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00:51 eythian wahanui: kangaroos are the original hopsters
00:51 wahanui OK, eythian.
00:51 wizzyrea hehehehe
00:51 wizzyrea[…]ster_kangaroo.jpg
00:56 rangi Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel - 80  !!!
00:57 bgkriegel :)
00:57 wizzyrea awesome :D
00:57 wizzyrea are you seriously on holiday?
00:57 bgkriegel not now
00:58 wizzyrea hehe oh, even more impressive :)
00:58 bgkriegel i'm working now
00:58 bgkriegel but, i'm become addicted :)
00:58 wizzyrea hehe it'll do that
01:03 rangi hehe
01:04 bgkriegel but there are so many bugs waiting (sign and QA)
01:04 wizzyrea yep
01:07 bgkriegel I try to do as much as possible now, classes start next week and will not have much time
01:07 bgkriegel only at night
01:12 rangi danielg++ # another great newsletter
01:13 rangi bgkriegel++ # the most sign offs in one month of any person ever
01:13 eythian mtj: you about?
01:13 wizzyrea ah yea bgkriegel
01:13 eythian jcamins: also you?
01:13 wizzyrea bgkriegel++
01:13 mtj eythian, yo
01:14 eythian mtj: can you send me your GPG fingerprint?
01:14 mtj yep, will do
01:15 eythian ta
01:17 mtj eythian,  will email you later this arvo
01:17 eythian mtj: I just need the fingerprint
01:17 eythian not the whole key
01:17 mtj ok, gotcha
01:18 mtj just in the middle of something now.. :/
01:20 eythian ok
01:22 mtj wow, bgkriegel++ indeed
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01:26 ow1n Anyone up for a non-Koha-related git question? I'm trying to clone a git repo I have set up on a remote server and it fails every time
01:26 wizzyrea shoot :)
01:26 rangi whats the error it gives you?
01:26 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "git clone error" (5 lines) at
01:27 rangi you cloning over http, or git protocol?
01:27 oleonard ssh
01:28 rangi hmm
01:28 wizzyrea what's the command you're running?
01:28 rangi i havent seen that error before it looks like some kinda network issue
01:28 mtj git-gc is the fsck tool for git, yeah?
01:28 mtj[…]/docs/git-gc.html
01:29 rangi no its the garbage cleaner mtj
01:29 oleonard git clone
01:29 rangi hmm that looks ok
01:29 cjh mtj: if you want the fsck tool for git, then git-fsck?
01:29 mtj heh, sorry
01:30 mtj um, yeah.. thats what i meant
01:30 oleonard I've never had trouble cloning the Koha repo on this network (at home), so I didn't expect to have problems
01:30 rangi right .. yeah i dunno what is up with that im afraid :(
01:30 mtj ah, ok its a repo from
01:30 oleonard Well, you're the smartest guys I know so I figured I'd ask :)
01:30 gmcharlt mtj: which repo?
01:31 mtj gmcharlt, not sure
01:31 oleonard My problem is with a non-Koha repo, just to be clear
01:31 mtj ok ok
01:31 wizzyrea ssh:// maybe?
01:31 rangi oleonard: ssh to the box works fine eh?
01:32 eythian or git://username@example...
01:32 cjh you need to specify ssh afaik
01:32 oleonard rangi, yeah
01:32 cjh oops beaten to it.
01:32 rangi yeah try ssh://
01:32 wizzyrea or git+ssh://username@
01:32 cjh ie git+ssh://
01:32 mtj my crazy 2 cents… ive have horribly borked git repos, that *only* been able to fix, by cloning them
01:32 wizzyrea HA beat you :)
01:33 cjh wizzyrea: stop stealing my comments :(
01:33 * wizzyrea laughs evilly
01:33 cjh wizzyrea++ # defeated
01:33 * gmcharlt checks this is still #koha, right not #thunderdome ?
01:33 gmcharlt ;)
01:33 wizzyrea lol :)
01:33 cjh gmcharlt: we had a vote while you were gone.
01:33 * wizzyrea wonders what or who is in #thunderdom
01:33 mtj … the leather tights won
01:33 wizzyrea thunderdome
01:34 * gmcharlt cracks his knuckles, then
01:34 wizzyrea are you getting ready to rumble?
01:35 * cjh wasnt alive when mad max came out.
01:35 * wizzyrea only just
01:35 ibeardslee /kick /kick
01:36 cjh heh
01:36 gmcharlt two bots enter!  one bot leaves!  two bots enter! one bot leaves!
01:37 ibeardslee there is a 4th being filmed
01:44 eythian @later tell jcamins please tell me your GPG fingerprint
01:44 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
01:44 * wizzyrea wonders if oleonard got his repo working
01:44 oleonard Nope
01:44 wizzyrea hm.
01:46 wizzyrea well, everything else I see is like "not enough memory on the remote server"
01:46 wizzyrea or "repo too large"
01:47 oleonard Not enough memory seems possible I guess. I know the repo isn't that big.
01:47 wizzyrea[…]g/6849424#6849424
01:48 oleonard Yeah, tried that one :)
01:49 * oleonard will try tomorrow at work
01:50 oleonard If it works at least I'll have a copy on this laptop
01:50 oleonard Later
01:50 wizzyrea later
01:50 wizzyrea aw
01:55 dcook Whoa, I haven't seen oleonard here in ages.
01:56 wizzyrea he's only on during the american day
01:56 wizzyrea but every day!
01:56 wahanui every day is a koha hackfest here at Catalyst :D or a good day to talk about food
01:56 cjh dcook: don't blink.
02:25 wizzyrea be kf
02:25 wizzyrea hm.
02:26 cjh be wizzyrea
02:26 wahanui do you like my aspirational, irritatingly American, optimism?
02:26 cjh :)
02:26 wizzyrea eythian's is my favorite.
