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01:48 vald_tmj Hi there, I'm wondering if it's possible to transfer data from our current systems which are Athena and TESS student information systems?  Is it going to be difficult to transfer our student information to your system?
01:49 wizzyrea can you get the data out in CSV?
01:49 wizzyrea from TESS
01:49 wizzyrea or some delimited format?
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01:49 * wizzyrea waves to eythian
01:50 eythian_ hi
01:51 vald_tmj I'll do some checking and will get back to you in a few minutes.
01:54 vald_tmj What are our options if we can't?
01:55 rangi if you cant get the data out, then there's no way to get it in :-)
01:56 rangi you have to get the data out in a sane format, or there is no hope
01:56 rangi so no binary mess, but some kind of consistently delimited text format, and then you can get it in
01:57 vald_tmj Yes we can get both systems out in a tab delimitetd.
01:58 wizzyrea athena shouldn't be a big problem
01:59 vald_tmj I have a few more questions, 1) What kind of instruction is there available with Koha regarding the transfer of data? Do you walk us through it, send us step by step instruction?
02:00 vald_tmj 2) Would you like to see the data from our systems we are currently using?
02:00 rangi im sure if you wanted to pay one of the many support companies to walk you throw it step by step one of them would
02:00 wizzyrea http://manual.koha-community.o[…]tml#imp-migration
02:01 wizzyrea http://manual.koha-community.o[…]html#patronimport
02:01 rangi Koha is of course a free and open source software project, and is not owned by any one company/organisation .. so when you say "would you" we need to know who you mean when you say you :-)
02:01 rangi you are currently talking in the project irc channel, so it could be any of a bunch of people :-)
02:01 wizzyrea paid support?
02:01 wahanui please see for a list of paid Koha support vendors.
02:02 wizzyrea :)
02:02 wizzyrea also there's a manual :P
02:03 vald_tmj Ok, what I meant by "you" is if there is information available or someone available to help us if/when we need it.  Thanks for the above mentioned information regarding support companies.
02:03 wizzyrea ayep - the answer to "is there someone to help" is definitely "yes"
02:03 wizzyrea :)
02:04 vald_tmj 3) We are a school in China. Are there companies in China that offer Koha support in Asia in Chinese and English?
02:05 rangi yes
02:05 rangi not in mainland china that i know of, but in taiwan
02:05 vald_tmj Can you provide me with more information?
02:05 rangi
02:05 wizzyrea[…]t/continent/#asia
02:06 wizzyrea t
02:06 rangi even :)
02:06 wizzyrea yes that
02:06 wizzyrea lol
02:06 wizzyrea sorry!
02:07 rangi[…]nguage=zh-Hans-TW
02:07 rangi for a demo
02:08 wizzyrea hm that is doing something odd with redirects
02:08 rangi try it just like that then :)
02:08 vald_tmj Do the schools do the translations themselves or is there a Koha representative who translates information?
02:09 rangi
02:09 wizzyrea users translate koha
02:09 wizzyrea users meaning, parties who care enough to get involved to translate
02:12 tcohen it needs a referrer
02:13 tcohen (that's why 9735 should be pushed actually :-P)
02:14 vald_tmj I'm not sure what you mean by 9735.
02:14 wizzyrea bug 9735
02:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9735 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Choose language using URL parameters in any page
02:15 tcohen sorry vald_tmj, was talking to wizzyrea
02:16 vald_tmj Thanks so much - this was quite helpful for now.
02:16 wizzyrea you are welcome :)
02:23 tcohen i learned jquery today, doing this
02:24 eythian_ yay for that, the old way sucks
02:24 tcohen i promised to fix it in a proper way, but jcamins told me 'for 3.14'
02:24 tcohen heh, so I did it with some jQuery
02:25 tcohen at least our users will enjoy it
02:40 tcohen bye #koha
02:51 jcamins tcohen++
02:52 wizzyrea oh god, seriously tcohen++
02:52 wizzyrea the old way was seriously suck.
02:52 wizzyrea seriously serious!
02:52 jcamins I'd be willing to call that a bugfix.
02:52 wizzyrea me too.
02:52 jcamins "No one can figure out what the hell is supposed to go in 'hidden.'"
02:52 wizzyrea and it reeeallly simplifies the help file
02:55 wizzyrea omg love love love that.
02:55 wizzyrea it's just as pretty irl as it is in the screencap.
02:55 * wizzyrea makes a note to actually hug tcohen
02:56 wizzyrea someday.
03:03 jcamins Feel free to sign off. :)
03:03 * jcamins goes to bed.
