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00:03 wizzyrea also rounded the corners on the flyer on the kohacon page - didn't change your image just applied a css rule to it
00:12 dcook Timezones!
00:12 wahanui timezones are annoying or
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00:48 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
00:48 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Where should I look to fix this?" (271 lines) at
00:48 mtompset Anyone have ideas on how to fix this?
01:00 eythian I'd ask dcook, he's a zebra expert now.
01:02 * mtompset smirks, "True. He probably is."
01:03 mtompset My problem that I'm trying to solve is... my searches are failing... I'm running a mass reindex on my test system, and reseting to master just to make sure it wasn't one of my code changes.
01:03 mtompset I try to search for fancy, and it fails. And I'm like, I know the bibilionumber. Of course it is there!
01:11 dcook Whowha?
01:11 mtompset :)
01:11 dcook O_o
01:11 mtompset I'm having problems getting my search to search.
01:11 mtompset Any ideas what to do about that paste?
01:12 dcook Interesting
01:12 wahanui i think Interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
01:13 dcook What sort of test system is it?
01:13 * dcook says overlooking the smirk :p
01:13 dcook Git, gitified, single from source, package?
01:13 dcook Sounds like git/gitified, I suppose
01:14 dcook Switching branches won't affect your Zebra code for a Git install
01:14 dcook You'll have to rebuild (ie upgrade) Koha from source or manually check out your Zebra config for that test instance
01:15 dcook Looks like maybe your bib1.att is in the wrong place or not being found
01:15 mtompset full git.
01:15 dcook Cool. Yeah, I'd rebuild from source to refresh your Zebra config.
01:15 mtompset rebuild from source?
01:15 mtompset What do you mean?
01:16 dcook Mmm, I have it all automated. I'll have to look at my scripts.
01:16 mtompset my ~/koha-dev doesn't get touched during upgrades.
01:16 mtompset my ~/kohaclone does.
01:16 dcook upgrades?
01:16 wahanui upgrades are ouchy if you have local changes.
01:16 mtompset git pull
01:16 wahanui git pull is probably really simple.
01:17 mtompset then web installer upgrade
01:17 dcook Right, that's downloading the source and then doing a database upgrade.
01:17 dcook perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log "$INSTALL_LOG"
01:17 dcook make
01:17 dcook make upgrade
01:17 wahanui rumour has it make upgrade is required
01:17 dcook "make test" before make upgrade, actually
01:18 dcook Another idea might be checking your permissions, I suppose
01:18 dcook Could be that zebra can't read your bib1.att even though it's able to find it
01:19 dcook Doing that will touch your "koha-dev"
01:19 mtompset where is bib1.att supposed to be?
01:19 dcook Err, the "make upgrade" will touch your "koha-dev" that is
01:19 dcook koha-dev\etc\zebradb\biblios\etc\bib1.att
01:20 dcook DOM or GRS1?
01:20 mtompset Config files look dom.
01:20 dcook You could double-check zebra-biblios-dom.cfg as well
01:21 mtompset koha-conf points to the dom file tcohen mentioned in that mailing list message.
01:21 dcook Make sure that "koha-dev\etc\zebradb\biblios\etc" shows up in the profilePath
01:21 * dcook doesn't know what mailing list message you mean.
01:21 eythian '\'? Shame on you dcook
01:21 mtompset koha-devel the fresh install dom indexing one.
01:21 dcook eythian: :p
01:22 mtompset It was sent 3 hours ago.
01:22 dcook eythian: I've said before how we have Windows computers at work
01:22 dcook I suppose I could've used the CLI rather than the share just now
01:22 dcook mtompset: I don't think I read that one.
01:22 eythian I don't want excuses, dcook.
01:22 dcook Anyway, I have a few things to take care of. I'd check permissions, Zebra config, and re-build from source if all else fails.
01:23 mtompset you don't read koha-devel? or that specific email? ;)
01:23 dcook Specific email
01:23 mtompset I'll try the make upgrade thing.
01:23 dcook eythian: What do you want? :p
01:23 mtompset after the reindex completes
01:23 eythian I hadn't thought that far ahead
01:24 dcook I have thought about installing Ubuntu on this work computer, but... haven't gotten around to it yet.
