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00:16 wizzyrea ok, question - regarding bug 9534, I had thought of two ways to do this
00:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9534 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , No way to get back to bib detail from edit record screen
00:16 wizzyrea but I can't decide which is better
00:17 wizzyrea a cancel button that takes you back or a link in the breadcrumbs to click bac
00:17 wizzyrea because you don't get the menu there. I guess that's another option - put the menu on that page.
00:18 jcamins I don't think the menu is a good idea because it takes too much space.
00:18 jcamins I would favor breadcrumbs, I think.
00:20 wizzyrea I was thinking of putting it in the floating toolbar with save and z39 search
00:21 jcamins Oh, that would be okay. I thought you meant adding the default toolbar.
00:21 wizzyrea because I think the breadcrumbs are too small, now that I'm looking at it
00:21 wizzyrea naw
00:21 wizzyrea I meant adding the side menu with the tabs, adding a cancel button to the floating toolbar, or adding a link to the record in the breadcrumbs
00:22 jcamins If the breadcrumbs are too small, cancel button would be my preference.
00:22 jcamins I had forgotten just how awesome crusty dill bread is.
00:33 jcamins I should make more next time I have dill.
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00:48 eythian <-- wizzyrea
00:49 jcamins Cool!
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01:47 alohabot Hi mib_513u9w, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
01:50 ndroftheline Hello, I am a US Peace Corps Volunteer working in the Philippines. I am trying to help a high school set up a computerized library catalogue. Is there anybody in the Philippines who can help me with this?
01:51 wajasu there was a guy on here, mtompset was his handle that was over there last year.  don't know about now.
01:51 wajasu i think.
01:51 jcamins He's in Canada now.
01:52 jcamins There are a lot of libraries in the Philippines using Koha.
01:52 jcamins And if you have specific questions, you should feel free to ask them on #koha.
01:53 eythian The Philippines National Library runs Koha, I think.
01:53 jcamins eythian: and an astonishingly large number of other libraries. I think rangi trained them.
01:54 eythian[…]-maybe-is-perfect <-- unrelated
01:54 jcamins ndroftheline:[…]ers/SoutheastAsia
01:54 jcamins Ugh. A lot of Koha 2.2.
01:55 jcamins Actually, it looks like at least some of them were upgraded.
02:23 * wajasu investigating why some of my cover images arent found in amazon.
02:23 * wajasu looking for GetNormalizedISBN
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02:47 alohabot Hi mib_9m8s5p, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
02:50 mib_9m8s5p Hello all! I seem to be having an issue with Avery 5160 and Koha - the labels print fine for the first few rows but get skewed off the label towards the end so I'll end up with some without the header and some with 2x half-headers. Here are my settings for the label:
02:51 mib_9m8s5p .... and here is the layout view: . Ideally I'd like the barcodes and 'header' centred on the label - but just getting the print on the label is step one for me - could someone please lend me some insight? :)
03:01 wajasu joltt: looking at your label layout, i am not sure the "list fields" that contains 'ABC Resource Center' is corrent.   I think you need something like:  itemcallnumber,author,title  in that field
03:05 joltt wajasu: I'm trying to add that as a header using the single quote method.. although it's the same as the library name - should I try to pull the library name from the database somehow instead?
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03:05 dcook Afternoon #koha
03:06 wajasu joltt: let me try your settings.
03:07 joltt thanks :)
03:07 joltt it's an odd problem for sure - i'm probably doing something wrong somewhere
03:17 wajasu i tried with:  'ABC Hello', author, title    and with 3 and 11 point font.   i just get the biblio barcode, no fields.  let me try som emore things.
03:18 wizzyrea i bet you need to fiddle around with offset
03:19 wizzyrea is this an upgrade from a previous version?
03:19 wizzyrea and also curious why you are running off of master?
03:19 wizzyrea joltt^^
03:19 wizzyrea hi dcook
03:20 dcook hey wizzyrea :)
03:22 joltt wizzyrea: I saw something in the mailing list that the stable version had label scaling problems so i thought i'd try master to see if it fixed it
03:22 joltt i've played with offset a bit, it's just odd that it's fine for a few and then gradually gets worse
03:22 joltt perhaps i missed the setting i need to fiddle with
03:23 wizzyrea which stable version
03:23 joltt odd about the missing text - the manual says to enclose static text in single quotes to get them outputted
03:23 wizzyrea which stable version did you come from?
03:23 wizzyrea 3.4? 3.6? 3.8? 3.10?
03:24 joltt i think it was 3.10, but i'm trying to see which one was in 'squeeze' in the repo
03:25 wizzyrea ah cool
03:25 * joltt tries to look that up
03:26 joltt yes, 3.10
03:27 wajasu i'm playing with master at the moment.  tried to change the template i createdto use a profile that already existed, but no go.
03:28 joltt Here's how mine outputs (I've just recently turned on the grid for testing):
03:30 wizzyrea and it wasn't working in 3.10 either?
03:31 joltt the static text worked - i was just hoping to fix the drift/overrun issue
03:31 wizzyrea the last time I recall seeing this sort of problem
03:31 wajasu i tried your quoted heading with the default profile/templates .  I can export a PDF with that.   your template has No profile.
03:31 wizzyrea it had to do with label templates that were created prior to a particular version
03:32 wizzyrea like, when moving from a 3.2 created template to the labels creator in 3.4
03:32 joltt hmm, should I delete and try to recreate the entry after updating?
03:32 joltt although I was using 3.10.. not 3.2
03:32 wizzyrea the problem i saw, and this was ages ago
03:32 wizzyrea was that the offset was incorrect
03:32 wizzyrea have you tried removing the offset altogether? I'm trying to remember how we fixed it
03:33 joltt sorry - where is the offset located?
03:33 wajasu offset is in the profile.  but in master i can't select a profile when creating a template.
03:34 wajasu maybe in 3.2 you can
03:34 joltt ah; i haven't made any profiles
03:34 wizzyrea right - that's where you set the offset and creep
03:34 wizzyrea creep I think is what you are seeing
03:34 wizzyrea you might poke about in there
03:34 wizzyrea try some things
03:35 wizzyrea actually I may be thinking of "creep"
03:35 joltt ah okay
03:35 joltt what values should I try for creep?
03:35 wizzyrea sorry for the confusion ^.^
03:35 wizzyrea dunno, how much is it off by at the end of the page?
03:36 wizzyrea start with 1 point, and see what your results are - it's probably going to require a lot of experimentation
03:36 * joltt nods
03:37 wizzyrea but those settings are likely what's tripping you up.
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03:37 druthb o/
03:39 joltt hmm, now it's lining up on the bottom but not the top
03:39 joltt thanks for the direction, i'll play with it some more
03:44 wizzyrea sure :)
03:44 wizzyrea recipe aside, does the basckground on this page make your eyes go funny?[…]wow-wow-wow-47850
03:45 * druthb squints
03:45 joltt the odd thing is it prints fine in word with their 5160 template
03:46 druthb ...but the recipe looks delish, wizzyrea
03:47 wizzyrea that's not odd at all. Word has 30 years of people complaining about offset behind it.
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03:47 joltt oops
03:47 joltt true (re: word)
03:48 joltt hm, so i've set creep to 1pt (and numerous values around 1pt) and that seems to fix the bottom portion but break the top
03:49 wizzyrea and what about a printer profile set with 0's as the creep and offset?
03:49 * wizzyrea can't remember if no profile = a profile with 0 set in the offset
03:49 wizzyrea but it's possible it doesn't
03:49 * joltt tries
03:50 joltt hmm, perhaps closer
03:51 joltt i need to increase the top margin though
03:51 wizzyrea that is in the template :)
03:52 joltt the odd thing is when printing using 'actual size' (adobe printing options) the 'guide' is cut off the left a bit
03:52 joltt (in the print preview that is)
03:56 joltt it works!
03:56 joltt all text is on the labels now
03:56 joltt the only issue is the barcode isn't centered properly
03:56 joltt but other than that it looks fantastic
03:58 joltt here's a picture of what i'm seeing now:
03:59 joltt perhaps i'm missing a setting or a number for the barcode bit?
03:59 wizzyrea \o/
04:00 wizzyrea hm not sure
04:00 joltt thanks though - this a huge leap forward
04:00 joltt :)
04:00 wizzyrea you're welcome :)
04:01 wizzyrea was it creating a printer profile with 0's in the offset and creep?
04:01 druthb wizzyrea++
04:01 wizzyrea that ultimately solved your creep issue?
04:01 joltt seems so!
04:01 wizzyrea it occurs to me that we should make sure a default one is installed.
04:02 wizzyrea with 0's instead of null.
04:02 wizzyrea or make the code treat null as 0, I suppose is another solution.
04:02 wizzyrea anyway, if someone cares to make a bug for that
04:02 wizzyrea feel free to :)
04:02 wizzyrea I have to jet :)
04:03 joltt see you and thanks again!
04:03 joltt wizzyrea++
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04:04 wizzyrea @later tell oleonard I was going to work on bug 9534 but it probably makes little sense to do that before those buttons are converted to bootstrap - if you have a patch for that I'll use it to add the cancel button - or if you're not working on it I will go ahead and do the conversion of that page myself (or save it for corey)
04:04 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
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05:50 Oak kia ora #koha
05:51 cait hi Oak
05:51 Oak hello cait :)
05:51 Oak magnuse
05:52 druthb Salaam alyakum, Oak! :)
05:52 Oak Walaikum Asalam druthb :)
05:52 druthb :)
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05:53 druthb G'day, BobB!
06:06 * BobB waves at druthb
06:06 druthb :)
06:11 dcook adios #koha
06:13 wajasu me wonders if there should be something like "biblioauthorites" in the marc framework. or else expose the $9 RLIN authids in the
06:15 * druthb shudders.
06:16 * druthb has enough trouble explaining authorities to library staff; she wouldn't *dream* of foisting it on patrons.
06:17 cait wajasu: what for?
06:18 wajasu i need to get the authors links to search with the an=10  instead of au=Joe   style  since i use   UseTracings forAuthorities
06:19 druthb Does UseAuthoritiesForTracings syspref not do that for authors in the OPAC?
06:20 cait wajasu: it already works like this
06:20 cait apart from facets
06:20 wajasu i guess i need to iterate the $9 in the biblio and expose it tinthe template
06:20 wajasu i see .../cgi-bin/koha/opac-sear​,%20Jean,
06:20 cait I think you are thinking too complicated
06:20 cait are you uing xslt view?
