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00:00 dcook Not that I don't think he could, but he's so nice!
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00:01 eythian <pianohacker> gmcharlt: He grumbled but said he could cut a separate 3.16 package for the overdrive dependencies
00:01 eythian pianohacker: I don't think that's what I said, was it?
00:02 pianohacker eythian: I thought so, let me check.
00:03 eythian I think it was more like "if we set it up right, it should just work" or something like that.
00:03 pianohacker eythian:[…]4-06-11#i_1521767
00:04 eythian ohh
00:04 eythian that part of it
00:04 Dyrcona rangi: got a couple minutes to talk about NCIPServer?
00:04 eythian yeah, can stick it in as a recommends, or do the koha-overdrive-perl-deps thing
00:05 pianohacker apologies if I didn't communicate that, don't want to volunteer you for work without yer knowing
00:05 pianohacker But I see what you meant now
00:05 eythian Dyrcona: he probably doesn't, he's away until monday
00:05 pianohacker eythian: I thought you meant throwing the overdrive-perl-deps in as a recommends
00:05 Dyrcona eythian: Thanks. I didn't know that.
00:05 Dyrcona I'm on "vacation," but its a working vacation.
00:06 pianohacker either way works, though, I'd say. The specific approach I'd leave up to you and galen
00:06 eythian nah, he's working on a client site for a couple of days, so I assume IRCing isn't so permitted :)
00:06 Dyrcona OK. It can wait.
00:07 Dyrcona I can work on the Evergreen side of things without having the discussion.
00:07 Dyrcona I just had some questions and ideas about the generic part.
00:07 bag gmcharlt: you going to ALA?
00:07 eythian pianohacker: yeah. recommends means people will be told that they should consider it. And then we can bump it up to required on the next release.
00:07 eythian *major release
00:07 eythian it's quite similar to have a -deps package
00:08 bag well I'm going to guess that you are going Galen - so see you soon :)
00:08 eythian we could do both, but making an extra package go away when it's no longer needed might be hard.
00:08 pianohacker makes sense
00:12 pianohacker eythian: does aptitude auto-install recommends?
00:12 eythian I don't think so, but it definitely tells you that they're an option.
00:12 eythian well
00:12 eythian if you're doing an install, yes
00:12 eythian if you're doing an update, no
00:13 eythian that's the standard I think, anyway.
00:14 pianohacker ah, okay, that makes sense. That's actually perfect imo
00:20 eythian so, when I make a 3.16 package, I'll just regenerate the depends (which I don't normally do) and manually move the new entry down into recommends.
00:20 eythian That'll be easy enough.
00:40 tcohen bye #koha
00:48 dcook Always handy to re-read the coding guidelines...
00:48 dcook guidelines?
00:48 dcook guidelines is[…]Coding_Guidelines
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01:52 a_m0d Hi all - is there anyone who can help me get Koha running on a VPS running CPanel?
01:54 eythian a_m0d: what distro is it running, do you have shell access, do you have root access?
01:56 a_m0d eythian: CentOS 6.5, yes, and yes
01:56 eythian a_m0d: it probably won't be the most fun ride, but there's some centos docs here:
01:56 eythian[…]umentation#Centos
01:57 eythian I'm not sure if cpanel will interfere, I don't know enough about it.
01:57 a_m0d I've seen those, but I haven't been able to follow them 100% because of CPanel.
01:58 a_m0d I couldn't install to the root, since there are multiple sites on here and I wanted to keep everything under the one site's home directory
01:58 a_m0d Also, those docs specify to go to http://localhost:8008 to run the web installation, but I can't do that.
01:59 a_m0d I did make a change in the koha-httpd.conf file to make the `intranet` site have its own unique host name.
01:59 eythian you can't really do that, it expects to be at the root from the point of view of the URL (i.e. you can virtual host it just fine, but it can't really share the same URL with something else unless that other thing can handle not being at the root.)
01:59 a_m0d But when I hit that host name all I see is a directory listing.
01:59 eythian well, you'd change localhost to be the relevant hostname.
01:59 eythian hmm
02:00 eythian that sounds like an apache config issue alright
02:00 eythian like, it's not obeying the aliases or something
02:00 a_m0d That's kind of what I figured, but I'm kind of stuck when it comes to configuring apache.
02:00 eythian that's when you want to see your logs to ensure the right virtualhost is being hit
02:00 eythian that's an easy thing to have not happen.
02:01 a_m0d I can't even find an error log for the 500 errors I generate
02:02 a_m0d e.g. hitting ***/index.html generates a 500 error for me, but I can't find where that is logged.
02:02 eythian hmm
02:02 eythian is the log directive specified in the apache config?
02:03 a_m0d Yes, actually, just found that directive.  Trying to load the error file now - hopefully it's in there since the CPanel view of the error log shows absolutely nothing.
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02:12 gmcharlt bag: Yep
02:12 bag cool
02:13 gmcharlt eythian: if you need a patch or two in 3.16.x to deal with packagnig for the OverDrive change more easily, bug it and shoot it over to me in the next 8 hours
02:14 eythian gmcharlt: I might do that.
02:15 gmcharlt great
02:16 gmcharlt bag: you?
02:17 bag yes I will be arriving tomorrow
02:19 a_m0d eythian: I can't really find any errors in any of the apache error logs that relate to this, except for 1 error when I tried to access
02:19 a_m0d That error just says: End of script before headers:
02:20 eythian don't try to access
02:20 eythian it's not really a thing
02:20 eythian try
02:22 a_m0d Okay, that's more like it - now I see an error message (in the logs) saying:
02:22 a_m0d Can't locate Modern/ in @INC
02:22 a_m0d and then a bunch more about that error
02:23 eythian that's a start
02:23 eythian now you're just going to have to chase up aalllll the dependencies :)
02:23 a_m0d Okay, looks like I need to adjust the @INC to include another directory
02:24 eythian well, do you have Modern::Perl installed?
02:24 eythian that's the first thing to check.
02:26 a_m0d Yup, but its in a sub-folder of the home directory
02:26 a_m0d e.g. ~/perl5/lib/perl5/Modern/
02:30 a_m0d btw, I found a small issue in the build process
02:31 * dcook perks up a bit
02:31 dcook issue with the build process?
02:31 a_m0d If the database password contains a & symbol, it is put directly into the hoha-conf.xml file and than nothing can read that file anymore ...
02:31 a_m0d Not a huge issue, but since I was prompted for that password as part of the build I expected it would handle it a bit better
02:32 eythian hmm yeah. that's probably worth filing a bug on.
