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00:46 libsysguy ala_3v0 it looks like that user doesn't have permissions to do drops
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01:04 ala_3v0 how can permissions be granted?
01:06 jwagner ala_3v0, do you mean staff user permissions? Create a patron record with a staff category type, then in the patron details display go under More, Set Permissions.
01:10 libsysguy jwagner I think ala_3v0 needs database permissions
01:11 libsysguy ala_3v0: you need to look here
01:12 jwagner ah, well, coming into the middle of a discussion :-)  Wasn't sure if the meeting was now or an hour from now -- I take it that it's later.
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01:12 libsysguy haha if its now it sure is quiet
01:13 jwagner One can always hope....
01:13 libsysguy brooke isn't here yet so i think its safe to say we're early
01:14 rangi yeah its in 48 mins
01:14 libsysguy oh well, back to re-writing the calendar I go
01:14 wajasu jcamins: i found what prevented AutoCreateAuthorities = generate from working in 3.8.3.  The broken environment had 'broader_headings' in the LinkerOptions field.  Once I removed that, the record saved.
01:14 rangi but im gonna be at an irl meeting then, and im not expecting any of the europeans to make it
01:15 libsysguy irl meetings are overrated
01:15 libsysguy irc meetings are better
01:17 ibeardslee I think the NZOSS could learn from your irc meetings
01:17 rangi[…]ugust_2012#Agenda
01:18 rangi there i added my bit to the agenda
01:18 rangi kathryn can probably sub in for me
01:20 kathryn I'm happy to attend rangi (thanks for reminder)
01:26 rangi right time to go to the other meeting
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01:30 Brooke o/
01:31 libsysguy \o
01:33 Brooke oh yeah, ain't no high five like an IRC high five cause an IRC high five don't stop!
01:34 libsysguy they can
01:34 libsysguy o/*\o
01:34 libsysguy bam
01:34 Brooke oh snap!
01:34 Brooke libsysguy++
01:34 libsysguy hehe you're welcome…feel free to use that
01:35 Brooke I think that should be bawlin for thatcamp :D
01:35 libsysguy heh
01:35 Brooke regular nerding wasn't cutting it this week, so I stepped it up to SuperNerd
01:35 Brooke
01:36 libsysguy i wish I had that domain name
01:36 Brooke is it not the nerdiest?
01:36 Brooke the only possible one up on that would be phatcamp
01:37 libsysguy omg is that taken
01:37 Brooke yeah
01:37 Brooke it's just phunny to see WHO took it XD
01:38 libsysguy and its parked on godaddy
01:38 Brooke I'm sure slef is a member ;)
01:38 libsysguy what a shame
01:38 Brooke HA!!!!
01:38 Brooke oh delicious irony!
01:38 libsysguy aww poor slef
01:39 libsysguy sometimes I go to
01:39 libsysguy just to see how the hockey team is doing
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01:58 Brooke it's almost peanut butter jelly time ^H^H^H^^H time for the meeting
01:59 libsysguy 3 mins and counting
02:00 * thd prefers peanut butter without jelly
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02:00 slef Huh?
02:01 dcook Morning #koha
02:02 slef libsysguy: what are you saying?
02:02 Brooke snap hammah time!
02:02 libsysguy slef I have no idea
02:02 Brooke #startmeeting
02:02 wahanui if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
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02:03 Brooke #topic Introductions
02:03 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
02:03 Topic for #koha is now Introductions
02:03 Brooke Welcome, welcome please introduce yourselves with #info
02:03 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
02:03 slef #info MJ Ray,, Miami
02:04 kathryn #info
02:04 libsysguy #info Elliott Davis, ByWater Solutions, Tyler Tx
02:04 jwagner #info Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
02:04 dcook #info David Cook, Prosentient Systems
02:04 kathryn #info Kathryn Tyree, Catalyst IT, NZ
02:06 mtj #info mason james - kohaaloha
02:07 Brooke okie dokie, Chris is at a different meeting. Magnus is sleeping (as I'd hope most Europeans are doing.)
02:07 mtj hi all
02:07 Brooke movin' on
02:08 Brooke #topic announcements
02:08 Topic for #koha is now announcements
02:08 Irma #info Irma Birchall CALYX Australia
02:08 Brooke anyone have any neato nifty keen announcements?
02:10 Brooke #topic Roadmap to 3.6
02:10 slef not I
02:10 Topic for #koha is now Roadmap to 3.6
02:11 libsysguy maybe next time ;)
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02:12 Brooke hi cait
02:13 Brooke anyone want to chime in on 3.6?
02:13 mtj i've been 'prettiying' chris' koha-dashboard  ->
02:13 mtj re: neato, nifty, keen
02:14 thd mtj: That link did not work for me.
02:14 kathryn nor me
02:14 libsysguy me either…maybe we ddosed it
02:15 Brooke I get an it works without the 1
02:15 Brooke so the test page does XD
02:15 Brooke so we'll look forward to seeing that soon :D
02:16 kathryn thanks mtj look forward to prettier kittens :)
02:16 Brooke #topic Roadmap to 3.8
02:16 Topic for #koha is now Roadmap to 3.8
02:16 Brooke I'm just going to read directly from the agenda
02:16 Brooke Still plan to release 3.8.4 on schedule, I am picking patches that have passed qa, and that fix bugs, directly into 3.8.x. But leaving them set passed QA so paul can push them to master when he gets back. Please continue signing off and doing QA, especially bug fixes.
02:17 Brooke for those that do not know
02:17 Brooke since it's so under the radar
02:17 Brooke Paul is actually French
02:17 * libsysguy gasps
02:17 Brooke (and there was another Frenchie just like him at WikiMania, and I had to do my best to not swallow my teeth when he used the same introduction XD)
02:18 slef So takes a long holiday:-)
02:18 Brooke Frenchie national holiday now
02:18 Brooke ^ what that guy said
02:18 Brooke #topic Roadmap to 3.10
02:18 Topic for #koha is now Roadmap to 3.10
02:18 Brooke #info read the RM notes and agenda for progress on 3.8 and 3.10
02:18 slef and doesn't work from it like us crazy anglos
02:19 Brooke #topic KohaCon2013
02:19 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon2013
02:19 Brooke it's in Reno for folks that weren't here last time
02:20 libsysguy are there still casinos in Reno?
02:20 slef Anything more known yet?
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02:20 Brooke I just checked the provisional site, and there's naught up there
02:20 thd Yes, and casinos mean cheap air fare, at least from the US.
02:20 Brooke and yes as far as I know libsysguy
02:20 slef Shall I send them am invite to the next irc meeting?
02:21 rangi back
02:21 Brooke sure why not
02:21 Brooke it's supper time there
02:21 Brooke so perhaps eating
02:21 rangi #info chris c - late because of another meeting
02:21 slef Next meeting time ok for them?
02:21 Brooke yep, read your apology and your agenda note :)
02:21 Brooke slef: not sure
02:21 slef he he I'm slow typing on phone here
02:22 Brooke #info watch or wherever else the Reno folks decide to update stuff.
02:22 rangi actually
02:22 Brooke I'm not #linking that
02:22 rangi watch
02:22 Brooke cause that might not end as their official site
02:23 rangi
02:23 rangi[…]KohaCon13_Summary
02:23 rangi #link[…]KohaCon13_Summary
02:23 Brooke hooray
02:23 rangi #link
02:24 Brooke sweet!
02:24 Brooke mtj++
02:24 rangi nice! if you push that mason
02:24 Brooke that is totally going in info :P
02:24 rangi ill change the logos, and get it running on the actual url
02:24 Brooke #info new dashboard
02:24 Brooke #link
02:24 rangi ack
02:25 rangi mtj: did you want that linked?
02:25 mtj pass, either/or is ok :)
02:25 thd Is there an unlink command?
02:26 thd ... or merely manual editing of the summary.
02:26 mtj thd:  nope ->
02:26 rangi if mtj doesnt care thats fine, its just that it wont ever update :)
02:27 rangi but once he commits the code to git, ill merge and get it running on the server that talks to the live db
02:27 Brooke so things will be prettier soon
02:28 rangi just need a little koha logo, and change the background to not be twitter :) but it looks awesome
02:28 Brooke #topic Roles for 3.12
02:28 Topic for #koha is now Roles for 3.12
02:28 Brooke I'm going to assume this is a let's talk about this a little
02:28 Brooke cause it's the first time in a bit I've seen summat like this
02:28 Brooke as in "Heads up, 3.12 is a coming!"
02:29 rangi hmm im sure its been on the mailing list
02:29 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx - just joining, sorry I'm late
02:29 rangi and yep, in the newsletter
02:29 rangi[…]-july-2012/#roles
02:30 rangi its more a, sign up if you want to do something, or else ill just volunteer you anyway
02:30 * Brooke nods.
02:30 libsysguy Koha draft
02:30 Irma #info sorry I must run ... Cheers all.
02:30 Brooke it's just Jared so far, so more thinking, but thinking must turn into doing
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02:31 rangi just one volunteer for RM is fine
02:31 rangi you have to be a nutjob to want to do it anyway
02:32 thd However, jcamins should have an actual proposal at some point.