03:04 wizzyrea and it works too. that's lovely
03:07 eythian_ always a bonus :)
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05:09 mtj wizzyrea, about tonite?
05:11 mtj (at 6pm NZ time, shes probably not)
05:13 mtj hmm, a random plack question here…
05:14 mtj is it common for the plackup processes(s) to use some cpu when idle?
05:15 mtj ive got 2 here, that are both using 17% cpu… doing nothing
05:15 mtj i dont remember that being so previously? :/
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07:00 alohabot Hi mib_2m66bl, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
07:00 tzm hi
07:01 tzm hi
07:09 mtj hi tzm
07:10 tzm hi what is the meaning of sort1 and sort 2 fiels in Add Academic Staff patron>Library management
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07:16 mtj manual?
07:16 wahanui manual is probably at
07:16 mtj tzm, have you have a look Koha's manual yet?
07:16 mtj it explains it there, i think
07:18 tzm it says:
07:18 tzm Sort 1 and 2 are used for statistical purposes within your library
07:18 tzm what should i enter in the field
07:19 tzm I dont know for what statistical purposes is it used and where is it used
07:20 mtj hmm, yeah, thats not a great explaination for those fields
07:21 mtj sorry, i dont know what to input into sort 1 and 2 fields...
07:21 mtj ...anyone else know?
07:22 mtj i think you can add anything you want to them, basically
07:22 rangi they are optional you cna use them for statistical purposes, put things in them that you might want to report on later
07:22 mtj yes, thats the one! :)
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07:22 tzm any example?
07:22 christophe_c hello #koha
07:22 mtj if you cant think of anything important to add to those fields, then just ignore them :)
07:23 tzm ok thank u all
07:23 mtj tzm, 'FAT_PERSON' or 'SKINNY_PERSON' perhaps… ?
07:23 mtj no, sorry -  just kidding! :p
07:24 tzm :)
07:24 mtj then you could run a report on your patrons - to see how many fat or skinny customers you have :)
07:25 mtj but hey… you get the idea tzm
07:26 tzm yes i get the idea
07:26 tzm it can be used for taking reports
07:27 tzm but anywhere in koha is there any statistical analysis, where as it claims can be used
07:27 mtj yes, if you want to track some important info about your patrons, but have nowhere to track that info….
07:27 mtj … use sort1 and sort2
07:28 tzm ok gr8
07:28 tzm i have aother doubt
07:29 tzm Again in Add Academic Staff patron  - In Additional attributes and identifiers
07:30 tzm what  does UNT (UNIT)  mean?
07:34 tzm does it just mean in which UNIT the patron has designation DESIGNATION
07:34 rangi what version of koha are you using?
07:34 tzm out for lunch..
07:34 tzm koha 3.0.2
07:35 tzm
07:35 mtj tzm, woah,  thats very old
07:36 tzm i cant upgrade as i have made so many changes ,difficulkt to track, where
07:36 tzm any method to track changed files?
07:36 tzm only
07:37 tzm and upgrade later
07:37 mtj[…]Control_Using_Git
07:40 tzm i am continuing with my current version
07:40 tzm because iam afraid i will loose the changes i have made to the code.
07:41 tzm loggin out.
07:41 tzm c u after lunch
07:43 cjh you could clone the git repo, check out v3.02.00, copy over your files into the tree, and the git status would tell you what files have changed.
07:44 rangi there are security problems with 3.2.6
07:45 tzm oh
07:45 tzm i am running koha in debian linux 6
07:45 rangi ok
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07:46 reiveune hello
07:46 wahanui niihau, reiveune
07:46 rangi that doesnt change that fact :)
07:47 tzm from which directory should i copy my koha files to the tree<cjh>
07:47 rangi
07:50 tzm is it the latest stable version that u suggest, rangi
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07:51 rangi no im just showing the security problem 3.2.11 is still very old
07:51 rangi you should at least fix that problem in your 3.2.6
07:53 cjh tzm: that depends where and how koha is installed, it will probably be a case of taking each directory withing /usr/share/koha/ and cping it over to the appropriate place within the git tree.
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07:55 francharb good morning #koha
07:56 tzm ok <cjh>:
07:57 cjh tzm: im not sure how much koha has changed since 3.2.x, but in current master compared to a package install we have: not sure how helpful that is.