02:32 eythian a_m0d: to modify the INC you want to change PERL5LIB from within the apache config
02:32 eythian probably something like SetEnv PERL5LIB /home/whatever/perl5/lib/perl5
02:33 dcook Hmm apparently having an ampersand in your MySQL password will cause problems with mysqldump as well
02:33 a_m0d eythian: thanks, I didn't realise I could do that.  I actually modified to use the lines
02:33 a_m0d use lib qw(/home/.....);
02:33 eythian a_m0d: that won't scale as you'll have to modify dozens of files :)
02:33 a_m0d but your suggestion is probably better :D
02:33 dcook ^
02:34 a_m0d So now I've run into more issues with the apache config again - since it doesn't seem to have picked up the ~/koha/etc/koha-httpd.conf file, it doesn't know where `/cgi-bin/koha/installer/` is
02:34 * dcook probably wouldn't use an ampersand in a MySQL password as Google seems full of horror stories but definitely an issue nonetheless..
02:35 a_m0d dcook: thanks for the advice - I'll change it then.  This was randomly generated by cpanel.
02:35 jcamins a_m0d: cPanel's EasyApache substantially changes how Apache behaves.
02:35 jcamins You're going to need to do some major modification to make it work, most likely.
02:35 jcamins And none of the paths in the instructions are going to be correct for your system.
02:36 a_m0d jcamins: I've found the vhost configurations for my 2 sites (standard one and the 'intranet' one), and I'm wondering now if I could perhaps just remove them from the main apache config file and then replace them with the koha-conf.httpd ones instead ... ?
02:39 jcamins a_m0d: it's worth a try. I refuse to work with Koha on CentOS/RHEL/whatever, though, so I can't give you any advice beyond noting that cPanel substantially changes your environment.
02:41 a_m0d jcamins: I hate working with cPanel, but unfortunately that's what I have here.  I must say, though, that the CentOS instructions on the wiki were actually very useful to get the system built.  They just stopped being quite so relevant after that point.
02:44 jcamins I used a system that had cPanel once. It was so painful I just installed VirtualBox and used a VM with Debian.
02:52 * dcook seems to recall rangi working on Koha::Email
02:53 * dcook thinks a Koha::Notices would be fantastic as well...
02:58 dcook I suppose Koha::Email would include that anyway most likely...
02:59 dcook @later tell rangi Is Koha::Email going to be responsible for notice generation? (e.g. advanced notices, overdues, etc)
02:59 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
02:59 eythian well, maybe. I'm not sure, but I'd think notices would sit on top of Koha::Email, and other things like SMS and such.
02:59 eythian they shouldn't really be tied anyway.
02:59 dcook Agreed
03:00 dcook But I suppose implementing Koha::Email would probably require other changes to be made as well
03:00 dcook I suppose not necessarily...
03:00 * eythian is now wondering how I'm going to design and build this browse interface.
03:00 eythian It's something of a fiddly problem.
03:00 dcook Seems like it :/
03:01 * dcook isn't sure he quite understands the idea
03:01 eythian[…]earch/h496-uirfNo <-- like this
03:06 eythian The problem is that ES is a search engine, not really a sequential index system like a database can be. So at the moment it feels a bit like a square peg into a round hole.
03:07 eythian bag: you about?
03:08 dcook Hmm
03:08 dcook The whole search vs browse thing is something we actually talked a lot about in library school (:p to Jorg Prante)
03:09 eythian as an end user, I can't really see the use case.
03:09 eythian with exceptions, browsing by call number or similar, sure.
03:10 dcook Author can be handy if it's a quite common name
03:10 dcook The author browse is basically an authority browse in my mind
03:10 dcook Or if you can't remember the name but you know one of the names
03:10 eythian so, that's just an author search sorted by author
03:10 dcook A browse can be more precise than a search
03:10 eythian the difference is you're not getting records back, you're getting author names back.
03:10 dcook Hehe.
03:11 dcook Yeah, pretty much
03:11 dcook I suppose it depends on whether you're doing an authority search or a facet search like you said
03:11 eythian So if you seach for "Smith" you only get "Smith" authors back.
03:11 dcook That's the downside
03:11 dcook Because maybe you want "Smithe"
03:11 dcook Or "Smitt"
03:11 eythian Oh, that's not a problem
03:11 eythian well, smitt is
03:11 dcook I suppose you can have fuzzy type searches at that point
03:12 dcook Librarians like browse because it's a bit more hands on
03:12 dcook You can sort of "feel" the data
03:12 eythian Which is why I'm thinking of a different approach: You search for Smith, and it does that but also searches for "Smit". If that doesn't get many more results, it searches for "Smi", and so on.
03:12 eythian and then merges all the results.
03:12 dcook I was thinking about that a bit
03:12 eythian (All these searches being startswith)
03:12 dcook Although you still want to be able to browse back and forth
03:13 eythian yeah, it'd allow you to do that.
03:13 dcook How's that?
03:13 eythian let me draw up some ascii art
03:13 dcook \o/
03:14 dcook (Btw I've desired a browsing interface in Koha for ages)
03:14 dcook I imagine it'll mostly be used by librarians or academics
03:14 dcook Err researchers*
03:14 dcook Not so much by typical users
03:15 * dcook is reading more of the list now
03:18 dcook I suppose what you'd want is to return a list of all authors (with their occurence count), and then just search that sublist for an index to start...
03:18 eythian <-- dcook
03:18 eythian something like that
03:19 eythian so you search for smith, and it starts "deep" and works its way out as it needs to to get adjacent results until it has enough for fill a page.
03:19 dcook Hmm
03:20 eythian If you page back, it'll do the same with an earlier value.
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03:21 eythian A real authority browser would be nice, but not everything is authorities.
03:22 eythian dcook: opinions welcome, I'm trying to get a firm idea in my head before I really start working on it.
03:23 eythian I've had no real specs for this, so am mostly making it up to fit what it seems like people want.
03:23 dcook Yeah, fair enough
03:23 dcook An authority browser would be nice, but not sure that's what they want :/
03:23 dcook Although in theory you could probably adapt it to either case
03:23 dcook Too bad "scan" doesn't sort as well
03:24 eythian what even is scan
03:24 dcook I'm not sure, haha
03:24 dcook I want to say the Zebra scan is a bit like browse..
03:24 * dcook takes a look
03:24 dcook Ah, nah, I guess not
03:24 dcook Well..
03:25 dcook Sort of
03:25 dcook If I scan for "test" in Koha (w/ Zebra), it shows me "test" and the next 19 term/phrases following it in the keyword index
03:25 dcook Err "any" index
03:25 dcook Also gives a count
03:26 eythian how does it order them?
03:26 eythian or just, order they're in in the index?
03:27 dcook It looks alphabetic
03:27 dcook ES docs:
03:27 dcook If we want to support accurate ranking, we would need to first gather the term frequencies from all shards to calculate global term frequencies, then execute the query on each shard using these globale frequencies.
