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00:00 dcook I really need to learn how to build RPMs one of these days...
00:00 dcook Or at least OpenSuse RPMs :p
00:10 rangi learning how to build rpm would be good
00:10 rangi you could maintain the rpms then :)
00:12 dcook hehe, indeed!
00:12 dcook It's on the to do list for sure
00:13 dcook Although I think RPMs just for OpenSuse (at least at first)
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00:13 dcook I think there are a few incompatibilities between RPMs for OpenSuse and Redhat
00:15 dcook It would be nice to have both DEB and RPM packages available
00:16 dcook Wish I had a third monitor...
00:25 eythian dcook: one of these days I plan to separate out the debian/ stuff from the main koha repo so it can be maintained like debian packages normally are. That would also be an approach that would make life easier for you.
00:26 rangi its pretty easy to do
00:26 rangi theres a git command for it even :)
00:26 eythian (as in, you'd just have another place for OpenSUSE|RedHat|etc spec files)
00:26 eythian well, I'd like to have it done more like the pkg-perl stuff is.
00:27 eythian bonus points if I can make the dh-* tools work with it :)
00:27 rangi git subtree
00:27 rangi i just remembered
00:27 rangi then if you want you can do git filter-branch to remove it from history too
00:27 rangi i was reading up on this for the .po files
00:28 eythian nah, it's not subtrees. It's having a pristine branch, and then merging that with one that contains the debian/ stuff. This makes it a lot easier to have, say, a squeeze and wheezy versions that are separate.
00:28 rangi yeah but you can use git subtree
00:28 rangi to make a new repo
00:28 rangi preserving the history
00:28 eythian ah right
00:28 rangi with jsut the dir you want
00:29 rangi then mv it round etc
00:29 rangi git subtree split --prefix=lib -b split --squash
00:29 rangi some foo like that
00:29 rangi[…]lit-a-repository/
00:29 rangi mostly for my own ref
00:30 rangi when i come back to moving the po files
00:30 rangi again
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01:14 dcook Mmm, neato burrito, rangi && eythian
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01:50 * eythian notes that in the installer it's possible to progress selecting neither MARC21 or UNIMARC
01:51 dcook :O
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01:54 wajasu i've built koha-common-3.14.06_all.deb and imported into apt-cacher-ng.  trying to get  'apt-get install -y koha-common'  to grab it.  maybe i need to sign it.
01:54 eythian you're going to need to ask a question first
01:54 wajasu :)
01:55 eythian (if you don't sign it, it'll nag you about it.)
01:55 eythian (if you do, it'll nag you about it too, unless you import the key.)
01:57 wajasu does apt-get only get from repos it trusts?  my apt-cacher is actually a proxy that caches the stuff i got from prior apt-get installs.  i'll look into signing it before storing into the apt-cacher-ng cache.
01:59 wajasu the apt-get via the proxy gets the 3.17~git version.  if i remove the repo it is not found, so i think some policy is ignoring it, or some index is needed.
02:01 wajasu i'll think about it some more.
02:02 eythian apt will warn loudly if it's seeing things that are unsigned, but you can go through with it.
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02:24 tcohen hi
02:24 dcook yo tcohen
02:25 tcohen eythian: sorry for that, I started running the tests with the db off, but after that got in, it seems
02:25 eythian naughty
02:32 tcohen interesting, bisecting fails :/
02:32 eythian bisecting shouldn't fail
02:33 dcook I've only had it fail when I made a mistake :)
02:33 tcohen that's polite, thanks
02:33 dcook Sorry, just trying to be helpful
02:34 eythian presumably it should be very scriptable with a test case, you can have bisect run a script to see if it's good or bad.
02:34 eythian But yeah, usually when it fails for me it's because I've said good ro bad backwards somewhere along the way
02:35 tcohen yeah
02:36 tcohen i called prove t/00-load.t > /dev/null 2>&1 as usual
02:36 tcohen doing it by hand, it found the problem
02:42 tcohen eythian: have you filled a bug?
02:43 eythian I haven't
02:46 tcohen eythian: ill mock the DB on that script
02:46 eythian kool
02:47 tcohen gangsta's paradise
02:47 eythian heh
02:49 wizzyrea tcohen hi
02:49 tcohen hi wizzyrea
02:50 dcook Have to love that deja vu moment when working on Koha sometimes..
02:52 dcook eythian: Did your patch for adding items to OAI ever make it through?
02:53 eythian bug 12252
02:53 wahanui bug 12252 is waiting for signoff, y'know, if someone is bored...
02:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12252 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Signed Off , OAI-PMH GetRecord result doesn't include item data
02:53 eythian nope
02:53 dcook Dinger
02:53 eythian wahanui wants it though
02:53 wahanui eythian: sorry...
02:53 dcook hehe
02:54 eythian I would have liked that in 3.18 :/
02:55 * eythian quietly slips tcohen a couple of patches while no one is looking
02:55 dcook hehe
02:55 dcook Yeah, I'm doing some fiddling in that area at the moment
02:56 rangi it only got signed off on the 2nd
02:56 rangi so missed the cut
02:56 eythian yeah
02:56 eythian not the end of the world.
02:56 dcook Mmm, right. I think I signed off the first one or two, but then got cold feet
02:57 dcook As I wanted mtompset's patch to go through too
02:57 dcook Although I had concerns about the code with that one :/
02:57 dcook I wanted the feature to go through
02:57 rangi sometimes with those
02:57 tcohen eythian: you can convince the Rmaint to backport it
02:57 tcohen ;-)
02:57 eythian that's true :)
02:57 rangi its best to fail them early, noting that you like the feature, but suspect about the code
02:57 rangi otherwise they sit in limbo forever
02:57 tcohen dcook: which mtompset's?