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03:04 rangi[…]774181888/photo/1
03:05 cjh :o :o :o
03:05 wizzyrea :O dolphins in oriental bay!?
03:05 cjh koha team trip to the beach \o/
03:05 * wizzyrea has sunscreen
03:05 * cjh has legs
03:05 ibeardslee[…]06962082367172608
03:05 rangi i dunno how long ago that was, its quite likely they ahve all gone
03:06 rangi or yeah dickheads in boats scared them off
03:06 wizzyrea aw
03:09 rangi[…]d&v=8-1F-CokXNU#! here watch this instead have to have sound tho
03:09 * cjh braces for cute
03:11 wizzyrea that's like a kitten with a mirror.
03:11 wizzyrea which if you have never had the pleasure of, is quite funny
03:18 ibeardslee my cat just hisses at her reflections in doors and windows
03:18 ibeardslee .. which in a sad way is quite funny
03:19 cjh my cockatiel finds his own reflection scary or attractive, depending on the time/mood.
03:19 wizzyrea you have a cockatiel?
03:20 cjh yeap
03:20 wizzyrea neat
03:23 cjh I dont think I have any pictures of him on my pc though :(
03:38 jcamins eythian: EE155EAD
03:38 eythian jcamins: that's not the fingerprint :)
03:38 jcamins eythian: oh, what is that?
03:38 wahanui i guess that is in march?
03:38 eythian that's the key id
03:39 jcamins Okay.
03:39 jcamins What's the fingerprint?
03:39 eythian It's a long string that can't be generated predictably, unlike the key id
03:40 jcamins How would I find it?
03:40 eythian gpg --fingerprint
03:45 eythian jcamins: OK, useful things in your email
03:48 jcamins Got 'em.
03:51 jcamins Ummm... how do I import it?
03:51 eythian jcamins: gpg --import
03:52 jcamins That's what I thought. It doesn't think the decrypted file is valid.
03:52 eythian is the decrypted file valid?
03:53 eythian it should have text you can read in it
03:53 jcamins It has your message and a public key and a private key.
03:53 eythian yeah, so you should be able to paste them into gpg --import
03:53 eythian or save it and run it over them, or whatever
03:54 jcamins Okay, so it's just the keys that I should be importing.
03:54 eythian yeah
03:54 jcamins I figured it was a special format.
03:55 eythian no, just plan ASCII armored GPG
03:57 dcook @karma ByWaterSolutions
03:57 huginn dcook: ByWaterSolutions has neutral karma.
03:58 dcook Hmm, any way to list options? :p
03:58 dcook[…]ion-into-notices/ <-- handy info!
03:58 jcamins Hmmm...
03:59 wizzyrea yea, that only works in the overdues. it's really annoying.
03:59 eythian @wunder nzwn
03:59 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 20.0°C (4:00 PM NZDT on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Falling).
03:59 jcamins List options?
04:00 dcook wizzyrea: According to the people commenting, they were able to use it for their must be for item dues or predues as well
04:00 wizzyrea having just spent some time in the predues, I find it very highly unlikely.
04:00 dcook :(
04:01 wizzyrea but items.content will take whatever fields you give it
04:01 wizzyrea in the cron.
04:01 dcook Doesn't overdues require that as well?
04:02 wizzyrea overdues can use either format
04:02 wizzyrea not the digests though
04:02 dcook I think we might be talking about different things
04:02 dcook I was referring to items.content. Not the item tags.
04:02 wizzyrea oh - yes, sorry I thought you were referring to the <<item>> tags
04:03 * wizzyrea just submitted a patch to fix the documentation of items.content in the cron job
04:03 wizzyrea and fix the date-due vs issuedate
04:03 dcook A little while ago, I wanted to use a advanced notice digest with <<items.content>>, but I think you said that it probably wouldn't work. I hadn't looked yet, as it wasn't quite a priority..
04:03 dcook wizzyrea++
04:03 wizzyrea "just" = recently
04:04 wizzyrea i haven't chased it up - I thought it got in.
04:04 jcamins Facebook--
04:04 wizzyrea anyway
04:04 wizzyrea I have to go get my kiddo
04:04 wizzyrea later
04:04 dcook later wizzyrea
04:04 dcook Specifically or generally, jcamins?
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04:04 druthb o/
04:05 bag heya druthb
04:06 jcamins dcook: specifically. I just got my nightly alerts informing me that Facebook is taking a special interest in my servers.
04:06 druthb Hi, bag.
04:08 dcook O_o
04:09 bag ok time to go read a book!  the real fun begins!!!  w00t
04:09 dcook
04:09 dcook Actually, I totes read a book during lunch today. It was fantastic.
04:09 bag HA - well I've got about 20 pages left in one and then I'll start another one or read a magazine :P
04:10 dcook Fun times :D
04:10 dcook jcamins: That sounds...menacing
04:11 jcamins Ha!
04:11 jcamins Got it!
04:31 * jcamins goes to sleep, having conquered GPG.
04:32 eythian later
04:33 dcook night, jcamins
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05:45 dcook Hmm, only 18 minutes of work left, but hungry. Not worth it to open up the crackers and hummus. Or is it...
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06:17 dcook hey cait :)
06:17 dcook and barriers and bigbrovar :D
06:17 cait hey dcook
06:17 bigbrovar dcook: Hi
06:24 dcook End of the day! Ta, tout le monde
06:47 rangi gah
06:48 cait hm?
06:50 rangi google docs
06:53 * rangi makes a wiki page before we force everyone to have a google login
06:55 cait google docs for?