01:24 dcook It's a long-term goal to get the office using only FOSS
01:24 dcook But yes, things and such. bbiab.
01:29 wizzyrea dcook: the dog food, you must eat it.
01:29 wizzyrea <3
01:31 eythian it'll give you a nice shiny coat of hair on your back.
01:32 eythian[…]BOeiY90PLQ#t=1943
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01:47 mtompset Yes, i noticed. :)
01:58 tcohen mtompset: that's the output you get when running the UNIMARC Search.t tests
01:59 mtompset Ah okay.
01:59 mtompset My searching, however, it still broken... but I'm reindexing again. :)
02:00 tcohen you did reset your git setup
02:00 mtompset I just finished the upgrade which totally broken a whole bunch of things, and I can't wait to see what else will bust. :)
02:00 tcohen but, did you reset your ~/koha-dev/etc files?
02:00 mtompset which is why it busted. :)
02:00 tcohen so, you deleted, and run make && make install
02:03 mtompset No...
02:03 mtompset I ran the perl statement dcook mentioned.
02:03 mtompset then make upgrade
02:03 mtompset trust me... it refreshed EVERYTHING.
02:04 tcohen delete ~/koha-dev
02:04 tcohen and run a fresh install
02:06 tcohen ah
02:07 tcohen it is not enough to have the dom file pointed
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02:08 tcohen you need to havezebra_bib_index_mode
02:08 tcohen set to DOM
02:08 tcohen dom
02:09 mtompset in what file?
02:10 mtompset YAY! I think I have it back.
02:10 mtompset Now, I don't know what else will break, but that should be fixable. :)
02:11 tcohen mtompset: it is not broken
02:12 mtompset well, when you run make upgrade it does a nice wipe of things... and I forgot to have a couple things tweaked. :)
02:12 mtompset so it broke. :)
02:12 tcohen mtompset: interesting
02:12 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
02:12 tcohen never used that
02:13 tcohen maybe its broken and you could fix it
02:13 mtompset no... it's not broken... I changed my database name and had fixed it in various places, and I forgot to set $USER and $GROUP before running the upgrade.
02:14 tcohen oh
02:14 dcook make upgrade works quite nicely :)
02:15 * dcook uses it frequently
02:15 mtompset Assuming you don't have customizations. :P
02:15 tcohen mtompset
02:15 wahanui hmmm... mtompset is catching up in the non-coding aspects of his ministry.
02:16 tcohen set all those things in your ENV, so forgetting has no consequences
02:17 dcook mtompset: I have lots of customizations :p
02:17 mtompset if I can send emails from a koha server, then notices should email properly right?
02:17 dcook tcohen: Alas, they can't all be set in ENV
02:17 dcook ENV will only override certain variables
02:18 mtompset export __KOHA_USER__=$USER
02:18 mtompset export __KOHA_GROUP__=$USER
02:18 dcook mtompset: So long as they're sent from the typical port, I think so
02:18 mtompset That's what I need to remember.
02:18 tcohen mtompset: put it on your bashrc
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02:19 tcohen night koha
02:19 dcook night tcohen
02:19 dcook Did "export __KOHA_USER__=$USER" work, mtompset?
02:19 mtompset Good day, tcohen
02:20 mtompset I forgot to do it.
02:20 dcook In my experience, using ENV variable usually only works for directy paths.
02:20 mtompset So it busted my zebra. :)
02:20 dcook To be honest, I don't use __KOHA_USER__ or __KOHA_GROUP__ and I've never noticed a problem. *shrugs*
02:20 mtompset is your username koha?
02:20 dcook Nopes
02:21 dcook And I don't use root
02:23 dcook Mmm, I think I might see why it doesn't cause a problem..
02:23 dcook Do you use "" or ""?
02:26 dcook I suppose I do cheat a bit...
02:26 dcook Oh well
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03:22 mtompset I do, yes.
03:23 mtompset Well, it's getting late. I'm going to chug some water, and head to bed.
03:23 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
03:23 mtompset dcook++ # Thanks for the make upgrade suggestion.
03:32 dcook @later tell mtompset No worries.
