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00:02 * jcamins needs something acidic to add to his potato korma a la Jared.
00:02 jcamins Tomatoes are out, as I have none.
00:03 wizzyrea lime juice
00:03 wizzyrea or lemon
00:03 bag ketchup (but that is too sweet - way too sweet)
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00:03 jcamins Probably lemon juice.
00:03 wizzyrea fish sauce
00:03 wizzyrea if you have it
00:04 jcamins Of course! Amchur powder!
00:04 jcamins Silly Jared, how could you forget amchur powder?
00:04 wizzyrea amchur powder?
00:05 wizzyrea hm green mangoes, dried and ground.
00:05 wizzyrea interestng
00:05 wizzyrea but yes that may well be perfect.
00:06 jcamins Plus a wee bit of lemon juice.
00:12 jcamins So this is really nothing like potato korma.
00:12 jcamins But it should be pretty delicious.
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00:51 rangi random food friday!
00:52 jcamins rangi: exactly, except it's Thursday.
00:52 rangi not in the proper hemisphere :)
00:53 wizzyrea hehe
00:53 * jcamins thinks tcohen would disagree if he were at home. :P
00:56 rangi http://drinkswithchunks.blogsp[…]-soojeonggwa.html
00:57 jcamins lol
00:57 cjh_ that cracker stuff has an odd aftertaste
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00:59 cjh_ and liz has http://drinkswithchunks.blogsp[…]rink-shikhye.html
00:59 cjh_ her drink has chunks!
00:59 cjh_ s/liz/wizzyrea/
00:59 eythian the first one contains rambutan, who is unfortunately offline
01:00 rangi[…]ker/dp/B003ECY2PA  i got these too
01:00 jcamins Wait...
01:00 jcamins Are you _drinking_ that?
01:00 jcamins Awesome!
01:01 cjh_ 'sweet & delicious' and he found it, ten points to rangi
01:01 eythian drinking/'s a fine line.
01:01 rangi yeah you have to find something that has the minimum amount of english
01:01 wizzyrea what, the chunky drink?
01:01 rangi 0 is the best
01:01 wizzyrea sec I'll take a pic
01:01 cjh_ random food friday, I might have to try and get an ice block.
01:01 cjh_ although hopefully bean free this time.
01:01 eythian it's not random it you've planned it
01:03 wizzyrea no, it's not the planning of random food friday that's random
01:03 wizzyrea it's what you pick ;)
01:03 cjh_ \o/
01:03 wizzyrea also, the mochi things are yum.
01:03 wizzyrea despite their odd squishiness
01:04 wizzyrea and red bean filling
01:04 jcamins What mochi things?
01:04 cjh_ :(
01:04 wizzyrea which I've always found odd.
01:04 rangi[…]27/in/photostream  <-- my haul
01:05 eythian wahanui: good night is <reply>\I watch you sleep.
01:05 wahanui OK, eythian.
01:05 eythian wahanui: good night
01:05 wahanui I watch you sleep.
01:05 * jcamins initially thought that your "random food Friday" comment was in response to my failure to make anything like the recipe I started with.
01:06 wizzyrea jcamins: i don't know, there's no english on my package.
01:06 jcamins wizzyrea: picture?
01:06 wizzyrea oh yes
01:06 wizzyrea try facebook :P
01:07 wizzyrea or instagram. but you'd have to be approved by me for that.
01:09 jcamins The mochi things are in your drink?
01:09 * jcamins thought it was a mochi pastry type thing.
01:10 jcamins One of our dinner guests for Sunday tends to bring that sort of thing.
01:14 rangi
01:14 rangi just because
01:17 jcamins lol
01:22 eythian <-- this is how test cases should work
01:23 jcamins lol
01:23 jcamins That's awesome!
01:33 jcamins Well, that ended up nothing like potato korma, but it was delicious so I am satisfied.
01:37 jcamins After working with Perl so much, I'm finding my response to using autotools+C is "what a nuisance."
01:45 eythian[…]s/detail?id=38538 <-- that's certainly an issue
02:15 jcamins eythian: do I remember you saying that Ubuntu's new interface can be made usable?
02:15 eythian I use it, if that's what you mean :)
02:16 eythian depends exactly how you want it to be. I tend to do things like make it autohide, and sometimes turn off the global menu.
02:16 jcamins eythian: mostly I would like to be able to scroll.
02:17 jcamins The display is 800x600, which means that there is exactly nothing at all that doesn't require scrolling.
02:17 eythian actually, if you look how it works, that's become easier in general. The scrollbar appears wherever the mouse is when it's near the edge.
02:17 eythian in 12.10 anyway, not 12.04
02:18 jcamins Ah, I don't think I've updated to 12.10 yet.