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08:00 tzm but i deviated from my qn :<tzm>: what does UNT (UNIT) mean? <tzm>: does it just mean in which UNIT the patron has designation DESIGNATION
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08:08 mtj tzm, afaik that has been removed from Koha ^^
08:10 mtj tzn, not many people here are running a Koha version that old… so, not many people can help you
08:16 tzm ok
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08:22 gaetan_B hello
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08:25 tzm bye 4 now tk care all,
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08:33 mtj wooh, bug 7241 pushed
08:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7241 normal, P5 - low, ---, adrien.saurat, Pushed to Master , circulation action logs record biblionumber instead of item number
08:33 mtj asaurat++
08:33 sophie_m \o/
08:34 asaurat aaaah :)
08:34 asaurat thx
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12:42 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:58 jcamins oleonard: how do we get the datatables controls all on the bottom?
12:58 jcamins I just noticed that the QoTD editor has a different set of controls.
12:58 oleonard I don't know off the top of my head, I'd have to check the docs.
12:58 oleonard The QoTD has tons of customizations on it
12:59 jcamins sPaginationType: 'four_button'
13:00 oleonard That changes the kind of pagination buttons, but not where they appear
13:00 jcamins Oh.
13:01 jcamins Right.
13:01 jcamins 'sDom': 't<"bottom pager"ilpf>' <-- maybe
13:01 oleonard Yes
13:01 tcohen oleonard: will get fancy as the marc editor?
13:02 oleonard jcamins: where "t" means "the table is here" (relative to the other elements in that string)
13:02 oleonard tcohen: I don't know what you mean by that
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13:03 samuel hi everybody
13:03 tcohen heh, on the marc editor the "save" button + bar is available at the bottom of the page
13:04 samuel short question:as it's the first time for me to do that and, in waiting to have a git install, how can i apply a patch?
13:06 oleonard samuel: You have a git installation for testing, and you want to apply a patch?
13:07 samuel not for the moment, but, manually, i have to do this  "patch < /path/to/file "?
13:08 jcamins samuel: no. You use git am -i /path/to/file
13:08 samuel ok
13:09 jcamins -i3
13:09 jcamins Always a good idea to do a three-way merge.
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13:11 oleonard Hi cait
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13:16 oleonard tcohen: You're asking if can get the floating toolbar too?
13:16 tcohen ahhh, that should've been the wording
13:16 tcohen yes
13:17 oleonard tcohen: I don't mind if you want to file an enhancement bug and assign it to me
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14:00 nengard fyi all - my focus this week is getting the help files done bug 9850 has the patches so far
14:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9850 critical, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Needs Signoff , Koha 3.12 Help Files Update
14:01 alaquerre Hi all.  Question for you.  We currently have big problem using inventory system.  Mainly because user do not nessary use the "perfect LCC" or the "perfect dewee".  Example : In canada, they put "C" in front of the canadian document and we end up having all the "C" at the same place which is wrong.
14:01 alaquerre I am currently imagining another column in Koha where the user would be able to "place" the document at the right place and overright the default cn_sort so we can get: "C180 1234 780", "180 1234 780-1","c180 1234 781"  etc. What do you think of the idea ?
14:02 jcamins nengard++
14:03 nengard :)
14:03 jcamins alaquerre: my initial instinct is that what you want can probably be accomplished using location and collection codes in addition to call numbers.
14:05 jcamins (and part numbers)
14:05 alaquerre jcamins : My real idea : I would like that user from the library literally "ran" in shelf by just scanning codebar and if a document is misplaced, missing having a loud BEEP :-) To do that, I need a "perfect" sort...
14:06 jcamins That would be very cool.
14:07 alaquerre jcamins : currently the process of printing a document is hard for my community... most of them did not do any inventory for the last 2 years...
14:08 jcamins I think probably the way to do it would be to make cn_sort editable within certain parameters.
14:08 jcamins That would almost certainly have to be a local modification, though, because the system would have to know all your shelflisting peculiarities.
14:11 alaquerre I'll keep thinking about it. ( the sorting) but what do you think of of module that will alert the user when he scan a "wrong document" ?
14:11 jcamins I think it would be incredibly useful, and incredibly difficult.
14:13 alaquerre Why's that ? :-) Let's say the sort is perfect... I was thinking reusing the "shelf browser" in opac and display the document while the user scan them. ( just gray out the lost, borrow one etc. )
14:13 alaquerre Am I missing something ?
14:15 jcamins Sadly, I think you are. If something is missing, what happens?
14:15 jcamins So all the books are in the right order, but one book is missing.
14:15 alaquerre Just alert the user that is currently doing the inventory.
14:16 jcamins Right, but what happens to the book that was just scanned?
14:16 jcamins It gets marked as seen, and the inventory tool jumps ahead to that book?
14:16 alaquerre Adding automatically a note to the items "Item missing while inventory" or somgthing like that.