03:27 dcook Also, because of the need to sort the results, getting back a large document set, or even scrolling it, while maintaing the correct sorting behavior can be a very expensive operation. For large result set scrolling without sorting, the scan search type (explained below) is also available.
03:27 dcook I wonder if "scrolling" might be what you want in ES..
03:28 eythian ohh
03:28 dcook Ah, maybe not..
03:30 eythian yeah, looks like no
03:31 eythian I was thinking you were talking about the scan option to
03:31 eythian (initially)
03:31 dcook I was initially
03:31 eythian oh right :)
03:34 dcook Ideally it would be great if you could retrieve all authors (via search), sort them, store them, then re-query to get the offset of the one you want...then work from there.
03:35 dcook Damn, this is a hard one :p
03:35 eythian yeah
03:36 eythian it almost seems to me that a set of tables in the DB that are periodically regenerated might be the best approach
03:36 dcook "dfs_query_then_fetch" seems useful..
03:37 dcook Hmm
03:37 dcook Actually, it might be worthwhile looking at what Dspace does
03:37 dcook They used to do search via a home-cooked Lucene search engine and then browse using DB tables like you're thinking
03:37 eythian alternately, load authorities in and just use that.
03:37 dcook Nowadays, they do both search and browse through Solr
03:40 eythian it looks like the hollis example pointed to is just an authority browser.
03:40 eythian That would be easier.
03:40 eythian Though I don't look forward to implementing authority linking.
03:40 dcook Would it?
03:41 eythian Well.
03:41 eythian not harder.
03:41 dcook Wouldn't you still have the problem of getting to the right place in the list?
03:41 eythian that's true
03:41 eythian I guess I didn't think about it hard enough :)
03:43 eythian actually
03:43 eythian I can run two queries, and sort them (one asc, one desc.)
03:44 eythian I don't actually need to know _where_ in the list I am, I just need to know how to page back and forward.
03:44 dcook Interesting..
03:44 wahanui somebody said interesting was sometimes good and sometimes bad
03:45 eythian All I'd need is an index containing only author names (and one for every other thing to search, but that's no big deal.)
03:46 eythian then for each author name it can do a search on the main index to get the counts.
03:46 eythian deleting records would be mildly tricky (i.e. detecting that there are none left) but solvable.
03:47 dcook Wouldn't you still run into the problem of paging though?
03:47 dcook Or knowing what results should come before/after?
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03:48 eythian no, because if my page size is ~20 I go 30 back (to work out the middle of the prev page) and 30 forward (to work out the middle of the next page) but only display the 10 forward and 10 back.
03:49 dcook You'd still need to be browsing though, right?
03:50 dcook That is...
03:50 eythian yeah sure. So I have an index of all authors. I can page back and forward through them by knowing what search term to generate the prev/next page from.
03:50 dcook Using that method you described before in that pasted explanation?
03:51 eythian No, that's a different idea :)
03:51 dcook Hmm, then I'm not sure I understand
03:51 dcook So you have an index of all authors...I'd assume you'd need to retrieve the whole thing, sort it, then look for your search term
03:51 eythian oh, but it still would only return the one you typed in.
03:51 eythian damn.
03:52 eythian I always need to loosen the search term, or have an ordering value.
03:52 dcook Yeah, the ordering value would be nice
03:52 eythian I don't like an ordering value as it makes insertions really hard.
03:52 dcook I assume ES must use an ordering value but must be done internally
03:52 dcook On the fly
03:52 eythian I doubt it does.
03:52 eythian because there's no such thing as a native order.
03:53 dcook Right, I suppose it could just sort it into a response and use that for ordering
03:53 dcook I don't know. I don't know enough about sorting :)
03:55 eythian the problem then is it would be relative to your search
03:55 eythian so I can search for "smith" and page through all the "Smith*" results, easy.
03:55 eythian but I can't go backwards, or to things that aren't "Smith*"
03:56 dcook Which is a huge problem
03:58 eythian yeah
03:58 dcook Hmm seems like sorting in ES might be interesting as well..
03:58 eythian so I end up back at having the code chop a letter off and looking for "Smit*" on your behalf.
03:58 dcook[…]multi-fields.html
03:59 eythian yeah, I'm doing something like that as it is
04:00 eythian ooh
04:00 eythian quakey
04:00 eythian ah, just a baby one, that's good
04:02 eythian[…]aland/2014p476125 <-- I missed the one this morning, so I guess it's only fair
04:16 dcook hit.sortValues
04:16 dcook But I think that's internal..
04:16 dcook Glad that you're all right, eythian :)
04:18 eythian I think that's for scrolling again
04:18 dcook Might be
04:19 dcook It's certainly used in scroll
04:19 dcook Love how folks don't document things
04:20 dcook I think they use sortValues on InternalSearchHit but that doesn't get surfaced in SearchResponse
04:21 * dcook is just skimming code though
04:21 eythian yeah, I've not seen it anywhere.
04:22 dcook According to the ElasticSearch cookbook on Google Books:
04:23 dcook SortValues(): This is the value/values used to sort the recored. It's only available if sort is specified during search phase.
04:23 dcook I thought that might be the other case... :/
04:24 dcook Dunno. Definitely have a few problems here.
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04:27 dcook If you could access "score" that would probably do it..
04:27 dcook But then still the problem of finding your term in the first place in that list
04:28 eythian yeah
04:28 eythian I might have to give the relaxing of search terms thing a try.
04:29 eythian It just seems a bit ugly
04:29 dcook Definitely a bit ugly :/
04:29 eythian The other way would be to do it in mysql
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04:30 dcook That also seems a bit suboptimal :/
04:30 dcook Could you create a temporary index on the fly in ES?
04:31 eythian Not at any sort of speed, it'd have to reindex everything.
04:31 dcook Do a search, throw it into the index (where the ids would be sequential) then search that index and return your one result and do things based on id..
04:31 dcook Hmm
04:31 dcook But if it's indexing in memory rather than on disk, it would be faster, yeah?
04:32 dcook I suppose you have an arbitrary number of hits though so that wouldn't scale even if that seemed doable
04:32 eythian It's still taking /all/ the documents and putting parts of them into a table.
04:32 eythian There might be millions
04:32 dcook Yeah :/
04:32 eythian well, taking all of the authors, anyway
04:32 dcook I suppose in that case an authority browser would be easier
04:33 dcook Possibly
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04:55 dcook Hmm what about this?
04:55 dcook[…]aggregations.html
05:00 wizzyrea @marc 700
05:00 huginn wizzyrea: An added entry in which the entry element is a personal name. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,​o,p,q,r,s,t,u,x,3,4,5,6,8]
05:00 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
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05:05 eythian So, I'm thinking of taking everything that we want to extract and shoving it into a db table and using that.