02:19 eythian in 12.04 it appears where the little orange bar is. Though you can still click to page, which is nice.
02:19 jcamins And considering how often I feel the need to use this VM, I don't think I'll bother.
02:19 eythian but it's a bit more sensitive to falling off the edge, which is annoying
02:21 eythian soemthing along the lines of sudo apt-get remove overlay-scrollbar liboverlay-scrollbar-0.2-0 liboverlay-scrollbar3-0.2-0 should remove them entirely if that's preferable.
02:28 * jcamins figures out why Safari refuses to report my website.
02:29 eythian jcamins: when you have subjects of the form: "Truck farming - New Zealand - History.", how is that represented in MARC?
02:29 eythian I'm sure I knew this, but I can't find an example with it in
02:29 jcamins 650  0_ $aTruck farming$yNew Zealand$xHistory.
02:29 jcamins Possibly _0
02:29 jcamins I always get the indicators confused.
02:29 jcamins And, what's a truck farm?
02:30 eythian where do you think utes come from?
02:30 eythian later on, they grow into lorries.
02:30 jcamins Heh.
02:30 jcamins That would've been more effective if I hadn't that that a "Ute" was a member of an American Indian tribe.
02:31 eythian heh
02:31 jcamins Whoah, nice!
02:31 jcamins Avahi is kind of amazing.
02:31 eythian yeah, it doesn't get used nearly enough
02:31 jcamins I never knew what it was before.
02:32 eythian would Public sculpture - New Zealand - Wellington. get the same separation?
02:33 jcamins $aPublic sculpture$yNew Zealand$yWellington.
02:33 eythian oh. well that's going to be annoying. I have no information on what is a place and what's not
02:33 wahanui not is maybe removed from my search
02:33 eythian wahanui: forget me not
02:33 wahanui eythian, I didn't have anything matching me not
02:40 wizzyrea jcamins: no no, the mochi isn't in my drink
02:41 wizzyrea the mochi things are in my tummy.
02:41 wizzyrea and I didn't get a pic really
02:41 wizzyrea well I did actually, a bit earlier on facebook
02:42 jcamins I only see two pictures of your drink on Facebook. :(
02:51 jcamins Why don't we use Avahi more?
02:52 wizzyrea because cross species intermingling is frowned upon?
02:53 jcamins We could use Avahi in a Linux-only environment.
02:53 wizzyrea i like how you deftly avoided that.
02:53 jcamins Thank you.
03:04 jcamins A pity that Firefox doesn't have built-in support for Zeroconf.
03:06 eythian firefox is a bit too end-usery, but an addon would be handy.
03:06 eythian[…]px?member=4459032 <-- them some expensive hangers
03:07 jcamins eythian: I'm thinking about a home Koha appliance.
03:07 jcamins Wow!
03:07 eythian ah right
03:08 wizzyrea why would you buy hangers on trademe
03:09 eythian cos it should be cheap
03:09 eythian (in theory)
03:09 wizzyrea having done quite a bit of trade on craigslist recently
03:10 wizzyrea people really do overvalue their things.
03:10 wizzyrea recently = in the last 6 months
03:10 wizzyrea (myself included)
03:10 eythian I think people don't know how to value them, you find some things crazy cheap.
03:10 wizzyrea right, there are some people "get this crap out of my sight" or "I just want to make a quick buck"
03:11 wizzyrea and there are people "I'm moving to another country and this stuff is nice you should pay a lot for it"
03:11 wizzyrea or <insert excuse here> you should pay a lot for it
03:11 jcamins lol
03:12 wizzyrea ok jcamins, the mystery drink is now on facebook, and the mochis
03:12 jcamins I saw. :D
03:12 eythian when you see a 486 on there for $2,000 you know some people just don't know what's going on
03:12 jcamins I've never had those.
03:12 jcamins eythian: it's an antique!
03:13 wizzyrea ^^^^^^^
03:14 wizzyrea well that's how much they paid for it 15 years ago
03:14 eythian woo, beer o'clock
03:14 wizzyrea woo!
03:30 ibeardslee :(
04:32 eythian <-- I love Battlestar Galactica!
04:32 cjh_ that is awesome
04:32 jcamins lol
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06:05 cait morning #koha
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06:40 cait1 morning #koha
06:46 cjh_ cait: morning :)
06:46 cait hi cjh_ :)
06:46 cait shouldn't you be enjoying your weekend by now? :)
06:47 cjh_ i am :)
06:47 cait in #koha? :)
06:47 cjh_ where else, it is like a tropical paradise in here.
06:47 cjh_ still Friday in Germany :( almost there!