06:21 wajasu but the XSLT uses an=number
06:21 cait but wasn't that what you said?
06:23 wajasu without XSLT, it searches without the RLINm which i would expect it to do.
06:23 wajasu bug 9563
06:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9563 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Author links don't generate correct search query url for UseAuthoritesForTracings
06:23 wajasu using RLIN seems to return more results
06:24 cait so why are you not using the xslt views?
06:24 wajasu i shall now.
06:25 wajasu i just migrated from 3.0 and only got my auths all correct.
06:29 wajasu yes. XSLT is better.
06:30 wajasu more authors shown.
06:31 wajasu maybe i can get 245c shown.   statement of responsibility
06:32 cait you will have to make your own xslt templates for that
06:32 cait there are prefs you can link your own stylesheets in
06:35 wajasu thx
06:35 * wajasu gnight folks
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06:45 * magnuse waves
06:57 magnuse reserve.reserve_id is not available to be put in the HOLD_PRINT message? i have a library asking after that. shouldn't be too hard, i guess
07:05 cait magnuse: maybe make the whole reserve table available if it's not? some of the dates might be interesting
07:07 magnuse a lot of the fields seem to be available
07:08 magnuse but so far it was just a question if it was possible to replace the name of the borrower with a reserve id, to make pickups more anonymous
07:11 magnuse gah, DUE messages without bibliographic info is still being sent from one of my instances...
07:17 cait magnuse:  :(
07:17 cait and it's not because it was used in overdue triggers?
07:17 cait magnuse: we have libraries here doing that
07:17 cait generating an id for pickup location
07:17 magnuse no, i fixed that
07:18 cait not sure how they do it, I think some have a quite complicated algorithm, ohters use the cardnumber
07:18 magnuse yeah, you'd think cardnumber should be ok
07:18 cait that way all the books are in one place to be picked up - but people see them all together, so might be less anonymous
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07:32 Viktor Hi!
07:34 Viktor I'm a bit stuck on something that is probably easy. Can I force a new page in the HOLD_PRINT notice?
07:36 Viktor I would like to keep the regular notice (that is sent to the patron), but also print a custom page that is inserted into the book with just branchcode, initials and borrowernumber so that books on hold can be placed in the library for patrons to pick up by themselves.
07:37 Viktor This would of course require that the slip in the book is somewhat anonymized and I think initials + borrower number might do the trick.
07:43 Viktor Might be to early for my timezone and to late for others though :)
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07:44 reiveune hello
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07:46 magnuse bonjour reiveune and Viktor
07:46 Viktor Hi magnuse!
07:47 reiveune hi magnuse , cait :)
07:47 Viktor Hi reiveune
07:47 cait hi Viktor :)
07:47 Viktor Hi cait!
07:47 magnuse Viktor: i guess you could make the message so long that it "spills" over onto a second page
07:47 reiveune Bonjour Viktor
07:48 magnuse not sure if there are any clever characters you can insert to force a page break
07:49 Viktor Yes that would be quite possible. But it would feel better to do it "right"
07:49 Viktor :)
07:49 Viktor Question is then how the text is sent to the printer.
07:49 magnuse but would not most "come and pick up your hold" messages be sent by email anyway?
07:50 Viktor Right you are magnuse
07:51 Viktor Am I forgetting something obvious? How do people handle books on hold? All places I have worked put a slip with borrorwer, title and date into the book when it goes into the shelf.
07:51 magnuse that has been my experience too
07:52 Viktor That is a note you need even if you e-mail the patron that the book is available. And this is the note I want to customize :)
07:52 cait magnuse: for pagebreaks - check out bywaters blog
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07:52 cait there was something there
07:53 Viktor (gah - my mouse just issued a "back" command. Had to reconnect)
07:53 cait Viktor: Ithink you don't want Holds_print for this - because that's only for patrons that don't have emails - but reserve slip
07:53 Viktor So: bywaters blog is the best bet?
07:53 Viktor Looking for it!
07:53 cait and for pagebreaks I think there was something ther, but haven't read it, onyl rmember the headline
07:53 magnuse[…]s-in-koha-6513217
07:53 cait and now I have to run out :)
07:53 cait bbl :)
07:54 magnuse i think that is just relevant for printable overdues, that are put in a file you can edit
07:54 Viktor You are all wonderful people! :D
07:55 Viktor Thanks!
07:55 Viktor It's even worth installing Flash on the new computer to watch that :)
07:56 Viktor Oh - have to close Safari to install Flash. Will have to watch it after done chatting.
07:57 * magnuse will have to run off for a while
07:57 Viktor On another note: I try to blog as much as I can during the current migration (with some development) here in Sweden as Hylte is the first public library to migrate to Koha in sweden.
07:58 magnuse Viktor++
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07:58 Viktor It's in Swedish though - would it be relevant to translate a post with our "wishlist" with stuff that we will add, modify or look for in Koha?
07:58 alex_a bonjour
07:58 Viktor bonjour alex_a
07:59 alex_a bonjour Viktor
07:59 Viktor Just as a service to the community - give some feedback on what libraries here think is missing. (We do have funds to fix some of the stuff ourselves)
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08:01 Joubu hello #koha
08:02 asaurat joined #koha
08:03 Viktor Hi joubu!
08:04 magnuse Viktor: yeah, that sounds like a good idea!
08:05 Viktor Will try to do that then! Might try to do a few follow up posts too for the community.
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08:16 kf good morning #koha
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08:22 gaetan_B hello
08:22 wahanui salut, gaetan_B
08:24 kf hi gaetan_B
08:27 gaetan_B hallo kf, ich habe mich mit herrn Neubauer unterhaltet. Alles klar !
08:29 kf schön :)
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08:53 christophe_c hello #koha
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09:08 magnuse bonjour christophe_c Oak Viktor
09:09 christophe_c bonjour magnuse
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09:12 Oak Bonjour magnuse
09:12 magnuse Oak
09:14 magnuse @wunder marseille
09:14 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 13.0°C (9:30 AM CET on March 05, 2013). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
09:14 magnuse @wunder boo
09:14 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -3.0°C (9:50 AM CET on March 05, 2013). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Windchill: -11.0°C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Steady).
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09:55 Viktor A sort of general question - how do you solve booking of rooms, computers etcetra?
09:56 Viktor I don't know of any such functions in Koha and I'm trying to figure out what could be done. Is there for instance any API to call the system and ask if a certain cardnumber + pincode is correct?
09:57 Viktor (I don't think so, but I need the collective wisdom here)
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10:00 kf Viktor: you mean a way to authenticate?
10:00 kf I think ils-di might be able to do it, or the new thing rangi wrote for persona or sip2
10:00 Viktor indeed so kf - that would be a good start.
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10:01 kf I think authentication should not be so problematic - some services already do that afaik
10:01 kf like overdrive
10:01 kf Viktor: you shoudl really get a real irc client... you know ;)
10:02 Viktor Yes I do know :( I just lost that line you sent me with all the info.
10:02 kf (10:58:09) kf: I think ils-di might be able to do it, or the new thing rangi wrote for persona or sip2
10:02 Viktor Thanks!
10:02 Viktor Now copying - carfully :)
10:02 kf there shoudl be some options
10:02 kf but reserving itself can not be done in koha now - not for an exact time and like 2 hours
10:02 magnuse i think ils-di would be good for that
10:03 kf like you would want for rooms
10:03 kf magnuse: I think it requires clear text or something, must be checked if it's safe
10:04 Viktor Great to hear kf magnuse
10:04 Viktor Then you might be able to hook up a third party system to Koha. That seems like a far cheaper option than trying to build booking of computers as a part of Koha
10:05 magnuse yeah
10:05 kf Viktor: maybe take a look at libki or similar
10:05 magnuse sounds like something you would want to do outside koha
10:06 Viktor Thanks! That looks like what I need!
10:07 Viktor I've been using a regular XP-machine with R-kiosk add on to autostarting Firefox for self-service. But public Internet machines require a bit more :)
10:08 Viktor Get-availability is useful too! I need that to hook up availability to the national catalogue. Great to find out it's already implemented.
10:09 magnuse for administering access to public computers, also checkout from Oslo Public Library
10:10 Viktor Wonderful! magnuse They are using a paid software in Hylte today that is still causing trouble after a few years. Might be time to make a switch.
10:11 magnuse sounds like it! :-)
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10:15 viktorsarge_ Ok - so trying out XChat on OS X. Have I overlooked something that makes me look stupid? :)
10:16 viktorsarge_ (Apart from being logged in with two nicks)
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10:27 magnuse Viktor: looks good :-)
10:28 Viktor :)
10:34 kf yep
10:34 kf looks good :)
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11:41 ambz Hi all.
11:41 Viktor joined #koha
11:42 allora hi all
11:42 ambz Need some help. I'm trying to run the commands here: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]n/resetzebra.html
11:43 ambz I get "[fatal] Cannot read config /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-authorities-dom.cfg"
11:43 ambz and similar error for /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg
11:43 allora is it possible upload pdf file related to marc record when cataloging an item or upload cover photo?
11:44 ambz I've already truncated the tables mentioned at: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/resetkohadb.html
11:44 magnuse allora: you can upload covers, but not attach pdf
11:44 ambz Any idea why the zebra cfg files are missing?
11:45 magnuse allora: http://manual.koha-community.o[…]uploadlocalimages
11:46 allora thanks alot
11:47 kf ambz: they are probably not missing but have wrong permissions
11:47 kf ambz: never run those commands with sudo
11:47 kf what's the reason you look at documentation for an old version of Koha?
11:47 ambz they're missing... i checked
11:48 ambz oh ok... i ran them as root
11:48 ambz i'll try again as a normal user
11:48 kf 3.8 is also old
11:48 wahanui okay, kf.
11:48 kf hm
11:48 kf well not really old :)
11:48 kf forget 3.8
11:48 wahanui kf: I forgot 3.8
11:49 ambz kf, when i go to "about koha" in the staff client, it shows this as the version:
11:49 ambz
11:49 kf ah ok
11:49 kf is this a new installation you did?
11:49 kf did it work before?
11:49 ambz yes, it's working fine
11:49 ambz question: what version is is it koha 3.8?
11:50 kf yes
11:50 kf that's right
11:50 wahanui I know.
11:50 kf sorry, it's not really old, just not the newest version
11:50 ambz ok... it's a bit misleading, why not just have the version as "3.8" in "about koha" ?
