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00:05 eythian gmcharlt: cheers, all grabbed
00:05 gmcharlt great
00:07 eythian wow, it's pretty steadily busy
00:08 eythian after lunch I'll build some stats from that.
00:15 eythian speaking of
00:15 * eythian -> curry
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00:58 pianohacker gmcharlt: Actual visible fixed-field widgets:
01:03 dac pianohacker++
01:03 pianohacker ah okay :)
01:03 pianohacker oh, those are based on the XML. That should be clarified
01:15 pianohacker good night
01:15 wahanui I watch you sleep.
01:15 pianohacker so do I, wahanui. So do I
01:18 gmcharlt pianohacker++
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01:22 gmcharlt jcamins: I don't suppose you happen to have the original bib export for the test cases added in bug 8649?
01:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8649 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, CLOSED FIXED, C4::Search needs a unit test
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02:09 jmsasse Hello community
02:14 mtompset Greetings, jmsasse.
02:23 eythian wahanui: Thanks, Lorax is <reply> Thorax
02:23 wahanui eythian: no problem
02:24 mtompset Why are you telling wahanui what Lorax is?
02:28 eythian I'm not. I'm telling wahanui what a thorax is.
02:28 eythian wahanui: thanks ants
02:28 wahanui bitte eythian
02:28 eythian wahanui: thanks, ants
02:28 wahanui eythian: sure thing
02:28 eythian it probably doesn't work though
02:28 eythian wahanui: literal thanks ants
02:28 wahanui eythian: sure thing
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03:11 jmsasse bag: got your ears on?
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04:13 barton Evening, all...
04:14 paxed oh, hey, lovely. members/Ä shows patrons with surname A.
04:14 paxed grrr
04:15 barton paxed: oh frabjus day ;-/
04:17 paxed lovely start to a morning, indeed.
04:18 barton so ... I have a 'is this a feature or a bug' question ...
04:19 barton If I go to http://catalog.bywatersolution[…]l%20open%20source
04:19 eythian wahanui: feature or bug is
04:19 wahanui OK, eythian.
04:19 barton and click the 'print' link, the formatting of the printed page looks --- weird.
04:20 barton yes, yes, my update murders children...
04:22 barton ... anyway, the deal, as far as I can tell, is that the URLs added to the printed page are frking up the spacing on the page in a most serious way...
04:22 barton URLs => good, Frkd_formatting => bad -- so is this bug or feature?
04:23 rangi who cares
04:23 rangi if it looks bad fix it
04:25 eythian yeah, if it's looking not correct, then it's not correct.
04:26 barton but what if my bug report murders children? ;-)
04:26 eythian it was their own fault for looking ugly due to the URLs.
04:27 barton ok. makes sense.
04:28 barton It's late here in +5 GMT, see y'all on the flipside.
04:31 wizzyrea a print css for that page might make some sense but yeah, you should fix it if it annoys you ;)
04:32 mtompset No, no... don't use that criteria. You'll never sleep! :)
04:32 wizzyrea let me revise, you should either fix it or pay someone to fix it.
04:33 wizzyrea then you can sleep soundly knowing your annoyances are being fixed.
04:33 mtompset better. :)
04:33 mtompset because I know that if I fixed everything that annoyed me, I'd never sleep.
04:33 mtompset Though, it is after midnight.
04:33 mtompset Perhaps I'm turning into a pumpkin.
04:34 mtompset Have a great day, #koha wizzyrea barton_away eythian paxed
04:40 wizzyrea at least you're trying ;)
04:41 wizzyrea actually I think barton may have illustrated that the print css for that page hasn't been touched for bootstrap - I could be wrong but it looks like it hasn't had a proper going over.
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06:34 reiveune hello
06:34 wahanui privet, reiveune
06:46 cait good morning everyone :)
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06:55 alex_a bonjour
07:13 Joubu hello
07:13 wahanui hola, Joubu
07:24 cait hi Joubu
07:36 Joubu @later tell oleonard No really, that does not make sense. It is a useless restriction.
07:36 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:53 cait Joubu: i think i found the problem with the card view last night :)
07:55 Joubu cait: yep I saw your comment, good catch!
07:55 cait if you agree i can do the follow up too - whoever gets to it first :)
07:55 cait have to work on a few non-koha things first today, but coming back to it later
07:55 Joubu cait: I will provide a followup asap
07:56 cait ok :)
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10:01 ashimema in packages.. how would one enable and disable overdue emails on a per instance basis..
10:01 ashimema only overdues.. not emails total.
10:03 cait hm
10:03 cait you could deactivate in the patron category...
