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01:09 * wizzyrea is contemplating a koha-get-password command line script.
01:09 wizzyrea thoughts?
01:09 wizzyrea or a koha-get-info
01:09 wizzyrea and if it was get info, what info do we want?
01:16 dcook I did something like that on my VM, but why would a person want to do that, wizzyrea?
01:16 dcook I think I was using it for mysql but there is that built-in koha-mysql now isn't there?
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01:16 wizzyrea because you're a system administrator, and remembering all of the flags for xmlstarlet is onerous.
01:17 wizzyrea because koha-get-password sitename is faster to type than cat /etc/koha/sites/sitename/koha-conf.xml?
01:18 dcook I meant in what cases would a person need to know?
01:18 wizzyrea laziness, mostly is your answer.
01:18 dcook But I don't do much in the way of sysadmin, so I wouldn't know :)
01:18 dcook I made a to do exactly what you're describing though :p
01:18 wizzyrea because you want to log in as the supersuperadmin to check on sysprefs for the library
01:18 wizzyrea so did I
01:18 wizzyrea but I was wondering if it should be an included command
01:19 wizzyrea for the same reason that koha-mysql sitename is easier than mysql -u -p dbname
01:19 dcook Couldn't hurt. I would be down with it.
01:19 mtj wizzyrea, sounds like a handy thing, to me...
01:19 mtj i often want to dump that info, for a koha
01:20 wizzyrea yea, I was thinking, if you had a get info
01:20 wizzyrea it could dump all of the most interesting stuff out of koha-conf.xml in a readable fashion.
01:20 mtj koha-info --passwd  mykoha
01:21 dcook The unix sockets for Zebra would be nice too
01:21 wizzyrea yeah, something like that.
01:21 dcook Every now and then I want to yaz-client it up
01:21 wizzyrea things that have to do with connectivity, users, passwords
01:22 wizzyrea you'd have to sudo to get it so it's not a security concern (i.e. it's not anything that a user with sudo privileges can't get one way or another anywa)
01:22 dcook Exactly
01:23 wizzyrea but really, in response to "why" the answer is "laziness"
01:23 dcook I seem to recall there being a quote about how the ideal sysadmin/programmer is lazy
01:24 dcook That they build the tools to do the work for them :p
01:24 wizzyrea plus the tools, given the same parameters, do it exactly the same way every time.
01:24 wizzyrea so cuts down on error.
01:26 gmcharlt xml2 < koha-conf.xml | grep '^/yazgfs/config/pass'
01:28 gmcharlt (for when you don't want to deal with xmlstarlet)
01:28 wizzyrea the one I have does basically that but with starlet ^.^ nice to know there's an alternative though
01:28 gmcharlt yeah, phasefx found it recently
01:29 wizzyrea you still have to remember the path to the variable you want though
01:29 wizzyrea and yeah ok you'd remember that after 10 times
01:31 wizzyrea also think about the mailing list, and the documentation
01:32 wizzyrea which would you rather new users do?
01:32 gmcharlt er, I'm not arguing with you about the utility of a koha-info command
01:32 wizzyrea oh, i'm not arguing.
01:32 wizzyrea ^.^
01:33 dcook hehe
01:33 wizzyrea I just thought of another reason to have it, besides laziness
01:33 wizzyrea ^ it's up there. :P
01:33 dcook moar commands = moar fun?
01:34 mtj those type of commands are really helpful for newbies
01:36 mtj and make it easier for us to help debug newbies installs, too
01:38 mtj i've often thought a tool to check a koha for common problems (like permissions) , would be handy too
01:39 mtj # koha-check mykoha
01:40 eythian presumably koha-fsck
01:40 eythian then koha-unfsck to fix issues
01:40 dcook mtj: We've started building up a monthly "audit" checking for common problems
01:41 dcook I can't remember the criteria off the top of my head, but mostly...looking for bad records, notices not being set, and stuff like that
01:41 mtj a check for wrong user/pass combos for… mysql or zebra
01:42 wizzyrea koha-unfsck makes me giggle.
01:43 mtj zebra files that are owned by root, etc...
01:43 wizzyrea http://kohadevreactions.tumblr[…]acker-looks-at-an < then it could really be like this
01:44 eythian a weekly job that tracks things like records that aren't indexed would be interesting too.
01:44 mtj theres a whole bunch of common newbie mistakes that a tool could detect
01:44 mtj awesome wizzyrea :p
01:45 mtj eythian, agreed
01:45 eythian Or just make an expert system that learns symptoms and solutions and point people to that :)
01:46 eythian <-- like this
01:51 mtj ooooh, thats very cool
01:51 mtj …looks 28 questions to get 'software' :)
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01:53 wizzyrea It couldn't guess mine
01:54 eythian It didn't have blast cord.
02:08 eythian I really really don't like that the packages C4::OAI::* are actually in opac/
02:09 eythian I don't see why they wouldn't be split out like normal.
02:13 * eythian also notes that OAI-PMH doesn't respect the opac supression type things.
02:22 dcook OAI-PMH pretty much respects nothing
02:23 dcook eythian: opac/ also drives me nuts
02:24 dcook It might not be a bad idea to define export profiles for the OAI-PMH server.
02:25 eythian what are they?
02:25 wahanui they are quite expensive at the moment. i should check that with electricity prices :)
02:25 dcook Well, what I mean is just running it through a XSLT before sending it out
02:25 eythian ah right
02:25 dcook In the case of DSpace, they convert from their internal metadata format to a host of others such as DC
02:26 dcook It's something we would need to do anyway if we were to become metadata agnostic
02:26 dcook Well..maybe
02:26 dcook I suppose we already do it for oai_dc in a way
02:26 dcook Actually, I can't remember if we use XSLT or the Perl modules for the oai_dc...
02:27 eythian I've not dared to look that deep.