06:47 cait hehe
06:47 cait it's ok, I like fridays
06:48 cait it's  when I get most my work done, because it's mostly quiet in the afternoons
06:48 cait well right now it's quiet anyway, because a lot of people are still away on their christmas vacation
06:48 cjh_ productivity \o/
06:49 cjh_ this week has been especially unproductive, my brain is still on it's christmas holiday.
06:49 jcamins Yay! #koha is like a tropical paradise party...
06:49 * jcamins grumbles
06:49 cait why exactly are you here?
06:49 cait shouldn't you be sleeping?
06:49 jcamins I should be.
06:50 cjh_ having fun with git revert?
06:50 jcamins But I spent ~1.5 hours dealing with a leak in the kitchen.
06:50 jcamins The people above us punctured a pipe.
06:50 cjh_ :(
06:50 jcamins And flooded our kitchen and the kitchen below us.
06:51 jcamins Now I'm trying to finish the proposal I was almost done with at 11:45.
06:52 magnuse pizzaday!
06:54 cait ouch :(
06:54 jcamins magnuse: I suppose that's one way to help dry out the ceiling... run the oven at 500 degrees!
06:54 cait shouldn't you go to sleep and startover otmorrow morning?
06:54 cjh_ sleep is goooooddd
06:54 * magnuse is startled by the presence of jcamins at this hour
06:54 jcamins cait: I have to wait until the water stops dripping so that I can dry up the puddle on the top of the cabinets.
06:54 cjh_ >.<
06:55 magnuse jcamins: ouch!
06:55 jcamins It was a _lot_ of water.
06:55 cait :(
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07:59 reiveune hello
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08:16 francharb joined #koha
08:16 francharb hello
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08:17 Joubu hello #koha
08:17 magnuse bonjour france!
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08:21 kf hi again #koha
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08:30 magnuse weirdness: i have superlibrarian customer who sometimes gets logged out when she tries to edit sysprefs. anyone else heard of that? koha 3.8.8, sessions stored in the db
08:31 kf hm
08:31 kf i had that happenening
08:32 magnuse aha?
08:33 kf yeah... but I can't remember why and how I fixed it :(
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08:34 magnuse kf: ouch ;-)
08:34 magnuse kia ora paul_p
08:34 kf bonjour paul_p
08:34 paul_p good morning #koha !
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08:45 Zeki hi,
08:45 kf hi Zeki
08:45 Zeki I have a problem with crontab for zebra indexing
08:46 Zeki after adding any catolog into koha  crontab doesnot update the catolog
08:46 Zeki i have to manuly
08:47 Zeki i have to do manuly
08:47 magnuse kf: please let me know if you suddenly remember how you fixed it :-)
08:47 Zeki i followed this URL[…]_ubuntu_-_tarball
08:47 kf magnuse: I will
08:47 Zeki but no luck
08:48 kf Zeki: an easier way to install on ubuntu is using the packages
08:48 kf packages?
08:48 wahanui packages is, like, at
08:48 kf for zebra check fi the file permissions are right
08:48 Zeki I checked they look fine
08:48 kf when you run the rebuild_zebra script manually with -v - you might be able to spot if there is an error
08:49 kf also, is your zebrasrv running?
08:49 Zeki sudo /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ –v –b –a
08:49 Zeki when i run the script
08:49 kf you shouldn't do that with sudo
08:49 Zeki it does not give any error
08:49 kf that will give you permission problems
08:50 kf the files have to belong to your koha user, not root
08:50 Zeki yes
08:51 Zeki I have webmin on my ubuntu server
08:52 Zeki I can check very easily
08:52 kf rerun the script without being root
08:52 kf and make sure the zebraserver is running.
08:52 kf i mean without sudo - as your koha user
08:52 Zeki when i use this script sudo /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start
08:53 Zeki it says "Starting Zebra Server
08:53 kf that's god
08:53 kf good
08:53 kf but still could be that it can't access the index
08:53 Zeki so I assume it is working
08:53 kf I think
08:53 kf did you rerun the index script without sudo?
08:54 Zeki what do you mean?
08:54 Zeki like this /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ –v –b –a
08:55 Zeki it is working fine
08:55 Zeki no error
08:55 kf did it update/index records?
08:55 Zeki yes
08:55 kf there should be a line with i/u/d
08:55 kf and search is still not working?
08:57 Zeki I am not sure about line
08:57 kf in the output of the zebra index script
08:57 Zeki but indexing looks fine
08:58 Zeki Zebra configuration information
08:58 Zeki Zebra biblio directory      = /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios
08:58 Zeki Zebra authorities directory = /var/lib/koha/zebradb/authorities
08:58 kf is there any fatal?
08:58 Zeki Koha directory              = /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin
08:58 Zeki no
08:59 kf hm can you check that zebra files are owned by the koha user?