10:03 cait but that's not ideal
10:04 ashimema hmmm
10:04 ashimema it was easy on the old installs..
10:04 ashimema just comment the cron..
10:04 ashimema but as it's a system task, rather than an instance task in pacakges that's somewhat more difficult
10:06 cait packages
10:06 wahanui rumour has it packages is at
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11:41 cait ashimema++
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12:28 oleonard Hi everyone
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12:49 cait hi oleonard
12:53 rambutan ping talljoy barton
12:53 talljoy yes?
12:53 talljoy you rang?
12:53 barton hellooo?
12:53 * cait has to try that sometime :)
12:54 talljoy :-)
12:55 barton cait: please do be aware that this causes mild electrocution. Don't be afraid to use it, but don't lean on the button ;-)
12:55 talljoy heh
12:55 cait lol
12:55 barton rambutan: anything you needed?
13:00 oleonard What do you know, shedges is still on the Koha list?
13:00 oleonard @seen shedges
13:00 huginn oleonard: I have not seen shedges.
13:00 oleonard Yeah that's how young you are huginn
13:10 cait heh
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13:16 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:29 oleonard My jQueryUI upgrade patch was not my best work.
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13:31 ashimema oh?
13:32 oleonard Buggy.
13:32 oleonard First the keyboard shortcut thing, now a problem with default tabs not being selected correctly (as we talked about yesterday cait)
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13:40 mtompset Takes a man to own up to flaws, oleonard. :)
13:40 mtompset I'm sure you'll get it fixed.
13:40 oleonard I blame society.
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13:41 mtompset -- No, blame Canada! ( ;)
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13:46 oleonard
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13:49 vfernandes hi :)
13:50 vfernandes using bulkmarcimport if this error Record length of 177484 is larger than the MARC spec allows (99999 bytes). at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/File/ line 313 happens, what means?
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13:54 rambutan catalogers seem to think that merge authorities in 3.14 is a very good thing
13:56 ashimema vfernandes.. it means exactly what it say ;)  That your MARC record is too big
13:57 nengard left #koha
13:58 vfernandes but it's still imported?
13:58 ashimema I beleive that, that one record will not be imported..
13:59 ashimema but i'm not 100% sure without looking at the code..
13:59 ashimema I aslo can't remembe if the import continues, or aborts at that point..
13:59 ashimema I tend to clean up my marc records before throwing them at bulkmarcimport..
13:59 ashimema or I convert thme to marcxml and import that instead... but you may still get the same issue, just later in the chain.
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14:05 kivilahtio Just wanted to say that hte default messaging preferences for patron categories is an awesome feature! Blame Joubu? :)
14:08 Joubu kivilahtio: hum, I don't think so
14:08 kivilahtio Joubu: you didnt do it or you dont find it neat?
14:10 Joubu I don't think I wrote it
14:11 kivilahtio We are having a holiday this friday, that is cool
14:13 Joubu I am in holiday tonight :)
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14:29 kivilahtio Joubu: why are you here?
14:30 talljoy joined #koha
14:32 Joubu kivilahtio: Don't worry, not for a long time
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14:52 ashimema random question for devs out there..
14:53 oleonard nengard: You can upload multiple cover images as a zip file
14:53 ashimema EDI requires some server side configuration, in that you need to open ports for ftp/sftp out, set a location to drop files that get transferred and processed.
14:54 ashimema for consistancy should the edi configuration per vendor go into the config file serverside (like for shibboleth or ldap configuration).. or should we let librarians do 'half' the configuration from the staff client
14:55 ashimema i'm tempted to say.. turn on EDI and set Location for files under config file, but let staff add edi accounts via the staff client.
14:56 ashimema sounds reasonable
14:57 nengard oleonard - of course you can :) so tired
14:57 nengard have to go in to webinar - feel free to close of course :)
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15:12 * Joubu will be afak for 1 week.
15:12 Joubu Have fun #koha
15:13 Joubu s/afak/afk :)
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15:13 * cait waves
15:13 cait bookstore cafe with free wifi... :)
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15:18 cait @wunder Konstanz
15:18 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 12.0°C (5:00 PM CEST on April 16, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 22%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Pressure: 30.32 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
15:19 sekjal greetings, #koha
15:20 oleonard Hi sekjal, what's up?
15:20 sekjal hi, oleonard!
15:21 sekjal working on my libraries' new website, was on IRC, and figured it'd been too long since I popped into #koha
15:23 oleonard What are you working with these days sekjal? Same CMS?
