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00:02 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12075: fix keyboard shortcuts broken by jQueryUI upgrade <[…]ecfc0f473b6304832>
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03:35 * eythian wonders if a call to ModBiblio providing no items data will delete existing items.
03:37 eythian looks like no
03:37 eythian actually, either the docs are wrong, or ModBiblio has some weird behaviour
03:37 eythian > The embedded
03:37 eythian item, biblioitem, and biblionumber fields from the previous
03:37 eythian version of the bib record replace any such fields of those tags that
03:37 eythian are present in C<$record>.  Consequently, ModBiblio() is not
03:37 eythian to be used to try to modify item records.
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03:38 eythian that seems to say that anything with a mapped db column can't be changed using modbiblio.
03:38 eythian which is frankly bizarre
03:41 eythian I think the docs are wrong.
03:42 * mtompset scurries back to the irc logs.
03:43 eythian mostly just talking to myself.
03:43 mtompset eythian: Yes, but it looked like an interesting dialogue to check. :)
04:22 mtj hey peeps, what do people think about using Redis for a new feature for Koha?
04:26 eythian to do what?
04:26 mtompset And let's add nodejs and php and ... ;)
04:27 mtj i have a old carousel feature, that uses memcached… but it would work much better with redis (i think)
04:28 mtompset on a side note, mtj, did you notice my comment on 10823?
04:28 mtj cache persistence after reboot/restart etc...
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04:32 mtj mtompset, just read it :)
04:33 mtj hmm, i cant sign-off on my own patch
04:33 mtompset Yes, but some of that patch you rebased was MINE. ;)
04:33 mtompset and squashed.
04:34 mtj yep, so perhaps we both cant sign-off on that bug?
04:35 eythian mtompset: is cache persistence after reboot/restart a useful thing to have?
04:35 eythian How long does it take to populate the cache the first time?
04:35 mtompset I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer that question.
04:35 eythian err
04:35 eythian mtj
04:35 * mtompset grins, "Autocomplete!"
04:36 mtj eythian, it turns out to be quite crucial for the feature :/
04:36 mtompset mtj, I say sign it off, and if some QA person comes back and says, it needs sign off by someone else, that's fine.
04:36 eythian mtj: why?
04:36 rangi the cache should be designed to be independent
04:37 rangi ppl might run memcache, they might do mmap, they might do whatever .. but i dont think making it a depedency of core koha is a good idea
04:37 rangi maybe do the carousel as a plugin
04:38 eythian also, redis would involve a lot of extra configuration, I'd expect.
04:38 mtj heya chris :)
04:38 rangi heya :)
04:38 mtompset Well, I should sleep.
04:38 eythian But I don't understand why you'd need a "persistent cache" (given those two words are somewhat of an oxymoron together.)
04:38 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha rangi eythian mtj.
04:38 eythian later
04:39 mtj the really short version of the caro problem is, i've been targeting google-bookcovers, as a source
04:40 mtj why?, coz they have the best coverage of new book images - compared to OL
04:41 eythian that doesn't address the question of why a persistent cache is a requirement.
04:41 mtj so the problem is… its quite easy to get banned by google, when building up a fresh memcached cache :/
04:41 rangi hmm that sounds like we are breaking their t&c then
04:42 mtj i think a persistent cache would solve that problem
04:42 eythian sounds dodgy.
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04:47 john__ Hello everybody.  Sorry to start from whining but for two days I'm tring to fix one problem with no success. Could someone help me with this: Can't call method "param" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ ???
04:49 rangi gonna need a lot more context than that
04:50 john__ Oh thanks! Yes, It happens after update. Then when I was trying to login as admin to koha it start to uptade database and after that I'm geting this message
04:51 rangi going from what version to what version?
04:51 john__ from 3.8 to current
04:52 john__ I cant find any solution on the web.
04:53 rangi yeah its not a known bug, you seem to be the first one to have run into it, going to 3.14.05 eh?
04:53 john__ Beeng searching for last two days
04:54 john__ yes
04:54 rangi what line is it giving that error on
04:54 john__ No, I'm not a fist one.  http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]914.html#a5728915
04:55 john__ line 695
04:55 rangi you are to 3.14.5
04:55 rangi that was from 3.2 to 3.6
04:55 john__ 695 in my case
04:56 mtj eythian, its not really dodgy - i'm just bumping into a scaling problem with the caro
04:57 john__ What could be a soilution for that? What do you thing?
04:57 rangi its the search history
04:58 eythian bad cookie?
04:58 rangi could be, try hitting the opac, then the staff interface
04:58 eythian or rather, cookie format changed
04:59 john__ I have done a full reindex after an upgrade
04:59 rangi its nothing to do with indexes
04:59 mtj ...on a production server after a memcached restart, a nagios ping will cause a bunch of kohas to hit google at the same time
04:59 rangi id go into your browser and delete the CGISESSID cookie
05:00 eythian mtj: why is Koha hitting google, anyway?