06:56 rangi check the devel list
06:57 cait he mailed the list yesterday with an error he had trying
06:57 cait I think
06:57 cait mirko answered to that
06:58 rangi yep, so did galen
06:58 cait ah ok :)
07:12 * magnuse waves
07:20 magnuse danielg++ for the newsletter
07:20 magnuse @seen danielg
07:20 huginn magnuse: danielg was last seen in #koha 2 years, 15 weeks, 2 days, 12 hours, 47 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <danielg> lucky you! i'm in day 11. longest cold i've ever had
07:21 * magnuse hopes he is better now
07:27 * cait waves at magnuse
07:28 * magnuse waves at cait
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07:30 reiveune hello
07:30 wahanui privet, reiveune
07:32 magnuse bonjour reiveune
07:32 magnuse @wunder boo
07:32 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 3.0°C (8:20 AM CET on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: -2.0°C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995 hPa (Steady).
07:32 magnuse @wunder konstanz
07:32 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 1.4°C (8:20 AM CET on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
07:32 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:32 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 1.0°C (8:00 AM CET on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Rising).
07:32 reiveune salut magnuse
07:32 magnuse hah! ;-)
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07:47 cait bbl :)
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09:00 christophe_c hi #koha
09:04 christophe_c hello magnuse
09:05 magnuse bonjour christophe_c!
09:05 christophe_c in fact, you have only the train option at this time for your arival  march 17th
09:07 christophe_c you have a train 18h55=>21h32 or 19h04=>21h41 20h04=>22h49
09:08 christophe_c and a bus n°99 from T1 to the train station
09:11 magnuse ooh, thanks for doing the research christophe_c++
09:11 christophe_c np magnuse ;-)
09:12 magnuse i'll bring an extra bag of easter marzipan just for you, if you like :-)
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09:25 christophe_c wahou magnuse ;-) cool
09:27 magnuse :-)
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09:29 magnuse wb kf
09:33 kf thx :)
09:34 drojf good morning #koha
09:42 kf morning drojf
09:44 drojf hi kf
09:46 magnuse moin drojf
09:46 drojf hei magnuse
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10:28 kf hm ping Joubu
11:00 kf gaetan_B: around?
11:05 gaetan_B hallo kf :) i'm here but in a meeting ;)
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11:46 Joubu hello #koha !
11:48 Joubu pong kf, sorry I never think to come here every morning :-/
11:49 drojf Joubu: the trick is to never log out ;)
11:51 Joubu drojf: yep, I will try to install irssi on a server
11:51 drojf :)
11:52 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
11:52 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 5.7°C (12:43 PM CET on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: -0.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Falling).
11:53 magnuse Joubu: bip is pretty useful too :-)
11:53 drojf it is light (!) grey here. i would even describe my state as "awake" \o/
11:54 kf Joubu: I was looking at the fines bug - but I think I misunderstood and it's all ok
11:54 kf Joubu: I just really want to get rid of those log files
11:55 Joubu magnuse: ho yes, looks cool
11:57 Joubu kf: wep but if you call the script with -o, nothing append. A little change could fix the issue
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13:01 kf Joubu: hope rangi has time to take a look :)
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13:26 tcohen late morning #koha
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14:27 tcohen jcamins, is there a bug for the changelanguage thing that arised yesterday?
14:39 francharb joined #koha
14:43 tcohen kf: which was the but related to
14:43 tcohen (a.k.a. "redirections")
15:02 kf tcohen: hm look in the logs?
15:02 kf irc logs?
15:02 wahanui irc logs are
15:02 kf there :)
15:02 tcohen didn't know it, thanks kf
15:02 kf if you look at yesterday the link shoudl be there
15:02 kf np
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15:03 kf only have not time to search right now
15:15 tcohen kf: could we re-open that bug or should I fill a new one?
15:15 kf i think jcamins would say : file a new one:)
15:15 kf because it's already been pushed
15:16 kf it will work better for the autogenerated release notes and to see the actual status
15:16 jcamins Filea  new one.
15:16 kf jcamins: :P
15:16 jcamins *file a
15:16 jcamins I didn't read the question yet, but a new bug is the way to go.
15:16 tcohen so the benevolent dictator arised
15:16 kf heh
15:16 kf tcohen: I think it's really better here - the other bug does wht it was supposed to do, but it only works for the start page
15:17 kf so it could work better = enh on a separate bug
15:17 tcohen its to issues actually
15:17 jcamins Actually, the bug is that we have at all.
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15:17 tcohen - the redirection bug
15:17 jcamins Everything should use
15:17 rambutan joined #koha
15:17 tcohen - che vs
15:18 tcohen - the feature was not implemented (force a language by passing it as a parameter, it only works for the page! )
15:19 tcohen when someone (some Katrin Fischer) asked for the enh she said we should be able to bypass cookies and browser detection ON THE OPAC
15:19 tcohen not a specific page if i'm not wrong
15:19 jcamins Hm.
15:19 jcamins Right, so, first thing is a new bug eliminating, and second thing is reopening that bug.
15:19 jcamins And fixing it.
15:20 tcohen ok
15:20 tcohen i'll have to split my patch :-P
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15:27 kf tcohen: this Katrin Fischer is me btw ;)
15:28 kf the library wanted to offer a link on the home page that woudl bring you to the start page of the opac - in english or german according to the link - the patch made that possible
15:28 tcohen of course :-P (i actually thought it was that cait one)
15:28 kf I still think it will get messy if we reopen and is probably better done on a separate bug
15:28 kf um...
15:28 tcohen i'll actually fill two different bugs
15:29 kf but I agree with dong it - it will be nice to have it working
15:29 kf tcohen: you know who is the cait one... right?
15:29 tcohen one fixing the expected behaviour (intead of 404, redirect to the opac URL if no refferal)
15:29 tcohen the other, implementing what you actually asked for
15:30 tcohen yes kf, i was just having fun!
15:31 kf oh ok
15:31 kf and I am having a long day...
15:31 * kf goes back to work
15:32 slef @seen khall
15:32 huginn slef: khall was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 5 days, 19 hours, 16 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <khall> np!