02:57 * wizzyrea glares at you all
02:58 dcook tcohen: 11592
02:58 dcook bug 11592
02:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11592 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , opac detail scripts do not respect MARC tag visibility
02:58 wizzyrea no bribing the rmaints.
02:58 dcook rangi: Yeah, I think I failed it early and added notes, but then it just got a bit unwieldy and got busy :/
02:58 eythian so no bribery. Blackmail is is then. Sorry tcohen, but wizzyrea called it.
02:58 dcook Once a bug gets over 30-40 comments, my eyes start to glaze over a bit
02:58 dcook Especially when each comment is about two screens of text..
02:58 dcook eythian: lol
02:59 * wizzyrea glares at eythian - don't make me use the mom face.
02:59 eythian it's not even spelt like that
02:59 wizzyrea lulz
02:59 tcohen dcook: it should be implemented as a simple, cached XSLT to apply to Zebra's/ES's output
03:00 dcook Hmm
03:00 tcohen the same for most of searchResults
03:00 dcook That's not very configurable though
03:01 dcook And if you do it on a framework basis, that would end up with a lot of XSLTs
03:01 tcohen is the code configurable?
03:01 dcook In theory
03:01 dcook Hmm, wait
03:01 dcook I sort of lie
03:01 tcohen lots of xslt's on the DB? calculated once?
03:01 dcook I guess we claim to be able to show/hide fields
03:01 dcook But really all we can do is hide fields
03:01 tcohen sounds great to me :-P
03:01 dcook showing depends on the xslt
03:02 tcohen i'm not talking about visualization, though
03:02 eythian well you can't show unless you know how to show it anyway
03:02 dcook ^
03:02 tcohen we currently do
03:03 tcohen zebra > xml > MARC::Record > Filter1 > Filter2 > as_xml > XSLT
03:03 dcook Filter1? Filter2?
03:03 tcohen have you read searchResults?
03:04 dcook Not recently
03:04 dcook Few months ago :)
03:04 tcohen hasn't changed a lot
03:04 dcook I might've blacked it out a bit, but yeah, I recall a lot of handling
03:05 tcohen yeah, foreach field/subfield loops and such
03:05 dcook I suppose if we did filter it as it comes out of Zebra, we'd save a lot of hassle
03:05 dcook and a lot of handling, duplicated code, etc
03:05 dcook Ahh
03:06 dcook But that won't work, tcohen
03:06 dcook Because we're not always using the record coming from Zebra
03:06 tcohen define work and we have a vet
03:06 tcohen bet
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03:06 dcook Sometimes we're using the record coming from MySQL
03:06 dcook So it has to be at whatever stage we get a record from "somewhere"
03:06 dcook Probably "GetMarcBiblio"
03:07 tcohen so you mean a different set of XSLT's depending on the stage/source
03:07 dcook Although a person could bypass that with "GetXMLBiblio"..
03:07 dcook I'm really not sure that XSLT is the way to go in this case
03:07 dcook Unless we rip out our current mechanism for controlling subfield visbility in the frameworks
03:08 dcook Well, that might be hasty
03:08 dcook I suppose we might be able to calculate XSLTs...
03:08 dcook I think I see what you're saying now
03:08 tcohen that's the point
03:08 dcook Hmm
03:08 tcohen visibility can be re-calculated each time a framework is changed, right?
03:08 dcook Yeah
03:08 tcohen and that's it
03:09 tcohen you have the XSLT
03:09 dcook And XSLT is just XML so it wouldn't necessarily be that hard
03:09 tcohen the same for injecting authorized value descriptios, etc...
03:09 dcook Mmm
03:09 tcohen =D
03:09 dcook Well, I don't know about the authorized values, but you have me intrigued!
03:10 wizzyrea "it wouldn't necessarily be that hard" isn't that how we ended up with an open source ILS to begin with
03:10 dcook tcohen: Are you RM for 3.20 as well?
03:10 dcook wizzyrea: lolz
03:10 tcohen i'm just following the pipe that takes place in searchResults
03:10 dcook ahh
03:10 dcook I think we just need to keep in mind that this filter is going to be used whenever we show the record in a context
03:10 tcohen *chain
03:11 dcook I suppose we'd always want to show the value though..
03:11 tcohen definitely
03:11 dcook Very interesting
03:12 dcook I was actually just looking at a local mod I did which is very similar to mtompset's
03:12 dcook And thinking how I wasn't looking forward to doing that again... lol
03:12 dcook tcohen: Well, you've got me interested. If you file a bug, be sure to include me on it :)
03:12 tcohen it will happen after the release of course
03:12 dcook of course
03:12 * dcook likes thinking of the future though
03:13 dcook on that note
03:13 dcook brb
03:16 dcook back
03:16 dcook Almost 3 minutes exactly..
03:17 tcohen eythian: btw, could you take a look at 12750
03:17 eythian bug 12750
03:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12750 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , koha-create should be able to configure SRU server for the created instance
03:19 eythian just reading the patch looks good to me
03:39 tcohen eythian: great
03:43 tcohen eythian: several tests fail, not just that one (without a DB)
03:43 eythian that was just the first one I saw blow up
03:46 tcohen what was the bug #?
03:46 * tcohen is about to change the description
03:47 tcohen bug 13274
03:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13274 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, Needs Signoff , t/00-load.t shouldn't depend on the DB
04:02 tcohen eythian: bug 13275
04:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13275 major, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , (OMNIBUS) Tests on t/ should pass without a DB
04:02 eythian k
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04:09 tcohen night, is late alredy
04:32 dcook Already 3:30pm and still so many things to do..
04:35 eythian I'm battling with one module that's terrible, trying to get things to work on Ubuntu 14.04
04:36 dcook :/
04:37 eythian I'm thinking I might just run 14.10 on this
04:37 eythian it'll work in debian jessie
04:37 eythian wish I'd installed that first.