14:16 alaquerre Yes
14:17 alaquerre So the logic is to find "hole" and for those "hole" adding something for later work...
14:17 jcamins Okay, what if one book is misshelved one shelf above where it belongs, so there are forty books that should have been scanned first?
14:18 jcamins If you skip ahead when books are missing, won't those forty books get marked as missing?
14:18 alaquerre I would act only with the previous
14:18 jcamins Here's the scenario I'm thinking of. We have books A-Z.
14:18 alaquerre You will know that the misshelfved book is at the wrong place...
14:18 jcamins Actually, A-H.
14:19 jcamins In scenario 1, they're shelved: A B C D E F G H
14:19 jcamins Everything is good.
14:19 jcamins In scenario 2, they're shelved: A C D E F G H
14:19 jcamins Book B is missing, but that's okay, because we've marked it.
14:19 jcamins In scenario 3, they're shelved: A H B C D E F G
14:20 jcamins When you scan in book H, the computer doesn't know whether the order is A H B or A H I
14:20 jcamins And that's why I think it would be very difficult.
14:21 alaquerre We will have "Alert : Scan should be B, H is at the wrong place."
14:21 alaquerre THen let the user do he's job to replace it.
14:22 alaquerre Maybe we should always let the user do the proper "action"... Mark as lost or whatever and force the user to skip it...
14:23 alaquerre "Something wrong - What you want to do ?" with couple of generic action.   We will end up forcing the full review A- H
14:24 jcamins That could work.
14:25 alaquerre Let me keep thinking about it :-) THanks for your input always appreciate it!
14:38 jcamins Okay... silly question... where do I set the statistical patron?
14:39 jcamins I could've sworn there was a syspref something like "StatisticalPatron," but apparently not.
14:39 oleonard A statistical patron category?
14:40 jcamins oleonard: right, but don't I have to make a statistical patron default?
14:40 oleonard No idea
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14:40 jcamins That makes two of us.
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14:44 druthb_mib o/
14:48 oleonard Hey druthb_mib
14:50 * druthb_mib grins at oleonard.
14:51 druthb_mib How are ya?
14:51 oleonard I'm good.
14:52 druthb_mib :)
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14:54 rambutan @seen jcammins
14:54 huginn rambutan: I have not seen jcammins.
14:54 rambutan @seen jcamins
14:54 huginn rambutan: jcamins was last seen in #koha 13 minutes and 53 seconds ago: <jcamins> That makes two of us.
14:55 oleonard rambutan always @seens first and asks questions later ;)
14:56 * druthb_mib chuckles.
14:56 druthb_mib @quote random
14:56 huginn druthb_mib: Quote #50: "<pianohackr|work> It is a landmine, I tell you" (added by a user that is no longer registered at 04:44 PM, December 23, 2009)
14:56 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
14:57 rambutan much better, methinks, than asking questions and @seens later ??
14:57 oleonard I ask questions first and @later later :)
14:59 oleonard Should we close as WONTFIX bugs which are specific to 3.4.x?
15:14 gmcharlt oleonard: seems reasonable (with comment saying *why* a bug was set to WONTFIX)
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15:30 bag morning
15:30 wahanui morning is a state of cat
15:31 * druthb_mib waves at bag
15:31 bag hey Ruth
15:39 rambutan wahanui: wake up buddy! Do tell me about bug 9889
15:39 wahanui rambutan: excuse me?
15:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9889 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED INVALID, Cannot get any results in Authority searches
15:39 rambutan oh, hunnin, sorry
15:40 rambutan since our upgrade to 3.10, we have been unable to search authorities. Any suggestions?
15:58 oleonard Some bugs we visit every year if only to say, "You're still an awesome bug! We haven't forgotten you!"
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15:59 * cait waves
16:04 druthb_mib :D :D
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16:05 cait hi melia and druthb_
16:05 melia hello cait
16:05 druthb_mib hi, melia. :)
16:07 melia hi druthb_mib!
16:15 reiveune bye
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16:54 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
17:13 oleonard Is there a batch biblio export command line script which has more features than the staff client tool?
17:14 cait hm
17:14 cait haven't run into something like that yet
17:15 cait have you checked the misc etc. ?
17:18 oleonard Yeah, nothing jumped out at me
17:18 cait checking right now too, don't see anything
17:18 oleonard Oh well, no big deal.
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17:30 jcamins rambutan: did you reindex?
17:30 rambutan jsut finished
17:30 cait hi jcamins
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17:59 gaetan_B bye !