02:27 dcook hehe
02:32 dcook MARC21slim2OAIDC.xsl
02:32 dcook That looks like the XSL we use to output oai_dc
02:34 dcook So at the moment it will use an XSLT for anything that isn't marcxml
02:34 dcook Although only marcxml and oai_dc are available metadataPrefixes by default..
02:34 dcook Heaps of XSLTs look like they're there for other metadata formats though
02:35 dcook Btw, eythian: Feel free to separate those packages out. I would test and sign off that patch in no time.
02:37 eythian There's a chance we'll have to do some work on that (making it obey 942$n), in which case I'll do that as its own thing I think.
02:37 eythian The code seems nice and clean otherwise really though, albeit woefully undocumented.
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02:38 dcook Feel free to CC me into those bug reports if you'd like. I would be keen to see that go through as well.
02:38 dcook Yeah, I don't think there's much to it. Mostly just extending the HTTP::OAI modules so that they work specifically with Koha
02:38 eythian cool
02:41 dcook There are a few things that should probably be fixed up with our implementation but...nothing too severe, I think.
02:41 dcook Some suggestions about how it could support deleted items would also be sweet, but yep...good ol' time..
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03:12 eythian wahanui: andromeda is coming right for us!
03:12 wahanui OK, eythian.
03:14 dcook yay tcohen for 3.18!
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03:43 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
03:45 * eythian notes that Nine Inch Nails is playing tomorrow in Wellington.
03:45 eythian Also that I have a ticket.
03:47 dcook Can't say that I'm really a NIN fan, but yay live music!
03:47 eythian I must try to find my earplugs.
03:49 dcook A wise decision.
03:49 * dcook really needs to remember to 'buy' earplugs.
03:49 wizzyrea oooo
03:49 dcook I figure being deaf has certain advantages as I get older...
04:10 mtompset what? ;)
04:11 mtompset shoot... dcook... what was that bug report that made me think of you.
04:11 eythian Oh no, I think I've just become papa. I just wrote a map containing a ternary operator containing another map.
04:12 eythian and it relies on a -- along with short-circuit evaluation to determine if it should function.
04:13 mtompset Eeeeew!
04:13 mtompset dcook: bug 11575.
04:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11575 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, In Discussion , OPACBaseURL sometimes set by ENV variable and not system preference
04:13 pastebot "eythian" at pasted "that's totally understandable, right?" (6 lines) at
04:14 eythian oh, 'cept that @_ should be $_
04:15 mtompset eythian: That's a logistical nightmare to read.
04:15 dcook mtompset: Oh?
04:15 * eythian passes mtompset a book on LISP
04:16 dcook eythian: It's easier to read than some nested maps I've seen
04:17 mtompset easier to read still doesn't make it right.
04:18 mtompset dcook: Are you going to move forward on 11575?
04:20 dcook I can't say that it's on my list of priorities at the moment, no.
04:21 dcook Possibly in the next few months maybe
04:25 mtompset Did anyone notice my question on the development list?
04:34 mtompset Have a great day, #koha dcook eythian wizzyrea.
04:42 papa I fint it cool
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06:36 cait morning #koha
06:42 paxed if i type "au:smith pubdate(-2008)" into the mainpage catalog search input, i get "Error: Can't call method "sort" on an undefined value at /root/kohaclone/C4/ line 426."
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06:48 * magnuse waves
07:03 * cait1 waves
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07:07 cait1 eythian++ # signing up as packaging manager again :)
07:10 cait1 hm, we still need a lot of rmaints
07:12 magnuse cait++ for signing up as qam again :-)
07:32 paxed can anyone confirm that error i wrote about in here? looks similar to bug 9578
07:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9578 minor, P3, ---, fridolyn.somers, Signed Off , Error when search and sort not on relevance
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07:37 reiveune hello
07:37 wahanui hello, reiveune
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07:46 cait good morning #koha
07:50 magnuse guten morgen cait
07:52 cait god morgen magnuse
07:53 magnuse :-)
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08:16 Joubu good morning
08:21 cait good morning Joubu :)
08:25 magnuse bonjour Joubu
08:25 magnuse @wunder boo
08:25 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -6.0°C (9:20 AM CET on March 19, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: -14.0°C. Windchill: -14.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
08:25 magnuse @wunder marseille
08:25 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Realtor, CABRIES, France is 10.2°C (9:25 AM CET on March 19, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Rising).
08:26 magnuse ...and all that lovely cheese. hm...
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08:58 sophie_m magnuse: there is some left, and that smells stronger every day :-)
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09:10 Hopla hey koha i just updated koha (old-stable and updated perl dependencies only Test::WWW::Mechanize would not update is that a problem ?
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09:15 magnuse Hopla: only if you want to run a few of Koha's more exotic tests
09:16 magnuse nothing to worry about for regular use of Koha
09:16 magnuse sophie_m: yay! ;-)
09:16 Hopla ok :)
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09:30 nlegrand hey #koha :)
09:36 magnuse hiya nlegrand
09:37 nlegrand o/ magnuse ^^
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10:39 Joubu cait: what do you suggest for bug 11744?
10:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11744 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , cancel receipt doesn't work for one item
10:40 Joubu cait: to show holds? To raise an alert if an hold exist? To remove the hold silently?
10:57 paxed grrh.
10:58 paxed is there any technical reason not to use unique id for database tables?
10:59 cait sorry phone call
11:01 paxed or, when there is a unique id, why not use it?
11:15 cait i think alert that the hold will be canceleld (and doing that) would be good
11:16 cait and then have an option to back out - yes delete cancel and um no
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12:02 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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12:08 francharb morning #koha
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12:18 oleonard Hi #koha
12:20 * cait waves
12:21 * paxed hits C4/ with a hammer.
12:22 * oleonard hands paxed a bigger hammer
12:23 paxed yes, indeed, i do need one.
12:23 * mtompset sprinkles the hammer with holy water.
