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00:06 dcook Yeah, that's a lot of what I do :p
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00:07 dcook I'll be glad when I'm done this OAI client so I can upstream it
00:07 dcook Then hopefully work on upstreaming other changes... or work on fixing the query building
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00:14 wizzyrea well it is just not every day you get a 500 error from youtube.
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00:20 dcook oh nose
00:20 dcook someone broke the intertubes?
00:21 bag hey anyone have this problem?  A SIP2 self-checkout isn't respecting the holidays entered on the calender (but like everything - it's sporadic - during time periods of the day)
00:21 dcook bag: Haven't heard anything but you never know...
00:21 bag hmmm... maybe the it's the time settings - you know JesseM like that 12hr vs 24hr
00:21 bag thing
00:22 bag nah probably not
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00:54 dcook wizzyrea: In addition to having "OVerdue notice/status triggers" move from Tools to Admin, it would be great to move "Notices & slips" too
00:54 wizzyrea yes, agreed
00:54 wizzyrea and configuring holidays
00:55 dcook Actually, there's a fair number of "tools" that aren't tools
00:55 wizzyrea yes.
00:55 dcook It might make more sense to break up the administration area into more distinct sub-categories
00:55 dcook Rather than having one epic page
00:56 wizzyrea Notices & slips, overdue notice/status triggers, calendar, csv profiles, task scheduler
00:56 dcook The "Additional parameters" should probably be under "Catalog" as well..
00:56 wizzyrea well not the task scheduler
00:56 dcook The task scheduler is probably still a tool yeah
00:56 bag I love THE epic!
00:56 dcook hehe
00:56 wizzyrea if it's "set up" it should be in admin
00:57 wizzyrea if it's "manage" it should be a tool.
00:57 dcook ^
00:57 bag oh whoops dcook I was off topic :P
00:57 * wizzyrea thought of beer
00:57 dcook Mmm beer
00:57 wizzyrea which probably says something about my state of mind today.
00:57 dcook Although administration does imply administering
00:57 wizzyrea Administration -> Configuration
00:58 dcook Ooooh
00:58 dcook I like that
00:58 wizzyrea or Settings
00:58 wahanui Settings are in there
00:58 bag yeah beer sounds excellent - but I'm a month of no drinking which ends Saturday :D
00:58 dcook All stuff that should be done once really
00:58 wizzyrea well, nobody ever goes in there just once.
00:58 dcook True. Things get tweaked over time.
00:59 wizzyrea There would probably be a mutiny if we changed the name.
00:59 dcook Sadly yes :(
00:59 wizzyrea could do it in stages
00:59 wizzyrea move the tools, leave a message "hey, some things have moved, check in Administration"
01:00 wizzyrea remove the message, change the name of administration to "settings" or something.
01:00 wizzyrea only show the message to superlibrarians, etc.
01:00 wizzyrea force a news item "hey, we did stuff"
01:01 dcook Not a bad idea
01:02 wizzyrea good things about kombucha, it's tasty
01:02 dcook Although as long as the help and manual are up-to-date..
01:02 wizzyrea bad things about kombucha... slimy blobby things.
01:03 wajasu got to feed your motha
01:03 wizzyrea on a related note, I am now covered in kombucha.
01:03 wizzyrea because that was a texture my mouth disagreed with.
01:04 dcook lol
01:04 wajasu pour through a coffee filter if you don't like the growth
01:04 dcook Can't say I've ever had it. Not sure I want to.
01:04 wizzyrea wajasu: good advice
01:05 wizzyrea the one I'm having is feijoa flavoured, quite nice.
01:06 wajasu also if you want cheap grolsch style bottles to store it, look for some cheap similiar bottle at an ALDI (if you have them nearby)
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01:09 bag alright later peeps - I'll be back for the meeting in a few hours - hopefully catch all you wonderful people tonight :D
01:10 wizzyrea this is a commercial one
01:10 * wizzyrea is not brave enough to make her own kombucha
01:12 ibeardslee Wow ..  ".. in rare cases, to serious side effects and deaths"
01:12 eythian from spillage?
01:12 wajasu imy 1st two batches got tainted and grew mold. smelled bad, so had to start over.  third batch worked (used coffer filter over jar top).  too much work and time.
01:13 eythian it sounds terrible
01:13 eythian and looks pretty gross too
01:13 wizzyrea I suspect this is why they put it in brown bottles.
01:14 wizzyrea this one I have is pretty ok though.
01:14 wizzyrea to be honest, I didn't realise it was a real kombucha when I bought it
01:14 wizzyrea I saw "feijoa" and my brain turned off.
01:15 wajasu i put my scoby in the fridge for next year :)
01:15 eythian did you get it from haere mai?
01:15 eythian that sounds like the sort of place you'd find something like that
01:15 wizzyrea no, from nic nacz
01:15 wizzyrea nic nacs
01:15 wizzyrea they have many kinds of strange drinks.
01:22 * dcook will stick to his water and iced tea he thinks
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01:42 eythian[…]ib/Carp/ <-- oh handy
01:44 rangi ohh yes that is handy
01:54 schnydszch anybody here from biblibre?
01:54 rangi id doubt it, given the time
01:56 wizzyrea I certainly hope they are sleeping :)
01:56 schnydszch it's okay I wanted to feel attending koha meeting. If my timer is right, that's three hours away right?
01:56 wizzyrea 4 hours I think
01:57 eythian wasn't it at 6 NZ time? Or was it 7?
01:58 rangi it 0500 utc
01:58 rangi so i think thats 6pm nz time
01:58 rangi and the next one is at 2100
01:58 rangi we repeat them so people can attend one or the other
01:59 wizzyrea well gosh, when I said 4 hours I didn't realise it was 14:55, so you're right, 3 hours SORRY
01:59 rangi i liked it better when we were +12
01:59 rangi easier to work out
01:59 wizzyrea my brain computer is broken today.
02:00 * wizzyrea blames the kombucha
02:01 schnydszch it's 10AM here, so that's gonna be 1PM
02:02 schnydszch i saw that Kombucha wiki, when it says food and bacteria, did not read it further
02:02 wizzyrea hehe
02:09 eythian http://elasticsearch.koha.cata[…]koha/ <-- there is now an elasticsearch server up and running
02:10 wizzyrea oh look at that it even works!
02:11 * dcook takes a gander
02:11 dcook "It's gonna be weird."
02:11 dcook hehe
02:12 dcook I really hope I'm able to find time someday to switch us over to using the QueryParser...
02:12 dcook Although I think that would make life potentially harder for eythian
02:12 dcook Or possibly easier I suppose
02:12 eythian hmm, well if you fit into my querybuilder api, then it's all good :)
02:13 dcook hehe
02:13 dcook I guess so
02:13 dcook I'm really keen to find a way to make QP work without requiring any syntactical changes in the templates
02:13 dcook (while also supporting the QP syntax)
02:14 dcook Or if I need to make those changes, I want to do them soon so that it's not an issue for ES
02:22 wizzyrea one thing I've noticed, search "fish" order by author a-z - why is Big Fish result 2?
02:22 mtj woah, awesome eythian :0)
02:22 eythian wizzyrea: because august comes after adams
02:22 eythian It's the alphabet ;)
02:23 wizzyrea mmm but why august and not wallace?
02:23 eythian Because it has multiple authors, and it's sorting them as well, I guess.
02:23 eythian (it splits them up for indexing.)
02:24 wizzyrea aha, interesting
02:24 wizzyrea I accept your explanation, assert that it will still befuddle librarians.
02:24 eythian oh, it sorts them according to the sort request
02:24 eythian so if you invert the sort, it comes first still
02:24 eythian probably because of Zanuck Company
02:25 wizzyrea hehe
02:25 dcook Tricksy
02:25 eythian well, it's not a terribly hard thing to change if we want to.
02:25 dcook Yeah, there's really no reason to privilege August over Wallace
02:25 cjh so it is always sorting by the best case, heh
02:25 eythian cjh: exactly
02:25 * eythian steals that phrasing
02:25 wizzyrea is that the kind of thing you want us to point out?
02:25 * wizzyrea wants to be helpful, and not annoying
02:26 eythian eventually perhaps, probably not right now
02:26 wizzyrea what is helpful now?
02:26 wnickc joined #koha
02:26 eythian I think it's more useful when almost everything is done and there's just polish needed
02:26 eythian hmm
02:26 eythian code that makes authority searching work ;)
02:27 wizzyrea what I'm hearing is "keep your grubby hands off of it and be quiet until I say do stuff"
02:27 wizzyrea in nicer words.
02:27 wizzyrea :)
02:27 eythian roughly :) though, I might create a thing for little weirdnesses like that, so do bring them to my attention.
02:27 eythian also like the broader/narrower/related subject searches not working
02:27 wizzyrea yeah, I noticed that one
02:27 eythian (which is odd, I thought I'd implemented that)
02:28 wizzyrea and I noticed there were no authority searches :P
02:28 eythian yeah, they should be getting indexed, but not searched yet
02:29 wizzyrea hm, this test data should be sure to have some items that aren't available
02:29 mtj interesting ->[…]ang-analyzer.html
02:29 eythian the database has no users currently, so that's tricky :)
02:29 eythian feel free to fix that if you want :)
02:29 wizzyrea I MAY JUST. :)
02:30 eythian mtj: I'd be interested in experimenting with that
02:30 mtj yeah, an impressive list already
02:34 dcook Hmm, how many records in this catalogue, eythian?
02:34 dcook ~500?
02:34 eythian 8679
02:34 eythian hmm
02:34 dcook Ahh
02:34 eythian 8639
02:34 dcook 8639
02:34 dcook Just tried a local-number:*
02:35 eythian the database count and the number indexed differ.
02:35 dcook Z for Zachariah, eh?
02:35 dcook Weird book
02:35 eythian That might be important
02:35 dcook Maybe :)
02:36 dcook Hmm, what sort of speed differences should there be?
02:36 dcook I'm getting 8639 results in about 5 seconds with ES
02:37 dcook Getting 19897 results in about 5 seconds with Zebra on a different system
02:37 eythian probably not much, koha itself will have a bigger overhead.
02:37 eythian this is not a production ES install running here :)
02:37 dcook Excellent
02:37 wizzyrea that probably has more to do with the hardware :P
02:37 dcook Those were my two thoughts as well :)
02:38 * dcook wants an extra server at work just for him to play with...
02:38 mtj eythian:  wow, it looks like ES can use lucene lanaguage-analyzers too
02:38 dcook ES is pretty rad
02:38 eythian ES requires three servers for production
02:38 eythian well, a minimum of three
02:39 dcook ^I've been wondering about that
02:39 dcook Why's that?
02:39 eythian data safety, mostly
02:39 dcook I was just about to ask besides redundnacy
02:39 eythian it's less important for Koha where you can regenerate everything
02:39 eythian it'll also be faster under load
02:39 eythian well, that's just saying it'll scale better
02:39 eythian which it will
02:39 dcook Hence all the load balancing stuff you've been doing as well, eh?
02:40 dcook Would love that..
02:40 eythian Nah, ES does it automagically.
02:40 dcook Oooo :D
02:40 eythian That's planning for it in a cloudy cloud type environment
02:40 dcook I would love that for some of our million record catalogues..
02:40 dcook Righto
02:40 eythian yeah, it'd be good on them
02:41 eythian I'd like to make the indexer multithreaded to work well on big systems
02:41 dcook So in production you'd have three dedicated ES servers?
02:41 eythian I'm not going to just yet though
02:41 eythian yeah
02:41 eythian maybe not for koha, but in general for ES
02:42 eythian if we ever put things into ES that are only in ES, then definitely
02:42 dcook Yeah, using ES for storage would be interesting
02:42 dcook I think the paranoia in me would struggle with it a bit
02:43 dcook Yet not having records in a million places...
02:43 * dcook looks in biblioitems
02:43 dcook We still have the MARC blob, eh..
02:43 * dcook wishes that he could scale himself
02:43 dcook Three dedicated dcooks
02:44 eythian heh
02:44 eythian yes, we still have MARC there
02:44 dcook I can never remember what that one is for
02:55 dcook It's actually kind of neat harvesting records from several different Koha instances per day via OAI...
02:55 dcook Some might only add/edit a couple records, and some are crazy busy...
02:57 dcook Hmm... no idea why these records are getting selected now though..
02:59 dcook Mmm biblioitems timestamp isn't the same as the biblio timestamp
03:04 dcook bug 11891
03:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11891 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Make Koha::Schema use C4::Context->dbh
03:08 dcook bug 12725
03:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12725 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , Show RDA tag 264 on Intranet Results and Detail XSLT view (MARC21)
03:08 dcook Huh..
03:09 wizzyrea hm, if you turn off email in Koha, does it still email lists and things, or does it not send any email at all? Also, how did I not know this before.
