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00:07 tcohen_ eythian: does the ES implementation need a indexing queue?
00:08 tcohen_ or is it synchronous?
00:09 rangi it can work both ways
00:10 eythian tcohen_: I haven't implemented much of anything on that front yet
00:10 eythian but either/or
00:10 eythian I'll probably make it synchronous with a backup queue
00:11 tcohen_ maybe zebraqueue -> index_queue its in place
00:16 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11577: Update DBIx <[…]76a3002af7b266090>
00:23 eythian tcohen: yeah, probably something like that
00:23 eythian I'd really like to use a proper queueing system, but it's probably a bit much work to add in.
00:23 tcohen do u plan to merge biblio<->biblioitems in the meantime?
00:24 tcohen :-D
00:24 tcohen or, would it hurt your work if that happened?
00:24 rangi i think merging them is the wrong idea
00:25 rangi because we dont need about 98% of the columns in them
00:26 dcook joined #koha
00:26 rangi if we are going to break everything (which merging will do) we should think about actually just making a new table, and getting rid of both of them
00:27 rangi and make whatever it is, not marc specific
00:28 tcohen i agree, we need someone to spend some time designing it
00:28 tcohen have we recovered bz from a backup recently or something like that?
00:28 rangi nope
00:29 rangi lunch bbiab
00:29 tcohen i recall I marked some patches as pushed to master
00:29 tcohen it must be i missed to take the pill
00:36 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12728: DBRev <[…]fc98b578dcef4f296> / Bug 12728: [QA Follow-up] Add StatisticsFields to sysprefs.sql <[…]a672831e0069ed4ba> / Bug 12728: Add StatisticsFields to sysprefs.sql <[…]commitdiff;h=9d48
00:40 rocio left #koha
01:06 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12697 - Surplus closing in OPAC advanced search (bootstrap) <[…]e203ba7db40061dfb> / Bug 12521 - Change layout a bit of the opac advanced search <[…]7e1c318d2bf4a77c2> / Bug 12882 - Translations: Resolve ambiguity for word "checked" in Z39.50 server admin
01:16 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12609: Add some unit tests for C4::Ratings <[…]6dae7f3388639269e> / Bug 12609 - Replace use of DBI in C4::Ratings with DBIx::Class <[…]d1ffc3fb278db2985> / Bug 12890 - Improve title and breadcrumbs when editing saved SQL report <http://git.koha-community.
01:19 tcohen let's rock
01:25 wizzyrea[…]l8mo9_r3_1280.gif
01:26 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4927 - OPAC advanced search has two call number entries; remove one? <[…]f416ec6fdf0300f13>
01:30 wizzyrea[…]erg-scuttle-o.gif ttyl
02:13 eythian tcohen: done!
03:06 tcohen heh
03:07 tcohen eythian: thanks
03:19 tcohen night #koha
03:19 eythian later
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04:50 eythian is there a thing in Koha to by-default search a particular branch only?
04:57 dcook I think we have a customization that does that, so I don't think so?
04:57 dcook Oh wait..
04:57 dcook "SearchMyLibraryFirst"
04:58 dcook Which I've always found weird because it'll change search behaviour based on whether or not you're logged in :S
05:00 eythian hmm yeah. That's OK in this case, as people are always logged in.
05:01 dcook \o/
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05:34 eythian @later tell cait I'm beating you in duolinguo for the week so far!
05:34 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
05:42 cait joined #koha
05:56 * magnuse waves
05:58 eythian hi cait
05:58 cait hi magnuse and eythian
05:58 eythian I'm beating you in duolinguo for the week so far!
05:58 cait duolingo battle?
05:58 cait seriously?
05:58 eythian heh
05:58 cait you are still talking to the woman with a 136 day streak
05:59 eythian that's a bit ridiculous, I have to say ;)
05:59 cait but if you want... the game is on ;)
05:59 eythian well, they added dutch just recently, so I've been going through those fairly quickly.
06:00 eythian It's got fewer weird bits than German.