05:01 mtj to check that a bib's isbn has a book-cover
05:01 eythian ah
05:01 mtj the success/failure is added to the cache
05:02 eythian why not just put that in the database with a 30-day ± random <=2 days?
05:02 eythian (for example.)
05:03 john__ is there is some special place for CGISESSID cookies? I cant find it in preferances?
05:03 eythian delete your cookies for the koha site, in your browser.
05:04 mtj yeah, i think i will have to switch to just using a mysql table
05:04 john__ Deleted, same error
05:05 mtj i initially wanted many kohas sharing the memcache data, (that made some good sense)
05:06 mtj …switching to mysql will mean that each koha will be forced to have separate isbn caches :/
05:07 mtj so, 1step forward, 1step back :)
05:08 john__ to delete and create new instanse will help?
05:08 eythian john__: try deleting everything from the sessions table in the database.
05:09 john__ OK, let me try
05:11 rangi its this line
05:11 rangi $anon_search_history = $session->param('search_history');
05:11 rangi which means that no $session is being created
05:12 mtj fwiw, the memcache solution worked really well with open-libraries covers
05:12 mtj but the catch with OL was… OL have many covers - but not many *new* covers
05:14 mtj so, for new books - OL often had a very small number of hits
05:16 mtj ...switching to google-books fixed that nicely.. but introduced a new problem when building a fresh isbn cache
05:18 mtj to fix the google-books problem - swapping memcache for a mysql table will (hopefully?) fix that :)
05:21 eythian dont' forget to make the expiry time stochastic.
05:22 john__ There is no sessons table in my koha database. I cant find it. For any case I'm emptyed search history table, restart sql but still same problem
05:23 rangi well theres the problem right there
05:23 eythian yeah
05:23 eythian that'll be the issue
05:23 * rangi has to go catch his bus
05:23 john__ Ok, But before update was no essues with login
05:24 eythian john__: if you don't have a sessions table, something has probably gone screwey
05:24 eythian I don't imagine it's change in the past several releases at least.
05:24 eythian So if it's missing, what else is missing?
05:24 john__ What should I do?
05:25 pastebot "eythian" at pasted "list of tables in koha" (161 lines) at
05:25 eythian your list of tables should look something like this.
05:25 eythian see what is missing.
05:26 eythian if it's only sessions, then: CREATE TABLE `sessions` (  `id` varchar(32) NOT NULL,  `a_session` text NOT NULL,  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8
05:27 john__ Ok let me compare them please
05:29 john__ I have 163 tables but in here only 161
05:30 eythian what are the differences, and in particular, what are you missing (given you don't seem to have a sessions table.)
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05:45 john__ Stupid question how many columns should be in sessions table?
05:45 john__ Sorry
05:46 eythian 2, see the create statement above.
05:46 mtj ...or look at the schema for Koha too
05:46 mtj schema?
05:46 wahanui schema is tracked in git. or found at
05:46 mtj john__ ^^ :)
05:47 mtj http://schema.koha-community.o[…]les/sessions.html
05:49 john__ I'm using phpmyadmin to create it.
05:50 eythian the main concern is that if the sessions table is missing, other things may be missing/wrong also.
05:51 john__ yes I'm trying to compare them now.
05:52 john__ How it has happen?
05:53 eythian I don't know.
05:53 john__ Actualy there is not much data in database. May be it will be easier to delete and create new instance?
05:53 eythian it could be, yeah.
05:54 eythian definitely safer if there's not much there.
05:54 john__ Could you please guide me a bit on this?
05:56 john__ Whould be enough to sudo koha-remove {instance}?
05:56 john__ And create new one
05:59 eythian you could use phpmyadmin to delete all the tables.
05:59 eythian that'd probably be easier as you wouldn't need to set it up again.
06:00 eythian (koha would see that there are no tables and create them for you.)
06:01 john__ Just itself ? or I should run some command?
06:01 eythian no, it'll do it for you. you don't need to do anything special.
06:02 john__ ok. let me try
06:04 john__ delete means drop right?
06:05 eythian yep
06:05 john__ Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails
06:06 eythian skip it and come back to it.
06:06 eythian when you delete whatever that one depends on, you'll be able to delete that one.
06:09 john__ ok looks pretty empty :)
06:10 eythian cool, now hit the web installer again and it should offer to set everything up for you.
06:10 john__ Yes I'm doing this now
06:13 john__ Sorry, what should I choose Marc21 or Unimarc?
06:15 eythian it depends on your library
06:15 eythian what language are your records usually in?
06:15 john__ english
06:15 eythian and what country are you in?