12:23 * paxed grumbles something about having a unique id in the table... and then not using it.
12:24 mtompset paxed: You have to think of development as on going....
12:24 oleonard paxed: reserveid? That was added fairly recently.
12:24 mtompset perhaps it started without one.
12:24 paxed mtompset: there is no reason to create a table without a uid column.
12:25 mtompset paxed: I agree, but just because something makes sense does not mean that is the way it is coded.
12:26 paxed i'd like to hit the person who coded it with the hammer.
12:26 mtompset Remember, not everyone in the Koha community are pure coders, just as not everyone is a pure librarian. We're a mongrel bunch. :)
12:27 * mtompset enchants the hammer to only be solid against code, but nerf against people. ;)
12:27 paxed sure, but not everyone has commit access, and those who do, should know better.
12:28 oleonard Since there is 14+ years of Koha history it's better not to get angry about decisions that were made a long time ago, especially when the evidence shows that people are trying to make it better.
12:28 mtompset I'm with oleonard on this. :)
12:29 paxed ok, i'll phrase it as: there was no reason to create a db table with no uid 15 years ago.
12:29 paxed hopefully whoever did that has learned a bit since then.
12:30 mtompset @seen khall
12:30 huginn mtompset: khall was last seen in #koha 1 week, 0 days, 21 hours, 48 minutes, and 1 second ago: <khall> also, I like the icon
12:31 oleonard paxed: patches are always welcome.
12:31 paxed oleonard: why do you think i'm cursing this code?
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12:31 mtompset Good for working on a patch. :)
12:31 petter Hello #koha
12:31 magnuse kia ora petter!
12:31 petter hei hei!
12:33 petter Are there any plans to bootstrapify the staff interface as well?
12:34 petter jsut curious
12:34 oleonard petter: No immediate plans because it's such a big task
12:34 petter ok
12:35 oleonard It would be nice to have a framework in place to make the staff client more mobile-friendly, but... So many templates.
12:35 petter yea, I dont know if i would use the staff interface on mobile myself
12:35 petter I agree it would be a giant task
12:36 oleonard I do from time to time: Consulting the holds queue while walking through the stacks for instance, looking at title information.
12:36 oleonard It would be worthwhile to choose certain pages to make mobile-friendly while leaving other things as they are.
12:37 mtompset Have a great day, #koha. -- EXERCISE!
12:38 petter Yes. I was also thinking about the "reusable component" which a framework like bootstrap allows
12:38 petter like modal windows
12:38 petter dropdowns
12:38 wahanui dropdowns are great for preventing typos.
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12:38 petter right
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12:41 oleonard Good morning tcohen, talljoy, nengard
12:41 nengard morning oleonard!!
12:42 nengard I used your bootstrap tab tutorial the other day :)
12:42 nengard thanks so much for that
12:42 talljoy morning oleonard!
12:43 oleonard nengard: Sure. If you have common problems that you think I should address please let me know.
12:44 nengard I do have one. The 'powered by' at the bottom. People seemed to like it as the Koha logo instead of having the logo in the top left, I tried to do it on my own but it was a spectacular disaster
12:44 nengard so if you want to do another post in the future, I'd love to know how to make that powered by a Koha logo (linked to Koha's site)
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12:48 oleonard nengard: So people ask for the Koha logo at the top to go away, or be replaced by something else?
12:49 nengard i've only trained a couple libraries so far on bootstrap - but yes, go away seems to be the request because theyw ant their logo (in the header) to be prominent - and they still want to give Koha credit of course but at the bottom in the 'powered by' statement as a logo instead of text
12:50 oleonard Do they want their logo to replace the Koha logo at the top? It's so small.
12:52 nengard nope
12:52 nengard they just want nothing up there
12:52 nengard they will use the header (like you suggest) for their logo
12:53 oleonard I guess having nothing is feasible since there is now a consistent breadcrumbs menu
12:53 nengard So it goes like this: 1. hide Koha logo at top, 2. Add library logo to header (which you showed) 3. update powered by at bottom to have Koha logo instead of 'Koha' words
12:53 nengard Or:
12:53 nengard 1. hide koha logo at top when it's a logo, but leave it there as the home icon - if having the home icon is a concern
12:53 nengard I did try that too
12:54 oleonard breadcrumbs don't appear below a certain pixel width, so a home link is needed then.
13:01 nengard So then my alternate option - show the home icon, but not the Koha Logo at the top
13:01 tcohen morning #koha
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13:11 cait nengard: wait a sec
13:11 cait i think 952$2 is right
13:11 nengard 952$2 is right
13:11 wahanui i already had it that way, nengard.
13:11 cait ah :)
13:11 nengard she says it says 942$2
13:11 nengard which is wrong
13:11 nengard but I don't know what documentation she means
13:11 nengard because the manual is right :)
13:11 cait ah i misread
13:12 * cait stops writing an email
13:12 nengard hehe
13:12 cait i guess today is a 'no sql updates on production databases' kind of day
13:12 nengard LOL
13:12 nengard Mine was Monday
13:12 cait today is terrible :(
13:13 * nengard sends cait a virtual cookie
13:13 cait aw thx :)
13:15 cait nengard: i think both are probably kind of right - as we do have 942$2 as well... but I am not sure it is used
13:15 cait[…]42b9624cbfe652a61
13:15 cait but i found the help page
13:15 nengard wow! how is it that i have never updated taht?
13:15 nengard that
13:15 nengard will report bug and fix right now
13:16 nengard thanks cait
13:16 cait hm bug 6939
13:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6939 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, CLOSED FIXED, DefaultClassificationSource not used in 942$2
13:16 cait nengard: at least searching is unlike to break something :)
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13:17 sophie_m QA team, would it be possible to have a look at bug 9593. It's a serious pb for some of our customers. Thx
13:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9593 normal, P5 - low, ---, sophie.meynieux, Signed Off , Prices not imported correctly from a staged file
13:20 cait sophie_m: not sure when I will get to it :( It not one of the quick and fast ones I suspect. khall is probably not going to be around for a while, but I will see what I can do
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13:23 nengard typo fixed
13:24 kivilahtio joined #koha
13:26 kivilahtio do you have issues with cpan HTTPD::Bench::ApacheBench  ?