03:32 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
03:49 dcook Has anyone noticed something weird where a reserve_id will appear in both the "reserves" and "old_reserves" table at the same time for different reserves?
03:49 eythian I think that shouldn't happen
03:49 dcook Agreed, but it's happened to at least two different 3.14.5 libraries :S
03:53 dcook Hmm, nothing obvious on Bugzilla. Code review time..
03:54 dcook On an unrelated note, does anyone know why our "C4" is called "C4"?
03:54 wizzyrea Yep
03:55 dcook Are you willing to share that knowledge? :)
03:55 wizzyrea it's a cheap cheerful copy of (some ILS name that is gone but it started with a C)
03:55 wizzyrea rangi would know the last C.
03:55 wizzyrea also, it's prone to explosions.
03:55 wizzyrea ^.^
03:56 eythian possibly Catalist (no relation)
03:56 wizzyrea that sounds right, but I really don't know
03:56 dcook Intriguing!
03:57 wizzyrea there's a talk from kohacon10 that explains it
03:58 eythian wahanui: kohacon 10
03:58 wahanui eythian: what?
03:58 wizzyrea
03:58 eythian wahanui: kohacon 10 is <reply>
03:58 wahanui OK, eythian.
03:58 wizzyrea jinx.
03:59 wizzyrea kohacon10 is
03:59 wahanui i already had it that way, wizzyrea.
03:59 wizzyrea aha
03:59 wizzyrea it'll be that first video
03:59 wizzyrea Rosalie Blake
04:00 wizzyrea ah just realised that I totally didn't get half of rosalie's jokes the first time
04:12 * dcook takes a gander
04:12 dcook Mmm maybe not yet. Darned videos.
04:12 dcook I suppose I could listen to look at other stuff at the same time..
04:14 wizzyrea the relevant bit is at 14:40, or starts there
04:15 wizzyrea 15:40 is where they really explain it
04:15 wizzyrea ...but she doesn't say the name of the ILS so now I feel less bad about not knowing
04:21 eythian wahanui: protest is <reply>NO POINTY FOODS!
04:21 wahanui OK, eythian.
04:22 dcook 'CREATE TABLE tmp_reserves AS SELECT * FROM old_reserves LIMIT 0'
04:22 dcook Can't say I've ever seen AS used like that before.
04:22 dcook That's interesting
04:25 wizzyrea Definitely Catalist[…]701/msg00602.html
04:26 eythian The library my mother works at used to use it.
04:26 wizzyrea But now they use symphony?
04:27 wizzyrea *sadface*
04:30 * wizzyrea was thinking of Dunedin but that's silly
04:30 eythian they went through something else (Concordance?) and now Liberty 4.
04:30 wizzyrea Poor mum.
04:32 wizzyrea All of my childhood libraries used some variant of Follett
04:32 wizzyrea thing looked like a toy.
04:32 eythian huh, it was written by Contec. They also do .eLM
04:33 eythian that also makes sense in the context of dairy industry software.
04:34 eythian <-- given that's a sizeable part of what they do
04:35 wizzyrea huh, indeed.
04:36 wizzyrea < .eLM doesn't show up here
04:36 wizzyrea (that I spotted - coulda missed it)
04:37 wizzyrea suppose it's got a heavy american vias though
04:37 wizzyrea bias*
04:38 eythian yeah, there's a lot of things not in there.
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05:52 * cait waves
05:53 * ashimema waves
05:53 cait morning
05:56 * magnuse waves
05:56 * dcook waves
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06:15 magnuse woohoo, looks like my weird problem with the versions on a gitified setup was solved by the latest package for squeeze-dev
06:17 dcook \o/
06:17 dcook Looks like my weird problems with reserves and old_reserves are still unsolved
06:17 dcook But fixing it up for now and we'll see how it goes..
06:24 magnuse i *think* my problem ws caused by an old version number in /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/, but if noone else had the problem, that might just have been a local thing, i guess
06:27 dcook I think my problem might be caused by unexpected behaviour when upgrading to include reserve_id in reserves and old_reserves...
06:27 dcook Hmm, I should really head out now though..