11:51 ambz kf, ah ok
11:51 ambz i chose 3.8 because i read somewhere that it's a more stable and reliabel version than the newer versions
11:52 * ambz runs those commands without sudo
11:52 allora I strongly need pdf attachment for e-books for my institution's publications :(
11:52 kf allora: I think there has been something int he works
11:52 kf but it didn't amke it in yet
11:53 drojf joined #koha
11:53 drojf good day #koha
11:53 kf hi drojf
11:53 drojf hi kf
11:53 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
11:53 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 9.7°C (12:43 PM CET on March 05, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
11:54 kf allora: there is a but somewhere in bugzilla, you can also always use links to your documents
11:54 kf allora: a digital repository software might be a better place to store the data even, then link to that from your records in Koha
11:55 kf bug 6874
11:55 ambz kf, those files really are missing :(
11:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , File upload in MARC
11:55 kf hm
11:55 kf ambz: which files exactly?
11:56 kf do you know how the installation was done? using packages? tarball? standard or dev installations? the file paths and how search is configured vary a bit
11:56 ambz i used ubuntu packages
11:56 allora yeah i know, but we have around 300 e-books and we don't want to use repository
11:57 kf ambz: ok, then don't work from the manual
11:57 kf ambz: what was your initial problem?
11:58 kf and this http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/resetkohadb.html is for resetting the database - it will have deleted all the records and items if you did - so there might be nothing to search for right now
11:59 ambz kf, yes, i want to start afresh, with truncated tables
12:00 kf ok, there are a lot more table
12:00 ambz but my zebra index is still populated... i can still search for books etc which have been deleted from the db
12:00 kf this instruction will only reset koha if you have used sample data and want to undo that - it'squite specific
12:00 kf if you really want a fresh start
12:00 kf creating a new instance or dropping the database might be better
12:01 Oak kf++
12:01 ambz kf, cool i'll do that... after i drop the db, is there a way to recreate the entire schema?
12:01 kf ambz: you need to resetthe index - you truncated the data - the search does not know about that
12:01 kf yes, the web installer will come p again
12:01 ambz kf, right... how do i reset the zebra index?
12:01 kf -r I think
12:01 kf not sure about the packages - hmm.
12:02 ambz hmm ok... lemme try resetting the zebra index
12:02 kf maybe this is helpful:
12:02 kf[…]e_Debian_packages
12:02 ambz kf, so i shouldn't run the zebra commands as root, correct?
12:02 kf not sure with packages - there is w hole set of build in commands
12:03 kf[…]oha-rebuild-zebra < this might be what you want
12:03 kf with -f
12:03 ambz great! let me try koha-rebuild-zebra
12:04 ambz ok, that didn't work
12:05 kf did you get an error?
12:05 ambz i ran " koha-rebuild-zebra -f library" where 'library' is the name of my koha instance
12:05 kf I think with packages better stick to the package related commands
12:05 ambz no error, no troubleshooting messages, nothing
12:05 kf hm -v?
12:06 ambz ok that helped
12:07 ambz i see a lot of
12:07 ambz ==================== REINDEXING zebra ==================== ==================== CLEANING
12:07 kf ah that's not bad I think
12:07 kf should be good actually
12:07 ambz yes, but i can still search for books in the UI
12:07 kf hm
12:08 kf maybe try running with -r - not sure it works, but maybe worth a try
12:08 ambz cool, i'll also try restarting zebra
12:08 kf you can't open the detail pages, right?
12:08 ambz kf, correct, "The record you requested does not exist (3)."
12:08 ambz i can't open them
12:09 kf yep
12:09 kf that's always a sign that the record has been deleted and that the index is not current
12:09 ambz ok
12:10 ambz I also tried, " sudo koha-restart-zebra library"... didn't help
12:10 kf you did the -r?
12:11 kf try -v -v next to get more verbose output
12:13 ambz yes, here's the output:
12:16 ambz Any idea why this could happen?
12:21 ambz Anyways, thanks a lot for your help, kf...
12:21 ambz Really appreciate it :)
12:22 ambz I tried rebooting the machine (lol) and it didn't help one bit :)
12:22 Herwig joined #koha
12:28 drojf joined #koha
12:28 jwagner joined #koha
12:28 ndroftheline joined #koha
12:31 ndroftheline hey all, do you think koha is overkill for a rural high school in a developing country without a trained librarian?
12:35 drojf ndroftheline: are you willing to learn? :)
12:39 ambz ndroftheline: i had the same question a month ago when i was evaluating koha for a small library for a non-profit organization, which also lacks a trained librarian... and i am really happy that we chose to use koha :)
12:39 ambz and we're also in a "developing country"
12:40 ambz but yes, there's a learning curve as drojf indicated... you have to be willing to learn a lot of new stuff
12:40 ambz it helps that the community here is really helpful :)
12:40 magnuse but once you learn that stuff, you have an "industrial strength" ils with a lot of bells and whistles ;-)
12:41 ambz magnuse: yeah :D
12:41 kf sorry, quite busy ambz - hope you can solve it
12:42 ndroftheline can anyone compare to a simpler system like openbiblio?
12:42 ambz kf, no problem, buddy... thanks for your help... i'm creating a new instance as you suggested (much easier and gets the job done) :)
12:44 * ambz is loving mibbit
12:47 * ambz is also loving koha
12:48 tcohen joined #koha
12:50 tcohen_ joined #koha
12:54 kf :)
12:55 tcohen_ so, kf's birthday is gone today
12:57 wajasu joined #koha
13:01 ambz has anyone used oclc/worldcat z39.50 servers for cataloging? (
13:02 ambz it looks very enticing, but i don't think it's a free service, right?
13:11 jcamins ambz: it is an incredibly expensive service.
13:11 jcamins A few libraries use the OCLC Z39.50 servers, but most use Connexion and upload the records to Koha, I think.
13:13 oleonard joined #koha
13:14 oleonard Hi #koha
13:17 tcohen hi oleonard
13:28 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:35 magnuse jcamins: Bug 9250 is signed off and i did a followup for koha-common.xml. should it be "signed off" or "needs signoff", because of the followup?
13:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9250 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Signed Off , Provide commands to allow handling of SIP servers in the packages
13:36 jcamins Signed off is fine.
13:36 magnuse cool, thanks
13:40 wajasu for coding standards.  can i return?   @lines     or must it be    \@lines
13:41 tcohen the semantics is quite different, isnt'
13:42 jcamins It is very different.
13:42 jcamins If you have a choice of using either, use \@lines.
13:43 tcohen i'd use \@lines to avoid copy operations
13:43 jcamins Exactly.
13:44 wajasu i replaced  text::wrap with a subroutine that wraps proportionally for barcode labels to get more words per line, as it was using a fixed char width.
13:47 ambz jcamins, thanks for the info
13:56 tcohen wajasu: if you r about to pass references to memory structures, be carefull to avoid aliasing
13:57 Viktor joined #koha
13:59 drojf hej Viktor you got a real irc client now? :)
14:14 chris_n wajasu++
14:15 chris_n for ripping out text::wrap
14:23 fabio_t joined #koha
14:24 fabio_t Hello #koha!
14:24 chris_n does anyone have any ntyprof times handy for calls to XML::LibXML::findvalue on marcxml data in koha?
14:25 chris_n XML::LibXML::Node::findvalue rather
14:25 bigbrovar joined #koha
14:28 kf oi awake early
14:29 senator @wunder ypph
14:29 huginn senator: The current temperature in Gooseberry Hill, Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia is 19.0°C (9:35 PM WST on March 05, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
14:29 fabio_t I have a problem with retrieving item information via Koha OAI-PMH server
14:29 kf fabio_t: it does not work with itmes currently I think
14:32 fabio_t I successfully made a mapping with 995 (mine is  an UNIMARC installation) to define an OAI set
14:32 kf fabio_t: I think the mappings are different from the output
14:32 kf the mappings define the records in the set - iirc
14:32 fabio_t and I ran into this:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6440
14:32 huginn Bug 6440: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, CLOSED FIXED, Koha's OAI-PMH does not support sets
14:33 fabio_t oh
14:33 talljoy joined #koha
14:33 kf we also noticed that no item information is output currently, I think it woudl not be hard to do
14:34 kf but it might not be a bug but an enhancement
14:34 fabio_t ok
14:34 kf youc oudl file a bug
14:34 fabio_t I was wondering if it was a matter of XSLT
14:35 fabio_t maybe something wrong in UNIMARCslim2OAIDC.xsl
14:35 kf I think it might have to do with the changes made on storing items
14:35 kf but I have not investigated yet
14:36 fabio_t ok so the problem could be on the database level
14:37 kf it's a bit complicated, not really the database
14:37 kf if waht I think is right
14:37 kf *shrug*
14:37 kf Ithink the best starting point would be a bug
14:38 fabio_t I figured out since the mapping on item worked, there could be just a problem in on the fly conversion from UNIMARC to Dublin Core - I was wrong
14:39 fabio_t thanks anyway for helping
14:39 kf hm
14:39 kf not sure, but I guess the info is missing too if you look at the xml format?
14:39 fabio_t nice point
14:39 kf it could have different reasons - I didn't wnt to be confusing... just confirming that we have noticed it too
14:40 fabio_t I'm going to retrieve data with marcxml instead of oai_dc and I'll know you
14:40 fabio_t * I let you know
14:42 fabio_t yes, you're right
14:43 fabio_t no 995 in marcxml aswell
14:47 fabio_t I will file a bug
14:47 fabio_t thanks again kf
14:47 fabio_t kf++
14:47 kf hm didn't do much :)
14:48 fabio_t I googled and I didn't find these "insider" informations
14:48 fabio_t so you definitely helped me
14:48 fabio_t :)
14:49 kf :)
14:49 fabio_t have a nice day
14:49 drojf joined #koha
14:49 fabio_t see you #koha
14:49 kf wb drojf
14:49 drojf back
14:49 kf bye fabio_t
14:49 drojf thanks kf :)
14:50 drojf can#t believe i had lunch outside in the sun
14:50 fabio_t left #koha
14:52 kf :)
14:52 kf sun?
14:52 wahanui it has been said that sun is shining again - life is good!
14:52 magnuse sun?
14:52 wahanui sun is shining again - life is good!
14:53 * magnuse has a funny looking snow drift outside his window that is fast approaching 1m in height...
14:57 kf um
15:04 magnuse it is extremely narrow, though
15:07 magnuse in[…]7223475f8;hb=HEAD - does <retrieval syntax="xml" name="utils"> and <xslt stylesheet="__INTRANET_TMPL_DIR__/p​rog/en/xslt/MARC21slimUtils.xsl"/> make any kind of sense?