18:02 jcamins cait++
18:02 druthb_mib cait++
18:04 oleonard Did I miss something? Or is it just that time of day that we regularly acknowledge that cait is awesome?
18:04 jcamins The latter.
18:04 * cait hides
18:04 druthb_mib yuss.  1400EasternUS/1300Central.
18:05 * druthb_mib drags cait out of hiding.
18:05 cait hmpf?
18:07 cait I just tested something for jcamins and broke it
18:08 jcamins And cait is generally awesome and deserves karma.
18:08 mtompset Which is worse, you breaking it, or some newbie user of Koha?
18:08 mtompset Testing is always good.
18:08 druthb_mib "generally awesome?"  Nay.  "Awesomely awesome!"
18:09 jcamins It's not Koha in this case, but testing is definitely good.
18:09 mtompset But the same logic applies, have the tester bust it, or a client who may or may not be able to fix it.
18:10 mtompset cait++ # just because you test things. :)
18:10 cait jcamins++ for building things i can break ;)
18:12 druthb_mib :)
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18:20 mtompset BTW, greetings, cait, tcohen, jcamins, druthb_mib, and oleonard in completely random order. :)
18:20 druthb_mib hi, mtompset! :)
18:20 tcohen hi mtompset
18:20 tcohen the CentOS - OpenSuSE lover
18:21 tcohen heh
18:21 mtompset Oh please!
18:21 tcohen just kidding, just kodding
18:21 mtompset Having jumped back and forth between using yum and apt-get... I initially thought I preferred yum, but apt-get seems more right.
18:22 mtompset And don't get me started on the wrongness of zypper.
18:22 mtompset Why can't everyone just agree on a single packaging method? It would make life easier for the children. :)
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18:27 tcohen LSB for all
18:27 tcohen ah,no, they chose RPM
18:28 * druthb_mib heads to a meeting.
18:36 cait marcelr++
18:36 cait oleonard++
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18:41 rambutan idle question: is there no man page for rebuild_zebra? it's ungoogleable
18:41 cait ?
18:41 tcohen --help
18:41 cait ^^ what tcohen said :)
18:42 rambutan ah, ic, thanks.  (for some of us old unixers man is the go-to command)
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18:43 cait hi another_peter :)
18:44 cait you are up early
18:44 another_peter hi cait
18:44 another_peter it is a strategy to leave the house and run to a cafe before the three children begin the daily bedlam
18:45 another_peter I also am looking for guidance about what is the desirable way of failing noisily in the context of the opac privacy module.
18:45 another_peter does this mean an on-screen error block, or an HTTP 500, or a Carp?
18:46 another_peter this is for the case where the administrator has not set a proper anonymous user
18:46 cait not sure what you want to do - can you explain a bit more?
18:46 jcamins On-screen error block.
18:46 * another_peter goes in search of the bugzilla
18:46 cait ah right
18:46 * jcamins leaves to catch the bus.
18:46 cait another_peter: which bug number is that?
18:46 cait I seem to remember I filed something about that sometime... hm.
18:47 another_peter big 6506
18:47 another_peter err, bug 6506
18:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6506 critical, P5 - low, ---, peterAtKohaBugzilla, NEW , deleting patron history missing errors
18:47 another_peter jcamins: thanks.  the reason i thought it might be otherwise is that this is something the administrator has to set, not the user.
18:47 another_peter (ah, he has gone already.)
18:48 rambutan @seen eveal
18:48 huginn rambutan: I have not seen eveal.
18:48 cait yeah, maybe we should phrase the error so that the user is encouraged to contact the library?
18:48 oleonard @seen edveal
18:48 huginn oleonard: edveal was last seen in #koha 1 week, 5 days, 22 hours, 36 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <edveal> Yes sorry
18:49 oleonard I guess huginn doesn't see you if you don't talk
18:49 another_peter which seems like something that we might do automatically for 500 errors...
18:49 oleonard Oh my god, huginn is a Tyrannosaurus!
18:50 cait oleonard: ?
18:50 oleonard Oh no that was movement, not sound. Jurassic Park reference.
18:50 laurence joined #koha
18:51 mtompset Still an okay attempt. :P
18:52 cait oh
18:52 cait sorry for missing it :)
18:53 another_peter cait: "The deletion of your reading history failed, because the system's privacy module is configured incorrectly.  Please notify a librarian of this error."
18:53 cait hm maybe a bit nicer? :)
18:53 cait I am not a native speaker tho :)
18:54 another_peter it is very early in the morning to be nice.
18:54 cait The deletion for your reading history failed, because there is a problem with the configuration of this feature. Please help to fix it and inform your library about this error?