02:32 Brooke yep, but RM is not the only post
02:32 rangi he does
02:32 Brooke *hint hint*
02:32 rangi[…]ki/Roles_for_3.12
02:32 rangi did you look?
02:32 mtj you definitely speak from experience there, chris
02:32 rangi :)
02:32 slef Organised is not the only fruit
02:32 thd oops, wrong link.
02:33 mtj ->[…]posal_for_RM-3.12
02:33 slef Love this predictive text...
02:33 rangi its a very very good proposal imho
02:33 Brooke Kiwi wavelength, Bru.
02:33 Brooke 0200 is psychic!
02:34 thd It is a fantastic proposal, and much better than his identity page :)
02:34 rangi we need a rmmaint for 3.10 and maybe 3.6
02:34 Brooke *cough* meeting chair is vacant *cough*
02:35 rangi and we need lots and lots more bug wranglers
02:35 rangi and meeting chair
02:35 rangi and QAM
02:35 rangi so spread the word
02:35 rangi or mtj will be doing all of them
02:35 rangi :)
02:35 Brooke will a kitten in fact die if no one adopts 3.6?
02:36 thd Does wahanui volunteer to chair meetings?
02:36 rangi nope Brooke
02:36 Brooke waha would prolly do a better jorb
02:36 slef I didn't want to code that
02:36 Brooke anything else about roles for 3.12?
02:36 rangi normally you get a year out a stable series, but if someone was really attached to 3.6.x
02:37 mtj hay - now about 2 meeting-chairs - for better timezone coverage?
02:37 rangi and wanted to continue it for longer than the year, wouldnt hurt
02:37 rangi mtj: if you can find 2 ...
02:37 BobB Brooke are you serious about stepping down from meeting chair?
02:37 Brooke BobB I was serious last time until I was drafted to dictate :P
02:37 BobB :)
02:38 mtj no-one wants the 4am meeting-char slot :/
02:38 Brooke #topic Miscellaneous
02:38 Topic for #koha is now Miscellaneous
02:39 Brooke random stuff goes here
02:39 slef Can't get more random than predictive text
02:40 slef Except it types that fine:-)
02:40 mtj i've got some koha+bootstrap stuff that i plan to show-off soon-ish...
02:41 mtj bootstrap ==
02:41 thd We have overlooked rangi's proposal from the previous meeting.
02:41 rangi what was that?
02:42 thd Using a tool such as gerrit.
02:42 thd rangi: You were not present for the previous meeting so there was no real consideration in your absence.
02:42 rangi ahh, that came up at kohacon
02:43 rangi there wasnt a huge amount of enthusiasm
02:43 thd rangi: Why was enthusiasm lacking?
02:44 rangi i think itd be something an RM could propose as part of their proposal in the future perhaps
02:44 mtj hmm, at the meeting perhaps not - but most devs are very keen for gerrit?
02:44 * Brooke smells a survey waiting to happen.
02:44 rangi not at the hackfest nope
02:45 mtj wow, thats very surprising to me ?!
02:45 rangi i think a survey without people trying it
02:45 slef Looked good but up g torm
02:45 rangi would promote a lot of uniformed decisiosn, ie people really need to see it in action first
02:45 rangi what slef said
02:45 slef Maybe a small risk of becoming a popularity contest?
02:46 Brooke one would hope that folks wouldn't take a survey they didn't know a drop about, or would be screened out XD
02:46 slef Stuck it and see
02:46 rangi the RM would have to deal with it on a daily, nay hourly basis, so I really think its their call
02:46 thd The issue which confused me is the relation between gerrit and mahara.
02:46 slef Brooke
02:46 rangi thd: none at all
02:46 rangi mahara use gerrit
02:46 slef You know that don't always work
02:46 rangi its like the relationship between koha and apache
02:47 thd Koha does not do much without apache or some other webserver.
02:47 rangi their gerrit is nice and open so its an easy one to look at, to see it in action
02:48 mtj thd:  like the relationship between koha and git?
02:48 rangi thd: its a tool that the project uses, like we use tools
02:48 rangi thats it
02:48 mtj one uses the other.... optionally
02:48 slef Yeah agree with rangi
02:48 kathryn oh like me and my cake mixer :D
02:48 slef Rm call
02:49 rangi +1
02:49 thd mahara is a project which happens to use gerrit?
02:49 rangi gotta go
02:50 mtj thd, yep - you've got it
02:50 thd mtj: Thanks for the clarification.  I had been trying to find some deeper association which did not exist.
02:51 Brooke bingo
02:51 mtj i agree with slef and rangi - the RM makes the call for/against gerrit
02:52 Brooke movin' on
02:52 Brooke I assume this will resurface if folks want to pursue it between now and next month, but I expect it might die in a back alley
02:53 Brooke #topic Time of Next Meeting
02:53 Topic for #koha is now Time of Next Meeting
02:53 mtj Brooke: i think gerrit has some champions within Koha...
02:53 Brooke could be
02:53 Brooke and hopefully they step up and convince the RM to take it on or no
02:54 mtj yep, thats the one :)
02:55 mtj ok, who is the best here at next-meeting math?
02:55 mtj slef or thd usually :)
02:55 Brooke so it's 18 UTC I think
02:55 Brooke unless I'm going the wrong way again
02:56 Brooke which is quite possible with 3 hours of exercise and this hour of night XD
02:56 slef I van never remember which easy it goes
02:56 jwagner next one should be 18
02:56 slef Cool
02:57 mtj so, 18 utc,  in one month, on sept 8th ?
02:57 * thd is uncertain which way the clock is turning.
02:58 jwagner Should be Sept 5, if we're sticking to Wednesday
02:58 Brooke I've the 8th as a Sat
02:59 mtj oops, ok ... sept 5th , 18 UTC it is then  :)
02:59 slef Cool
02:59 mtj cheers #koha
02:59 Brooke proposal is 5 Sep 18 UTC
02:59 Brooke +1 if that works
02:59 libsysguy +1
03:00 thd +1
03:00 mtj +1
03:01 jwagner +1
03:01 slef +1
03:02 Brooke clearly your silence is a sign of assent
03:02 Brooke #info next meeting is 5 Sep 18 UTC
03:02 Brooke #endmeeting
03:02 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.8.3 and 3.6.7 Now Available | Koha Community Website - | General IRC meeting, 8 August 2012 at 02:00 UTC+0
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03:02 slef Cool.thanks all
03:04 Brooke thanks for coming :)
03:07 slef If anyone wants me, I'm in the beachfront poolside bar
03:08 mtj are you really in miami?
03:08 thd slef: Did you bring your sunblock?
03:08 slef No
03:08 slef It's Miami beach really
03:09 slef Which I believe is a different city
03:09 slef thd: hell yeah. Factor 50
03:09 dcook I hope this is not in bad taste, but now that the meeting is does one report bugs/issues that arise from third-party code? (specifically jquery.dataTables.min.js version 1.9.1 displaying "Next" and "Previous" as link text rather than link titles...
03:10 thd dcook: Are you identifying a bug in the Koha implementation of JQuery or in JQuery itself?
03:10 dcook JQuery itself
03:11 mtj
03:11 dcook 1.8.1 was fine, but 1.9.1 introduces the issue
03:11 thd dcook: You should then report that bug upstream as well as reporting it at .
03:12 mtj
03:12 thd slef: Do we have a good way of tracking upstream bugs in Bugzilla?
03:12 mtj theres a 1.9.2 now, fyi...
03:13 slef thd: no. Link it and pray
03:13 thd dcook: Yes add a Koha bug report and link to any upstream bug report.
03:14 mtj dcook:  fyi bug doesnt exist here ? ->
03:14 slef Bye:-)
03:15 dcook Thanks, thd
03:15 dcook Not quite following you, mtj
03:15 mtj look at that page... does the bug exist on that page?
03:15 thd dcook: mtj is suggesting that the bug does not seem to be present upstream currently.
03:16 mtj page is using -> Version:     1.9.2
03:16 mtj dcook: try upgrading to 1.9.2 ?
03:18 mtj dcook: and if the fix works... log a bug, send a patch ;)
03:20 thd dcook: I think that mtj has found the best solution.
03:20 dcook Agreed
03:20 thd Good night #koha.
03:21 dcook night, thd
03:23 dcook Still not sure what you were referring to before mtj, but I'll take a look..
03:24 mtj sheesh, theres a table on that url
03:24 mtj .. that looks correct, as far as i can see
03:24 mtj .. using jquery.dataTables.min.js version 1.9.2
03:25 mtj yes?
03:25 Brooke later!
03:25 mtj the table on this url ->
03:25 dcook Mmm, I see what you're saying
03:26 dcook I thought that you were saying that there was a list of existing bugs somewhere
03:26 mtj nope, the table, on the page
03:26 dcook Got you now :p
03:26 mtj it looks correct? yes?
03:26 dcook Mmm, no
03:27 dcook Which  makes me think that perhaps it does have to do with the implementation
03:27 dcook I've only ever written JS from scratch or linked to a file
03:27 dcook But when I download 1.9.2, it looks like it needs to build the file.