15:07 magnuse isn't MARC21slimUtils.xsl just "functions" that are used by other stylesheets?
15:08 Viktor joined #koha
15:08 kf hm yes you have to refer it I think?
15:08 kf not sure how the conf file works really
15:10 magnuse looks like gmcharlt put those lines in there...
15:10 * oleonard prepares his blaming finger
15:14 drojf using a ! in search not working is not my fault, right? i suppose it's like the () problem?
15:16 kf I'd guess so
15:17 * kf is optimistic to pass qa on the query parser sometime this week
15:17 maximep joined #koha
15:17 drojf "plaît!" works, plaît! does not
15:17 drojf yay query parser
15:19 nengard joined #koha
15:19 nengard hi #koha say hi to FL librarians learning Koha :)
15:19 drojf hi FL librarians learning koha :)
15:20 magnuse hi FL librarians learning koha
15:20 oleonard Hi from Ohio, FL librarians
15:21 magnuse mine was a "hi" from norway, btw :-)
15:21 nengard I tell them where you're all from as you say hi
15:22 drojf nengard has mickey mouse ears
15:22 nengard YEP
15:22 libsysguy[…]an-your-room.html
15:22 oleonard FL librarians: If you ever come here and all we're talking about is food, don't hesitate to break in with a Koha-related question
15:22 nengard these librarians will fit right in
15:23 nengard Kelly tried to fatten me up yesterday :)
15:23 kf hi FL librarians
15:23 drojf bring recipes!
15:23 libsysguy oleonard is right, we have an unnatural obsession with cookies
15:23 drojf there is a bug for that too ;)
15:23 kf and that was from Germany (reading slow today)
15:23 oleonard It's a perfectly natural obsession libsysguy
15:23 nengard kelly logging in ? she'll be here in a sec
15:23 libsysguy denial oleonard
15:24 libsysguy :p
15:24 kmccallister joined #koha
15:24 kmccallister Hi! FL librarian here..send the cookie recipes my way :)
15:25 Mpeul joined #koha
15:25 jcamins curried coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?
15:25 wahanui curried coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are at[…]ate-chip-cookies/
15:25 jcamins kmccallister: ^^
15:25 kf hm interesting. we don't show 520 in xslt?
15:25 kf oh sorry - cookies!
15:26 nengard kf yes we do
15:26 kf i thought we did :)
15:26 jcamins kf: yes we do.
15:26 slef co-operatives were created to supply cookie ingredients
15:26 kmccallister Nutella Brownie recipe:[…]-brownies-recipe/
15:26 kf ok... typoed - I found it :)
15:26 nengard this is so much fun
15:27 nengard much more fun that learning cataloging :)
15:27 * kf didn't accidentally search for 530...
15:27 Mpeul Hello <-- FL librarian :)
15:27 magnuse hiya Mpeul
15:27 magnuse ...and kmccallister
15:28 kmccallister Hi magnuse!
15:28 mib_ssj4bc joined #koha
15:28 alohabot Hi mib_ssj4bc, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
15:28 * oleonard crosses his fingers
15:28 kmccallister thanks! we are so excited about Koha and love nicole!!
15:29 nengard awwww
15:29 magnuse hooray for nengard!
15:30 nengard :)
15:30 nengard okay we should get back to work
15:31 magnuse nah, more cookies!
15:31 nengard when do they arrive?
15:31 Mpeul agreed!
15:31 magnuse bug 5158
15:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5158 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, camins, ASSIGNED , Koha needs its own cookie, ice cream, and fudge flavors
15:32 nengard ha
15:32 magnuse there's a bug for that...
15:34 * oleonard comforts alohabot
15:34 oleonard It's okay buddy, one of these days...
15:34 drojf lol
15:35 nengard quote: "the cataloging system seems super easy and a lot more self explanatory than the system we have been using"
15:35 nengard WOW ^^
15:36 magnuse yay!
15:37 kmccallister joined #koha
15:52 nengard hey did anyone notice that IRSpy seems to say 'untested' for a ton of targets?
15:52 nengard sites that I used in the past cause they said 100% now say 'untested'
15:52 nengard anyone know what's up with that?
15:53 jcamins nengard: I'd guess they refreshed their database.
15:53 oleonard Maybe they do periodic re-testing and ratings get re-set?
15:53 jcamins The tests are done one at a time, I think, so if they are retesting everything, it could be months before they catch up.
16:03 Viktor left #koha
16:08 reiveune bye
16:08 reiveune left #koha
16:17 trendynick joined #koha
16:26 asaurat left #koha
16:26 bigbrovar joined #koha
16:32 christophe_c left #koha
16:34 tcohen joined #koha
16:35 drojf joined #koha
16:36 rambutan joined #koha
16:38 rambutan @seen chrisn
16:38 huginn rambutan: I have not seen chrisn.
16:38 rambutan @seen cnighswonger
16:38 huginn rambutan: I have not seen cnighswonger.
16:39 jcamins @seen chris_n
16:39 huginn jcamins: chris_n was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <chris_n> XML::LibXML::Node::findvalue rather
16:41 rambutan tnx, gonna try to catch him on freenode
17:03 melia joined #koha
17:15 gaetan_B bye !
17:34 kf left #koha
17:38 Joubu joined #koha
17:44 tcohen XML::Twig
17:51 jlozano joined #koha
17:52 jlozano hello, everyone!
17:52 oleonard Hi jlozano
17:53 jlozano anybody know a free dewey number generator?
17:54 oleonard What is a dewey number generator?
17:54 jlozano sorry, not really a Koha question I guess.
17:55 jlozano yeah, so if you are using the Dewey Decimal System, when you get a book it gives you the number you should give it.
17:55 jlozano like ...000 re general knowledge.
17:55 jlozano 100 are psychology and Philosphy.
17:57 rambutan so how does that work? You feed it the title of a book or the ISBN and it returns the correct Dewey number? So it would be more like a lookup table?
17:57 jlozano umm. kind of.. so for example.
17:57 jlozano The writings of Mark Twain
17:58 jlozano gets: 818.4 T911W
17:58 oleonard jlozano: How would that work without a complete catalog of all titles in existence?
17:58 jlozano 8 because its Literature.
17:58 jlozano and the rest is based on author
17:58 jlozano and the last number is based on the title.
17:59 jlozano so it's kind of a formula to get the number.
17:59 jlozano[…]al_Classification
18:00 jlozano so you get software to do it for you.
18:00 oleonard jlozano: Do you have an example of non-free software which does this?
18:01 drojf joined #koha
18:02 oleonard jlozano: What you describe sounds like cataloging.
18:02 jlozano yeah, Sirsi Dynex has it.
18:02 jlozano It's most definitely cataloging.
18:03 jlozano it tells you where to put the book in the shelves.
18:03 jlozano (if you are using Dewey)
18:03 oleonard jlozano: Yes, I know what the Dewey Decimal System is.
18:04 jlozano I didn't mean to elude you didn't, I'm sorry.
18:05 berick joined #koha
18:07 jlozano I guess the question that originally brought that up because we want to switch to koha but can't really get the dewey numbers
18:15 rambutan jlozano: so you clearly want something less than the marc record, which can be downloaded from various places, right?
18:18 NateC joined #koha
18:21 oleonard I'm I crazy to think that a computer cannot automatically generate a Dewey number out of thin air?
18:22 rambutan donno, there are some good programmers out there
18:24 rambutan[…]1118230659AAVgJeb
18:27 rambutan @later tell jlozano[…]1118230659AAVgJeb
18:27 huginn rambutan: The operation succeeded.
18:27 rambutan looks to me like the link to the LoC provides what he wants, but I'm not a cataloger, nor even a librarian
18:27 tcohen i found several papers on dewey algorithms optimization
18:28 rambutan[…]Obj1Y5ayFWLZpvkFe
18:29 oleonard rambutan: Did you expect that to return search results?
18:29 tcohen left #koha
18:30 tcohen joined #koha
18:31 magnuse yay for the shiny new buttons in 3.11
18:32 drojf Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known
18:32 drojf is that just me?
18:32 magnuse works for me
18:32 magnuse (in a web browser)
18:33 tcohen no problem from command-line here
18:33 cait joined #koha
18:33 drojf hm no it must be something with the vm
18:33 drojf thanks for trying
18:33 drojf i cannot even ping anything
18:33 * magnuse waves to cait
18:33 tcohen is david cook around?
18:34 magnuse @seen dcook
18:34 huginn magnuse: dcook was last seen in #koha 12 hours, 23 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <dcook> adios #koha
18:34 tcohen he showed some interest in testing  bug 9659
18:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9659 minor, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Undefined authorised value category yields empty dropdown menu on SQL reports
18:34 * cait waves back
18:35 tcohen hi cait
18:35 drojf n'abend cait
18:48 cait :)
18:49 drojf1 joined #koha
18:57 jcamins joined #koha
18:58 rambutan oleonard: link above had some auto generated session info, I can't find the base page or reconstruct how I got there, sorry. But on that page, if I plug in "Gone With the Wind"
18:58 rambutan I get info including the call number.
18:59 rambutan ah:[…]=local&PAGE=First
19:17 NateC joined #koha
19:18 bgkriegel joined #koha
19:18 bgkriegel hello
19:23 oleonard Hi bgkriegel
19:29 trendynick joined #koha
19:35 jcamins oleonard: computers cannot assign DDC numbers when given the name of the book, but they can look up the number mapped to a particular subject.
19:35 oleonard I wonder if that's what jlozano was talking about...
19:36 jcamins I think it was.
19:37 oleonard Wouldn't such software have to be licensed by OCLC?
19:37 NateC joined #koha
19:37 jcamins It would, yes.
19:37 jcamins The answer is "no, there is no free software, and never will be."
19:38 * jcamins would sugggest that perhaps some of the money being saved on the ILS should go toward Cataloger's Desktop.
19:38 jcamins Except he's gone.
19:39 * jcamins has a feeling of deja vu.
19:39 jcamins Didn't I already say that?
19:40 ibeardslee a glitch in the matrix?
19:42 nengard joined #koha
19:42 nengard hi all, is there a way to find out what type of koha install a system is on?
19:42 magnuse nengard: you mean packages, tarball etc?
19:43 nengard or dev/git - yes
19:44 nengard so i'm on the server and was going to do a git pull
19:44 jcamins Only if you have access to the server.
