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01:13 tcohen has anyone successfully mocked two libs one depending on the other using Test::Mockmodule ?
01:25 Guest331 I could hug whoever added the floating button on sysprefs.
01:26 * wizzyrea guesses oleonard
01:26 cjh heh
01:29 tcohen and the marc subfields editor wizzyrea, please give a hug for that one too!
01:30 wizzyrea YES, that is definitely in the cards when next we meet.
01:30 wizzyrea I am going to owe a lot of hugs for 3.12 I suspect
01:30 wizzyrea which is TOTALLY OK
01:30 * cjh imagines a 'hug a wizzyrea' line at the next kohacon
01:30 wizzyrea hm.
01:30 wizzyrea lol.
01:31 wizzyrea I would hug every koha developer
01:31 wizzyrea
01:31 wizzyrea but you can't hug every cat
01:32 tcohen hahahah
01:32 bgkriegel :)
01:39 tcohen @wizzyrea this is florencio
01:39 huginn tcohen: I've exhausted my database of quotes
01:40 tcohen wizzyrea this is florencio
01:41 wizzyrea that is a cute cat
01:41 wizzyrea I would hug that cat.
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02:23 wizzyrea mtj were you trying to get me earlier?
02:25 druthb o/
02:25 wizzyrea hi druthb :)
02:25 druthb hi, wizzyrea! :)
03:10 wizzyrea Dear QA-ers, bug 9922 is now ready for you
03:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9922 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , holds queue shows home library with AutomaticReturn
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06:06 dcook Quick question...the Kohacon web form doesn't send out a registration confirmation, does it?
06:11 cait dcook: hm it used to, but not sure how it's set up this year
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06:11 dcook Hmm, good to know, cait :)
06:12 cait or maybe not, not sure :)
06:12 cait actually, just ignore me :)
06:13 dcook lol
06:13 dcook But I haven't talked to you in a while!
06:13 dcook So I'll take what I can get :p
06:14 cait it's not my fault you always run out on me :)
06:15 dcook Touché :p. I should probablyl think about leaving again pretty soon. Movie watching and learning about cryptography :).
06:17 cait ah
06:17 cait just for fun or for a project?
06:17 cait cryptography
06:19 dcook Oh it's just for fun. A few nerd friends invited me along, and I thought it would be fun and good to know.
06:31 cait ah
06:31 cait hm I can't reproduce 9922
06:31 cait bug 9922
06:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9922 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , holds queue shows home library with AutomaticReturn
06:31 cait which wizzyrea was here....
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06:40 dcook Hmm, I never noticed that syspref before
06:41 dcook Got to run this time though. Good luck! Have a good one, cait.
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07:21 christophe_c hello #koha
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07:37 rangi hmm im not sure its worth answering that person, since they appear to have not read a single response yet
07:37 reiveune hello
07:37 rangi hi reiveune
07:38 alex_a hello
07:38 wahanui niihau, alex_a
07:39 * kf waves
07:39 kf good morning/evening #koha
07:41 rangi hi alex_a and kf
07:41 rangi oh and christophe_c  too
07:41 alex_a rangi: hi !
07:41 christophe_c hi rangi;-)
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08:04 rangi ok, i need a biblibran
08:05 rangi in terms of students/staff is Aix-Marseille Université the biggest one you know of, at 68,000 ?
08:05 * kf needs Joubu and or paul_p for a question too :)
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08:26 gaetan_B hello
08:27 rangi hi gaetan_B
08:46 rangi hmm no one about?
08:47 kf gaetan_B is - but he is not in marseille
08:48 gaetan_B hello kf :) need someone from Marseille ?
08:48 kf gaetan_B: rangi asked earlier: in terms of students/staff is Aix-Marseille Université the biggest one you know of, at 68,000 ?
08:48 kf and I was hping to catch Joubu or paul_p about the missing unit tests for one of the features jared pushed
08:48 kf because he will pull it out if we don't have unit tests
08:50 gaetan_B Aix/Marseille is probably the biggest we know
08:51 gaetan_B but i'll ask to make sure
08:51 rangi thank you gaetan_B
08:52 kf gaetan_B++ :)
08:53 gaetan_B rangi: you mean among libraries using Koha i guess ? not in terms of university ?
08:54 gaetan_B (because it's clearly not the biggest university in France)
08:54 rangi yeah, using koha
08:54 rangi we had a 27,000 student uni thinking "we are too big"
08:55 rangi i just wanted to point out that there are much bigger ones using koha than that
08:55 gaetan_B so yes aix/marseille has to be the biggest we know of
08:55 gaetan_B they are pretty big indeed :)
08:55 rangi thanks
08:55 rangi I know there is one in Bolivia, that has 65,000
08:56 rangi and Adis Ababa university has 50,000
08:56 rangi but so far Aix/Marseille still wins :)
08:56 gaetan_B \o/
08:56 gaetan_B i didn't know Adis Ababa was using Koha!
08:56 gaetan_B nice to read about it
08:57 rangi yup
08:58 rangi there are a couple in ethiopia using koha
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08:58 drojf good morning #koha
08:59 gaetan_B kf: as for your question if Paul and Jonathan seem to be too busy to answer you here and the problem indeed is urgent, maybe send them a short email
08:59 rangi gaetan_B:[…]koha/
09:00 kf gaetan_B: yeah - probably a good idea
09:00 rangi looks like aroudn 230k bibliographice records
09:35 clrh Jonathan should be connected at the end of morning cc kf gaetan_B
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09:44 kf hi clrh - thx :)
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10:33 kf hi francharb` and frido_s :)
10:35 kf @later tell drojf - translated 3.8 and 3.10 and checked files, hopefully didn't miss any errors
10:35 huginn kf: The operation succeeded.