05:05 eythian With some smartly crafted indices, it could be speedy, and then query ES to get counts.
05:06 eythian hi cait
05:06 cait hi eythian :)
05:15 dcook Just re-read Jorg Prante's earlier post...that must be what DSpace does as well..
05:16 dcook The adding a sort value before indexing
05:16 * dcook apparently can't stop thinking about this
05:16 dcook hey cait :)
05:16 eythian the problem with that is adding an author in the middle is hard.
05:16 cait alphabetic indexes?
05:16 dcook eythian: Yeah, that's the thing that gets me too :/
05:16 dcook Adding them anywhere except the end really
05:17 dcook cait: yeah trying to do an author browse
05:17 eythian cait: they're more or less uncountably infinite, so saying "give me the ten previous" is tricky.
05:18 cait hmm
05:18 cait wonder how others do it
05:19 eythian adding a special index with a pre-sorted index is probably the cleanest way, but if you add an author you have to reindex the whole lot, which is a problem.
05:19 dcook Agreed
05:19 dcook cait: I think that's how others do it ^
05:19 dcook At least that's how it looks like it's done in DSpace and by another person using ES
05:20 eythian my plan of backing off the search precision (i.e. manually stemming) is ugly but wouldn't require reindexing.
05:20 dcook What sort of data do you get in a result set, eythian?
05:20 cait dcook: hm not sure
05:20 eythian my other plan of throwing them all in a database table and doing sorted/limited queries might be the best way.
05:20 eythian dcook: you get the document that you put in.
05:20 dcook That's it?
05:21 dcook No ES metadata about the document?
05:21 dcook Hmm
05:21 eythian "_index" : "koha_robin_biblios",
05:21 eythian "_type" : "data",
05:21 eythian "_id" : "122",
05:21 eythian "_score" : 1.0, "_source"
05:21 eythian where _source contains your data
05:22 eythian _id is the biblio number, and the score is how well it matches.
05:22 dcook Mmm
05:22 eythian cait: yeah, that's the sort of thing I want
05:23 cait eythian: really hard it's going to be when people are asking for callnumber ...
05:23 cait from my experience
05:23 eythian we already support call number in the shelf browser.
05:23 cait because most callnumbers can not really be sorted easily
05:24 cait yeah, using cn_sort i think :)
05:24 eythian I was thinking of using an approach similar to how we do that.
05:24 eythian yeah
05:24 eythian using cn_sort is no problem.
05:24 cait probably the only way
05:24 cait creating a sortable form
05:24 eythian I'm planning on allowing collations so weirdo languages like German can be handled too :)
05:24 cait and use our currnet plugin system to help people adapt it to their custom schemes if necessary...
05:24 cait lol thx
05:24 cait they use diacritics here in callnumbers
05:25 cait and ([,:-° ...
05:25 * dcook shudders
05:26 eythian heh baka
05:26 cait eythian: stop thinking that :)
05:27 cait it's an abbreviation
05:27 dcook That Horizon one cheats a bit I think
05:27 eythian cait: it's Japanese for "idiot"
05:27 cait i know
05:27 dcook Actually it's really bad..
05:27 cait it's not really
05:27 cait why do you think that?
05:27 cait did you went backwards?
05:27 dcook Because I don't read German ;)
05:27 cait heh
05:27 dcook Not so bad after a few clicks
05:27 cait i think it takes stop words into account
05:28 cait i looked up a and went back, now there are all records with numbers
05:28 cait 'a'
05:28 dcook Yeah, I did "e"
05:28 eythian the first link is odd, it changes styling when you hit previous the first time
05:28 * dcook always searches "e"
05:28 dcook or "pickles"
05:28 dcook Looks like an authority browser
05:28 cait eythian: i am not going to correct htat now - it#s the last one that is left :)
05:29 eythian well, I was thinking it'd be possible to tie authorities in too
05:29 eythian but maybe another time
05:29 eythian ah right
05:29 cait hm
05:30 cait looking for another example i am thinking about
05:30 cait icould ask how the second example did it... coworkers should know
05:30 eythian So my plan is to throw every field that you might want to do this sort of search on into a database table, and then treat it like we do with the shelf browser.
05:30 eythian then use ES to get counts.
05:33 cait eythian: can you get the capitalization right? :) most catalogs seem not to :)
05:33 eythian cait: well that'd be part of the collation I expect.
05:33 cait how does zebra do it?
05:34 cait our implementation there is not really good, but it's gotten nicer since tcohen fixed the display
05:34 * dcook might send the dspace folk an email anyway
05:34 eythian I have no idea how zebra does it.
05:35 cait k
05:38 cait i think at leat in our feature for that you can't page backwards
05:38 cait but not sure if that was us ...or a limitation of it
05:46 * dcook grumbles a bit about creating notices
05:46 JesseM_a_ joined #koha
05:49 * eythian gets to have a little snark about supporting XSLX on the mailing list.
05:49 cait eythian: we do support odf now :)
05:49 cait since 3.16
05:49 eythian oh cool
05:50 cait looking for the bug
05:50 cait bug 11679
05:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11679 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Add an ods export choice for reports
05:51 dcook Yay
05:51 dcook CSV wasn't really cutting it
05:54 dcook This C4::Letter stuff is a bit bonkers..
05:54 eythian it really is
05:57 eythian OK, tomorrow I'm going to have a go at this database table plan. I think there's not much point twisting ES into doing something it's not designed for.
05:58 * dcook shrugs
05:58 dcook If you go the database route, you could use other search engines as well I suppose
05:59 eythian that too
05:59 dcook It's not a bug, it's a feature ;)
05:59 dcook Oh dear God. My English profs are rolling in their...
05:59 dcook Well most of them are still alive.
05:59 dcook It's not a bug; it's a feature.
05:59 dcook There we go..
05:59 eythian I just wish the facet stuff was more powerful, it's so close to doing what I want.
05:59 dcook Totes
05:59 eythian they're rolling in their tenure.
06:00 dcook I think there is something called ElasticSearch Rails which might have some support for this...but :S
06:00 dcook Probably reducing complexity is good
06:01 * dcook is curious about Zebra's scan now..
06:01 eythian yeah.
06:03 dcook Looks kinda cool actually
06:03 dcook
06:04 dcook "Set step-size for scan. This value is used in next scan sent to the target. By default step-size is 0."
06:04 dcook Yaz-client: "[205] Only zero step size supported for Scan -- v2 addinfo ''"
06:04 * dcook facepalm
06:04 wahanui http://buikitty.files.wordpres[…]120202-094434.jpg
06:05 eythian heh
06:05 dcook scanpos
06:05 dcook That's a bit neat..
06:06 dcook You can set it to be in the middle of a range...
06:06 dcook Then use your top and bottom figures to determine your next range I guess
06:06 cait eythian: is the alphabetic indexing going to be a separate bug?