08:59 Zeki BIBLIONUMBER in :     999$c
08:59 kf I think you did a standard installation, I am not quite sure about the path
08:59 Zeki one sec
08:59 kf also you can use paste to paste the output of the script
08:59 kf pastebin?
08:59 wahanui pastebin is, like, at
09:01 pastebot "Zeki" at pasted "Zebra configuration informatio" (27 lines) at
09:02 kf ah right, I tink you need to v
09:02 kf it could be the user of your crontab is wrong
09:02 kf could you check the file again and make sure it's using your zebra user for running the script?
09:02 kf */10 * * * *  __KOHA_USER__  $KOHA_CRON_PATH/../migrati​on_tools/ -b -a -z >/dev/null
09:03 Zeki sudo nano /etc/cron.d/koha
09:03 Zeki I use this file
09:03 Zeki and added these lines
09:03 kf pastebin please :)
09:04 pastebot "Zeki" at pasted "GNU nano 2.2.6 File: /etc/cron" (9 lines) at
09:05 kf hm
09:05 kf looks ok
09:06 rangi just change >/dev/null
09:06 rangi to be | mailx your@email.address
09:06 rangi then you will get an email every 10 minutes if it is running, you could put a -v in there too
09:06 rangi and you will spot what is going wrong
09:06 kf maybe to -vv
09:07 kf I think they changed soemthing and the output he showed earlier was missing a lot of lines
09:07 rangi yeah bilibre again
09:07 rangi made -v not do much
09:08 rangi actually i lie
09:08 rangi it was dobrica
09:09 Zeki sorry kf
09:09 rangi ah no he added -v -v
09:09 Zeki I didnt  get
09:09 rangi git blame is confusing me
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09:09 Zeki what do you want me to try ?
09:11 magnuse Zeki: did you check zebra is running? "ps aux | grep zebra"
09:12 Zeki no
09:12 Zeki how to check it?
09:13 pastebot "Zeki" at pasted "ps aux | grep zebra root 300 0" (4 lines) at
09:14 Zeki is it this?
09:14 kf I think you said sarch was working
09:14 kf only the automatic indexing for new records is broken?
09:14 Zeki yeah
09:14 kf I think user in crontab still
09:14 kf might be wrong
09:15 kf are you running koha as user koha?
09:15 Zeki now user
09:15 Zeki but i can change to koha
09:15 kf */5 * * * * koha $KOHA_PATH/bin/migration_tools/ -b -a -z &> /dev/null < that's what you pasted, it says koha is the user
09:16 kf if you are using a different user to run koha, htis could be your problem
09:16 Zeki yes
09:17 pastebot "Zeki" at pasted "koha@src-library:/root$ /usr/s" (34 lines) at
09:17 Zeki it is working under the koha
09:18 Zeki it says some error
09:18 kf ah right
09:19 kf there you go, permissions
09:19 kf [warn] Failed to open /var/lib/koha/zebradb/bibl​ios/register/ [Permission denied]
09:21 Zeki koha "user and group" have permisoin for this  folder /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios/register
09:22 Zeki inside folder there some files
09:23 Zeki some of them ovened by root
09:23 Zeki so you want me to change all the files
09:24 kf yes
09:24 kf no files owned by root - all by the koha user
09:24 Zeki or just ?
09:27 Zeki I changed allt he files root to koha
09:28 pastebot "Zeki" at pasted "koha@src-library:/root$ /usr/s" (29 lines) at
09:29 Zeki now looks no error
09:30 Zeki do I need to wait 5 min know which it is working or not ?
09:34 Zeki sorry kf
09:34 Zeki when I check the syslog i have these errors
09:35 pastebot "Zeki" at pasted "Jan 4 17:31:01 src-library nul" (27 lines) at
09:35 kf ah
09:35 Zeki it is related nullmailler
09:35 kf that looks like an email problem
09:36 kf i think change the crontab back
09:36 kf to not mail you
09:36 Zeki yeah ok
09:36 Zeki but is there way to solve this nullmailler problem?
09:37 kf sorry, I don't know nothing about nullmailer
09:37 Zeki yeah ok
09:37 Zeki thanks
09:46 magnuse kf++
09:46 kf rangi++
09:46 kf magnuse++
09:47 rangi heh i didnt do anything
09:47 kf you know better
09:49 * magnuse didn't contribute much either
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09:58 vfernandes hello :)
09:58 kf hi vfernandes
09:59 vfernandes kf thanks for the answer on my translation problem email... it helped me a lot
09:59 kf no problem, glad it helped
10:00 vfernandes 3.10 is 65% complete in portuguese... :) it's a good number
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10:01 vfernandes OPAC and prefs are fully translated
10:06 kf woohoo!