06:35 dcook Hmm, no idea about the reserves vs. old_reserves
06:37 dcook night all!
06:37 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
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06:38 reiveune hello
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06:48 ashimema :w
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07:00 alex_a bonjour
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07:00 fridolin hie all
07:00 Viktor Greetings!
07:00 wahanui and beatings!
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07:11 gaetan_B hello
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07:21 cait hi #koha
07:24 indradg morning #koha
07:24 indradg cait: around?
07:24 cait hi indradg
07:24 indradg hi :)
07:26 indradg need a spot of advice. I need to customize, add a few extra fields and a couple of linked 1:n lookups to non-Koha tables. what would be the path of least resistance going forward?
07:27 indradg cait ^^^
07:28 cait um
07:28 cait what exactly are you trying to do?
07:29 fridolin indradg: why not using extended borrower attributes for extra fields  ?
07:29 cait ^^ :)
07:29 cait there is also an option to have them be repeatable
07:29 cait so the question is why that is not covering what you need/what you need more than that :)
07:36 indradg fridolin: the reason i'm avoiding extended attribs for now is simple, was reading iirc that imports / datatables sort were having issues with them
07:37 indradg cait: I need to add a few cascading dropdown selects in my member entry, the data for these will come from non Koha tables
07:37 fridolin do you know bugs in Bugzilla refering to those problems ?
07:38 ashimema There are indeed a couple of issues..
07:38 ashimema can't remember the bug numbers off the top of my head
07:39 indradg bug 12833
07:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12833 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Patron search no longer searches extended attributes
07:39 indradg it has been pushed to master
07:40 ashimema why don't you just grab the patch.. rather than coding around it?
07:40 indradg bug 12859
07:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12859 major, P5 - low, ---, abl, Pushed to Master , Patron import tool doesn't import extened attributes values any longer
07:40 ashimema seems much easier and more maintainable long term.
07:42 indradg ashimema: that sounds doable
07:42 indradg but how to go about handling non-Koha table data lookup
07:43 indradg i can locate the table inside the Koha db, but I need to write up the data lookups
07:44 ashimema I see.. so your grabbing data from an external source basically..
07:44 ashimema I did somthing like this for LLPG (Address lookups in the UK)
07:44 ashimema do your local systems have an API..
07:44 ashimema realistically you should be using a proper api rather than relying on db..
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07:47 Joubu indradg: if you want to add custom data for a table, have a look at bug 10855.
07:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10855 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, BLOCKED , Additional fields for subscriptions
07:47 indradg ashimema: i would be getting an end-of-day rsynced copy of student information database, no APIs... have to roll
07:48 Joubu The module I introduced should be extendable to any tables.
07:48 Joubu If you just want to display and search on these data, Koha::AdditionalFields is what you are searching for
07:49 indradg Joubu: yes, these rsynced tables are readonly for my purpose, i just need to maintain FK reference in the my Koha tables
07:49 ashimema indradg: assuming there's a lack of a pre-existing restful api, the cleanest way will probably be to write yourself a basic backend perl script to query the other tables,databases whatever.. then feed that data into the templates
07:50 ashimema of course.. you could just add said lookups to the existing .pl.. but that will lead to harder upgrades with conflicts (your already going ot get conflicts be eiditng the templates anyways though)
07:51 indradg ashimema: so basically into C4, then call them into the Koha .pl?
07:52 indradg Joubu: looking up 10855 now
07:53 cait sorry, got distracted... by birhtday cake
07:53 cait reading back
07:54 cait the problem laso was only in master - not in the stable releases (bug 12859)
07:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12859 major, P5 - low, ---, abl, Pushed to Master , Patron import tool doesn't import extened attributes values any longer
07:57 ashimema I probably wouldn't even bother with a .pm indradg..