19:44 nengard but don't want to break anything if it was not a git install
19:44 nengard yeah i'm on the server
19:44 jcamins Oh.
19:44 jcamins Well, you can check if it's a package install by running `koha-list`
19:44 jcamins If it lists your instance, it's a package install.
19:45 jcamins Or you could simply look in your Apache config, which is what I would do.
19:45 jcamins (if you prefer not to do that, you can probably conclude that it's a standard install if you do not have a koha-list command and do have something in /usr/share/koha
19:46 nengard in which directory
19:47 nengard okay i do have usr/share/koha
19:47 nengard what i guess i need to know is how to find the koha directory?
19:47 nengard like on mine I cd kohaclone
19:47 jcamins Huh?
19:47 magnuse no output from koha-list?
19:48 nengard joined #koha
19:48 magnuse mibbit-- ;-)
19:49 nengard how much of thaqt did you get? I was just kicked out
19:49 rambutan joined #koha
19:49 nengard yeah i'm not on my computer
19:49 magnuse <nengard> in which directory
19:49 magnuse <nengard> okay i do have usr/share/koha
19:49 magnuse <nengard> what i guess i need to know is how to find the koha directory?
19:49 magnuse <nengard> like on mine I cd kohaclone
19:49 magnuse <jcamins> Huh?
19:49 magnuse <magnuse> no output from koha-list?
19:49 nengard koha-koha@WW-R-ITLWDW1K5M:/usr/share/koha$ koha-list bash: koha-list: command not found
19:50 nengard did you get any of what i said about version and disney and such? or was that all lost by mibbit?
19:50 magnuse not a package install then
19:50 magnuse nothing about version or disney
19:50 nengard grrr
19:51 * magnuse gotta run
19:51 jcamins It is not a package install.
19:51 jcamins If you have /usr/share/koha, chances are good it's a standard install.
19:51 jcamins But that is in no way definite.
19:51 jcamins You'd have to either look in the Apache configs -- keeping in mind that they may not help either -- or talk to whoever set it up.
19:52 nengard let me try again
19:52 nengard i'm at disney helping with koha - they want to upgrade and are on version 3.9.4 and want to be on master
19:52 nengard i was going to do a git pull
19:52 nengard but wasn't sure if i should
19:52 nengard and it sounds like i can cause it's not a package install
19:52 nengard the person who set it up has left here
19:52 nengard that's why i was helping :)
19:52 nengard so i do have a usr/share/koha folder
19:52 jcamins It's probably a standard install, then.
19:52 jcamins However, if this is Disney, you can't simply upgrade them.
19:53 nengard so next question - on my install i have a kohaclone folder - but i don't see one of those here
19:53 jcamins They have indexing customizations.
19:53 nengard they do?
19:53 nengard do they know that? :)
19:53 jcamins Pretty sure what's-his-name from Disney sent me a copy at some point.
19:53 nengard david
19:53 jcamins That's the one.
19:53 nengard he's on the phone
19:54 jcamins Ask him A) how he installed Koha, and B) whether they have any customizations.
19:54 jcamins They might not.
19:54 jcamins But I have a recollection of him adding some indexing on 010 for authorities.
19:55 nengard i'll ask him when he hangs up
19:55 nengard and grrr
19:55 nengard okay - he can't save reports cause of a bug in 3.9.4
19:55 nengard so what do i tell him as far as upgrading goes if he can't do aa simple pull?
19:55 nengard a) he didnt' do it - his IT guy who has left did it
19:55 nengard b) will ask in a sec - he's on the phone
19:55 nengard hmmm
19:55 bgkriegel nengard: if there is a file /usr/share/koha/misc/koha-install-log, the installed version is there
19:55 nengard i can probably find that
19:55 nengard isn't there a file i can look for that
19:55 nengard bgkriegel yup that's there
19:56 jcamins Ask him about customizations.
19:56 nengard he's still on phone
19:56 nengard will as soon as he hangs up
19:56 nengard auth index mode is DOM
19:57 nengard according to koha-install-log
19:57 jcamins That was a response to the questio you asked several minutes ago.
19:57 jcamins I have a long delay.
19:57 nengard oh!
19:58 jcamins And the delay comes and goes, so for example I saw David's name right away, but nothing you said after that for several minutes.
19:58 nengard hmm
19:59 jcamins If they don't have any customizations, you can just follow the standard upgrade instructions.
19:59 jcamins If they do, I wouldn't be willing to offer any advice without access to their server.
19:59 nengard jcamins they never got the indexing rule to work
20:00 jcamins In that case, they probably wouldn't care about blowing it away.
20:00 jcamins So, standard upgrade procedure.
20:01 * Guest930 waves
20:02 jcamins Obviously you'll want to make _very_ sure they're certain, and take a backup, because there is no "rollback installation" functionality built into Linux.
20:03 wizzyrea oleonard: re: bug 9534 - do you have a preference?
20:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9534 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , No way to get back to bib detail from edit record screen
20:03 * wizzyrea saw your comment
20:04 nengard joined #koha
20:04 nengard got kicked again
20:04 nengard did someone answer me about where they upgrade instructions were?
20:04 nengard i'm not seeing them searching the wiki
20:04 jcamins INSTALL.debian. They haven't been moved.
20:04 bgkriegel oh, in INSTALL file
20:04 nengard i've never used them :)
20:05 bgkriegel perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
20:05 nengard what's that gonna do
20:06 bgkriegel nicol, you miss this comment from jcamins "Obviously you'll want to make _very_ sure they're certain, and take a backup, because there is no "rollback installation" functionality built into Linux."
20:06 nengard i have a backup
20:08 bgkriegel well, the command will look you previous selections, and act accordingly
20:08 bgkriegel user, folders, etc
20:10 druthb joined #koha
20:11 nengard joined #koha
20:13 nengard okay, either i'm just too tired/sick or i'm missing something
20:13 nengard i'm looking at the UPGRADE section of INSTALL.debian
20:13 nengard but I don't see any commands to upgrade
20:14 nengard just to check for dependencies and install template toolkit
20:14 nengard[…]18cc84587;hb=HEAD
20:14 nengard line 321
20:14 wizzyrea no, line 336
20:15 wizzyrea 340 even
20:15 nengard 336 says to install template toolkit
20:15 * wizzyrea was looking at the wrong branch
20:15 nengard oh!
20:15 nengard so, that's a documentation issue :) to the un-educated user that looks like it's part of the installing template toolkit to me
20:15 nengard thank you
20:16 nengard okay - system backed up
20:16 nengard db backed up
20:16 nengard and now i'm just scared to upgrade
20:16 nengard don't want to break this on him
20:16 nengard i've only ever done git fetch
20:16 wizzyrea well...
20:16 nengard well... :)
20:16 wizzyrea welcome to being a system administrator?
20:16 nengard hehe
20:16 nengard which i am not
20:17 wizzyrea you can always give them the instructions and say
20:17 wizzyrea you do this part.
20:17 wizzyrea then it's on them.
20:17 jcamins Every time you upgrade a git install, you need to go through the upgrade procedure.
20:17 wizzyrea unless they are paying YOU to do it, of course
20:18 nengard okay question
20:18 wizzyrea do we have a wiki page about that?
20:18 wahanui well, question is "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?"
20:18 wizzyrea 42.
20:18 nengard i have a backup of the entire system - and a db backup
20:18 nengard if i were to totally screw this up
20:18 nengard can someone walk us/him through restoring from the backup?
20:18 nengard i dont even know how to do that
20:18 jcamins wizzyrea: I doubt it. After all, the instructions say very clearly "UPGRADE."
20:19 wizzyrea no i meant about "how to upgrade a git installation"
20:19 jcamins nengard: I am sure you could pay someone.
20:19 jcamins wizzyrea: right, you follow the exact same instructions.
20:19 nengard when i'm on my VM i type 'git fetch' and then 'git rebase origin' and then go to the browser and upgrade
20:19 wizzyrea I'm not sure that's clear to everybody.
20:19 jcamins Right, that doesn't actually do the whole upgrade.
20:19 nengard i've never typed the commands i see under UPGRADE in that doc
20:19 wizzyrea (obviously)
20:20 jcamins Patches are welcome.
20:20 nengard joined #koha
20:20 wizzyrea to be clear I'm not asking you to fix it - I'm only asking if there is work that needs to be done :P
20:20 nengard grrr
20:20 wizzyrea in that area
20:20 nengard keeps kicking me out
20:21 jcamins I would have said "no," because it never occurred to me to ignore the instructions.
20:21 wizzyrea the answer to that, is clearly "yes"
20:21 nengard yes agreed with wizzyrea and i would patch if i understood what was going on :)
20:21 jcamins But... maybe?
20:21 NateC joined #koha
20:21 trea joined #koha
20:26 nengard joined #koha
20:26 nengard hmmm
20:26 nengard something is funky here
20:26 nengard bash: apt-get install: command not found
20:28 wizzyrea sudo?
20:28 wahanui well, sudo is just so people wont rm -rfrandom stuff or
20:31 wizzyrea also perhaps it's not debian?
20:32 cjh too slow :)
20:35 nengard joined #koha
20:35 nengard okay question
20:35 wahanui question is "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?"
20:39 wizzyrea shoot
20:41 nengard grr
20:41 nengard stop that
20:42 nengard joined #koha
20:42 nengard were my questions coming through before
20:43 oleonard logs?
20:43 wahanui logs is, like,
20:44 nengard am i here
20:44 nengard does mibbit suck? :)
20:44 nengard so mibbit sucks
20:44 nengard okay
20:44 wizzyrea you are here now
20:45 Joubu joined #koha
20:48 nengard joined #koha
20:48 nengard let's try this
20:48 nengard no more mibbit
20:48 nengard so i was trying to ask the following
20:48 nengard where is ? i'm not finding it when i locate -i makefile
20:49 wizzyrea capitalised.
20:49 wizzyrea
20:49 nengard nothing
20:49 cait it's in your koha directory
20:49 wizzyrea then it's in the root of your kohaclone.
20:49 jcamins Makefile.PL
20:49 cait yep
20:49 wizzyrea PL sorry
20:50 jcamins P and L are capitalized.
20:50 wizzyrea but it says that in the instructions anyway.
20:50 jcamins Wherever you downloaded Koha to, that's where it is.
20:50 nengard where do find the root of kohaclone - remember i didn't install this
20:50 nengard i found usr/share/koha
20:50 wizzyrea I think you should not be attempting this.