10:06 kf you have been busy!
10:07 gerundio good morning
10:08 gerundio how are items indexing handled in Zebra?
10:09 gerundio our librarians updated some info by adding some missing barcodes
10:09 gerundio it's been a whole day now and the search by the barcode returns no results
10:09 kf how did they update them?
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10:12 gerundio via the items editor in the intranet interface
10:12 kf hm ok
10:12 gerundio the cronjob comments for Zebra indexing states: # ZEBRA INDEX UPDATES with -z option, incremental index updates throughout the day for both authorities and bibs
10:13 kf yes
10:13 kf you could start by checking your zebraqueue table in the database
10:13 gerundio by bibs I think it means bibs and the respective items, right?
10:13 kf check if all entries are marked as done
10:13 kf 1
10:13 kf yes
10:13 kf item information is indexed together with bibliographic information
10:15 gerundio I have just one record with done = 0
10:15 kf hm
10:16 kf did you check the item record?
10:16 gerundio the last one with done = 1 is from 4 minutes ago
10:16 kf yeah, that looks like the job is working
10:16 gerundio it should be processed in 5 minutes or so
10:17 kf i woudl start testing with one test case
10:17 kf update the record again, see if it gets into zebraqueue, indexed.. search, etc.
10:19 gerundio the record looks like id = 108192 | biblio_auth_number = 49161 | operation = specialUpdate | server = biblioserver |  done = 0 | time = 2013-01-04 10:11:40
10:19 gerundio can you tell me what do biblio_auth_number and operation collumns stand for?
10:20 kf it's the bibnumber or authority number
10:20 kf operatiion menas it was an update
10:20 kf not a delete or add
10:21 gerundio ok
10:21 gerundio so, that record with done = 0 has been updated several times in the last 2 days
10:21 gerundio it has only one item assigned to it and the search by its barcode works as expected
10:22 gerundio I've done a search on that table with the biblionumber for the item wich the barcode search doesn't work
10:23 gerundio the result was 4 rows on the last 3 days all done
10:25 gerundio weird behavior, don't really know what to look for
10:25 gerundio any idea?
10:26 kf it sounds perfectly normal
10:26 kf the question is why serach does not work
10:26 kf how are you doing the search?
10:29 gerundio basic catalag search on the intranet or opac
10:29 kf in keyword search?
10:29 gerundio see for yourself in our opac:
10:30 kf is the title itself searchable?
10:30 gerundio search for 0015092 and you'll get one hit
10:30 wahanui joined #koha
10:30 gerundio search for 0015093 and you'll get none
10:31 kf gerundio: yes, I can see - what is the biblionumber of that record?
10:31 gerundio even though there is a item for this biblio with that barcode:[…]iblionumber=19216
10:31 wahanui joined #koha
10:32 gerundio a little off-topic: the item is checked out
10:32 kf that shouldn't matter
10:32 gerundio but when I search for Deitel (the author name), it shows 1 item 1 available
10:32 gerundio does it count as available if we can a place a hold for it?
10:33 gerundio if you search on opac for Deitel it's the 3rd result
10:33 gerundio it states Availability: Copies available: Biblioteca FCTUNL (1)
10:34 kf yeah, that's becasue the index has not been updated
10:34 gerundio but if you click on it, the item is checked out until the 18th
10:34 kf the information in the resul tlist is from zebra
10:34 gerundio ok
10:34 kf the detail page from the database
10:35 kf could you try something for testing?
10:35 kf move the item to another record
10:35 kf ah no
10:35 kf it's checked out
10:35 kf don't do that.
10:35 kf hm
10:36 kf sorry, running out of ideas
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10:48 kf hm ok, that was weird
10:48 kf Finished one cherry-pick.
10:48 kf error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database .git/objects
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12:01 kf @wunder Konstanz
12:01 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 6.3°C (12:55 PM CET on January 04, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.66 in 1038 hPa (Steady).
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12:22 gerundio kf, still on the earlier zebra indexing problem
12:22 gerundio I still haven't been able to understand what might be originating that issue
12:22 kf :(
12:22 kf oh
12:22 gerundio but I just noticed that the last 4 records on the zebraqueue table have a future timestamp
12:23 kf oh!
12:23 gerundio do you know how that time value is added
12:23 gerundio server or client time?
12:23 kf not usre really
12:23 vfernandes I think it's server time
12:23 kf but you should clean old entries in that table regularly - there is a cronjob that can do that somewhere
12:24 gerundio vfernandes, that's what makes the most sense
12:24 gerundio but I can't figure out how those future timestamps showed up in there
12:24 gerundio kf, count at 48635 records
12:24 gerundio doesn't seem like that much to me
12:25 gerundio don't know if I have that job running in cron though
12:25 kf gerundio: seems quite a lot to me :)
12:26 kf gerundio: maybe try cleaning them up and see if that fixes the problem?