03:27 dcook In either case, it's really too much of a bother right now for a trivial issue
03:28 mtj pass, i dont understand your bug yet...but that example table looks fine to me
03:28 mtj on this page ->
03:28 mtj so if you have another bug in your koha -  its probably a koha bug, not a data-tables bug
03:28 dcook It's because it displays the buttons differently
03:29 dcook I'm wondering if it's a configuration issue of somekind
03:29 dcook On, the Previous/Next buttons are just text
03:29 dcook In Koha, we use images
03:29 dcook But text is being shown over top of those images
03:30 dcook Take a look at /cgi-bin/koha/circ/
03:30 dcook In at least 3.8.0
03:31 mtj sounds like an obvious css styling bug
03:31 dcook In 3.8.0, "Previous" and "None" were titles for the links
03:31 mtj sounds like an obvious css styling bug, in koha
03:31 dcook But in 3.9.x, the titles for the links are gone, and "Previous" and "None" are shown as link text
03:31 thd I have just noted that is down.
03:32 thd Would someone else confirm that?
03:32 dcook On it, thd
03:32 dcook Yup. Looks like it's down
03:32 dcook mtj: how is that possibly a css styling bug?
03:33 dcook The jquery script is building the links differently
03:33 thd Ok, the server seems to be down, not just the wiki on the server.
03:33 mtj if you log a bug, ill take a look at it :)
03:33 dcook You sweet-talker you :p
03:34 mtj heh, i should shut-up until i look at it
03:35 thd gmcharlt: please reboot the wiki machine or otherwise restore connectivity whenever you are awake.
03:36 mtj dcook: screenshots too, on this one ;)
03:36 thd gmcharlt: The wiki machine does not even respond to ssh.
03:36 thd Good night again.
03:37 dcook Sounds good, mtj
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03:43 dcook Now that I look at it, maybe the actual function was broken in 1.8.1, but it just looked OK
03:43 * dcook will just post the bug...
03:51 dcook bug 8592 if you're curious anymore ;)
03:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8592 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , is showing "Previous" and "Next" text over the "Previous" and "Next" buttons on the jQuery datatable
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05:17 cait good morning #koha
05:37 dcook joined #koha
05:37 dcook Good afternoon #koha
05:40 dcook I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about punctuation in regards to the display of MARC data
05:40 dcook Koha often seems to try to anticipate needed punctuation, especially when it comes to separating title and subtitle, as well as different elements of the physical description
05:40 dcook This means that you get a lot of duplicate punctuation marks when you actually catalogue correctly with AACR2 :/
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05:42 dcook Perhaps it's a useless question, but is the preference really for the system adding punctuation? I suppose it's possible that other systems do the same...but the whole point of specifying punctuation in your cataloguing standards is so that your data is portable :S
05:58 cait dcook: it might be it's because unimarc is different
05:58 cait I have been thinking about this too
05:59 cait germany decided to use marc21 without punctuation marks - but we have them in our data that we import into Koha. I was thinking maybe we could go without... it would make some things look better, like notices and the xslt templates don't need the punctuation
05:59 cait I think in Unimarc you don't have punctuation
06:03 dcook Intriguing
06:03 dcook I was thinking that there had to be something like that
06:04 cait bit of guessing here
06:04 cait really have no good solution yet - both options have advantages and disadvantages I think
06:05 dcook Like every situation, I suppose ;)
06:06 dcook I suppose it's an issue that affects every system too. There's always going to be conflicting data standards and systems :/
06:06 cait ideally it should be possible to make both work...
06:06 cait at least for display
06:07 dcook Well, there might always be a factor that screws things up though
06:07 cait yeah
06:07 cait :(
06:07 cait no idea how to solve it
06:07 dcook Same :(
06:08 cait ok, leaving for work - back later
06:08 cait left #koha
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06:57 kf mveron++
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07:02 Joubu hi
07:03 kf hi matts and Joubu
07:03 matts hi !
07:03 kf matts: how are the cats? :)
07:04 matts fine ! They survived my week of holiday, and weren't pouting that much when I came back :)
07:04 kf lucky :)
07:04 kf where have you been for holidays?
07:06 matts I went around Annecy, France
07:06 matts The lake is beautiful (one of the cleanest in Europe, have I heard)
07:06 kf :)
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07:12 gaetan_B hello :)
07:16 rangi evening
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08:00 bartsimpson rangi: hello :) me and jorgia are trying to submit her patch, do we need to submit a patch for the css seperately
08:01 rangi hmm, we probably need a bug to attach it to first
08:01 rangi lemme see if i can find one
08:03 rangi cant see a likely one so you can go to[…]la3/enter_bug.cgi
08:03 rangi and create a new bug, then attach the patch to that
08:08 rangi bartsimpson: that ok?
08:09 bartsimpson what would the component be?
08:09 * magnuse waves
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08:09 rangi bartsimpson: staff client
08:09 wahanui staff client is probably for the staff in the library, OPAC is for patrons
08:10 drojf joined #koha
08:10 rangi hi magnuse and drojf
08:11 magnuse kia ora rangi
08:11 drojf hey rangi
08:11 kf hi magnuse and drojf
08:12 magnuse guten morgen kf
08:12 drojf moin kf
08:15 magnuse hiya drojf
08:15 drojf hei magnuse
08:17 bartsimpson rangi: We git-commited the file but it's not showing up where i'm used to it being, so what file should I attach
08:17 rangi did you do the git format-patch origin/master
08:18 bartsimpson oh right
08:18 rangi :)
08:20 bartsimpson rangi: we are going to submit the other version and the css aswell in attachments. :)
08:21 rangi sounds good to me
08:25 magnuse bartsimpson++
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08:27 magnuse kia ora eythian
08:27 rangi bartsimpson: the wifi still working ok on jorgia's laptop?
08:28 eythian God morgen magnuse
08:28 rangi hi eythian
08:29 eythian hiya rangi
08:29 hdl joined #koha
08:30 kf hi eythian
08:30 eythian rangi: so I was listening to the music from the humble music bundle thing last night, got half way through one song before I realised it was completely in Māori.
08:30 eythian hello kf
08:30 rangi eythian: oh really? cool, i wonder who sings it
08:31 eythian the same singers who do the other songs on the album. It seems to have a lot of languages (going from the song titles, anyway)
08:32 eythian although, it has (what sounds like) actual people doing part of it, but I can't tell if it's composed with, or sampled and mixed in.
08:32 eythian I suspect the latter however
08:32 kf got another mail with questions for the workshop :)
08:33 kf that was for eythian heh
08:34 eythian heh
08:34 kf good but not easy questions :)
08:35 kf want to know about koha/pazpar2 and koha as cms, Koha/oai-pmh...
08:38 bartsimpson rangi: yep it's operational :)
08:38 bartsimpson rangi: im going to work on that test i was working on now
08:38 rangi yay!
08:46 bartsimpson rangi: just to double check, it was 'members_attributetypes' that i was working on?
08:48 bartsimpson rangi: also jorgia is trying to git add her second patch, but it's coming up with an error, is there a line to enter to clear the first patch so she can process a new one?
08:48 rangi whats the error ?
08:48 rangi she might want to paste it
08:48 magnuse pastebin?
08:49 rangi bartsimpson: and yep that was the one you were working on
08:49 rangi
08:49 magnuse pastebin is at
08:49 magnuse pastebin?
08:49 wahanui pastebin is, like, at
08:50 magnuse paste?
08:50 wahanui paste is probably found at
08:50 magnuse ah
08:53 jorgia joined #koha
08:54 pastebot "jorgia" at pasted "error i get after trying to git commit" (12 lines) at
08:55 rangi hmm it looks like it thinks you have already committed that change
08:55 rangi can you do git log
08:56 jorgia i commited a change. this is a different one
08:56 eythian either that or forgot to save changes
08:56 eythian that message is saying "nothing's changed to be committed"
08:57 jorgia hmm ok.
08:57 jorgia i did a git log
08:58 rangi it only has the one commit? or are there 2 by you?
08:59 jorgia i did one before, this is the css for the script
08:59 jorgia or does the .tt cover both?
08:59 rangi ahh you might have accidentally done both files .. can you remember the bug number?
09:00 jorgia 8593
09:01 rangi ta
09:01 rangi ah nope that is only the tt
09:02 rangi hmm maybe you didnt save the css change?
09:02 jorgia Ok ill try again
09:02 jorgia thanks :)
09:02 rangi no worries, thanks for working on koha in your evenings :)
09:04 kf jorgia++ :)
09:04 magnuse jorgia++
09:05 rangi @karma jorgia
09:05 huginn rangi: Karma for "jorgia" has been increased 6 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 6.
09:18 jorgia @karma jorgia
09:18 huginn jorgia: Karma for "jorgia" has been increased 6 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 6.