06:00 cait is htat duolingo or german for the werid bits? :)
06:01 eythian German. German has weird bits.
06:02 cait :)
06:02 cait true
06:05 magnuse true
06:06 magnuse ooh, syslog
06:07 eythian yeah, we're wanting to pull data into our log mulching system
06:08 cait oh lots of patches pushed :)
06:08 cait and i didn't dream about lfsr...
06:08 magnuse logmulching++
06:08 magnuse lfsr?
06:08 cait magnuse: trust me... you don't want to know
06:08 eythian cait: had you dreamt about it, you would have come to a solution :)
06:08 cait it has to do with shuffling lots of 0 1 around
06:08 magnuse Linear feedback shift register?
06:09 cait eythian: i sent something in last night
06:09 cait now waiting for the feedback
06:09 eythian ah right
06:09 magnuse ah distance studies?
06:09 magnuse i was hoping it was a cool new feature for koha...
06:09 cait first, sadly not the second
06:09 magnuse gah! ;-)
06:11 eythian * cait is implementing an lfsr into koha
06:11 cait lol
06:12 cait tonight i am probably going ot have fon with challenge response authentication
06:14 magnuse now we are talking serious fun!
06:14 cait heh
06:18 magnuse maybe some very german fun, with authentication and health and safety and everything... ;-)
06:19 eythian some additional paperwork...
06:20 cait hmpf
06:39 reiveune joined #koha
06:39 reiveune hello
06:39 wahanui bidet, reiveune
06:50 Viktor joined #koha
06:50 magnuse tjänare Viktor
06:51 Viktor Hej magnuse :)
06:54 Viktor Guys - I get the right translation in opac even when clearing cookies. Does it pick up some http headers from the browsers default language?
06:56 Viktor Hm. Code says:  # use cookie setting for language, bug default to syspref if it's not set
06:57 Viktor I have a feeling that we had a bug with this a while back (specifically in IE) and we're building a Koha connector for our federated search.
06:57 alex_a joined #koha
06:57 magnuse it used to respect the language settings in your browser
06:57 magnuse not sure if that has changed?
06:58 magnuse there has been some changes in that area
06:58 alex_a bonjour
06:58 Viktor magnuse: It works fine in all browsers now that I know of.
06:58 magnuse kewl
06:59 Viktor magnuse: But the our federated search server doesn't send any language codes yet. So I guess we might have to make the script send some http headers with language code(?)
07:00 fridolin joined #koha
07:01 fridolin hie all
07:01 Viktor Bonjour alex_a
07:01 Viktor Hi fridolin
07:05 fridolin Bonjour Viktor
07:07 magnuse Viktor: that might be doable, if the default is not what you want
07:07 magnuse eythian still around? i wanted to ask about the state of the plack work...
07:09 Joubu hello #koha
07:09 Viktor magnuse: It seems to default to english and we want it in sv-se. But it might not be an issue after all since people will use a browser to click through to the page and then get the correct translation. It's just the server that sees it in english.
07:10 Viktor Hello Joubu
07:15 paul_p joined #koha
07:20 magnuse Viktor: you might try to send a language header, then
07:21 magnuse Accept-Language, i think?
07:25 Viktor magnuse: Thanks! Will try that.
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07:39 gaetan_B hello
07:47 dux joined #koha
07:47 cait joined #koha
07:48 * cait waves
07:48 dux hi anyone know if i can recreate the library.conf file
07:49 dux i deleted it, for some reason i should have renamed it, but i deleted it tut
07:49 dux i would like to know if there is a way to regenerate it
08:02 irma joined #koha
08:37 magnuse lol
08:51 ashimema thanks for just lightening my day magnuse ;)
08:57 magnuse :-)
09:38 quocuy joined #koha
09:38 quocuy hi all
09:38 quocuy anyone is here?