06:16 john__ India
06:16 eythian then marc21
06:20 john__ I mean server in India is this important?
06:22 eythian it's what the library uses. If it was a typically french speaking country, or some others, I would have said unimarc, but I'm pretty sure Indian libraries use marc21 generally.
06:22 john__ Select your MARC flavor  Marc21 Unimarc
06:23 john__ Installation complete!
06:23 john__ Thank you so much!!!!!
06:23 john__ I'm so much appreciate your help!!!
06:24 eythian no worries
06:24 eythian it's what the channel is for :)
06:26 john__ Anyway I'm your debtor
06:27 eythian I could use more debtors really ;)
06:27 john__ :)
06:29 * eythian builds new master packages.
06:29 eythian hopefully this works, haven't done it for a bit too long.
06:32 eythian so far so good...
06:36 eythian damn. Now I know why. Stupid versioning issues.
06:36 eythian shoulda fixed that upstream
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06:37 reiveune hello
06:37 eythian hi
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06:54 eythian hi cait
06:54 cait hi eythian
06:54 eythian bye cait (and everyone else :)
06:54 cait bye eythian
07:02 cait hi matts :)
07:04 matts hello !
07:17 kivilahtio hello matts
07:18 kivilahtio has anyone installed koha on ubuntu 14.04?
07:19 kivilahtio apache2 doesnt recognize my sites-available/koha as a proper site when trying to "a2ensite koha" :(
07:21 kivilahtio maybe running iwth nginx :)
07:21 dac kivilahtio: I haven't tried but are you using apache 2.4?
07:22 dac If so, I think there are some noted issues with that
07:22 kivilahtio dac: no idea. I installed apt-get install koha-deps
07:22 kivilahtio yeah there was something in[…]ubuntu_-_packages
07:28 dac Hmm, not sure, kivilahtio.
07:28 dac Alas, it's time for me to head home. Good luck!
07:28 kivilahtio dac: me neither. Thanks and take care!
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07:39 kivilahtio take a look at this :)
07:39 kivilahtio[…]Xeon_E5-2690.html
07:39 kivilahtio I am feeling so great for buying Intel :)
07:40 kivilahtio the price tag is interesting
07:40 kivilahtio or AMD seems to work noticeably better even under KVM compared to LXC on Intel
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08:23 atheia Good morning Koha world!
08:26 cait hi atheia :)
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08:47 cait @later tell could you take a look at bug 12042 for another native speaker's opionion maybe?
08:47 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
09:08 paxed cait: isn't the format widely used in germany too?
09:08 cait paxed: correct
09:08 cait that's why i commented, I'd really like to see that
09:09 cait we never got a complaint, but it would be nice to have the option
09:10 paxed ah. wikipedia says "Since 1996-05-01, the international format yyyy-mm-dd has become the official standard date format" for Germany
09:10 cait huh?
09:11 paxed[…]format_by_country
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09:12 paxed ideally i'd fix the whole dateformat thing to allow the admin set the date format specifier, instead of just picking from a list.
09:12 cait ah, but it also says noone uses it :)
09:12 paxed but at least we over here can go forward with this now.
09:14 * cait tries to wrap her mind around bug 11947
09:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11947 major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Signed Off , Hold priorities not re-calculated when hold is confirmed on checkin.
09:16 paxed hah.
09:17 paxed we have a need to have multiple holds for the same person. i wrote a fix for that, and i wondered why the priorities weren't being recalc'd.
09:19 cait ah yeah
09:19 cait there has been quite a lot of work in that area recently
09:19 cait there are bugs for multiple holds, i think it's something that is quite desired
09:20 cait always so much to do...
09:21 paxed yes. the reserves table uses patron, bibitem and date as the unique key. which is silly.
09:21 cait ah no longer i think
09:21 cait we got a reserveid now
09:21 paxed sure, but it's not used.
09:21 cait but it's not old, so some of the code still needs updating
09:22 cait yeah, we are still moving into it, there is a patch - bug 12079
09:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12079 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , CheckReserves() and _Findgroupreserve do not return reserve_id
09:22 cait woudl be good to see that signed off so we can fix it up a bit more
09:28 paxed cait: see 12085
09:28 paxed eh. bug 12085
09:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12085 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Allow staff to place multiple reserves for the same patron
09:28 paxed just throwing it up there, perhaps it'll be of some use.
09:29 cait thx
09:29 cait i think i foundanother priority issue...
09:29 cait *sigh*
09:41 cait bug 12086
09:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12086 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Hold priorities incorrect, when waiting status was reversed
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12:10 francharb morning
12:10 cait hi francharb
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12:24 oleonard Hi #koha
12:27 cait hi oleonard :)
12:32 cait Joubu: still around?