07:58 indradg cait: thanks for the cluestick! :-P
07:58 ashimema I'll roll me own .pl and use ajax to query it from the client
07:58 ashimema anywho.. I'd best get back to work :(
07:58 indradg cait, ashimema, Joubu, fridolin thanks people! that helped! :-)
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08:49 cait Joubu++ #testing facets :)
08:54 rangi evenng
08:54 cait evening rangi
08:58 rangi this is interesting
08:58 rangi
08:59 rangi might have to give it a try
08:59 cait :)
08:59 cait i am using thunderbird at home and roundcube on the server...but both seemnot really moving much
09:03 * magnuse waves to rangi
09:05 rangi hey magnuse
09:05 wahanui well, magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
09:05 ashimema rangi.. :)
09:06 ashimema mailpile looks very interesting ranig.
09:12 rangi got it running, so far so good
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11:23 * magnuse vinkar Ã¥t Viktor
11:24 * Viktor waves back at magnuse
11:28 Viktor If a email for "hold filled" is sent from the messaging will it still show up in the regular print job?
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11:46 oleonard Hi #koha
11:46 cait Viktor: i think it depends on your configuration - if you have hold filled set to email and print, there hsould be 2 notices i think in the queue
11:47 cait each notice in the queue now has a transport type
11:47 cait so for the print just i think you need one with transport type 'print'
11:47 cait I think when you have no email in the patron record it might fall back to print automatically
11:49 Viktor Thanks cait - I do think too that we will have automatic fallback to print.
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11:50 Viktor cati: But I wonder a bit about the "hold filled" that patrons can activate themselves and if that affects the print notices for holds filled that runs as a cronjob
11:50 Viktor Sorry - cait
11:51 Viktor But I guess that any which way they will get a notice so it might not be a big deal :)
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11:56 magnuse wow, more gitified weirdness. now it looks like it's not using the templates in my git repo, but using the ones installed by koha-common instead...
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11:57 cait Viktor: i think if they switch that off, they get no hold filled at all
11:58 cait neither print or email
12:00 Viktor cait: Might have to experiment then. But the current print notices work fine, but we'd also like to use email more. Just feel that we need to be able to answer the patrons that wonder how it works :)
12:00 magnuse nah, just say it's magic ;-)
12:13 Viktor magnuse: Koha is quite magical indeed :)
12:13 Viktor magnuse: Just curious how it will behave.
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12:43 paul_p magnuse = mail in your mailbox !
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13:19 Spin_ Hey koha if i wanna put an image on the first page of koha where do i put the image on the server i tried <img src="large.jpg"> in the OpacMainUserBlock but it did not find my jpg
13:26 oleonard Spin_: The path in your <img> tag must match the path to the image's location
13:26 oleonard Spin_: So the answer depends on where you put the image on the server.
13:26 Spin_ well i can put in annywhere :)
13:27 Spin_ but if i'm in opacmainuserblock where am i then on the server
13:29 Spin_ i did put it in htdocs but no succes (did find a text on internet that said i could use that)
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13:35 oleonard Spin_: The location of your image needs to be web-accessible according to your server's configuration. Are you the administrator of the server?
13:35 Spin_ i have amdin rights yes
13:38 oleonard I don't know what the best practices are around adding images to a Koha installation. The simplest solution would be to add your custom images to the "images" folder in whatever theme you're using. However I don't know what problems if any that presents for upgrades
13:38 Spin_ sec i try to find the folder i use the standard theme
13:40 Spin_ this one ? /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/images
13:40 oleonard If you're using the prog theme, yes
13:40 Spin_ where do i fing my theme
13:41 oleonard If you do that then the path to your image is /opac-tmpl/prog/images/your-image-file.png
13:41 oleonard Spin_: Your theme is defined in Administration -> System preferences -> opacthemes
13:42 Spin_ its bootstrap
13:43 Spin_ so i go for /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs​/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/images
13:43 Spin_ or not
13:43 oleonard Yes
13:43 Spin_ ok i put it there sec
13:51 Spin_ i tried <img src="/opac-tmpl/prog/images/large.jpg"> but no luck the image is in /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs​/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/images
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13:52 oleonard Hmm...
13:52 aumohmega aotearoa aroha :)
13:52 Spin_ i'm on a ubuntu :O)
13:54 oleonard Spin_: I think if you examine the two paths you mention above you'll see where your error lies
13:55 Spin_ i have tried a gif in the same directory and that one works
13:55 Spin_ a koha gif
13:55 Spin_ no jpg alowed ?