09:43 quocuy Hello
09:47 oo89 joined #koha
09:49 oo89 joined #koha
09:55 rana joined #koha
09:55 rana hello
09:55 rana i have problem with koha circullation
09:55 rana we dont have any barcode system in our library
09:55 rana how could i issue book without barcode
09:57 magnuse rana: which version are you using?
09:58 magnuse there is a syspref  itemBarcodeFallbackSearch in newer versions which lets you do a search from the barcode box on the checkout page
09:58 rana koha
09:58 magnuse it should work then
09:58 magnuse http://manual.koha-community.o[…]odeFallbackSearch
10:00 rana can i issue book with contol no?
10:31 magnuse rana: not sure what you mean by that?
10:31 rana that function is not working
10:32 rana i cant checkout book with control no
10:32 rana i have already eneble itmBarcodefallbacksearch
10:32 rana but the problem remain same
10:33 magnuse rana: what do you mean by "control no"?
10:33 rana accesation  no
10:34 rana we dont have bar code scanner in our library so how do i issue book with circulation option in koha
10:35 magnuse where is the "accesation  no" stored?
10:35 magnuse not sure which number you are thinking of
10:35 magnuse i think the search from the barcode box covers things like title, author
10:39 rana i had tried with authod and title but nothing happening
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10:49 duxbuz thedefault apache website  seems to be the only site i can connect to after following the walkthrough guide
10:50 duxbuz do i need to set up virtual sites or something
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11:59 francharb good morning
12:00 meliss joined #koha
12:12 magnus_lunch on the "Add patron attribute type"-page: "Check to make this attribute staff_searchable in the staff patron search." any particular reason for the underscore?
12:20 cait magnus_lunch: not that i know of :)
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12:26 tcohen morning!
12:33 tcohen joined #koha
12:33 tcohen morning!
12:35 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:53 duxbuz thedefault apache website seems to be the only site i can connect to after following the walkthrough guide. do i need to set up virtual sites or something
12:54 edveal joined #koha
12:56 tcohen duxbuz: on debian/ubuntu?
13:00 * magnuse gotta run
13:01 smilauer joined #koha
13:01 tcohen duxbuz: probably you need a2dissite 000-default.conf
13:03 nengard joined #koha
13:03 duxbuz ye i was wondering if i could avoid that
13:04 duxbuz its not too much bother if i do it but i presume there is a way to make it work without removing the other site
13:04 alex_a_ joined #koha
13:05 tcohen koha sites get configured using name-based virtual hosts
13:05 tcohen so, the URL you use on the browser to access Koha, will make the difference
13:05 tcohen if you are using
13:05 smilauer left #koha
13:06 tcohen it is possible that the default matches
13:09 duxbuz ok. yes i am using ip address
13:10 duxbuz although i have tried hostname but i may have this setup wrong
13:11 duxbuz its doesnt resolve anyway, but the hostname on its own again resolves back to apache site
13:12 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12953: FIX NewOrder test <[…]4a1dfa9de880e021d> / Bug 8868: Follow-up: Update boostrap documentation page <[…]967cb969a3969f80a> / Bug 8868: ILS-DI: CancelHold needs to take a reserve_id <[…]=commitdiff;h=45f
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13:32 fALSO Hi there!
13:32 duxbuz joined #koha
13:33 kmlussier fALSO: Hello
13:33 fALSO Anyone knows how to "debug" the Koha mail sending "part" ?
13:34 fALSO I upgraded a Koha to "debian" packages... removed all the previous crons, it created a general cron in /etc/cron.d
13:34 fALSO but it isnt sending any email
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13:42 kmlussier joined #koha
13:45 oleonard Hi #koha
13:45 cait hi oleonard :)
13:52 BigRig joined #koha
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14:24 pastebot "duxbuz" at pasted "/etc/koha/koha-sites.conf" (64 lines) at
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14:53 tcohen getting closer
14:54 oleonard \o/
15:08 barton sweet.
15:09 alex_a joined #koha
15:09 oleonard I'm curious if anyone has any good examples of using Authorized values' branch limitation
15:10 oleonard Seems like it's suited to, for example, the LOC shelving location category. Is anyone using it that way?