13:26 sophie_m thanx cait
13:28 kivilahtio hmm, I was missing a c compiler :)
13:29 jenkins_koha Starting build #30 for job Koha_Docs_3.14.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:29 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.14.x build #30: SUCCESS in 23 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.14.x/30/
13:29 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update classification sources
13:39 jenkins_koha Starting build #51 for job Koha_Docs_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:39 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.12.x build #51: SUCCESS in 20 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.12.x/51/
13:39 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update classification sources
13:41 jenkins_koha Starting build #76 for job Koha_Docs_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.10.x build #76: SUCCESS in 23 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.10.x/76/
13:41 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update classification sources
13:45 jenkins_koha Starting build #457 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:45 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #457: SUCCESS in 24 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/457/
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update classification sources
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update author info for matching rules
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update firefox plugin author info
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update bibliographic cheat sheet author info
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: fix search guide author info
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update sopac author info
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update SRU author info
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update excel immport author info
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update custom logo author
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update amazon lookup author info
13:45 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update easyanalytics author info
13:45 magnuse nengard++
13:45 nengard :)
13:45 nengard doing a bit of catching up
13:46 magnuse better late than never! :_
13:46 magnuse :-)
13:46 jenkins_koha Starting build #31 for job Koha_Docs_3.14.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:47 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.14.x build #31: SUCCESS in 12 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.14.x/31/
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update author info for matching rules
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update firefox plugin author info
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update bibliographic cheat sheet author info
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: fix search guide author info
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update sopac author info
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update SRU author info
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update excel immport author info
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update custom logo author
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update amazon lookup author info
13:47 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update easyanalytics author info
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14:03 magnuse anyone got a nice, simple, free software, javascript chart library they can recommend?
14:04 NateC joined #koha
14:06 petter
14:06 jcamins magnuse: d3? Flot?
14:06 petter d3 is not exacly simple, but very powerfull!
14:06 jcamins True.
14:10 magnuse yeah d3 looked like a bit of overkill, but it's certainly on my todo list...
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14:32 kivilahtio Is anyone using memcached with koha?
14:32 kivilahtio I havent seen a koha module yet to actually use memcached
14:32 kivilahtio is it called anywhere from code?
14:32 petter I think its just used as session store
14:32 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:33 kivilahtio thanks petter
14:33 mtompset git grep -i memcache
14:39 kivilahtio mtompset: thanks! I wonder why memcached is even an optional part of Koha? It should be a mandatory part of Koha :)
14:40 mtompset Because it would be yet another thing to configure.
14:41 kivilahtio mtompset: hmm that's true.
14:42 mtompset And a DB setup and Apache configuration is complex enough. Too complex for some.
14:42 kivilahtio mtompset: checking for memcahced in code is just nasty, but one can capsulate those checks under the api
14:42 kivilahtio mtompset: I understand. Thanks for helping me out!
14:43 * magnuse uses memcached
14:43 magnuse petter: it's not just for sessions
14:44 magnuse not sure how to get an overview of what it is used for, though
14:44 mtompset That's why I mentioned the git grep, magnuse. :)
14:44 petter magnus: ok!
14:44 petter what else?
14:44 petter I havent rellay looked into it,
14:44 petter I enabled memcached and did some benchmarks
14:44 petter No big difference
14:44 petter but i heard if you have many active sessions it can help you out
14:46 kivilahtio petter: git grep -i memcache :)
14:46 petter hehe, thanks!
14:46 petter But I'm lazy
14:46 petter I want you guys to explain!
14:46 magnuse :-)
14:47 magnuse oops, now saves data in mysql and displays them in a Dancer app. work in progress, patches welcome! :-)
14:48 cait kivilahtio: look for the Koha::Cache bug
14:48 kivilahtio petter:  There is no rest for the wicked
14:48 kivilahtio :)
14:48 cait kivilahtio: there are some things in the code that could use memcache, but in my experience it's still a bit experimental, apart from sessions maybe
14:49 kivilahtio cait: thanks
14:49 kivilahtio cait: I'll deploy memcached and try to use it in my further dev-work
14:49 kivilahtio it doesnt look like it is used for much.
14:50 cait one of the problems i had was that changes to the frameworks wouldn't show up immediatley
14:50 kivilahtio xcept SQLHelper which "might" automatically pull from cache primary keys
14:51 kivilahtio and column stuff, where SQL helper is used (not very oftern :)
14:51 cait i think ther is a bug for making sqlhelper die too :)
14:51 jcamins As an aside, the memoize_memcached used by SQLHelper is massively buggy.
14:51 kivilahtio jcamins: So i might be better off not using memcached?
14:51 jcamins As an additional aside, memoize is just a bad idea all around.
14:51 cait hm was that the module tcohen is maintaining now?
14:52 jcamins cait: oh, was he? That'd be nice.
14:52 cait i thought i remembered something like that
14:52 kivilahtio ok ,no memcached for our production :(
14:52 jcamins Yup. Cool!
14:52 cait ah you were faster :) i was still searching - where did you find it?
14:52 jcamins So memoize_memcached 0.04 should work fine.
14:53 jcamins
14:53 cait ah , had the wrong name then :)
14:53 jcamins I mean, it's still a bad idea, but at least it doesn't hurt performance.
14:53 kivilahtio haha
14:53 kivilahtio thats a marketing speech for a cache
14:54 jcamins memoize is appropriate for repeated math, not for data access.