03:10 dcook wizzyrea: That's a good question
03:10 dcook I mean the first question
03:10 wizzyrea hehe I read the intent of that :)
03:10 rangi lists will still go
03:11 eythian there are some things that don't use the mail queue
03:11 eythian some bad, naughty things
03:11 rangi anything that doesnt use the queue
03:11 rangi lists/carts
03:11 rangi i think is about it nowadays
03:11 eythian passwords
03:12 rangi ah yeah, we should just accidentally stop it sending those at all
03:12 rangi or at least timelimit them
03:12 wizzyrea passwords!
03:12 wizzyrea oh. right selfreg.
03:12 rangi self reg is tokens
03:12 rangi its the feature you can switch on
03:12 rangi for staff side
03:12 wizzyrea oh right
03:12 rangi that emails people when you make their account
03:12 rangi its bad wrong and evil
03:13 dcook bug 12725 looks weird...
03:13 * wizzyrea imagines rangi slipping with his code scalpel "oops I nuked your password sendy-thing!"
03:13 rangi but at least its off by default
03:13 wizzyrea yeah true.
03:13 wizzyrea so bad and wrong.
03:13 wizzyrea ok thank you all for your excellent advice.
03:13 * dcook doesn't want to know how many people have it turned on..
03:13 dcook The password thing not the 264 thing
03:14 rangi if you really wanted all mail off, you could switch off postfix :-)
03:14 wizzyrea suggestion mails I reckon wouldn't go out
03:14 wizzyrea those are queued.
03:14 wizzyrea and hold placed emails
03:14 rangi yeah
03:14 rangi yep
03:14 wizzyrea right thanks
03:16 dcook rangi: Did you get Koha::Email in?
03:16 dcook I thought I saw it the other day
03:17 rangi yep, it should be in master now
03:17 rangi all it does is handle the headers so far
03:17 rangi return path, reply to, from etc
03:17 rangi but it does it consistently
03:17 wizzyrea and boy do we like consistency
03:20 bag hola
03:20 wahanui niihau, bag
03:20 wajasu hopefully it will set the charset to utf8  for header Subject, and Attachment filename.
03:21 rangi yep
03:21 wajasu yeah!
03:26 dcook Coool beans :)
03:26 dcook Cool*
03:26 dcook No three Os in this house
03:26 dcook which is actually an office...
03:28 dcook All right, I'm going to experiment more with DBIC
03:28 dcook Whenever we talk about DBIC and kohastructure.sql, we say "for now", but I don't know if anyone is actually planning to deprecate kohastructure.sql...
03:35 dcook Hmm, not as automagical as one would hope
03:41 wizzyrea ^ probably explains it's lack of wide adoption
03:42 dcook Oh, I meant in terms of deploying the schema
03:42 dcook DBIC itself is actually pretty decent :)
03:42 dcook A bit scary at first
03:47 dcook Hmm, looks like the deploy() method generates the SQL...
03:48 dcook But that would just be to dump the whole schema I think
03:48 amit_ joined #koha
03:48 amit_ heya chris_n
03:48 amit_ hi rangi
03:49 dcook Oooh. I see that we have the Perl module there...
03:52 dcook No idea why we have a Koha::Schema and a Koha::Database...
03:53 AmitG joined #koha
03:53 AmitG chris around?
03:53 mtj hey #koha, is there a good koha-master for testing, on the webs?
03:53 AmitG hi mtj
03:54 mtj yo AmitG
03:55 mtompset Koha::Email?
03:55 mtj ill try the BL vm's - for a start
03:56 mtj does anyone have problems with the shelfbrowser in bootstrap, for non-EN langs?
03:56 mtj opac shelfbrowser, specifically
03:58 mtj the left/right buttons are giving me 500 errors
03:58 mtj "NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://mykohaxxx/cgi-bin/koha/svc/"
03:58 eythian that's not something I would expect bootstrap to cause
03:59 mtompset I would check log files if you are getting a 500.
03:59 eythian dcook: oh, apparently we are getting rid of biblioitems.marc
03:59 * mtj switches themes...
03:59 mtompset getting rid of biblioitems.marcxml?!
03:59 dcook eythian: sweeeet
04:00 mtompset how?
04:00 wajasu whoa!
04:00 eythian mtompset: try re-reading
04:00 dcook Darn, eythian
04:00 dcook I was going to say after we invert the OPAC
04:00 eythian heh
04:00 dcook Or dismantle the flux capacitor :p
04:00 eythian sorry :)
04:00 mtompset oh.
04:00 dcook Although getting rid of biblioitems.marcxml would be cool too...
04:00 * mtompset is pleased at a duplication removal.
04:01 dcook I think I see the purpose of Koha::Database now as handling the connection..
04:01 mtompset dcook: The problem with everyone having different standards is you need a place to dump values that don't make it to fields.
04:01 mtj hum, bug happens with prog theme too
04:01 dcook mtompset: O_o?
04:03 mtompset Every possible MARC field/subfield is not represented in the physical data structures.
04:03 mtompset marcxml is a good catchall.
04:03 dcook o_O
04:04 dcook Sorry. Not following. I'm going to go try to explode my server now :)
04:05 dcook Hmm, depending on which documentation I choose to follow...
04:05 mtompset Liblime's? ;)
04:06 dcook nah, it's all DBIC documentation
04:06 dcook But the Cookbook seems slightly different to the POD for the classes
04:06 dcook I think I get it though
04:06 dcook Seems a shame not to take more advantage of DBIC for managing upgrades
04:07 dcook Mmm, I think I understand now
04:07 dcook create_ddl_dir() will give you a dump of the whole database
04:08 dcook But if you've included verisons in your code, and in the method call, you can get "diffs" for upgrading too
04:08 dcook Which can be managed more automagically by DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned
04:08 dcook Or in a pinch, manually
04:10 dcook All right.
04:11 dcook Bollocks
04:11 dcook DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::create_ddl_dir(): Can't create a ddl file without SQL::Translator >= 0.11016
04:11 dcook I had a feeling that might be a problem
04:11 eythian not bollocks, butts.
04:11 dcook hehe
04:11 dcook indeed!
04:11 dcook I should really keep my story straight
04:14 dcook I foresee perhaps one other problem... but fingers crossed
04:14 dcook Hmm, no warnings or errors, but that was too fast...
04:14 dcook Then again..
04:15 mtj well... i cant replicate my bug on BL koha (
04:16 mtj bootstrap and IT lang - thats good :)
04:16 dcook Hmm, I wonder how it decides what order to do..
04:17 dcook 480 differences between the dumped file and kohastructure.sql
04:17 dcook But how many are just because they're in different spots in the document..
04:18 eythian mtj: see the link to Carp::Always I posted, run the script from the command line with that loaded, it'll give you a stack trace when it dies.
04:19 Oak joined #koha
04:20 mtj will do eythian
04:20 dcook I suppose the way to do it would be to create a new schema using this dump... then dump it using mysql and see how that compares against kohastructure.sql...
04:20 Oak @seen tcohen
04:20 huginn Oak: tcohen was last seen in #koha 6 hours, 28 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <tcohen> jcamins++ # liguistic aid
04:20 dcook maybe
04:20 mtj fyi, i cant see your previous post  eythian
04:20 Oak tcohen++
04:20 eythian <eythian>[…]ib/Carp/ <-- oh handy
04:21 testing_my_link joined #koha
04:21 * Oak waves
04:21 mtj ah, i see it now :)
04:22 ebegin joined #koha
04:24 * mtompset waves back to Oak.
04:27 mtompset Did anyone see my inquiry that circles about C4::Letters::EnqueueLetter?
04:27 mtj does anyone have a method for building langs, for a koha-gitify koha?
04:28 mtompset wouldn't it be the same after you make it a git?
04:33 RTerrenal joined #koha
04:34 mtj nah, koha-translate doesnt work for gitify setup
04:34 mtj ...assumes /usr/share/koha
04:35 dcook Hmm, I don't think SQL::Translator likes "double precision" in itemtypes...
04:35 RTerrenal hello everyone
04:39 mtompset Greetings, RTerrenal. :)
04:39 mtompset Glad to see you online here, Ryan. :)
04:40 mtj looks like koha-translate could be patched to take non-default paths, pretty easily
04:40 mtj hiya RTerrenal
04:41 mtompset Ryan, where's Eugene?
04:43 RTerrenal idk
04:43 Oak wdk
04:45 mtompset He said he is here, but I don't know his nickname.
04:46 mtompset Hopefully we can pull in a Filipino contingent today. :)
04:47 bag :)
04:48 mtompset Ryan, have you read the agenda for the meeting?[…]_19_November_2014
04:48 RTerrenal reading now
04:54 mtj how do people feel about getting the koha-* CLI tools working with koha-gitify?
04:54 mtompset I'm indifferent, though I can see a benefit for those who actually use koha-gitify.
04:55 cait joined #koha
04:56 * cait waves
04:57 bag heya cait
04:58 kris joined #koha
04:58 cait heya
04:58 cait are we having a meeting or can i go back to sleep? :)
04:59 bag I think we are having a meeting
04:59 cait :)
04:59 mtompset I count 1 minute to meeting plus or minus a minute. :)
04:59 cait ok
04:59 cait i better go look for the agenda :)
05:00 bag cait[…]_19_November_2014
05:00 cait thanks bag
05:01 dcook Man DBIC...
05:01 dcook Ahhh
05:01 dcook Change the code dcook...not the POD
05:01 wahanui dcook: that doesn't look right
05:02 mtompset cait: Are you chairing?
05:03 cait i think i can
05:03 cait if noone else more awake wants to :)
05:03 Oak did you brush your teeth?
05:03 mtompset It's midnight here. Not I. :)
05:03 cait 6 am here
05:03 cait sshhh Oak
05:03 cait :)
05:03 cait ok
05:03 Oak :)
05:03 manny joined #koha
05:04 dcook (Damned "double precision" will stop create_ddl_dir() from doing a SQL diff...)
05:04 cait #startmeeting General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1
05:04 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov 19 05:04:15 2014 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
05:04 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
05:04 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:04 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_19_november_2014___part_1'
05:04 cait #topic introductions
05:04 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
05:04 Topic for #koha is now introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:04 cait hi, please all introduce yourself with #info
05:04 mtompset #info Mark Tompsett, Canadian contributor.
05:04 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater
05:05 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ
05:05 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx Australia
05:05 dcook #info David Cook, Prosentient Systems
05:05 cait ok, small meeting :)
05:05 * mtompset pokes RTerrenal and manny
05:05 BobB hi all, I just came in
05:05 * cait waits for a moment
05:05 manny #info Manny, I am Koha- Philippines
05:06 Oak #info Arslan Farooq, Pakistan
05:06 bag heya BobB
05:06 BobB :)
05:06 * mtompset pokes RTerrenal
05:06 clint_ joined #koha
05:07 cait hi clint_ - here for the meeting?
05:07 * cait waits a moment longer for #info s
05:07 clint_ yes
05:07 clint_ #info Clint Anact
05:07 * BobB pokes mtj
05:07 cait :) ok movig on
05:07 cait poked people can do their infos later :)
05:08 cait #topic Announcements
05:08 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:08 RTerrenal #info Ryan Terrenal National library of the Philippines
05:08 mtj #info Mason James, NZ
05:08 cait any announcements? :)
05:08 cait #topic Update on releases (3.8 - 3.18)
05:08 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases (3.8 - 3.18) (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:09 mtompset tcohen did an awesome video?
05:09 cait right :)
05:09 Oak yes!
05:09 cait does someone have the link for an #info?
05:09 dcook[…]&
05:09 * dcook isn't sure how you want to add that officially :)
05:10 cait #info Koha, a community -[…]& A video made during KohaCon14 in Argentina got published yesterday
05:10 cait me neither, hope that's ok
05:11 cait ok, do we have any release managers or maints around?
05:11 bag cait++
05:11 cait #info String Freeze for 3.18 is on 20th this week
05:11 cait #info Release 3.18 is on 28th next week
05:12 cait #info There is a list of critical bugs to be solved before release on the wiki:[…]ritical_circ_bugs
05:12 cait ... and also 3.18 is gonna rock :)
05:12 Oak Amen.
05:13 cait anything else?
05:13 bag I'd like it if someone could look at[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998
05:13 huginn Bug 11998: major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Syspref caching issues
05:13 cait #info bug 11998 is waiting for sign off - syspref caching issues
05:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998 major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Syspref caching issues
05:13 bag that should maybe be the last thing that we need for perhaps running the staff-side safely on plack
05:13 cait would it be ok if we did the elections next?
05:14 schnydszch #info Eugene Espinoza House of Representatives Library
05:14 cait i'd like to get those done before discussing the other topics
05:14 bag sure thing
05:14 mtj go for it cait
05:14 cait ok :)
05:14 krs joined #koha
05:15 cait #topic Elections!
05:15 Topic for #koha is now Elections! (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:15 mtompset Is there a page listing people?