04:39 dcook This is Catmandu?
04:39 eythian something it depends on
04:39 eythian (Marpa::R2)
04:40 eythian it seems to have a very broken build system
04:41 jcamins eythian: but no syntax errors, right?
04:41 eythian ...?
04:42 jcamins eythian: everything's highly grammatical?
04:42 eythian ah. yes
04:43 jcamins It's almost midnight, and my jokes are bad even during the day.
04:43 eythian when I naively turn it into a .deb, it create things in /home/robin/perl5/lib/x86_64​-linux-gnu-thread-multi/...
04:45 eythian if this doesn't work, I'm going to install jessie on it
04:51 dcook :(
04:52 eythian the module I'm having problems with is in jessie anyway
04:54 eythian actually, catmandu is in there too, so it might be overall the best idea
05:00 eythian @wunder nzwn
05:00 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (5:30 PM NZDT on November 18, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Steady).
05:01 eythian hmm, shouldn't have brought my jacket
05:01 dcook @wunder syd
05:01 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 21.0°C (3:30 PM AEDT on November 18, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
05:01 dcook I shouldn't have either
05:01 dcook I need space in my bag :/
05:01 eythian > Installing new version of config file /etc/cowpoke.conf ...
05:01 eythian ^-- poor cows
05:01 dcook hehe
05:10 dcook Nothing like adding in that one extra line of code and forgetting to test it... after doing such a good job with the rest of your patch
05:11 * dcook is actually being critical of himself for once :p
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06:29 * magnuse waves
06:30 * dcook waves
06:41 dcook Hmm "at" is a nifty command
06:44 magnuse it's like cron, but for one off commands?
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06:51 cait morning paul_p
06:52 paul_p hi cait & others
06:52 cait morning #koha, dcook, magnuse
06:53 cait we need a few sign-offs for tests
06:53 cait[…]_bug.cgi?id=13275
06:53 huginn Bug 13275: major, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , (OMNIBUS) Tests on t/ should pass without a DB
06:53 magnuse kia ora cait and paul_p et al
06:54 magnuse i can look at those
06:55 cait :)
06:55 cait they shouldn't be hard to test
06:56 magnuse that's what i thought :-)
06:56 magnuse shut down mysql and run them before and after the patch, i think?
07:10 magnuse hm, t/XSLT.t succeeds without a db before the patch too
07:15 rangi magnuse: you did stop the db eh?
07:15 rangi cos it fails for me
07:15 rangi prove t/XSLT.t
07:16 rangi t/XSLT.t .. DBI connect('dbname=koha_test;host=loc​alhost;port=3306','koha_test',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2
07:17 magnuse yup, i stopped the db
07:17 magnuse i get the same result for the other two bugs
07:17 * cait waves
07:17 rangi weird it definitely fails for me
07:17 rangi and works after the patch
07:17 magnuse that *is* weird!
07:17 magnuse feel free to sign off! :-)
07:18 bag magnuse: HI
07:18 magnuse $ sudo service mysql status
07:18 magnuse [info] MySQL is stopped..
07:18 magnuse bag: HI!
07:19 magnuse bag: burning the midnight oil?
07:19 bag yuppers
07:19 magnuse if i try to visit koha in the browser i get "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket"
07:20 cait same for me
07:20 cait hm i meant what rangi has
07:20 cait the tests fail with stopped db for me
07:20 rangi ill sign off on it
07:20 magnuse rangi++
07:21 cait magnuse: branch confusion? you tested without the patch applied?
07:21 cait happens to me sometimes :)
07:24 magnuse i stopped the db and yes i did test without the patch first, but the tests pass
07:26 magnuse on a gitified setup in kohadevbox, no memcached
07:27 magnuse $ sudo koha-shell -c "prove t/db_dependent/Search.t" kohadev <-- gives some warnings, but all tests pass
07:28 cait hm
07:28 cait coudl caching make a difference?
07:28 cait or something else?
07:28 magnuse probably
07:28 cait rangi: will you sign of the others too?
07:28 magnuse but i don't have memcached
07:29 magnuse is there any other caching, when mysql is turned off?
07:29 rangi dont do it with koha-shell
07:29 rangi try it just with the plain old export
07:30 rangi just to make sure
07:30 rangi just export KOHA_CONF
07:31 rangi cait: not tonight
07:31 cait ok :)
07:36 magnuse rangi: then i get Error:  Could not create file parser context for file "/etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml": Permission denied
07:37 magnuse ah $ sudo -u kohadev-koha KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml prove  t/XSLT.t
07:37 magnuse then i get "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket..."
07:37 magnuse i can look at the last two, then
07:39 rangi wtf why is someone answering mails from 2011 on the list
07:39 rangi people are so weird sometimes
07:40 magnuse lol
07:40 magnuse true dat ;-)
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07:42 reiveune hello
07:43 laurence joined #koha
07:48 cait bbiab
07:49 magnuse there, both signed off
07:49 rangi cool thanks
07:53 magnuse rangi: thanks for the tip on skipping koha-shell!
07:53 magnuse any idea why that caused the tests to pass without a db?
07:55 magnuse ooh, there's a bunch more tests that need the same treatment
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07:59 alex_a bonjour
08:06 rangi magnuse: i think it might have been looking at the wrong perl5lib
08:06 rangi koha-shell will set the lib to /usr/share/koha/lib
08:06 rangi thats my theory anyway
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08:17 magnuse it is my theory, it belongs to me and it is mine!