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12:43 oleonard paxed: Is Bug 12085 awaiting signoff? If so, can you please add a test plan?
12:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12085 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Allow staff to place multiple reserves for the same patron
12:47 cait oleonard: i htink he just wanted to put the code out somewhere - and itmight clash with some of the other fixes around right now .hm.
12:48 oleonard In that case it should probably be marked "assigned"
12:49 cait hm maybe
12:53 khall @later tell gmcharlt can you please ready my reply on bug 8352 and render me a verdict? thanks!
12:53 huginn khall: The operation succeeded.
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13:06 cait khall: render you a verdict?
13:06 cait never mind, i looked it up :)
13:06 khall : )
13:09 cait hm not sure there, but i think configuring printers from the web might have advantages
13:09 cait with another system i know there was always the problem that the standard printer is the slip printer
13:09 cait but some prints were supposed to go to the big printer or reverse
13:09 cait so being able to pick a specific printer for different tasks was wanted
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13:11 cait khall: the patch also only seems to modify reserves, but not old_reserves
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13:13 cait oh, I didn't realize you were the author
13:13 Joubu cait: yep
13:13 * cait might have scared away khall now
13:14 cait hi Joubu, i will put up my first batch of testing notes soon, i thought i had run into a bigger problem but it resolved itself - still working on the staged
13:14 khall cait: good point, you should fail qa on it with that as a note
13:14 talljoy cait, i haven't found anything that scares khall yet.
13:14 cait khall: saw now that you tell it the printer in the job
13:14 Joubu cait: ok thanks
13:15 cait Joubu: i found a couple of small things - nothing big so far, but still have to test the new pref functionality
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13:29 cait khall: done
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13:33 cait Joubu: comments added
13:33 Joubu cait: whaou, big comment, thanks! :)
13:34 cait Joubu: I didn't cover the new pref so far, will in my next session with your follow-up
13:35 cait if you could take alook soon it would be great - i'd love to move this forward the next days
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13:36 Joubu cait: ok, I am going to provide a followup quickly
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14:22 gmcharlt @quote random
14:22 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #204: "jcamins: It makes me feel like MARC has failed me." (added by chris_n at 05:37 PM, May 11, 2012)
14:22 gmcharlt heh
14:23 gmcharlt @later tell rangi could you take a look at bug 8352 and advise how much of the current net print you've got running for HLT or others?
14:23 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
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14:33 peggy I'm interested in looking at how koha might send the results of a cron report as an email attachment rather than embedding the report in the email message.
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14:35 peggy Is there a convention for creating temporary files by Koha?  Is there a directory that can be used to store temporary files?  I would only need to create, write, send, delete the file.
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14:47 ashimema_away any package users here?
14:48 mtompset ashimema_away: Greetings. Why?
14:48 cait peggy: what are you trying to do? :)
14:48 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:49 mtompset Greetings, cait.
14:49 cait peggy: i tink what we do now is create the file for the attachment
14:49 cait peggy: that's how the overdues mail does it, the one that is sent to the library with a file attachement
14:50 cait hm i tink i am not making sense
14:50 cait for overdues the attachement seems to be stored within the message_queue table and not as a separate file
14:50 cait i think some of the cronjobs ask for a path where they put temporary files then, so oyu have to set it up
14:50 mtompset cait: Your superserials bug that you noticed... I just found a patch to sign off for that, I think.
14:51 cait fredericd did one
14:51 cait today
14:51 mtompset Yes, I am looking at it now... I'll also note that potential conflict between the bug patches. :)
14:51 peggy OK, Cait, thanks.  I'll check out the crons for ideas.  I didn't want to reinvent the wheel if there was already a convention.
14:52 mtompset (if there is any)
14:52 oleonard @wunder 45701
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14:57 cait Joubu++ super fast
14:57 cait added somemore comments
14:59 Joubu cait: I am going to investigate the card view stuff
14:59 gmcharlt Joubu: please note a minor query I made on bug 11797
14:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11797 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, In Discussion , Odd number of elements in anonymous hash
15:00 gmcharlt also, re your followup for UNIMARC, is it certain that the subfield $a and $9 values will never have a valid value that evaluates to Perl false?
15:00 mtompset gmcharlt: This patch wasn't UNIMARC or MARC21 specific.
15:00 Joubu gmcharlt: oops, yes sorry, I'm fixing it right now
15:01 mtompset It was?
15:01 Joubu gmcharlt: yes... should be //
15:01 gmcharlt mtompset: I was assuming so by inference from the fact that Joubu had filed a UNIMARC follow-up patch
15:01 gmcharlt doesn't matter either way, I WILL TEST THEM ALL!