05:15 cait #info Nominations are[…]ki/Roles_for_3.20
05:15 cait you will all notice... we still lack a 3.16 rmaint
05:16 cait #info Wanted: 3.16 Release maintainer
05:16 cait but as the release is next week ... I think we should still vote :)
05:16 cait any preference on how to vote?
05:17 cait the usual? i put the names and everyone +1 -1?
05:17 mtompset sounds good to me.
05:17 cait so let's get started then :)
05:17 Oak yes. raising hands won't work sadly.
05:17 cait First, I am very happy that we got tcohen to do it again :)
05:17 bag +1 for them all - no objections
05:17 cait tcohen++
05:17 Oak tcohen++
05:17 bag yes
05:17 bag tcohen++
05:17 cait Vote for Release manager please - candidate is Tomas Cohen Arazi
05:18 mtompset tcohen++ # most assuredly.
05:18 cait +1 !
05:18 Oak +1
05:18 bag +1
05:18 mtompset +1
05:18 BobB +1
05:18 clint_ +1
05:18 schnydszch +1
05:18 gbengaadara joined #koha
05:18 RTerrenal +1
05:19 cait #agreed Meeting part 1 elects Tomas Cohen Arazi for release manager of 3.20
05:19 cait Please vote for the listed Release Maintainers - we got 3.18 - Chris Cormack and 3.14 Fridolin Somers (cont.)
05:20 mtompset +1 for both.
05:20 cait is that ok, if we do a group vote?
05:20 cait +1 +1 for me as well, no objections :)
05:20 mtompset Unless someone objects, I don't see why not.
05:20 Oak +1 +1
05:21 bag +1 +1
05:21 clint_ +1 +1
05:21 BobB +2  :)
05:21 cait #agreed  Release Maintainers: 3.18 - Chris Cormack and 3.14 - Fridolin Somers
05:22 cait Next are the module maintainers, please refer to the wiki for those :)
05:22 cait any questions for comments before we vote?
05:22 mtompset Who is PP?
05:22 cait siileeence :)
05:22 cait paul_p
05:23 bag no objection
05:23 cait Please vote on the module maintainers as listed on the wiki (auth, sip, holds, patron privacy)
05:23 BobB +1 to all
05:24 clint_ no objection
05:24 bag +1
05:24 cait +1 to all from me too
05:24 Oak +1 to all
05:24 cait especially happy about patron privacy and sip :)
05:24 mtompset What other work has Colin done?
05:24 cait (sip tends to get stuck a bit)
05:25 bag colin has done a lot with SIP
05:25 cait colin works for ptfs europe, he has some plumbing/architecture patches in too, improving code
05:25 bag he was a QA person awhile ago too
05:25 cait yep, even qa manager
05:25 bag yeah
05:26 cait he usually comments on the sip patches too
05:26 mtompset Okay, then I'm all in. :) +1 to all.
05:26 cait #agreed Module Maintainers: Martin Renvoize (Auth), Colin Campbell (SIP), Kyle M Hall (Holds), Galen Charlton (Patron Privacy)
05:26 cait moving on
05:26 cait Translation manager - comments or questions?
05:26 schnydszch +1 to all also no objection
05:27 cait Please vote on Translation manager - Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel
05:27 cait +1 :)
05:27 bag +1 go bernardo !
05:27 mtompset +1 to everything... until we hit QA team. :)
05:27 cait oh?
05:27 Oak +1
05:27 mtompset I have a question about the QA team, that's all. nothing negative. :)
05:28 cait BobB, mtj - where is Australia? :)
05:28 mtj next to NZ :p
05:29 mtj hey cait, i would be happy to do 3.16 RMaint role
05:29 bag mtj++
05:29 bag awesome
05:29 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, bag
05:29 mtompset Really?!
05:29 bag +1
05:29 mtompset mtj++ # stepping it up nicely!
05:29 BobB +1
05:29 mtompset +1
05:29 cait #agreed Translation manager: Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel
05:29 cait mtj: do you want to add yourself to the wiki?
05:29 mtompset[…]ki/Roles_for_3.20
05:29 mtj yes, will do cait
05:30 Oak i can do it so mtj can focus on the meeting?
05:30 cait i will just continue and put you at the end - in case you change your mind ;)
05:30 * mtompset laughs.
05:30 mtj ok for me Oak :)
05:30 cait i'd like to vote documentation togehter, that ok?
05:30 Oak ok :)
05:30 mtompset nicole is the queen of documentation. +1
05:31 cait So please vote for (Database) Documentation manager, candidate is Nicole Engard
05:31 bag +1
05:31 cait +1
05:31 clint_ +1
05:31 manny +1
05:31 RTerrenal +1
05:31 schnydszch very much +1 for Nicole Engard
05:31 BobB +1
05:31 Oak +1
05:31 cait #agreed (Database) Documentation Manager: Nicole Engard
05:31 cait #chair bag
05:31 huginn Current chairs: bag cait
05:32 * cait hands voting for qa over to bag ;)
05:32 bag umm ok
05:32 * cait pokes bag
05:32 BobB Good procedure Koha, ++
05:33 bag Please vote on the Quality Assurance (QA) Manager - Katrin Fischer
05:33 mtompset cait++ # nice removing conflict of interest.
05:33 BobB +1
05:33 bag +1
05:33 mtompset +1 -- like that is hard to vote on. :)
05:33 schnydszch +1
05:33 manny +1
05:34 RTerrenal +1
05:34 bag #agreed Quality Assurance (QA) Manager - Katrin Fischer
05:35 bag please vote for the whole team for -->  Quality Assurance (QA) Team
05:35 schnydszch i saw some of the QA in the very nice video produced by UNC (Argentina)
05:35 bag (pasting in names - one sec)
05:35 mtompset Just a quick question.
05:35 bag Marcel de Rooy (continuing)
05:35 bag Jonathan Druart (continuing)
05:35 bag Paul Poulain (continuing)
05:35 bag Christopher Brannon (would like to be considered)
05:35 bag Brendan Gallagher (continuing - some months stronger than others ;) )
05:35 bag Martin Renvoize (continuing)
05:35 bag Kyle M Hall (continuing)
05:35 bag yes go ahead mtompset
05:35 mtompset The "would like to be considered"
05:36 mtompset What does it take to be considered for QA? how long should you have worked on/with Koha?
05:36 cait ah forgot bag is also on the list - so much for the plan :)
05:36 cait i think we don't have a strict rule currently
05:36 * rangi is sorta here dealing with kids
05:37 bag IMO mtompset I think as long as you volunteer - then lets give it a shot
05:37 cait i think a decent amount of sign offs before would be good
05:37 cait but we all shoudl do sign offs... right? :)
05:37 mtompset AMEN!
05:37 mtompset We should all do signoffs.
05:37 bag I've learned more when I vounteered to be a QA person
05:37 rangi All the qa team including Christopher Brannon have my vote
05:38 rangi Bbiab
05:38 bag he wants to start small - not QAing the large patches - but the smaller ones
05:38 mtompset Okay, given that clarified criteria, and rangi's vote of confidence... I'm +1 for all.
05:38 BobB and RM has final call
05:38 bag no vote
05:38 cait I am quite happy with the list
05:38 cait :)
05:38 cait i think i can? +1 :)
05:39 bag yes you can :D
05:39 BobB QA team +1
05:39 bag objections?
05:39 mtompset Nope. :)
05:39 cait i will start typing :)
05:39 clint_ no objection
05:39 BobB no objections
05:39 mtj +1 for all
05:39 bag #agreed Quality Assurance (QA) Team (all listed on the wiki)
05:40 cait #agreed QA team: Marcel de Rooy, Jonathan Druart, Paul Poulain, Christopher Brannon, Brendan Gallagher, Martin Renvoize, Kyle M Hall
05:40 bag #chair cait
05:40 huginn Current chairs: bag cait
05:40 cait i am still :)
05:40 bag oh yeah :P
05:40 mtompset then how do you unchair?
05:40 cait Please vote on Packaging Manager: Robin Sheat
05:40 BobB +1
05:40 cait mtompset: i odn't know, but you can have a list of people chairing
05:40 mtompset +1 -- eythian rocks.
05:40 cait +1
05:40 clint_ +1
05:40 bag +1
05:40 Oak +1
05:41 bag #dechair
05:41 bag HA!
05:41 cait #agreed Packaging Manager: Robin Sheat
05:41 BobB #standup?
05:41 bag BobB++
05:41 cait Last but not least before we go back to the top: Bug Wranglers
05:41 cait Plase vote: Bug Wrangler - Magnus Enger
05:42 bag oh yeah!!! +1 magnuse!
05:42 Oak +1
05:42 RTerrenal +1
05:42 cait +1 :)
05:42 mtompset +1
05:42 BobB magnuse +1
05:42 cait #agreed Bug Wrangler: Magnus Enger
05:42 rangi +1
05:42 mtompset Reading the job description, every so often, I guess I feel like one.
05:43 cait mtompset: that might be right :)
05:43 cait do you want to add yourself?
05:43 mtompset Nah. I can't commit.
05:43 mtj aah, # unchair ->
05:43 manny + 1 mtompset
05:43 mtompset Conflict of interest, manny. :P
05:44 cait hm don't see mtj on the wiki yet?
05:44 mtompset I do.
05:44 Oak added him here[…]ki/Roles_for_3.20
05:44 cait ok, my browser was being werid
05:44 cait all good
05:44 Oak :)
05:44 cait so please vote on rmaint for 3.16 - candidate is Mason James
05:44 bag +1 for mtj for 3.16
05:45 mtompset And yes... +1 for mtj as 3.16
05:45 cait +1
05:45 Oak +1
05:45 BobB +1
05:45 rangi +1
05:45 clint_ +1
05:45 RTerrenal +1
05:45 mtompset Because it would be super weird to not have a 3.16 RM. :)
05:45 cait #agreed Release Maintainer 3.16: Mason James
05:45 bag yeah that would
05:45 mtj heh, indeed mtompset :0)
05:45 cait first part of the meeting is done with elections now :)
05:45 cait we almost got a release team!
05:46 cait koha++
05:46 cait #topic Establish a roat map for Koha
05:46 Topic for #koha is now Establish a roat map for Koha (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:46 cait sec
05:46 cait #topic Establish a road map for Koha
05:46 Topic for #koha is now Establish a road map for Koha (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:46 mtompset ^roat^road^
05:46 cait can't leave that typo in
05:46 mtompset :)
05:46 cait BobB: do you want to explain a bit?
05:46 BobB this arose on the sidelines of KohaCon14
05:47 BobB we used to have release specific roadmaps, like this:
05:47 BobB[…]i/Roadmap_to_3.12
05:47 BobB but if features were held up it got messy
05:47 BobB so now
05:47 cait #link[…]i/Roadmap_to_3.12
05:48 BobB #info the idea is to have a road map that is not time linked,
05:48 BobB #info not linked to any one release
05:48 BobB so it becomes a bit of a strategic plan for the code, if you like
05:49 BobB #info so people can see what is coming up, but not necessarily when it might get there
05:49 cait so more.. general things we work towards to than a schedule?
05:50 mtompset functionality plans?
05:50 BobB #info The suggestion is to include both proposed new features and also plumbing improvements
05:50 BobB #info It was suggested the Road Map could have just  a brief description of each proposal ...
05:51 BobB #info with a link to a separate page where the full RFC might be
05:51 BobB that's it
05:51 Oak an aerial view :)
05:51 rangi the idea is its reevaluated after each major release
05:52 BobB oh yeah, thx rangi
05:52 BobB #info It was also suggested ..
05:52 cait #info the idea is to reevaluate after each release
05:52 * dcook likes this idea
05:52 rangi so its not fixed, always moving, more of a aspirational list than a roadmap
05:52 cait sorry BobB
05:52 BobB #info that the meeting after each major release could consider updates to the road map
05:52 cait I'd like to try it :)
05:52 BobB #info but that its maintenance can also be a continuous process
05:52 bag +1
05:53 cait but i think then the next question would be - how do we get started?
05:53 krs joined #koha
05:53 mtompset from bugzilla?
05:53 cait hm I think as we are collectiing more general ideas, there might not be bugs
05:53 cait or many bugs :)
05:53 rangi cait: we dont have to decide that til after the release
05:54 BobB there might be big bugs, but certainly not every bug, or even close
05:54 cait thought we could collect some ideas
05:54 rangi for now, lets focus our energy on it, and people can write notes and we can look at them post release
05:54 cait sounds good to me
05:54 rangi so part of the release process can be a retrospective meeting
05:55 Oak yes!
05:55 rangi what went well, what didnt, what can we do better
05:55 cait #idea Have a retrospective meeting as part of the release process
05:55 rangi and update the roadmpa at that
05:55 cait +1
05:55 Oak +1
05:55 cait i like that
05:55 BobB #idea so we could endorse the idea today, and list it for more discussion at the next meeting?
05:55 rangi sounds good to me BobB
05:55 bag maybe at the next meeting - we do it
05:55 mtompset Actually won't the next meeting be after the release?