12:26 gerundio hmm, the job for zebraqueue cleanup is set to run daily at 1h16m
12:27 gerundio I'll be back to it after luch
12:27 gerundio my stomach is complaining too much
12:27 kf enjoy your lunch!
12:27 gerundio thanks for the help anyways :)
12:27 gerundio later then
12:39 lds joined #koha
12:40 nengard joined #koha
12:50 vfernandes how to turn a patch obsolete?
12:51 vfernandes i've already find out :)
13:06 NateC joined #koha
13:26 oleonard joined #koha
13:43 libsysguy joined #koha
13:47 jenkins_koha Starting build #1002 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:48 reiveune joined #koha
13:49 kf hi druthb
13:50 druthb hi, kf. :)
13:51 oleonard Hi all
13:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_8984' into 3.12-master <[…]f6418c81f6428a6ee> / Bug 8984: make Zebra more UNIMARC compliant <[…]c55199f29bd9e8d1e> / Merge branch 'bug_8924' into 3.12-master <[…]0487e8740efa5375e
13:52 magnuse hiya people of the west
13:53 libsysguy heya magnuse
13:54 magnuse hiya libsysguy
13:55 druthb Hi, magnuse. :)
13:55 magnuse hiya druthb
14:18 reiveune left #koha
14:18 vfernandes joined #koha
14:26 kf hi libsysguy
14:26 kf oh and hi oleonard .)
14:26 * oleonard offers kf an eye patch
14:27 druthb lol
14:27 kf better offer me a new shift key :)
14:27 druthb Smilies from Nick Fury:   .)   .(   ,)
14:27 libsysguy hey kf
14:30 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:30 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 7.0°C (3:25 PM CET on January 04, 2013). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.60 in 1036 hPa (Steady).
14:30 kf getting warmer, weird
14:32 druthb @wunder 66046
14:32 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is -5.9°C (8:30 AM CST on January 04, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: -7.0°C. Windchill: -6.0°C. Pressure: 30.40 in 1029 hPa (Falling).
14:32 druthb We have not been much above freezing for three weeks now.
14:38 talljoy joined #koha
14:39 thd-away joined #koha
14:52 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1002: SUCCESS in 1 hr 5 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1002/
14:52 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 9102 : Set HttpOnly on the CGISESSID cookie
14:52 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8924: Some modules erroneously skipped by 00-load
14:52 jenkins_koha * mathieu.saby: Bug 8984: make Zebra more UNIMARC compliant
14:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9102 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , [SECURITY] We should set httponly on our session cookie
14:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8924 minor, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Some modules erroneously skipped by 00-load
14:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8984 normal, P5 - low, ---, mathieu.saby, Pushed to Master , Zebra does not index some fields in UNIMARC biblio records
14:55 gerundio kf, I've looked into the help of the cronjob script
14:55 gerundio I see this argument is used with the value 10 in my cronjob --zebraqueue DAYS  purge completed zebraqueue entries older than DAYS days.
14:56 gerundio the 48k records I have in zebraqueue table are probably the result of an inventory task performed to update the last seen value on a lot of our items
14:57 kf aah makes sense
14:57 gerundio now that I understand it I do agree with you... 48k is a lot :D
14:57 gerundio but yes, it makes sense
14:57 gerundio the only thing that still doesn't is that damn barcode search returning no results
14:58 kf maybe someone else around now has an idea
14:59 libsysguy druthb are you allowed to QA patches that are translation based?
15:00 gerundio I've just performed an advanced query on the intranet interface
15:00 druthb No one has told me that I'm not.  Depending on what it is, I suppose, but the QAM might have a say-so in that.
15:00 gerundio with barcode = to the existing item barcode value and no result either
15:00 gerundio jcamins, aren't you the search expert?
15:01 libsysguy I was just running though my list of patches that needed QA and noticed a few string translation patches
15:01 kf hm I think that wasn't the case in the past
15:01 kf qaing I mean
15:01 kf I think I can try and look at them?
15:01 libsysguy I didn't think it was
15:01 libsysguy they are bug 9331 and
15:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9331 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Untranslatable strings in ajax.js
15:02 kf but i would like druthb to be on the cc list for i18n and bugs
15:02 druthb Since kf is not only QAM, but She-Who-Keeps-The-TM-Sane, she's probaby the best to QA them.
15:02 libsysguy bug 8942
15:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8942 normal, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Signed Off , Translation process breaks javascript in
15:02 jcamins gerundio: I am, yes.
15:02 jcamins What's up?