15:12 barton I have a *very* mysterious issue with Zebra: Items in the zebra-queue are correctly indexed when when fast indexing is run from the command line, but the bibs are not searchable when fast-indexing runs through cron.
15:13 barton I copied the following command from the crontab:
15:13 barton /usr/bin/flock -n /tmp/noauth.lockfile perl /home/koha/kohaclone/misc/mig​ration_tools/ -x -b -z
15:14 barton runs fine from bash, logged in as 'koha'.
15:15 barton When run in cron, the 'done' flag *is* being set, but when I do a title search, I'm not finding anything.
15:16 gmcharlt joined #koha
15:16 barton when I re-queue the bibs and run it by hand, the title search works.
15:17 barton we're using DOM for both bib and auth records.
15:17 reiveune bye
15:17 reiveune left #koha
15:17 barton running a full zebra re-index will also make the bibs searchable.
15:19 oleonard I and my catalogers would be very grateful for any help you might offer barton
15:23 barton I just added the 'verbose' flag to the crontab version... that might tell me *something*.
15:32 duxbuz joined #koha
15:47 barton no love with the verbose output from ... the output is identical, except for the number of records processed (which is to be expected, because stuff is added to the zebra queue)
15:50 barton I also checked to see if there were executables called or environment variables read. There is a reference to 'chdir $ENV{HOME} if (!(-r '.'));' -- but I'm pretty sure that $HOME is available from cron.
15:52 barton ... I'm running out of ideas about what could possibly vary between calling via cron vs. bash.
15:55 cait joined #koha
15:58 fridolin barton: have a look at --wait-for-lock option of
15:58 fridolin sorry gat go
15:58 fridolin left #koha
16:00 barton fridolin++
16:31 tcohen bye #koha
16:33 ribasushi joined #koha
16:33 * ribasushi => extra lurker
16:40 gaetan_B bye !
16:50 laurence left #koha
16:50 cait hi ribasushi
16:50 ribasushi o/
16:51 cait :)
17:47 barton @later tell fridolin I just checked acpl's -- it's an older version that doesn't use flock(), so it doesn't have the  --wait-for-lock option.
17:47 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
17:49 barton oleonard -- no dice on fridolin's suggestion, that only applies to newer versions of
17:49 bag morning
17:50 bag @later tell magnuse HI
17:50 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
17:50 barton hey bag!
17:50 barton bag -- oloenard's handed me a stumper.
17:51 bag excellent
17:51 bag oleonard++
17:51 barton I've got records that are indexing correctly in when I run it by hand, but not when it's run through cron.
17:52 barton ... which is *not* to say that is not running -- it's touching the records in zebraqueue.
17:52 bag hmm...  but it's not "changing" the idx file?
17:52 bag can you see what the last write to the .idx file is?
17:53 oleonard It should be noted that as far as we know this problem has only been happening since our server required a restart on Friday 9/12
17:53 bag barton: I'd also check the permissions on the .idx and maybe space?
17:53 bag NateC?
17:53 wahanui I LIKE SPACE AND MY WIFE
17:53 barton wahanui++
17:56 barton bag: when you say '.idx' -- is that /etc/koha/zebradb/etc/default.idx?
17:56 bag yeah I think there should be a 3 files iirc
17:57 barton -rw-r--r-- 1 root root     649 Apr 17 15:04 /usr/share/idzebra-2.0/tab/icu.idx
17:57 barton -rw-r--r-- 1 root root    1070 Apr 17 15:04 /usr/share/idzebra-2.0/tab/default.idx
17:57 barton -rw-r--r-- 1 root root    1125 Aug 27 20:20 /etc/koha/zebradb/etc/default.idx
17:57 bag you can check the directory of the index in the zebra-bilbio.cfg (iirc)
17:57 kmlussier joined #koha
17:57 bag barton: larryb will no the spot - he's in the other channel
17:58 bag HA no/know
18:02 barton bag: -rw-r--r-- 1 koha koha 1125 Jun 13  2013 /home/koha/koha-dev/etc/zebradb/etc/default.idx
18:03 barton ... that file is small, and old.