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08:18 magnuse
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09:03 littleboss Hey, need help with Template::Plugin::HtmlToText on koha-3.16.04 cant seem to make headway
09:04 magnuse gah! this makes 6 tests fail with a "can't connect to mysql": $ sudo -u kohadev-koha KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml prove
09:04 magnuse but this works: $ sudo -u kohadev-koha KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib/ prove
09:06 magnuse ...but gives some other errors...
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09:36 magnuse hm, most test files seem to wrap use_ok in a BEGIN{} block, but not all. says "It's recommended that you run use_ok() inside a BEGIN block". but having it in a BEGIN interferes with mocking the database, as far as i can tell
09:39 magnuse do we drop the BEGIN or pu the database mockery inside the BEGIN?
09:39 magnuse rangi around? and if so, do you have an opinion?
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09:46 magnuse tcohen seems to have dropped the BEGIN in his patches
09:56 Joubu magnuse: see my patch on bug 13274
09:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13274 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, Passed QA , t/00-load.t shouldn't depend on the DB
09:58 Joubu magnuse: and the patch on bug 13276
09:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13276 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, Passed QA , t/XSLT.t shouldn't depend on the DB
09:58 Joubu I put the mock into the BEGIN block
10:00 magnuse ah, yes, that will save some copy/paste code
10:02 magnuse it might be a good idea to wait and see what tcohen thinks about that before doing something about the bugs i reported, then
10:03 Joubu magnuse: yep, I have just submited a patch, for example, on 74 and 76. But I won't submit more
10:07 * cait waves
10:09 magnuse hiya cait
10:18 magnuse @later tell tcohen can you take a look at the new patches from Joubu on bug 13274 and 13276, and see if you like that approach?
10:18 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
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12:20 tcohen morning!
12:22 tcohen magnuse, i tried that and didn't work for me :-D
12:22 tcohen if it works, i'm fine with it
12:22 tcohen didn't have the time/mind to debug it late last night, just tried to fix some
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12:34 Joubu tcohen: it works for the 2 files I submited a patch. It shoud work everywhere.
12:37 tcohen Joubu: of course! I was just mentioning that I tried mocking on the BEGIN block and it didn't work for me
12:37 tcohen Joubu: hi BTW
12:37 Joubu Hi Tomas :)
12:42 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
12:42 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Alto de San Martin, Cordoba City, Argentina is 31.3°C (9:40 AM ART on November 18, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 28%. Dew Point: 11.0°C. Pressure: 29.70 in 1006 hPa (Rising).
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12:51 magnuse tcohen: so if i get Joubu's patches to work, you are not opposed to doing the same thing for other patches?
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12:55 tcohen magnuse: they work
12:56 tcohen and i don't mind using it, or not using it
13:00 magnuse saves some copypasta :-)
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13:01 tcohen magnuse: will u be able to test 12750?
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13:05 oleonard Hi #koha
13:05 magnuse bug 12750
13:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12750 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , koha-create should be able to configure SRU server for the created instance
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13:05 magnuse ooh, i'd love to, but not sure i can make it
13:17 tcohen oleonard: isn't it 15:00?
13:17 oleonard tcohen: I copied and pasted from the agenda.
13:21 oleonard 5:00 and 21:00 is what was agreed to in the previous meeting.
13:22 oleonard Special care was taken to choose two times which would work equally badly for everyone :P
13:22 * druthb blames cait
13:24 tcohen oleonard: ok
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13:47 magnuse koha libraries in finland are awarded prize as "library developers of the year"
13:48 magnuse kivilahtio et al
13:49 nengard joined #koha
13:49 magnuse[…]dit-text=&act=url
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13:54 oleonard I hope "Koha is used in several libraries around the world" is just a bad Google translation!
13:54 oleonard I think we merit better than "several"
13:56 nengard what version of mysql do we need for koha? the release notes didn't say:
14:01 oleonard <jcamins> Perl 5.10, and MySQL 5+. But really if you use MySQL 5.0 your life will be sad so you should use 5.5.
14:01 oleonard That was on 2014-07-28
14:01 magnuse oleonard: sadly, that translation is pretty accurate
14:02 magnuse the persistant myth that koha is "small"
14:02 oleonard magnuse: Too bad. tcohen all by himself blows away "several"
14:03 magnuse hehe, yeah
14:03 cait magnuse: cool, newsletter? :)
14:04 * oleonard apologizes for Bug 13271
14:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13271 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Subject search links broken if XSLT and OPACPopupAuthorsSearch are both off
14:04 nengard thanks oleonard
14:06 cait so kivi won a prize... he shoudl write an article for the newsletter, right? :)
14:06 magnuse yup
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14:30 cait elastic search
14:30 cait elastic Search?
14:30 cait hm
14:30 cait elastic search?
14:30 cait ES?
14:30 wahanui ES is pretty awesome
14:37 magnuse bug 12478?
14:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12478 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, NEW , Elasticsearch support for Koha
14:37 magnuse elasticsearch?
14:37 wahanui i think elasticsearch is mosying along. I really ought to break out the bits I've had to build to support it, like Koha::Biblio and such.
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15:05 cait oleonard: could you take a look at the follow-up for bug 12971?
15:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12971 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Regression: Patron print summary doesn't show checkouts
15:05 talljoy joined #koha
15:05 oleonard Yes
15:05 cait thx :)
15:07 jcamins nengard: agreed, if you use MySQL 5.0, your life will be very sad. Use 5.5+
15:09 rocio_mobile_ joined #koha
15:23 Daniel joined #koha
15:23 Daniel Identify
15:24 Daniel I don't know how to do the identify command
15:25 Guest110 Is there any way to start a private chat with anyone?  I have specific questions I wanted to ask about making barcodes with Koha software
15:25 edveal joined #koha
15:26 oleonard Guest110: Why would that require a private chat?