15:02 gmcharlt ;)
15:02 Joubu mtompset: there is a if unimarc else
15:02 mtompset Looking at his patch, he found a similar problem elsewhere. :)
15:02 mtompset Yes. I was wrong. Sorry. :)
15:02 cait hola gmcharlt
15:02 gmcharlt cait: que tal?
15:02 cait muy bien
15:02 cait y tu?
15:02 cait ;)
15:03 gmcharlt bien, bien, gracias ;)
15:05 kivilahtio hola!
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15:11 reiveune bye
15:11 reiveune left #koha
15:19 mtompset cait: Sad news. The patch only solves problem 1 for 12080. :(
15:20 cait yeah fredericd noted that
15:20 cait but it would be a start
15:24 cait mtompset: i think a partial fix is a good start, I'd think it could go in (if it works) and we leave the bug for another fix
15:26 ashimema so.. new packages issue.
15:27 ashimema any idea's why I'de be getting: 15:24:23-15/04 zebraidx(18808) [fatal] open state..LCK w [Permission denied]
15:27 ashimema when rebuilding zebra for an instance?
15:28 cait mtompset: could i get a sign off for bug 8375 ? *offers cookies*
15:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8375 normal, P5 - low, ---, matted-34813, Needs Signoff , Common diacritics not shown correctly when exporting batch label to PDF
15:28 cait ashimema: only a giess... could it be someone ran it manually messing up permissions?
15:29 cait wah have to run
15:29 ashimema ack..
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15:52 vfernandes hi :)
15:53 vfernandes one question: it's possible to know which reserves and renews are done in OPAC?
15:54 vfernandes my client asked to created two reports to obtain those numbers
15:56 oleonard vfernandes: There is the  OpacRenewalBranch system preference for tracking OPAC renewals, assuming you don't *also* want to track OPAC renewals by library
15:57 vfernandes and for reserves?
16:01 oleonard I don't know of a way to track OPAC holds.
16:04 mtompset I've never printed labels before... Are the barcodes supposed to be a different label?
16:06 oleonard What do you mean mtompset?
16:06 mtompset how can I share a screen print?
16:06 mtompset I'll show you.
16:08 mtompset
16:09 mtompset It's like the labels are shifted over one.
16:10 mtompset Is that normal, oleonard?
16:12 oleonard Doesn't look normal to me, but the only time I use labels is when testing labels.
16:14 mtompset Hmmm... I wonder if a PDF library is newer in Debian.
16:20 talljoy1 joined #koha
16:22 mtompset @later tell cait Sorry, I tried to test 8375, but my labeling printing seems totally screwy. The barcodes are not aligned with their corresponding text.
16:22 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
16:24 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10825: don't display enum/chron twice for items received via the serials module <[…]be08d9dbef096a17c> / Bug 11797: (follow-up) fix MARC21 branch of bug more idiomatically <[…]3613fbd9b4ab61cd5> / Bug 11797: fix odd number of elements in hash (UNIMARC) <h
16:25 talljoy2 joined #koha
16:32 mtompset hey! why is my patch called idiotmatically? The problem is subfields is too smart/dumb for its own good. I just force a scalar context by assigning it to a scalar.
16:52 khall joined #koha
17:05 gmcharlt mtompset: Joubu's approach avoids the use of one-use temporary variables, which is why I standardized on it
17:06 gmcharlt also, I called nothing "idiot"; there is a difference between idiomatic and non-, is all
17:12 mtompset I mistyped. :)
17:13 mtompset No problems. :)
17:47 jmsasse joined #koha
17:58 rambutan joined #koha
18:02 thd-away` joined #koha
18:16 mcooper joined #koha
18:35 gerundio joined #koha
18:36 kmlussier1 joined #koha
18:37 mtompset gmcharlt: Out of curiousity, how would the upgrade process work for a koha if we used a versioned number? You've have to tweak /etc/apt/sources.list.d/koha.list each major version?
18:37 gmcharlt mtompset: yes
18:38 gmcharlt on the plus side, no unexpected major version upgrades
18:38 mtompset And would we delete old repos?
18:38 gmcharlt on the minus side, perhaps a slightly increased chance of folks falling behind
18:38 gmcharlt yeah, I think the idea is that suites would be removed once a version is desupported
18:39 mtompset And would there be a way to have a label like 'current' shift with the creation of the latest version?
18:40 mtompset i.e. get it to still behave the way it currently does.
18:41 mtompset so those who don't want it to auto upgrade can use the version number method, but those who are willing to jump with the shift use the 'stable' method.
18:42 gmcharlt yes; I don't think there's anything precluding doing both approaches in the same APT repo
18:42 DaSa joined #koha
18:43 talljoy joined #koha
18:43 mtompset okay... and thinking back to a former conversation... i think it was rangi that pointed out that 3.8.x is only 2 years old.
18:44 mtompset perhaps a reallyreallyoldstable?
