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04:27 * Oak waves
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04:28 druthb Hi, Oak!
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06:38 cait good morning #koha
06:43 magnuse hiya cait and #koha
06:47 cait hiya magnuse
06:48 magnuse @wunder boo
06:48 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 1.0°C (7:20 AM CET on January 03, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -4.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Steady).
07:00 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:00 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is -0.8°C (7:55 AM CET on January 03, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 30.57 in 1035 hPa (Rising).
07:04 magnuse wow, 200 attendees at the meeting in portugal!
07:16 cait nice :)
07:25 rangi evening
07:25 cait evening rangi
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07:46 rangi hi lms
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07:48 reiveune hello
07:54 magnuse kia ora rangi
07:54 magnuse ...and reiveune and lms
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09:02 H All a happy year (in and out Koha)
09:04 asaurat yeah!! happy new year :)
09:15 kf Happy new year :)
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09:53 gerundio good morning
09:53 gerundio "An error has occurred. Thank you for your patience.
09:53 gerundio Error accessing /var/www/Pootle/po/38/pt/pt-PT-pref.po, Filesystem sent error: Permission denied"
09:53 gerundio still getting a permission denied error while trying to download translation files (http://translate.koha-communit[…]ref.po/download/)
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09:55 vfernandes hello all
09:55 kf gerundio: I think druthb_away has to fix that, maybe drop her a mail
09:57 gerundio good morning vfernandes
09:59 gerundio kf, have no ideia what her mail address his :|
09:59 vfernandes hi gerundio... yesterday I saw what maybe is a bug
09:59 gerundio vfernandes, tell me about it
10:00 vfernandes gerundio: go to your OPAC, do a search and check your refine search facets
10:00 vfernandes look at authors... there is a double comma
10:00 vfernandes I think it's that Koha is putting a extra comma in the tt file
10:00 gerundio I see, always a double comma yes
10:01 vfernandes in my 3.8 happens the same thing
10:01 vfernandes I don't know if in 3.8 with MARC21 the same happens
10:02 kf vfernandes: is that for unimarc or marc21?
10:02 kf gerundio: you can see on bugzilla :)
10:03 gerundio kf, it's UNIMARC
10:03 gerundio and thanks for the tip on bz
10:05 kf vfernandes: I am about to answer your mail on updating translation files
10:06 vfernandes kf: thanks.... it's a UNIMARC installation
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10:11 kf vfernandes: mail sent :)
10:13 vfernandes thanks kf
10:15 vfernandes i will do it later... now it's time for XSLT
10:15 vfernandes lolol
10:15 kf fun :)
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10:20 gerundio is there any way to bulk update datelastseen for biblio items?
10:21 kf I think you could maybe do it using the batch functionality
10:21 kf but not sure if the field is available there
10:21 kf or using the inventory module and a barcode file
10:22 kf or update in items via sql and do a complete reindex
10:28 H fighting with nullmailer here annyne had smtp: Failed: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay
10:28 gerundio kf, the Batch item modification feature doesn't allow the update of the datelastseen field :|
10:29 gerundio not sure what you mean with "inventory module and a barcode file", could you add some detail to that please?
10:31 gerundio I found the Inventory/Stocktaking under Tools, I guess that's what you meant, right?
10:31 kf yep :)
10:32 kf it's supposed to update the date last seen when you do the inventory, so I thought it could work - but not sure what you want to do
10:32 gerundio that's exactly what I want to do
10:32 gerundio I'll read the documentation on this feature to better understand it
10:32 gerundio but I think this might do just what we want :)
10:32 kf I haven't used it so far, only did some testing for sign-offs
10:32 gerundio thanks a lot for the help
10:32 kf np :)
10:34 magnuse kf++
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10:52 vfernandes magnuse or kf are you using 3.8 and MARC21?
10:53 vfernandes I want to check if the double comma in the authors facets are a bug or not
10:53 magnuse vfernandes: 3.8 yes, marc21 no :-(
10:54 kf 3.6 and MARC21
10:57 vfernandes ok... can you send me a link to your OPAC?
10:59 kf we have lots :)
10:59 kf as an example
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11:18 vfernandes ok in that there isn't the double comma problem
11:19 kf maybe it's unimarc specific
11:20 vfernandes maybe... i would like to check a 3.8 installation with MARC21
11:24 gerundio vfernandes, try some on this list:[…]sers/NorthAmerica
11:25 gerundio I tried the Toronto Friends (Quaker) Library at
11:25 gerundio on the notes it states it's using v3.8
11:26 gerundio I assume those installations are using MARC21
11:26 kf gerundio: if you are not sure about the version, check the source code
11:26 gerundio there's no double comma issue there
11:26 kf the version is always noted in a comment on top
11:26 gerundio Koha 3.0804000 on that one
11:26 kf cool :)
11:26 gerundio how can I tell if it's MARC21 or UNIMARC?
11:27 kf hm
11:27 kf from the data I think
11:27 kf look at the marc view or export as marcxml
11:27 kf marc21 has the title in 245
11:27 kf unimarc in 200 I think?
11:27 vfernandes yes
11:27 vfernandes unimarc title is field 200
11:28 kf I think you might see it on the detail paes too, as they are different, but not sure where the differences are
11:28 kf for america it should be marc21 tho
11:28 vfernandes yes, the link that gerundio said is MARC21
11:29 vfernandes i'm looking at the code of facet building...
11:30 kf be careful
11:30 kf could be dangerous :)
11:31 gerundio kf, the title field does the trick, that installation has the title at 245 indeed
11:31 gerundio vfernandes, is also 3.8 MARC21
11:31 gerundio same thing, just a single comma
11:32 vfernandes {                 idx   => 'au',                 label => 'Authors',                 tags  => [ qw/ 700ab 701ab 702ab / ],                 sep   => ', ',             },
11:32 vfernandes this is on
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11:32 vfernandes the problem is the sep
11:33 * kf nods
11:33 kf the code was not too long ago changed to make it posible to include different fields and different subfields
11:33 kf it might be that it was forgotten to change that then
11:34 vfernandes the problem is the following: 7XXa in UNIMARC is filled with "SURNAME,"
11:34 vfernandes and when the separator is "," there will be a double comma
11:36 vfernandes should I fill a bug and send a patch?