14:54 petter hm, yea, you would need some way to invalidate the cache when you update your data
14:55 jcamins petter: exactly.
14:55 * cait nods
14:55 cait otherwise it turns out rather confusing
14:55 cait hm quite confusing?
14:56 jcamins Hehe.
14:56 kivilahtio cait: yes
14:56 kivilahtio I don't want any hard to track behaviour here
14:56 kivilahtio I guess I will be way over my head anyway
14:56 tgoatley joined #koha
15:14 kivilahtio is it possible to use unixsockets to communicate between mysql and koha?
15:14 kivilahtio mysql <-> perl
15:14 mtompset Why are you asking that?
15:15 mtompset Do you think the DBI library is poorly written?
15:15 petter I would guess that's what DBI is using
15:15 mtompset me too, petter, me too. :)
15:16 petter if you are on the same machine that is
15:16 petter At least its capable of doing it
15:16 petter[…]nfo/perl_dbi.html
15:16 kivilahtio my issues is that I have two containers, which have a hsared partition for unix sockets
15:17 kivilahtio koha container -> shared socket partition <- mariadb container
15:17 kivilahtio so koha and mariadb dont work in the same namespace but could communicate via a unix-socket
15:17 kivilahtio this way I don't have to generate TCP packets
15:19 petter You could maybe try modify sub _new_dbh in
15:20 kivilahtio I could
15:20 jcamins kivilahtio: it would require changing the connection string. But I would suspect that the overhead is probably insignificant compared to other things Koha does.
15:20 kivilahtio :)
15:20 kivilahtio jcamins: good point
15:20 petter I think so too, probably not worth it
15:20 petter Rarther, lets get Plack to work!
15:20 jcamins But if you think it might be, test test test.
15:22 rhcl joined #koha
15:25 petter hm, actually it might be quite a bit to gain
15:26 indradg joined #koha
15:26 petter check this
15:26 petter[…].html#June_6_2012
15:26 petter its the postgress maintainer
15:26 petter measuring, udp to be 33% percent faster than TCP
15:27 petter sorry, not udp, menat unix-domain-socket
15:27 kivilahtio koha makes a HUGE amount of database queries
15:27 jcamins petter: an Apache process is started and the entirety of the Koha codebase is loaded on every connection...
15:31 petter jcamins: yes. There are some inherit limitations in the cgi-model I guess. If it was an in-memory process we could reuse connections
15:33 petter Anyway, I have some hopes that if we get a working Plack configuration we could see quite a boost
15:35 petter ok, time to go out in the sun
15:35 petter see you folks!
15:35 paul_p joined #koha
15:35 oleonard @wunder 45701
15:35 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Windy Ridge, Athens, Ohio is 10.9°C (11:35 AM EDT on March 19, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
15:35 oleonard No sun here.
15:36 rhcl @wunder 64507
15:36 huginn rhcl: The current temperature in Wyatt Park, St Joseph, Missouri is 3.2°C (10:36 AM CDT on March 19, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.08 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
15:45 nengard @wunder 78741
15:45 huginn nengard: The current temperature in Huston-Tillotson Environmental Studies, Austin, Texas is 14.3°C (10:39 AM CDT on March 19, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
15:45 nengard Loving it :)
15:47 rhcl why do I always have to be at the coldest spot on the planet? Why can't I be warmer than Athens, Ohio just once?
15:47 mtompset @wunder l7e 5y5
15:47 huginn mtompset: The current temperature in Schomberg, Ontario is 2.7°C (11:47 AM EDT on March 19, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
15:48 nengard eek
15:48 rhcl I mean, I don't expect to live in a tropical paradise like nengard and druthb, but just warm would be nice
15:48 nengard LOL
15:48 nengard hey, we had a cold winter here in paradise
15:48 mtompset Just had to point out it was colder here. :)
15:48 nengard freeze warnings all over the place and ice storms
15:48 rhcl barely, and you are 39 more lattitude lines north
15:48 jcamins OH MY GOD! THERE WAS SOME ICE!
15:48 nengard LOL
15:49 nengard it's a bit nuts, but when you don't have the infrastructure to handle it it makes sense - they don't insulate their pipes here like they did back home
15:49 nengard and so they freeze easy so everyone makes a big fuss when it gets cold
15:49 nengard in fact the pipes in our new house burst cause there wasn't any heat yet - of course it's not our house yet so they had to fix that :)
15:50 nengard webinar time for me
15:50 nengard ttyl
15:54 * druthb perks
15:54 druthb tropical paradise?  oh, yes, I'm wearing a sleeveless blouse today. :)
15:54 druthb Be jealous.
15:55 mtompset It may be freezing, but I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt... just not outside. ;)
16:00 rhcl Well, I'm sitting here rubbing my hands together over my computer wishing it had a 1000 watt power supply instead of just 550.
16:01 cait that reminds me of that comic...
16:02 cait can't find the right xkcd :(
16:02 cait ah this one..
16:02 reiveune bye
16:02 reiveune left #koha
16:03 rhcl that is appropriate!
16:09 mtompset paxed: Oh yes! Love that patch for 11885... It's so elegant.
16:09 cait bug 11885
16:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11885 normal, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Inconsistent HTML in MARC Details
16:10 mtompset I'm just in the midst of signing it off.
16:12 mtompset Ooo... minor thing.
16:12 mtompset Missing a - that was there before.
16:13 paxed as i noted in the bug description.
16:15 mtompset and there it is. Great!
16:16 mtompset Also... is an IF around the description necessary? What's wrong with a blank span?
16:17 mtompset Hmm... if you don't have a tag, can you even have indicators or a description?
16:18 mtompset I'll sign off... but perhaps there is a tighter optimization possible.
16:18 paxed i was more aggravated by impossible css styling.
16:19 oleonard Isn't avoiding unnecessary markup a form of optimization?
16:24 mtompset oleonard: But the markup should be consistent between tabs.