10:36 drojf kf: you could have told me now ;)
10:36 kf ah
10:36 kf you are never here... how would I know :P
10:36 drojf i have been here for hours
10:36 drojf oh well, that is not true :D
10:36 drojf almost two
10:37 drojf kf++
10:40 Joubu hello
10:40 kf hi Joubu
10:40 Joubu kf: about missing unit tests, I will do it today
10:40 kf oh awesome
10:41 kf I was wondering if you might not be around or something and got a bit worried .)
10:41 kf I would really like to keep the feature in :)
10:41 Joubu I was not available last 2 days
10:41 kf ah
10:42 kf hope it's not too much
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10:47 kf drojf: started with OPAC 3.12
10:48 drojf i thought that should be done in may?
10:48 * drojf is confused
10:48 kf there are already updated files now
10:48 drojf ok
10:48 kf and I think OPAC won't change much now
10:48 kf but the help files are still missing
10:49 drojf those should be the biggest part, right?
10:49 kf yep
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11:20 jcamins kf: yes, bug 9811 needs unit tests.
11:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9811 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Patrons search improvements
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11:40 ambz greetigns
11:40 ambz *greetings
11:41 ambz I have a question about cataloging a serial publication.
11:42 jcamins It's a trap!
11:42 ambz Our library has around 100 issues of a periodical, which is published with a monthly frequency.
11:42 ambz huh?
11:42 jcamins ambz: go on.
11:43 jcamins I dislike serials cataloging.
11:43 ambz jcamins: me too :)
11:43 ambz I've created one MARC record to represent the serial and I've added a subscription to represent the influx of new issues.
11:44 ambz Can I bulk-add all the (hundreds of) back issues that the library already has.
11:44 ambz ?
11:44 ambz Or rather, how much of a bulk-add is possible.
11:45 jcamins What I would do is use manual history.
11:45 ambz I don't quite follow...
11:45 jcamins Huh.
11:46 jcamins There is no documentation on manual history.
11:46 jcamins At least, none that I can see.
11:46 jcamins If you edited the subscription, you'll see a checkbox that lets you choose "Manual history."
11:47 ambz Okay...
11:47 jcamins If you click that, a bunch of boxes will appear that allow you to enter in a list of all the issues you have received.
11:48 jcamins Then in received issues you can enter in the list of issues you have.
11:58 ambz Right, so I checked "manual history"
11:58 ambz But how do I receive issues en masse?
11:58 jcamins I don't believe you can, but I also don't know why you would.
11:59 jcamins I guess if you had items.
11:59 ambz Uh well, it would save someone the effort of manually adding hundreds of items...
12:00 ambz If I could just add one item for each of the back issues, it would really help.
12:00 jcamins If you're using items and the barcodes are in the system, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to avoid handling each and every one of them.
12:00 jcamins *aren't
12:01 jcamins Personally, I don't use items for any serials that are issued more often than once a quarter.
12:01 ambz oh?
12:01 ambz how do you manage them then?
12:02 jcamins Just using the serials module.
12:02 jcamins Most libraries I work with don't circulate serials until they've been bound.
12:02 ambz How would you check out a magazine that didn't have an item and a barcode?
12:02 jcamins Right. That's the trick.
12:03 jcamins I wouldn't. I can't recall ever being at a library that did circulate magazines, either.
12:04 ambz Oh.
12:04 jcamins If the items aren't already in the system, someone is going to have to scan the barcode associated with each one.
12:05 ambz Right.
12:05 jcamins If the items are already in the system, I see no reason why you can't just write "Issue 1 (July 2001)-Issue 200 (Whenever, 20xx)" in the manual history field, same as for serials that don't generate items.
12:07 ambz Okay, so if you're not circulating magazines... what exactly are you using the serials module for? Just tracking subscriptions (this month's issue is late/missing/received)?
12:08 jcamins Yes.
12:08 ambz Oh. I see :)
12:09 jcamins Do you ever get the magazines back when they circulate?
12:10 ambz Why would most libraries choose to not circulate periodicals? (I'm thinking if our nascent library should also have a rule to forbid circulation of magazines)?
12:10 ambz Magazines don't come back?
12:10 ambz Ouch.
12:10 jcamins Often not.
12:10 jcamins And everyone wants to read them at the exact same time.
12:11 jcamins So the first person to get the magazine prevents every other patron from making use of the library's subscription.
12:12 jcamins Even academic journals the only reason they generally get barcodes -- in my experience -- is so that they can be store off-site.
12:13 jcamins *stored
12:13 ambz Makes sense, actually.
12:14 * ambz is really glad he consulted jcamins today
12:14 jcamins :)
12:15 ambz Thanks a lot, I'm going to present all of this newfound information to our librarian and request her to not circulate periodicals. It will make life much easier too. Especially cataloging all of those 100s of magazines will be obviated now :D
12:16 jcamins Hehe.
12:16 jcamins Depending on your users it may make sense to circulate magazines...
12:16 jcamins but I can't really imagine how.
12:17 ambz In our case, we have some rather valuable, hard-to-get issues of some magazines that shouldn't be lent out, now that I think about it.
12:17 ambz So your advice fits my use case.
12:18 kf heh
12:21 kf jcamins: do you know if the database jenkins uses can be downloaded somewhere?