15:28 Guest110 Often times when you ask a question many people will answer and tangents can come about
15:29 Guest110 I actually just need help learning how to create a barcode using koha software
15:29 oleonard Guest110: Have you consulted the manual?
15:29 Guest110 I am a coptic orthodox monk in a monastery and we are trying to select a software solution for our library
15:30 JoshB joined #koha
15:30 Guest110 I looked at it a little but I don't understand it to be quite honest.  I have no library experience nor was it my vocation prior to leaving the world to become a monk
15:32 oleonard Feel free to ask specific questions here. It's usually considered rude to ask someone a question in private chat unless you have been invited to do so.
15:33 Guest110 Would anyone be able and willing to walk me through creating a barcode from scratch?
15:33 Guest110 gotcha
15:33 Guest110 It has been quite a few years since I have chatted, so my etiquette is not up to par
15:33 Guest110 oleonard, would you be willing to walk me through making a barcode?
15:35 oleonard Sorry Guest110 my library doesn't use that feature in Koha and I have very little experience with it.
15:35 Guest110 fair enough
15:35 magnuse joined #koha
15:36 Guest110 would you be able to point me in the direction of where I might find assistance with that particular issue?
15:36 cait Guest110: there are some tutorial videos for the label creator
15:36 cait those might be helpflu
15:36 cait videos?
15:36 wahanui videos are found at and
15:36 cait hm no, not that link
15:36 cait tutorials?
15:38 cait they are linked from bywater's website
15:38 cait Guest110:[…]-layouts-in-koha/
15:38 cait there should be some more there
15:39 Guest110 cait & wahanui: thank you so much for the links.  So if I watch these, I should be able to figure out to make barcodes from scratch?
15:40 cait i think the second link ist he one - wahanui just suggested something because i had given a keyword (bot :))
15:40 cait itwill give you an idea bout how the label creator module work
15:40 cait s
15:40 cait i also recommend taking a look at the help files in Koha, while stepping through it
15:41 rocio_mobile_ joined #koha
15:41 carmenh joined #koha
15:41 Guest110 I wouldn't mind looking through it, but again, with no library experience, do you think I will be able to understand?
15:42 oleonard If you have trouble Guest110 you can come back with specific questions
15:42 Guest110 ok
15:43 Guest110 is anyone available now to stay with me while I go through the program online and try to make a lablel/ask questions about the process?
15:44 oleonard Guest110: There is usually someone around
15:44 rocio_mobile_ joined #koha
15:46 Guest110 cait: I am on the bywater server of koha and am going to try to enter a 'dummy' book and then create a label for it.  May I ask you questions about enter data when entering a new book?
15:47 Guest110 I am on the add MARC record screen and I don't understand most of it
15:47 Guest110 oleonard: got a second?
15:47 jcamins understanding marc?
15:47 wahanui i heard understanding marc was and a horrifying thing to have to do.
15:47 jcamins ^^ that might be useful
15:47 Guest110 oleonard: can you also change my nickname to Daniel?
15:48 oleonard Guest110: " /nick Daniel "
15:51 cait Guest110: sorry, i don't really have the time right now - working
15:51 cait does someone know the link to the translated manuals?
15:51 Guest110 cait: no worries, I understand
15:52 rocio joined #koha
15:53 Guest110 cait: I have the website for the manuals, if you were asking for me
15:53 cait Guest110: answering another mail  right now :)
15:53 cait but i found it - http://manual.koha-community.o[…]en/catguides.html
15:54 cait actually not that link
15:54 cait but this
15:54 Guest110 Cait: thank you very much
15:56 cait i was loking for the translated manuals for another question i got asked - the full manuals are at i think
15:56 oleonard "Override renewal limit" option is broken with AJAX circ :(
15:56 Guest110 cait: I am new to this chat-room and am trying to understand; is it essentially a bunch of librarians, available to help and network with each other?
15:56 cait oleonard: :(
15:56 cait I am sorry for having missed all that
15:57 cait there are librarians and developers... developing librarians
15:57 Guest110 that's great
15:58 Guest110 ok, I will look over the resources that were given to me by you all and God willing I will be able to make some sense out of them
15:58 cait probably a bit more librarians on hte mailing list i think
15:58 cait where are you from Guest110
15:58 cait ?
15:58 Guest110 St Mary St Moses abbey Corpus Christi, Texas
15:58 Guest110 I am a Coptic Orthodox Christian monk
15:59 cait oh wow :)
15:59 Guest110 recently assigned to the monk's library, and trying to bring some order to it.
15:59 cait Koha had a few monks getting involved in the project in the pasat
15:59 Guest110 Currently monks check books out by just taking it off the shelf.  They return it by just placing it in the library.  Clearly any librarians nightmare
16:00 Guest110 librarian's
16:00 Guest110 perhaps they were other monks before that were assigned to the library... I am not sure
16:01 Guest110 Cait: are you normally in this chatroom?  Incase I have follow up questions?  And I know I will
16:02 oleonard Guest110: There are almost always people here. You don't need to find any specific person to ask for help.
16:02 tgoat joined #koha
16:03 Guest110 forgive me, cait had just seemed to be the most active in aiding me.  But I am sure, as you said, there will be many capable people available
16:03 Guest110 Thank you again for your patience and help
16:05 cait oleonard: did you fid out something about your weird reneal case with the different dates?
16:05 oleonard cait: No I wasn't able to reproduce it yesterday.
16:05 cait starting to look into the case the library reported
16:06 oleonard I'm wondering if it might be a problem where testing on a certain day of the week has an effect, combined with days the library is closed.
16:06 cait i hope not
16:06 cait that sounds horrible
16:09 Guest110 what does slap mean?
16:10 Guest110 when I click on someone it gives me that option
16:10 oleonard What do you mean "click on someone?"