16:25 AmitG joined #koha
16:25 AmitG hi
16:25 mtompset paxed made them consistent by turning the tab draws into a single subroutine.
16:25 AmitG alex around
16:25 mtompset It was so beautiful, I almost cried.
16:26 oleonard @seen alex
16:26 huginn oleonard: I have not seen alex.
16:28 cait oleonard: which alex are you looking for?
16:29 oleonard cait: That was for AmitG who is looking for an alex
16:29 cait ah
16:29 AmitG hi cait
16:29 cait i think we have different alex...s but with other nicks
16:30 AmitG alex biblibre
16:30 cait hm alex_a i think
16:30 cait @seeen alex_a
16:30 huginn cait: downloading the Perl source
16:31 cait @seen alex_a
16:31 huginn cait: alex_a was last seen in #koha 1 week, 2 days, 7 hours, 38 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <alex_a> hello
16:31 AmitG @seen AmitG
16:31 huginn AmitG: AmitG was last seen in #koha 1 minute and 6 seconds ago: <AmitG> alex biblibre
16:31 druthb hm.
16:31 druthb @seen jdavidb
16:31 huginn druthb: jdavidb was last seen in #koha 2 years, 17 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 37 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <jdavidb> I'm just here to confuse you.
16:31 druthb damn.
16:32 druthb I'm surprised it remembers.
16:32 jcamins druthb: I'm confused...
16:32 AmitG hi
16:32 wahanui salut, AmitG
16:32 AmitG indradg
16:32 AmitG hi druthb
16:32 druthb Hi, AmitG
16:33 AmitG any good doc drupal with koha
16:33 AmitG ?
16:33 druthb @seen libsysguy
16:33 huginn druthb: libsysguy was last seen in #koha 4 weeks, 4 days, 0 hours, 53 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <libsysguy> its quiet in here today
16:33 druthb saw him today, in the lunch line.  Gave him crap about eating the buffet today—it's Deep Fry All The Things day.
16:33 oleonard \o/
16:33 druthb Told him if he got the mini corn dogs, I was going to tell The Swede on him.
16:34 jcamins druthb: do they have deep fried Mars Bars?
16:34 druthb no.  I had those at the State Fair, tho.  *ick*
16:34 jcamins lol
16:34 jcamins I've never actually tried one. It sounds too horrible. But that's apparently a Scottish thing.
16:34 druthb Deep-fried butter is even nastier.  But it sells like crazy.
16:35 jcamins Deep-fried butter? That doesn't even make sense.
16:35 cait eww
16:35 jcamins The melting point of butter is way below 300 degrees.
16:35 druthb you're requiring southern food to make sense?  Since when?
16:35 druthb yes.  But you freeze the butter, batter it, and flash-fry it.  Like fried ice cream—only a little metls.
16:36 druthb melts, even.
16:36 cait eww
16:36 jcamins And then you spread it on deep fried toast?
16:36 druthb But it is *supremely* icky.
16:36 druthb No, then you eat it.
16:37 * cait thinks she should really go home now :)
16:37 jcamins It's new.
16:37 jcamins It came out of Texas in 2009, but the Iowa State Fair appears to be the venue best-known for it.
16:38 cait left #koha
16:38 laurence left #koha
16:43 mtompset AmitG: I'd ask someone in BibLibre, but I can't help you beyond that. I know they wrote some drupal connector thing.
16:43 druthb There was a joint in DC in 2009-2010 that was making it, in response to the news…some bar or other.  That's where I tried it.  They were using quarter-sticks, having determined that a pat of butter would melt too quickly, and a stick was just a waste.
16:44 AmitG i have done with MARC21
16:44 AmitG but some confusion is there
16:45 Dyrcona joined #koha
16:45 mtompset deep fried toast? wouldn't that be like french toast?
16:46 * mtompset dreams of the day he'll be able to have maple syrup again.
16:53 oleonard mtompset: Are you banished to a land without maple syrup?
16:53 mtompset No, I'm on a diet.
16:53 mtompset And that means avoiding sugar and carbs.
16:54 mtompset not all carbs, just more than a microscopic amount.
16:54 mtompset I've lost 45+ pounds in just over a year.
16:54 mtompset So, I'm going to stick with it until I reach my optimal weight.
16:55 mtompset Then, I'll be able to "cheat" and then work hard to keep it off at a much more relaxed level.
17:00 tcohen when is the newsletter sent? ((aprox)
17:04 marjorie joined #koha
17:08 cait joined #koha
17:08 marjorie Hi, i am searching a way to scan mutiple barcode on Is someone knows a way to do with RFID?
17:09 cait marjorie: are you using barcodes or rfid?
17:10 cait the software one of the vnedors our libraires use had an option to send a return after each number... i think that kind of worked, but basically it's not made for multiple
17:10 cait you might miss messages it shows, like for holds
17:10 marjorie cait: rfid
17:11 cait yeah, then what i said applies i think
17:11 move_ joined #koha
17:11 cait there is one interesting rfid rfc from oslo public library on the wiki
17:11 marjorie cait: ok thanks!
17:14 move_ hello, is somebody here using koha with nginx and plack? I have problems that sometimes item searches in opac shows no results. if i try the serach again, all results are shown. can't figure out the problem (btw: sorry for my bad english)
17:18 cait move_: your english is fine - sadly i can't really help
17:18 cait ashimema might be interested - he was going to look into nginx and plack
17:20 move_ thx :) in the near future my koha installation must move to a server without apache. all works fine with nginx and plack, only search is not working properly
17:20 cait i suspect it's a known plack bug
17:21 cait soem people have been talking about that
17:21 cait where zebra looses the connection?