15:02 wahanui rumour has it up is the sky
15:03 libsysguy wahanui: forget up
15:03 wahanui libsysguy: I forgot up
15:03 jcamins Ah, barcode search isn't working.
15:03 jcamins Does bc= work?
15:03 gerundio try these yourself please
15:03 gerundio search for 0015092 in
15:03 wahanui joined #koha
15:04 gerundio you'll get a hit for that search
15:04 gerundio but if your search 0015093, you should get another hit but you don't
15:04 gerundio even though there's an item with that barcode
15:04 gerundio I can't understand why :|
15:04 jcamins Have you rebuilt Zebra?
15:06 gerundio I have the cronjob running updating the zebra index every 10 minutes
15:06 gerundio default behavior, right?
15:06 jcamins Yes.
15:07 jcamins But once a record is missed, the cron jobs won't pick the record up when it reruns.
15:07 jcamins When your indexes get out of sync you have to do a full reindex.
15:07 gerundio ouch
15:07 thd-away joined #koha
15:08 gerundio guess that'll have to do
15:08 gerundio thanks for the heads up :D
15:08 gerundio jcamins++
15:08 gerundio kf++
15:09 thd-away joined #koha
15:13 moodaepo joined #koha
15:20 francharb joined #koha
15:23 francharb joined #koha
15:27 reiveune joined #koha
15:28 maximep joined #koha
15:52 BigRig joined #koha
15:54 gmcharlt @quote random
15:54 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #221: "I used to be sane like you, until I took a MARC data to the knee" (added by chrisc at 09:28 PM, October 23, 2012)
15:54 gmcharlt heh
15:54 libsysguy lol
15:54 libsysguy I like that one
16:01 reiveune bye
16:01 reiveune left #koha
16:10 rambutan joined #koha
16:22 BigRig_ joined #koha
16:24 moodaepo1 joined #koha
16:25 mmm45 joined #koha
16:26 vfernandes anyone here?
16:26 vfernandes I'm having a strange problem
16:27 vfernandes the field 100 is happening in the authors facets
16:27 mmm45 i need some assistance too
16:28 mmm45 how do you delete or change an invoice number using mysql?
16:28 oleonard Why do you want to mmm45?
16:28 mmm45 one of the librarians made a mistake
16:29 mmm45 and i need to change the invoice number for her
16:30 mmm45 i am working on upgrading from the version of koha we are using right now
16:31 mmm45 but until then, with this version I believe the invoice number can be corrected only in the database
16:34 oleonard mmm45: I have no idea whether there are negative ramifications for doing it via mysql, but you would do it like this:
16:34 oleonard UPDATE  `koha`.`aqinvoices` SET  `invoicenumber` =  '<num>' WHERE  `aqinvoices`.`invoiceid` = <id>;
16:36 mmm45 would this work for the wrong version of Koha that I am using (3.9)?
16:37 kf everything pre 3.10 should work with that and it should be save (have done it in the past)
16:37 mmm45 awesome
16:37 kf maybe try with one first and check :)
16:37 kf oleonard++
16:37 oleonard kf: Is there a reason why invoice number is not editable? Or just an oversight?
16:38 kf hm
16:38 kf bit hard to tell actually
16:38 BigRig joined #koha
16:38 kf I think the database structure is the problem
16:38 kf because you have the invoicenumber on order line level and not as a separate entity before 3.10
16:39 kf now we have shipments as a thing and I think it might be even editable now, i have not checked
16:40 kf in 3.9 the shipment information is on every order line, so you would have to update them altogether
16:40 kf does that make sense?
16:40 oleonard Yes
16:40 kf I think fixing it woudl not be trivial for older versions
16:40 mmm45 thank you so much for the help
16:41 gerundio I need a list of all the inventory number field which are stored in field 995 j
16:41 gerundio what's the best way to accomplish that?
16:43 kf gerundio: is it mapped to a field in items?
16:43 kf check your koha-to-marc-mapping sfirst
16:43 asaurat left #koha
16:44 kf there is a field in items for inventory numbers, but it was not there from the beginning, so I think depending on how/when you installed it might be linked or not
16:44 kf if they are in items... it will be easier, if not, check the sql reports library for the xml syntax :)
16:44 kf sql reports library?
16:44 wahanui hmmm... sql reports library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
16:45 gerundio kf, I'll check the koha to marc mapping 1st then
16:48 kf bye all :)
16:48 gerundio the inventory number in the items table doesn't show up in the koha to marc mapping tool :|
16:48 gerundio guess xml syntax it is
16:48 gerundio bye kf
16:48 gerundio kf++
16:49 gerundio thanks once more :)
16:49 kf left #koha
16:56 BigRig joined #koha
17:00 Joubu bye ++
17:00 Joubu left #koha
17:03 melia joined #koha
17:05 BigRig joined #koha
17:09 thd-away` joined #koha
17:15 cait joined #koha
17:27 libsysguy hey paul_p you're running plack in prod right?
