the questions I've been asking myself the past few days
22:32 dcook Actually, a friend of mine raised an interesting point about how we have this fear of losing our archives, but what would happen if we actually did?
22:32 dcook In a lot of cases, it probably wouldn't matter at all
22:33 dcook I knew a women once who lost every single possession she had when her house burnt down in her teens.
22:33 dcook She said she didn't miss a thing, except maybe the occasional photograph
22:33 dcook I think that's one of the first lessons for archivists too. Not everything is worth keeping.
22:34 dcook I suppose the backups as root would just be preserving configuration which isn't sensitive at all... so it wouldn't be a big deal to store the passphrase in a file.
22:34 dcook Whereas backing up personal data would be more sensitive... but there are already pretty good tools for doing that more safely
22:35 dcook s/safely/securely/
22:35 dcook eythian++
22:35 dcook rangi++
22:35 dcook Always glad to have you two to talk to about these things :)
22:35 eythian a) stuff in /etc can be sensitive, b) if you want automated encrypted backups, you _must_ have some encryption key of some type stored somewhere.
22:35 eythian There's no other option
22:35 ibeardslee dcook: although someone may not miss something, that doesn't necessarily mean that it has no value to others
22:36 eythian (unless you could do some kind of streaming with PKI, but that's not very efficient.)
22:36 dcook ibeardslee: True, I was thinking more so in the case of not backing something up rather than losing it to someone else.
22:36 ibeardslee plenty of old pots have been discarded over the years, but they tell us a lot about that culture
22:36 * dcook so wants to discard some of his old pots and pans...
22:36 eythian I mean, you could tar.gz everything with a public key every time, that's quite safe, but more hassle.
22:37 eythian but you also need to be sure that you have the stuff to do recovery when you need to.
22:37 eythian otherwise you don't have bakups...
22:37 dcook I was thinking about tar.gz everything with a public key, and keeping the key on a usb or something like that
22:37 dcook eythian: yep
22:37 dcook Actually, that's something someone suggested as well (while warning against obnam and duplicity)
22:37 dcook If you use tar.gz and GPG, it's pretty darned cross platform
22:38 eythian but, if you have a lot of data, that fast becomes impractical, as you can only do a full backup each time.
22:38 dcook Agreed
22:38 dcook That was my criticism as well.
22:38 dcook Although in my case, I don't have much data, so it could work... for now.
22:41 ngourlay joined #koha
22:48 eythian chris_n: new .deb published for PDF::Reuse
22:49 eythian wahanui: kids these days is <reply>They're so adolescent!
22:49 wahanui OK, eythian.
22:52 dcook Oh right... the boss just reminded me of another idea...
22:52 dcook Where you embed a password in a compiled program
22:53 dcook I was then thinking about how to reverse engineer a compiled C program..
22:53 dcook Well, not reverse engineer... but uncompile..
22:54 dcook decompile I suppose
22:54 rangi yeah, it doenst win you much, for a crap ton of effort
22:54 rangi there are pretty good decompilers out there
22:55 rangi im sure we'll see one or 2 in action at kiwicon
22:55 dcook How long until kiwicon now?
22:56 rangi couple of days
23:03 dcook Looks like it should be a good time :)
23:09 kmlussier left #koha
23:11 dani joined #koha
23:12 dani hello
23:13 dani jcamins do you have a second for a question about authorities?
23:29 dcook liw is hilarious
23:29 dcook "For example, if the clown gang kidnaps you, your spouse might need access to your backups to be able to contact your MI6 handler to ask them to rescue you."
23:29 dcook Of course, my spouse doesn't know I'm a Canadian spy, so not quite relevant...
23:31 papa joined #koha

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