12:22 kf I think jenkins has some additoinal data that are not in the sample data maybe?
12:26 jcamins kf: http://kohadev.cpbibliography.[…]jenkinsdb.sql.bz2 <-- missing a BK item type
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12:27 kf cool thx jcamins
12:27 kf maybe we should put it somewhere for developers to use?
12:27 jcamins Probably.
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12:33 alohabot Hi mib_s5rhdo, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
12:35 ambz jcamins: btw, I now have a working prototype of the GoogleBooks -->MARC adapter for importing into the Koha catalog.
12:35 ambz would you like to check it out, if you have a few spare minutes?
12:43 jcamins ambz: awesome!
12:43 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, jcamins
12:44 jcamins I have to leave shortly, but what I'd suggest is opening a bug on bugzilla and posting the patch.
12:45 ambz Great, I'll do that. Thanks :)
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12:59 H Hy hoha question .... we did update the titel field for some records in mysql .... i did run a sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f but in the results the old titel is still there (the file itself is ok) anny tips
13:01 jcamins H: yes, restore from  your backup and update the MARC.
13:01 jcamins You cannot make changes via MySQL.
13:02 H it where like 24000 files who had to change
13:02 jcamins Use MarcEdit or something like that.
13:02 jcamins Or write a script.
13:02 H can i not run a full reindex off zebra
13:02 jcamins No you cannot.
13:03 jcamins Updating the fields in MySQL will not work.
13:03 H ...
13:03 H would koha-rebuild-zebra --full koha-oe help ?
13:03 jcamins No.
13:04 jcamins Zebra does not use the data in the MySQL biblio table.
13:04 jcamins Just the MARC.
13:05 H lucky we made a backup :)
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13:07 jcamins Very!
13:07 * jcamins is pro-backup.
13:07 H anny tips how we can do it the database admin sitting next to me
13:09 jcamins Take a look at the script in misc/maintenance/
13:09 jcamins You can copy that script and create a rename script.
13:12 jcamins A lot of people just export all their records and edit them in MarcEdit, too.
13:12 H how does that work ?
13:12 H can you take your items back with it ?
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13:13 H i did my original from marcedit
13:13 H import
13:13 jcamins You can just tell Koha to ignore the items and overlay the bibs.
13:14 H yes but can i match on title ?
13:14 jcamins Yes, but I recommend against it.
13:15 jcamins You should match on biblionumber, in 999$c.
13:15 H not all my records have isbn numbers
13:15 H ah
13:16 jcamins Okay, time to head into the city.
13:16 jcamins Good luck.
13:16 H thx for the information
13:16 H :)
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13:19 marcelr hi koha
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13:38 rambutan @seen bag
13:38 huginn rambutan: bag was last seen in #koha 15 hours, 19 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <bag> oh hey hankbank
13:39 rambutan @seen jcamins
13:39 huginn rambutan: jcamins was last seen in #koha 23 minutes and 32 seconds ago: <jcamins> Good luck.
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13:39 rambutan @seen fred
13:39 huginn rambutan: fred was last seen in #koha 2 years, 9 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 45 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <Fred> thanks a lot for ur help, bye all!
13:40 marcelr @seen my keys
13:40 huginn marcelr: (seen [<channel>] <nick>) -- Returns the last time <nick> was seen and what <nick> was last seen saying. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself.
13:40 marcelr :)
13:52 druthb kf++
13:55 druthb hm.
13:57 * druthb gets out the velcro
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14:10 kf druthb: what did I do?
14:11 druthb wait…i need a reason to plus-plus you?
14:11 druthb who knew?
14:11 druthb …but I do have one.  Thanks for backing me up on translation stuff while I've been busy with the move!
14:11 kf tsk
14:11 kf oh
14:11 kf sure thing
14:11 kf hope it's all ok :)
14:12 druthb yep!
14:12 kf marcelr++ :)
14:13 kf marcelr: thx for taking a look at the encoding stuff - much appreciated
14:23 marcelr kf++
14:24 kf Joubu++ too :)
14:24 jcamins joubu++
14:24 kf RM happy? :)
14:24 marcelr joubu++
14:25 marcelr jcamins: how about my question on feature freeze?
14:25 jcamins marcelr: responding now.
14:25 marcelr so fast :)
14:28 Joubu kf, jcamins: I'm not pleased with myself. Unit tests are quite dirty but I didn't find another way to do it...
14:29 jcamins Joubu: I will take a look ASAP (probably not until tomorrow), and let you know if I have any other ideas.
14:32 jcamins I don't really see how you could do it any differently.
14:32 jcamins The important thing is that now if there's a regression, we'll spot it.
14:35 kf jcamins: hm not sure, but friday is a holiday here - might be the same in france?
14:35 kf easter
14:36 jcamins Kind of late, isn't it?
14:36 kf Joubu: what about easter holidays in france? friday and monday too?
14:37 jcamins Since the unit tests are there, I won't revert 5343.
14:37 kf jcamins: don't ask me - I don't place the holidays :)
14:40 Joubu kf: no, just monday
14:40 kf oh
14:42 jcamins Well, I wrote a response.
14:42 marcelr jcamins: thx, looking
14:43 jcamins Ooh, it even sent.
14:43 jcamins I was about to paste it and ask someone else to sent it to the list.
14:43 marcelr someone else?
14:43 wahanui someone else is going to have to look at acquisitions
14:44 jcamins I don't have a fully-functional internet connection.