05:55 cait i think the general response was positive - souns good tome too
05:56 BobB exactly mtompset
05:56 mtompset So it aligns nicely.
05:56 BobB :)
05:56 cait first retro and road map meeting than?
05:56 cait moving on?
05:56 BobB yep, ok
05:56 cait #idea use the next meeting to have more discussion, past and future on the road map
05:57 * mtompset likes that idea.
05:57 cait #topic Establish new roles within the release team
05:57 Topic for #koha is now Establish new roles within the release team (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
05:57 BobB #info This arose from the same discussion
05:58 BobB #info the proposal is to establish a Wiki Maintainer as a member of the release team
05:58 BobB #info and a Communications Manager
05:58 mtompset The agenda says curator nor maintainer. ;)
05:58 BobB #info peeps thought these might be available to Librarians rather than developers ...
05:58 mtompset ^nor^not^
05:58 BobB #info who are busy enough already
05:59 BobB oops big correction, gives a whole different sense of, thx mtompset
05:59 rangi i like the idea, finding volunteers would be the trick, but we can ask and see if anyone does volunteer
05:59 BobB #info /Wiki Manager/ Wiki Curator/
05:59 mtompset What is the idea for a communication manager?
06:00 rangi pretty much what coms do at any organisation
06:00 rangi press releases, get info out about the releases to places like etc
06:00 BobB I mailed the list about it but don't have that to hand ....
06:00 cait nudge people to get their news into the newsletter.. on the blog... write something up etc
06:00 rangi they dont have to write it, but they can learn who to ask to write things, and then where to send them
06:01 BobB liaise with the newsletter eds, bash people to write articles, etc
06:01 mtompset Isn't that part of what the newsletter folks are doing? or is that something more than that?
06:01 BobB rangi ++
06:01 cait mtompset:  i think reaching into other media/places a bit more
06:01 BobB its broader imo
06:01 mtompset A Koha Evangelist?
06:02 rangi no
06:02 rangi thats a whole other thing
06:02 cait help us do good things AND actually talk about it? :)
06:02 BobB a coordinator of stuff that is already happening, and a stirrer to make more stuff happen
06:02 rangi yes
06:02 mtompset Public Relations person?
06:02 BobB but not to do stuff, oneself
06:03 BobB necessarily
06:03 Oak when you choose that person, i can be his/her assistant.
06:03 BobB Oak +1
06:03 bag Oak +1
06:04 BobB #info, if agreed to, these roles would be defined and advertised on the list: a call for nominations
06:04 rangi you know when you see somethign come across the list, 1000 libraries in turkey using koha .. someone who follows that up, finds out more info, gets it more widely circulated etc
06:04 rangi more like a journalist than a pr person ... we dont expect them to actually lie ;-)
06:04 mtompset Okay, I think I got it.
06:04 Oak i feel like i can do that.
06:05 mtompset both journalists and pr people lie, rangi. Fox News. ;)
06:05 cait :)
06:05 Oak Fox News.... really bad example
06:05 bag awesome Oak !!!
06:05 rangi i think calling people on fox news journalists is a huge disservice to journalists :)
06:05 rangi thats pr people and pr people :)
06:05 mtompset true, true. :)
06:05 cait Oak++ :)
06:06 rangi should we agree on the positions?
06:06 rangi minute that at least
06:06 mtompset but back on topic... yes, let's put that out on the list for a call for nominations.
06:06 BobB if we find people to fill them its a win, if we don't nothing is lost
06:06 rangi *nod*
06:06 bag +1
06:06 schnydszch media as in TV, newspaper and radio?
06:06 schnydszch *other media
06:06 cait ok, any veto?
06:07 bag I think part of the call for volunteers - will be they get to help create and shape this role too
06:07 BobB good point bag
06:07 Oak yes! i was thinking same thing.
06:08 cait what can i put in the agreed?
06:08 cait #agreed Look for a Wiki Curator and Communication manager
06:08 BobB yep
06:08 cait is somonewilling to write to the ml ?:)
06:09 BobB yes I can
06:09 cait #action BobB will email the mailing list about the new roles
06:09 cait BobB++ thx
06:09 cait moving on?
06:09 Oak BobB++
06:09 BobB np
06:09 bag thank you very much BobB
06:09 cait #topic KohaCon15
06:09 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon15 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
06:10 cait i am not sure, is someone from Nigeria here?
06:10 cait gbengaadara: ?
06:10 gbengaadara yes
06:10 gbengaadara Sorry was late
06:10 rangi it must be early for you gbengaadara
06:10 gbengaadara I did not just want jump in
06:11 cait it's alright :) the meetings are at weird times
06:11 mtj hiya gbengaadara :)
06:11 gbengaadara hi all
06:11 BobB hi olug
06:11 cait late #info s are always ok too
06:12 gbengaadara ok then
06:12 gbengaadara We have a suggestion to host from 19th Oct. to 25th Oct
06:13 gbengaadara and follow the usual Kohacon pattern for conference and hackfest
06:14 mtompset
06:15 cait #link
06:15 cait gbengaadara++ sounds good
06:15 gbengaadara Thanks cait
06:16 cait any questions for gbengaadara?
06:16 gbengaadara I just learnt today we can create the conference wiki page
06:16 gbengaadara and can edit that.
06:16 gbengaadara May need help about that though
06:16 rangi yep, its a great place to put notes etc as you are planning things
06:17 rangi gbengaadara:
06:17 rangi its all ready for you to start editing :)
06:17 cait gbengaadara: sure, just jump in here when there is a wiki problem
06:17 cait we can help figure it out
06:18 gbengaadara thanks rangi and cait
06:18 cait rangi++
06:18 cait #info
06:18 gbengaadara We will keep the community posted as we move forward
06:19 gbengaadara and great thanks for allowing us to host this
06:19 cait thx gbengaadara for doing it
06:19 liw may be amusing
06:19 Oak gbengaadara++
06:19 gbengaadara Questions??
06:19 wahanui Questions are good :)
06:20 rangi liw++
06:20 mtompset Nope. just a little sad that the Philippines didn't get their bid in on time. But we have 2016 already under way. :)
06:20 rangi gbengaadara: if you could put up travel info asap that would be great
06:20 rangi like what airport is closest, etc
06:21 rangi helps when researching flights/prices
06:21 rangi but no other questions
06:21 gbengaadara noted @rangi
06:21 gbengaadara thanks
06:21 schnydszch joined #koha
06:22 schnydszch rangi, its posted here http://kohacon15bid.projektlin[…]etting-to-ibadan/ but if the community wants a more detailed one then please Olug :)
06:22 Oak and maybe what to pack specific to your part of the world, for example, sunscreen?
06:22 Oak but October may not be hot i guess.
06:22 gbengaadara noted oak
06:23 dcook @seen ribasushi
06:23 huginn dcook: ribasushi was last seen in #koha 4 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <ribasushi> dcook: can you tell me where in the docs does it say that chaining will work the way you expected? can't seem to find it...
06:23 mtompset gbengaadara: You might want to fix the dates section. :)
06:23 gbengaadara we will update both the wiki and http://kohacon15bid.projektlin[…]etting-to-ibadan/
06:23 rangi thanks gbengaadara
06:24 cait moving on?
06:24 krs joined #koha
06:24 bag yup moving on
06:24 cait #topic Koha on FLOSS weekly
06:24 Topic for #koha is now Koha on FLOSS weekly (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
06:24 cait this is from magnuse i think
06:25 cait who is sleeping now... tsk
06:25 cait any thoughts? :)
06:25 mtompset Sounds like a Communications Manager thing. ;)
06:25 mtompset But yes, seems like a good idea to me. :)
06:26 rangi As long as it's not me, I'm for it
06:26 cait i think it could be good, but i am not listening to it regularly
06:26 cait heh
06:26 cait #info we generally like the idea, but no volunteer yet
06:26 cait move on?
06:27 cait #info Actions from General IRC meeting 22 October 2014
06:27 cait hm getting too tired
06:27 cait #topic  Actions from General IRC meeting 22 October 2014
06:27 Topic for #koha is now Actions from General IRC meeting 22 October 2014 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
06:27 mtompset Were there any actions?
06:27 cait cheking
06:27 cait tcohen++ getting the film done :)
06:27 cait #link http://meetings.koha-community[…]-10-22-13.05.html
06:28 mtompset Yes, indeed.
06:29 cait also, we figured out kohacon15... looking good to me on the list
06:29 BobB all done there cait
06:29 cait so next meeting...
06:29 mtompset Actually, did Tomas get the presentations uploaded?
06:30 cait some are on the wiki
06:30 cait i think if not it's probably on his list still :)
06:30 cait #topic Set time and date of next General IRC meeting
06:30 Topic for #koha is now Set time and date of next General IRC meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014 - part 1)
06:31 cait i am tired :) any suggestions?
06:31 cait maybe early december?
06:31 rangi 19 December?
06:31 cait should work for me
06:32 cait any suggestions on the time?
06:32 mtompset That's the last friday before Christmas holidays.
06:32 cait ah right, i was looking at november
06:32 * mtompset shrugs.
06:32 Oak mtompset++
06:32 cait maybe more mid-week?
06:33 cait 17th?
06:33 BobB what about Dec 17?
06:33 BobB snap
06:33 cait )
06:33 rangi Fine by me
06:33 mtj dec 17 +1
06:33 cait we can suggest a date and leave times to the other meeting heh
06:33 bag +1
06:33 cait any veto?
06:33 Oak +1
06:33 mtompset okay.
06:33 mtompset +1
06:33 cait #agreed meeting part 1 suggests December 17th for the next meeting
06:33 mtompset This is crazy late. :)
06:34 cait anything else?
06:34 * Oak hugs cait
06:34 cait #endmeeting
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06:34 cait heh thx Oak :)
06:34 Oak :)
06:34 BobB thank you cait
06:34 cait thx for staying with me
06:34 bag thanks cait
06:34 mtompset -- I was going to say nope, but that's okay. :P
06:34 cait i am going back to bed for a bit before work now :)
06:34 mtompset cait++ # awesome chairing.
06:35 mtompset bag++ # subchairing. :)
06:35 Oak cait++
06:35 Oak bag++
06:35 * dcook sighs over SQL::Translator::Diff
06:35 Oak everyone++
06:35 rangi I'm off to put kids to bed
06:35 gbengaadara cait++
06:35 bag I'm off to bed
06:35 mtompset Thanks to the Filipino contingent that made it: manny schnydszch RTerrenal
06:35 Oak rangi only cait and mtompset need to sleep i think
06:35 gbengaadara bye folks
06:36 manny everyone++
06:36 mtompset @karma everyone
06:36 Oak later gbengaadara
06:36 huginn mtompset: Karma for "everyone" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.
06:36 mtompset manny++
06:36 bag just a reminder -->[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998 if anyone could maybe sign-off that last patch from eythian that would be rad
06:36 huginn Bug 11998: major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Syspref caching issues
06:36 mtompset RTerrenal++
06:37 Malik____ joined #koha
06:38 dcook night all
06:38 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
06:38 schnydszch you're welcome mtompset
06:39 mtompset @karma manny
06:39 huginn mtompset: Karma for "manny" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
06:39 Malik____ how to take schedule backup of koha
06:39 schnydszch good night to all that's about to go to sleep. Good day to others! :)
06:39 Malik____ can any one tell me
06:39 Saira joined #koha
06:40 mtompset Malik____: There is a cronjob installed by default for a package installation that does 2 days automatically.
06:40 Malik____ but i want hourly backup
06:41 schnydszch set the settings to do it hourly
06:42 rangi just write a cronjob that dumps the db every hour
06:42 rangi bearing in mind it will lock tables etc as its doing it
06:42 Malik____ ok got that
06:42 rangi so will cause lock ups/ go slows while you are doing it
06:42 mtompset schnydszch: The backup script is written for daily purposes, there is nothing hourly. A DB dump hourly is quickest and easiest.
06:42 rangi doing a full backup when the library is in heavy use is not a good idea, if you want it for hourly
06:43 rangi id suggest doing actual replication
06:43 rangi and nightly full dumps
06:43 schnydszch as they say yeah it's a bad idea to backup hourly
06:44 schnydszch okay, I''m setting some cron jobs on mine through webmin, it's easier to manage through an interface :)
06:44 rangi[…]/replication.html
06:54 Malik____ hello to all i am working with sms configuration in koha so can anyone tell me that how it is possible to send notices to patrons in SMS
06:57 mtompset Have a great day, #koha schnydszch RTerrenal rangi mtj Malik____ dcook
06:58 schnydszch Malik: http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]ha-td5727805.html
07:01 schnydszch you enable in sms send driver in global system preference the driver for sending your SMS (SMSSendDriver)
07:01 Malik____ i have tried these but i am working with GSM device is it possible to configure this device with koha on ubuntu
07:01 mtj you need to choose a good SMS company Malik____
07:02 schnydszch I haven't tried it. I actually wanted to test this, however there are none yet in the Philippines.