16:11 cait Guest110: we don't really use that heere
16:11 Guest110 on my screen I have a list on the right of all the people that are present in this chat-room.  When I left click on any name three options pop up: whois, query and slap
16:11 cait I think it refers to some monty python thing or so?
16:12 cait it seems some chat clients offer that
16:12 cait oleonard++ thx for taking on the 'still accessible' bugs
16:13 misilot Hi, I was looking at possibly setting up Building Koha in my local Jenkins setup, and didn't want to reinvent the wheel if the steps for setting it up were out there. I did some google searching but didnt' come across any directions
16:13 cait misilot: did you see jenkins?
16:13 cait hm
16:13 Guest110 I just added a new MARC record and clicked save, then it brought me to a screen that says, 'items for XXXXX' add item.  Barcode is option 'p' on the list.  How do I come up with a bardcode number?
16:14 misilot cait: nope, did not come across that
16:14 cait There is an option to have Koha autogenreate them for you - autobarcode under administration system preferences
16:15 Guest110 perhaps that is what is happening already.  If I click the barcode field, it automatically puts a number in.  But then when I click add item on this screen, when I go to print the barcode as a PDF, the PDF is blank
16:24 mveron joined #koha
16:24 mveron Hi #koha
16:24 Guest110 By God's grace I was successfully able to create the barcode for a test book.  Thank you all so much for your help, may God reward you
16:36 burdsjm_ joined #koha
16:39 oleonard Oh look I reported Bug 12634 four months ago and then forgot about it :(
16:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12634 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , JavaScript error in Bootstrap OPAC detail page if OPACPopupAuthorsSearch is enabled
16:49 oleonard So Bug 10956 is still a thing.
16:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10956 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
16:51 jbrice joined #koha
16:56 jbrice_ joined #koha
17:00 jbrice__ joined #koha
17:02 jbrice_ joined #koha
17:02 jbrice__ joined #koha
17:03 nengard left #koha
17:05 jbrice joined #koha
17:06 nengard joined #koha
17:07 reiveune bye
17:07 reiveune left #koha
17:10 jbrice joined #koha
17:11 jbrice joined #koha
17:18 khall joined #koha
17:31 mveron joined #koha
17:32 mveron Hi again #koha
17:32 * mveron was kicked out of ChatZilla because of Firefox crash relatd to Bug 10956
17:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10956 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
17:33 oleonard :D
17:33 * oleonard uses standalone Chatzilla to avoid such problems
17:33 mveron Bug seems to be related to highlighting words. Can not reproduce it if OpacHighlightedWords is off
17:33 oleonard Ah, interesting. I'll have to re-test.
17:35 cait mveron: there is a new bug from kyle about cookies getting too large or something - could it be related?
17:36 cait hm opachighlight... maybe not
17:37 mveron cait: I turned OpacHighlitedWords on again and voilà - I had the message about not responding script
17:43 oleonard Can someone please test the calendar tool in master? For me it is completely broken.
17:49 oleonard Oh interesting... The problem is fixed if I empty my *_holidays tables...
17:52 * oleonard thinks he will not test the Firefox-crashing bug again while he is in the middle of composing another bug report
17:53 laurence left #koha
17:54 bag oleonard: firefox has been running not well for me lately - I switched back to Chrome last week and I've found some better luck (just an aside)
17:56 mveron joined #koha
17:56 mveron Hi again :-)
17:56 barton joined #koha
18:02 tgoat joined #koha
18:07 oleonard Bug 13289
18:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13289 blocker, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Calendar with weekly repeating holidays completely broken by DataTables upgrade
18:10 bag oleonard: is that associated with bug 11703
18:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11703 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , Convert checkouts table to ajax datatable
18:10 bag hmm no doesn't seem to be
18:17 tcohen #koha, do u belive me i'm really happy right now?
18:18 tcohen
18:23 Dyrcona joined #koha
18:27 bag talljoy NateC ^^^^
18:28 NateC AWESOME!!!!!!
18:28 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, NateC
18:31 NateC done!!
18:35 edveal joined #koha
18:36 rangi We need to send magda and Maria big thank yous they did a fantastic job
18:36 bag true that
18:36 rangi Brb my bus stop
18:36 paul_p joined #koha
18:41 cait :)
18:41 bag heya cait
18:42 cait hi :) about to run out :(
18:42 cait but for sushi
18:42 bag excellent
18:43 cait ill be back later... people ignore the weird german person in the movie please .. ok?
18:43 cait left #koha
18:49 oleonard I haven't watched the video yet, but I hope it makes the point that there are literally dozens of us.
18:52 tcohen ok. I understood how to manage the subtitles :-D
18:53 tcohen can u see the subs?
19:00 tcohen paul_p!
19:03 rangi yay!! subtitles
19:11 tcohen bye #koha, spread the word about the vide
19:11 tcohen o
19:26 oleonard Thanks khall Bug 12971 works well for me now
19:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12971 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Regression: Patron print summary doesn't show checkouts
19:26 khall excellent!
19:31 * mveron just watched the video. Great!
19:34 trea joined #koha
19:35 paul_p joined #koha
19:35 paul_p !seen tcohen
19:36 rangi he just left paul_p
19:37 rangi about 20 mins ago
19:37 paul_p hey, rangi is our new bot ? ;-)
19:37 rangi @seen tcohen
19:37 huginn rangi: tcohen was last seen in #koha 25 minutes and 22 seconds ago: <tcohen> o
19:37 rangi :)
19:37 paul_p pfff... different bots on different channels...
19:37 rangi yep
19:37 paul_p sometimes ! sometimes @ ...