15:23 sekjal yup, SilverStripe, and now ElasticSearch as a backend for the searching
15:23 sekjal and Zurb Foundation as the responsive frontend
15:24 * cait waves at sekjal
15:25 sekjal hi, cait!
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15:28 sekjal I was pleased to see the new Bootstrap OPAC theme in 3.14
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15:31 bag hey sekjal
15:31 sekjal hey, bag!
15:31 talljoy hi sekjal!
15:32 bag how you been - long time since we've had an ian sighting in #koha
15:32 sekjal hi, talljoy!
15:32 sekjal been well
15:32 mario joined #koha
15:32 sekjal got a tight deadline with the new library website (this Fall), but I'm making progress
15:33 bag sekjal++
15:33 reiveune bye
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15:35 sekjal best part, though, is that about 3 weeks after the site goes live, I go on paternity leave for 6 months.
15:35 sekjal here's hoping it doesn't catch fire
15:35 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12081: make delete ts temp files <[…]2e212bc790b406961> / Bug 11630: (follow-up) tighten up code <[…]0537eb0048c6b8a35> / Bug 11630: (follow-up) unit tests can be independent of DB <[…]=koha.git;a=commi
15:35 oleonard Congratulations in advance sekjal
15:35 cait sekjal: congratulations? :)
15:35 talljoy great news!
15:35 sekjal thanks!  we're really excited
15:38 bag oh congrats
15:39 gmcharlt sekjal: congrats!
15:43 sekjal thanks, gmcharlt (and hi!)
15:43 cait have to run off again :) bye all!
15:43 sekjal bye, cait
15:47 sekjal so what's the latest hot development for Koha?  anything particular in the works for the next version?
15:49 oleonard Time travel.
15:49 oleonard But keep it under your hat.
15:50 oleonard When we get it working we'll have told you last week.
15:53 sekjal :)
15:55 gmcharlt sekjal: a new cataloging editor is likely going to be the biggest additiona to 3.16
15:56 gmcharlt also, work on support for Elastic Search as an alternative for OPAC searching
16:06 sekjal oooh.  ES is pretty awesome
16:07 ashimema It'll be a nice addition.. fingers crossed it fits together nicely with it all though.
16:07 ashimema and the new cataloging editor looks awesome
16:17 sekjal Westboro Baptist is on campus today protesting the coming out of one of UMass's football players
16:17 sekjal at least, I think they are... I'm not sure I could see them through the massive counter-protest
16:17 oleonard How lovely.
16:17 rambutan sekjal: what's your <library's?> website?
16:18 sekjal rambutan: URL is, but the new version is in testing elsewhere
16:20 rambutan I really miss the large-campus educational environment
16:20 rambutan and the University of Missouri wasn't all that big
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16:34 vfernandes bye :)
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17:11 kivilahtio I assume it is not safe to use and simultaneously?
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18:14 oleonard A thing which works on one thing should work on another thing, right? That's a thing?
18:14 * oleonard shakes his fist at JavaScript
18:23 larryb left #koha
18:33 chris_n wonder why we offer the option of unchecking "mandatory" "options?" That all seems a bit of an oxymoron
18:40 oleonard I <3 git bz
18:51 chris_n oleonard: can you look at my last comment on bug 8797 and see if that agrees with what you were seeing?
18:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8797 normal, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, ASSIGNED , can't delete quote of the day
18:57 oleonard chris_n: I have not tested with a fresh database, but steps 4-7 don't match what I see. #7 doesn't happen.
18:59 chris_n that's odd as that step is definitely not db related
19:00 chris_n I assume you're using FF?
19:01 chris_n well, I'll debug the problem I do see and go from there
19:01 chris_n maybe the other problem will stick its head up in the meantime
19:06 oleonard Good news (?) chris_n... Now it works :P
19:06 cait joined #koha
19:07 * cait waves
19:08 chris_n which "it?" :-)
19:08 chris_n #7?
19:08 * chris_n waves back at cait
19:09 oleonard Deleting quotes worked for met that time chris_n
19:09 oleonard But subsequent selection of quotes seems randomly problematic
19:09 oleonard Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
19:10 chris_n I'm definitely seeing the problem with subsequent selections
19:11 chris_n probably some bad/missing js somewhere
19:11 chris_n or it may be a problem with  something executing out of sync
19:13 nengard left #koha
19:23 * chris_n suspects something is wrong with fnReloadAjax()
19:25 jcamins chris_n: oh, yeah, there were a few bugs.
19:25 * jcamins figured since no one had noticed them in Koha that there were alternate workarounds in place.