20:50 nengard but i don't see kohaclone
20:50 nengard i agree
20:50 nengard but he's gonna ask the same questions
20:50 nengard cause he has no one to upgrade him and he can't save reports
20:50 nengard cause of a bug that was in 3.9.4
20:51 nengard which he's on
20:51 nengard so what do i recommend?
20:51 jcamins A support vendor?
20:51 wizzyrea I recommend that he pay someone to do it (like your esteemed colleagues)
20:51 wizzyrea remember, open source isn't about cost, it's about freedom.
20:51 * jcamins favors C & P, but you might be partial to this other company I've heard of. ;)
20:51 nengard hmmm
20:52 nengard :p
20:52 wizzyrea i mean, the poor fella is on a standard install, that is master
20:52 nengard i agree
20:52 wizzyrea or a previous development version
20:52 nengard he's a one person library
20:52 wizzyrea the other option is
20:52 nengard no budget
20:52 wizzyrea to find the patch
20:52 jcamins I have bad news: I need to put New Zealand in the same category as Australia.
20:52 wizzyrea that fixed it
20:52 wizzyrea the awesome category?
20:53 jcamins Actually, it was the Wine-Australian category.
20:53 jcamins I think I might make it the Wine-Oceania category.
20:53 wizzyrea oh it's like anywhere, there's awesome wine and not awesome wine here.
20:53 wizzyrea and from here.
20:54 wizzyrea but seriously nengard - if their ILS is important, and it always is
20:54 wizzyrea doing it right is worth the money.
20:54 nengard of course
20:54 nengard i agree
20:54 nengard was just trying to be helpful
20:54 nengard if i could
20:54 jcamins Apparently it used to be really hard to develop an expertise in wine in NZ.
20:54 wizzyrea i get that, but I think this is probably not something you want to be responsible for
20:55 wizzyrea and is probably beyond the scope of "free support on the internet"
20:55 jcamins Back in 1985, I don't think they were discussing wine internationally on the internet.
20:55 drojf break it for free, repair it in your spare time
20:56 drojf jcamins: yay for the future we live in
20:57 jcamins drojf: indeed.
20:57 jcamins Not that there's any way to taste wine over IRC.
20:57 jcamins Alas.
20:58 drojf …yet!
20:59 druthb cait and I keep working on a teleportation device.  I have the software just about hacked, but she's hit a snag on hardware.
20:59 drojf nengard: wouldn't it be easier to take the data backup, throw away whatever koha that is and install packages? they could probably do that themselves
20:59 wizzyrea yea, it's a lot easier to upgrade packages too
20:59 wizzyrea as in apt-get upgrade koha-common
20:59 wizzyrea easy.
21:00 wizzyrea plus the cron jobs are all taken care of for you
21:00 wizzyrea you only get stable releases
21:00 joltt joined #koha
21:00 drojf i walked 20 people through package installation lately, most of them never used linux and/or command line stuff before
21:00 trea that was going to be my suggestion
21:01 * joltt test
21:01 trea dump the data, install on packages, and run the upgrade
21:01 trea problem solved
21:01 nengard okay folks we are on a package install
21:01 wizzyrea ...
21:02 nengard so...
21:02 nengard now ...
21:02 trea sudo apt-get upgrade koha-common
21:02 nengard do i just do that
21:02 wizzyrea what's in your apt-sources.list
21:02 nengard hehe
21:02 nengard i was typing that trea
21:02 * wizzyrea suspects it's not got the main
21:02 wizzyrea but the dev.
21:02 nengard debian.koha-community ? blah blah
21:03 drojf what wizzyrea says
21:03 nengard it's the dev package
21:03 wizzyrea no, the blah blah is important
21:03 drojf the blabla is the important part
21:03 wizzyrea what does it say
21:03 drojf :D
21:03 nengard koha/squeeze-dev
21:03 drojf look
21:04 wizzyrea you probably want squeeze-main
21:04 wizzyrea and the keys changed recently, eythian sent out keys
21:04 wajasu chrin_n: ok. i got proportional font wrap for labels working.  i wonder if i should make it so if you specify justify='Center', the left_text-margin is ignored, and only applies to the barcode so that one can center the barcode
21:04 nengard okay but if he just wanted to upgrade what he has now
21:04 nengard then it's just what trea said
21:04 wizzyrea i don't think we're making dev packages right now?
21:04 drojf he does not want taht
21:04 trea but that's still a dev install
21:04 trea why would he do that
21:04 nengard he's a solo librarian it's not a public catalog he just wants the darn thing to let him save reports right now
21:04 nengard i agree with you all
21:04 nengard he should be on stable/main
21:05 wajasu chris_n:ok. i got proportional font wrap for labels working. i wonder if i should make it so if you specify justify='Center', the left_text-margin is ignored, and only applies to the barcode so that one can center the barcode
21:05 nengard but if the only thing i can do for free to help him is upgrade him - will apt-get upgrade do it?
21:05 nengard or are we saying we don't have an updated version of that package
21:05 nengard cause we're not doing it anymore?
21:05 drojf that will give him another weird version
21:05 trea and if you do that, then next time, instead of reports not working it will be something else.
21:05 nengard or am i maiking no sense
21:05 chris_n wajasu: that sounds like a good idea
21:05 * magnuse should have specified "*sudo* koha-list" if you want to check if you are on a package install
21:05 nengard oops
21:05 drojf that cleared that up :D
21:06 chris_n wajasu: thanks for working on that :)
21:06 wizzyrea sure, try it. says that squeeze-dev was last generated 28 feb
21:06 wizzyrea no idea what you'll get though.
21:06 nengard can we upgrade from dev to main?
21:07 wizzyrea eythian would have better advice on that - he's not in yet
21:07 nengard or should we (spitballing here) update the dev package and then when 3.12 comes out start a new machine with stable and keep him stable from there
21:07 nengard this from the linux expert talking over my shoulder :)
21:07 wizzyrea you should always run stable
21:08 nengard how do i get to stable from here then?
21:08 drojf nengard:  put in  'deb squeeze main', make a apt-get update and then upgrade. that will give you 3.10. if that is 3.9.something now it is a newer version and should be alright. downgrading from dev to older stable would be weird maybe
21:08 nengard that was a suggestion to get to stable eventually - we're open t suggestions
21:09 drojf squeeze is stable
21:09 magnuse nengard: "sudo apt-cache policy koha-common" should tell you what version you get if you upgrade
21:09 nengard i'm on squeeze-dev
21:09 drojf that is why you should change the /etc/apt/source.list entry :)
21:10 nengard magnuse it says 3.9.1 is installed and 3.9.1 is the candidate
21:10 nengard so there is no upgrade?
21:10 wizzyrea (because you are on dev)
21:10 nengard right
21:10 nengard so what drojf said ? that will get me on stable?
21:10 wajasu chris_n: i coded it so if text_wrap_cols = 0, which it isn't now, since its calculated, it will truncate without wrapping, but we'd need to add a way to configure truncation, but thats for another day.
21:11 drojf nengard: yes
21:11 nengard okey dokey
21:11 drojf nengard: and btw i have done that once or twice without problems, i do not recall the versions though
21:11 magnuse nengard: you might need to do "sudo apt-get update"
21:12 magnuse ... if it has not been done in a while
21:12 chris_n wajasu: sounds good
21:12 trea left #koha
21:13 nengard magnuse and all doing that now
21:13 nengard the update
21:13 wahanui the update is probably good because it tells people a new syspref has been added
21:13 nengard silly bot
21:13 drojf wahanui: forget the update
21:13 wahanui drojf: I forgot update
21:14 * wizzyrea defers to magnuse on things packages
21:14 magnuse eeek! ;-)
21:15 wajasu chris_n: is it worth working on putting support for a unicode font [another patch] (configurable path), and embedding it in the PDF, so we might get diacritics working? or is that too much?
21:15 nengard okay update isn't working ? i get an error:
21:15 drojf new gpg key?
21:16 drojf (just guessing)
21:16 nengard failed to fetch htt://​squeeze0main/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2
21:16 nengard oh you did say there were new keys
21:16 chris_n wajasu: it would probably be worth the trouble, but would require having the particular font installed on one's koha server
21:16 cjh nengard: ahh your apt sources entry sounds wrong
21:16 cjh squeeze0main should be squeeze/main
21:16 drojf there shouldn't be a 0 there and it is community
21:16 chris_n wajasu: seems I encountered some resistance to that back in the day
21:16 drojf and http
21:16 jcamins And it should be http://
21:16 cjh also what drojf mentioned, missed that :)
21:16 jcamins wajasu: do it in two patches if you must.
21:17 chris_n but I'm sure there would be lots of folks who would happily install said fonts if that resolved the issue
21:17 tcohen joined #koha
21:17 magnuse i agree with drojf: make sure "deb squeeze main" is in "/etc/apt/sources.list", then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" should give you 3.10.x
21:17 jcamins There were concerns about dependencies
21:17 chris_n jcamins: in reference to ?
21:17 wajasu two patches of course.
21:18 * chris_n did not read back far enough
21:18 jcamins chris_n: the fonts.
21:18 jcamins They may not be installable.
21:18 jcamins Or something.
21:18 wahanui it has been said that something is wrong....
21:19 chris_n jcamins: installing fonts would be the user's responsibility
21:19 chris_n we should not put them in the repo I thnk
21:19 chris_n wahanui: forget something
21:19 wahanui chris_n: I forgot something
21:19 wajasu i'd just make it syspref configurable and it would depend on the font/path being available and the user's responsibility (i.e. optional)
21:19 jcamins As long as it will continue to work as it has for people who don't have the fonts, and as long as that's in a separate patch, if it can get signed off and QAed before the freeze, I'll accept it.
21:19 chris_n I took wajasu's suggestion as adding a configurable path syspref
21:20 jcamins Ah. That'd work for me.
21:20 chris_n yes, the current action should be default
21:20 magnuse nengard: and by all means do a mysqldump first :-)
21:20 * magnuse wishes #koha a good $time_of_day
21:21 nengard of course did that already
21:22 drojf magnuse: good night, if that was a goodbye ;)
21:24 nengard okay bash: deb: command not found
21:25 wizzyrea make sure "deb squeeze main" is in "/etc/apt/sources.list",
21:25 drojf the line with 'deb' goes into /etc/apt/sources.list
21:25 wizzyrea says magnuse
21:25 drojf not in the command line
21:26 drojf it is supposed to replace the line with koha squeeze-dev blahblah
21:27 nengard oh it's there
21:27 nengard and i think i give up
21:27 nengard thanks guys
21:27 drojf oh. you're so close!