07:02 Malik____ in GSM device i am using a mobile phone company
07:03 mtj ...choose a  company, that has a working driver for perl
07:03 Malik____ i have tried but there API are not working in Pakistan
07:03 mtj ok, then you have a problem
07:04 Malik____ what
07:04 Malik____ i think GSM has drivers those are compatible with pearl
07:06 littleboss joined #koha
07:09 mtj Malik____: looks good for PK
07:10 Malik____ ok let me check
07:10 mtj
07:11 mtj ...and has perl driver too
07:11 mtj[…]end/
07:14 Malik____ nice and thanks now i will start working with Clickatell
07:14 littleboss hello can help fixing the install for this dep on koha 3.16 Template::Plugin::HtmlToText
07:14 laurence joined #koha
07:16 Malik____ quite:
07:16 cait joined #koha
07:24 mtj littleboss: you are installing koha using packages, yes?
07:26 mtj[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
07:29 paul_p joined #koha
07:36 mtj hmm, i think Malik might be better off using this...
07:36 mtj[…]Send/
07:36 mtj with his GSM box
07:37 mtj i see Joubu had some problems with koha and clickatell, and needed to patch
07:44 reiveune joined #koha
07:44 reiveune hello
07:44 wahanui hello, reiveune
07:44 * cait waves
07:44 * cait runs off to work
07:46 ashimema joined #koha
07:54 alex_a joined #koha
07:55 alex_a bonjour
07:59 Joubu hello #koha
07:59 rangi hi Joubu
08:01 eythian hi Joubu, alex_a
08:02 Joubu eythian: I will try to have a look at your new syspref cache patch
08:03 eythian Joubu: thanks :D
08:03 littleboss mtj: Yes
08:04 Joubu mtj: I had problems with clickatell? Hum, it had to be someone else, I don't know what is clickatell :)
08:04 * eythian makes like a tree and leaves
08:06 mtj Joubu:[…]org/msg06687.html
08:06 littleboss mtj: Had to step away
08:06 littleboss mtj: pachkages yes
08:07 Joubu mtj: ha yes :) I forgot this email
08:07 mtj aah Joubu, you made a general SMS patch? - not a patch for clickatell
08:08 mtj littleboss:  # apt-get intsall libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl
08:08 Joubu mtj: that's it, I did not write this module (
08:08 mtj ok, got it :)
08:08 littleboss mtj: have an error on that
08:09 littleboss mtj: all the other modules install
08:09 mtj hmm, ok
08:09 mtj paste?
08:09 wahanui i think paste is found at
08:09 mtj littleboss:  paste error there ^
08:11 sophie_m joined #koha
08:11 littleboss mtj: E: Package 'libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl' has no installation candidate
08:11 littleboss mtj: Package libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl is not available, but is referred to by another package.
08:11 littleboss This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
08:11 littleboss is only available from another source
08:12 mtj you have some mistake with your apt sources , i think
08:13 littleboss mtj: what would be the work around
08:14 littleboss mtj: :)
08:14 eythian there is a version of libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl in all the Koha repos.
08:14 * eythian is not good at leaving but it really doing it now
08:14 eythian littleboss: it sounds like you might not have the Koha repo sources added correctly, I'll let mtj help with that :)
08:15 mtj littleboss:  are you following the good install instructions?
08:15 mtj ->[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
08:17 mtj 'To get the stable 3.16 release, add this to a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/koha.list file:'
08:17 mtj deb squeeze main
08:17 mtj .
08:18 mtj i think you miss this step? ^
08:18 Joubu rangi: do you know when the spliter update its data?
08:18 Joubu rangi: I don't see patches I sent recently
08:23 cait joined #koha
08:25 littleboss mtj: yes
08:25 littleboss :eythian bn checking it out in vain
08:26 littleboss mtj: let me try tht will get back to you asap
08:27 mtj no probs littleboss
08:27 mtj can always create a new linux VM, to test :)
08:28 * cait waves
08:30 littleboss mtj: true
08:31 rangi Joubu: it should be running every morning, it might have died for some reason, ill check
08:31 rangi just ran it manually, look better now?
08:32 Joubu rangi: yep!
08:32 Joubu So what the problem?
08:33 rangi not sure, the cron is set up, ill set it to mail me instead of > /dev/null so i can see if it throws an error
08:34 ashimema joined #koha
08:39 schnydszch hi sophiem of biblibre, i have question regarding koha-drupal koha connector
08:44 schnydszch please correct me if I'm wrong, is the Koha connector module in drupal for UNIMARC only?
08:45 paul_p jajm ^
08:47 jajm schnydszch, hi, the koha connector is very configurable, but maybe some things are UNIMARC only, like 200$a for the title (but that could be changed easily in the source code)
08:52 schnydszch so the koha.conf in one of the files in the module needs to be configured. However, when I run the drush opac-harvest I get this WD OPAC HARVEST: Can't determine the content type for record
08:52 schnydszch WD OPAC HARVEST: Can't determine the content type for record
08:53 schnydszch is this related to the koha connector not configured for UNIMARC? or another thing
08:55 schnydszch i'm testing this in Koha 3.16.4 drush version 6.2.0 and drupal 7.28. hi paul_p :)
08:56 paul_p schnydszch (the author of the connector is jajm, not me. I'm jajm boss ;-) )
08:57 jajm schnydszch, you need to configure the content types for your opac server, in drupal admin
08:58 jajm schnydszch,
08:58 schnydszch I've already configured. do i need to configure them all. I only configured one field
08:59 jajm it seems that the rule you set doesn't match
09:00 schnydszch the itemtype is 995. however the field for itemtype is 952
09:00 schnydszch as i see in the mapping
09:00 ashimema joined #koha
09:02 jajm schnydszch, what do you have in koha.conf about itemtype ?
09:04 schnydszch by the way, is down, this was presented in Koha Con '13 :)
09:05 jajm schnydszch, hmm... is still up for me
09:05 schnydszch it's inaccessible for me. right now, itype is 995
09:06 schnydszch it was the default
09:06 schnydszch
09:07 jajm schnydszch, maybe it's a bad idea to use an item field for guessing the content type, there could be multiple different values, also we never used an item field for that, so you probably found a bug
09:11 schnydszch oh.. one question further. Is the koha-restful needed to be configured? or ILS-DI is enough?
09:11 schnydszch I was thinking that could be one of the reason(s)?
09:17 gerundio joined #koha
09:29 mveron joined #koha
09:29 mveron hi #koha
09:31 * mveron neded quite a time to find a three line fix for Bug 10956 freezing browser while highlighting...
09:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10956 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
09:34 Joubu mveron: I have already fixed that!
09:35 Joubu weird, let me check
09:35 mveron Joubu: Fixed in master?
09:35 Joubu at least submited a patch!
09:37 jajm schnydszch, koha-restful is not needed for opac-harvest, it uses ILS-DI GetRecords
09:38 mveron Joubu:I searchd Bugzilla first, but did not find anything. That's why I worked on it. Do you rmember the Bug number?
09:39 Joubu mveron: 9419:
09:39 Joubu bug 9419
09:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9419 minor, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, CLOSED FIXED, The highlight feature can cause a browser freeze
09:39 Joubu the patch fixed opac-results only...
09:40 Joubu mveron: maybe it could be good to have the same function
09:41 schnydszch jajm, okay. I have a item type RETRATO in Koha ILS. In Drupal, I have content type retrato. i tried in field value "/^RETRATO$/" and "/RETRATO /"  But still giving me WD OPAC HARVEST: Can't determine the content type for record n° 19  [warning] coming from filipinas_library server. Title:  . Switch this record when I issue drush opac-harvest --from=1 --to=20 --print-id -v
09:42 Joubu mveron: see bug 8646 too
09:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8646 minor, P5 - low, ---, robin, CLOSED FIXED, Certain search terms cause browser "script taking too long" error
09:44 jajm schnydszch, as i said, maybe it's not possible to use an item field for that, could you try with another field ?
09:45 schnydszch can somebody using 3.16.4 confirm if they're getting the same. In circulation and fine rules, heard due date is non editable. Whenever it is edited it sets to None define. i've also tried this with bywater's http://intranet.bywatersolutio[…]in/ which is 3.17.x  Please confirm. Thanks!
09:45 schnydszch jajm, okay i'll try
09:52 littleboss schnydszch: how did you get past Package libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl is not available error in 3.16.4
09:53 littleboss schnydszch: building a test env to handle this any suggestions ?
09:57 schnydszch littleboss, is this for koha-restful? if it is, I was not successful installing it
10:01 littleboss schnydszch: from here http://download.koha-community[…]oha-latest.tar.gz
10:01 schnydszch jajm, i've tried with books field value "/^BK$/" and only mapping is ISBN because it was the only field I can edit on the fly (from 010 to 020). I'm still getting the same error
10:02 schnydszch by the way, koha installation is debian package
10:03 littleboss running it on ubuntu :)
10:03 jajm schnydszch, on which field do you try to match '^BK$' ?
10:04 schnydszch Books content type
10:04 schnydszch jajm, "/^BK$/"
10:04 schnydszch jajm, Books content type
10:04 littleboss schnydszch: stuck at web installer step 1 because of Template::Plugin::HtmlToText
10:06 schnydszch littleboss try cpan
10:06 jajm schnydszch, Books content type corresponds to a MARC field in koha.conf, do your Koha records have 'BK' in this MARC field ?
10:07 littleboss schnydszch tried it
10:07 littleboss schnydszch let me share the error
10:07 schnydszch littleboss, you can follow this[…]on_Debian_Squeeze I'm not sure if it's doable in Ubuntu
10:09 schnydszch yes it's in 952$y
10:09 schnydszch which is the itemtype
10:09 jajm schnydszch, an item field ?
10:10 schnydszch yep
10:10 schnydszch i edited 995 to 952
10:10 schnydszch ; Itype biblioFields[itype][label] = 952 Items type biblioFields[itype][description] = "items type in 952\$y marc field." biblioFields[itype][get][0][value] = '952$y' biblioFields[itype][default] = 'INC'
10:12 littleboss schnydszch thnks for the heads-up
10:12 mveron Joubu: The fixes in bug 9419 and bug 8646 are related to the prog theme (Opac).  My fix in Bug 10956 is for bootstrap
10:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9419 minor, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, CLOSED FIXED, The highlight feature can cause a browser freeze
10:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8646 minor, P5 - low, ---, robin, CLOSED FIXED, Certain search terms cause browser "script taking too long" error
10:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10956 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
10:12 jajm schnydszch, try with a non-item field, a non-repeatable one if possible
10:13 schnydszch littleboss, yeah never experienced that as of late since using the debian package
10:13 schnydszch jajm, okay i'll try to look at my marc records
10:13 schnydszch how about control field?
10:13 wahanui control field is number ?
10:14 littleboss mtj it installs but the recheck still fails
10:14 schnydszch 001 I mean
10:14 schnydszch control no
10:14 littleboss schnydszch it has funnyly installed but the the recheck still fails
10:15 schnydszch you passed through koha web installer
10:15 schnydszch ?
10:15 littleboss yes
10:15 littleboss downloaded the kohalatest
10:16 littleboss installed. bn doing that on past installs
10:17 Joubu mveron: yes I saw. That's why I suggested you to use the same code
10:21 schnydszch jajm, probably this error above the message will help (?): Undefined offset: 0
10:22 schnydszch somewhere along the line 456: // Title information.       $bib['title'] = '';       $title = $this->get(array('value' => '200$a'), $bib_info_marc);       $bib['title'] = $title[0];       if (!$bib['title']) {         $bib['title'] = ' ';
10:23 jajm schnydszch, hmm, which version of koha-connector do you use ?
10:24 schnydszch koha_connector-7.x-2.x-dev
10:26 jajm schnydszch, and which version of opac ?
10:27 schnydszch opac-7.x-2.0
10:27 jajm schnydszch, you should probably upgrade to 3.x-dev for both
10:27 schnydszch okay jajm, i'll try
10:28 jajm koha-connector 3.x-dev was not visible on, but i just fixed that
10:31 schnydszch okay thanks, I'm trying it now. I downloaded it already
10:45 mveron Joubu: Bug 10956 changed
10:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10956 major, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
10:50 Joubu mveron: looks good, thanks!
11:37 carmenh joined #koha
11:39 tcohen joined #koha
12:03 tcohen hi
12:03 wahanui hey, tcohen
12:06 * magnuse waves temporarily
12:09 cait tcohen++ # commnicating :)
12:09 cait #communicating even
12:27 mveron joined #koha
12:28 * mveron waves
12:28 mveron @wunder Allschwil
12:28 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Wetter Allschwil, Allschwil, Switzerland is 12.1°C (1:28 PM CET on November 19, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
12:30 tcohen joined #koha
12:30 ebegin joined #koha
12:32 qu-bit joined #koha
12:38 tcohen hi again
12:47 oleonard joined #koha
12:50 oleonard Hi #koha
12:51 littleboss This module is driving me nuts ! Template::Plugin::HtmlToText
12:51 littleboss Have installed it by hand still missing
12:51 littleboss any pointers
12:51 littleboss :(
12:52 littleboss koha 3.16.04 on ubuntu 14
12:52 tcohen Joubu: would u agree to rename mock_dbh for mock_context?