11:36 kf vfernandes: of course :)
11:37 vfernandes the patch is extra small... is only to change the sep to ' ' instead of ', '
11:38 vfernandes but first I will confirm with a librarian if 70Xa if always filled with a comma
11:47 kf hm german library statistic asks for the number of searches in the opac. hm.
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11:49 WaylonR hiya all!
11:50 kf hi WaylonR
11:50 kf happy new year :)
11:50 WaylonR Happy new year to all.
11:51 WaylonR Okay, my question of the day, koha 3.0.0, how do i make biblios with Titles with the search term in them, appear before purely keyword results, with the search term not in the title?
11:52 WaylonR We are getting complaints of non-relevance, even though its the keywords that is matching, not the title.
11:52 WaylonR or is this search ranking feature, only a possiblity in later versions?
11:54 vfernandes bug 9341 - solved :)
11:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9341 major, P1 - high, ---, vfernandes, Needs Signoff , Problem with UNIMARC authors facets
11:54 kf WaylonR: you might want to talk to jcamins_away about relevance ranking
11:55 kf search rewrite?
11:55 wahanui somebody said search rewrite was[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC
12:02 vfernandes i would like to see bug 1993 solved... :P
12:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1993 enhancement, P3, ---, sophie.meynieux, Failed QA , Task Scheduler Needs Re-write
12:04 gerundio vfernandes, have you looked at the suggestions on the 3.8 translations?
12:04 gerundio I submitted one a while ago
12:05 gerundio and I see there are a few more waiting for moderation
12:06 vfernandes for me it's quickly to change than do moderation
12:07 vfernandes I know that are many suggestions but it's almost impossible to do moderation :/
12:09 vfernandes but when I was doing the translation I used many suggestions
12:12 vfernandes there is around 900 suggestions in OPAC
12:12 vfernandes 9 in staff
12:12 vfernandes * 6 in staff
12:13 vfernandes 83 in prefs - in this I think that the suggestions aren't that good
12:15 vfernandes by the way how it's possible to reject/accept suggestions?
12:15 vfernandes :D
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12:23 gerundio don't really know, I guess you just copy + paste it and click submit
12:23 gerundio btw, how can we use the Add comment feature
12:24 gerundio I clicked it, inserted the text but then I don't know how to save it
12:24 vfernandes that's what I do
12:24 kf vfernandes: about 1993 - if you added a test plan this could move on
12:24 vfernandes copy paste and submit
12:24 vfernandes kf yes I added..
12:24 kf and about suggestions
12:25 kf you go to the review page
12:25 kf look for the link to the list of suggestions there
12:25 kf then there is an x and a... check thing you can click to moderate
12:25 kf it will automatically copy the suggestion into the field when you accept
12:25 kf and delete the suggestion when you x it
12:26 kf you need permission to moderate suggestions to do so
12:26 kf and to see them, the options
12:26 kf if that's the problem we can fix it I think :)
12:27 gerundio vfernandes, there are some suggestions that really don't make sense to me too
12:27 gerundio kf, about the "Add Comment", how do we make it stick there? :)
12:29 kf hm?
12:30 kf sorry, brb
12:30 kf and does one of you see the red/green buttons for moderating suggestions?
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12:37 vfernandes no
12:38 gerundio I see the X button on my suggestion only
12:38 gerundio I thought vfernandes would see it, as I thought is was the pt-PT translation moderator
12:39 gerundio lunchtime now
12:39 gerundio see you guys later
12:42 kf vfernandes: i can check that, give me a moment
12:43 kf we are talking about portugese, right?
12:50 kf vfernandes: still around?
12:52 vfernandes yes
12:52 vfernandes can we talk later, i'm going out for lunch...
12:52 kf ah, I have the admin panel open
12:52 kf was pt right?
12:52 vfernandes yes
12:53 kf what's your user name on pootle?
12:53 vfernandes vfernandes
12:55 kf i will take a look
12:55 kf go get your lunch :)
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13:03 kf @later tell vfernandes I gave you permissions - now you can review suggestions - use your new power with wisdom :)
13:03 huginn kf: The operation succeeded.
13:05 kf @later tell druthb I gave vfernandes permissions for pt language in pootle :)
13:05 huginn kf: The operation succeeded.
13:10 druthb :)
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13:17 oleonard Hi #koha
13:17 kf hi druthb and oleonard :)
13:17 druthb :)  Hi, oleonard. :)
13:23 kf barriers is making me nervous
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13:32 magnuse kia ora oleonard trea barriers
13:32 druthb kia ora, magnuse!
13:34 jcamins WaylonR: there is nothing you can do about relevance ranking.
13:34 magnuse hiya druthb
13:35 magnuse hiya jcamins
13:35 druthb Hi, jcamins!
13:36 WaylonR jcamins, this is relevance ranking im refering to?
13:36 jcamins Yes.
13:36 WaylonR does relevance ranking exist in current koha?
13:36 jcamins Not in any useful way, no.
13:36 jcamins search rewrite?
13:36 wahanui hmmm... search rewrite is[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC
13:37 jcamins Once the relevance-related portions of that are fully-funded I will fix it.
13:38 WaylonR what about in zebra?
13:38 jcamins What about Zebra?
13:38 WaylonR relevance searching?
13:38 WaylonR via zebra?
13:38 jcamins Koha uses Zebra.
13:39 WaylonR i mean, could i hardcode some CCL to do it?
13:39 jcamins No.
13:39 jcamins Well... I suppose if you were crazy you could.
13:39 jcamins But you know how I've been right every time you've asked about taking a shortcut?
13:39 WaylonR Well, it'll be a kludge only would use.
13:40 WaylonR but how much would would have to pay you, to do the relevance related portions?
13:40 jcamins You can look at C4::Search::_build_weighted_query, but that is the extent of the time I'm spending on helping you screw up your system.
13:41 jcamins To do it properly?
13:41 WaylonR yes.
13:41 jcamins That's item 1(f) on the search rewrite, which is priced at $6,000.
13:42 WaylonR hmmmmm...