21:27 nengard am i really
21:27 drojf yes
21:27 nengard why do i keep getting errors :(
21:28 nengard okay tell me what to try next
21:28 wizzyrea sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
21:28 cjh and show us the error :)
21:28 wizzyrea because you keep typing the wrong thing in the wrong place :P
21:28 nengard okay trying again
21:28 wizzyrea or you can omit the &&
21:28 wizzyrea and do each one at a time
21:28 wizzyrea sudo apt-get update
21:28 wizzyrea sudo apt-get upgrade
21:29 drojf i think the gpg key changed so that may be good for another error message maybe. but tell us what you get after sudo apt-get update
21:29 wizzyrea yea, you might need a new key
21:29 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "errors for apt-get update" (38 lines) at
21:29 nengard errors
21:30 nengard wizzy i did the key thing
21:30 nengard followed the email
21:30 tcohen update your keys
21:30 tcohen wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -
21:30 nengard did that
21:30 tcohen apt-get update? no errors?
21:30 wizzyrea looks like she doesn't have keys for anything
21:30 trea joined #koha
21:30 drojf ouch that looks… strange
21:31 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "keys" (15 lines) at
21:31 wizzyrea looks like you maybe have the GUI update thinger running?
21:31 wizzyrea is there a gui on this machine?
21:31 nengard yes
21:31 wizzyrea do you have software center running?
21:31 wizzyrea or update manager/
21:31 drojf yeah that has to go
21:31 nengard synaptic is running
21:31 cjh make sure all other package management software is closed
21:31 drojf synaptic or whatever
21:31 wizzyrea make it go away
21:31 nengard okay i did
21:32 nengard now what?
21:32 wahanui rumour has it now is good time with holidays coming up
21:32 drojf repear the last command
21:32 drojf the update one
21:32 nengard k
21:32 drojf repeat even
21:32 nengard hehe
21:32 nengard same errors
21:32 nengard now wait
21:32 wizzyrea exact same?
21:32 nengard no wait
21:33 * wizzyrea suspects they won't be exactly the same
21:33 * cjh hopes it won't be exactly the same
21:33 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "new errors?" (37 lines) at
21:33 tcohen there's a background index updater running
21:33 nengard how do i find that?
21:33 tcohen ps -ef | grep apt
21:34 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "grep apt" (5 lines) at
21:34 drojf kill it with fire
21:34 tcohen sudo kill -9 1015 ; sudo apt-get update
21:34 drojf what is xapian?
21:34 jcamins A full-text indexer.
21:34 nengard i don't know what is it?
21:35 nengard killing is okay?
21:35 jcamins Probably the server is used for a lot of other things, too.
21:35 tcohen its like zebra, but for packages info
21:35 drojf jcamins: not anymore HAHAH
21:35 nengard so we are okay with the killing??
21:35 nengard won't break anything?
21:35 tcohen of course :-P
21:35 nengard that's not encouraging
21:35 tcohen it will break indexes, which will be rebuilt on update
21:36 nengard k
21:36 jcamins drojf: hehe
21:36 nengard trying again
21:36 nengard after killing
21:36 kathryn joined #koha
21:37 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "more damn errors!" (37 lines) at
21:37 wizzyrea gpg error
21:37 nengard k
21:37 nengard so i try the key line again?
21:37 tcohen nop
21:37 tcohen e
21:37 nengard k
21:38 drojf my gpg errors usually look differently
21:38 tcohen is not a gpg error
21:38 wizzyrea nodata is a weird one
21:38 tcohen exactly
21:38 cjh its the same error as before
21:38 drojf that bzip2 sub process thing looks weird too
21:38 nengard weird makes me tired
21:39 tcohen just reboot
21:39 tcohen (no, just jidding)
21:39 tcohen what does sudo apt-get -f install do?
21:39 drojf do you think the opl person knows what other things are running on that machine=
21:39 drojf ?
21:39 eythian paste the whole output of the update command, not just the bits with warnings. Include your command line.
21:39 nengard opl?
21:40 drojf i'd +1 from "do fresh package install"  to "do a fresh debian install and then packages" :P
21:40 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "sudo apt-get -f install" (7 lines) at
21:40 nengard eythian okay
21:40 drojf nengard: i thought it's an opl you are doing that for
21:40 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "everything" (178 lines) at
21:40 tcohen there have been some tls and ssl updates recently on debian/ubuntu, what are thse updates?
21:41 nengard opl = one person library - sorry getting tired here
21:41 nengard yes it's Disney and the's a one person librarian and he didn't do the install
21:41 nengard so he's not sure
21:41 nengard the guy who did install left
21:41 nengard and a new guy is here who will help us once we get back on stable
21:42 tcohen u tried the sudo apt-get upgrade command, right?
21:42 nengard not yet
21:42 nengard update kept throwing errors
21:42 nengard so i was waiting to do that until update worked
21:43 jcamins apt-get upgrade will not actually upgrade Koha.
21:43 jcamins New dependencies.
21:43 wahanui new dependencies are optional.
21:43 nengard so i should do that even if apt-get update failed
21:43 nengard just confirming
21:44 tcohen is there something about keyring or tls?
21:44 eythian I'm suspicious that you're behind a proxy or something
21:44 eythian tcohen: the indexes aren't downloading properly
21:44 tcohen a proxy breaking files
21:44 nengard eythian it's possible the librarian isn't sure ?
21:44 nengard we are behind a firewall
21:44 eythian if you run 'GET', what do you see?
21:44 eythian you should see lines like "<head><title>Index of /debian/</title></head>"
21:45 jcamins Do you know, I never knew about the GET command.
21:45 jcamins That's very cool!
21:45 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "ftp thingy" (102 lines) at
21:45 nengard i think that's right
21:46 nengard who was it that said i was close? :)
21:46 nengard you guys rock by the way!!
21:47 nengard lunch is churning in my tummy so i appreciate all the help!!
21:47 eythian weird, you get different results to me, but it still looks correct.
21:49 nengard so where do we go from here
21:49 tcohen which package contains GET and POST commands? didn't know them
21:49 jcamins tcohen: libwww-perl, apparently.
21:49 eythian wait
21:49 eythian you have two sets of deb lines hitting different servers but fetching the same stuff
21:49 eythian paste your sources.list file?
21:49 nengard uh oh
21:50 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "sources - you're right it's in there 2 times" (27 lines) at
21:51 eythian hmm
21:51 eythian no, I think that looks OK
21:51 * eythian checks my VM
21:51 nengard i'll brb - don't go away - i'll be super quick
21:52 eythian yeah, that should be OK.
21:52 Irma joined #koha
21:52 wizzyrea hi irma - I got  your request taken care of :)
21:52 Irma hi wizzyrea thanks :-)
21:54 eythian nengard: is there anything in /etc/apt/sources.list.d
21:54 eythian ?
21:54 eythian I don't think this will be the problem, but it'd pay to check
21:54 nengard back
21:54 eythian basically, there is Something Wrong with either your current package cache, or with your network that's causing flakey downloads.
21:55 nengard eythian nothing
21:55 nengard wait
21:55 nengard typo
21:55 nengard nope, nothing
21:56 nengard i couldn't do a fetch from git on my laptop vm - so it  might be the latter ? network flakey
21:57 eythian yeah. let me thing of a test...
21:57 eythian think
21:57 tcohen pichu
21:57 eythian maccu?
21:57 nengard ?
21:57 rambutan nengard: I'm only half-way following the topic here, but would using >sudo apt-get dist-upgrade help your problem?
21:57 rambutan[…].php?f=30&t=80324
21:57 eythian <-- bad spelling
21:57 eythian rambutan: no, it probably wouldn't
21:58 nengard rambutan i don't know
21:58 nengard what he said
21:58 NateC joined #koha
21:58 jcamins It's like Marco Polo, except instead of being a child's swimming game, it's a historic ruin in Peru.
21:59 nengard k
21:59 pastebot "eythian" at pasted "nengard: try these commands, see if you get the same results" (15 lines) at
21:59 jcamins (no, that response had nothing to do with the topic at hand, but I thought it was funny;)
21:59 tcohen it was jcamins
22:00 jcamins :)
22:00 tcohen i had window focus problem, talking to one pichu
22:00 jcamins Oh, I thought I just didn't understand what you were saying. ;)
22:00 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "eythian" (13 lines) at
22:01 eythian nengard: you didn't try all the commands, you missed the first one.
22:01 nengard oops
22:01 tcohen nengard: if repeating for koha's repo gives the same error, its a proxy problem
22:01 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "eythian" (17 lines) at
22:02 eythian that suggests it's not a proxy problem
22:03 * eythian tries something
22:03 tcohen or it just got fixed :-P
22:03 eythian possible :)
22:05 eythian nengard: paste the results of ls -lh /var/lib/apt/lists
22:06 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "eythian" (23 lines) at
22:07 eythian type this one very carefully: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*
22:07 eythian you should get a warning: rm: cannot remove `partial': Is a directory
22:07 nengard heh
22:07 eythian that's OK
22:07 nengard not scared at all
22:07 wizzyrea incidentally, the patch for the problem you ahve is here:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8128
22:07 huginn Bug 8128: blocker, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, RESOLVED FIXED, can't seem to run new sql reports
22:08 eythian when you've done that, run sudo apt-get update again
22:08 nengard k
22:10 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "eythian" (199 lines) at
22:10 wizzyrea we aren't concerned by
22:10 wizzyrea W: GPG error: squeeze Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2 doesn't it seem odd that they keys have nodata?
22:11 eythian wizzyrea: no
22:11 eythian because that's just a symptom
22:11 wizzyrea alright then.
22:11 eythian the real issue is whatever is causing: 87% [2 Translation-en bzip2 0 B] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [8 Release.gpg 0 B/1bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.
22:11 nengard hmm
22:11 eythian nengard: when it's saying "Waiting for headers", does it take a long time?
22:11 eythian or is it really quick?
22:12 eythian (like, is it 1 second or more like 10)
22:12 wizzyrea i wonder if she should try using the gui management for this?
22:12 wizzyrea for her sources.
22:12 eythian wizzyrea: it all uses the same stuff on the backend
22:12 eythian only, makes it harder to see the errors
22:12 wizzyrea sure but... it was running earlier
22:13 eythian was it working though?
22:13 wizzyrea I can't tell you that. The sources she pasted were quite old
22:14 wizzyrea so I'd guess "no"
22:14 eythian the GUI tools will run, but I'd expect them to have the same errors when you tell it to update the package list.