12:54 meliss joined #koha
12:54 Joubu tcohen: yep
12:55 oleonard cait++ # for chairing the meeting earlier
12:57 schnydszch_ joined #koha
12:59 cait thx oleonard
13:00 mveron_ joined #koha
13:01 schnydszch_ littleboss maybe you need to install the perl module manually
13:01 schnydszch_ here's the link[…]oText-0.03.tar.gz
13:02 schnydszch_ i look at my perl module of the same, it's 0.03
13:11 ebegin joined #koha
13:14 barton joined #koha
13:14 cait i think the next meeting in a few hours?
13:14 cait hm 8 hours?
13:16 schnydszch_ jajm, I tried the dev versions still getting the
13:16 schnydszch_ same errors
13:19 oleonard Can someone please see if they can reproduce  Bug 13289?
13:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13289 blocker, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Calendar with weekly repeating holidays completely broken by DataTables upgrade
13:21 cait not right now sorry :(
13:25 jajm schnydszch_, did you run the updatedb after upgrading to 3.x ?
13:27 schnydszch_ jajm i have just run it
13:27 schnydszch_ jajm, i'm seeing opac alpha uploaded 11/19
13:30 jajm schnydszch_, can you confirm your drupal installation have access to koha ils-di ? (you can see it in admin » config » opac servers » YOUR SERVER, or, in URL terms, /admin/config/opac/servers/manage/YOURSERVER/view)
13:31 schnydszch_ i'm trying to upload the opac alpha
13:37 edveal joined #koha
13:39 schnydszch_ jajm same as before http response 200
13:39 schnydszch_ is my ILS Connection test through ILS-DI
13:40 bigbrovar joined #koha
13:42 jajm schnydszch_, i don't have any other idea... :/
13:45 M3ntoR joined #koha
13:48 bigbrovar Hi guys. after setting up koha instance for my school (on our intranet) it worked fine so we proceeded to do a setup on linode everything seems ok.. exporting marc from the intranet version to the version on linode went well without problems.. however when I did test to put a book on hold I get this error "Sorry, none of these items can be placed on hold." " No available items"
13:48 collum joined #koha
13:49 bigbrovar this is even when the item information are displayed and the item is marked as available. I crossed check the circulation and fine rules and have the default all setup
13:50 cait bigbrovar: check allowonshelfholds preference
13:50 ashimema so does it work on your intranets installation?
13:50 cait bigbrovar: also make sure that you have the number of reserves in the cirulation rule not empty, but with a number
14:00 bigbrovar cait: Thanks alot. I will do just that
14:01 bigbrovar cait: That as it. placing holds now work
14:04 schnydszch__ joined #koha
14:05 misilot joined #koha
14:05 cma joined #koha
14:05 schnydszch__ Thank you very much jajm for the Koha-Drupal integration. I'll configure and read further. I'll try to remap koha.conf UNIMARC to MARC21 and share it. Cheers! :)
14:08 schnydszch_ joined #koha
14:10 Joubu oleonard: what do you mean by "broken" in bug Bug 13289?
14:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13289 blocker, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Calendar with weekly repeating holidays completely broken by DataTables upgrade
14:11 Joubu I get really weird behaviors on the page too
14:11 oleonard Joubu: I mean the page doesn't load at all
14:11 Joubu yep, same here...
14:11 Joubu outch
14:12 oleonard Joubu: Before you get too deep into that problem I have a question about Bug 13288
14:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13288 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Saved reports tabs broken by DataTables upgrade
14:12 oleonard The patch works, but there seems to be a noticeable slowdown with loading each tab
14:13 Joubu how?
14:13 Joubu I didn't notice that
14:13 oleonard When I test it before the DataTables upgrade, clicking each tab brings up the contents of the tab almost instantly
14:13 Joubu but I don't have a lot of report (something like ~30)
14:14 oleonard After the patch it takes about one second for the tab to switch
14:14 oleonard So: Click the tab... Wait one second... The tab switches.
14:14 Joubu hum...
14:14 oleonard I have 31 reports in all
14:17 tcohen mtj++
14:21 M3ntoR joined #koha
14:22 Joubu oleonard: repeatable holidays: it comes from the document.write into a td (...)
14:22 kmlussier joined #koha
14:22 Joubu oleonard: Which is really dirty
14:22 Joubu But I don't know how we could fix that
14:24 bigbrovar joined #koha
14:24 oleonard I'll take a look and see if I can get any ideas Joubu
14:31 Joubu oleonard: ok patch sent
14:43 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12376 - blinking cursor not clear in larger resolutions <[…]eec5f021111ef9c2d> / Bug 13234 [Follow-up] Make on-site checkouts visible in OPAC <[…]49d72b626d8fc412d> / Bug 13234: On-site checkouts - OPAC <[…]eb/?p=koha.git;a=
14:48 tgoat joined #koha
14:54 oleonard Thanks Joubu
14:54 oleonard Joubu++
14:54 littleboss how do i download in chat ?
14:55 littleboss anyone :(
14:55 oleonard Download in chat? What do you mean?
14:55 littleboss RngTFM does not help
14:56 littleboss suppose I need to share files in chat
14:56 oleonard You post the file somewhere and share a link to it here
14:56 oleonard Is it text?
14:56 littleboss audio
14:57 oleonard Why?
14:57 littleboss music
14:59 M3ntoR left #koha
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16:03 * Joubu is sending an audio file to oleonard
16:03 Joubu see you #koha
16:03 bag morning
16:14 drojf joined #koha
16:14 drojf hi #koha
16:15 gaetan_B joined #koha
16:32 edveal joined #koha
16:32 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7143 : Updating history and about page <[…]2bea4540daabc5d55> / Bug 12132: display guarantees if a patron has them, regardless of category type <[…]3583c9ed69ea1cea9> / Bug 13223: [QA Follow-up] Adding some unit tests for wrapper <http://git.koha-communit
16:32 cait hi drojf, hi bag - bbiab :)
16:33 cait and don't forget... second election meetig later :)
16:33 cait left #koha
16:33 bag nice
16:56 laurence left #koha
16:56 bag tcohen: thanks for the feedback on[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998
16:56 huginn Bug 11998: major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Syspref caching issues
16:56 bag @later tell eythian - Hey Robin you've got a little feedback on this -[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998  What do you think about it?
16:56 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
16:56 huginn Bug 11998: major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Syspref caching issues
17:06 reiveune bye
17:06 reiveune left #koha
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17:35 misilot joined #koha
17:35 * cait waves
17:37 barton joined #koha
17:52 mtompset joined #koha
17:53 tcohen bye #koha
17:54 mtompset Bye, tcohen. :)
17:54 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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18:26 AmitG joined #koha
18:29 AmitG bag around?
18:30 kathryn joined #koha
18:30 bag heya AmitG
18:31 kathryn hi bag 'n'all
18:31 bag heya kathryn
18:32 wahanui i heard kathryn was beaten by a banana.
18:32 kathryn oh for goodness sake...
18:32 kathryn I did NOT hear that wahanui!
18:32 kathryn :)
18:34 AmitG heya kathryn
18:35 Nancyk joined #koha
18:40 mtompset Greetings, AmitG bag kathryn. :)
18:40 kathryn Hi AmitG and mtompset :)
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19:33 mtompset Oh my! I remember this bug I was working on.
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20:52 kathryn joined #koha
20:53 bag hey cait you shared a nice wiki page last night of the bugs for 3.18 - do you still have that page handy?  I'd like to share that with a few people
20:53 cait sure, if you are lookign for new pages the 'recent changes' link is pretty handy
20:54 nancyk joined #koha
20:54 cait[…]ritical_circ_bugs
20:54 cait 5 mins to meeting, brb
20:54 nancyk hicait, just checking to see if I can get in
20:57 * wizzyrea wonders why wahanui thinks kathryn was beaten by a banana
20:59 jmsasse joined #koha
21:00 cait hi nancyk
21:00 cait wizzyrea: eythian?
21:00 wahanui i think eythian is Time's Person of the Year for 2006.
21:00 cait he is usually to blame for things like hat
21:01 kathryn cait I think it is a consolation prize really, as that silly photo is now gone :)
21:01 cait which photo? :)
21:02 drojf a photo of you and the banana?
21:02 wajasu ha!
21:02 cait ok, meeting time?
21:02 wahanui i guess meeting time is always going to favour one section of the globe
21:03 cait #startmeeting General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2
21:03 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov 19 21:03:22 2014 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
21:03 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
21:03 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
21:03 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_19_november_2014__part_2'
21:03 cait #topic introductions
21:03 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
21:03 Topic for #koha is now introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
21:03 cait please introuce yourself with #info!
21:04 cait it is time for the meeting, isn't it?
21:04 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx Australia
21:04 jmsasse #info Joel Sasse Plum Creek, MN
21:04 nancyk #info nancyk Reno, Nevada  Washoe County Library System
21:04 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin
21:05 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
21:05 dani joined #koha
21:05 JesseM #info Jesse Maseto, BWS, USA
21:05 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater
21:05 gbengaadara #info Olugbenga Adara Projektlink Konsult, Nigeria
21:05 wajasu #info!
21:05 edveal #info edveal, BWS USA
21:05 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
21:05 talljoy_phone #info Joy Nelson BWS, USA
21:05 edveal #info Ed Veal ByWater
21:05 bag hey thanks for the link cait
21:06 cait yw
21:06 cait #topic Announcements
21:06 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
21:06 cait any announcements?
21:06 dani #Dani Elder BWS, USA
21:07 wizzyrea #info Liz Rea, Catalyst IT
21:07 dani #info Dani Elder BWS, USA
21:07 bag ES demo is up from Robin http://elasticsearch.koha.cata[…]koha/
21:07 cait good news!
21:07 wahanui i guess good news is it looks like it's running properly.
21:07 cait but please start testing afterthe meeting :)
21:07 wizzyrea erm, I suppose a general announcement is that one should file bugs for anything website related on bugzilla, under "website"
21:07 barton #info Barton Chittenden, BWS, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
21:07 bag not totally ready for feedback though - since we're still doing lots of development
21:07 cait #info ES demo is up from Robin http://elasticsearch.koha.cata[…]koha/
21:08 cait #info Koha, a community  -[…]& A video made during KohaCon14 in Argentina got published yesterday
21:08 bag #link[…]ritical_circ_bugs
21:08 mario joined #koha
21:08 cait yes, we still need testing and patches
21:08 cait please keep an eye on that page and see how you can help
21:08 wizzyrea tcohen++ unc++ the video is cool
21:08 wizzyrea bgkriegel++
21:08 cait moving on to the releases
21:09 cait #topic Update on releases (3.8 - 3.18)
21:09 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases (3.8 - 3.18) (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
21:09 mario #info Mario Guilin ByWater
21:09 cait rm or rmaints around? :)
21:09 bag bummer no tcohen
21:10 cait #info String Freeze for 3.18 is on 21th this week
21:10 cait see tomas' email earlier
21:10 BobB #info a Beta for 3.18 was released a few days ago:  please test
21:10 cait #info Release 3.18 is on 28th next week
21:10 wahanui i already had it that way, cait.
21:10 cait thx BobB
21:10 BobB :)
21:10 cait ok, anything else? :)
21:11 cait i'd like to do elections next, like in the first meeting if that#s ok for everyone?
21:11 wizzyrea go for it
21:11 cait #topic Elections!
21:11 Topic for #koha is now Elections! (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
21:11 BobB I voted yesterday, will pass
21:11 cait #info Nominations are[…]ki/Roles_for_3.20
21:11 * bag already voted this morning (so I will pass too)
21:11 cait i also won't vote as i voted this morning
21:12 * BobB goes to grab breakfast
21:12 cait ok, first, RM
21:12 cait any questions?
21:13 cait ok, vote on Release manager now - candidate is Tomas Cohen Arazi
21:13 thd +1
21:13 cait +1, -1.. you know how it works :)
21:13 nancyk +1
21:13 JesseM +1
21:13 jmsasse +1
21:13 drojf +1
21:13 learn_koha joined #koha
21:14 barton +1
21:14 learn_koha hi   anyone knows how to import bulk books to koha please?
21:14 cait :)
21:14 cait tcohen++ :)
21:14 cait learn_koha: we are int he middle of a meeting - maybe try again a bit later?
21:14 cait #agreed Release Manager 3.18: Tomas Cohen Arazi
21:14 cait Next are module maintainers
21:15 BobB back
21:15 learn_koha ok
21:15 cait mtj volunteered for the missing post of 3.16 rmaint, so we have a full set of rmaints now
21:15 cait any questions?