06:06 dcook scansize 30
06:06 dcook scanpos 15
06:07 eythian cait: define separate
06:07 eythian of
06:07 eythian separate bug
06:07 eythian *oh
06:07 eythian probably not
06:07 cait ah
06:07 dcook scan @attr 1=4 water
06:07 cait because the elastic search will get quite big to test :)
06:07 dcook Zebra could totally do this
06:07 eythian I do plan to split all the patches up eventually
06:08 cait it's just a question of how to organize best i guess
06:08 eythian yeah
06:08 cait not sure what's better really
06:08 cait just thought that might be separate enoughwith database tables that it might make sense
06:08 cait but on the other hand... esier for early testers if it's a one bug thing maybe
06:09 cait do you think we could do a demo opac somewhere? like we had for bootstrap?
06:10 eythian that's probably a good idea.
06:11 eythian I'll see if I can put one on our demo server or something.
06:12 cait cool :)
06:14 dcook eythian: You could always use Zebra for it :p
06:14 eythian heh
06:14 eythian wash your mouth out ;)
06:14 dcook Really, "scansize 30", "scanpos 15", "scan @attr 1=1003 test"
06:15 dcook Done and home in time for dinner ;)
06:15 eythian shush
06:15 cait heh
06:15 eythian will it scan backwards
06:15 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "zebra scan output" (30 lines) at
06:15 eythian ?
06:15 dcook Yep
06:15 dcook But you'd need to use the value rather than an id
06:16 dcook In this example, to scan backwards you'd issue a "scan @attr 1=1003 ed" query to jump backwards
06:16 dcook You'd need to play with the values a bit and what you wanted to show, but I think you could do it
06:16 eythian ah yep
06:17 * dcook looks at zoom
06:17 cait poor understimated zebra
06:17 cait underestimated...
06:17 dcook[…]lib/ZOOM.pod#scan()_/_scan_pqf()
06:19 cait i htink position looks like it would do it
06:19 dcook and number
06:19 * dcook apparently likes to make eythian's life more complicated
06:20 cait me too :)
06:20 cait heh
06:20 eythian meanies
06:20 eythian With that, I'm leaving!
06:20 cait hehe
06:20 cait finally!
06:20 eythian have a good (evening|morning) all.
06:20 cait have a nice evening :)
06:20 eythian later
06:21 cait dcook: someone should really impelment those facets with zebra... ;)
06:21 dcook hehe, night, eythian
06:21 dcook cait: Yeah, it's sort of on the list
06:21 cait no pressure
06:22 dcook I think my first step would be to decompose the existing code
06:22 cait it just seems for everytime we said: zebra can't do that... it was just something we got wrong
06:22 dcook So that we'd use the same code but in a where we could use a syspref to switch to native facets
06:22 cait yeah ... like that :)
06:22 dcook cait: Yeah, there's definitely something to be said for Zebra just being set up wrong
06:22 dcook Painfully wrong
06:23 cait yeah:(
06:23 dcook Well...
06:23 dcook Maybe not set up wrong
06:23 dcook But the query building is horrible
06:23 dcook The facets just weren't done (or really understood until now)
06:23 cait yeah
06:24 cait and the alphabetic index was hardly implemented at all and the gui is buggy
06:24 dcook A lot of the indexing isn't bad though
06:24 dcook Alphabetic index?
06:24 dcook Gui?
06:24 cait @later tell eythian - in case you didn't know - index search with zebra is a bit ugly and hiding on the staff advanced search page
06:24 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
06:24 cait heh, see my comment
06:25 dcook Where?
06:25 cait add a word to a title search, check the scan index checkbox
06:25 cait in staff advanced search
06:25 dcook Yeah, I was playing with that earlier
06:25 dcook I had tried it out ages ago and forgot about it until today
06:25 cait ah right
06:25 cait so waht was your question then?
06:25 cait *confused*
06:25 dcook Hence the idea to try out yaz-client ;)
06:25 cait aah
06:25 dcook I'm not sure anymore haha
06:25 cait i thought i had triggered that with the question how zebra did it heh
06:26 * dcook should concentrate for a bit though
06:26 dcook eythian and his derailing me :p
06:26 dcook Today is my Friday as I"m heading to a wedding tomorrow..
06:26 cait yeah he is good at that
06:26 cait mine too
06:26 cait concert
06:30 liw joined #koha
06:33 dcook Concert?
06:35 cait i am going to a concert on friday - not a wedding :)
06:39 cait ok bbiab
06:43 alex_a joined #koha
06:44 alex_a bonjour
06:56 yohann joined #koha
07:03 reiveune joined #koha
07:03 reiveune hello
07:05 irma Hi all in #koha
07:05 irma Hi dcook
07:05 dcook heya irma :)
07:05 dcook how goes it?
07:06 irma dcook ; I got your koha-oz email and we should meet after (when we return from Melbourne) for a catch-up
07:07 irma dcook a Friday is probably the best day for me but let's email and see what suits ...ok?
07:08 dcook Sure, that sounds good to me :)
07:08 dcook Might be a bit tight for the next couple weeks but I think it would be doable in July
07:09 irma July or before mid August would be good. After that I am taking a week off
07:10 irma cheers for now dcook ...
07:10 irma have a nice evening/day all :-)
07:10 dcook I'm heading to Europe in late September so before that sounds good
07:10 dcook Busy busy folks..
07:11 dcook night irma :)
07:12 irma night dcook ^..^
07:13 magnuse joined #koha
07:15 magnuse whoa[…]oha-smart-widgets
07:15 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:15 gaetan_B hello
07:16 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
07:17 dcook magnuse: Yeah, it looks like it could be neat!
07:20 dcook Got to love that moment when you're kicking yourself wondering where your code isn't working...
07:20 dcook Then you remember that you're setting the value of a key in a hashref all wrong..
07:25 * dcook thinks parse_letter is a stupid sub :p
07:26 dcook Well...I guess maybe it does have a purpose sometimes...
07:26 dcook Would be better if it were centralized..
07:26 * dcook looks at the clock
07:26 dcook But this guy should go home
07:26 dcook (Well, to the vet, then home)
07:27 * dcook apparently has no concept of English grammar today.
07:27 * dcook waves goodbye
07:32 magnuse have fun dcook
08:01 irma_ joined #koha
08:17 cait joined #koha
08:17 magnuse kia ora cait
08:19 cait hi magnuse :)
08:26 ashimema joined #koha
08:27 ashimema morning #koha
08:28 cait good morning ashimema
08:29 Viktor joined #koha
08:29 cait hm looks like you can only have a search history if you have patrno accunts
08:30 cait hm bug?