14:44 kf right wahanui, excellent idea .)
14:44 kf it arrived jcamins
14:44 kf all good
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14:44 marcelr jcamins: remains that some authors could mark it as enh, and then it could be ignored by qa
14:45 jcamins That is true.
14:45 jcamins I'm trying to reclassify bugs as they're reported... when I notice, anyway.
14:45 kf also some bugs end as enh
14:45 kf because it's the default
14:46 kf I have hope that we will go under 100 in the qa week over easter
14:46 marcelr i would have marked my example as enh :)
14:46 kf (until next week)
14:46 jcamins Yeah, but there's really nothing we can do about that.
14:46 kf shoter list - better overview, I hope
14:47 jcamins marcelr: it's a bug fix because your new feature that is already in Koha is advertised as making all the fields show up.
14:47 marcelr kf: you should add a filter on signed off
14:47 jcamins If one of the fields doesn't show up, librarians are going to think it doesn't exist.
14:47 marcelr skipping the enh and features
14:47 jcamins At least, that's how I interpreted your scenario.
14:47 marcelr yeah, i see; there will always be discussion
14:48 jcamins And of course you can always ask about a particular bug report.
14:48 marcelr kf: then we are way below 100
14:48 jcamins Ordinarily I'll be at my e-mail more, but yesterday and the day before were the holiday.
14:48 marcelr ok
14:49 marcelr i will probably look at some enh in the queue too (for a possible update to bug)
14:52 kf sorry phone!
14:52 jcamins How many bugs are currently open in Bugzilla?
14:54 jcamins >2800
14:54 marcelr wow
14:54 jcamins Wait, no.
14:54 jcamins That includes pushed to Master and Pushed to Stable.
14:55 marcelr who will file bug 10000
14:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10000 was not found.
14:55 marcelr not yet
14:55 jcamins 2200
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15:15 kf crazy busy today
15:15 kf reading back now
15:15 marcelr kf: don't worry
15:15 marcelr nothing important :)
15:16 kf ah
15:16 kf yeah I have filters - but I like to see the number on the dashboard go down too :)
15:17 kf btw - did someone notice the blocker I filed this morning?
15:17 kf about not being able to edit issuing rules for specific libraries?
15:17 marcelr what number
15:18 kf somewhat close to 10.000? ;)
15:18 kf 9933
15:18 marcelr bug 9933
15:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9933 blocker, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Changing/editing circulation rules for specific library affects all libraries
15:18 kf I think it's a missing parameter branch somewhere
15:19 marcelr related to the patch on editing rules?
15:20 kf hm no I don't think that's the problem actually
15:20 kf but it might, or to the new renewal period
15:20 kf or both together causing some weird side effect
15:21 kf I think it's probably easy to fix - just have to find out where the library goes missing
15:21 jcamins I think the renewal period, most likely.
15:21 jcamins Because editing a specific library's rule worked when I tried it.
15:21 kf because the logs are clean - it just always applies your change to all libraries which is branchcode = empty
15:40 marcelr bgkriegel++
15:42 kf marcelr: what did he do this time? :)
15:42 marcelr he is faster than fast
15:44 kf lightning speed?
15:44 * kf gets out the cape for bernardo
15:44 marcelr :)
15:45 kf bug 9902 is also a bad one
15:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9902 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , item subfields not populating in 3.10
15:45 kf serials
15:45 marcelr yeah
15:47 marcelr @seen bgkriegel
15:47 kf work never ends... :)
15:47 huginn marcelr: bgkriegel was last seen in #koha 14 hours, 14 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <bgkriegel> :)
15:48 marcelr if bgkriegel sees bug 6554, things will get better :)
15:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6554 critical, P3, ---, dpavlin, Failed QA , Broken encoding in members home/search page
15:48 kf marcelr: did you get an answer to your question about reservecontraints?
15:48 hymn joined #koha
15:48 kf I just found the mail in my inbox because I wanted to check our installations for it :)
15:48 marcelr no, but i should just delete all refs to it
15:49 marcelr there is a report for it\
15:49 kf it might be worth taking a look at what it was used for
15:49 marcelr hard to find?
15:49 kf yeah probably
15:49 kf asking the elders maybe... rangi
15:49 marcelr i mailed the list
15:49 kf yep
15:50 kf it's empty in our oldest installation too
15:50 marcelr it is 2.x
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16:09 reiveune bye
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16:11 oleonard Hi #koha
16:11 * oleonard straggles in
16:12 jcamins I'm reading an interesting book called Producing Open Source Software : how to run a successful free software project.
16:12 jcamins Everyone running for election in the 3.14 release cycle should read it.
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16:24 druthb Hi, oleonard!  :)
16:24 druthb jcamins:  Well suggested!  I've bookmarked it for later reading!
16:24 oleonard druthb: Have you convinced your employers to start offering Koha support yet?
16:24 druthb heh.
16:25 kf jcamins: will we refrain from running afterwards?
16:25 jcamins kf: hmmm...
16:25 jcamins hard to say.
16:25 * druthb velcroes kf down, so she can't run
16:26 druthb oleonard:  I *would* like to see it possible to install Koha on a cPanel host environment.  It would not be easy.
16:26 kf hmpf
16:27 jcamins druthb: definitely not, since we don't have working RPMs.
16:27 jcamins Or any RPMs.
16:29 druthb I have some thoughts about how to make it go, jcamins.  This would allow a hosting provider to offer a Koha plugin.  When a customer of theirs wants to use Koha, then a $KOHA_CONF is set up, and you're running multiple instances off one codebase.  Gnarly, maybe, at the moment..