18:55 another_peter OK, going with: "The deletion for your reading history failed, because there is a problem with the configuration of this feature. Please help to fix the system by informing your library of this error."
18:55 another_peter which is essentially your sentence nativespeakerised
18:55 cait hehe :)
18:56 cait wasn't too far off..
18:57 another_peter quite so.  now, how about the case that they have their history set to "never keep", and the error occurs during a return?
18:57 cait hm
18:57 cait difficult
18:57 cait you can't expect circ staff to be able to fix it
18:57 oleonard It's a good thing no one here wants to use the  autoMemberNum preference because our db is so full of junk card numbers it would return ridiculous results
18:57 cait there is a section for problems on the about page
18:58 cait maybe we shoudl also note those problems there
18:58 cait another_peter: can't check master right now myself... my database think sit's 3.0.6 something :)
18:58 cait but maybe take a look at the tabs on the about page
18:59 edveal joined #koha
19:01 another_peter cait: should the fact that history is not deleted on return be fixed on the same bug, or a different bug, than the inability for a user to delete their history backlog?
19:01 cait maybe make it 2 to ease testing
19:03 cait and thank you for working on this :)
19:04 another_peter If I fix another 10 bugs, I am thinking of asking Catalyst for a promotion from project manager from junior developer :)
19:05 another_peter then i would be able to fix koha in my work time :)
19:06 rambutan that would be a promotion?
19:06 druthb_mib joined #koha
19:07 * druthb_mib squees happily
19:09 cait another_peter: I like fixing bugs too :) all the other things tend to get in the way tho
19:10 kathryn joined #koha
19:11 cait anitsirk++ btw too
19:11 cait morning kathryn :)
19:11 kathryn hiya cait
19:11 cait starting work early :)
19:12 kathryn I should really make gnome open automatically :)
19:16 laurence joined #koha
19:17 tcohen joined #koha
19:23 another_peter IMHO the bugzilla being not googleable seems retrograde.  i assume this is to reduce load and traffic costs?
19:24 oleonard another_peter: Because you can't find what you're looking for through Bugzilla's search?
19:24 cait not sure it's intentional but maybe reducing load
19:24 cait rangi is running that
19:25 oleonard ...and he does it out of the goodness of his heart
19:25 cait :)
19:25 another_peter oleonard: mostly because i think that people should be able to google for koha related issues and find the bugzilla entry
19:26 rangi yeah its running on my linode, if someone wants to give me more money, ill up the ram on it and let google see it again :-)
19:27 rangi last time i let it, it pounded the poor thing to death
19:27 cait poor bugzilla
19:27 cait morning rangi
19:27 rangi morning
19:28 rangi for 512MB its doing pertty good, runs the dashboard, bugzilla and a couple of bots
19:28 rangi but yeah its tuned very tightly and swap death is just a google index away :)
19:28 another_peter rangi: please advise what you need, i'll try and arrange it
19:28 cait I never missed google searching it
19:29 rangi i can see that it would be useful
19:29 rangi  im on the linode 512 plan
19:30 another_peter rangi: obviously if you wanted, catalyst could host it instead
19:30 rangi (its my one server (well one of them))
19:30 rangi yep
19:31 rangi ill have a chat with don, we try to spread stuff around lots, not hosted by any one organisation/person .. after what happened last time
19:32 another_peter perhaps phrase like this then -
19:32 rangi[…]te_Administration
19:32 another_peter i see $20/month in value in increasing the server size, so catalyst would be happy to contribute that towards your personal linode hosting costs (assuming moving from the 512 to the 1024  will do it)
19:32 jeff i was pestering jcamins earlier via msg with something along these lines, but when people here think "koha API" or more generally "points at which koha integrates with other things", I've got the following things in a list: SIP2, ILS-DI, SRU/Z39.50, OAI-PMH... should I be looking at other things?
19:33 rangi another_peter: oh good idea
19:33 jeff i suppose some things may simply scrape the koha web interface, too.
19:33 rangi yep
19:33 rangi jeff: the svc/ dir
19:33 rangi in both the opac and intranet
19:34 rangi thats how marcedit talks to koha (via svc/ on the staff side)
19:34 jeff context: i'm thinking on (in advance of talking on) APIs and integration points for Evergreen and seeking additional examples and points of future collaboration with Koha
19:34 rangi and in opac/svc/ there is report which will give you json output of any report you write in koha, and mark as public
19:34 jeff rangi: thanks! i had forgotten about the marcedit integration!