09:18 bartsimpson @Karma bartsimpson
09:18 huginn bartsimpson: Karma for "bartsimpson" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
09:18 bartsimpson damn :P
09:19 rangi bartsimpon++
09:19 rangi there :)
09:20 rangi doh
09:20 rangi i cant spell
09:20 kf bartsimpson++
09:20 rangi bartsimpson++
09:20 * kf helps out
09:20 bartsimpson @karma bartsimpson
09:20 huginn bartsimpson: Karma for "bartsimpson" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.
09:22 drojf1 joined #koha
09:31 mib_twqu4h joined #koha
09:31 bartsimpson rangi: I did the terminal side of a prove_cover for my new patch, but don't remember how to look at it on firefox :)
09:32 bartsimpson wait nvm
09:32 bartsimpson got it :)
09:32 rangi :)
09:35 drojf pizza dough 1, kitchen mixer 0 :(
09:35 rangi ooops
09:35 drojf i hope it comes back to life when i wait a little
09:36 magnuse what's a pizza dough doing in a kitchen mixer in the first place? ;-)
09:36 kf that would have been my next question too
09:37 kf use your hands! :)
09:40 drojf it's a handmixer, never had problems with that. takes much longer by hand and i'm lazy?
09:41 kf yeah, you are :P
09:41 * magnuse does not knead his pizza doughs much
09:41 drojf ha! it's back. yeah german engineering. carried out somewhere in asia by an underpaid child :/
09:41 kf it's much more authentic with hands
09:41 kf another reason to not use it
09:41 rangi i just throw mine on the road and let cars run over it for a bit
09:41 drojf lol
09:42 drojf pizza nz style? ;)
09:42 drojf do you bake it on a volcano afterwards?
09:42 rangi when i was in china, they did that with wheat
09:42 rangi quite smart, why thresh it when you can get traffic to do it for you
09:42 drojf heh that's brilliant
09:43 drojf kf: i don't like cheese, so what i call pizza is far from authentic ;)
09:47 kf you don't like cheese... hm.
09:48 drojf what is that supposed to mean?
09:48 kf hm. nothing?
09:49 rangi kf: how far away from you is fribourg ?
09:49 kf in switzerland?
09:49 rangi yep
09:49 rangi thats where anitsirk is today
09:50 bartsimpson rangi: I submitted the patch, its all right I think, I tested the end column of the mock-data to test the table and managed to check the 'fetch' thing :) Im getting off now though so see you tomorrow :)
09:50 kf google maps says 223 km
09:50 rangi thats next door in european terms :)
09:50 kf lol
09:50 kf it's 2.5 hours by train
09:50 kf um car
09:50 kf train probably much longer
09:50 kf so not exactly next door :)
09:51 rangi she was in heidelberg and was going to fribourg
09:51 kf :)
09:54 magnuse ouch, i'm trying to do ... -match 999c and get an unfriendly error:
09:54 magnuse .Use of uninitialized value $recorddata in pattern match (m//) at misc/migration_tools/ line 439, <GEN13> line 1.
09:54 magnuse unable to search the database for duplicates : No query entered at misc/migration_tools/ line 218, <GEN13> line 1.
09:55 kf magnuse: you could use the stage import tools from command line
09:55 kf magnuse: that's what we do for the imports
09:55 kf still a bad bug tho :(
09:56 magnuse ah, yes
10:05 drojf searching "world cat day" without quotes on duckduckgo gives me "" as #1. yeah relevance
10:06 kf weltkatzentag?
10:06 drojf jo
10:06 drojf it's today ;)
10:06 kf oh nice
10:07 kf we should tell matts - his cats will expect a special menu :)
10:07 drojf :)
10:07 matts ^^
10:09 kf :)
10:09 eythian why do cats need a day?
10:10 kf the queen has a day too?
10:11 drojf cats > queen
10:13 eythian cats don't even have a calendar
10:13 eythian does anyone know a decent UI wireframe/mockup thing that is also free software?
10:13 kf eythian: are you sure?
10:13 kf for a cat, every day is cat day :)
10:14 eythian right, why do you need a calendar to have caturday, and so they don't know if there's a specific day.
10:15 kf now I amconfused
10:15 kf time for lunch
10:15 magnuse ooh lunch
10:15 eythian yeah, that wasn't me at my most coherent
10:24 magnuse ok my brain is fried - i'm trying to help a library that has exported all their marc records in iso27109, cleaned up the data (including item data) and now they want to load the marc in again, to just replace the existing records and item data. what's the best way to do that?
10:25 magnuse it's ~70000 records, so stage marc records hangs
10:26 magnuse um, more like 77264 records, to be precise
10:27 rangi you can use the stage marc record script from the command line
10:28 rangi was that what you were doing?
10:28 magnuse nah, i was trying bulkmarcimport
10:28 magnuse how is it used from the command line? perldoc was not very helpful...
10:29 rangi ahh you need to ask kf when she gets back from lunch, i havent done it, but they do it a lot
10:30 magnuse ok, i'll pounce on her the minute she turns up! ;-)
10:30 magnuse thanks rangi
10:30 rangi no worries
10:53 magnuse[…]bug_squashing_day
10:53 magnuse join the fun!
10:54 WaqarAzeem joined #koha
11:02 rangi Joubu: you about?
11:03 WaqarAzeem Hi, i logged in as admin and went to see the books onhold by some user... but somehow call-number is empty against the book (v3.6)
11:28 jcamins magnuse: I use stage_* and commit_* to deal with that.
11:28 Joubu rangi: yes
11:34 jwagner joined #koha
11:38 julian_m joined #koha
11:42 nengard joined #koha
11:57 magnuse jcamins: but how do you use it? is it documented anywhere?
11:58 fredy joined #koha
11:58 jcamins magnuse: perldoc
11:58 jcamins No, just --help
11:59 jcamins --file whatever --match-bibs {matcherid}
12:01 magnuse ahhhh, thanks!
12:03 magnuse wow, that's pretty neat
12:15 jcamins Joubu: I made the additional changes you requested on bug 7417.
12:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7417 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Include alternate forms from authorities in bibliographic searches
12:15 nengard joined #koha
12:21 chris_n` joined #koha
12:21 Joubu jcamins: ok thank you ;)
12:22 Joubu jcamins++
12:25 oleonard joined #koha
12:26 oleonard Hi #koha
12:39 drojf hey oleonard
12:39 wahanui i heard oleonard was still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
12:45 tcohen joined #koha
12:48 tcohen greetings #koha
12:56 libsysguy joined #koha
13:00 edveal joined #koha
13:08 julian_m joined #koha
13:08 ago43 joined #koha
13:10 * oleonard grumbles about Bug 8574
13:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8574 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED INVALID, test
13:11 kf because it's a test?
13:12 oleonard Yes. A test of what?
13:14 kf hm no idea? :)
13:23 NateC joined #koha
13:32 mbalmer nengard, do you have a hires version of the edinburgh group foto somewhere (that I could for printing in the swiss librarian magazine)
13:33 nengard the one on flickr should allow you to download the original size
13:33 nengard[…]62934703/sizes/o/
13:35 eythian <-- nengard, this may amuse bengard
13:35 eythian (and possibly yourself
13:35 eythian )
13:36 mbalmer oh yeah, that is fairly big, at least I shaved on day ;)    thanks!
13:37 gmcharlt @later tell thd sorry -- we were moving the wiki to a different host; looks like no advance notice was sent
13:37 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
13:40 hdl gmcharlt: was sent late last night but since the person was not subscribed to the list, it was stuck in the queue
13:41 gmcharlt hdl: ah, OK
13:41 Joubu kf: could you re signoff the Bug 7417 with followups when you have some time please ? Thus I can passed qa it ;)
13:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7417 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Include alternate forms from authorities in bibliographic searches
13:42 kf Joubu: I will try to do so tonight - thx :)
13:42 Joubu kf: thank you !
13:43 oleonard Oh, I missed a meeting last night :(
13:45 kf oh?
13:45 kf oh, was it this morning?
13:46 wizzyrea heh
13:46 kf was someone there?
13:46 wizzyrea are we forgetting to send out messages and do posts? because I didn't know there was a meeting either
13:46 oleonard I guess "we" are wizzyrea... But who is "we?"
13:47 wizzyrea yes, good question
13:47 wizzyrea someone used to put the meeting times in the topic
13:47 kf it is there for me
13:47 jwagner I noticed yesterday that the wiki page listing meetings hasn't been updated since June
13:47 kf the meeting time
13:47 wahanui the meeting time is always going to favour one section of the globe
13:47 jwagner
13:47 wizzyrea it sure is
13:48 eythian wahanui: you are a bot, you don't have timezones
13:48 wahanui ...but wahanui is a bot|a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow....
13:48 jwagner I meant to bring it up last night. There was no notification to the lists, and no entry on the page.
13:48 drojf oops. feels like the last meeting was yesterday
13:48 drojf because it was long enough for three
13:49 maximep joined #koha
13:50 drojf so nobody was at the meeting? there are no minutes
13:51 jwagner About a dozen people were there, drojf -- nothing really substantive was discussed
13:52 jwagner except that they are starting to ask for volunteers/candidates for the next cycle's roles (release manager, etc.)