13:55 oleonard Then the path to your gif is correct and you should use it as an example.
13:56 Spin_ thx for helping i try some more
13:56 aumohmega im down with Gnome too Spin_ ~(8-D
13:57 aumohmega Gnome Is Home. ;)
14:03 oleonard Any luck Spin_ ?
14:04 Spin_ no but i did copy the koha gif renamed it and it did not work afther so i'm in the wrond map
14:04 Spin_ wrong
14:04 Spin_ but by remaming all my koha gifs i might find it in the end :OP
14:06 jcamins Spin_: the first thing you should do is look at the paths that you shared at 14 minutes ago ("i tried <img src...")
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14:08 Spin_ thx for helping they are waiting for me so ill continue tomorrow
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14:23 fridolin bybye
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15:30 Joubu oleonard: thanks to correct me!
15:33 Joubu bye!
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15:50 gaetan_B bye!
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16:07 oleonard I'm getting stuck in a weird loop when running the web installer on an empty database in master.
16:07 oleonard After the web installer sets up the database, I'm immediately asked to update the database from Koha to
16:10 cait joined #koha
16:11 oleonard The database reports my version is 3.1700023
16:21 bag oleonard: do you have plack or something like that running?
16:23 oleonard Okay never mind, I tried it in another browser and had no problem.
16:24 oleonard Not sure what might have been cached that was causing problems.
16:25 reiveune bye
16:25 reiveune left #koha
16:49 oleonard The web installer only shows missing optional modules if you have missing required modules. Is that the correct behavior?
16:50 oleonard I would think that we would want to either *always* list the missing optional modules or *never* list the missing optional modules.
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17:12 tcohen Joubu: around?
17:20 cait hi tcohen
17:21 cma joined #koha
17:24 tcohen hi cait
17:24 * tcohen spent the whole day at the conference venue
17:24 tcohen arranging things so we get a decent internet connexion
17:25 cait very important
17:27 tcohen gmcharlt: around?
17:27 gmcharlt tcohen: not really
17:27 tcohen heh
17:27 tcohen ok
17:27 gmcharlt but FYI, I'll be pushing out a utf8 test case bug by early Friday
17:28 tcohen gmcharlt++
17:33 cait gmcharlt++ :)
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17:37 oleonard Is Bug 2270 still valid?
17:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2270 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , installer should be able to differentiate between optional and mandatory modules
17:38 cait hmsec
17:39 cait hm
17:39 cait i would say no, but not sure
17:39 cait we do point out optional vs. mandatory i think
17:39 cait and you can continue installer when optional is missing, right?
17:39 cait and we have for later?
17:40 oleonard The bug is not valid with regard to the web installer. I don't know about the "command-line installer" to which the bug refers.
17:41 cait oh
17:41 cait no idea then
17:43 oleonard I've filed a bug for the question I posed earlier: Bug 12945
17:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12945 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Web installer only shows missing optional modules if required modules are missing
17:43 cait :)
17:43 cait oleonard: the web installer was due to some love :)
17:43 cait can you say it like that?
17:44 oleonard "due some love"
17:44 cait ok :)
17:51 oleonard Here's my take on an updated web installer using Bootstrap 3:[…]oha-web-installer (click through the series using the thumbnails at the bottom)
17:53 cait i think on the first screen the red koha-conf looks a bit like something might be wrong
17:53 cait the requireds are cute :)
17:54 cait it looks nice!
17:54 oleonard It's all out-of-the-box Bootstrap, so it would be good to make it look less distinctly Bootstrappish
17:56 kmlussier left #koha
17:56 cait default does not look too bad
17:56 cait not sure - maybe the color scheme could be adapted a bit to the staff client's one?
17:57 cait adding a bit of koha green?
17:57 oleonard I would like it to be less recognizable as unmodified Bootstrap
17:57 oleonard I did add some touches of that green to input focus but it doesn't show up in the screenshot
17:57 cait some of the headings are dark blue
17:58 cait hm i guess we actually have that too
17:58 cait in staff
17:58 cait ok, i guess i don't have ideas :(
18:02 meliss joined #koha
18:18 WNickC joined #koha
18:19 WNickC Hi koha
18:45 oleonard Ooh, git blame me.