19:35 rambutan @seen edveal
19:35 huginn rambutan: edveal was last seen in #koha 1 week, 5 days, 23 hours, 22 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <edveal> Yes sorry
19:35 jeff also useful. i didn't know about that bit.
19:35 jeff rangi++
19:35 rangi its only since 3.10.x
19:35 cait it's also used for integrating that worlcat software...
19:35 rangi ahh yeah, the staff svc
19:35 cait I think
19:35 rangi and oclc connexion
19:35 cait right that one :)
19:36 jeff rangi: do you have any real-world examples of how people are using the report-as-json bit? it seems incredibly useful and multi-purpose. library dashboard immediately comes to mind.
19:36 rangi exactly
19:36 rangi jeff: also, list of new books
19:36 horseradish joined #koha
19:36 jeff new books, popular books, on-order... yep!
19:36 rangi you can now get that as json, and display on your OPAC however you want
19:37 edveal hey rambutan what's up?
19:38 rangi jeff: or make a nice html5/firefoxOS app :)
19:38 cait rangi: pm? :)
19:38 jeff is anyone doing NCIP work with Koha (especially NCIP DCB3 for integration with regional resource sharing ILL systems)?
19:38 rangi not really jeff, not that i know off
19:39 bag rambutan: you around?
19:39 rangi there was opennicp back in the day, but things (we wont go into it ;)) killed that project
19:39 jeff i can try and ask the vendor, but is anyone here aware of how boopsie (the mobile app vendor) integrates with koha? screen scraping, other?
19:39 edveal bag rambutan was just looking for me. But he is not responding right now.
19:39 rangi jeff: dollars for donuts its screen scraping
19:40 rangi but im not 100% on that
19:40 tcohen rangi, what are the specs of the bz server?
19:41 bag cool thanks edveal - I sent him a private message too :P
19:41 jeff well, openncip never spoke ncip, afaik. now it's called SIPServer, talks SIP2, and is begging to be joined with its long lost cousin C4::SIP ;-)
19:41 cait heya bag *wave*
19:41 rangi  <-- tcohen linode 512, another_peter's idea is good i can bump it up to the 1gb and it will be perfect
19:42 bag Hey Cait - how you doing…  late there isn't it?
19:42 cait not that late yet - 8:30 pm
19:42 bag oh right :P  time zone fail by me
19:42 cait fighting off a cold, but looks like I am winning
19:42 bag oh noes you got a cold?
19:42 bag I guess I'd trade what I had for that :)
19:42 cait guess it was my turn - seems everyone got one :)
19:43 cait you yeah - I totally prefer the cold too
19:43 bag HA
19:43 bag so true
19:50 another_peter my technical plan for fixing bug 6506 is now on there as a comment - this is my first perl change to koha, so I may not be understanding the normal approach, so feel free to critique
19:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6506 critical, P5 - low, ---, peterAtKohaBugzilla, NEW , deleting patron history missing errors
20:00 * rangi will have a look later, gotta go get ready for a presentation now
20:01 cait good luck rangi
20:08 gerundio joined #koha
20:19 wizzyrea1 joined #koha
20:22 oleonard wizzyrea is here, must be time for me to go home!
20:22 wizzyrea nooo!
20:22 oleonard It's nothing personal :)
20:23 wizzyrea hehehe
20:23 oleonard Bye!
20:23 wizzyrea have  a lovely evening
20:23 wizzyrea later :)
20:23 cait hi wizzyrea
20:23 cait :)
20:23 wizzyrea hello hello
20:23 druthb_mib hi, wizzyrea ! :)
20:23 wizzyrea heya
20:24 * cait is testing bu g9745
20:24 cait bug 9745
20:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9745 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , Don't nuke translated permissions with changes introduced in bug 9382
20:28 eythian_ joined #koha
20:29 cait morning eythian
20:30 eythian_ hi
20:30 wahanui hi, eythian_
20:31 wizzyrea cait - thanks :)
20:31 cait thank you :)
20:36 rambutan joined #koha
20:37 jcamins cait: where are the slides you put together on Koha?
20:37 jcamins You had a nice slide on APIs supported by Koha.
20:37 cait oh
20:37 cait sec
20:39 jcamins jeff: ^^
20:41 jeff cait++
20:41 jeff jcamins++
20:41 jeff thanks :-)
20:42 cait missing json tho
20:42 jcamins cait: oh, yeah.
20:42 cait well i told them i probably forgot some :)
20:42 jcamins Yeah, and the report web server offers JSON.
20:42 jeff okay, i missed ldap/cas/persona.
20:43 * druthb_mib enjoys cait's slides, pumping a few words and phrases at Google Translate.