13:52 wizzyrea minor things.
13:52 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.8.3 and 3.6.7 Now Available | Koha Community Website - | General IRC meeting, 5 September 2012 at 18:00 UTC+0
13:53 oleonard At least the next one is in the time slot where I won't miss it because I'm here anyway :|
13:54 eythian I hate when you find a cool feature in Perl that you didn't know existed, use it, and find that it's super-new and not in most versions yet.
13:54 eythian (in this case "s/.../.../r")
13:54 gmcharlt eythian: one of the reason I weep whenever I see a RHEL5 server
13:55 eythian haha
13:57 gmcharlt of course, with that it's more like "I hate it when you find a cool feature in Perl that's been there for at least 5 years..."
13:57 eythian "man, I miss being able to use regexes in perl"
13:57 gmcharlt eythian++
13:59 talljoy joined #koha
14:01 * eythian hates writing test cases, especially when they fail.
14:03 kf heh
14:26 chris_n lol
14:33 talljoy joined #koha
14:33 wizzyrea1 joined #koha
14:36 ago43 joined #koha
14:50 maximep is there no way to do a code block in bugzilla ? A way to put code and have it not lose formating and with a different style ?
14:51 maximep something like a <pre> (that works in redmine). Just hard to read with a ton of code in comments :/
14:51 kf I think you can't in the comments
14:53 * oleonard hoped there might be something here:[…]gzilla_Extensions
14:54 maximep I guess I can paste text as an attachment for really long blocks of code
14:54 kf reading the documentation right now - have spotted nothing so far :(
14:54 kf maybe addon like oleonard suggests
15:01 eythian ah. So the new date picker in the reports interface produces dates that mysql doesn't like.
15:02 eythian (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy rather than yyyy-mm-dd)
15:05 jcamins Ugh.
15:05 jcamins 45 minutes sitting in a train halfway in the station.
15:05 eythian annoying.
15:06 jcamins Profoundly.
15:07 oleonard eythian: Because your dateformat pref is dd/mm/yyyy?
15:07 oleonard ...but the reports interface requires ISO?
15:07 eythian oleonard: yep
15:07 eythian the 3.8 selector puts in the ISO form
15:07 eythian but the master one is new and doesn't
15:07 oleonard I'm sure we can force the format for that page
15:07 eythian it would seem a good way, yeah.
15:08 oleonard If you file a bug I can look at it
15:08 eythian will do
15:09 jcamins eythian: writing tests is great!
15:09 jcamins It's the most fun ever!
15:10 jcamins ^^ that's my story and I'm sticking too it.
15:10 eythian heh
15:10 eythian well it's OK now that all 19 of them pass :)
15:10 maximep I love writing tests
15:11 kf lol
15:11 maximep didn't at first, but after the 10th time they spotted a regression, now I really do
15:11 kf so all of you - have fun! :)
15:11 maximep if I could I would write more test lines than code
15:12 jcamins maximep: and when you write the test before the feature, you hardly even have to think about whether or not the feature works.
15:12 maximep hoping I can do some TDD someday in a project
15:12 jcamins "Oh, it passes the tests and the pages all render without any Javascript errors? Excellent, my work here is done." :)
15:12 jcamins That's how I did bug 8209.
15:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8209 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , "Did you mean?" suggestions based on authorities
15:13 eythian oleonard: bug 8596
15:13 maximep imo every time you write here are the 25 steps to test that patch, there should instead have a selenium test that does it all for you
15:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8596 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Reports interface date picker doesn't force ISO formatted dates
15:13 jcamins That'd be awesome.
15:14 maximep yeah that patch in 8209 is amazing
15:15 maximep I really like your long and detailed patch messages :p
15:16 jcamins Hehe. I like to err on the side of more detail.
15:16 kf I like the test plans :)
15:17 kf and the code comments
15:17 maximep I pretty much hate every single patch and line of code I ever sent to the koha community
15:17 maximep haha
15:18 jcamins There's still time to change all that. :)
15:20 maximep yes and I finally have some time to do tests for my code
15:20 maximep yay
15:21 drojf DOM indexing is default in 3.8.3?
15:22 jcamins drojf: yup.
15:22 drojf alrighty. getting prepared to nuke the crazy zebra on friday
15:23 maximep what's DOM indexing ? :S
15:23 maximep found[…]g_to_dom_indexing, but it doesn't explain much
15:24 drojf bug 7818
15:24 wahanui bug 7818 is, like, waiting for my QA. Should be pretty painless, as it works a charm
15:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 critical, P1 - high, ---, robin, Pushed to Stable , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
15:24 drojf wahanui forget bug 7818
15:24 wahanui drojf: I forgot bug 7818
15:26 sophie_m left #koha
15:26 maximep Koha currently uses Zebra’s GRS-1 filter for indexing MARC and Zebra’s DOM filter for indexing authority records (represented as MARCXML).
15:26 maximep love that line. I probably could spend 2 days googling all those terms lol
15:27 jcamins maximep: DOM is better.
15:27 fcapovilla joined #koha
15:28 drojf i love the examples
15:28 drojf What the GRS-1 index cannot provide, however, is the ability to index a phrase that spans subfield boundaries.  For example, giving the subject heading:  650 $a Cats $x pharmacology $x catnip
15:29 maximep haha
15:30 nengard joined #koha
15:30 drojf For example, the GRS-1 filter index definition  melm 245 Title  would allow 245 $a Cats on boxes : $b cardboard fantasies  to be searched as the phrases "cats on boxes" or "cardboard fantasies", but a title phrase seach of "cats on boxes cardboard fantasises" wouldn't work.
15:30 drojf :)
15:31 jcamins Those are pretty great examples.
15:31 drojf can't explain things better than with cat examples
15:33 * kf nods
15:34 Joubu jcamins (and anyone interested) : Just for *information* (;-)) : I tried to replace Moose with Moo for Koha::Data::SearchEngine, and I failed. It is not simple. Moo does not support introspection for Moose objects. (and we have to overwrite an url attribute). However replace Moose with Mouse is as simple as s/Moose/Mouse/g :)
15:34 Joubu I launched nytprof with these 2 versions, results are quite similars:
15:34 Joubu Mouse : 1.91s (of 2.22s), executing 628721 statements and 219031 subroutine calls in 334 source files and 50 string evals.
15:34 Joubu Moose : 1.97s (of 2.31s), executing 672471 statements and 236729 subroutine calls in 322 source files and 50 string evals.
15:34 Joubu For a simple opac search (5 results to display)
15:35 jcamins Using Plack?
15:35 Joubu no, only cgi
15:35 oleonard I love having to use Firebug to enable the "place hold" button when *some* of multiple titles can't be placed on hold :P
15:36 jcamins Ohh... of course. The Solr code is still loading Moose for Data::SearchEngine::Solr.
15:36 * jcamins thinks you have a more powerful computer than his, though. ;)
15:37 Joubu hum, it's possible :)  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz
15:38 jcamins Yes, that's a bit more powerful. Like... a gazillion times. :)
15:39 * jcamins has decided to set colocate a server, when he has a change, to offload some of the Koha running onto.
15:39 Joubu "The Solr code is still loading Moose for Data::SearchEngine::Solr."> Yes of course. But I wanted to make sure that we could use Mouse or Moo for Koha::SE::Solr
15:39 jcamins -set
15:39 jcamins Right.
15:40 jcamins I was trying to figure out why they were so similar, given my benchmark results.
15:40 jcamins Mouse is available under Debian Squeeze.
15:41 Joubu yes, good news :)
15:41 jcamins[…]versus-any-moose/
15:42 jcamins So... with Any::Moose, we could use Moose under Plack and Mouse under CGI?
15:42 jcamins Do I understand correctly?
15:45 Joubu It's what I understand too
15:45 jcamins Well, at least if we're wrong, we're both wrong.
15:46 jcamins And Any::Moose is available on Debian.
15:46 Joubu :)
15:47 jcamins I prefer Moo because it is lighter weight, but Mouse is still reasonable (I think) for CGI.
15:48 jcamins Where are you using introspection features in Koha::SE?
15:48 gaetan_B bye !
15:49 jcamins (I'm not very familiar with that code, and I figure asking you is faster than trying to find it myself;)
15:49 Joubu It's not introspection. I just overwrite an attribute (has '+url'). Apparently, It's not possible from a Moose object with Moo
15:51 jcamins Hrm. That seems a bit like an anti-feature.
15:52 Joubu There is certainly a better way to do some parts. A thinking will be needed when we will choose our OO system.
15:52 jcamins Joubu:[…]e-from-moo-role.t <-- looks like they can do it?
15:52 jcamins Where "they" = mst
15:53 Joubu jcamins: If you are interested, I have a local branch with my tests with Moo
15:53 jcamins I'd be interested to see it. Any chance you could push it somewhere?
15:53 Joubu jcamins: It's the opposite :)
15:54 Joubu We have a Moose object, we extend it and want to override it with a Moo object
15:55 jcamins Ohhh.
15:55 jcamins Ah.
15:55 jcamins I see the problem.