13:42 WaylonR Im guessing its expert level code, and you already have a rough idea of how to do it yes?
13:43 jcamins It requires a nearly complete rewrite of C4::Search.
13:43 jcamins Which is why I am so certain that trying to kludge a fix into 3.0 can only result in misery.
13:44 WaylonR wow. yeah.. something i have no idea where to start. Will CCL based queries still work after all of it?
13:44 jcamins Yes and no.
13:44 kf WaylonR: you could turn it off and go back to sort by publication year.
13:44 kf in 3.0.
13:44 * oleonard wonders why his system is showing German descriptions for some preferences, French for others
13:44 kf but helping to fund a proper fix would be better :)
13:44 kf oleonard: that sounds unfun?
13:44 jcamins oleonard: to improve your language skills? :)
13:45 oleonard Something is messed up with the pref files
13:45 WaylonR hmmm... so doing like "branch: blah or branch: blah" will still work?
13:45 magnuse oleonard: i have seen that too, when nb-NO is the active language
13:45 jcamins Just as with right now, directly-entered CCL (ccl=...) queries would bypass relevancy.
13:45 jcamins Yes.
13:45 WaylonR and can that work, with relevancy?
13:45 WaylonR so (search params) order by relevancy?
13:46 jcamins Though, per bug 9233 I think "branch:blah || branch:blah" is better.
13:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9233 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, NEW , Use unambiguous boolean operators for searches
13:46 oleonard magnuse: Looks like I was in en-NZ instead of en. Hard to tell with Bug 9339 in effect.
13:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9339 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Intranet translation bar display en-GB when en is selected
13:47 jcamins WaylonR: yes.
13:47 jcamins If the only search is on branch:, though, I don't really see how relevancy ranking would help.
13:48 jcamins It'd be more useful for something like "books && (branch:blah || branch:blah2)"
13:53 WaylonR thats what i mean, term + branch or branches limits order by relevancy
13:57 jcamins Yep. Right now the way we do relevancy is... somewhere between absurd and insane. With the search rewrite, I will adjust the relevancy to work more like one would expect, where titles and authors _really_ receive higher priority, and have it easily configurable using a configuration file.
13:59 * magnuse wishes he had lots of money to throw at jcamins
13:59 jcamins I have a separate component in the search rewrite that would allow the librarian to configure relevance in the staff interface, which might be very helpful in your case.
14:00 kf magnuse: me too
14:00 WaylonR hmmm..... so for the relevancy and its related config interface, how much would you require?
14:02 jcamins Without the staff interface portion, the relevancy work would be $6k. The staff interface portion would be an additional $6k.
14:03 WaylonR Could you email me something I could forward to my boss? I might be able to get you the funds.
14:03 jcamins Sure.
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14:05 magnuse WaylonR++
14:05 kf oleonard: I got a jquery question... do you have a second?
14:06 oleonard yes
14:08 kf do you think it's possible? maybe just could pase out the links and put that back...
14:08 WaylonR email sent, jcamins
14:08 barriers joined #koha
14:09 kf WaylonR++ :)
14:09 jcamins WaylonR: received. I will send you a proposal.
14:09 WaylonR thankyou muchly, jcamins
14:12 oleonard kf: I think maybe grabbing the links you want and reformatting the whole thing might be better
14:13 kf oleonard: trying to do that now... but still kinda stuck.
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14:13 kf could you throw some keywords at me? like which functions you would use?
14:14 jcamins kf: trout. Knitting. Garlic. Copper.
14:14 kf jcamins: :P
14:14 oleonard kf: You're trying to remove any link which contains "read me?"
14:14 kf yes
14:14 kf I got that bit
14:14 kf but the || don't look so nice
14:14 kf $(".online_resources a:contains('Read me')").remove();
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14:16 oleonard kf: Do you have code that copies the online resources link to the holdings tab?
14:17 kf yes
14:17 kf but that's just moving the complete element around
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14:19 kf hmm
14:19 kf let me try something
14:21 oleonard kf: What I was thinking was that you could use .each() to loop over the links in the .online_resources span and put the links you want into a new array or string to output
14:21 kf yep
14:21 kf I was thiking that too, butnot sure about the right syntax
14:21 kf trying to figure it out
14:21 kf never used .each() so far :)
14:24 kf oleonard++ :)
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14:30 H Does annyone know where i can change the list in the opac for Browse by author or subject
14:33 oleonard H: Change the list? Do you mean change the text of the link?
14:33 wahanui oleonard: that doesn't look right
14:33 wahanui joined #koha
14:33 H ehm change the possibilities
14:34 H define the field i wanna be searched
14:34 jcamins H: the "Browse by author or subject" page is for browsing authorities only.
14:34 H can i hide it ?
14:35 jcamins Sure. Disable OpacAuthorities.
14:36 H i was looking at that button as you typed
14:40 H my authors are in field 700 how do i get them in the authoreties ...
14:40 H or do i move them to an other field ?
14:41 jcamins 700 fields are authority-controlled.
14:41 H wrong field ?
14:41 H i still can move them so
14:41 jcamins You just need to create authority records for them -- assuming you don't already have -- and run the linker.
14:41 jcamins Why would you move them?
14:41 jcamins 700 fields are used for authors.
14:41 H dont get the authority concept yet
14:42 jcamins Ah.
14:43 jcamins Authorities are records that describe particular entities.
14:43 jcamins In this case, authors.
14:43 H ok
14:43 jcamins Authority-controlled fields in bibliographic records can be linked to authorities for better colocation.
14:44 H and how do i create them ore where do i find the info
14:45 jcamins Usually you would download authority records from somewhere else- OCLC or the like.
14:45 jcamins If you don't have an OCLC account, you can also tell Koha to generate authority records for you when you edit bibliographic records.
14:46 H aha
14:46 jcamins However, Koha does not have a bulk authority generator.
14:46 H i just imported 50000 records out off my old system
14:46 jcamins You may not need authorities at all.
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14:47 H thx for informing me now i have a starting point
14:48 jcamins What was your old system?
14:48 jcamins It might have authority records you can use.
14:48 H ehm a sort off home made system by people who asked too much money for it (IMIS)
14:48 H :OP
14:49 jcamins Ah... yeah, they probably won't be using authorities.