20:44 cait that was my presentation for german library conference 2 weeks ago
20:45 jeff "RESTful API" -- is this referencing how the staff web interface operates, or should i look elsewhere?
20:45 jeff re-phrased, if i wanted to look at the code for said RESTful API, which perl module would I examine. :-)
20:45 jcamins That's the svc API.
20:45 cait i was referring to the svc thing yes
20:45 * druthb_mib might swipe some bits of that for her YAPC preso, if you don't mind, cait.
20:45 jeff got it.
20:46 jcamins /svc and /opac/svc
20:46 jeff and the svc api supports a specific subset of koha functionality, with a priority on specific needs
20:47 jeff would that be accurate?
20:47 jcamins Yes.
20:47 jcamins Cataloging, authentication, and reports, basically.
20:47 cait oh authentication too?
20:47 cait I will have to take a look at that then :)
20:47 jcamins cait: yeah, rangi did that.
20:47 jcamins I think.
20:47 cait yeah, now that you mention it...
20:48 cait I was wondering, when you use koha with ldap
20:48 jeff also, are koha libs using ezproxy via any authentication method other than SIP2, or mostly just doing ezproxy <-> koha via SIP2?
20:48 cait will any of the api we have for authentication take that into account?
20:48 cait authenticate against ldap first I mean before trying local? if you don't have passwords in Koha?
20:48 jeff another followup -- is there any versioning on the APIs, or are they just stable by happenstance?
20:49 cait I think sip2 has probably been around longest so most widely used?
20:50 cait would be my guess, also probably well supported by lots of applications
20:51 * druthb_mib heads home
20:58 maximep left #koha
21:04 wizzyrea joined #koha
21:21 mbalmer joined #koha
21:25 tcohen joined #koha
21:38 tcohen joined #koha
21:41 Ccorrales joined #koha
21:42 bag @later tell hankbank http://www.opinionatedaboutdin[…]3/top100us-6.html
21:42 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
21:51 cait bag: now I am hungry :)
21:51 bag heh
21:51 bag Henry lives there
21:51 bag and I was wondering if he's been - but it's probably way too expensive
21:52 cait yeah, looks expensive :)
21:56 hankbank joined #koha
22:09 nengard joined #koha
22:12 cait @later tell wizzyrea - could you maybe take a look at 8918?
22:12 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
22:19 qu-bit joined #koha
22:19 bag oh hey hankbank
22:23 bgkriegel joined #koha
22:31 rambutan joined #koha
22:37 tcohen cait: should I mark 906 as "In discussion"?
22:37 cait bug 906
22:38 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=906 enhancement, P2, ---, tomascohen, Failed QA , ISBN Check
22:38 cait hm difficult one
22:38 cait maybe - but try to ask some people to take a look
22:38 tcohen yeap, the main problem is the workflow for invalid ISBN
22:38 cait the in discussion status is a bit dangerious
22:39 tcohen I added a syspref controlling whether to check or not, and (as other checks) is validated on save action
22:40 tcohen paul argues that it should be done onLeave, and provide a button for moving the invalid ISBN to $z (which is suggested in the error message right now)
22:42 tcohen i don't favour any workflow btw
22:42 cait I think i like the idea of a plugin a little bit better, but that has other consequences too
22:43 cait like it would be good to add it to the default frameworks
22:43 cait but it would keep the code a bit more modular i guess
22:43 cait but best would maybe be a catalogers opinion
22:44 tcohen if we have an expected workflow defined, any of the approaches its easy to implement
22:46 cait tcohen: it's kinda late here - maybe put in discussion and try asking around on irc for opinions?
22:47 tcohen np, this bug can wait anyway
22:48 cait I can try to take a look too - but maybe not tonight :)
22:50 bgkriegel tcohen: an email to koha-devel?
22:50 tcohen i'm just typing it :-D
22:50 tcohen hi bgkriegel
22:50 bgkriegel hi tcohen
22:50 bgkriegel :)
22:51 cait hope you get some answers :)
22:56 cait night :)
22:56 cait left #koha
23:00 rambutan left #koha
23:04 papa joined #koha
23:28 melia I have a strange problem on a 3.8.8 system where I can't edit existing items. I go to edit item, I make some changes, click save changes. but my changes don't save, and I can't figure out why.
23:28 melia I know editing items works fine on other 3.8.8 systems, and I have compared sys prefs and frameworks, but everything looks pretty much the same.
23:29 melia anybody have any ideas for other things I should check?
23:33 bgkriegel Have you looked at logs?
23:34 melia no, but I will now! :)

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