17:22 move_ thx I will try searching this lpack bug
17:22 cait try reading the dev meeting logs maybe
17:22 cait[…]ng,_March_12_2014
17:23 cait hm no not the march one
17:23 cait february
17:23 cait[…]February_25,_2014
17:24 cait-m___ joined #koha
17:28 rhcl joined #koha
17:29 nengard joined #koha
17:46 dcook joined #koha
18:25 jcamins cait: the items not showing up is a different bug.
18:25 jcamins move_: are you using a slightly older version of Koha?
18:26 move_ I'm using current debian-version, 3.14.04
18:26 move_ debian version ist wheezy
18:26 cait jcamins: ah, i thought search not working at all
18:26 jcamins Hmm.
18:27 jcamins cait: yeah, that's the bug you were talking about. :)
18:27 cait move_: sorry, misread then
18:27 cait the bug i meant was search sometimes not working
18:27 jcamins move_: could you please share your Plack script thing with
18:27 move_ works most, but after some time search is showing no results and after trying again search shows all results
18:28 jcamins Oh, the search is showing no results, not just no items?
18:28 jcamins In that case, it's the bug cait mentioned.
18:28 cait yay :)
18:28 cait but it's a bug... so yay :(?
18:28 jcamins As far as I know, no fix has been submitted for inclusion in Koha.
18:28 jcamins But I haven't been following the bugs list recently.
18:29 magnuse known bugs are better than unknown bugs
18:29 move_ can't find a bug in this relation for plack and koha
18:29 cait there is one link to a kid of fix in the log i think
18:29 cait move_: i think it's not on bugzilla, that's why i gave the link to the february dev meeting
18:29 cait i think it was talked about there and a link posted to a repo
18:29 magnuse i think rangi or catalyst has something that is just on a branch somewhere, not a patch yet
18:29 jcamins cait: but I think it has to be patched manually.
18:29 jcamins There is a bug, but I don't recall the number.
18:29 cait probably
18:30 move_ cant find something related in the dev-log. i will try again
18:30 cait haven't seen, i only remembered from the meeting
18:30 cait let me see
18:30 jcamins It's called something weird.
18:30 * jcamins filed it.
18:31 cait http://meetings.koha-community[…]25-21.01.log.html
18:31 cait i think it's this
18:31 cait 21:13:29 <rangi>[…]86e253cb4dfe04597
18:33 jcamins Yes.
18:34 move_ great :) thx for help
18:34 magnuse awww[…]l-bywater-family/
18:34 bag magnuse: HI
18:34 wahanui hi, bag
18:34 magnuse bag: HI
18:34 magnuse bag: finally at home, safe and sound?
18:35 bag finally home - arrived last night - with no luggage
18:35 move_ jcamins and cait: will try if this fix helps me
18:35 bag but the luggage was just dropped off at home
18:35 cait bag: good to hear it's late but there now
18:39 magnuse bag: that sux - but maybe less than having no baggage when you arrive in the great unknown?
18:40 bag yeah at least they knew where it was.  I landed in Paris from Rome with only 20 minutes to get on the next plane - so I think I was just faster than my bags where
18:40 magnuse ooh, bag was faster than his bags!
18:41 magnuse yeah, 20 minutes is not a lot of time
18:41 jcamins bag: if only they had accidentally sent *you* to Tahiti instead of your luggage, right?
18:41 bag HA
18:41 rhcl :)  funny
18:41 bag is a single bag faster than multiple bags  - I guess so
18:45 cait :)
18:45 cait did the chocolate bunny made it?
18:46 cait i made one of my coworkers very happy today by sharing some peanut butter cups...
18:46 cait but i still have about half of them :D
18:46 magnuse ooh, lucky coworkers!
18:49 cait lucky me :)
18:50 nengard left #koha
18:52 bag yes cait the bunny made it :)
18:52 cait :)
18:59 oleonard joined #koha
19:12 cait khall++ :)
19:12 cait baby photos!
19:12 cait daria++ :)
19:17 bag khall++
19:18 magnuse khall++
19:18 magnuse bywater++ for putting baby photos on their website!
19:18 bag :P
19:18 tcohen khall++
19:18 bag it's a family
19:19 mtompset I saw the thumbnail and khall and thought V is for Vendetta.
19:20 bag right
19:20 magnuse heh
19:32 tcohen bye #koha
19:33 indradg joined #koha
19:37 * magnuse adds some basic graphing to and calls it a day
19:40 NateC joined #koha
19:45 rhcl I've searched the bywater site for "khall's baby", "Kyle's baby pics" and just "baby" and get no results. Obviously the site is using zebra.
19:46 rhcl let's see if the google indexer can find them
19:47 rhcl neg
19:49 meliss joined #koha
19:50 mtompset rhcl: news on the bywatersolutions site. It was just posted today. Google hasn't indexed it yet. :)
19:52 rhcl yep, she looks like Kyle
20:19 * wajasu wonders if we can employ  memcached option with zebra itself to cache  using the zebra option memcached.
20:20 mtompset wajasu: Are you trying to hurt my brain? :P
20:22 wajasu well if we cache the marcxml in memcached by doing a zebra search,  then when we go grab the marc_record from results, it might be in the cache(RAM) and save the mysql db hit.
20:23 wajasu also, the named result sets option would cache a query asa named results set option.  then when we do paging, we specifiy the named result set.
20:23 wajasu just sayin.
20:24 wajasu i started looking into facets.
20:25 maximep left #koha
20:27 rhcl I like watching titans talk about stuff.
20:31 nengard joined #koha
21:04 mtompset wizzyrea++ # good point about the lack of link between patron categories and permissions.
21:04 mtompset didn't the gods kill the titans? ;)
21:09 smeagol joined #koha
21:12 smeagol Anyone know why i may be getting this message...? "git: 'bz' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.  Did you mean one of these? am gc mv rm"
21:12 smeagol Hi all, by the way
21:13 cait what did you type?
21:13 cait and did you install git bz?
21:20 wizzyrea probably that means you didn't link git-bz into your path
21:20 wizzyrea git-bz
21:20 wizzyrea git bz?