19:26 jcamins Lemme see if I can figure out what the bugs were.
19:26 oleonard Hi jcamins, long time no read
19:27 chris_n jcamins: it looks like some of the handlers are missing after the redraw
19:28 chris_n its incredible how one can write code and two years later it looks like a foreign language
19:29 jcamins Hrm. Looks like the bug was only in the if statements.
19:29 jcamins It uses != when it should use !==
19:29 jcamins oleonard: hello. It turns out that preparing for an exhibition at the last minute is time-consuming.
19:30 oleonard exhibition?
19:32 tgoat left #koha
19:33 jcamins Yeah, I'm exhibiting Biblionarrator a week from Thursday.
19:34 tgoat joined #koha
19:34 rambutan jcamins: hey, looks like a cool project
19:34 rambutan jcamins++
19:35 * jcamins certainly thinks so!
19:39 chris_n I bet we loose something here: that.oApi._fnClearTable( oSettings );
19:41 * barton agrees: Biblionarrator definitely looks slick.
19:45 jcamins barton: in just over a week we'll know whether 10k techies agree with you or not.
19:46 barton jcamins: well, lets hope that they do -- although that could make for a *very* busy jcamins :-)
19:47 jcamins barton: oh yeah.
19:53 * barton wonders whether 10k techies rounds up to 16384 or down to 8192.
19:55 jcamins barton: hehe.
19:55 oleonard Wow Bug 11369 is hitting us hard after upgrading to 3.14
19:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11369 major, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Passed QA , Too many search cursor cookies overflow HTTP-header size, when making multiple searches in the staff client.
20:00 chris_n it looks like fnClearTable nukes the entire table and we loose the click handler for the quote id column
20:00 chris_n yuk
20:10 * chris_n heads out
20:12 oleonard Gotta run. Bye #koha
20:13 ibeardslee In case it hasn't been posted yet ..[…]story-of-koha-lms
20:23 cait hm doesn't load for me
20:24 jcamins Loaded for me.
20:24 rambutan me2
20:24 ibeardslee hmm
20:24 cait sniff
20:28 rangi looks like repost of the code4lib journal
20:28 rangi article
20:28 rangi without attribution
20:28 rangi ahh no
20:28 rangi its not
20:28 rangi its a rewrite by Jo :)
20:29 rangi just that first paragraph is from the old article
20:31 cait still not loading for me
20:31 cait why is that? :(
20:33 rambutan clear your cache?
20:33 rambutan force refresh?
20:33 rambutan what error messages are you getting?
20:33 cait nothing
20:33 cait just timing out...
20:34 cait white page
20:34 rambutan can you load  just
20:34 rambutan using a proxy?  web filter?
20:35 rambutan try https....
20:37 cait nope
20:37 cait i will just wait
20:37 cait i bet itworks later
20:38 rambutan try to load it from here:
20:39 rambutan or here:
20:39 cait it's ok
20:39 cait i can be a bit patient :)
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22:18 wizzyrea[…]_bug.cgi?id=11369 is biting us as well
22:18 huginn Bug 11369: major, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Passed QA , Too many search cursor cookies overflow HTTP-header size, when making multiple searches in the staff client.
22:26 wizzyrea has anyone noticed that deleting bibs brings back a Can't call method "title" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/cataloguing/ line 835 error?
22:26 wizzyrea I didn't see anything in the bugs
22:38 NateC joined #koha
22:49 wizzyrea can that result browse feature in the OPAC be turned off?
22:49 wizzyrea er in the intranet I mean
22:50 cjh I agree.
22:53 eythian http://www.australiangeographi[…]s-can-climb-trees <-- terrifying news of the day
22:56 wizzyrea have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I don't live in Australia
22:58 wizzyrea between the spiders, the snakes, and the tree climbing crocodiles, I'll take the Tui and the Kiwi thanks.
22:58 wizzyrea you can kind of talk to tuis, that's fun.
23:18 nengard joined #koha
23:30 eythian wahanui: earworm is
23:30 wahanui OK, eythian.
23:36 BobB wizzyrea, Australia is the lucky country
23:37 papa joined #koha
23:37 BobB because between the spiders, the snakes, the crocodiles, the stone fish, the box jelly ....
23:37 BobB you're lucky to be alive :)
23:37 wizzyrea hahahaha
23:38 BobB come on over, you'll love it (if you live long enough)
23:39 nengard left #koha
23:43 eythian <-- read this before you go. It's probably quite a long book.
23:44 bag hey BobB
23:44 bag also wizzyrea and eythian
23:45 BobB hey bag

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