16:30 jcamins druthb: that'd be very cool, but I was talking about getting it installed in the first place being problematic... isn't cPanel RPM-only?
16:30 druthb Some plugins are installed from tarball.
16:31 druthb cPanel *itself* is RPM, and it *prefers* RPM-aware things, but it isn't married to that.
16:31 jcamins Right, but before one can use Koha on an RPM-based distribution, one must install Koha's dependencies.
16:31 druthb Right.  There's the rub.
16:32 druthb larryb tried installing Koha on an RHEL system, and eventually had to give up or become a raging maniac.
16:33 kf glad he stopped
16:33 jcamins That was my recollection.
16:34 druthb *right now* that's the big blocker, as I see it.
16:36 nengard druthb is here!! :)
16:36 druthb Hi, nengard! :)
16:37 nengard how goes it?
16:38 druthb awesome sauce!
16:39 druthb Anyone here planning on being at YAPC::NA in Austin in June?  Or YAPC::EU in Kiev in August?  I'll be at both...
16:39 nengard anyone looking for easy patches to sign off on? bug 9850 has several - and more on the way :)
16:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9850 critical, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Needs Signoff , Koha 3.12 Help Files Update
16:40 oleonard Kiev eh druthb? That sounds cool.
16:40 druthb yah, I'm looking forward to it.
16:40 druthb Plus two other conferences for cPanel, plus KohaCon…travelin' fool this year.
16:41 alphaman joined #koha
16:42 druthb
16:43 druthb I submitted my talk abstract *yesterday*, and the orgs have already approved it.  I'm amazed.
16:44 kf cool
16:44 kf what*s the title?
16:46 kf bye all :)
16:46 druthb
16:46 druthb grr.
16:46 kf hm doesn't work for me
16:47 druthb "An Ecological View of an Open-Source Community: Koha"
16:47 kf oh sounds interesting
16:47 kf now I know why you bookmarked the book :)
16:47 druthb :D
16:47 jcamins It's a nice fast read, too.
16:48 jcamins I started it yesterday and I'm 40% of the way through.
16:48 kf but you are quite a fast reader :)
16:48 kf andn ow I should leave while there is still a bit of sun out there!
16:48 kf cya later or tomororw!
16:48 kf left #koha
17:09 sophie_m joined #koha
17:21 cait joined #koha
18:01 viktorsarge_ joined #koha
18:42 rambutan_lunch joined #koha
18:47 jcamins Hey, I had a thought.
18:47 jcamins nengard: a lot of the help patches are just changing the link from /3.10/ to /3.12/ right?
18:47 nengard most of them are
18:47 nengard but some I'm updating if the module changed or the manual section changed
18:47 nengard So I review each one
18:47 nengard and compare it to the manual
18:48 jcamins Right, the review is definitely necessary.
18:49 jcamins But I'm wondering if it wouldn't make sense to have a template variable with the "current" manual URL.
18:49 jcamins Then anywhere that the manual hasn't changed you don't need to generate a patch at all.
18:49 jcamins We just update the template variable to .../3.14/ or .../3.16/ or whatever.
18:50 bag that sounds smart to me
18:53 cait jcamins: couldn't that be derived from the kohaversion?
18:54 jcamins cait: I thought about that, and I'm on the fence.
18:54 cait ?
18:54 cait what would you do up thereß
18:55 cait ?
18:55 cait :)
18:55 jcamins Hehe.
18:55 jcamins The question is, what manual should an odd version point to?
18:56 jcamins I guess one option would be to set up redirects for development versions.
18:57 nengard jcamins - actually
18:58 nengard There is a sentence around the link that says learn more about ***** in teh manual
18:58 nengard so I could change that and make it more generic and include it
18:58 nengard but right now I kind of link the fact that it's diff on each
19:01 jcamins It seems like a lot of unnecessary work for the doc manager.
19:01 jcamins Not to mention the RM, of course.
19:01 cait but the sentence can be different
19:02 cait only the link would be generated
19:03 nengard okay
19:03 cait brb
19:03 hankbank joined #koha
19:05 jcamins I think this connection cuts out on the hour every hour.
19:08 nengard I have an include ready to go
19:08 nengard I'm going to use it going forward and once we get the ones I did pushed I'll submit an update for all of those
19:09 nengard cause I'm on a roll
19:10 jcamins Sounds good.
19:10 cait is the include within an html tag with the vresion`
19:10 cait ?
19:16 cait nengard: hm, seeing your patch in my inbox - it looks like you hardcoded the include to searching?
19:16 cait +<a href="http://manual.koha-community.o[…]en/searching.html">manual</a> (online).</strong></p>
19:16 nengard that was before I created the include
19:17 cait hm so there isanother patch?
19:17 nengard hang on
19:17 nengard my head is in 100 places at once
19:17 nengard i might have messed up
19:18 nengard cait, yes I did the searching stuff before the include - there is another patch that I see that has just the ending of that line
19:18 nengard in it's own file
19:18 nengard I will then put that include in all the help files I create from here on out
19:18 cait i am only seeing your patch on the list :)
19:19 cait and that has this link
19:19 nengard[…]ment.cgi?id=16950
19:19 nengard it adds a new file with that link
19:20 cait yes
19:20 nengard i'll update that with each release instead of every help file
19:20 cait but you win nothing with a hardcoded link to searching I think?
19:20 nengard OH!!!