21:20 wahanui git bz is so much fun :) or[…]_bz_configuration or just about anything except intuitive or AMAZING and WONDERFUL
21:20 wizzyrea ^^ see that link
21:20 smeagol yes, installed git bz from instructions, went to do command: git bz appy xxxx and got the above message
21:23 smeagol thought i did, will check path again
21:24 * wizzyrea has occasionally reversed the direction of the symlink in a dumb way accidentally
21:24 wizzyrea and then it doesn't work :P
21:24 jcamins Note that if you're not using Debian, your default path might not include the directory where you put git-bz.
21:24 wizzyrea ^^
21:25 jcamins Also note that git-bz is in a folder called git-bz, which can lead to incorrect symlinking due to tabcomplete.
21:25 eythian hi
21:28 cait hi eythian
21:39 * wizzyrea still thinks category based permissions would be cool.
21:40 wizzyrea At least to be able to define by default a set of permissions that a category starts with, a la the "enhanced messaging defaults"
21:44 cait wizzyrea: i think maybe have a way to save permission sets
21:45 cait and then apply when you create the patron
21:45 wizzyrea why not layer that on top of the category?
21:45 cait because i don't want to have more than one staff category:)
21:47 cait but that's maybe just because of how we set things up
21:47 cait i think i#d be happy if go to the permissions page for a patron and have a pull down that gives me an option to choose from sets i defined, like 'cataloguer' 'circ help' or sth like that
21:47 rangi would mean having to define a bunch of extra circ rules
21:47 rangi if you tied to category
21:47 cait yeah, and notice triggers and other things
21:48 wizzyrea people should not be circulating with their staff accounts. :P
21:48 rangi have you ever met library staff?
21:48 wizzyrea they should not use them as their personal account.
21:48 wizzyrea yes, yes I have.
21:48 rangi there is no should in libraries
21:48 wizzyrea note the "should"
21:48 cait they might still check out things for staff uses
21:48 rangi if its possible, they do it
21:48 cait and that
21:48 cait also more complicated in reports
21:49 * wizzyrea drops it
21:49 cait just 2 different approaches i think :)
21:51 mtompset At edit or entry time, you know the permissions you want for a patron, I don't see why the member entry couldn't have a drop down list like cait suggested which defaults the flags.
21:52 wizzyrea[…]1rrx588o1_400.gif
22:00 * magnuse waves
22:02 * mtompset gives magnuse a high five. :)
22:05 magnuse yay!
22:09 * magnuse kicks off a kohaprofile with 100 commits and 100 iterations, and wonders if it will be done before he wakes up
22:09 * magnuse falls asleep
22:09 rangi :)
22:10 dcook cait: I like this permission set idea, although I'm not sure how well it would go down with staff
22:11 dcook I wonder how it would factor into the sub-permission for controlling permissions..
22:11 cait dcook: i don't think it would change much - just a different way to set all the checkboxes and could still allow for manual
22:11 eythian magnuse: you could integrate it with git bisect to find where specific performance issues came about.
22:12 dcook I imagine library folk wouldn't like the extra click, or you  might have staff who don't know what permissions to assign.
22:12 dcook Or they  might assign permissions differently across a patron category even though they should be the same
22:12 jcamins dcook: then they wouldn't have to use it.
22:12 dcook But then they would just say it's broken, jcamins :p
22:12 jcamins dcook: use CSS to hide the selector. Easy peasy.
22:14 dcook Maybe, but what if they're the librarians who wanted to have default permissions by category? :p
22:14 eythian So they both want and don't want it?
22:14 eythian Sounds like they have bigger issues :)
22:14 dcook ^
22:14 jcamins eythian: that sounds redundant. </snark>
22:15 eythian heh
22:18 dcook I suppose at the moment they have to go into "Set permissions" in order to set permissions anyway
22:18 dcook So while it might be an extra click in the add/modify page, it would still save clicks overall
22:19 dcook Actually, permission sets could be really handy. We wrote a little "permission audit" script a while back, but it's rough in comparison to what you could do using permission sets
22:21 dcook That said, the overwhelming majority of new patrons are likely to be actual patrons and not staff...
22:22 dcook Hmm, you CAN tell that I went to library school...
22:22 * cait leaves some cookies and goes to bed ;)
22:22 cait left #koha
22:22 dcook Cookies!
22:22 wahanui Cookies are delicious delicacies
22:23 dcook Damn now I want chocolate..
22:23 mtompset So do I, but my snacks are tasteless crackers for a few days. :(
22:24 dcook Tasteless crackers?
22:24 dcook But crackers are awesome!
22:25 magnuse eythian: output will look something like this:[…]19%2023-23-21.png not sure if git-bisect will add anything...
22:26 mtompset dcook:[…]I/5136WCG9GRL.jpg (except mine is cinnamon)
22:26 eythian magnuse: well, it'd be faster as it'd do a binary rather than linear search. But really, it's for a slightly different use case.
22:26 move_ cait-m___ and jcamin: yeah :) after some testing your hints to fix the zebra search issue with plack seems to work for me. thanks for pointing this out
22:30 magnuse eythian: yeah, i think what i want is a time series that can show trends + any spikes over time
22:30 eythian fair enough
22:30 magnuse :-)
22:31 * magnuse falls asleep for real this time
22:32 bag magnuse: HI
22:33 eythian magnuse: later
22:38 dcook All right, re-introducing "OPACItemsResultsDisplay" back into the XSLT...
22:38 * dcook should check that this hasn't already been done
22:48 dcook Which doesn't work as described in the non-XSLT anyway...
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23:36 chrisvella94 joined #koha
23:39 mtompset XSLT? What? Huh?
23:40 mtompset dcook: Oh, on a template level?
23:47 rocio1 left #koha
23:54 JesseM_away joined #koha

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