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14:50 H i got a database dumb and made marc records from it + the koha item fields (with some perls script and it is all imported) ... looks good ... still need toi get the ldap and mail ok
14:54 H ill post the link whenn we go public ... i probably need to register myself on the site somewhere (no time untill now) maybe in the future there's something i can do to help the community (afther the koha is up and running :) public)
14:56 vfernandes back :)
14:57 vfernandes po for portuguese prefs is still in error.... :/
14:58 kf oleonard++++ :)
14:58 jcamins druthb: ping
14:58 druthb eh?
14:58 kf vfernandes: I can't fix that - druthb will have to - but check out the suggestions, it should make more sense now :)
14:59 vfernandes ok thanks kf for all the help
14:59 vfernandes kf++
15:14 kf khall: around?
15:14 khall what's up kf?
15:14 kf looking at your video
15:14 kf what time is it for you?
15:15 kf khall: all I can tell you is that my system was 1 hour off
15:15 jcamins 10:13ish.
15:15 kf we are currently in daylight savings I think - my timezone is 'berlin', if that helps to test
15:16 kf i double checked, because I thought it was very odd too, and can only retest when I get home later
15:17 kf and you are only looking at the due date in your video - the problem is in today's date - at the top of the slip
15:17 khall so, when you test it you get different times listed on and on the slip, right?
15:17 kf nope
15:17 kf the today's date on top of the slip is wrong
15:17 khall oh, I see now.
15:17 kf that doesn't appear in
15:18 kf oh good :)
15:18 khall I was focusing on the wrong thing.
15:18 kf I am sorry for that
15:19 khall no prob, that's why I made the video ; )
15:20 kf :)
15:20 kf we should have tried talking it out earlier
15:20 kf next time :)
15:21 khall What's odd is for me, my server is set to 10:17 AM, and the time I'm seeing is 3:18 PM
15:21 khall I'll start digging
15:23 jcamins khall: are all the times being converted to UTC?
15:23 khall Could be, I'll find out seen enough
15:29 kf khall: if you want, split out <<today>> changes to a separate bug, if that helps
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15:29 kf but we should fix it too - because that is just weird.
15:32 jcamins Possibly relevant: timezone detection in Javascript:
15:36 khall jcamins, you were correct. The time zone was never being set, so it was defaulting to UTC
15:36 khall new patch on the way
15:36 kf yay :)
15:37 khall up and ready for testing
15:38 kf I will try to take a look later tonight and sign off - if someone else beats me to it I will qa it instead ;)
15:42 khall excellent!
16:04 reiveune bye
16:04 reiveune left #koha
16:25 asaurat left #koha
16:29 qu-bit joined #koha
16:36 talljoy1 joined #koha
16:44 rambutan joined #koha
16:44 rambutan wahanui: pastebin?
16:44 wahanui i think pastebin is at
16:45 kf left #koha
17:08 melia joined #koha
17:08 thd-away joined #koha
17:09 khall joined #koha
17:10 thd-away joined #koha
18:13 rangi Morning
18:13 wahanui it has been said that Morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
18:15 magnuse kia ora rangi
18:32 vfernandes OPAC do 3.10 fully translated to portuguese :)
18:32 jcamins vfernades++
18:32 jcamins vfernandes++
18:32 rangi Yay!
18:32 jcamins My fingers are too cold to type, sorry.
18:32 rangi Post on :)
18:33 rangi Seems like koha is becoming very popular in Portugal
18:33 cait joined #koha
18:34 vfernandes I think I can't post there because i need company authorization first
18:35 rangi Ahh
18:35 vfernandes yes very popular because of the economy... open source software are a cheaper solution because no licenses associated.
18:36 rangi No fees anyway :)
18:36 rangi Strong licenses ;)
18:37 jcamins khall: /tmp is a ramdisk under a normal Debian install.
18:37 vfernandes yes i think you understand what I wanted to say :P
18:37 khall didn't know that, thanks jcamins!
18:38 jcamins khall: yeah, that's why wajasu and I had so much trouble with Zebra indexes.
18:41 jcamins khall:
18:41 cait joined #koha
18:42 jcamins khall: and if you're crazy you can do some really bizarre things with tmpfs+lxc.
18:45 rambutan tmpfs is used for lots of things
18:45 rambutan tmpfs             3966720    39776    3926944   2% /dev/shm
18:45 rambutan tmpfs             3966720        0    3966720   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
18:45 rambutan tmpfs             3966720      708    3966012   1% /var/run
18:46 rambutan tmpfs             3966720      708    3966012   1% /var/lock
18:46 jcamins I hadn't realized that /dev/shm was implemented with tmpfs. Tht's pretty cool.
18:47 rambutan at least on opensuse :)
18:50 rangi jcamins:[…]/album11/DSC01796
18:51 jcamins That's Koha green? :)
18:52 rangi one of the greens we used
18:53 rambutan
18:53 wahanui the first rule of Koha is that you don't talk about
18:54 rambutan yea, well, there's a pic in that collection
18:54 rangi from 2005
18:54 rambutan yea, I assumed past use-by date
18:55 rambutan booth right beside Dynix
18:56 rangi yep i made shirts to annoy them for 2006
18:56 rambutan that's a cool green box. I could put 5 Pis in there, with a power supply, and have a little mini cluster
18:56 rangi
18:57 jcamins Nice!
19:02 ibooter joined #koha
19:02 ibooter wanna attack your friends internet ?  Strong Booter ! i b o o t e r . t k   Join Now And Start Attacking!
19:02 ibooter left #koha
19:03 oleonard Uh... Okay.
19:07 rangi why would you attack your friend?
19:08 rangi i think they need a dictionary
19:08 oleonard That's to make it legal. "all in good fun!"
19:08 jcamins lol
19:10 jcamins "But investigator, I had a drink with my victim the other day. That makes it totally okay to hack into all the servers between me and them."
19:11 qu-bit joined #koha
19:31 rangi wahanui: we should use more MARC?
19:31 wahanui http://02varvara.files.wordpre[…]no-bear.jpg?w=800
19:32 rangi hmm another error with pootle
19:32 rangi is druthb about?