08:30 wahanui bug is it stores biblionumber not itemnumber
08:32 * magnuse waves to ashimema and Viktor
08:32 * Viktor waves back
08:32 * cait waves at Viktor too
08:32 Joubu Hello
08:33 * Viktor waves to cait and all the other nice people here :)
08:33 ashimema hmm.. I thought there was a local anonymous search history cait?
08:34 Joubu cait: I would like to get your opinion on my last note of bug 11872, if you have time...
08:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11872 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Lost overdue items should not generate fines
08:34 cait ashimema: there is -- but it won't display when opacuserlogin is off
08:34 cait bug 12485
08:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12485 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Show OPAC search history when opacuserlogin is OFF
08:34 cait which means i have to explain to a library now that they can't use the feature... meh.
08:35 cait hm I don't have an answer right away Joubu
08:35 cait there are so many prefs and options for lost items now nd our libraries don't use it yet, i have to think more about it
08:36 ashimema oh.. thats interesting.
08:36 cait but i think it's a good point - is a lost item overdue.
08:36 cait hm.
08:37 cait i think if it doesn't accrue fines, it's not overdue but 'just' lost
08:38 cait but then i am not sure where checkoverdues and GetOverduesForBranch are used - we might want to make sure the lost items on the patron account stll display in OPAC etc.
08:40 Joubu cait: I think they should be displayed too. And the itemlost specific case should be manage in the fines calculation script
08:41 cait I tend to say so too. writing up a comment and checking something in one of our databases
08:42 cait Joubu: i was wondering if maybe having a parameter for the subs might be better... but it's a more complicated change too
08:42 Joubu cait: yes, a filters parameter could be a good idea
08:46 cait I've added a comment
08:51 jseplae joined #koha
08:56 Joubu cait: thanks
09:07 magnuse Viktor:  a small thing in Bug 7843...
09:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7843 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, viktor.sarge, Needs Signoff , Create RSS for OPAC news
09:07 magnuse you added the new file opac/, right? but it says "Parts Copyright (C) 2013  Mark Tompsett"
09:08 magnuse it should probably be copyright you, but also saying "based on <filename> by ..."
09:48 Viktor Ah - thanks for pointing it out magnuse.
09:48 Viktor That sounds about right.
09:49 Viktor I'm a bit behind with work on this one since I've been away from work due to my son being ill.
09:49 Viktor But next step would be to add dates.
09:50 magnuse hope the son is/gets better!
09:50 Viktor It's easy enough but they were not in the right format to validate. And even though there's a function in Koha to get the right dates I ran into some things with references that I didn't quite get right.
09:50 * cait too
09:51 Viktor magnuse He is getting better. But had a few days now that were a little more than the usual things you expect.
09:51 Viktor Thanks!
09:52 Viktor And I'm off for vacation now so even if I highly enjoy coding for Koha patches will be quite a bit slower.
09:52 Viktor But know that I didn't quit - I just went of into the sun for a few weeks :)
09:52 a_m0d joined #koha
09:55 cait Viktor: enjoy your vacation!
10:25 cait hm does someone know if anonymous search history gets cleaned up when the session is deleted?
10:32 Joubu cait: when the user log out?
10:32 Joubu it should
10:32 cait Joubu: when the user doesn't log in
10:32 Joubu cait: yes, anonyous, sorry...
10:33 cait np :)
10:33 Joubu when is the session deleted? When the browser is closed I suppose
10:34 cait hm or when it's cleaned out of the session table
10:34 cait do the entries in the db table get deleted?
10:35 Joubu cait: yes, if the session does not exist anymore in the table, the search history is deleted
10:35 cait thx a lot!
10:35 cait Joubu++
10:49 nlegrand hey $koha
10:51 cait hi nlegrand
11:30 a_m0d joined #koha
11:51 beni joined #koha
11:58 alex_a joined #koha
11:59 meliss joined #koha
12:03 fridolin joined #koha
12:03 fridolin hie lal
12:10 magnuse bonojur fridolin
12:10 fridolin bonjour magnuse : I have a new kb, so i make a lot of mistakes
12:10 fridolin ;)
12:10 oleonard joined #koha
12:12 oleonard Hi #koha
12:13 magnuse fridolin: yeah, i struggle a bit with my new laptop, fortunately i have my old external keyboard at home :-)
12:13 magnuse hiya oleonard
12:28 edveal joined #koha
12:32 collum joined #koha
12:44 indradg joined #koha
12:46 oleonard Joubu or anyone else know if something is going on with the Biblibre sandboxes?
12:48 oleonard I tried to set up Sandbox 13 with Bug 12220 but haven't gotten any email after 30 minutes
12:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12220 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , bootstrap not responsive on all devices
12:48 Joubu oleonard: they don't work ?
12:48 kmlussier joined #koha
12:48 oleonard I tried the same thing yesterday and the only message I got was "Sandbox not ready!"
12:48 Joubu oleonard: yes, since the last hackfest, it seems that all emails are not sent
12:49 oleonard Ah, okay I see now that the patch was applied this time.
12:50 Joubu oleonard: yes, you can take a look at the news, on the mainpage
12:50 Joubu Sandbox setup by with database -1 and bug 12220 on Thu Jun 26 14:21:00 2014
12:50 Joubu oleonard: maybe it's because you didn't choose a DB :-/
12:52 oleonard Anyway I'm glad to confirm that my patch works since I submitted it without doing a real test :)
12:55 jcamins Are test plans no longer de rigeur?
13:02 magnuse in patches? i'd say they are
13:02 jcamins magnuse: yeah, it looks like it was just happenstance that the first patch I looked at when I considered signing something off didn't have one.
13:03 * magnuse chants "fail it, fail it, fail it"
13:03 jcamins Determining that there was no test plan took all the time I had for testing, though, so I didn't look at any other patches before asking.
13:03 talljoy joined #koha
13:05 kmlussier joined #koha
13:06 * jcamins failed it.
13:07 * magnuse sheds a (small) tear
13:08 magnuse fridolin++ for 3.14.8
13:09 fridolin thanks
13:27 nlegrand fridolin: new keyboard? A squarred stuff like Joubu or Stéphane?
13:29 fridolin nlegrand: nop, I'm a fan of curved KB :[…]desktop/L5V-00001
13:30 indradg_ joined #koha
13:31 Joubu erk
13:32 fridolin ;) note it uses radio wireless, not bluethooth
13:33 nlegrand :D
13:33 fridolin paring via bluethooth is enoying when you whant to use your KB on another pc
13:42 jenkins_koha Yippee, build fixed!