19:37 kathryn joined #koha
19:37 paul_p anyway, thx, will drop him an email then
19:48 bag @later tell eythian I was curious if you had an alternate patch like tomas suggested on this bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998
19:48 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
19:48 huginn Bug 11998: major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Syspref caching issues
19:49 bag heya paul_p
19:51 wnickc joined #koha
19:55 oleonard Sorry khall_away, another one:  Bug 13293
19:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13293 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Regression: Override renewal limit option broken with AJAX circ
19:58 tcohen joined #koha
19:59 oleonard Bye #koha
20:02 tcohen hi
20:03 tcohen if anyone wants to add another language subtitles, I can give you the english source file
20:03 rangi oh good idea
20:04 bag sweet owen I let khall know about the new bug - we'll get on it
20:10 M3ntoR joined #koha
20:17 barton joined #koha
20:26 nengard joined #koha
20:26 tcohen should we announce the video on the list?
20:27 rangi i think so
20:27 rocio1 joined #koha
20:27 tcohen is "Koha, a community" a good title?
20:28 rangi I like it
20:28 rangi anyone else?
20:28 tcohen "Koha Community, the video"
20:28 tcohen :-P
20:28 tcohen i like the first
20:28 paul_p I prefer "KC, the video"
20:29 tcohen hi paul_p !
20:29 paul_p (but not from far)
20:29 paul_p hi tcohen
20:29 paul_p wow... hot night in Jerusalem... many noise that, I think are gun shots...
20:29 tcohen on jerusalem??
20:29 paul_p and now a police car
20:30 tcohen ah
20:30 paul_p tcohen yep, I'm still in Jerusalem. and there are a lot of troubles between Israelians & Palestinians
20:46 ebegin joined #koha
20:47 ebegin Hello Koha ! Long time no chat :)
20:47 rangi heya ebegin
20:50 ebegin I do have a quick question. In XSLT files, all labels are plural : Series, Analytics, Volumes, Sets
20:51 ebegin Anybody would oppose to put the ending s in parenthesis ? Serie(s), Analytic(s), Volume(s), Set(s) ?
20:51 ebegin I know that this is a common way to mark both singular and plural form in French, not sure this is the case in english
20:52 jcamins ebegin: "series" is singular.
20:52 jcamins And "analytics" doesn't have a singular.
20:54 ebegin jcamins, hmmm, good points for those )
21:11 francharb joined #koha
21:14 eythian hi
21:19 mtompset joined #koha
21:20 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
21:26 pianohacker joined #koha
21:27 mtompset Greetings pianohacker.
21:35 rangi hmm so the meeting is 05:00 and 21:00 UTC 19th november right ?
21:36 rangi thats in hmm 6.5 hours for the first one .. did i work it out right?
21:37 bag is lost
21:37 mtompset It is 5 and 21.
21:38 mtompset 6pm wednesday and 10am thursday for wellington.
21:38 rangi 7.5 then .. right i might be home by then
21:39 rangi will try to make the first one
21:44 mtompset Are you coming back from somewhere then, rangi?
21:44 rangi work
21:45 mtompset I'm confused as to the 6.5 7.5 numbers. :)
21:45 rangi thats how many hours until then
21:46 mtompset Ah.
21:47 kmlussier left #koha
21:51 tcohen sent
21:51 tcohen jcamins++ # liguistic aid
21:54 eythian bag: not yet, the alternate would be a fair bit of work, but I can get a good-enough thing working pretty quickly. It's just that what I did do needs a bit of fixing to work right.
21:54 eythian tcohen: should master build now?
21:54 JoshB joined #koha
21:56 bag ah cool eythian is that possible to work on quickly - I'd love to see plack staff-side for 3.18 (you can bill me)
21:57 eythian bag: today if I'm lucky
21:58 * bag sends luck
21:58 bag or coffee
21:58 bag hmmm maybe some glenlivet?
21:58 bag too early
21:58 bag ok ok I send a irish coffee
21:59 eythian split the difference :)
21:59 irma joined #koha
22:03 eythian[…]-the-fucking-moon <-- /me rediscovers some music
22:04 rangi yeah thats still a goodun
22:09 dcook Ooo, I should actually be around for the meeting in 7 hours!
22:10 wajasu finally got my docker koha-common package built.  learned alot eythian.
22:10 bag hmm 9pm for me - I can probably make it
22:10 eythian oh cool.
22:14 mtompset docker? Sounds familiar. Why should I know this again? :)
22:15 wajasu i have these images, mindebsqueeze and apt-cacher-ng proxy, a mysql server, kohadebbld(for debian pkg build), kohasvr (for clean package installs)
22:16 wajasu also have a git kohaclone repo that the kohadebbld uses.
22:16 wajasu just need to add zebra server and  elasticsearch, sip2 and a translations image, and i can quickly confiugre test scenarios
22:18 wajasu i think i'll make a kohadev setup where it has the bz git and QA tools.
22:18 eythian you won't be able to run the elasticsearch stuff on anything less than debian jessie, realistically.
22:19 eythian I spent much of yesterday trying to make it work in Ubuntu 14.04 and it wouldn't, today I'm trying in 14.10, but I really should blow my VM away and set it up as jessie.
22:19 wajasu thats fine.  i'll run ES on a docker jessie instance.
22:19 rangi wajasu: thats all been done with vagrant
22:20 wajasu i just saw that today.
22:20 Andreas_ joined #koha
22:23 wajasu i am liking this docker because I can start/stop runtime instances fast.  i can start an instance with the bug and interact with it to compare with an instance with a patch.
22:25 nengard left #koha
22:26 eythian yeah, looking forward to it all being up and running. It'll be quite handy to get people started with a dev environment.
22:28 wajasu i'ts only taking me a couple of minutes to setup an enviroment.  git repo, debian pkgs, are cached.
22:29 wajasu i really need to hand this off to you.  no pbuilder used.  just dpkg-buildpackage, as the docker image for the build is the chroot.