15:56 kf don't rewrite Koha while I am on my way home, ok? :)
15:56 McCloud joined #koha
15:56 kf bye all :)
15:56 Joubu It's the end of day's work for me :) goodbye
15:57 kf left #koha
15:58 melia joined #koha
16:01 eythian joined #koha
16:03 mtompset joined #koha
16:03 jcamins Joubu++ # thanks
16:03 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
16:06 drojf hey mtompset
16:06 wahanui it has been said that mtompset is currently in the Philippines and is coding up a bash script storm in the midst of seasonal typhoons.
16:07 drojf oh, no musical flashbacks anymore?
16:09 maximep oh gaaaaaaaaaaaawd bug 8597
16:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8597 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fcapovilla, ASSIGNED , New theme for the OPAC with a mobile view
16:09 maximep finally.
16:10 maximep really not sure how anyone would use it, but it's cool that we finally sent it
16:10 drojf heh
16:10 jcamins New developments should always be versioned against master, not 3.8.
16:11 maximep yeah :/
16:11 fcapovilla ok, I'll change it
16:11 jcamins Thanks. :)
16:12 fcapovilla Well, I guess I'll have to do it on my other new patches too :P
16:12 jcamins What is attachment 11448?
16:12 huginn Attachment[…]11448&action=edit patch, New theme for the OPAC, 0001-New-theme-for-the-OPAC.patch
16:13 jcamins I see the second and third make up the mobile theme.
16:13 drojf the mobile thingy?
16:13 jcamins drojf: the first one seems to be different?
16:13 fcapovilla first and second are for the theme. The third is the mobile version
16:13 maximep we should probably provide an exemple, like
16:13 drojf ah sorry confused the numbers
16:14 maximep you can see our theme and you can test the mobile just by resizing the window
16:14 jcamins Ah-ha.
16:14 maximep sadly the mobile depends on stuff in our theme :/
16:14 jcamins Darn.
16:14 jcamins I was just about to ask that. ;)
16:14 drojf so i can use mobile only if i use your theme? or if i install your theme?
16:15 maximep yes
16:15 * drojf does not even have a smartphone and the tablet is to big for a mobile view
16:15 drojf firstworldproblems
16:15 fcapovilla yes, you need the theme. We tried to backport the mobile version on the basic Koha theme, we depended too much on our masthead modifications.
16:15 drojf then i better like your theme ;)
16:16 eythian Whew, bug 8594 took longer than I hoped it would. But, waiting for signoff now from someone who is bored ;)
16:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8594 normal, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , A report containing a subquery that has a 'limit' will have that limit stripped out
16:16 oleonard fcapovilla: Why are the images not part of the patch?
16:16 jcamins What is jqtransform_select?
16:17 fcapovilla Note : you can test the mobile version by resizing your browser window, mediaqueries work like that :P
16:17 mtompset joined #koha
16:18 maximep jqtransform is to be able to skin <select>
16:18 maximep no way to do it withoult javascript
16:18 fcapovilla Our designers included a jquery library (jqtransform) to theme browser controls
16:18 jcamins Ahh.
16:19 fcapovilla oleonard: git didn't want to include binary files in format-patch
16:19 oleonard git can handle binary files just fine
16:20 oleonard git send-email may not be able to handle it, but that's another story
16:20 fcapovilla doh, should have searched a little more
16:20 eythian I think git-send email can too, doesn't it just base64 them?
16:20 oleonard eythian: I'm thinking of long lines, sorry.
16:20 eythian (or really, doesn't it just send the patch?)
16:20 eythian ah right
16:20 eythian yeah, they're a pain
16:22 oleonard fcapovilla: Will you be rebasing these patches on master?
16:24 fcapovilla oleonard: I can try, I'll also try to include the binary images in the patch
16:24 oleonard just git add them, commit, and they'll be included.
16:25 fcapovilla well, by default, when I did "git format-patch", it didn't include the images
16:25 oleonard Did you use "git add" to add them before that?
16:25 maximep lol
16:26 maximep we know how to use git :P
16:26 * McCloud[A] is now away - Reason : Auto-Away after 30 minutes
16:26 jcamins maximep: it's easy to miss a step, and since images are definitely handled by git, it seems reasonable to think there's something else going on.
16:27 fcapovilla I guess I made a mistake wile rebasing. I guess the images weren't in my squashed temporary branch. So many commits.
16:27 maximep ah that would explain it
16:28 maximep 38 commits o_O
16:28 fcapovilla commit early, commit often
16:28 wajasu jcamins: what are the ramifications of removing "broader_headings" in LinkerOptions in v3.8.3 (Bug 8447) so I can save z39.50 biblios with AutoCreateAuthorities=generate?  What will be the side effects?
16:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8447 blocker, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , can't save new records / indicator error
16:29 maximep anyway, you were right. Git has no problem handling images with format-patch
16:30 jcamins wajasu: no side effects.
16:30 jcamins It's for linking United States--History--Stuff to United States--History.
16:31 jcamins I'm a little baffled how it would've gotten set... I could've sworn my instructions said "you probably don't want to use it because it is highly experimental."
16:31 wajasu jcamins: ok.  by the way that test plan for that linker was a beast :)
16:32 jcamins wajasu: yes, that was before I learned about Test::MockModule.
16:33 jcamins But it was thorough, wasn't it?
16:33 wajasu yup!
16:34 jcamins I'll have to see if I can track down the problem.
16:34 jcamins BTW, any hints how broader_heading would have gotten enabled in your system?
16:35 jcamins The documentation says "don't enable this in production without testing thoroughly."
16:35 wajasu my user read the docs, and said he though it would the functionaility he wanted.  thats all.
16:35 jcamins The fact that you weren't told "we're testing broader_headings and now it doesn't work" makes me think that the warning isn't clear enough.
16:35 * jcamins will send a patch to nengard.
16:35 jcamins Some other time.
16:36 wajasu i added a comment in the bug for a workaround/hint when this comes up for others.
16:36 jcamins I saw, thanks. :)
16:39 wajasu we spoke once before about why we wouldn't infer the koha itemtype "Books" most of time by using the leader.  Does that include the 008 fields.  My user is asking me.
16:39 jcamins That is correct.
16:40 jcamins Koha itemtype has nothing to do with bibliographic genre, so it can't be inferred from any combination of non-942/952 fields.
16:41 jcamins In hindsight, I think using "Book," "Video," etc. as sample itemtypes was a very foolish decision.
16:41 nengard thanks jcamins
16:42 wajasu Ahh. its a semantic mistake?
16:42 jcamins nengard: now that I know how to reproduce the bug, I'll also fix it, but the note in the manual apparently isn't dire enough. :)
16:43 wajasu so the koha "Book" itemtype has nothing to do with searching for things that are book-like.
16:43 jcamins Exactly.
16:43 jcamins I mean, lots of people use it as such, but that's a personal decision.
16:44 wajasu so in what other ways is the book itemtype useful?
16:44 jcamins "Reference" "General circulation" "Reserve" etc. make just as much sense.
16:44 jcamins It's for circulation.
16:45 jcamins If you think about a public library, they have a section for "Books," a section for "DVDs," etc., and everything in a given section circulates the same way.
16:45 jcamins If they have books that don't circulate, they call them Reference, and put them in a special "Reference" section, and change the itemtype to "Reference."
16:45 wajasu Ahh.  Thats why my user sqwauks.  They don't circulate.  And everything is a Book.
16:45 wajasu right now :)
16:47 wajasu so its a circulation type/category
16:48 jcamins For non-circulating libraries (like the ones I work with) itemtype doesn't matter so much.
16:48 jcamins One client uses itemtype for book/article/auction catalog.
16:48 jcamins Exactly.
16:49 wajasu maybe itemtype should be circulationtype  (would be nice "help" for future marc editor tooltip or such to explain this.
16:49 * jcamins thinks that would be much better.
16:53 wajasu since my user doesn't circulate, everything is a book, so is there a way to default the koha itemtype to a "Book" as a systemPref, or is there a way to enable that in the framework mappings (i.e. default )
16:54 jcamins You can just set the default in the framework to BOOK (or whatever the controlled value in question is).
16:54 jcamins This is what I do.
16:54 wajasu Ahh. Yea!!!  Thats what I want.
16:54 wajasu thx !!!
16:56 wizzyrea joined #koha
17:11 cait joined #koha
17:28 libsysguy joined #koha
17:28 drojf if i want to use koha-restore from the packages on a new installation, do i use it immediately after koha/mysql installation?
17:28 jcamins drojf: I do.
17:29 drojf there are a lot of cool debian commands i never used
17:30 * jcamins especially likes koha-do-everything, which takes care of cataloging, too.
17:30 tcohen quick question: is it possible to print the staff cardnumber in the quick slip receipt?
17:30 drojf koha-repair-the-$@&!-zebra would be cool too
17:30 maximep does koha-do-everything fix my bugs ? :p
17:38 tcohen drojf, dont' we have it? koha-rebuild-zebra?
17:38 jcamins tcohen: no, koha-rebuild-zebra just rebuilds the index. koha-repair-the-$@&!-zebra makes it work when it spontaneously stops working.