21:15 eythian #info Robin Sheat, Catalyst IT
21:16 nancyk roles
21:16 cait any problem with voting them as a group?
21:16 wizzyrea +1
21:16 thd +1 for groups
21:16 drojf +1 for group voting
21:16 cait please vote for the release maintainers now as listed on the wiki
21:16 thd +1
21:16 wizzyrea +1
21:16 jmsasse +1
21:17 drojf +1
21:17 barton +1
21:17 nancyk +1
21:18 collum|2 joined #koha
21:19 cait #agreed Release Maintainers: Chris Cormack (3.18), Mason James (3.16), Fridolin Somers (3.14)
21:19 barton although, just for the sake of completeness, who does "..." represent?
21:19 cait barton: in case someone wanted to step up and maintain an older version
21:19 thd barton: That is you
21:19 barton HA
21:19 cait it just didn't get cleaned up form the page yet
21:19 cait so any questions about the module maintainers?
21:19 barton I'm good, cait.
21:19 thd Who was the only module maintainer who contributed last time?
21:19 cait trying to leave some room for questions in between voting - please tell me if i am too fast or slow
21:19 cait thd: not sure that's a fair question :)
21:19 cait I think it was the one doing OPAC
21:19 thd It is a very unfair question.
21:19 jatara joined #koha
21:19 cait vote?
21:19 wahanui i guess vote is going to the list regardless of what we decide
21:20 cait Please vote for the module maintainers as listed on the wiki now
21:20 drojf +1
21:20 wizzyrea +1
21:20 nancyk +1
21:20 eythian +1
21:20 thd I assume that everyone contributes more than enough despite some adverse comment in the list.
21:20 gbengaadara +1
21:20 thd +1
21:20 jmsasse +1
21:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13277: (QA followup) use t::lib::Mocks <[…]88e84535f89a384f3> / Bug 13277: t/SuggestionEngine_AuthorityFile.t shouldn't depend on the DB <[…]5cd32e57f50870d6f> / Bug 13278: (QA followup) use t::lib::Mocks <;
21:21 cait ah, RM interrupts
21:21 cait #agreed Module Maintainers: Martin Renvoize (Auth), Colin Campbell (SIP), Kyle M Hall (Holds), Galen Charlton (Patron Privacy)
21:21 wizzyrea We had no QA manager for years, that was not a reason to remove the role. Now QA is well established. I hope that it will be the same for Module Maintainers  < I agree with PaulP
21:21 cait i think it's worth giving it a second try
21:21 wizzyrea I think it's worth trying until we get there
21:21 barton nod.
21:21 cait next is translation manager
21:21 wahanui i already had it that way, cait.
21:21 cait any questions?
21:22 wizzyrea forget next
21:22 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot next
21:22 cait ... and bgkriegel++ while we are there
21:22 wizzyrea bgkriegel++
21:22 cait ok, please vote on translation manager now :)
21:22 wizzyrea +1
21:22 thd +1
21:22 drojf +1
21:22 barton +1
21:22 nancyk +1
21:22 eythian +1
21:23 cait #agreed Translation Manager: Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel
21:23 BobB wahanui: next?
21:23 wahanui i don't know, bobb
21:23 cait i'd like to combine the documentation roles into one vote
21:23 cait and wuestions about documentation manager or database documentation manager?
21:24 cait please vote for (database) documentation manager
21:24 thd +1
21:24 wizzyrea +1
21:24 nancyk +1
21:24 drojf +1
21:24 eythian +1
21:24 talljoy_phone +1
21:25 edveal +1
21:25 cait #agreed (Database) Documentation Manager: Nicole Engard
21:25 dani +1
21:25 cait oh sorry
21:25 cait sent too fast
21:25 cait #chair drojf
21:25 huginn Current chairs: cait drojf
21:25 cait you got randomly picked to do the votes for qa :)
21:25 drojf oops
21:25 wizzyrea #agreed Documentation manager: Nicole Engard
21:26 cait thx wizzyrea
21:26 wizzyrea yep nw
21:26 cait not sure if it sticks without being chair
21:26 drojf ok then, please vote for qa manager now
21:26 wizzyrea +1 I for one welcome our lovely QA overlord.
21:26 eythian +1
21:27 nancyk +1
21:27 jmsasse +1
21:27 talljoy +1
21:27 drojf am i still allowed to vote? ^^
21:27 drojf +1
21:27 thd +1
21:28 drojf #agreed Quality Assurance Manager Katrin Fischer
21:28 cait thx :) drojf++
21:28 bag cait++
21:28 cait next on the list is our QA team
21:28 drojf do i have to rechair you? :)
21:28 cait any questions?
21:28 cait drojf: we both are now :)
21:29 cait ok, please vote on the qa team now
21:29 drojf +1
21:29 nancyk +1
21:30 thd +1
21:30 wizzyrea +1
21:30 eythian +1
21:30 talljoy +1
21:31 cait #agreed QA Team: Marcel de Rooy, Jonathan Druart, Paul Poulain, Christopher Brannon, Brendan Gallagher, Martin Renvoize, Kyle M Hall
21:31 cait ok, next is packaging manager... do we have a volunteer for that?
21:31 talljoy cait's minions
21:31 cait i wish :)
21:31 cait ok, we have one, it#s eythian
21:31 cait please vote for packaging manager :)
21:32 wizzyrea +1
21:32 drojf +1
21:32 eythian ±0
21:32 barton +1
21:32 nancyk +1
21:32 thd +1
21:32 gbengaadara +1
21:32 cait #agreed Packaging Manager: Robin Sheat
21:32 cait last one is bug wrangler
21:32 cait any questions?
21:33 cait please vote :)
21:33 barton +1
21:33 nancyk +1
21:33 wizzyrea +1
21:33 talljoy +1
21:33 thd +1
21:33 drojf +1
21:33 barton (+2 if magnus does neat stuff with kohadevbox)
21:34 wizzyrea :)
21:34 jmsasse +1
21:34 eythian +1
21:34 thd cait: There is one more category added.
21:34 cait #agreed Bug Wrangler: Magnus Enger
21:34 cait yes
21:34 cait i am not sure how to deal with that
21:34 cait because the nominations were added after the first meeting today
21:35 drojf not that i don't like the category but i think we should vote that next time then?
21:35 thd The first meeting can vote again next month.
21:35 cait i am not sure it would make sense to split like that
21:35 cait i'd like to not spread out a vote over a month :)
21:35 thd cait: OK, I agree.
21:35 cait i don't think people won't be voted
21:36 cait did you plan to start right away?
21:36 thd cait: no, you should read my proposal.
21:37 cait i haven't yet to be honest
21:37 cait didn't have the time
21:37 thd However, the whole role should be open to everyone always.
21:37 BobB hi cait, I can speak to this
21:37 wizzyrea Personally, I think if they are volunteering, and they want to do it, they should.
21:38 drojf i don't think postponing the vote should/will keep anyone from volunteering on things
21:38 barton wizzyrea++
21:38 BobB #info the first meeting decided to advertise the role on the list and call for nominations
21:38 cait I think so too
21:38 cait we don't keep people from cleaning up the wiki now :)
21:38 BobB #info Then there were no nominations, now there are
21:38 wizzyrea yeah, vote next time, if it really requires a vote?
21:38 BobB #info So I think it still needs a short note to the list, but now ...
21:39 wizzyrea I guess that's the part I don't understand, why it actually needs a vote?
21:39 BobB that note can point to the wiki and existing nominations
21:39 thd I wrote the entry in plural form like bug wrangler.
21:39 BobB and we vote at next month's meeting
21:39 BobB in the meantime, of course, those willing continue
21:39 barton makes sense, BobB.
21:39 cait wizzyrea: i think because we want to give it a more official touch :)
21:40 dani left #koha
21:40 wizzyrea as you wish
21:40 cait the same as for other roles
21:40 cait #info official elections for Wiki curator to take place next meeting
21:41 BobB cool
21:41 cait we got a release team!
21:41 BobB well done cait and thank you!!!! to all team members
21:41 cait #topic Establish a Road Map for Koha
21:41 Topic for #koha is now Establish a Road Map for Koha (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
21:42 BobB #info this arises from a discussion on the sidelines of KohaCon
21:42 BobB #info Until at least 3.12 we had a roadmap that was time (release) based
21:42 BobB #info the idea is to re-create the roadmap, but not time based
21:43 BobB #info so it serves a little like a strategic plan for the code, less formal
21:43 BobB #info we suggest taht the first meeting after the Release should review the release and discuss updates to the roadmap
21:44 BobB #info but maintaining the roadmap can be a continuous process, of course
21:44 BobB #info the other idea was that items in the roadmap would be described in just a few lines ...
21:44 BobB with a link to another page providing a full RFS
21:44 BobB that
21:44 BobB 's it
21:45 BobB #info with a link to another page providing a full RFC
21:45 BobB even
21:45 bag thanks again BobB
21:45 thd BobB: You seem to be describing a wiki.
21:46 BobB it would of course be a page on teh wiki
21:46 BobB on phone
21:46 cait I think we had talked about the wiki too in argentina when discussing this
21:46 wizzyrea I would like to see a page like this
21:46 wizzyrea on our website
21:47 cait i think maybe draft on the wiki
21:47 cait and when we have a stable state we could move it to the website?
21:47 cait or have a link
21:47 wizzyrea or something like this
21:48 wizzyrea the dashboard does some of that
21:48 mario +1
21:48 bag I think for now we are just trying to get it going again
21:48 mario left #koha
21:48 mario joined #koha
21:48 wizzyrea I'm suggesting ways in which it could be done ;)
21:48 bag the process and what it's like will come with time :)  for now - yes let's do it or not
21:48 cait #link
21:48 wizzyrea Koha needs a roadmac
21:49 thd Is wiki content ever stable?
21:49 wizzyrea roadmap.
21:49 cait #link
21:49 cait i am pro trying a roadmap, but i think we need tomake sure it's not a promise
21:49 cait for a certain release or date
21:49 cait well looks like a promise
21:50 wizzyrea
21:50 wizzyrea bugzilla has a nice, wiki based, example.
21:50 drojf when the roadmap is discussed after releases it may be a good moment to transfer a current state from teh wiki to the website
21:50 cait #link
21:50 wizzyrea which makes use of the internal bugzilla priorities
21:50 BobB back
21:51 bag welcome back BobB
21:52 cait the first meeting suggested discussing the road map more at the next meeting, which will be shortly after release I think
21:52 BobB indeed cait
21:52 bag yeah lets do the roadmap next meeting :D
21:52 cait also to 'Have a retrospective meeting as part of the release process'
21:52 drojf did you vote yes or no in general for a roadmap in the first meeting?
21:53 thd Sadly, I am unlikely toi be able to attend the next meeting but I will read the logs and any discussion on the mailing list.
21:53 cait we could collect examples on the wiki until then, or on the next agenda
21:53 cait i think it got positive response
21:53 BobB will keep you posted, thd
21:53 cait BobB and bag were there too this morning, so I hope they correct me :)
21:53 thd My specific proposal for the wiki was mostly related to other maintenance issues.
21:53 cait well ... when i got something wrong :)
21:54 BobB it got positive response withut a formal vote
21:54 wizzyrea it's a good idea.
21:54 drojf i think it's a good idea
21:54 bag there were no objections is maybe a good way to put it
21:54 drojf yes, exactly :D
21:55 cait ok, so going to add ideas to next meetings agenda?
21:55 bag cait++
21:55 BobB yes please
21:55 cait #agreed We will gather information and ideas for the road map on the next meetings agenda
21:55 cait #topic Establish new roles within the release team
21:55 Topic for #koha is now Establish new roles within the release team (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
21:55 cait we already heard a bit about the idea of having a wiki curator i think
21:56 cait the other idea is having a communication manager
21:56 cait BobB: could you explain?
21:56 thd One of the key things I examine for any software project which posts one is the development roadmap.
21:56 BobB yeah I think we have resolved wiki curator for now?
21:56 cait thd: i think the danger is that we can't give guarantees formost things - as we are on time based - hope we can avoid wrong expectations
21:57 thd I also prefer feature based releases but that has not worked as well for the project.
21:57 drojf i understood the roadmap to be not time/releasebased so i see no problem there
21:57 BobB thd that is a core aspect of the proposal - the roadmap will not be time based
21:57 bag drojf++  good comment
21:58 wizzyrea A statement of "these are the things we're working on, but we don't know when we'll get them done"
21:58 wizzyrea or "these are the goals we have for the project"
21:58 wizzyrea and maybe a statement of priority.
21:58 BobB yes, prominently
21:59 BobB or just whether it is being worked on now or not
21:59 cait should we omve on to Communication Manager?
21:59 BobB #info on the sidelines of KohaCon there was discussion about adding a Communications Manager role to the release team
22:00 bag yes let's move on cait
22:00 BobB #info this is to be a coordinating role, more than a doing role
22:00 BobB we thought it would be a role a librarian could fulfill, rather than a developer,
22:01 BobB so that it does not consume development time
22:01 BobB but is active in seeing the project is promoted more than it is now
22:01 BobB So: prompting other people to write stuff,
22:01 BobB liaising with the (excellent) newsletter team
22:01 bag BobB: is this written up anywhere?  or waiting for vote and then forwarding to mailing list?