18:03 bag yup that's not it
18:04 bag maybe it's not called .idx
18:04 bag one sec
18:15 bag well oleonard the index files are being writen to every ten minutes
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19:02 ashimema ribasushi.. that's a name i've not seen here before?
19:08 ribasushi ashimema: no you have not, I am going to lurk around answering deep backend questions from time to time ;)
19:09 jcamins ribasushi: you wrote DBIC, didn't you?
19:09 ashimema awesome.. that's assuming you are indeed the rubasushi i'm thinking of ;)
19:09 ashimema as above
19:09 ashimema ;)
19:09 ribasushi I wrote some more recent parts of it, not my original idea ;)
19:09 ribasushi shoulders of giants and all that
19:10 cait ribasushi: great to see you around :)
19:10 cait i think someone may have pointed you to our mailing list discussion already?
19:10 ashimema Well, it's great to have a new lurker.. especially one who understands dbic ;)
19:10 ribasushi yes, also the reason I am here
19:10 cait :)
19:10 ribasushi cait: ^^
19:10 cait awesome
19:12 * ashimema goes off to catch up on that thread.. 'tis fast moving at the moment
19:13 * cait gave up on it right now... have to work on distance study asignments again :(
19:13 ashimema It's starting to look like we're getting twoard a decision..
19:13 ashimema all db access to happen only in .pm's (as is currently the case)..
19:20 edveal left #koha
19:26 talljoy joined #koha
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20:07 SirDekar joined #koha
20:12 SirDekar hi everyone
20:12 SirDekar have anyone of you installed koha on debian 7.1?
20:43 b-what joined #koha
20:46 rangi morning
20:47 cait morning rangi
20:50 b-what Friday, September 19
20:50 b-what International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2014
20:50 b-what YAAYYY
20:53 sophie_m left #koha
20:56 wnickc That was a nice public service announcement
21:01 kmlussier left #koha
21:09 wizzyrea I think you mean "yarrr"
21:14 ibeardslee At the risk of offending any of the good germans about, bonus points for NZers speaking like a fat german ;)
21:14 ashimema -why are pirates called pirate... 'cause they arrrrr!
21:15 ashimema morning rangi
21:15 * ashimema heads off for sleep
21:16 edveal joined #koha
21:16 wizzyrea ew no one wants to sound like that guy he's a not-nice-person
21:17 cait ibeardslee: huh?
21:17 wizzyrea < cait
21:17 ibeardslee ^^
21:17 cait i am still trying to figure out if i should be offended or not :)
21:17 ibeardslee no, you are wonderful
21:20 wizzyrea ^
21:21 wizzyrea he's not wonderful, happens to originally be from Germany
21:21 wizzyrea you don't have to claim him.
21:21 cait he seems also part finnihs
21:22 wizzyrea we won't blame the finns for him either.
21:23 cait heh
21:23 gerundio joined #koha
21:23 cait where is eythian btw?
21:23 cait noone is telling me to go to sleep, that's irritating:)
21:25 wnickc Seems a reasonable time of day to be awake on my side of tghe globe
21:26 cait wnickc: :)
21:26 cait what time is it at your place wnickc?
21:27 wizzyrea cait: it's not that late yet - but if you are tired, I'm happy to stand in for eythian and tell you "go to bed"
21:27 cait soon :)
21:27 cait 23:27 here
21:29 talljoy1 joined #koha
21:30 wnickc 17:28 cait
21:30 cait wnickc: that's a much better time
21:31 wnickc 30 minutes from now when I am home will be even better :)
21:31 cait :)
21:31 cait have a nice evening!