22:15 drojf there wouldn't be no space left on the device?
22:15 nengard am i supposed to follow this? :)
22:15 eythian drojf: worth a check
22:16 eythian nengard: parts of it, yes
22:16 eythian <eythian> nengard: when it's saying "Waiting for headers", does it take a long time?
22:16 eythian <eythian> or is it really quick?
22:16 eythian <eythian> (like, is it 1 second or more like 10)
22:16 eythian like that bit.
22:16 eythian also, paste the output of df -h
22:16 drojf and after what eythian says, what does 'df -h' say?
22:16 drojf heh
22:16 eythian snap
22:16 nengard sorry - phone
22:16 nengard not it's not that long at all
22:16 tcohen sudo apt-get install debian-keyring
22:16 nengard seconds
22:16 tcohen format C:
22:17 drojf lol
22:17 nengard NO WAY
22:17 eythian hey you know what's suspect
22:17 tcohen :-P
22:18 eythian Get:32 squeeze/main Sources [1,513 B]
22:18 eythian Get:33 squeeze-updates/contrib Sources [1,513 B]
22:18 nengard do i install the keyring thing?
22:18 eythian all those files are coming out at the same size
22:18 nengard or was that a joke too
22:18 eythian it won't help
22:18 eythian Get:29 squeeze/main i386 Packages [1,513 B]
22:18 eythian that's also the same size.
22:18 eythian it's almost certainly network related shenanigans
22:18 tcohen wget -O -
22:18 eythian tcohen: scroll up, tried that
22:19 eythian (and it worked which is strange)
22:19 wizzyrea maybe not, the packet was less than 1513B?
22:19 * wizzyrea doesn't know, just speculating
22:19 jcamins I wonder what the proxy is sending... I'm guessing "This site's security policy does not allow access to these resources. The attempted security breach has been logged."
22:20 eythian wizzyrea: they shouldn't all be the same size though
22:20 eythian I hate how apt doesn't tell you the actual file it's fetching
22:20 wizzyrea no i meant for the -O_
22:20 eythian -O - just puts output to stdout
22:21 wizzyrea we are talking past each other
22:21 eythian possibly :)
22:21 wizzyrea it's fine, not important.
22:21 wizzyrea :)
22:21 tcohen wget -O-[…]i386/Packages.bz2
22:21 drojf unfortunately i got this mickey mouse march from full metal jacket stuck in my head now. thanks disney :p
22:21 nengard do i do that
22:21 tcohen try the wget again
22:22 wizzyrea it is a huge corp, we can only assume that they have mad security schemes
22:22 drojf they have their own disnet
22:23 nengard um
22:23 tcohen fmj, great movie BTW
22:23 nengard that doesn't look good
22:23 nengard the wget thing
22:23 nengard and it's going forever and error
22:23 tcohen FORBIDEN?
22:23 nengard all kinds of characters
22:23 eythian yeah
22:23 nengard yeah that's good?
22:23 eythian putting a binary file to the terminal is often not ideal
22:24 nengard seems to have stopped or failed or something
22:24 tcohen run reset
22:24 eythian I'm very confused why that works and apt doesn't though
22:24 nengard it's a blinking cursor at 9;c
22:24 tcohen to get your terminal back (if chars are broken)
22:24 eythian type 'reset'
22:24 nengard k
22:24 nengard got it back
22:25 tcohen flame warning> that wouldn't have happened in Mandriva
22:25 nengard that means nothing to me :)
22:25 eythian tcohen: that's because no one uses Mandriva :)
22:25 jcamins tcohen: no... Mandriva predated the Internet. :P
22:26 nengard okay guys, we were supposedly close like a hour ago :)
22:26 eythian hey wait
22:26 nengard have we hit a wall? .... oh maybe not
22:26 tcohen heh
22:26 eythian nengard: yeah, but your system is weird
22:26 nengard not my system! :)
22:26 nengard but yes
22:26 eythian there's something else funny
22:26 eythian try this:
22:26 eythian wget -O- http://debian.koha-community.o[…]i386/Packages.bz2
22:27 tcohen THAT is not funny at all!
22:27 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "error" (9 lines) at
22:27 eythian damn
22:28 eythian that's what should happen on a working system
22:28 nengard hmm
22:28 drojf did you try the df -h thing?
22:28 eythian oddly, your system is trying to access it
22:28 eythian and it doesn't exist
22:28 nengard i don't remember if i did the df hting
22:28 nengard what was that?
22:28 wizzyrea type it
22:28 drojf df -h
22:28 nengard i tried so many things
22:28 nengard oh
22:28 nengard k
22:29 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "df -h" (11 lines) at
22:29 tcohen jcamins: urpmi was really awesome
22:30 tcohen (never used Mandriva, Mandrake was my first distro, then moved to Gentoo, then Debian)
22:30 drojf that looks fine. i would have love an extra apt partition of 1513b
22:30 eythian heh
22:30 nengard once we get this solved if we get this solved they're going to do a fresh system and copy the db over
22:31 eythian wait
22:31 nengard but we need to get the db upgraded so that it works
22:31 eythian why not just do a fresh system now then?
22:31 nengard they have data
22:31 eythian you can move the data
22:31 nengard how do we import old data from a 3.9.4 db to a 3.10.3 system
22:31 jcamins Why are you trying to upgrade in a broken system? Just move the data.
22:31 eythian you just .. do
22:31 eythian it'll work
22:31 nengard i'm so confused guys ... picture a tired sleepy and nausious nicole and speak slowly
22:31 eythian it'll upgrade itself
22:31 nengard really???
22:32 nengard so we do a mysqldump
22:32 nengard do a fresh install
22:32 nengard and the import the db and it will work?
22:32 eythian sure, you put old data into a new koha system and it'll see that it's old and upgrade it for you.
22:32 bgkriegel yep
22:32 nengard even thought the old db has different fields
22:32 nengard OMG
22:32 eythian yeah, the upgrade process takes care of it for you.
22:32 drojf we should have hand-on installation sessions more often :)
22:33 eythian when you first start it up with the old data, it'll force you to run through the upgrade process.
22:33 drojf nengard gets a completely different perspective :)
22:33 tcohen belive it, Koha is magical
22:33 nengard omg
22:33 nengard omg
22:33 nengard omg
22:33 tcohen heh
22:33 nengard my tired brain is so relieved
22:33 nengard okay
22:33 nengard so i'm copying this for the debian guy - who gave up and left me
22:33 tcohen BTW, try that Ubuntu 12.04 thing
22:34 nengard to tell him to install koha fresh and take the mysql dump bring it in and let koha upgrade it
22:34 drojf there is a debian guy, don't scare him away with ubuntu
22:34 nengard anythign else he needs to know
22:34 nengard and what's the ubuntu thing
22:34 nengard he asked if it would run on ubuntu
22:34 nengard so he's okay with that
22:34 nengard either one is fine
22:35 nengard uh oh ... flamer mode ...
22:36 drojf i'm sure it's the good kind of flame
22:36 eythian yeah, I prefer debian, but ubuntu 12.04LTS is also fine.
22:36 * drojf gets the sausages
22:36 nengard :)
22:36 drojf and steaks
22:36 nengard is there a link or rules i want to share with this guy
22:36 * wizzyrea puts away the popcorn
22:36 nengard i'll email him what you all said here - but anything else
22:36 drojf debian?
22:36 wahanui debian is what most people use and there are good manuals and even packages for that
22:36 nengard before I go and get away from the computer?
22:36 drojf hm
22:36 drojf packages?
22:36 wahanui well, packages is at
22:36 drojf ^^ this
22:36 nengard also do i need to turn on indexing again ... did we turn that off?
22:36 nengard drojf thanks - that I did have
22:37 drojf that should do for a debian guy
22:37 drojf ;)
22:37 eythian yeah, the packaging link should do the job.
22:37 nengard okey dokey
22:37 nengard now what did we kill
22:37 tcohen_flamer_mode stick with Debian
22:37 nengard and do i need to restart it before i go?
22:37 nengard i can search koha
22:37 eythian no
22:37 eythian it was totally unrelated
22:37 eythian at least, the one I saw
22:37 nengard okay good
22:37 nengard works for me
22:38 nengard you guys are all the best (guys as in peoples not just boys) :)
22:38 nengard and let me say that i could never do what you all do :)
22:38 tcohen_flamer_mode yeah, don't mess with all this new gender theories
22:38 nengard I'll stick to my training and documentation thank you very much
22:39 nengard and now i think i'll go out in the FL sun and put the top down on my fancy rental car and drive super fast (if the old FL drivers let me)
22:39 tcohen_flamer_mode good luck nengard
22:40 nengard[…]8.10518624&type=1
22:40 eythian later
22:40 nengard if you all missed it :)
22:40 nengard speedy car :)
22:40 nengard good night all! Thank you
22:40 tcohen OMGH
22:40 nengard LOL
22:41 drojf fancy, have fun
22:42 eythian
22:42 maximep left #koha
22:43 wizzyrea beer and pretzels role playing game?
22:44 tcohen have you played closure?
22:44 eythian I know, sounds like a great idea :)
22:44 eythian I don't think I've heard of it.
22:46 eythian oh, you know what
22:46 eythian I bet apt was set up to use a proxt
22:46 eythian proxy
22:46 eythian and nothing else was
22:46 wizzyrea oops.
22:47 eythian which is why its results were different from wget.
22:52 tcohen when is KohaCon13 happening?
22:52 jcamins October.
22:55 eythian I suppose I should write a talk or something
23:00 tcohen you are the beer expert right? you don't need to do anything
23:01 eythian I don't think work will send me on the weight of my beer knowledge alone :)
23:04 trea hey #koha does opac suppression have any impact on holds fulfillment?
23:05 jcamins Not to my knowlede.
23:05 jcamins *knowledge
23:07 wizzyrea it shouldn't
23:07 trea thanks, just confirming
23:07 wizzyrea the first question?
23:07 wahanui "What are you trying to do?" or "What is the goal?"
23:08 tcohen t-rea wizzy-rea
23:08 eythian I wonder if there's a connection....
23:08 wizzyrea now you're getting it
23:09 trea purely coincidental
23:09 trea >.>
23:11 tcohen leaving now, bye #koha
23:11 wizzyrea later :)
23:15 trea left #koha
23:15 eythian bye tcohen
23:22 papa joined #koha
23:32 drojf joined #koha
23:46 bgallagher joined #koha

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