13:42 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
13:42 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.14.x_D7 build #8: FIXED in 32 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_3.14.x_D7/8/
13:42 jenkins_koha * Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel: Translation updates for 3.14.08 release
13:42 jenkins_koha * Fridolin Somers: Update release notes for 3.14.8 release
13:42 jenkins_koha * Fridolin Somers: Increment version for 3.14.8 release
13:53 JesseM joined #koha
13:57 alex_a_ joined #koha
14:06 Joubu @later tell rangi on the dashbard, the search for "pushed to mm" displayed an error "The search named PushedMM has not been made visible to you.". I'm not sure it's expected.
14:06 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:25 rocio joined #koha
14:25 Tony joined #koha
14:26 Tony I'm wondering if someone can help me with a search issue in Koha
14:28 Tony When you use the advance search and say your are wanting "Germany" and "England" you will get one set of results and use "Germany" or " England" and you get the same results.. the number of returns should be different..
14:32 pianohacker Tony: what would you expect in the second case?
14:39 Tony Well if you are using and against an or it would appear that the number should be higher on the or than on the and.. and is looking for both combined and or is looking for both as individual..
14:46 pianohacker Tony: Ah, I see what you mean
14:50 Tony Thank you for understanding.. This is causing our students at the college a real headache because they can't trust the numbers or results
14:55 Tony Is there anyone that can help me with this issue.. I don't know if Koha has a fix or not.. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.
14:59 yohann left #koha
15:00 pianohacker Tony: It would probably be best to send a post to the users mailing list... a lot of the developers and librarians that would have better knowledge of the search interface would be there rather than IRC
15:00 pianohacker a nice way of saying "Sorry, I don't got no ideer"
15:04 reiveune bye
15:04 reiveune left #koha
15:04 oleonard Tony: You're talking about using the advanced search form with "more options?"
15:10 Tony Yes I am.. but I didn't use any of the options when I did this search on the top area with the and, or, not selections
15:13 Tony pianohacker do you know the URL for me to get to the developers because I thought they would be on here..
15:14 oleonard Tony: pianohacker is suggesting the Koha users list, not the developers list
15:14 oleonard ...since your question is about Koha usage.
15:15 oleonard My understanding of Koha "quick search" is that and/or operators are not recognized, but I could be wrong
15:15 oleonard Using the and/or operators in the advanced search form seemed to work for me though. I got different numbers of results with the two different operators
15:15 Tony That is just what I am seeing as the problem so is there a fix that you are aware of or not
15:16 Tony Using the example that I gave... hmmm it doesn't do that for us.. so maybe we have a setting incorrect
15:17 oleonard Is there a fix for "quick search" not recognizing and/or operators? It's not that something is broken, it's simply a feature Koha doesn't have.
15:17 jcamins oleonard: use QP.
15:17 jcamins Or write ccl using ccl=
15:18 Tony What is QP and where would I write ccl using ccl=
15:18 jcamins QP is QueryParser. ccl= is what you have to prefix your queries with if you want to write your queries in CCL. However, you don't want to write your queries in CCL.
15:19 jcamins Tony: but that was in answer to oleonard not you. I have no idea what's going on with your system.
15:20 oleonard jcamins: Basically Tony wants to be able to use "and" and "or" in searches
15:20 oleonard ...and have each give him different results ;)
15:20 jcamins oleonard: I thought the problem was that using and and or didn't work.
15:20 jcamins Or do you mean literally typing "and" and "or"?
15:20 Tony jcamins: that is just what I'm trying to do
15:20 jcamins Literally typing "and" and "or"?
15:21 Tony jcmins: no, using the option operators in the search block is what I would like to function correctly
15:21 jcamins Right, I don't know why they're not working for you.
15:22 jcamins I don't know if they work for other people, though.
15:22 Tony hmmm I don't know either but I really need to figure this out for the students here
15:22 jcamins Good luck.
15:22 Tony Thank you
15:26 cait Tony: just checking... you are using the first and second field? not leaving any blank?
15:29 Tony cait: yes that is correct...  I'm only using the first two fields and changing the operator on each search
15:29 cait what does the link look like that koha generated for your 2 seaches?
15:31 oleonard paste?
15:31 wahanui I eat paste! It's tasty!
15:31 cait thx oleonard
15:33 Tony cait: /cgi-bin/koha/​=germany&op-and&udx=kw&q=Europe&op=an​d&idx=kw&do=Search&sort_by=relevance
15:34 cait hm really udx?
15:34 Tony hmmm it looks like the operator never changed
15:34 Tony sorr typed it wrong i think it is idx
15:35 oleonard Please copy and paste
15:35 Tony Okay let me bring it up on this machine
15:35 nengard joined #koha
15:36 nengard left #koha
15:37 Tony here it is : /cgi-bin/koha/​=Germany&op=and&idx=kw&q=Europe&op=an​d&idx=kw&do=Search&sort_by=relevance
15:38 cait and with or?
15:44 Tony cait: sorry for the dely .. give me a sec
15:45 Tony cait here you are /cgi-bin/koha/​=Germany&op=or&idx=kw&q=Europe&op=and​&idx=kw&do=Search&sort_by=relevance
15:46 cait is our opac publicly accessible?
15:46 cait which version are you on?
15:48 Tony
15:48 Tony Yes it is public
15:49 oleonard ...
15:49 cait 3.12 is pretty old
15:49 Tony Okay so do you suggest that I should update
15:49 Tony What is the current version
15:49 gaetan_B bye!
15:50 oleonard For what it's worth Tony trying your searches as you pasted them above in my 3.16 test system returned different results sets
15:51 cait we are running 3.12.9 - works there as well
15:51 Tony oleonard: not following
15:52 Tony Oh okay I get it...  sorry so you are thinking that is fixed in a later version...  Okay so I need to go through the update process...
15:52 cait Tony: for me it's also working in 3.12
15:52 cait i think it's something in your setup
15:52 jcamins 3.12.9 works fine for me.
15:52 cait yep
15:52 cait for me too
15:53 Tony Perfect guys... then let me do the upgrades and see what I get at that point...  Thank you all for help and suggestions...
15:53 cait Tony: if your opac is publicly available... can you give us the url? :)
15:53 Tony
15:53 cait an upgrade to the newest verseion would be pretty huge and should be prepared well
15:55 cait Tony: i think there is something wrong with your search
15:55 Tony cait: thank you very much
15:55 cait[…]levance&do=Search
15:55 cait i tried this and I get a 404 for the books
15:55 cait when i try to access the detail page
15:55 cait i think your index might be not ok
15:55 cait first thing i'd try is a complete reindex
15:56 cait for the first 2 results on the page at least
15:56 fridolin byyyy
15:56 fridolin left #koha
15:56 Tony I totally agree because that wasn't happening earlier
15:57 Tony Thanks for finding that
16:01 cait ok... also your simple search is broken
16:01 cait i think it's something in your setup
16:02 cait a keyword search for germany from the simple search won't give any results
16:02 cait I've never seen that
16:07 cait left #koha
16:15 Tony Okay I'm trying to reindex my zebra but I'm getting a lot of errors..  can someone help me on this: root@cat:/usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools# Can't locate C4/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.14.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.14 /usr/share/perl/5.14 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at ./ line 6. > BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 6. > root
16:27 gmcharlt @quote random
16:27 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:37 PM, July 07, 2011)
16:32 rocio joined #koha
16:51 pianohacker dernit. Anybody use dh-make-perl around here? (And successfully at that?)