22:02 BobB its in the minutes of the first meeting I guess
22:02 BobB not elsewhere, in any great detail
22:03 bag ok cool - I have some people in mind
22:03 BobB I don't have anything to hand bag
22:03 thd Is this the role Kahtiki [please correct my spelling]?
22:03 BobB I think the question is: do we endorse the role
22:03 BobB if so, it can be fleshed out and call for nominations put out to the list
22:03 drojf is it supposed to be some kind of official spokesperson to direct inquieres to?
22:04 bag BobB: no worries - I'm thinking a phone call will work from me (of course)
22:04 bag drojf: nope
22:04 bag thd: no
22:04 BobB droif not necessarily, but it could be if the community had that level of confidence
22:04 BobB so maybe that could come later
22:05 drojf ok
22:05 cait i think we started with a discussion that we do great things, but don't tlak about it
22:05 cait and trying to think of ways how we could make that happen
22:05 BobB Stuff gets on list but not pushed as a press release e.g. to Marshall Breeding
22:05 wizzyrea we should ask marshall breeding to publish our newsletter.
22:06 drojf makes sense. thinking of the excellent video that was done in argentina… we could probably have more things pushed to the outside world
22:06 bag rangi had a few good things to say in it too - check the logs
22:06 BobB we just found out there is a union catalogue in Argentina with a thousand public libraries:  wow! but who knows that?
22:06 talljoy2 joined #koha
22:07 bag the idea is someone to help us all promote koha better (not protect it)
22:07 bag but not an evangelist
22:07 BobB the closed source systems have marketing departments, we have word of mouth :)
22:07 cait orthe public libraries in greece
22:08 BobB or phillipines or turkey ...
22:08 bag sort of more a journalist
22:08 bag yeah what cait and BobB are saying
22:08 cait turkey... not greece, although who knows? :)
22:08 BobB more to pull stuff together and to get it out there, rather than to do stuff oneself
22:09 bag and of course whomeever volunteers for this - will help create and shape the roll
22:09 drojf BobB: i think that may have to do with the "free & open" thing. you can get every information you would ever like to have about koha by yourself. that is not the case with proprietary systems. but we should not assume that everyone will know that and/or want to go looking for all the things themselves
22:09 cait should we have a quick vote to see if people like the idea?
22:09 bag yup good point drojf
22:10 BobB exactly droif
22:10 bag (voted this morning)
22:10 wizzyrea I like it, but I don't know if it's going to be economically possible for a volunteer to do what you are asking.
22:10 cait i think if we got a bit more done than now... already a win
22:10 cait and maybe it could grow into a team?
22:10 BobB if they do a bit, its more than now :)
22:12 BobB We can put it out to the list, if there is not response, nothing is lost,
22:12 cait ok, quick like/not like vote?
22:12 BobB but if someone comes forward, its a win
22:12 rangi[…]ase_Announcements  <-- david nind did this
22:12 cait +1 like it
22:12 rangi and used to, (still does some) update stuff
22:12 rangi i think thats a good start
22:12 cait yeah that's pretty cool
22:12 bag right thank you for saying that cait and BobB - more is better than nothing and being overwhelmed
22:13 drojf +1 i like it too
22:13 eythian actually even someone sending notices about releases to the places that are likely to publish that sort of thing would do good.
22:14 cait first meeting agreed to have BobB send something to the mailing list
22:14 cait i thik as we heard no 'no' - we can do that?
22:15 bag yuppers
22:15 cait #action BobB will email the mailing list about the new roles
22:15 BobB ok
22:15 cait #topic KohaCon15
22:15 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon15 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
22:15 cait gbengaadara: still around? :)
22:15 gbengaadara yup
22:16 gbengaadara #info kohacon15 will be between 19th - 25th October 2015
22:16 bag heya gbengaadara
22:16 gbengaadara hi bag
22:16 gbengaadara #info Conference 19th - 21st, Hackfest 23rd - 25th
22:17 gbengaadara Done some update to after the first meeting
22:17 gbengaadara Attempting to edit the wiki pages
22:17 rangi excellent
22:17 gbengaadara but still finding my feet
22:18 * BobB has to leave now, apologies
22:18 barton BobB++
22:18 cait BobB++
22:18 barton nice explanations earlier.
22:18 bag later BobB
22:18 bag good work gbengaadara
22:19 bag adding the airport info like rangi asked is key :)
22:19 rangi yep he has :)
22:19 cait #info updated now :)
22:19 gbengaadara Should have some info in the kohacon15 page on the wiki in a couple of days too.
22:19 bag anybody have recommendations or comments for gbengaadara
22:20 cait not right now - looks pretty good :)
22:20 cait maybe we should add a short note to the website about KohaCon15 if we haven't yet?
22:20 gbengaadara will keep info coming and updated.
22:21 drojf website is looking good, thanks gbengaadara
22:21 gbengaadara cait: that will be great
22:21 cait wizzyrea: coudl we add a link to the other site for now?
22:21 meliss left #koha
22:22 wizzyrea Sure
22:22 cait #action adding a note/link to the kc website about kohacon15
22:22 gbengaadara thats all info for now on kohacon15
22:23 cait thx gbengaadara
22:23 rangi thanks gbengaadara
22:23 cait #topic Koha on FLOSS weekly
22:23 Topic for #koha is now Koha on FLOSS weekly (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
22:23 magnuse just an idea from me, that i wanted to put out there :-)
22:23 * magnuse is not volunteering
22:23 cait aaah there you are :)
22:24 cait it fits into the communication manager idea...
22:24 drojf i watched the evergreen episode earlier today. wouldn't hurt if anyone wants to do it
22:25 cait i think the hard bit is finding the volunteer
22:25 magnuse yup
22:26 cait hm not sur how to get thi smoving for now
22:26 magnuse nah, just consider the idea aired, and move on :-)
22:27 drojf let the communication manager handle it ^^
22:27 cait ok
22:27 cait we had no actions form last meeting/they got all done
22:27 cait so jumping over that
22:28 heatherhernandez joined #koha
22:28 cait #topic Set time and date of next general IRC meeting
22:28 Topic for #koha is now Set time and date of next general IRC meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 19 November 2014, part 2)
22:28 cait we have a suggestion for 17th from the first meeting
22:28 magnuse good night or other time of the day, #koha!
22:28 thd I suggest  an earlier time
22:28 dcook Mmm, I thought I'd missed this meeting
22:29 wizzyrea gbengaadara:
22:29 thd The first meeting time a UTC 5 is  a poor time  for Europe.
22:29 cait for europe a bit earlier would get more attendance
22:29 cait i think
22:29 cait well it's problem, if we don't do much earlier, we will still be outside of work time - so not sure
22:29 gbengaadara wizzyrea: thanks
22:29 thd This second meeting time should be a good time for Europe if the first one cannot be.
22:30 bag yeah can we shift the timing of things a bit - missed ashimema and paul_p and such
22:30 cait hm what about keep this time - for nz and australia
22:30 thd UTC 18.00 would be somewhat better for Europe but perhaps not enough better.
22:30 cait and move the first by 2 hours
22:30 cait or 3
22:30 cait 9 am is a good time in europe - not usre if uk is -1/+1
22:31 cait 8 and 21?
22:31 wahanui 29
22:31 drojf lol
22:31 thd Is 9 am not a problem with many working people in transit?
22:31 cait normally at 9 most should be at work
22:31 cait i think
22:32 cait drojf - what do you think?
22:32 cait or 9 and 21?
22:32 wahanui 30
22:32 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
22:32 wahanui thanks cait :)
22:33 cait any opinions?
22:33 cait gbengaadara: what time was better for you?
22:33 gbengaadara 9 is ok
22:34 cait i am bad with timezones, so someone needs to check if i am making bad suggestions :)
22:34 cait suggestion would then be: 17th december, 9 and 21 utc
22:34 cait ok?
22:34 gbengaadara If I miss one I should be able to make the other
22:34 drojf joined #koha
22:34 gbengaadara ok
22:34 drojf got disconnected
22:35 cait can i get some +1 -1?
22:35 cait or is everyone asleep  now? :)
22:35 thd BobB: Is that good?
22:35 thd +1
22:35 rangi +1
22:35 cait #agreed december 17th - 9 and 21 utc
22:35 gbengaadara +1
22:35 cait #endmeeting
22:35 Topic for #koha is now Please read the new code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/. The next Koha General IRC meeting is 19 November at 5UTC and 21UTC. Welcome to the IRC home of Koha Please use for pastes.
22:35 huginn Meeting ended Wed Nov 19 22:35:47 2014 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
22:35 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-11-19-21.03.html
22:35 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]4-11-19-21.03.txt
22:35 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]19-21.03.log.html
22:35 drojf i said 9/21 would work for europe, either one or the other. that didn't gegt through it seems ^^
22:36 bag thd BobB had to step out
22:36 eythian that was a long meeting
22:36 heatherhernandez left #koha
22:36 cait a bit  - the elections make it long
22:36 bag not too bad 35 minutes - I think this mornings was longer-ish
22:36 cait bag: 1:35 :)
22:36 drojf 95 minutes
22:36 bag doh
22:36 drojf heh
22:37 cait but it's good it felt shorter to you :)
22:37 bag I love this stuff
22:37 bag always seems short when talking koha
22:37 cait bag++ :)
22:38 * eythian wonders if master will build today
22:39 bag hey eythian did you see the comments from tomas on[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998
22:39 huginn Bug 11998: major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Syspref caching issues
22:40 eythian I did, will look at it today.
22:40 eythian actually, will do that now while this tries to build
22:42 wizzyrea > any objections to that? I already cleared it with tcohen
22:43 bag wizzyrea++
22:44 wizzyrea May do a news item about it as well.
22:44 rangi cool
22:45 cait i like it
22:45 cait wizzyrea: news_item++ :)
22:46 cait wizzyrea: tiny typo in the ibadan link - missing :
22:46 wizzyrea ah thanks
22:47 * eythian notes that master still fails to build.
22:47 talljoy2 joined #koha
22:47 rangi theres a bunch of patches that need sign off
22:47 rangi that fix the db dependencies
22:47 wizzyrea heh, no, there was an extra http: on there.
22:48 cait ah, browser made something weird of it then :)
22:48 talljoy joined #koha
22:51 * eythian thinks git-bz needs a thing that says "apply the patch on this bug, and the patches on all the ones it depends on."
22:52 dcook ^
22:52 cait eythian: you could make it do that...
22:52 eythian I don't really know python well, but also don't have time
22:52 cait and while yo uare on it... can you make it work with a non ascii character in the commit message and doing git bz attach -e?
22:52 cait that would save me a ton of time
22:53 eythian ha ha python is stupid
22:53 eythian actually, an easier thing would be to allow a list of bugs to be passed. Even that doesn't work.
22:54 hankbank joined #koha
22:54 mtompset_ joined #koha
22:56 eythian oh, I had an old version of master.
22:57 dcook Keep meaning to take a look at ol' python
23:00 gbengaadara2 joined #koha
23:03 wajasu ethian: i was going to get my docker kohapatch have a way to give a list of patches, maybe query the depends on, and create a branch with them applied upon instance being run
23:03 wajasu when i signoff and code needs a tweak to pass QA code format rules, can I amend a signoff patch to tweak it, then signoff the tweak,  to prevent QA fail?
23:15 cait left #koha
23:16 wizzyrea @marc 008
23:16 huginn wizzyrea: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
23:21 eythian oh hey, tests passed
23:21 eythian wtf
23:22 eythian then why did the build fail
23:22 eythian oh, dependency issues
23:22 dcook "...potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes"
23:22 dcook lols
23:23 eythian no, typo in debian/control
23:23 eythian ohh
23:23 eythian no
23:25 dcook
23:26 eythian no, the opposite.
23:26 eythian the dependecies have been broken.
23:26 eythian (easy enough to fix though I expect)
23:27 dcook I don't have any more videos or images to express "I hope so"
23:28 eythian well, KMFDM just came on. That's a good start.
23:29 dcook I totally haven't listened to them in ages..
23:29 eythian neither
23:29 dcook Mogwai just came on, which... I listen to them probably every other day, so that's less remarkable
23:30 eythian I think this afternoon might have to be a 90's industrial afternoon. It's got that kind of feel to it.
23:30 eythian but first, curry time while debian/control regenerates.
23:30 dcook Mmm curry
23:30 dcook Alas, it's only morning
23:31 * drojf listens to wellington death metal :D
23:31 JoshB joined #koha
23:33 drojf or maybe that isn't true and it's auckland
23:47 hankbank joined #koha
23:55 mario joined #koha
23:55 mario left #koha
23:58 papa joined #koha

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