18:48 cait heh
19:03 tcohen is there a bugfix to revamp the sample data files?
19:06 cait hm?
19:13 Dyrcona1 joined #koha
20:16 rangi morning
20:17 rangi hmm i still really really need someone to sign off on the last to prog/ccsr bugs
20:18 rangi @later tell tcohen its bug 11577
20:18 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:18 rangi it's a pretty cool feature :)
20:51 tgoatley joined #koha
21:01 wizzyrea oleonard++ I like the update to the installer
21:02 cait hm no tcohen
21:47 bag bug 11577
21:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11577 new feature, P5 - low, ---, h.meissner.82, Passed QA , [ENH] Automatic renewal feature
21:49 rangi ahh thats the one tcohen was asking about in his email
21:57 tcohen joined #koha
21:57 tcohen hi
21:57 wahanui bidet, tcohen
22:14 eythian hi
22:14 wahanui niihau, eythian
22:16 cait lfsr--
22:17 rangi oh eythian right remember some of that from his uni days
22:17 eythian lfsr?
22:18 cait linear feedback shift register
22:18 cait right now we are debating in which direction you count the bits... because the example is a four digit one where you your the first and fourth bit... and that is not really helpful in telling
22:18 eythian ah
22:18 eythian I think I have one of those somewhere in the pile of electronics on my desk.
22:19 cait and then if you google some do it ltr ... other rtl... and i am going crazy.
22:19 eythian but it's been an extremely long time since I've ever had to work with them.
22:20 eythian (and then it was probably only once in like second year or so.)
22:20 rangi yeah, 1992 is too long ago for me to remember :(
22:20 bag heya eythian
22:20 wahanui rumour has it eythian is an expert bot trainer
22:20 bag abd cait
22:20 bag and*
22:20 eythian hi bag
22:21 wizzyrea rangi has hopefully slept since then.
22:21 cait eythian: technically... i am in my second year
22:21 cait bag: i read your typo as 'bad cait'
22:21 wizzyrea :(
22:21 wizzyrea good cait!
22:21 wahanui hmmm... good cait is back.
22:21 cait lol
22:21 wizzyrea :D
22:21 bag never bad cait
22:22 bag always most lovely and kind cait
22:22 cait it's time we spend more time together... or maybe not :)
22:22 eythian cait: I think I have forgotten most of my second year, I'm afraid.
22:37 cait it's ok
22:37 cait i can understand that
22:37 cait the human memory deletes bad things...
22:40 wizzyrea @quote add <cait> the human memory deletes bad things...
22:40 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #310 added.
22:40 cait i am not sure that sentence made sense even...
22:40 wizzyrea makes perfect sense
22:52 cait night all
22:52 wahanui goodnight cait. You'll be back.
22:52 cait probably too soon wahanui...
22:52 cait left #koha
23:01 tcohen joined #koha
23:04 rangi stefano++ #answering a terse email nicely
23:06 wizzyrea hm true
23:06 wizzyrea stefano++
23:07 wizzyrea that could have gone much differently
23:11 dtweed joined #koha
23:14 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10883 - AllowHoldDateInFuture can let a patron jump to the top of the holds list <[…]15e6f435e9cff18f4> / Bug 11577: DBRev <[…]c451803a0af8fb87f> / Bug 11577 : Fixing a tiny copy/paste issue <[…]eb/?p=koha.git;a=
23:15 dtweed Can anyone point me in the right direction to get both opac and staff client under https with httpd/apache?  I'm a little lost..
23:17 rangi do you know how to set up https in apache?
23:17 dtweed yes
23:17 rangi in that case
23:17 papa joined #koha
23:18 rangi just find the .conf in /etc/apache2/sites-available/  and edit it
23:19 dtweed lol ya :)
23:20 dtweed is there a best practice to setting up two virtual servers running ssl ?