18:47 talljoy joined #koha
18:52 mtompset Eeeewww! oleonard, my poor eyes! I blame you for suggesting a plugin which let's me see the evilness of the HTML generated. Ewwwww! admin/​=add_form&tagfield=010&authtypecode=
18:52 mtompset *over dramatic* How have you kept your sanity?
18:52 pianohacker @later tell dcook new version of 11559
18:53 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
18:53 oleonard To me a page full of HTML validation errors is like a sheet of unpopped bubble wrap
18:54 mtompset Okay. That makes sense then.
18:56 pianohacker hahahaha
18:59 cait joined #koha
19:01 mtompset Greetings, cait.
19:01 pianohacker hi cait!
19:01 mtompset Greetings, pianohacker.
19:01 cait hola pianohacker :)
19:01 pianohacker hi mtompset
19:03 tmcmahon joined #koha
19:06 mtompset oleonard: Well, since I'll probably get to it first. I'm going to pop a lot of these on that URL I gave you. :P
19:07 jmsasse Guten Tag, Cait :)
19:09 cait hi jmsasse :)
19:09 cait mtompset: sorry for running out - forgot about the time and almost missed my bus
19:10 mtompset not a problem.
19:10 cait was lucky - it was about to drive off and then stopped agian when the driver saw me running :)
19:11 pianohacker phew!
19:12 pianohacker cait: oh! I have a non-koha question for you
19:12 pianohacker you use owncloud, right?
19:12 paul_p joined #koha
19:12 pianohacker hi paul_p
19:12 paul_p hello pianohacker (& others)
19:13 cait hi paul_p
19:13 cait pianohacker: i do
19:14 pianohacker how are the client and server in terms of quality and memory usage? (I ask about memory because I'll be throwing the server on a vps)
19:16 cait no idea
19:16 cait i don#t have my own server right now, but a hosting package that allows to use owncloud
19:16 pianohacker ahhh, kk
19:17 pianohacker how about the desktop client? How well does the file sync work?
19:17 cait so no access to server data... and not sure how i see the client information... i have it synching constantly every minute or so right now i think
19:17 cait it seems to work well
19:17 cait with the last version it tended to forget the login data, but it seems to work stable now
19:17 pianohacker it doesn't do sync on file change?
19:18 cait maybe - i really haven't looked so much at the technical details i tihnk
19:18 cait i think it does...
19:18 cait at least when you change something locally... not sure what it does when you change a file on the server
19:18 pianohacker kk, thanks
19:19 pianohacker I'll give it a shot
19:19 cait btw
19:19 cait i don't understand 2) in the rancor instructions
19:19 cait what's reinstalling the pazpar2 patches?
19:19 pianohacker ... me failing at englihs
19:19 pianohacker *english
19:23 cait i thought it wa sme failing at it :)
19:24 jmsasse cait: when you get a moment, would you please look at bugzilla #11126?
19:25 jmsasse cait: feature freeze is coming soon :(
19:25 oleonard Bug 11126
19:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11126 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Make the holds system optionally give precedence to local holds
19:26 JesseM jmsasse you need to sweeten the pot with a few chocolate bunnies for cait  :D
19:26 cait jmsasse: i know, i am trying to work through some of the big bugs this week... but it takes a lot of time to test things like that
19:27 pianohacker or peanut butter cups
19:27 wahanui peanut butter cups are good :)…  I think we should bring cait - some snickers and reese's pieces
19:27 cait I planned 2 hours on one bug today and actually spent a lot more :(
19:27 pianohacker ha!
19:27 cait we can get snickers here - peanut butter cups!
19:27 jmsasse cait: I understand, and I appreciate your hard work.
19:28 cait I just don't want to promise something
19:28 cait and there are currently a lot of known problems with priorities
19:28 cait i'd like to see those moved forward ideally before going back to the local preference holds
19:34 jmsasse cait: tell me where to send the chocolates : )
19:35 jmsasse cait: I would also like to see the breaking up of IndependentBranches permissions also
19:35 jmsasse Cait: but I know these things are difficult and time consuming to test.
19:40 pianohacker bbl
19:40 pianohacker I have to make .NET, MySQL, a webcam and labview talk to each other
19:40 pianohacker my excitement is boundless
19:44 cait ew
19:45 cait jmsasse: I'd like all those, plus rancor, homebound, external ztargets... and a gazillion other things :(
19:45 cait jmsasse: mean I feel with you and wihsed the day had lots more hours
19:49 oleonard Interesting... a Bugzilla search by "attachment data" seems to be a pretty good way to find out if an outstanding patch touches the file you're working on.
19:55 kmlussier joined #koha
19:56 oleonard Why does the budgets administration page template include DataTable configuration for both tables but then disable sorting on all columns? Why use DataTables if you're not sorting, or filtering, or anything?