17:33 jcamins_away vfernandes: you probably have marcflavour set wrong.
17:34 vikrant joined #koha
17:35 oleonard Grrr... why do I always have these random connections problems with git?!
17:39 gunnysack joined #koha
17:40 gunnysack left #koha
17:46 * cait sends oleonard cookies
17:48 oleonard Thanks cait. Cookies are good, even if they don't improve connectivity :)
17:48 cait true :)
17:49 jcamins oleonard: I often find that the connectivity problem either A) goes away, or B) I have such a sugar high that I don't notice the connection time out after having cookies.
17:49 cait lol
17:50 gmcharlt @quote add <jcamins> I often find that the connectivity problem either A) goes away, or B) I have such a sugar high that I don't notice the connection time out after having cookies.
17:50 huginn gmcharlt: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
17:50 gmcharlt @quote add <jcamins> I often find that the connectivity problem either A) goes away, or B) I have such a sugar high that I don't notice the connection time out after having cookies.
17:50 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #230 added.
18:51 rangi[…]market/wellington
18:55 jcamins rangi: trying to sell a few kids today?
18:56 rangi thinking about it :)
18:56 rangi seriously tho, it is a great idea a couple of weeks after christmas
18:57 rangi with 2 more weeks of school holidays
19:26 oleonard rangi: How long is the holiday, all in all?
19:27 rangi depends on the age of the kids
19:27 cait oh
19:27 rangi primary schools (5-12 ish)
19:28 rangi the school has a range
19:28 rangi holidays have to start no later than december 20
19:28 rangi and 28th jan is earliest school can start, feb 7th is the latest
19:28 rangi they have to be open 384 half days
19:29 csharp joined #koha
19:29 oleonard Are there day-camps and things like that for kids whose parents work?
19:29 rangi so summer holidays for kahu are about 6 weeks
19:29 rangi yep
19:30 rangi lots of holiday programmes
19:30 rangi the zoo has a really good one
19:31 Dyrcona joined #koha
19:31 rangi theres stuff like the ymca etc too
19:35 oleonard khall around?
19:35 khall yo
19:35 oleonard Looking at Bug 9336, how does one test placing a hold on an unholdable item if the javascript on the results page prevents you from doing so?
19:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9336 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Don't let un-holdable records prevent holdable records from being held in Intranet for multi-holds
19:36 jcamins oleonard: disable Javascript?
19:36 oleonard You can't do it at all without Javascript
19:37 jcamins Oh, then I don't know.
19:37 jcamins It seemed like a good guess based on my limited understanding.
19:38 oleonard I had the same assumption jcamins. Turns out the place hold process is entirely JS-driven (which I'm sure I knew and forgot)
19:39 rambutan joined #koha
19:39 khall oleanoard, thaere's another patch somewhere to get rid of that
19:39 oleonard khall: Is that how you tested your patch?
19:41 khall iirc, I moved that patch from one bug to a new one. I wrote it back in May so my memory is a bit fuzzy
19:42 khall[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7703
19:42 huginn Bug 7703: normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , Don't block bulk hold action on search results if some items can't be placed on hold
19:43 NateC joined #koha
19:43 rambutan rangi should go to this toy store I'm sure his kids would love some hobbit printouts
19:43 rangi :)
19:47 rangi rambutan: vik who started the reprap project used to work with me, we had a reprap in the office for a while
19:51 rambutan really? PDC
19:52 cait what is a reprap? :)
19:52 rambutan I'm surprised at how active the Make channels are. #reprap #mendelmax #makerstoolworks
19:53 rambutan cait: 3D printing project
19:53 cait ahthx :)
20:35 oleonard Sometimes I get a hold screen that highlights the title I can't place on hold, sometimes I get a screen which says simply "Cannot place hold: this record has no items attached."
20:44 oleonard I see. It blocks you from placing bulk holds if any one of the titles has no items at all.
20:44 oleonard What a mess.
20:45 cait sounds like one
21:08 oleonard Bug 9350
21:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9350 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Don't block bulk holds if one or more titles have no items
21:15 oleonard Bye #koha
21:16 cait have a nice weekend
21:16 cait :)
21:16 oleonard You too cait
21:17 libsysguy left #koha
21:18 bwsbot joined #koha
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21:39 libsysguy joined #koha
21:49 NateC joined #koha
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23:24 vfernandes joined #koha
23:25 vfernandes hello
23:25 vfernandes anyone here?

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