15:33 slef hi all
15:33 khall what's up?
15:33 slef khall: just rebasing bug 9296, wondered if you were around.
15:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9296 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Patch doesn't apply , overduerules table needs restructuring to allow future extension
15:33 khall excellent!
15:34 khall also, wow, I don't say very much very often, do I?
15:34 jcamins @seen kyleh
15:34 huginn jcamins: kyleh was last seen in #koha 33 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, 21 minutes, and 25 seconds ago: * kyleh follows the debian.install guide in git to create the koha virtual appliances
15:34 jcamins Huh.
15:34 jcamins @seen kyle_h
15:34 huginn jcamins: I have not seen kyle_h.
15:36 * khall is more of a lurker
15:41 slef String::Random is marked as optional, but C4::Members requires it. How is that optional?
15:41 slef @query String::Random
15:41 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8840 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , fix and extend functionality
15:41 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9315 trivial, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Pushed to Master , Bad version of String::Random reported by
15:42 jcamins slef: it's not optional.
15:42 jcamins I didn't think it was marked optional, but if it is, it shouldn't be.
15:42 slef jcamins: says it is
15:42 jcamins Patches are welcome.
15:43 slef let's see how long a trivial patch takes
15:43 jcamins I think... about forty-five seconds.
15:44 jcamins Ready... go!
15:44 slef don't I have to create it in bugzilla?
15:44 jcamins Oh, I thought you had.
15:44 slef I woudln't have @query if I had
15:44 * jcamins is currently reading a handwritten Russian art book from 1929, and only slightly paying attention.
15:45 rambutan[…]if-you-love-books
15:45 slef first challenge - is it internals or installation?
15:45 jcamins Installation.
15:45 wahanui i heard installation was running a modified 3.6.x
15:46 slef so I was wrong, changing
15:46 slef Bug 9734 has been added to the database
15:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9734 normal, P2, ---, mjr, ASSIGNED , String::Random is marked as optional, but C4::Members requires it
15:47 slef Switched to a new branch 'for_upstream/bug_9734'
15:49 kf oh no oleonard
15:49 tcohen jcamins: on bug 7514 kf asked for a way to show "the OPAC" in a specific language, should I reopen or create a new one for "any OPAC page"? Looks like an enhancement
15:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7514 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, frederic, RESOLVED FIXED, Choose OPAC language with URL parameter
15:49 kf tcohen: do you have master right now? and a translation installed?
15:49 tcohen yes
15:49 slef git commit messages?
15:49 jcamins Probably a new bug that includes "Choose OPAC language in links to any page."
15:49 kf i wonder if it's missing the icons on the start page for you in non-english
15:49 slef commit messages?
15:49 wahanui Please follow the guidelines at[…]i/Commit_messages when writing commit messages.
15:49 gaetan_B bye !
15:49 kf if you could take a quick look that would be nice
15:50 kf bye gaetan_B
15:50 tcohen kf: icons?
15:50 wahanui icons are great if you use touchscreens, think of selfcheckouts e.g.
15:50 kf the module icons on the intranet start page
15:50 tcohen they r there
15:50 kf hmpf
15:50 kf thx :)
15:50 tcohen no p
15:51 tcohen thanks jcamins
15:54 slef Changes submitted for bug 9734
15:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9734 normal, P2, ---, mjr, Needs Signoff , String::Random is marked as optional, but C4::Members requires it
15:54 slef So, a one-line patch currently takes ten minutes :-/
15:56 slef I humbly suggest we should look for how to shorten that.  The two obvious-looking things to me are to shorten the long list of bugzilla components and simplify the commit message format.
15:56 tcohen bug 9735
15:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9735 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Choose OPAC language in links to any page
15:57 jcamins We tried shorter requirements for the commit messages.
15:58 jcamins We are approaching 300 patches that are waiting on someone other than the original developer's attention.
15:58 jcamins Based on that we can safely conclude that it is more important to reduce the amount of time required to test than it is to reduce the amount of time to write a patch.
15:59 magnuse jcamins++
15:59 slef Well, the commit messages actually cause me two problems testing. Firstly, some seem to specify preconditions with no way to meet them without more work. Secondly, I'm unconvinced some test plans are sufficient.
16:00 jcamins Agreed.
16:00 jcamins Many test plans aren't good enough.
16:00 jcamins But any test plan is better than the none-at-all that most people provided prior to the new rules.
16:01 jcamins But your complaint would suggest _more_ stringent requirements for commit messages, not less.
16:02 slef I don't care as long as it's natural enough I'm not having to look up the flaming wiki every time I write one ;-)
16:02 slef as now when I'm travelling, I either have to tether and hope there's signal, or I go work on something more disconnected-friendly.
16:02 jcamins THEN DON'T LOOK IN THE WIKI.
16:02 jcamins I don't give a damn whether you use the same punctuation.
16:03 slef I don't like QA fails.
16:03 jcamins I care that you include the relevant information.
16:03 jcamins If you know what information is relevant, you can format it whatever way you like.
16:04 jcamins If you do not know what information is relevant, you should look in the wiki to check.
16:04 jcamins But if the issue here is the second, the problem is not overly prescriptive rules about commit messages.
16:09 jcamins Ooh, I like the unit test!
16:09 slef I just added that.
16:09 slef I probably should have written it first and put it in a patch first, so you could apply that on its own.
16:09 slef Test-Driven Development
16:09 wahanui Test-Driven Development is just easier.
16:09 slef wahanui: yes, it is.
16:09 wahanui slef: what?
16:10 slef wahanui: easier.
16:10 wahanui slef: i'm not following you...
16:10 slef wahanui: clearly
16:10 wahanui slef: sorry...
16:10 slef wahanui: that is OK
16:10 wahanui ...but that is in march?...