19:32 jcamins lol
19:32 druthb sort of.
19:33 cait I think it#s always the same
19:33 cait something aobut file permissions :(
19:33 rangi yep
19:33 druthb hm.  lemme get in there and see if I can spot it.
19:33 rangi thanks
19:36 druthb try now, rangi n cait?
19:37 rangi ah it wasnt me, it was a couple of mails on the koha-translate list
19:37 druthb I'll send a note.
19:37 rangi awesome
19:41 trea left #koha
19:46 cait druthb: I will test arabic
19:47 druthb I tested pt, and it was working.
19:47 cait druthb: there is also a bug on bugzilla - I added you to the cc list ealrier today
19:47 druthb I got that bug.
19:48 cait looks good to me
19:52 barriers joined #koha
19:56 wizzyrea faq?
19:56 wahanui faq is probably found at
20:00 wizzyrea also, good morning
20:00 jcamins Good morning.
20:01 oleonard Hi wizzyrea, got your msg
20:02 oleonard That's new territory to me, so I don't have anything in particular to recommend
20:03 jcamins rangi: hey, don't you have the student program coming up soon?
20:03 rangi nexxt week
20:03 rangi wizzyrea and cjh_ are doing it
20:03 jcamins Do you know what they'll be working on?
20:03 wizzyrea ok cool oleonard, just didn't want to
20:03 jcamins Woohoo!
20:03 wizzyrea step on anything
20:04 wizzyrea :)
20:04 jcamins wizzyrea: do you know what they'll be working on?
20:04 wizzyrea we will be working on intranet accessibility
20:04 jcamins I'll nudge the QA team if there are any outstanding patches that should be pushed before they arrive.
20:05 wizzyrea oleonard:[…]tices/#kbd_layout this is I think where we are going to be doing some of our work
20:05 wizzyrea going through circ/member management
20:06 cjh_ good morning :)
20:06 wizzyrea and defining/labeling the regions
20:06 magnuse wizzyrea: very cool!
20:06 wizzyrea at least, that's what I've got in my mind
20:08 rangi its 80s rock friday
20:08 rangi
20:08 rangi put your headphones and crank the dial up
20:09 qu-bit joined #koha
20:09 wizzyrea we missed weird wednesday
20:10 rangi yep
20:10 cjh_ random food friday
20:10 wizzyrea \o/
20:11 rangi this song is 2 years older than cjh_
20:11 rangi there i just made you all feel old
20:11 rangi you're welcome
20:12 cjh_ hahaha
20:13 jcamins When did it come out?
20:13 rangi 89
20:13 jcamins Okay, I feel old.
20:13 druthb cjh_ is a *youngling*, then.
20:13 druthb This song was #1 the week I was born:
20:14 oleonard The trouble with feeling old is that you can only complain about it to people your own age.
20:14 rangi there are much worse songs
20:14 cait hm six years older than me... htat's still not sooo bad
20:15 cait oh, younger.
20:15 cjh_ fire woman isnt anywhere near as bad as I had expected :)
20:15 cait hmpf.
20:15 rangi heh
20:15 cait hehe
20:15 * rangi ponders what other music his parents used to tell him to turn down
20:17 * wizzyrea is slightly younger than you, goes for Pearl Jam and Soundgarden
20:17 rangi ohh sisters of mercy
20:17 rangi
20:18 oleonard Never was a fan, but I did see them in concert in the 90s
20:18 druthb oooh....sisters of mercy...mmmm
20:18 * cjh_ was raised on Queen and Meat loaf
20:19 oleonard I was practically asphyxiated by the smoke machine
20:19 wizzyrea >.<
20:19 rangi heh
20:21 rangi early chili peppers?
20:21 wizzyrea always good.
20:22 cjh_ oh wow they were 80s?
20:22 wizzyrea ^.^
20:22 rangi yep
20:22 cjh_ wikipedia agrees :o
20:22 * wizzyrea is not an authority on 80's rock.
20:23 * druthb switches to even older stuff....
20:23 rangi
20:23 druthb Cass Elliott in her white go-go boots...gotta love it.
20:24 druthb
20:27 liw wait, what? the 80s are over? we're in the 90s already? I feel old now
20:28 rangi hmm im still in the 80s
20:28 rangi
20:28 rangi this one really annoys parents
20:29 wizzyrea uh oh, I'm going to be one of THOSE parents.
20:29 wizzyrea "TURN THAT #$%@ DOWN"
20:29 rangi heh
20:30 * wizzyrea goes back to her (slightly later) chilli peppers.
20:30 wizzyrea i am pretty sure there is no parent alive that would tell you to turn down "soul to squeeze"
20:30 rangi do it do it do it do it
20:30 rangi gotta love rollins
20:30 rangi specially rollins and shatner!
20:31 wizzyrea he's actually quite a good artist/poet person
20:31 wizzyrea if you leave off the shouting.
20:31 rangi cant get behind that
20:31 wizzyrea (but just m/o)
20:31 rangi
20:31 wizzyrea lol
20:35 oleonard
20:35 rangi oooh
20:35 rangi i can get behind that
20:38 oleonard Unfortunately this is a year too late to count:
20:38 rangi
20:39 rangi ahh good old sonic youth
20:39 cjh_ i can't get behind htat is fantastic
20:39 cjh_ but my typing isnt :(
20:47 JDatTeTakere joined #koha
20:52 trea joined #koha
20:55 cjh_ drats, all my favourite queen songs are 70s. Defeated.
20:56 dpavlin I'm having problems with currency exchange rates with current master acqui/ - is there existing bug I can look at?
20:56 wizzyrea what kind of problem?
20:57 dpavlin currency_rate in html page gets default currency exchange (1.0) from GetCurrency (active currencry, HRK 1.0) but
20:57 * cait waves at dpavlin and wishes him and mglavica a happy new year :)
20:58 dpavlin Vendor price is in USD, so all javascript updated fields gets overwritten with USD values except of Actual cost which stays in HRK
21:00 dpavlin since there is Replacement cost: (adjusted for HRK) it should stay in HRK and not get rewritten by USD values, right?
