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07:26 * magnuse waves
07:27 * cait1 waves back
07:29 magnuse hey cait1! how's the jetlag? :-)
07:29 cait1 terrible
07:29 magnuse :-(
07:29 cait1 did manage to stay awake until 10pm, but woke up at 3 am and have been awake since
07:30 magnuse ouch
07:30 cait1 yeah :(
07:30 cait1 guess i have to stay awake now although i am starting to get sleepy again
07:31 magnuse yeah might be a good idea to stay awake
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14:42 cait @later tell jcamins - can you take a look at 9368 and comment about the follow-up?
14:42 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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18:22 rangi morning
18:27 cait morning
18:27 wahanui somebody said morning was a state of cat
18:28 magnuse morning
18:29 cait hey magnuse
18:29 magnuse hey cait and rangi
18:46 rangi heya
18:46 rangi seen this
18:46 wahanui I haven't seen 'this', rangi
18:46 rangi[…]ending-kohacon13/
18:46 rangi a pretty good write up
19:17 druthb o/
19:18 cait hey druthb
19:18 rangi hi druthb
19:32 rambutan I wish kete could develop a stronger community; it's good now but needs more support I think.
19:32 druthb hi, cait and rangi! :)
19:32 rambutan that being a reference to the bywater link rangi cited
19:33 rangi rambutan: yep
19:33 rangi upgrading bugzilla now
19:37 rangi done
19:37 rangi just a minor upgrade
19:38 cait rangi++
19:41 rangi
19:41 rangi you might want to check git-bz is still ok
19:41 rangi security upgrades usually effect it
19:44 cait hm i will check in a moment
19:44 cait working on something anyway :)
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20:08 rangi hi peggy
20:08 peggy Hi Rangi. How was your trip home?
20:10 cait hi peggy :)
20:10 rangi long, and confusing, but both myself and my luggage made it, so all in all ok :)
20:10 peggy That's an accomplishment!
20:23 peggy Rangi, where do the .tt files get their data from?  I'm looking at and it says: [% IF ( CircAutoPrintQuickSlip ) %]
20:23 peggy How can I find the value of CircAutoPrintQuickSlip?
20:25 cait peggy: the variables are defined in the corresponding .pl file
20:25 cait this looks like a syspref one
20:25 peggy it is
20:25 cait so start looking at
20:26 peggy So these are what they are setting in that template section?
20:26 peggy Hi Cait!
20:26 cait hm not sure i understand your question
20:28 cait oh
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20:29 cait back? :)
20:29 peggy At the bottom of there is a section that starts  $template->param(
20:29 cait yes
20:29 peggy I don't quite know what just happened.
20:29 rangi peggy: it will either be in there
20:29 rangi or it will be in C4/
20:29 peggy It is in there.
20:30 rangi right, so its a system preference, so fetched from the db
20:30 peggy or not.
20:30 rangi if you go to Admin, then system preferences and search for that, you can see what it's value is
20:30 cait ah good point
20:31 peggy It used to be either yes or no.  I've changed it to have three possible values:  0, quick, slip
20:31 cait right now it's boolean it looks like, but you can check for a certain value in the templates too [%IF (something == "somethingelse") %] or so
20:32 rangi thats right
20:32 peggy OK.  Let me try that.
20:32 rangi [% IF CircAutoPrintQuickSlip == 'quick' %]
20:32 rangi do stuff
20:32 rangi [% ELSIF
20:33 rangi etc
20:34 peggy can I use [% CircAutoPrintQuickSlip %] like a variable?
20:34 cait [% END %] :)
20:34 cait peggy: yes you can
20:34 cait it will output the value to the template then
20:34 peggy return printx_window(CircAutoPrintQuickSlip); }
20:35 peggy Cool.  Let's see if I can make this work.
20:35 peggy Thanks for the help!
20:35 rangi yep that would work with the [% %] bits :)
20:35 rangi tricky
20:36 peggy right.  I just saw that...
20:36 peggy Tricky good or tricky bad?
20:37 cait rangi: hm git bz attach seems not working
20:38 cait i get an html page printed and Failed to update bug 11091, status=200
20:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11091 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Signed Off , limits in catalog search when creating subscription
20:39 rangi yeah i bet its the crsf tokens again
20:39 rangi ill try to fix it tonight
20:39 rangi unless its already fixed upstream
20:40 cait hm?
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21:17 peggy what causes circulation.sql to run?  Do I need to restart Koha?
21:19 cait peggy: normally your changes should take effect immediately
21:19 cait if you change the template files or pl files - you just need to refresh your browser window
21:20 peggy I changed the sql file
21:20 cait ah
21:20 peggy So I could change it from yes/no to choice
21:20 cait which did you change? the sysprefs.sql?
21:20 peggy Yes
21:20 cait for your syspref you need to change three files
21:20 cait the sysprefs.sql (which is only run when you install koha from scratch)
21:20 cait so that#s for new installations
21:21 cait then you need an entry in eventually - not sure if you need it for your new value
21:21 cait and then the last is the .pref file
21:21 cait they are in koha-tmpl/intranet/prog/modules/admin/preferences (or similar)
21:21 cait the last you should see immediately
21:21 cait the change to the pref file
21:22 cait it's how the system preference editor is built
21:22 peggy But if the variable is in the database as yes/no and I put other values in it, that would be a problem.
21:22 cait it might be yes
21:22 peggy So I need to reinstall Koha?
21:23 cait take a look at installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase
21:23 cait no :)
21:23 cait you will need to change your database - that's what the update scripts are for
21:23 peggy I did.  But I'm not adding or taking anything away.  I'm just changing it a little.
21:23 cait for testing you can change it manually I think - I like to use mysql workbench, some just do it command line in mysql
21:24 peggy Well, I'll look at it again - I saw that there were entries for adding and removing.
21:24 cait hm yes, but look for alter
21:24 peggy I guess it would make sense to need it in updatedatabase
21:24 peggy Ah.
21:24 cait you can also change existing lines in the database
21:24 cait i think there have been examples of that hm.
21:24 cait let me think
21:25 peggy Updatedatabase runs when you upgrade to a new version?
21:26 cait actually i think you need an update
21:26 cait yes
21:27 peggy Can I test without if I run the .sql by hand?
21:27 cait maybe similar to[…]b4e3c229eb0#l2468 - Line 2468
21:27 cait yes you can test it by running it manually
21:27 cait there are also tricks on how to test the updatedatabase, but we can show you that a bit later
21:28 peggy OK.  Let me try this out.  This particular bug is getting me into so many different areas...  A good thing
21:28 cait yeah, those with a database change are always a bit tricky
21:28 cait but once you know where to look, it gets easier
21:29 peggy Thanks for helping me!
21:29 cait yw :)
21:31 peggy I'm off to the grocery store.  But I'll be back!
21:31 cait i will be sleeping :)
21:31 cait but monday more people will be around
21:31 peggy Enjoy!!!  Thanks
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22:07 dpk1 cait: Tweaked the poling to be sensitive to -b or -a.  I will upload an additional patch shortly that addresses that and adds the lockdir specification to koha_conf.xml and a call to read that to address the earlier comment as well.
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