16:10 slef wahanui: no, that is in February
16:10 wahanui ...but that is in march?...
16:10 slef wahanui: you suck
16:10 wahanui slef: excuse me?
16:10 slef wahanui: you are excused
16:10 wahanui ...but wahanui is a bot|a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow.|a little bit creepy.|right sometimes...
16:12 reiveune bye
16:12 reiveune left #koha
16:13 tcohen does anyone have a pointer to the 'any' command semantics?
16:13 slef tcohen: is that what the computer runs when I press the any key?
16:13 tcohen heh
16:14 tcohen its some perl function
16:14 jcamins I'm not familiar with it.
16:14 tcohen any { $_ eq $lang } @languages
16:15 tcohen hm List::Moreutils
16:15 jcamins Looks like map?
16:15 slef yeah, map with an if
16:15 slef I'd expect it to return true if the code block returns true for any element in the array.
16:16 tcohen yeap, looks like map
16:24 slef Changes submitted for bug 9296
16:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9296 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Needs Signoff , overduerules table needs restructuring to allow future extension
16:34 laurence1 left #koha
16:35 bgkriegel joined #koha
16:45 jcamins I love the notes in all the current name authorities saying "This heading can't be used in RDA until the record has been reviewed and/or updated."
16:46 jcamins Who exactly is supposed to have time to go back through millions of authority records to review and/or update them?
16:47 slef which authority is that in?
16:48 jcamins slef:[…]s/no97040643.html though I have noticed it in almost every authority record I have looked at.
16:51 slef Changes submitted for bug 9326
16:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9326 blocker, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Patch doesn't apply , New database update system suggests running duplicate updates
16:57 slef what permission is needed to access mainpage?
16:57 * slef UTSLs
16:57 jcamins I think catalogue
16:57 slef catalogue
16:57 wahanui i think catalogue is only to view the catalogue
16:57 slef wahanui: forget catalogue
16:57 wahanui slef: I forgot catalogue
16:58 slef wahanui: catalogue is to view the catalogue or the mainpage
16:58 wahanui OK, slef.
16:58 slef jcamins++
16:59 asaurat left #koha
17:02 melia joined #koha
17:05 slef Changes submitted for bug 7018
17:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7018 critical, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Signed Off , need all acq permissions to search
17:06 kf left #koha
17:06 slef ok, I added 2 Needs Signoffs and cleared 2 = I'm not making the signoff queue worse
17:07 slef Bug 9575 test plan is a bit involved :-/
17:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9575 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Serious Holds Problem with IndependantBranches
17:08 slef Bug 9411 has no test plan. khall++ for asking for one.
17:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9411 major, P5 - low, ---, hugh, Needs Signoff , Multiple uses of javascript eval on ajax responses in acq.js
17:09 slef Changes submitted for bug 9322
17:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9322 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , If multiple transfers exist (from circ/, completing one completes them all
17:15 slef Changes submitted for bug 9293
17:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9293 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , action_logs not tracking payments
18:51 jcamins_ joined #koha
18:58 slef @query all vendors
18:58 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8819 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , enter claim date manually
18:58 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7018 critical, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Signed Off , need all acq permissions to search
18:58 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8854 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Failed QA , invoice filters don't all work
18:58 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8740 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Failed QA , Serials Claims should be exportable all at once
18:58 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5173 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, robin, Failed QA , Allow the discount to be editable
19:06 magnuse slef++ for being on a roll
19:08 slef how do we feel about using ~~ instead of == when one argument may be numeric or string?
19:09 slef someone suggested using -1 instead of "all" but I dislike numbers that have hidden meanings
19:09 slef wahanui: GBSD?
19:09 wahanui GBSD is Global Bug Squashing Day
19:09 slef wahanui: when is it?
19:09 wahanui i haven't a clue, slef
19:10 magnuse slef: guess there will be one during the hackfest in marseille...
19:10 magnuse but anyone is free to organize one at any time :-)
19:52 rambutan joined #koha
19:57 drojf joined #koha
20:04 drojf i wonder if i should put my name in the wiki as bug wrangler for 3.14. given how little time i am able to put into my bug wrangler position for 3.12 at the moment i almost feel like i should do it again next round without that title
20:04 jcamins drojf: as long as you do it!
20:06 bag afternoon all :)
20:08 drojf good evening bag
20:09 bag :)
20:10 wizzyrea joined #koha
20:10 rangi back
20:10 drojf s/enc/end
20:10 Dyrcona joined #koha
20:11 drojf hi rangi
20:11 rambutan jcamins: surely you'll want to do it before it "times out"?
20:11 jcamins rambutan: yeah, but I have...
20:11 jcamins 5 years?
20:11 rambutan ic
20:12 rambutan I really want to go for my PhD @ UMKC, but can't get anybody to go with me.
20:12 drojf 5 years from now or alltogether?
20:13 * wizzyrea waves
20:13 jcamins drojf: 5 years from now.
20:13 rambutan wizzyrea: they say more snow on Monday
20:13 wizzyrea i heard that
20:13 wizzyrea madness.
20:13 wahanui i heard madness was manyfold - ask me for the second sign of madness.
20:13 jcamins second sign of madness?
20:13 wahanui i think second sign of madness is hairs on the palms of my hands
20:13 wizzyrea second sign of madness
20:13 wahanui second sign of madness is hairs on the palms of my hands
20:13 jcamins third sign of madness?
20:13 wahanui @quote get 123 is the third sign of madness
20:13 huginn wahanui: (quote get [<channel>] <id>) -- Gets the quote with id <id> from the quote database for <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
20:14 rambutan hey, that's recursive madness
20:14 jcamins fourth sign of madness?
20:14 jcamins first sign of madness?
20:14 wahanui it has been said that first sign of madness is looking for hairs on the palms of my hands
20:14 rangi @wunder nzwn
20:15 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0°C (9:00 AM NZDT on March 01, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Rising).