19:20 nengard I see what the problem is
19:20 nengard okay we can't do it as an include
19:20 nengard each link goes to the correct section of the manual
19:20 nengard based on the help file
19:20 nengard so that people don't have to search the manual to find what they want more info on
19:20 cait I think the suggestion was to do something like that
19:21 cait +<a href="[% koha version %]/en/searching.html">manual</a> (online).</strong></p>
19:21 nengard oh!
19:21 nengard GOt it
19:28 nengard there
19:28 nengard much better that way
19:28 nengard then it can be edited for version and language and if we ever move the manual
19:30 cait language is a good idea
19:31 cait nengard: I think ideally we would use variables - language is maybe already there
19:31 cait instead of an include
19:31 nengard I don't know what you mean by variables
19:31 cait the include could confuse the translation script I think
19:32 nengard the version is 3.10.3 or 3.09.100
19:32 nengard and I need 3.10 or 3.12 in the URL
19:32 nengard this way it's one file to edit
19:32 nengard how is it diff from the current help files
19:32 cait I think if you added a new variable to .... what's it called... that would probably work
19:32 cait jcamins: help?
19:32 wahanui i heard help was at if no-one here can help.
19:33 cait no... not that help wahanui :)
19:33 nengard I kind of feel like decisions to change things should have been made before now - now I need to rush to get these things done
19:33 jcamins nengard: you don't have to change it.
19:33 nengard and can't keep going back and forth
19:33 nengard Well I don't kmind
19:33 jcamins I was suggesting it because there are a gazillion files still to update.
19:33 nengard don't mind
19:33 nengard the include would do what you're suggesting - wouldn't it
19:33 nengard make it so that in the future I don't have to update all the files
19:33 nengard just the include and the help files that have changed?
19:34 cait nengard: I am worreid abou tit getting picked up by the translation scripts
19:34 nengard Is it picked up now?
19:34 cait of course
19:35 cait I have translated a gazillion little bit different sentences
19:35 cait with links to the manual
19:35 cait so if we get that figured out
19:35 kathryn joined #koha
19:35 cait you would help translators as well :)
19:36 nengard so - here's why i'm confused - if it's picked up now - then why won't it be picked up with the include?
19:36 jcamins nengard: the problem is the text of the include getting picked up, and translated into gibberish.
19:36 nengard hmmm
19:37 cait or not picked up... which might not be a bad thing
19:38 nengard This week I need to get these help files done - so if we have a solution that's going to work that I'm missing let me know ... otherwise I'll do it the way I always have for this release and for the next one we come up with a plan that works for everyone - or we use the include (but I don't want it to break things with translation so I don't need to use it if that's the case)
19:38 cait actually, maybe just leaving it makes no difference.... you can't change the link to point to a translated manual now and you would not be able to do it then I think... but if we make it a variable, then it would need to be a pref maybe
19:38 cait so if you have a translated manual, you can point to it or leave it on en
19:39 nengard right
19:39 cait i am confusing myself now
19:39 nengard hehe
19:39 * jcamins doesn't have a strong feeling.
19:39 cait heh
19:39 cait maybe nengard is right - leave it as it is, figure out a smarter way later
19:39 nengard I'm so worn out - I've been taking care of mom as she recovers from surgery at my house - so if I'm being confusing too that's why
19:39 nengard so - no includes
19:39 nengard ?
19:39 cait oh, hope she recovers well
19:40 nengard she's doing great, it's just tiring for me to do a full time job and take care of her :) so my brain isn't working 100%
19:41 cait neither is mine
19:41 nengard so cait - i just want to be sure I understand what we want ... yes to an include (as it is now) or no to an include (just update each file for now)
19:41 cait still fighting with that cold
19:41 nengard :(
19:41 cait I think leave it as it was
19:41 cait would be safest
19:41 nengard okey dokey
19:41 nengard works for me
19:45 nengard patches are all marked un-obsolete :)
19:45 nengard now on to the next one
19:51 wizzyrea cait - on 9922 do a bib level
19:51 wizzyrea hold
19:51 cait hm
19:51 wizzyrea item level holds were never the problem.
19:51 cait but it seemed wrong for item level too
19:51 cait but I will try
19:52 wizzyrea the behaviour you saw was the right behaviour
19:52 cait ok
19:52 wizzyrea kyle forgot an "apply the patch" in there
19:52 cait I will trust the expert
19:52 cait oh there is one
19:52 wizzyrea you always want the hold queue to select from holding branch, never home branch
19:52 cait but I did an item level - because i wanted it to pick the one with the dfferent home and holding branch
19:52 cait and i had several items on the record
19:53 wizzyrea yea, that's fine
19:53 wizzyrea it was picking the holding branch, right>?
19:53 cait wizzyrea: I thought it was doing home branch
19:53 wizzyrea no
19:53 cait that's why I thought it was wrong
19:53 wizzyrea you say holding branch fairfield
19:53 cait I will check it agian a bit later or in the morning
19:53 wizzyrea yea, it should always pick from holding branch, never ever from homebranch
19:53 wizzyrea that's the behaviour you are looking for :)
19:54 cait yep
19:54 cait at least I had the right thought then :)
19:54 cait now have to check if I confused my branches
19:54 wizzyrea and AIR doesn't factor into it at all - the plan is, really, toggle AIR and nothing should change.
19:54 cait got it
19:54 wizzyrea and the item should come from holdingbranch, always
19:55 wizzyrea (that's the old behaviour)
20:06 nengard left #koha
20:17 cait k
20:18 cait btw - no rangi today?