21:32 wnickc bye cait
21:32 rangi interesting the meeting times for the na kug are all during kohacon, i better switch the timezone to argentina so i can see what times they are there
21:33 wnickc d'oh, that was me not thinking
21:33 wnickc sorry rangi
21:33 rangi s'ok
21:33 rangi it's not really aimed at me, and it works better
21:33 rangi 2pm 4pm and 5pm argentina time
21:34 rangi is better than the 6am nz time it was :)
21:34 rangi we could put the irc meeting up on the big screen hehe
21:35 wnickc I am not actually sure of platform, NEKLS was offering their conferencing platform I believe
21:35 rangi ahh right
21:36 wnickc I don't think we are going to be that exciting
21:36 rangi yeah :)
21:36 rangi be kinda neat to do a quick crossover or something tho
21:37 rangi get the kohacon audience to wave or something :)
21:38 wnickc When I got my reimbursement check for NAKUG travel it actually said 'Kohacon 14'  I breifly considered if that was a good enough basis for buying tickets to argentina and assuming it was preapproved
21:39 wizzyrea heh.
21:41 rangi :)
21:41 cait wnickc: would be nice to meet you :)
21:42 wnickc we did meet at kohacon 13 cait
21:43 cait i said it... and then..
21:43 cait i was like, oh. reno.
21:43 cait meet again then? :)
21:43 wnickc it's okay, I was far far less involved then
21:43 wnickc indeed
21:43 wnickc also, go to sleep cait
21:43 cait oh
21:44 wnickc :)
21:45 wnickc bye all!
21:46 cait bye all :)
21:46 cait left #koha
21:50 rangi   <-- why you should escape all html
21:51 rangi someone sneaky put html tags in their dns record ;)
21:51 wizzyrea hehe that's pretty awesome.
21:58 tcohen joined #koha
21:58 tcohen hi
21:58 wahanui hello, tcohen
21:59 rangi heya tcohen
22:15 eythian hi
22:16 eythian @later magnuse a goodly bit of plack stuff has been done, mostly bugfixes. They should be trickling through, but I haven't checked the state of them for a while.
22:16 huginn eythian: downloading the Perl source
22:16 eythian @later tell magnuse a goodly bit of plack stuff has been done, mostly bugfixes. They should be trickling through, but I haven't checked the state of them for a while.
22:16 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
22:36 wajasu joined #koha
22:44 Dyrcona joined #koha
23:03 tcohen sample unimarc?
23:12 eythian wahanui: sample unimarc is <reply>no.
23:12 wahanui OK, eythian.
23:17 tcohen sample unimarc?
23:17 wahanui no.
23:17 tcohen damn
23:17 tcohen koha+unimarc is broken
23:20 eythian It's probably MARC's fault.
23:22 tcohen install all unimarc sample data, try to catalog, creating an authority record, boom
23:22 papa joined #koha
23:22 eythian hi papa
23:24 tcohen heh (fsck)
23:25 tcohen eythian: should koha-common depend on systemd too? :-P
23:25 eythian I don't see why not :)
23:27 * tcohen doesn't like systemd
23:27 tcohen https://lh3.googleusercontent.[…]f9b4779dca13f.gif
23:28 eythian I have no particular opinions on systemd
23:29 papa hi there!
23:30 tcohen oh dear
23:31 tcohen i definitely cannot save a catalogued biblio record
23:31 tcohen unimarc people must hate us
23:31 rangi not enough to test the patches
23:32 rangi thats the problem we have, lack of unimarc testers ;(
23:32 tcohen 3.18 feature, UNIMARC support un-official
23:33 rangi maybe me, you, joubu and paul can fix that in the hackfest
23:33 rangi i cant imagine its beyond repair
23:33 tcohen ah, you always manage to convince me heh
23:33 rangi :)
23:46 tcohen rangi: we need 4 hackfests a year
23:50 wizzyrea what we need, is for libraries to pay us to have hackfests.
23:50 wizzyrea so we can just hackfest all the time
23:52 * tcohen hopes some local devs might get convinced to join the community
23:52 tcohen and we can have regional hackfests
23:54 kmlussier joined #koha

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