20:15 drojf third sign of madness is forgetting about the third sign of madness
20:16 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
20:16 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 3.0°C (9:13 PM CET on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
20:17 jcamins @wunder 11375
20:17 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in Glendale, Glendale, New York is 9.1°C (3:14 PM EST on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.55 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
20:17 trea joined #koha
20:17 jcamins Yep. Pretty nice out.
20:26 bgkriegel @wunder cordoba, argentina
20:26 huginn bgkriegel: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 29.0°C (5:00 PM ART on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Falling).
20:26 bgkriegel a little hot
20:27 libsysguy @wunder 77346
20:27 huginn libsysguy: The current temperature in Kingwood Glen, Atascocita, Texas is 14.6°C (2:15 PM CST on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 10%. Dew Point: -17.0°C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1023 hPa (Falling).
20:27 libsysguy cnn 77346
20:28 libsysguy @cnn 77346
20:28 huginn libsysguy: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error
20:28 libsysguy @weather 77346
20:28 huginn libsysguy: The current temperature in Kingwood Glen, Atascocita, Texas is 14.6°C (2:15 PM CST on February 28, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 10%. Dew Point: -17.0°C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1023 hPa (Falling).
20:29 drojf bgkriegel: i could use "a little hot" for a day or tow
20:29 drojf two
20:29 bgkriegel :)
20:30 drojf i would trade "a little over zero" ;)
20:31 nengard joined #koha
20:32 nengard left #koha
20:50 tcohen joined #koha
20:52 sophie_m left #koha
20:54 jcamins wizzyrea: what should I do with one avocado?
20:55 cjh make a BLAT.
20:55 jcamins Heh. That was my wife's suggestion too.
20:55 jcamins The only problem is that I only have an avocado and bread of the ingredients.
20:56 bag deep fry it!!!  kidding..  wedge it with some lime on it and salt and pepper
20:56 bag jcamins: we have an avocado tree in our yard - and have about 50 too many to eat right now
20:56 jcamins Nice!
20:57 jcamins This is our last avocado.
20:57 wizzyrea well if I had one avocado
20:57 wizzyrea I would probably dice it and put it on a salad.
20:57 trea mash it on toast, with salt and pepper. mmm
20:57 wizzyrea mmm also a good one
20:58 bag yeah mashed on toast is awesome
20:58 wizzyrea or... make a corn fritter and put it on top of bacon with a little salsa
20:58 wizzyrea happens to be what I had for breakfast today :P
20:58 jcamins I have avocado salad dressing for my radish salad.
20:58 bag bacon!
20:58 jcamins If we had bacon, we'd be 33% closer to a BLAT.
20:59 wizzyrea what do you have
20:59 jcamins And, for that matter, if we had had lettuce for a regular salad we'd be another 33% closer.
20:59 wizzyrea besides avocado
20:59 jcamins Root vegetables.
20:59 wizzyrea hm.
20:59 jcamins Beets, carrots, rutabaga, sweet potato, regular potato, more sweet potato, even more sweet potato, another rutabaga...
20:59 wizzyrea[…]-root-vegetables/
21:00 jcamins Hmm.
21:00 jcamins That's probably what I'll do.
21:00 wizzyrea i mean, basically that's "melting" the avocado to make a creamier dressing for the veggies
21:00 wizzyrea veges*
21:00 jcamins Once I get home I'll be feeling too lazy to do anything complex.
21:01 wizzyrea that looks not too complex - even I could manage making roots into pieces and tossing them into the oven.
21:01 jcamins Exactly.
21:01 wizzyrea hopefully they'd make it into a pan first.
21:01 jcamins That's why that's what I'll probably do.
21:01 jcamins lol
21:01 rangi
21:01 wizzyrea \o/ yay dolphins!
21:02 wizzyrea if we were a little closer to the harbor we would have been able to see them
21:02 wizzyrea or if all of those buildings weren't in the way
21:02 wizzyrea that's a fantastic vid
21:02 cjh awesome!
21:02 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, cjh
21:02 cjh drats.
21:03 wizzyrea but you know what awesome jar contributions get you?
21:03 wizzyrea more awesome.
21:03 cjh wahanui: ^^ arent you going to step in?
21:03 wahanui cjh: no idea
21:24 eythian hi
21:25 wizzyrea my nose is cold.
21:25 wizzyrea it's not monday - where is everybody?!
21:26 Irma joined #koha
21:26 slef @quote get 123
21:26 huginn slef: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
21:26 wahanui
21:27 slef wahanui?
21:27 wahanui slef?
21:27 slef wahanui: why did you say that?
21:27 wahanui i don't know, slef
21:27 slef wahanui: figures
21:27 wahanui I like *your* figure
21:27 slef wahanui: pervert
21:27 wahanui slef: sorry...
21:27 wizzyrea hehehehehe
21:28 slef so, using ~~ instead of ==, good/bad/evil?
21:28 wizzyrea ah interesting you can't add a list as the db user.
21:29 wizzyrea I shouldn't be surprised.
21:29 jcamins slef: I have no objection to it, so if it results in better code, go for it.
21:29 jcamins Unless it requires a high version of Perl.
21:30 slef jcamins: good question.
21:30 * slef looks it up
21:31 slef hrm, where to find manuals for old versions of perl?
21:32 jcamins I'm not sure... if you have Debian Squeeze, that'll be 5.10 which is the earliest version Koha supports.
21:32 * jcamins heads home.
21:32 slef man perl5100delta makes me think it's new in 5.10
21:33 slef confirms that
21:35 eythian wahanui: kitten is[…]robotfindskitten/
21:35 wahanui OK, eythian.