17:39 fredericd joined #koha
17:39 alohalog` joined #koha
17:39 tcohen jcamins: I have a magic wand that could be used for that purpose too
17:39 tcohen LOL
17:39 jcamins Hehe.
17:40 * jcamins wonders what it says that everyone laughs at that joke.
17:40 drojf joined #koha
17:41 eythian_ joined #koha
17:42 adnc_ joined #koha
17:45 tcohen jcamins, do u know if it is possible to have the staff member cardnumber in the quick slip receit?
17:45 jcamins tcohen: I don't, sorry.
17:45 jcamins None of my libraries use slips.
17:45 tcohen we still have a couple
17:46 ago43 joined #koha
17:47 thd-away joined #koha
18:04 rangi joined #koha
18:10 pastebot joined #koha
18:22 fcapovilla Hum.. I'm trying to test a patch on the master, but I can't install a new dependency : Text::Unaccent ... It says the test failed. Anybody got that problem?
18:23 cait hm it worked for me
18:23 cait are you installing libtext-unaccent-perl?
18:24 fcapovilla I used cpan
18:24 jcamins You should never use CPAN.
18:24 wizzyrea oo yea
18:24 wizzyrea bad idea
18:24 fcapovilla oh, theres a package, I'll install that
18:24 jcamins This sort of thing happens when you use CPAN.
18:24 wizzyrea :))
18:24 wizzyrea things get all confusticated.
18:25 fcapovilla And it works! Thank you.
18:28 wizzyrea yvw :)
18:43 jcamins magnuse: by the way, you'll like my revisions to bug 7417.
18:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7417 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Include alternate forms from authorities in bibliographic searches
18:43 jcamins magnuse: it takes the first step toward freeing us from MARC.
18:45 jcamins It renames record to marcrecord.
18:46 jcamins One day, it will be generated on the fly for those rare times when we need to export an authority as MARC.
18:47 jcamins It will be a glorious day.
18:54 cait heh
19:05 eythian <-- anyone want a new discovery layer!!!
19:06 jcamins eythian: NYPL is using that.
19:06 jcamins I don't dislike it yet.
19:07 eythian ah, interesting
19:08 * wizzyrea knows someone who works for them
19:09 jcamins Actually, I was just kidding.
19:09 jcamins I do dislike it already.
19:09 jcamins Silly me, thinking I might not.
19:10 jcamins It is by far the best discovery layer I've ever used, but it has issues sometimes helping me locate known items.
19:10 eythian_ joined #koha
19:11 fcapovilla Took longer than I expected, but I finally rebased bug 8597 on master.
19:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8597 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fcapovilla, ASSIGNED , New theme for the OPAC with a mobile view
19:15 wizzyrea oh nice
19:16 thd-away` joined #koha
19:16 jcamins eythian: are you helping someone implement a discovery layer?
19:17 eythian gods no
19:17 eythian someone just asked about it
19:20 mbalmer_ joined #koha
19:32 libsysguy joined #koha
19:36 thd-away joined #koha
19:47 rangi Morning
19:47 cait evening :)
19:48 wizzyrea mornin
19:59 rangi Back above 90 eh?
20:00 cait on it :)
20:01 rangi :-)
20:02 rangi @wunder nzwn
20:02 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0°C (7:00 AM NZST on August 09, 2012). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
20:02 rangi Ohh a mobile theme
20:02 rangi Cool
20:08 thd-away` joined #koha
20:13 rangi Wow
20:13 rangi Just wow
20:14 nengard left #koha
20:14 kathryn joined #koha
20:14 cait :)
20:14 cait morning kathryn
20:14 cait :)
20:15 kathryn hello there cait
20:17 rangi Ok my stop bbiab
20:20 thd-away joined #koha
20:23 rangi back
20:23 maximep mobile theme with a few problems :P
20:23 cait still looks quite pretty :)
20:24 maximep yeah but I don't expect everyone to like our theme
20:26 rangi maximep: i like it, but if people dont, and dont want it in the main repo, we could always put it[…]global.git;a=tree
20:29 ago43 joined #koha
20:30 thd-away` joined #koha
20:32 thd-away` joined #koha
20:42 mtj fcapovilla++ maximep++ - nice opac theme! :)
20:42 mtj love it
20:47 rangi and cssr++ too
20:49 wizzyrea you know, any default mobile theme is better than no mobile theme.
20:49 wizzyrea maximep: you know, you could do a mobileusercss pref
20:49 wizzyrea and include that
20:50 wizzyrea so people could muck about with their css
20:50 wizzyrea like opacusercss
20:50 rangi oh smart
20:50 wizzyrea in fact, why don't we do that...
20:50 wizzyrea lol
20:50 sss joined #koha
20:51 maximep left #koha
20:52 wizzyrea they did the mobile detection thing right?
20:52 sss joined #koha
20:52 cait I think it detects the windows size
20:53 cait which is nice!
20:53 wizzyrea oh yes yes
20:53 cait window size
20:53 fcapovilla mediaqueries :P
20:53 wizzyrea fcapovilla: did you see my idea about a mobileusercss
20:53 rangi window size is a much nicer way to do it
20:54 wizzyrea so people could input their own overriding css on top of your lovely work
20:54 wizzyrea (for those people who say "I don't like this wah wah" well, change it up then!)
20:54 mtj bootstrap has some nice media-query stuff , too  ->[…]g.html#responsive
20:54 fcapovilla wizzyrea: yes, very good idea.
20:55 wizzyrea because I think you did the hard part
20:55 wizzyrea :
20:55 wizzyrea :)
20:55 wizzyrea colors and such is ez business for most libraries
20:55 wizzyrea are.
20:55 wizzyrea well, not most. more than one.
20:56 sss left #koha
20:56 wizzyrea then we could have a wiki page for mobile styles
20:56 wizzyrea ooh la la
20:57 fcapovilla The hard part was converting all those horizontal tables into lists using only css, because we lack horizontal space on mobile.
21:00 mtj fcapovilla: i will look at the cssr opac theme using the android emulator, soon :)
21:01 fcapovilla mtj: ok, we tried it on a blackberry emulator, on ipods/iphones and even on a windows phone.
21:02 fcapovilla The problematic part is the sliding menu in the user account page. Some mobile browsers might have a hard time with it.
21:02 wizzyrea fcapovilla: do you have a live site with it?
21:03 fcapovilla
21:03 fcapovilla But you won't be able to access the user account page without an account :/
21:04 wizzyrea hmmm
21:05 wizzyrea i can't get that to come up on my android phone… says url not available
21:06 wizzyrea (and yes, otherwise I can get stuff fine)
21:06 fcapovilla strange
21:06 wizzyrea comes up in my browser
21:06 wizzyrea on my computer
21:06 wizzyrea just fine
21:07 wizzyrea no typos
21:07 wizzyrea weird, I clicked through from google
21:08 wizzyrea and it works but typing it in directly, even with no typos, it didn't work
21:08 wizzyrea i like it though
21:08 wizzyrea preety
21:10 mtj joined #koha
21:30 koyauni joined #koha
21:31 koyauni hi guys I have just got a dedicated server with running Debian 6.05, and I trying to install Koha 3.8,
21:32 koyauni anyone has any good site that I can follow for this installation please
21:32 rangi packages?
21:32 wahanui packages is at
21:33 rangi that url ^
21:34 koyauni what is Debian squeeze
21:34 wahanui Debian squeeze is recommended for koha?
21:34 koyauni is it same as Debian 6
21:34 mtj yes
21:34 koyauni so it is just another name for Debian 6
21:34 mtj yes
21:35 koyauni thanks, my server runs Debian 6.05
21:35 koyauni is Perl 5.10 good enough
21:35 mtj
21:35 talljoy joined #koha
21:36 bag heya mtj
21:36 mtj koyauni, if you are running squeeze, everything is good enough :)
21:36 * mtj waves to bag
21:37 koyauni yes it does, let give it a go, I just learned Linux today? :(
21:42 koyauni they have two package in that instruction koha-common and Koha and they recommend to use koha pack but the instruction just talks about koha-common, any tips what I should as I am beginner to all this, please
21:43 rangi use koha-common
21:43 rangi dont use koha
21:43 rangi you are using the stable one eh? (not oldstable or development)
21:43 cait left #koha
21:45 wizzyrea fortunately you are in luck, we love beginners :)
21:45 wizzyrea we were all one once
21:45 rangi except gmcharlt
21:45 wizzyrea oh, true
21:46 wizzyrea he sprung fully formed from the head of zeus
21:46 rangi heh
22:04 magnuse jcamins++ for taking the first step toward freeing us from MARC
22:04 magnuse g'night #koha!
22:06 rangi hey!
22:06 rangi i didnt even put MARC in it!
22:06 rangi :)
22:06 rangi we were free for 2 whole years :)
22:20 koyauni thanks!, I will do that
22:26 koyauni I try to add this (wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -) but it says that is does not have command sudo, does it mean that I miss some modules
22:26 jcamins_away koyauni: if you are running everything as root, you can remove sudo.