21:01 wizzyrea hm I haven't heard of this particular thing
21:01 cait not sure I get it :(
21:01 dpavlin this behavior was introduced by Bug 5335 from Fri Feb 24 16:24:05 2012 +0100 so it's pretty old...
21:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5335 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , define VAT/taxes at orderline level, with default value for supplier and list of valid tax rates
21:02 cait hm
21:02 cait wonder about the date
21:02 cait I was quite sure that's a 3.10 feature
21:02 rangi yeah
21:03 rangi it was only pushed 21/september
21:03 rangi so is in only in master and 3.10.x
21:03 wizzyrea well 8832 is fixed
21:03 cait wowthere are lots of bugs linked to it :(
21:05 dpavlin I get that for Receive shipment from vendor when entering Accounting Details
21:06 dpavlin I think it should use vendor price currency for exchange rate, and not default currency, it's that simple :-)
21:07 rangi i agree, that bug should probably be reverted
21:07 jcamins rangi: unfortunately, looking at the history it looks like I might not be able to.
21:08 dpavlin rangi: or I can fix it in another bug? We see a few more texes regressions, but it should be fixable.
21:08 rangi dpavlin: fixing is the next best option
21:08 cjh_ if it is too difficult to revert, then a linked bug is clean.
21:08 JDatTeTakere Well, it's that time of month again where I'm running reports showing last year's issue stats...and they are telling me fibs.
21:08 jcamins I would favor reverting, except I don't think I'll be able to.
21:09 rangi but i agree with jcamins that regressions should be reverted first, fixed after
21:09 rangi but yeah if you cant revert then fixing is the next best thing
21:09 jcamins It should've been reverted in September, per the note on the bug.
21:09 rangi *nod*
21:09 jcamins I'll try reverting tonight.
21:09 rangi thanks
21:10 cjh_ jcamins: may the force be with you.
21:10 jcamins cjh_: thanks. I think I'll need it.
21:11 cait jcamins: it shuffles around a lot of acq data
21:11 cait not sure it's easy to rever, wlel pretty sure it isn't
21:11 jcamins I just looked.
21:11 cait and you will lose data if you revert now and have been using it
21:12 wizzyrea probably better to fix :/
21:12 dpavlin generally, we really like new acquisition, so reverting that might not be the best way to go.
21:12 cait oh i am confusing it
21:12 cait with parcels.
21:12 jcamins There's no merge commit, so I wouldn't be able to revert it safely even if reversion wouldn't cause data loss.
21:12 dpavlin we quite like other exchange rates features of it :-)
21:13 cait I like the idea too, not necessarily the change to the syspref
21:13 cait but being able to set tax on order level is kind of important here
21:13 jcamins It looks like about a dozen patches interspersed over several days worth of commits.
21:14 jcamins dpavlin: A patch on a separate bug would be most welcome. :)
21:15 rangi i dont mind the idea, but its a shame it wasnt reverted back on 28/9
21:15 rangi and fixed and re pushed
21:15 jcamins Yup.
21:15 rangi revert early .. and save everyone tons of hassle
21:17 jcamins That's why --no-ff is so important.
21:17 eythian what is --no-ff?
21:18 rangi no fast forward
21:18 cjh_ no fastforward for git merge, why is it important?
21:18 rangi makes a merge commit
21:18 eythian oh right
21:18 rangi then you can revert the merge
21:18 cjh_ oh so a merge commit is easier to revert?
21:18 rangi well it reverts the 8 commits
21:18 rangi instead of havin to do each one
21:18 rangi (if there were 8 in the branch)
21:18 jcamins Without it, you have to revert each one individually, which makes the history a mess.
21:18 cjh_ ahh, whereas with ff they appear in the same line (as if they were developed on the branch)
21:19 * oleonard can't seem to find a time when Bug 9339 didn't exist
21:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9339 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Intranet translation bar display en-GB when en is selected
21:19 jcamins Exactly.
21:19 cjh_ makes sense, I always wondered why ff was hated so much. ty :)
21:19 jcamins oleonard: I'm not sure it ever worked. I'd never used en-GB before.
21:19 jcamins I don't understand why ff is the default.
21:19 wizzyrea because merge commits are confusing.
21:19 wizzyrea is my guess.
21:19 jcamins wizzyrea: but how many times do people use "git merge"?
21:20 eythian ff makes sense when you're working on your own repo. Merge commits clutter things up a lot, in general.
21:20 * oleonard quits with the intention of being productive tomorrow, for real this time
21:20 wizzyrea bye oleonard
21:24 * wizzyrea just opened the dash, saw the quote "And before that I used the garden of razorblades that is OpenBSD"
21:24 wizzyrea which made me laugh.
21:24 nengard left #koha
21:24 wizzyrea crikey you guys are funny.
21:24 cjh_ hah! queensryche are 80s!! (1988)
21:31 rangi    <-- 1984
21:31 wizzyrea oh you are evil.
21:31 rangi hehe
21:32 rangi i dedicate this to ibeardslee and cjh_ who both do karate
21:32 * cjh_ watches
21:32 cjh_ hahahha I know this song \o/
21:32 cait gema :(
21:33 wizzyrea
21:33 wizzyrea take that.
21:33 rangi cjh_: you know the movie its the theme for eh?
21:33 cjh_ rangi: :)
21:34 cjh_ best childhood movie, miyagi is awesome
21:34 rangi wizzyrea:
21:34 * cait can't listen to any of those :(
21:34 rangi i upped the ante!
21:35 rambutan joined #koha
21:35 wizzyrea LOOL
21:35 wizzyrea i bow to you sir.
21:35 cjh_ hahha eye of the tiger, oh god.
21:35 wizzyrea also, 1982
21:35 * cjh_ is a few videos behind
21:35 wizzyrea ;)
21:37 wizzyrea I was hoping this was the 80's, but 1977:
21:38 rangi <-- better
21:39 wizzyrea oh yes, that really captures the spirit of that particular bucket list item
21:49 JDatTeTakere Sorry to intrude ;-) Koha question for you guys.