23:21 rangi not really, the only issue would be if your users are using ie6 or somethign horrible, then you would have to put each on a sep ip
23:21 wizzyrea Windows XP is the offender there
23:22 wizzyrea they can have a modern IE, but if it's XP it'll throw warnings
23:23 dtweed Don't think ie6 is an issue for us/we're not supporting it
23:23 rangi thats the best attitude to have :)
23:24 rangi in that case you just need a couple of certs (or maybe one wildcard one) and you're away laughing ... what you might want to do is change the 2 existing virtualhosts to 443
23:24 rangi and make 2 new ones, on 80, that just redirect to the ssl ones
23:24 rangi if that makes sense
23:25 rangi so that old links (if they exist) or if ppl hit them on port 80 cos they forget to type the s, they end up at the right site :)
23:25 wizzyrea I always copy the 80 ones, change them to 442 and add the certificate stuff
23:25 wizzyrea 443&
23:25 wizzyrea gah.
23:25 dtweed hmm..
23:25 wizzyrea make sure it all works, then redirect the ones on port 80 to the 443 hosts.
23:25 dtweed i must be missing something then, one seems to always take priority over the other
23:26 eythian one what?
23:26 wahanui one is, like, the easy fix... the other harder but right
23:26 dtweed i keeping ending up either with access to the opac or the staff client, but not both
23:27 eythian your virtual hosts are configured wrongly, most likely
23:27 JesseM joined #koha
23:28 rangi does it grizzle about a missing NameVirtualHost when you run configtest?
23:29 dtweed No, everything pretends it's going to work, then doesn't
23:30 dtweed except now I notice a VirtualHost overlap message.
23:30 rangi there ya go :)
23:30 rangi what version of apache?
23:30 rangi 2.2 or 2.4 ?
23:30 wahanui 2
23:31 rangi thanks wahanui
23:32 tcohen_ joined #koha
23:33 dtweed 2.2
23:33 rangi in that case try a NameVirtualHost directive
23:36 dtweed That looks like the trick. I'll read up.
23:37 dtweed If I were needing to run both under the same hostname, is it feasible to use something like for opac and for staff client?
23:39 eythian dtweed: you can't do that
23:39 eythian each part assumes it has its own host:port part of the URL
23:42 tcohen_ you cannot run two different SSL hosts on the same port
23:42 rangi you can
23:42 rangi that was the olden days
23:42 eythian tcohen_: you totally can
23:42 tcohen_ with a wildcard cert?
23:42 eythian nope
23:42 eythian SNI
23:43 rangi[…]dSSLVHostsWithSNI
23:44 eythian you shouldn't use it if you want to support IE on XP (ahahaah), android 2.2 or so, or blackberry something something.
23:44 eythian but pretty much everything else is fine
23:44 rangi the 12 people who still use blackberry get really annoyed
23:44 wizzyrea *snerk*
23:44 rangi theres like a whole ghost town in canada now
23:44 rangi where the big RIM campus was
23:46 eythian I suppose there are quite a few fewer RIM jobs now.
23:46 wizzyrea *rimshot*
23:46 dtweed good link, thank you
23:48 dtweed @rangi: RIM actually did a recruitment on my campus this past summer. no one applied
23:48 huginn dtweed: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
23:48 rangi dtweed: heh
23:50 dtweed huginn:[…]e_dentin_abrasion (RDA?) :)
23:50 huginn dtweed: I suck
23:51 tcohen_ eythian: i didn't know of SNI, i seems i haven't dealed with that for a long time
23:52 eythian it's only fairly recent that it's been properly usable.
23:52 eythian basically, when XP had a bullet put in it.
23:52 rangi dtweed: huginn and wahanui are bots
23:53 rangi so you can do things like
23:53 rangi @marc 100
23:53 huginn rangi: A personal name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,j,k,l,n,p,q,t,u,4,6,8]
23:53 rangi or
23:53 rangi @wunder nzwn
23:53 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0°C (11:30 AM NZST on September 18, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
23:53 rangi and RDA in this context is
23:53 rangi RDA?
23:53 wahanui i think RDA is my cataloguing standards are bad, and you should feel bad
23:53 rangi[…]iption_and_Access
23:55 dtweed Good to know, but it can still be therapuetic to make jokes to bots.. however, I will refrain from now on
23:55 eythian[…]ted-facebook-ads/ <-- that's pretty entertainingly cruel

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