22:30 eythian I don't understand how docker really works yet.
22:30 eythian One of these days.
22:30 wajasu folks can just pull the image you built from docker registry and they will be cached.
22:30 wajasu i'll have to push it somewhere for you to reference and tweak.
22:32 eythian @later tell tcohen good video :D
22:32 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:32 dcook Oh yeah, I was watching the video... it's good so far!
22:32 * wajasu got to run. maybe will be around for the meeting.
22:33 eythian @later tell cait did you forget how to speak German while they were filming? ;)
22:33 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:34 wizzyrea aww, don't hassle poor cait.
22:35 wizzyrea She was perfect in the video
22:35 dcook eythian: I may have thought that too :p
22:35 dcook But I agree that she's great in the video :)
22:38 dcook Watching Zebra with lots of verbose flags
22:38 dcook 09:37:46-19/11 zebraidx(30286) 4017b9cb757f0000 [log] Merge 21.5% completed; 36 seconds remaining
22:38 dcook 09:37:56-19/11 zebraidx(30286) 4017b9cb757f0000 [log] Merge 41.8% completed; 27 seconds remaining
22:38 dcook 09:38:06-19/11 zebraidx(30286) 4017b9cb757f0000 [log] Merge 66.5% completed; 15 seconds remaining
22:38 dcook Riveting stuff O_O
22:38 dcook 09:38:16-19/11 zebraidx(30286) 4017b9cb757f0000 [log] Merge 73.8% completed; 14 seconds remaining
22:38 dcook 09:38:26-19/11 zebraidx(30286) 4017b9cb757f0000 [log] Merge 74.4% completed; 17 seconds remaining
22:38 dcook Not cool! That's like when the wait for your next train changes from 5 minutes to 25 minutes...
22:39 wizzyrea lulz.
22:39 dcook Hmm, I don't suppose anyone has tried rebuilding a zebra index in master lately..
22:40 dcook Actually, I'll restart my zebra server and see if that fixes the weird..
22:41 dcook Whew
22:41 dcook That did it
22:42 cait joined #koha
22:55 ebegin joined #koha
23:02 wizzyrea going to wee now then I'll meet you downstars
23:03 wizzyrea wow glad that I didn't type what I was really going to.
23:03 wizzyrea into the wrong window.
23:03 wizzyrea though you are all invited to lunch if you want.
23:03 wizzyrea :P
23:05 eythian ...
23:09 dcook Mmm lunch
23:12 rambutan joined #koha
23:22 wnickc joined #koha
23:32 magnuse wow, that video is AWESOME!
23:33 ebegin joined #koha
23:33 dcook coffee?
23:33 wahanui[…]images/coffee.jpg
23:33 dcook coffee?
23:33 wahanui[…]images/coffee.jpg
23:33 dcook coffee is also
23:33 wahanui okay, dcook.
23:33 dcook heya magnuse and ebegin
23:34 dcook Mmm, I really need to remember to finish watching that video. The start is great so far!
23:35 magnuse yeah, well worth 10.5 minutes of your life ;-)
23:36 * mveron gives it up with Bug 10956 - it is too late.
23:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10956 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Series of OPAC searches can cause a browser crash
23:36 mveron Good night everybody...
23:41 wnickc Is there an 'easy' way to figure out which version of koha a patch is in?
23:42 dcook Ideally, the bugzilla report should say
23:42 dcook Usually safe to assume it's for master
23:42 dcook Unless it's been labelled as a backport
23:42 dcook Or do you mean finding out when a patch was added?
23:43 dcook ^wnickc
23:43 wnickc yes, when it was added to master so I can figure out which release contains it
23:43 dcook Hmm, not sure then :/
23:43 wnickc not a big deal, mostly curiosity
23:43 dcook I usually can tell by checking the bugzilla report
23:43 dcook And seeing who/when it was pushed to master
23:44 dcook From 2012... Paul did 3.8 and 3.10
23:44 dcook Jared did 3.12
23:44 dcook Galen did 3.14 and 3.16
23:44 dcook Tomas is doing 3.18
23:44 wnickc yeah, I thought bug 7825 would be in 3.16.4, but not seeing it
23:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7825 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Change OPACItemHolds syspref to be of type Choice, choices being "no", "yes", "force"
23:44 magnuse JesseM++ for signing off bug 12750
23:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12750 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , koha-create should be able to configure SRU server for the created instance
23:45 dcook Based on that timing, I'd guess 3.16.0, wnickc
23:45 JesseM :D
23:45 JesseM thx magnuse
23:45 wnickc that was what I thought too
23:45 wnickc hrm
23:45 wnickc thanks dcook
23:45 dcook I'll take a quick peak ;)
23:47 dcook Mmm, my bad
23:47 dcook It looks like Galen pushed it to 3.17 before he handed over the crown, I think
23:47 magnuse bag: JesseM also signed off 12750 :-)
23:47 JesseM haha
23:47 bag yeah magnuse
23:47 wnickc Ah, that would quite explain
23:47 dcook wnickc: Actually, I have no idea :p
23:47 bag I was showing him something in there
23:47 dcook Lots of commits for that bug..
23:48 bag magnuse: HI
23:48 magnuse bag: HI
23:48 wahanui hola, magnuse
23:48 dcook wnickc: Yeah, I think 3.17
23:48 dcook So it should be in 3.18
23:48 * magnuse gotta catch some sleep, will miss the first meeting tomorrow
23:48 dcook It was pushed between and
23:49 dcook catch you later, magnuse
23:49 dcook wnickc: Alas, no easy way to tell that, except by hunting in git logs
23:49 dcook As far as I know at least
23:49 wnickc I was afraid you would say that
23:51 wnickc already implemented our workaround, knowing I don't have to maintain it in the future is at least a relief

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