21:49 wizzyrea go for it :)
21:49 JDatTeTakere I'm trying to find all items without a barcode using this report I found in the Koha Reports Library -   SELECT items.dateaccessioned,items.ccode,items.itemcal​lnumber,items.itype,,biblio.title, biblio.copyrightdate    FROM items   LEFT JOIN biblioitems ON (items.biblioitemnumber=bib​lioitems.biblioitemnumber)   LEFT JOIN biblio ON (biblioitems.bib
21:50 JDatTeTakere I'm getting the following error "The following error was encountered: The database returned the following error: 1 Please check the log for further details."
21:50 wizzyrea that's the exact report?
21:50 wizzyrea because that one is incomplete :)
21:51 JDatTeTakere Ahhh...I got it from[…]uts_by_Item_Type_.28previous_month.29
21:51 wizzyrea SELECT items.dateaccessioned,items.ccode,items.itemcal​lnumber,items.itype,,biblio.title, biblio.copyrightdate
21:51 wizzyrea FROM items
21:51 wizzyrea LEFT JOIN biblioitems ON (items.biblioitemnumber=bib​lioitems.biblioitemnumber)
21:51 wizzyrea LEFT JOIN biblio ON (biblioitems.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber)
21:51 wizzyrea WHERE Barcode IS NULL
21:52 JDatTeTakere but further down that's not the report I was looking for but I wanted to try it anyway as I came across a book yesterday that I couldn't issue because the Item barcode was entered in the call number wanted to see if there were any others.
21:52 cait_ joined #koha
21:52 rangi you don't need the biblioitems, you arent selecting anything from it
21:53 rangi but it wont hurt
21:53 wizzyrea it works
21:53 rangi just slows the query down some
21:53 wizzyrea that one I pasted.
21:53 JDatTeTakere Fantastic - thanks guys.
21:53 rangi i might do this
21:53 rangi WHERE ( barcode IS NULL OR barcode = '')
21:53 * wizzyrea gets ready to edit the wiki
21:54 JDatTeTakere My other problem is that our monthly issues report tells me that issues of MP (Rental Magazines) but we know they
21:57 cjh_
21:57 wizzyrea JDatTeTakere: also, if you have a space in front of a report
21:58 wizzyrea when you put it in, you'll get that message.
21:58 eythian cjh_: one day I shall build one of those
21:58 JDatTeTakere Thanks Liz...I'll know to look out for spaces in future problem reports.
21:58 wizzyrea just thought I'd mention it, as I just had it happen to me :)
21:58 wizzyrea (*&($#@$# why isn't this working... oh
21:59 wizzyrea :D
21:59 JDatTeTakere I'm happy to benefit from any little bits of knowledge you can share.
21:59 eythian someone needs to sponsor the tiny patch it would take to fix that stupid query issue.
22:00 JesseM_away left #koha
22:01 wizzyrea I updated that report on the wiki to get rid of the unnecessary bits.
22:01 wizzyrea I suspect there are quite a few like that.
22:05 mib_kk1c73 joined #koha
22:05 JDatTeTakere Fantastic...I try out a few of the reports from the Koha Reports Library.  It 'sometimes
22:06 JDatTeTakere It sometimes helps me to learn how queries are built.
22:38 wizzyrea JDatTeTakere: did you have another issue with your reports?
22:48 JDatTeTakere Just trying to work out why the Issues report say our Rental Magazines haven't been out, when we know they have.
22:49 wizzyrea ahh
22:49 rangi which report are you using?
22:49 wizzyrea haha I about typed that exact thing. Also, are you using the built in reports or a created sql one
22:52 rangi i get 3688 issues of rental magazines in 2012
22:52 JDatTeTakere I'm using a Saved Report - the one that shows all of our issues.  We run the same report each month.
22:54 wizzyrea oh, can you paste it in?
22:54 wizzyrea
22:57 pastebot "JDatTeTakere" at pasted "Our monthly issues report - concerned that the data is incorrect. It's not showing MP issues." (8 lines) at
22:58 JDatTeTakere Have done. On leave now for rest of day but will check my messages later. Thanks C and L.
22:58 wizzyrea cool, is np :)
22:58 wizzyrea have a lovely afternoon!
23:01 kathryn joined #koha
23:05 trea joined #koha
23:07 edveal left #koha
23:09 AndyPT joined #koha
23:10 AndyPT Hi
23:10 wahanui privet, AndyPT
23:10 AndyPT Hello, wahanui
23:10 wahanui hey, AndyPT
23:10 thd-away` joined #koha
23:10 jcamins wahanui is a bot.
23:10 AndyPT Yep, the "hey" gave it away...
23:10 eythian wahanui: jcamins is also a spoilsport
23:10 wahanui okay, eythian.
23:10 AndyPT I have a question
23:11 jcamins Hey!
23:11 eythian hey, jcamins
23:11 wahanui 'scuse me while I cue up "Hail to the Chief!"
23:11 AndyPT (are you all bots!?!??!)
23:11 eythian yes.
23:11 AndyPT Duh
23:11 rambutan "someone needs to sponsor the tiny patch it would take to fix that stupid query issue." What query issue?
23:11 wizzyrea the one that causes the sql reports to barf if a space is at the beginning of the quer
23:12 eythian rambutan: if you have a space at the front of the SQL in a report, the report fails.
23:12 wizzyrea query
23:12 * wizzyrea thinks that the different way we answered that question says something about our personalities
23:12 wizzyrea ^.^
23:13 eythian heh
23:13 rambutan rambutan wonders how much tiny patches cost these days...
23:13 AndyPT So, for anyone not a bot, I have a question: on Koha saved reports (SQL or guided), I'm trying to download them to CSV or TAB (bottom dropdown list), and any Unicode/UTF-8 character looks bad, because the export does not include a UTF-8 BOM....
23:13 eythian rambutan: not a great deal :)
23:14 eythian AndyPT: the BOM shouldn't be required in UTF-8, I think
23:15 eythian In fact, I'll clarify that: the BOM is not required and is arguably detrimental in UTF-8 :)
23:15 jcamins eythian: it is if your text editor won't allow you to force the character set. But that's a problem with the editor not the file.
23:17 eythian yeah. If there's something reasonably common that requires it, it might be worth implementing it anyway.
