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00:19 rangi lol
00:19 rangi http://chinooklibrarynetwork.w[…]/Koha+Conferences
00:19 rangi seems everyone thinks new zealand is australia, i got it at least 10 times during the conference, and im quoted as being from australia in these notes
00:20 jcamins rangi: eh, whatever.
00:22 jcamins I mean, really, they're just different land masses. What's the big difference?
00:25 rangi :)
00:29 rangi i think only one person asked about kangaroos, so it was an improvement :)
00:30 jcamins Heh.
00:39 rambutan all part of the same landmass, just a low area is covered with water
00:39 rambutan[…]lit-from-gondwana
00:40 rambutan ? si?
00:41 rambutan I recall looking up this before, it's quite an interesting subject actually. I previously found some good onlline data
00:41 rambutan but can't come up with the links now
00:44 rangi if you go deep enough, everything is part of the same landmass
00:49 rambutan yep. I find it fascinating, however, that although NZ and AU are so closely geolocated, they have very
00:50 rambutan specific examples of speciated wildlife endemic to their respective areas
00:50 rambutan is speciated a word?
00:50 jcamins Yes.
00:51 jcamins It's when multiple species split off from a single progenitor.
00:51 rambutan I actually started out life studing wildlife management and biology in college
00:53 rambutan still retain a lot of Linnaeus' bionomial nomenclature for botany
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02:33 mtompset[…]-class-Wales.html
02:33 mtompset Interesting.
02:33 wahanui well, interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
02:41 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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07:45 * magnuse found[…]hosts-of-gondwana interesting re the natural history of nz
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09:19 cait joel++
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