20:18 wizzyrea not yet - soon
20:18 wizzyrea kid duty :)
20:18 cait aah
20:18 cait was wondering if yo uhad more holidays :)
20:23 gmcharlt @quote random
20:23 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #160: "oleonard: All of humanity's evolution and technological achievement have led to this day, when someone could say simply, 1s, vid and make it so." (added by wizzyrea at 04:23 PM, September 28, 2011)
20:24 wizzyrea it's so true.
20:24 wizzyrea @quote random
20:24 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #21: "<owen> I think we need more quotes!" (added by jdavidb at 04:18 PM, August 06, 2009)
20:24 wizzyrea huginn is feeling philosophical today
20:24 huginn wizzyrea: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
20:25 druthb @quote random
20:25 huginn druthb: Quote #202: "<wizzyrea> well and before that I used the garden of razorblades that is OpenBSD." (added by slef at 02:34 PM, April 27, 2012)
20:25 oleonard Who's that "owen" guy huginn is talking about?
20:25 oleonard Haven't heard from him in a while
20:25 druthb Srsly.  Or jdavidb.
20:26 druthb :P
20:26 wizzyrea @quote random
20:26 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #198: "<gmcharlt> hobgoblins are stealing our eyes!" (added by slef at 05:49 PM, April 06, 2012)
20:26 wizzyrea !
20:26 oleonard gmcharlt was seriously tripping that day
20:26 cait @quote random
20:26 huginn cait: Quote #149: "mtj: DEVELOPERS!!! DEVELOPERS!!! DEVELOPERS!!!" (added by druthb at 01:15 AM, August 26, 2011)
20:27 gmcharlt I have no memory of that
20:27 druthb @quote random
20:27 huginn druthb: Quote #155: "libsysguy: I always hate touching somebody else's code that they are currently working on...its like asking someone if you can hold their kid" (added by kf at 01:35 PM, September 15, 2011)
20:27 wizzyrea also, you cannot log into a koha using username "lolol"
20:27 wizzyrea unless that user exists.
20:27 oleonard Oh, but did you know you can set one user's username to another user's card number?
20:27 wizzyrea not surprising
20:28 cait and that's evil
20:28 druthb @most increased
20:28 huginn druthb: "rangi": 765, "oleonard": 663, "jcamins": 526, "wizzyrea": 391, "cait": 373, "gmcharlt": 370, "chris_n": 313, "paul_p": 278, "kf": 261, "sekjal": 245, "nengard": 238, "magnuse": 217, "druthb": 180, "slef": 176, "eythian": 159, "fredericd": 96, "marcelr": 82, "drojf": 80, "tcohen": 75, "biblibre": 70, "hdl": 69, "mveron": 66, "mtj": 61, "hdl_laptop": 60, and "jwagner": 54
20:28 cait there is a bug around there
20:28 cait I ended up in the wrong patron account once :(
20:28 wizzyrea yea, that completely should not work
20:28 cait i think it's even worse
20:28 cait have you ever tried setting dupliate userids using the patron import?
20:28 druthb @karma druthb
20:28 huginn druthb: Karma for "druthb" has been increased 180 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 179.
20:29 oleonard My staff really likes to put random spaces in people's email addresses during patron entry.
20:29 jcamins @karma jcamins
20:29 huginn jcamins: Karma for "jcamins" has been increased 526 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 524.
20:29 druthb I'm gonna try to break into the 200s this year.  Need me a bucket full of awesome.
20:29 jcamins Wow. 524!
20:30 rangi karma for jcamins
20:30 wahanui jcamins has karma of 492
20:30 rangi karma for kf
20:30 wahanui kf has karma of 231
20:30 rangi wahanui has his own tracker
20:30 wahanui rangi: what?
20:30 gmcharlt druthb++ # we know you're awesome!
20:30 druthb puh
20:30 oleonard karma for kittens
20:30 wahanui kittens has neutral karma
20:31 oleonard kittens++
20:31 druthb karma for oleonard
20:31 wahanui oleonard has karma of 432
20:31 ibeardslee that can't be right
20:31 gmcharlt *boggles*
20:31 rangi and yes we definitely should stop duplicate userid and check for cardnumber
20:31 gmcharlt kittens++
20:31 oleonard @karma kittens
20:31 huginn oleonard: Karma for "kittens" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
20:35 druthb kittens++
20:35 bgkriegel joined #koha
20:35 druthb cait++
20:36 cait druthb: again???
20:37 rambutan joined #koha
20:38 wizzyrea yea, that's dirty and requires fixing
20:39 wizzyrea phew, I have a ways to go to catch up :)
20:39 wizzyrea but really I think jcamins probably deserves to be ahead ^.^
20:39 druthb yes, cait.  Always.
20:39 rangi @karma
20:39 huginn rangi: Highest karma: "rangi" (759), "oleonard" (658), and "jcamins" (524).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-114), "failed" (-101), and "-" (-73).  You (rangi) are ranked 1 out of 2436.
20:40 cait @karma cait
20:40 huginn cait: Karma for "cait" has been increased 374 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 373.
20:40 cait @karma kf
20:40 huginn cait: Karma for "kf" has been increased 261 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 261.
20:40 rangi @most decreased
20:40 cait hm.