23:18 eythian I have encountered it breaking things that should be unicode-aware though. But that may have been a dodgy parser I was using.
23:18 cait AndyPT: what problems are you having? I am using libreoffice / excel at work ant it works nicely for umlauts
23:18 cait and which version of Koha are you looking at?
23:23 AndyPT eythian and cait: I don't really care for the BOM (if I'm the one using it). The thing is, my librarian staff need to export the report to excel, and using CSV that's not working. Is there any plugin to add "download to Excel" format?
23:23 AndyPT eythian and cait : I'm currently using 3.8
23:24 cait excel is a bit stupid.
23:24 eythian I don't have excel, but perhaps there's some setting for the default character set? Dollars to doughnuts it's coming is as latin-1 or something.
23:24 cait the only way I managed to do it is like this:[…]s_exportieren.pdf
23:24 cait beware, it's german, but it has screenshots
23:25 cait eythian: my bet too - you have to explicitly tell it to use unicode (utf-8)
23:25 AndyPT My users need excel...
23:25 cait AndyPT: it works
23:25 cait it's just a matter of using the right settings
23:26 AndyPT I'm downloading it...
23:26 cait choose tab separated
23:26 cait open excel
23:26 cait import from text
23:27 cait then make sure you choose utf-8 as encoding
23:27 cait hit ok ok ok... and then it should be there
23:27 AndyPT Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... This is really too much for my users... I need something "dumb proof"...
23:27 cait you shoul dinstall libreoffice then.
23:28 wizzyrea ^^
23:28 jcamins Yeah, LibreOffice is much easier.
23:28 AndyPT Is there no option to add Excel export to the list (other than changing the source code, which I don't want to do until I upgrade to 3.10) ?
23:28 jcamins No.
23:29 jcamins How would you get the Excel spreadsheet?
23:29 jcamins (remember, Excel uses a proprietary closed-source file format)
23:29 AndyPT Well, a lot of applications export it
23:30 jcamins There are libraries that have reverse-engineered it.
23:30 AndyPT And Excel 2007++ uses OOXML, which is standard and open
23:30 rangi bwahaha
23:30 eythian hahahah
23:30 eythian good one :)
23:30 cait lol
23:30 AndyPT I'm fine with OOXML
23:30 rangi best joke of 2013
23:30 jcamins rangi: it's a high bar.
23:30 * wizzyrea is not sure which definition of open you are using
23:30 jcamins !
23:30 AndyPT Yes, XLSX is simply XML inside a ZIP containter
23:31 jcamins Anyway, I see no chance of any current Koha developer writing an Excel export into the system just because.
23:31 AndyPT Creating an XLSX file is easy programming...
23:31 * eythian challenges you to implement the "displaylikeoffice2001" attribute :)
23:31 AndyPT ?
23:31 jcamins You could commission a feature like that, though.
23:31 jcamins That's the great thing about open source.
23:31 * wizzyrea invokes wilw
23:31 wizzyrea ;)
23:33 wizzyrea sup libsysguy
23:33 AndyPT Ok, so no known plugin to add any type of download formats other than CSV and TAB?
23:34 libsysguy wizzyrea, not a lot
23:34 libsysguy whats up with you
23:34 wizzyrea nope, no plugins for that.
23:34 eythian it would be an easy patch to add the BOM if that would solve it.
23:34 AndyPT Weird... I'm sure a lot of people must have needed it...
23:34 wizzyrea naw, they just learn to work with CSV
23:35 wizzyrea or tab
23:35 AndyPT Yep, my solution is currently to add the BOM...
23:35 libsysguy thats the weird thing about assumptions :p
23:35 AndyPT :S
23:35 eythian hey, anyone able to point me to a reference for the usmarc binary format. It's come to the point where I need to know how it works.
23:35 wizzyrea ping gmcharlt ^^
23:36 gmcharlt AndyPT: well, writing something that uses Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Big will get you XLS output (and Evergreen's reporter does that for "Excel" output)
23:36 eythian ah, wikipedia has an OK breakdown.
23:37 wizzyrea hehe well I was thinking about eythian's question actually
23:37 gmcharlt eythian: I have the ISO standard in my posession, but ... it certainly isn't worth any amount of money
23:37 eythian this marc data has no directory section, it's unparsable.
23:37 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I'm multi-tasking ;)
23:37 wizzyrea \o/
23:37 eythian gmcharlt: according to ISO it's worth CHF58,00.
23:38 eythian they may be lying though.
23:38 jcamins eythian: ISO is not known for their ability to count to zero...
23:38 gmcharlt eythian: trust me, it's not worth that much :)
23:38 gmcharlt even if one accepts ISO's business model, it's a poorly-written standard
23:38 eythian[…]08-pdf-d307980860 <-- *cough*
23:38 * gmcharlt whistles innocently
23:39 wizzyrea interesting:
23:40 eythian hey, it's the second result on google :)
23:40 * wizzyrea giggles
23:40 AndyPT gmcharlt: Adding a BOM to it seems much simpler ;)
23:40 * google whistles innocently
23:40 * wizzyrea laughs
23:40 eythian ah yes, microsoft has been claiming they are being unfairly treated by google and that they're finding it hard to compete.
23:41 eythian I guess if anyone would know, it'd be them.
23:41 wizzyrea ikr :)
23:43 eythian wow, 58,00fr for a 16 page document, of which the first 6 are boilerplate, so are the last 3.
23:43 rambutan fr?
23:43 wahanui rumour has it fr is the same in nb-NO and en
23:44 eythian swiss francs, I can't remember the proper symbol
23:44 rambutan ah, I was thinking (French) francs
23:44 jcamins chf
23:44 dpavlin thanks everybody and happy new year! Bug 9346 will unblock our acquisition migration to master, so I hope you will enjoy this new year present also :-)
23:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9346 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , acqui/ ignores exchange rates and destroys user data on page load
23:47 rambutan left #koha
23:55 AndyPT joined #koha
23:58 AndyPT eythian + cait + gmcharlt :  changing the source to add a new export type with BOM seems easy enough. I'll just do that ;)
23:58 eythian it's probably something that's safe enough to upstream, too.
23:59 qu-bit_ joined #koha

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