19:56 oleonard admin/
20:01 oleonard @later tell Joubu Do you know why admin/ includes a DataTables configuration for both tables but disables sorting altogether?
20:01 huginn oleonard: The operation succeeded.
20:02 cait oleonard: maybe becuseof the tree view thing?
20:02 cait or... it's just a bug
20:08 oleonard cait: No it's the other budget page that has the tree view thing,
20:08 cait hm bug :)
20:08 cait i wonder why my card view is so broken on 7180 :(
20:11 cait oleonard: hm i wonder - if you do a keyword search and no results are found, the tab switches back to check out
20:11 cait which is quite irritating - could you test if it happens for you too?
20:12 cait it happens on the start page
20:12 cait and other patches
20:12 cait catalog search - keyword search - tab doesn't stay on search the catalog but switches back to check out
20:14 kmlussier left #koha
20:14 oleonard I was thinking about that the other day cait, wondering whether I imagined that it used to be different
20:17 oleonard Oh yes it was different in 3.12.x
20:17 cait i think it used to be different... but i have the same problem
20:18 oleonard Time for a git bisect. Tomorrow, unless someone beats me to it. I'm off.
20:18 oleonard Bye #koha
20:18 cait have a nice evening! :)
20:25 WNickC joined #koha
20:26 jmsasse What's rancor?
20:26 cait the new catalouging interface pianohacker is working on
20:27 jmsasse Ah, thanks cait.
20:28 cait homebound still needs a sign offer...
20:28 cait hm housebound
20:28 cait bug 5670
20:28 wahanui bug 5670 is very interesting
20:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5670 new feature, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Needs Signoff , Housebound Readers Module
20:38 jmsasse cait: I'll take a closer look at bug 5670 when I get a chance : )
20:38 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5670 new feature, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Needs Signoff , Housebound Readers Module
20:40 jmsasse ls
20:40 cait cool :) but there are lots of others really... our problem is more the mass of good things than the lack of those
21:13 bag heya cait
21:14 cait hi bag :)
21:15 wizzyrea sup bag
21:18 bag hey wizzyrea
21:18 wahanui wizzyrea is a fan of selecting hunks for committing.
21:21 * wizzyrea nods
21:22 talljoy joined #koha
21:41 pianohacker back
21:46 bag welcome back pianohacker
21:46 pianohacker WELCOME bag
21:47 bag :P
21:47 cait :)
21:47 bag I LOVE it
21:47 * cait grumps at the qa queue
21:47 bag @later tell magnuse HI
21:47 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
21:47 cait i tjust won't stay below 60!
21:47 * pianohacker makes note to spread out future patches over more bugs
21:52 talljoy joined #koha
21:54 rangi wtaf people
21:54 cait hm?
21:54 cait where?
21:54 * pianohacker pretends not to be people for a bit
21:55 rangi[…]-what-they-asked/
21:56 rangi gmcharlt: printing via lp is working fully at hlt
21:57 gmcharlt stock, I assume ?
21:57 rangi yep
21:57 rangi i dont mind a refactor but id hate to see one that introduces regressions
21:58 cait hm, i don't tink i know how it should work - i have never seen it
21:58 cait it was hidden sometime after i started with koha
21:58 pianohacker cait: didn't you say you were going to bed?
21:59 cait befoe you come back... kind of?
21:59 * cait is not really here
21:59 jmsasse bye koha
21:59 pianohacker * cait is now known as ghost
22:03 gmcharlt rangi: sounds like the quick-and-dirty way to reconcile that with khall's stuff is to (a) revive admin/ (b) update the printers table to add lpr/netprint + columns for Net::Printer config stuff (c) and  add a bit of wrapping
22:03 mtompset sorry, cait. bkg forced me to sign more off. ;)
22:03 gmcharlt rangi: IOW, not a huge deal
22:05 rangi *nod*
22:08 pianohacker bernardo konsalez griegel?
22:18 bag anyone up for taking a look at bug 10486 ?  I'll trade you with looking at something that your interested in (either QA or sign-off)?
22:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10486 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Allow external Z39.50 targets to be searched from the OPAC
22:28 mtompset yes, pianohacker. ;)
22:28 mtompset I'm trying to keep ahead of the bunch. :)
22:28 mtompset I doubt I'll catch rangi for 2014.
22:29 rangi youve had a month where ive had no laptop
22:29 mtompset And right now, I got side tracked by ugly HTML.
22:29 mtompset Exactly.
22:29 mtompset Which is why I am not likely to catch up.
22:29 rangi you have until the 23rd
22:29 rangi :)
22:30 mtompset I don't see me getting 18 sign offs in 8 days.