20:40 huginn rangi: "<!": 125, "failed": 101, "-": 76, "ie": 67, "<-": 51, "C4::Search": 32, "windows": 27, "[": 22, "ptfs": 17, "--><!": 14, "liblime": 13, "src="<!": 11, "monday": 10, "it": 10, "^": 10, "-rw-r--r": 10, "marc": 10, "--": 9, "zebra": 9, "me": 8, "windchill": 8, "ms_access": 7, "ms_word": 7, "word": 7, and "oracle": 7
20:40 rangi heh
20:40 * druthb snickers.
20:41 jcamins Heh.
20:41 jcamins I'm responsible for a lot of those.
20:41 jcamins ms_access, windows, C4::Search, and ie have gotten a lot of negative karma from me.
20:41 druthb -++
20:41 druthb +--
20:42 * druthb lulz
20:42 druthb @karma -
20:42 huginn druthb: Karma for "-" has been increased 4 times and decreased 76 times for a total karma of -72.
20:42 druthb @karma +
20:42 huginn druthb: Karma for "+" has been increased 9 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 8.
20:42 wizzyrea someone typed +++ a lot
20:42 gmcharlt -++
20:42 gmcharlt -++
20:42 wizzyrea @karma +
20:42 huginn wizzyrea: Karma for "+" has been increased 10 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 9.
20:42 gmcharlt -++
20:42 gmcharlt ;)
20:42 wizzyrea hehehehehe
20:43 druthb @wunder 77063
20:43 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Briargrove Park, Houston, Texas is 22.6°C (3:39 PM CDT on March 27, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 28%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
20:43 druthb @wunder 66046
20:43 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 9.8°C (3:39 PM CDT on March 27, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.22 in 1023 hPa (Falling).
20:43 druthb @wunder 20852
20:43 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Twinbrook, Rockville, Maryland is 9.5°C (4:40 PM EDT on March 27, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
20:43 gmcharlt @quote add <wizzyrea> JOKES FOR NERDS, JOKES FOR NERDS
20:43 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #238 added.
20:44 druthb imma liking the 22.6 a lot more than the 9.8.
20:47 * druthb heads off to go work out, then home.
20:47 oleonard Later #koha
20:55 * jcamins gloomily contemplates the piles of books on the floor and the empty shelves on the wall.
20:55 jcamins I hate it the way bookshelves are never _quite_ the right height.
20:55 cait jcamins: so you created a mess at your client's?
20:55 jcamins cait: yep. Emptied out three shelves onto the floor.
20:56 cait tsk
21:01 gmcharlt jcamins: quick, blame the cat!
21:01 jcamins Hehe.
21:01 cait hehe
21:01 cait or the dog
21:01 cait even better
21:01 wahanui hmmm... even better is what oleonard said just after that
21:13 bag thanks cait
21:13 bag and HI!
21:13 rambutan joined #koha
21:13 cait hi :)
21:13 cait not my intent to be difficult on this one - but I still think it needs to be pointed out
21:13 rangi wow
21:14 cait i mean documented :) then it should be alright
21:14 cait rangi: hm?
21:14 rangi failing a first time developers patch
21:14 jcamins :(
21:14 jcamins Did I do that?
21:14 cait I thik he was not aware of that
21:14 rangi for the fact it doesnt address an issue totally not to do with the bug
21:14 cait I will go an fix it
21:14 rangi either way
21:14 wahanui well, either way is workable though imho
21:14 cait do you have the bug number?
21:14 cait I deleted it accidentally earlier and got distracted
21:14 jcamins I don't recall doing that.
21:14 cait was not you
21:14 cait frederic
21:14 jcamins Ah.
21:15 cait rangi: bug?
21:15 wahanui i think bug is it stores biblionumber not itemnumber
21:15 rangi bug 5658
21:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5658 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, fridolyn.somers, CLOSED FIXED, can't delete subfields in frameworks
21:15 jcamins I don't recall that patch at all.
21:15 rangi hmm no
21:15 rangi bug 5648
21:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5648 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Failed QA , icons clumping together
21:15 jcamins Still don't.
21:15 * jcamins reads
21:16 rangi updated
21:16 jcamins That sounds like a bug.
21:17 rangi its a different federic, not frederic demian
21:17 rangi just fyi
21:17 cait oh that's right
21:17 wahanui no it's not.
21:17 jcamins Huh. I don't know who that is.
21:17 cait misread
21:21 rangi hehe we keep making jared have to switch it to bug
21:23 jcamins Just so long as you don't do it again. :P
21:23 rangi hehe
21:23 rangi i'd like to have jen stick around koha
21:23 rangi
21:23 wizzyrea yea, she's good people
21:23 NateC joined #koha
21:24 cait I think browser problem
21:24 cait i have that sometimes happening with bug status too
21:25 cait the pull down is still signed off although bug says passed qa above - didn't toch the bug setting :(
21:25 wizzyrea maybe has to do with bz?
21:25 wizzyrea i've noticed that happening too but I didn't pay that much attention
21:26 wizzyrea i thought it was just me
21:26 wizzyrea git bz I mean
21:26 cait nope not you - have been falling into that trap lots lately
21:30 * jcamins leaves for a lecture.
22:02 alphaman left #koha
22:15 eythian hi
22:16 rambutan hey
22:20 rambutan left #koha
22:20 cait hey eythian - bye all
22:20 cait left #koha
22:34 bag dumb quesiton - can you z3950 into koha for the item information?
22:35 bag I'm drawing a blank
22:38 bag nevermind :)
23:05 gmcharlt bag: yes # but you probably know that already now ;)
23:17 laurence left #koha
23:26 maximep left #koha
23:27 dcook joined #koha
23:33 papa joined #koha

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