16:58 pianohacker future note: dh-make-perl depends on $PWD, so you can't run it under sudo (unless you manually pass through the environment variable)
17:10 liw pianohacker, I need to dash to the train, but: dh-make-perl shouldn't require any root access, so running it under sudo should be unnecessary; the #debian-perl channel (this irc network) is usually very friendly and helpful, when anyone's awake
17:24 cda_brannon joined #koha
17:25 Alphaman joined #koha
17:31 cda_brannon \nick
17:34 cait joined #koha
17:39 CBrannon \notice cait Got a moment?
17:40 oleonard CBrannon: You don't have to "/" anything to get cait's attention, just say her name :)
17:40 cait here :)
17:42 CBrannon I replied to your comment in bug 9303.  I understand that prog and ccsr are depreciated, but I'm wondering if since they are still available as options, should preferences indicate what themes will or won't work with certain themes?
17:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9303 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , relative's checkouts in the opac
17:42 cait CBrannon: all the files will be removed soon I think
17:43 cait actually i tihnk we deprecated them a while ago... and now we are about to remove them totally
17:43 cait the next release won't have them
17:44 cait hope i ammaking sense :)
17:44 cait bit distracted by watching germany vs USA :)
17:45 CBrannon What happens if a patch is applied to an older version though?  Is there some indication that it won't work?  Should the patch be limited to specific versions at that point?
17:45 rangi[…]precation_of_the_.27prog.27_and_.27CCSR.27_OPAC_themes
17:46 cait CBrannon: patches iwth new features are not backported to older versions
17:46 cait for a bugfix it would be discussable if it should be backported, but then best to make a separate patch for each theme
17:46 oleonard Hi rangi
17:46 CBrannon Okay.  Thanks.  Still figuring things out.  :)
17:46 rangi and yes it should, and yeah, thats a new feature so will only go in master, so actually adding the changes to prog .. would make the patch fail qa
17:46 rangi hi oleonard
17:46 cait CBrannon: no problem, just ask - and thx for taking the times to write notes about your testing, i really like that :)
17:47 a_m0d joined #koha
17:48 sophie_m left #koha
17:49 CBrannon cait: so was it appropriate that I brought up the themes in the bug, since the feature was showing up in them?
17:49 cait yes :)
17:49 cait i had missed that
17:50 CBrannon Good.  I know I've been making some mistakes, but I am trying to get procedures down.  I miss some things too when the ticket gets so long.  :P
17:51 cait you are doing well, really, don't worry
17:52 CBrannon Does anyone know if you can apply more than one patch at a time on a sandbox?  Particularly if one patch depends on another?
17:54 cait hm not sure
17:55 cait Joubu would know, but I think it's too late for him to be around
17:57 oleonard But 12464 is caused by some missing CSS not transferred from the prog theme, but copying the relevant CSS doesn't entirely fix the problem.
17:57 oleonard Bug 12464 I mean.
17:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12464 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Bootstrap XSLT view no longer displaying 505 correctly formatted
17:57 oleonard It's weird:
17:57 CBrannon I'll probably send a message to Jonathan an ask.  It would be helpful if it did.  Maybe they can figure out a way to enter multiple bug numbers separated by commas, if it doesn't already.
17:57 cait :)
17:58 oleonard Oh and it gets weirder... The arrows appear correctly if I scale the font size up or down...
17:58 oleonard Must be something about how the font renders at certain sizes...
17:59 CBrannon Are bug updates being posted to the IRC?
18:00 cait CBrannon: hmm updates are not... commits i think are still
18:00 cait whensomething goes into master that is reported here
18:00 cait and the results of the automated testing
18:00 cait and you can always refer to a bug using bug <number> here
18:00 cait and it will bring up the link
18:01 cait you can subscribe to the bugs mailing list if you want info about updates
18:01 CBrannon Ah...I was trying to figure out what was going on.
18:14 edveal joined #koha
18:20 CBrannon Ist die USA gehen, um zu gewinnen?
18:28 cait CBrannon: hm not sure i understand :) but the result was 0:1 for germany
18:33 CBrannon cait: I don't claim to have any skill in speaking German.  :) Hooray Germany.  :)
18:36 cait :)
18:41 CBrannon barton: you're a little strange.  :)
18:41 oleonard He must have asked someone to make him a sandwich
18:42 barton CBrannon, you're not the first person who's said that ...
18:42 CBrannon oleonard: nice
18:43 barton yeah, and talljoy was waving a magic wand around in #bywater ...
18:44 CBrannon \nick MasterOfAllThingsFluffy
18:44 * oleonard wonders if more recent version of git can git-send-email patches with lines longer than 998 characters
18:52 pianohacker oleonard: I think you're one of the few people that sends patches to the mailing list these days, is the thing.
18:53 oleonard Okay then I'll stop :P
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19:11 tcohen joined #koha
19:11 tcohen hi #koha
19:18 kmlussier joined #koha
19:19 cait ih tcohen
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20:04 oleonard_ Bye #koha
20:05 cait oleonard++ # all those lovely patches
20:09 kathryn morning :)
20:10 cait good morning kathryn :)
20:10 kathryn hi cait
20:17 rhcl joined #koha
20:18 rhcl @seen jcamins
20:18 huginn rhcl: jcamins was last seen in #koha 4 hours, 25 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <jcamins> 3.12.9 works fine for me.
20:30 jburds__ joined #koha
22:28 wizzyrea hi
22:38 eythian hi
22:57 irma joined #koha
23:09 jenkins_koha Starting build #7 for job Koha_3.16.x_U14 (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE)
23:12 gmcharlt Koha 3.16.1 is now available -
23:12 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.16.1 is available! Next general meeting is 9 and 10 July 2014 at 22:00 and 15:00 UTC. Welcome to the IRC home of Koha Please use for pastes.
23:15 eythian oh bother, I forgot to make that patch
23:15 eythian never mind, I'll roll it in anyway.
23:16 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12143 - hiding alternate address on patron self registration doesn't hide heading <[…]912cbfd2b3d37565f>
23:19 gmcharlt eythian: yep, I figured you might do that
23:37 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.16.x_U14 build #7: STILL UNSTABLE in 28 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]oha_3.16.x_U14/7/
23:37 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: release notes for Koha 3.16.1
23:37 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: add DBRev for 3.16.1 release

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