22:32 rangi 5290/365
22:32 wahanui 14.4931506849315
22:35 talljoy joined #koha
22:37 eythian hi
22:39 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12052: DBrev <[…]54619e89c775034d0> / Bug 12052: New syspref to display message on the OPAC patron summary page <[…]5d2a4eb02edc2650e>
22:40 gmcharlt gmcharlt-- # lying in commit messages
22:40 huginn gmcharlt: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
22:40 cait you lied???
22:40 gmcharlt at least the patch itself is correct
22:40 cait :)
22:40 cait 30
22:48 gmcharlt cait: give me a word that might appear in a title that has an umlaut, please
22:49 cait my mind just went blank
22:50 cait Füreinander? Österreich? Fuß?
22:50 gmcharlt danke
22:50 cait well practically any word can appear in a title
22:51 mtompset rangi: Exactly. No way to catch up. I'm happen with #2. :)
22:51 mtompset ^happen^happy^
23:22 mtompset eythian: I know it is evil, but could we force a version upgrade in the case that a version is retired, but leaving the name 3.x.y, but linking it 3.x+1,z?
23:23 eythian then what's the point?
23:23 mtompset Hmm... you're right... the version labels become pointless then.
23:24 gmcharlt yeah, don't want to mislead like that; better would be for it to complain duing apt-get update that it can no longer find the version, which would make the sysadmin look at sources.list
23:28 eythian my thinking is more you can be conservative or less conservative, but you'll always be current with no extra work on your part aside from updates.
23:29 mtompset So are we going to break people's sources.list files by losing the names squeeze and squeeze-dev?
23:30 eythian nope, we're doing to symlink them if that's possible, which I think it is.
23:30 eythian *going
23:32 mtompset So, logically we are maintaining the versions and old labels, and perhaps friendlier new labels (which will be used in documentation), but physically which will be which?
23:33 mtompset we are -- we plan to.
23:33 eythian I'd probably go for testing, stable, oldstable, as this mirrors debian.
23:33 eythian Probably more correctly would be experimental, stable, oldstable, but eh
23:38 gmcharlt if we go with that, I'd actually go with experimental, testing, stable, oldstable
23:38 gmcharlt experimental being the master builds
23:39 gmcharlt testing being, at least provisionally, the first major .0 release
23:39 gmcharlt IOW, for a major release, don't instantly make its .0 the current stable
23:41 cait left #koha
23:42 eythian hmm
23:42 eythian So, the only difference between testing and stable is that testing gets .0?
23:43 gmcharlt right
23:44 eythian that's a sizeable bit of overhead for a very small difference.
23:45 eythian I'd be more inclined to say that if you don't want a .0 release, don't upgrade to it.
23:46 eythian Having a separate distro requires maintaining another packaging branch and doing another build for each one.
23:47 mario joined #koha
23:47 rangi hi mario
23:47 mario hey rangi
23:48 gmcharlt and we circle back to the original problem, which is that 10 months of the year, a plain old apt-get upgrade gets you a minor release, while two tiimes a year it gets a major upgrade
23:48 bag mario is the new systems person with ByWater
23:48 pianohacker hi bywaterian
23:48 gmcharlt hi mario
23:48 pianohacker mario++
23:49 mario hello all
23:50 mario pianohacker++
23:50 eythian gmcharlt: yeah. Though, to what degree is that a real problem?
23:51 eythian we could put a debconf thing in that lets you know and gives you the option to back out of the upgrade, but that's probably not a great idea (and I'm not 100% sure debconf can do that.)
23:52 BobB joined #koha
23:52 gmcharlt well, we don't tend to ship badly broken releases nowadays, but an unexpected major upgrade can be painful for libraries who like to prepare with internal training on the new features
23:52 BobB joined #koha
23:52 bag heya BobB
23:53 BobB hi bag
23:53 gmcharlt of course, many major releases add a dep or two, forcing a dist-upgrade and giving a sysadmin a chance to say "better switch to oldstable", but that's not guaranteed at present
23:54 eythian no upgrade should be unexpected if people are paying attention, though that's a bit of an "ideal world" situation.
23:54 bag ideal_world++
23:54 gmcharlt eythian: just a bit! ;)
23:55 eythian I suppose the best way would be to survey people and see where they tend to stand.
23:55 kmlussier joined #koha
23:55 eythian i.e. if they do get caught out by surprise major upgrades.
23:55 gmcharlt yeah
23:56 kmlussier left #koha
23:56 eythian If it is a real issue, I have no real problem with maintaining another branch for it, I'd just not like to add the overhead if nothing is to be gained.
23:56 eythian Hey, can you pull the logs for the use of the repo? I'd like to see how many machines are using each repo (roughly, obviously.)
23:57 eythian s/repo/distro/
23:58 eythian even just the past month or so will be telling, I think.
23:59 gmcharlt eythian:

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