21:35 slef not sure whether to just use eq but I don't remember if 1 eq 1
21:35 slef tested and it does
21:35 eythian it'll stringify them
21:35 slef not sure that's a problem
21:36 slef basically the operator was == but now one parameter may be string or numeric
21:36 slef so == causes a warn causes a Failed QA
21:36 eythian well, also if it may be a string, == will give wrong results
21:36 slef QA suggested using magic numbers like -1 instead of a string
21:37 slef but I don't like magic numbers because I forget which means what
21:37 eythian yeah
21:37 slef bbl
21:37 eythian You could assign constants to them
21:37 slef tips welcome
21:37 eythian them to constants rather
21:37 rangi smart match does some slightly odd things
21:37 rangi id prefer constants and/or eq
21:38 rangi i cant remember what schwern said about smart matching, but it made sense at the time :) eythian might remember
21:38 eythian I think ~~ would work fine in this case, looking at the table. But I'm a little wary of using it where it's not really necessary.
21:39 eythian I think just that it can sometimes have unexpected results.
21:39 eythian though tends to be smart.
21:41 * cjh doesnt yet trust smart match
21:42 trea1 joined #koha
21:43 eythian ohh, we have a spy in the catalyst network!
21:49 bag ha eythian did you kick that spy!  looks like it
21:49 eythian And tip my hand so‽
21:49 rangi
21:49 rangi its mashup friday
21:50 cait joined #koha
21:50 eythian good morning cait
21:50 rangi hi cait
21:51 cait oh hi :)
21:51 cait do you want something qa'd?
21:51 rangi heh
21:59 rangi
21:59 rangi someone elses turn next
22:00 wizzyrea
22:01 bag call me maybe
22:01 bag kidding kidding
22:01 ibeardslee why the 'vs' it's not like they are fighting, it's like they are working together
22:01 rangi good point, i think it works quite well together ;)
22:01 wizzyrea
22:01 wizzyrea bag - you asked for it.
22:03 wizzyrea ftr, that is the only context that I would ever, ever, ever listen to those two songs in.
22:04 wizzyrea (not the doors - the gotye one)
22:04 bag my neighbors just threw soda at my wall :P
22:04 wizzyrea they must love you
22:04 bag I'm rocking
22:05 rangi  <-- crank that to really annoy the neighbours
22:06 drojf someone should make a song of that »Angry Scottish People Saying Real Words Maybe« that i saw linked at the last clip
22:07 ibeardslee of course today is the day for ..
22:07 rangi oh yeah good call ibeardslee
22:10 tcohen joined #koha
22:11 cjh that is awesome.
22:12 ibeardslee This is the best resource I've found for the background on that speech ..[…]lly-indefensible/
22:13 ibeardslee actually s/for\ the\ background//
22:35 Dyrcona David_Lange++
22:37 rangi bgkriegel++
22:38 bgkriegel with your help :)
22:38 rangi :)
22:40 rangi Dyrcona: he certainly was one of our cooler prime ministers
22:40 Dyrcona Yes, I'm listening to the audio of his 1985 debate, now.
22:41 cjh I downloaded it for later :p
22:41 cjh sadly I had never heard of him :(
22:41 rangi you're too young
22:41 cjh I like that excuse.
22:42 Dyrcona I knew about New Zealand being a nuclear-free zone, but didn't know about how it came about.
22:42 ibeardslee piss poor excuse thouth
22:42 ibeardslee thought
22:42 ibeardslee though
22:42 cjh 3rd try lucky.
22:42 cjh Dyrcona: i'm in the same boat, except im a New Zealander so I *should* really know such things.
22:43 ibeardslee one of the things that I've found interesting in terms of education in NZ is that we don't cover a lot of our history
22:43 * Dyrcona wants to be a New Zealander.
22:43 rangi ibeardslee: very little in fact
22:43 ibeardslee at school in oz, I remember doing all sorts of things about people exploring the country
22:43 Dyrcona ibeardslee: The same is true in the U.S. It's more propaganda than anything approaching the truth.
22:44 cjh unless you do ncea history there is very little covered. A lot of the things we did cover had an international flavour.
22:44 rangi i learnt about the war of the roses and the jacobite rebellion
22:44 papa joined #koha
22:44 rangi ibeardslee: i bet they skipped all the 'and we slaughtered whole families of people here' bit :-)
22:44 wizzyrea yea, formal education is usually more about creating the mythology of a country in the mind of the populace, and less about actually knowing the facts.
22:45 ibeardslee ncea history is different, I'm talking about things like Burkes and Wills expeditions in primary school
22:45 cait hm
22:45 cait not sure that is true here
22:45 ibeardslee rangi: actually a lot of the aboriginal interaction/massacres were covered
22:45 wizzyrea i'll grant you it's a pretty jaded and cynical view.
22:46 rangi ibeardslee: sweet, your's must have been the first generation
22:46 trea left #koha
22:46 eythian my history classes were a mix of local and international
22:47 eythian but mostly recent history (past 100 years ish)
22:47 rangi when i was at high school, they were still calling it 'the maori wars' .. umm hello they were fighting other people
22:47 ibeardslee rangi: dunno, it seemed that at LCA in ballarat I knew more about the Eureka stockade than some of the other aussies about.
22:47 rangi interesting .. .maybe lucked out on some good teachers/good school ?
22:47 ibeardslee maybe
22:48 * Dyrcona follows Mark Twain's motto: Never let your schooling interfere with your education.
22:48 rangi wanganui high school was certainly not a place of enlightenment i found :)
22:48 Dyrcona Neither was my high school.
22:57 bigbrovar joined #koha
23:00 edveal left #koha
23:00 dcook joined #koha
23:00 dcook hola #koha
23:01 rangi hi dcook
23:02 cait hi dcook
23:02 dcook hi rangi and cait :)
23:16 dcook IE--
23:16 dcook One trailing comma and the opac detail page busts for IE7. *eyeroll*
23:16 dcook Well, the layout busts :p
23:17 cait ie--
23:17 cait @karma IE
23:17 huginn cait: Karma for "IE" has been increased 1 time and decreased 66 times for a total karma of -65.