22:27 jcamins_away And then you can install sudo by doing `apt-get install sudo`
22:27 jcamins_away That's not a Koha thing. It's a Linux thing.
22:28 koyauni so I need to remove it and reinstall it
22:28 jcamins_away No.
22:28 jcamins_away This has nothing to do with Koha.
22:28 jcamins_away If you want ot use sudo, you can install sudo by running `apt-get install sudo`
22:29 jcamins_away If you are just using root, you don't need sudo. People just prefer it because it means you don't have a root shell around.
22:29 koyauni ohh I have root
22:29 koyauni I use SSH working in root of the server
22:30 koyauni so this should be deffirnet command line for me then
22:30 koyauni (wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -)
22:30 jcamins_away Remove "sudo"
22:31 koyauni (wget -O- | apt-key add -)
22:31 koyauni like that
22:31 jcamins_away Yes.
22:31 koyauni it says (gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. )
22:32 koyauni I ges that link is not valid
22:32 jcamins_away Well, that's an optional step.
22:33 rangi you arent doing the brackets are you?
22:33 rangi try doing
22:33 rangi apt-get install wget
22:34 rangi then run that command again (it's definitely a valid link)
22:34 koyauni no no no brackets, just add them here
22:34 rangi cool just checking :)
22:35 koyauni wget is already the newest version.
22:35 rangi what happens when you just do
22:35 rangi wget
22:36 chris_n` joined #koha
22:37 koyauni I think that did it :)
22:37 koyauni wget
22:37 rangi well all that has done is downloaded the file
22:37 rangi you should see a gpg.asc file there now
22:37 rangi if you do ls
22:37 rangi if so
22:37 rangi then
22:38 ala_3vo joined #koha
22:38 rangi apt-key add gpg.asc
22:39 koyauni apt-get install koha-common > Reading package lists... Done > Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done > E: Unable to locate package koha-common
22:39 rangi have you done the apt-get update step?
22:39 rangi you have to be very careful not to skip steps
22:40 koyauni yes still says unable to locate
22:43 rangi apt-get update
22:43 rangi says that?
22:44 koyauni long list and then Reading package lists... Done
22:46 rangi and
22:46 rangi was in that list?
22:47 koyauni no it is not
22:49 koyauni it has got that
22:49 koyauni wget --2012-08-09 00:46:29-- Resolving Connecting to||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 26919 (26K) [text/plain] Saving to: âgpg.asc.7â  100%[=====
22:53 rangi no
22:53 rangi when you do
22:53 rangi apt-get update
22:53 rangi was it in the list?
22:54 rangi if not sounds like you missed an earlier step
22:54 koyauni no I can not see it in the list
22:55 koyauni :) I did not do this
22:55 koyauni deb squeeze main
22:55 rangi ahh yes you have to do that step
22:55 koyauni shall I do the stable one
22:55 rangi yes
22:57 koyauni it says
22:57 koyauni -bash: deb: command not found
22:57 rangi you dont type that in
22:57 rangi To get the stable 3.8 release, add this to a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/koha.list file:
22:58 koyauni ok
22:58 rangi you have sshed into the server eh?
22:59 koyauni the folder is empty
23:00 koyauni sources.list.d
23:00 rangi yep, you will have to make a new file
23:00 rangi you can do that by just editing one
23:01 koyauni ok, then I add this line to it
23:01 koyauni deb squeeze main
23:01 rangi exactly
23:01 koyauni and then save
23:01 rangi yup
23:01 rangi then run apt-get update
23:03 koyauni now it is done and it is in the list
23:05 rangi excellent
23:05 rangi try the install line again now
23:05 koyauni it is going and asked to say Y for taking 612 MB of space
23:06 koyauni now I have a blue screen and says
23:06 koyauni Package configuration
23:09 rangi thats good
23:09 koyauni where to go from here
23:10 rangi whats it saying, it should ask you questions
23:10 koyauni only one option OK, and I said OK, now it does some further installation
23:10 rangi cool
23:12 koyauni how do I make sure that koha works in our sub domain only
23:12 koyauni
23:12 rangi we aren't up to that yet
23:13 rangi you need to now
23:13 rangi edit /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf
23:13 rangi add this line
23:14 rangi actually do you want the opac to be
23:14 rangi or or
23:14 rangi ?
23:14 rangi or something else
23:15 koyauni this one
23:15 koyauni now done installing many many lines
23:15 koyauni I hope I did not wipped the server :(
23:17 rangi ok
23:18 rangi now you need to edit the file
23:18 rangi edit /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf
23:18 rangi add
23:18 rangi DOMAIN=""
23:18 koyauni so I have to create that first
23:18 rangi yes
23:19 rangi do you want the staff site (koha has 2 sites, the opac and the staff site) to be at too? but on a different port or do you want it to be on a different url?
23:19 koyauni DOMAIN=""  # Any library instance will be a subdomain of this string.
23:20 koyauni can I leave the #and line after that
23:20 rangi yes
23:21 koyauni we do not have this case
23:21 koyauni DEFAULTSQL="/usr/share/koha/defaults.sql.gz"  # only needed if you're pre-populating from another Koha database
23:21 rangi dont add that
23:21 rangi and you havent answered my question above, this is important or you might put the wrong things in this file
23:22 koyauni I want to use Plesk on the server to create the database so we can have autobackup a schedule on it
23:22 rangi the packages do backups already
23:23 koyauni I did not add it
23:23 koyauni what is staff site,
23:23 rangi have you used koha before?
23:23 koyauni you mean people at the library do admin work
23:23 rangi yes
23:23 koyauni yes, we need that
23:23 koyauni I have watched videos, lots of them
23:24 koyauni but not use it yet but demo online
23:24 rangi so, what url do you want that on?
23:25 papa joined #koha
23:25 koyauni can we have
23:25 rangi actually are you going to be the system administrator for this system?
23:25 rangi you can yes .. do you have dns set up for that?
23:25 koyauni yes, as I am learning to do it :(
23:26 koyauni I just got the server today, I have created
23:26 koyauni I can create the admin as well
23:26 rangi and it points to that machine?
23:26 rangi cool do that :)
23:26 rangi then INTRAPORT needs to be 80
23:26 rangi and INTRASUFFIX="admin"
23:27 Space_Librarian joined #koha
23:27 Space_Librarian o/
23:27 rangi i don thtink creating the db with plesk will work, you are better of making plesk back up an existing database
23:29 koyauni I created
23:29 rangi and it points to the ipnumber of the server eh?
23:30 koyauni I have one IP only and this is subdomain to the main domain which is
23:30 koyauni should this INTRASUFFIX="admin" be INTRASUFFIX="libraryadmin"
23:30 rangi no
23:30 rangi just admin
23:31 koyauni ok
23:31 rangi  <-- that is the ipnumber of this server right?
23:31 rangi ifconfig will tell you
23:33 koyauni no
23:33 rangi well then this wont work
23:33 rangi becuase
23:33 rangi 14400 IN
23:33 rangi
23:34 koyauni that is my old server
23:34 rangi the dns is pointing it to
23:34 koyauni I need to change that to this new server
23:34 rangi im going to have to get back to work im afraid
23:35 rangi but yes you will need to do that, nothing is running on the old server eh?
23:35 koyauni :(
23:35 koyauni no, it is CentOS
23:35 koyauni and we had problem to get Koha to work on it
23:35 * rangi doesnt get paid to help out in #koha .. it would be nice .. but I have to do the work i get paid to do as well
23:35 koyauni so we got this new one on Debian
23:36 koyauni I still need to work on this config page donot I
23:37 rangi ill be back tomorrow if you want to continue then, or you can try to work through the instructions yourself .. but on your first day of linux .. this is a pretty ambitious task
23:37 rangi you have to learn a lot about server administration .. (not koha that bit is a lot easier)
23:37 * rangi will be back later
23:37 koyauni well here in Iraq, things has to happen
23:38 koyauni and I have to do it as there is no appreciation for new tech or solution
23:38 mtj koyauni, ask your dev person to help you...
23:39 koyauni I am everyone!
23:39 koyauni and only one
23:39 koyauni I am trying to tell uni that this will work
23:39 koyauni so I have to get it up and running to show them
23:40 mtj if you cant install koha yourself, then use a live-cd or vmware koha
23:41 mtj[…]irtual_Appliances
23:41 mtj these are pre-installed and pre-configured
23:42 mtj ... for people who cant install a koha by themselves
23:42 koyauni but we have done this installation for now, what will happen to this
23:44 mtj try to complete the install by yourself - no harm to try ...
23:44 mtj :)
23:46 mtj why not ask your dev, who successfully installed your debian-koha to help you?
23:48 koyauni ohh you mean admin at
23:48 koyauni I already did, they said they do not do tried party application
23:53 koyauni what is koha web installer
23:53 koyauni[…]igurations%20.pdf
23:54 mtj koyauni, try a vmware / virtualbox koha first
23:54 mtj[…]irtual_Appliances
23:56 koyauni so I should stop working on configuration and go for virtual one

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