23:17 dcook I'd love to know where the +1 came from :p
23:18 gmcharlt dcook: clearly a fan of the abbreviation for 'id est'
23:18 dcook hehe
23:20 bag hey gmcharlt thanks for those updates on 9511  (just checked one site with that problem and sure enough they don't have that code)
23:21 bag applied and cronned a reindex for late night :)
23:21 talljoy jcamin  ping
23:21 talljoy jcamins ping
23:21 talljoy @seen jcamins
23:21 huginn talljoy: jcamins was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 49 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: * jcamins heads home.
23:21 talljoy c'est la vie
23:28 dcook Yay! Trailing comma already fixed in master :D
23:28 bag read that as coma !
23:28 bag HA
23:29 dcook I had to double-check that I spelled it right as I was writing ;)
23:29 bag heh
23:30 gmcharlt no, that's what you get if you have to proofread all of the MARC frameworks by hand ;)
23:33 dcook O_O
23:33 dcook I updated a framework as a spreadsheet the other day (before rangi reassured me that using the web UI would be much better) and yeah...near coma :p
23:36 jcamins @later tell slef if ~~ was introduced in 5.10.0, I will happily push it to master.
23:36 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
23:36 jcamins talljoy: what can I do for you?
23:36 talljoy ask and ye shall receive, eh?  :-)
23:37 jcamins Oh, heh.
23:37 jcamins That was only 15 minutes ago.
23:37 talljoy i've been asked a pointed question about authority matching.  What I'm trying to locate in documentation somewhere is an outline of *what* matches from bibs to auth.  i.e. 100 in bib to 100 in auth
23:38 talljoy i'm thinking that the  bib tags 100, 600, 700, 800 match the 100 in an auth record
23:38 talljoy same with x10, x11, x30
23:38 jcamins Yes and no.
23:39 jcamins By default, yes.
23:39 talljoy okay.  i'm okay with default.  what would make it a no?
23:39 jcamins However, if the library wants to do something weird, there is nothing preventing them doing that.
23:40 talljoy weird is outside my scope.  i'm happy knowing what the 'normal' behavior is.
23:40 jcamins Also, if they broke the authority control link because they didn't know about BiblioAddsAuthorities (this was popular for a while), linking will seem to "not work."
23:40 talljoy fair enough.
23:40 jcamins And by "broke" I mean "cut."
23:40 talljoy right.  makes sense.
23:41 talljoy but the intended purpose would also match 648 -> 148  65->150 651->151, 655->155
23:41 talljoy what about other authority controlled fields in a bib record.  Like the 440 or 662 or 690?
23:42 jcamins If those were linked.
23:42 jcamins 650 is linked by default.
23:42 * bag grabs popcorn while reading - this is like awesome librarian movie!
23:42 talljoy lol
23:42 jcamins 440 will link only to existing series authorities.
23:43 jcamins i.e. thanks to LC's nutty policies, there is no automatic authority generation by design.
23:43 talljoy so 662 appears linked to geographic name so...662->151
23:44 jcamins Hm.
23:44 talljoy 690 local subject would link to 650 in the linker
23:44 jcamins I don't think we have an authority type for 662 by default.
23:44 jcamins 690 _can_ be linked to topical headings (150/650).
23:45 jcamins Or it can be linked to personal names, or even something more disturbing.
23:45 talljoy ha!
23:45 talljoy mad library schemes and all
23:45 jcamins Exactly.
23:45 jcamins I'm looking to see if we have an authority type for 662.
23:45 jcamins I do not use them, personally.
23:45 jcamins I favor 651 + see-froms.
23:46 talljoy i guess my main concern in responding is if they use a 700 in a bib for added authors, will that 700 link to an auth record just like the 100 tag.  And it sounds like yes.
23:46 jcamins Yes it will.
23:46 talljoy 651 is better than 662
23:46 jcamins In my opinion.
23:47 jcamins 662 is one of those things that made sense back when everything was on cards sorted by subject.
23:47 jcamins But nowadays, no one has a clue wtf they're supposed to understand from "New York--Queens County--Forest Hills."
23:48 talljoy makes perfect sense to me.
23:48 talljoy sigh...i was born a librarian
23:48 talljoy i remember my first interaction with a card catalog.
23:49 jcamins It makes sense to me too.
23:49 talljoy the sky parted, the sun shone down, i even think angels sang
23:49 talljoy and then i promptly moved to subject catalog to look up religious conversion
23:49 jcamins But if I were the target audience for catalogs, we wouldn't bother with non-MARC views...
23:49 jcamins lol
23:50 dcook hehe
23:50 talljoy sadly, i do remember my first experience on a card catalog.  I looked up biographies on Houdini.
23:51 talljoy i had a thing for Houdini as a young girl.  weird, eh?
23:51 bag is it intermission yet - I need to refill my soda :P
23:51 talljoy LOL
23:51 jcamins No, it makes sense...
23:51 talljoy i'm just reminiscing
23:51 jcamins he was an expert at escaping.
23:51 jcamins ... kind of like one can do at a library with all those wonderful books!
23:51 bag oh that's bad!!!!  good pun
23:52 talljoy i think that's a metaphor, not a pun
23:52 talljoy :-P
23:52 bag I typed that at escaping :P
23:52 jcamins Yeah, I was definitely going for a metaphor.
23:52 * bag whatevs - goes to refill my soda
23:53 talljoy hah
23:53 talljoy thanks jcamins.  I can answer with a modicum of authority now on this question.  i appreciate the confirmation.
23:54 jcamins You're welcome.
23:57 jcamins Is there a chart showing month-by-month status changes?

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